BJ & MIGS Podcast 01-03-18-6A: The Show is back live and Trump is still tweeting.

Wednesday, January 3rd

News and sports. Today is National humiliation day. A man lost a bunch of money on Jeopardy because of his mispronunciation of “Gangsters”.


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And yes you're probably wondering is this lives knows this is completely not alive. Happy fourth of July as it were alive he would that in tiger now wholly new prerecorded version of a sudden mikes off the arbor day everybody man. Hey this is the firstly you're wearing white after Labor Day I know well you know I mean you know I'm I'm a clothing racists. And I only Wear weights thank Leo I think we start today. Everybody I've. Allegedly walked out what's in the studio and I think the steel is like massively bright hot and I go like 62 assuming you talking about the consumers videos. Yeah I guess through thick and they're awfully bright. And I did not know around the place like the sun and hear everything dons like six years has two point I don't remember what. Harm or anything I did forget where a couple of bunds were already so it's but it's going to be it's good to have on your -- figured and anyone else's you'll be fine the biggest bulletin I don't know what he's talking about over there my blood is very big long. Boy it is great to come back and realize that everything is still the same we've you've we've you've we've got. Two two leaders of countries is seven a schoolyard gentlemen John and I love that. They've got it don't just feel like you think integrated with the stupidity to ditch Twitter and get on Facebook's if we come face patrolman out yet it's a very very good point we might have to maybe make it Twitter drama I think I'll get him in honor of them. Yeah that's if you haven't read that news that's real the president is one of those classics it is the best when it really is a classic. I enjoying it because I mean you know I does everywhere else is try to respond to this North Korean guy with the you know diplomacy and tact and whatever. Why a guy go here I am a big part mudslides leg. Why it's. Well what did they try to help this guy and he still seems normal launches missiles why they may even maybe president trump is onto something I don't know yeah. But in my hands further elevate button my few cities had you know my goodness gracious. And isn't a small hands casino that you are a big button stuff does he know that but this kind of you for mr. for a girl part. So much to tell enough I don't know that that's a stretch I think the big hell yeah I mean I know you mean yeah that. But I don't know if I can instantly think curl partly said bot then I know I do every time we can talk about a big button and a big button now as I've you know can remember the small hands. And of course he he made deadline might argue that the Libyan big everywhere here practice I started online and does anyway and out. Think he's a good or bad to have a big button I have no idea eczema I don't know I just. Unlike bugging somebody like pushing someone's bunds and that's done the dirty ones yeah you other dirty when we never use really Boston when talk about. You know anatomy anymore I think it's kind of cringing when like imagine someone suddenly a shank like hanging TV on the ninth on the play with you'll Bunton. Like sued now it's time. Partner I don't know if I've ever actually said that and yeah. That was part of my analysis are right on deck and maybe you guys remember clearly you guys are drunk yeah yeah I don't want to write and talk. I do remember there was this there was a little shock on the people's faces when I was drunk on cupcakes I wasn't really paying you to leave shows the button. You don't know the vice minister bundling the the spot. It was talking I have no way they're anywhere you my nephew Stuart Scott. Can you gotta go with a letter in the alphabet where you know I love her I'm talking about you and I 200 no that's I think David cool for the kid hey kids know that's not my buddies out there had Jessica did there. Hey how many so is the bottom spot now the buttons not the sort of know the Biden according to urban dictionary is the spot I. You radical idea odd definition and all I know I was just I mean my god at times it's an interesting choice of words I I always thought the button was the man in the boat. Not only in the low post. You know little I don't know what the man about Dolores. Leon how you put the plans. Can now Danny's done yet clear clearly clearly arose that a lot of sex but you know what clearly so I because I always thought I I was completely wrong about the button. And the button was like you know hey. That part where he did it right everybody's had a good time legacy and also make that definition provided the alphabet but do they're also look chrome rims as well are they really yeah right. And if you're a good time to punch a coworker in the face it's a really good question I bring this up because this particular Danny all Danny disease don't touch the thing I guess our. I feel. Says a group text almost yesterday yeah and it says oh and she can't wait to see all of you. I miss all of you very much I never worn a punch someone more I took everything in my power to go to not text you'll have yourself I do not wanna go back to work you wake up. Yeah that's that you see that's the thing I like senior people but it's. I think getting up in the morning very early which anybody has hours like we do what they we will need you never get used to it and I mean I'm. I'm at that moment I Ameren I don't know I don't know how to conduct relatively. 2:30 in the morning and I leave my house at 3 in the morning and all this and Michael Richards and Danny. ONG Caylee is still on the new Blackberry was surprised I I was wondering thank you gotta be kidding because our reviewer I would respond with at first I was going to write go ask yourself and everyone else was there today. So the only hope crap solidified a fun bit mode Jeter responded in my first thought was semifinal and just as a few death playoff he might take it around way. I was trying to Vicki Vicki responded with a gloomy person with a cup of coffee yeah sudden. I think I had the same feeling as you Stevenson after my best response was a though the demo Jimmy walking a dog it's proving yeah it does about as good news release yet. Yeah I wasn't sure what that response was I was like well he's smiling most I don't know how do what I no one assumes not an isolation you're trolling here trolling Danny and all. Sear just like you because I I ran into Iran as office this morning he gave him a big hug and I was gonna All Saints aren't on this. So how has your tension. We're so lucky wrestle a touch him now I don't blame him now. Yeah and I never met anybody. Who is so excited to get back to his jobs and Danny in my entire life and look we have a great job and everything but still I don't disagree with Dalembert at getting updated the worst part of this job has always been getting up because like anybody that has to work early morning hours if you have to get the latest to 33 in the morning that justice's sake time have to get up anytime matter what you're doing there when you flip you're going to be I'm sure I'm marked only one I've pretty much flipped my schedule and when I'm home during vacation I'm going to bed around 2 in the morning yeah I'm that same thing which is it was tough getting back into the groove this. Not for Danny apparently by the end I don't know any GA camera to see all feel I even woke up thirty minutes early guess by my hair for you guys today I. He has already is these guys aren't I do like my happy sponge Bob yes this morning any day any shot up PS this guy's amazing how jacket he used. I couldn't sleep because I was still parent I don't I overslept athletes I would've been like midnight yet I'm going off on three hours of sleep so I remember everyone's. You never looked better thanks. Thank you off to a good start. Just days. Just wanted to hot yes I'm gonna be the first one upon standing in the face thickness I start the winds are behind Vicky and so she gets a standstill she's given up their budget and rednecks. She's got a different welcome back this economy yeah. That's awesome. I played ACLU yeah I know it was he that was really the most that I mean the I don't know what to say I don't like us we makes it like got thirteen year old girl might what is this. But yeah. Very very excited and you guys I guess that's what it would be like if I was in high school had female friends I mean you know I. I didn't experience that so I guess and I we're gonna happen I get to experience a thank you Danny Danny's a thirteen year old culture that we get to hang my download it was like that for all the cool kids that female friends well we can all MG ON generally see all you tomorrow gaffes well it's good to be back. I'm and we gotta you know we've got a busy week yes we've got a very very busy week we do the but Fuhrman we're you remember you and I have we have to go deuce and I'll honey yeah but that's next week I count that as I guess so we knew this week's almost over when you think about it yeah I know Gomez. Those moves yet she yes yeah now we have we got about companies I don't understand what happened when our company has were really big company. And they said we need exports to go cover the Consumer Electronics Show which is a gigantic show its control over a 180000 people debate so Gregor couldn't go so they're sending us exactly that's really nice. Is I don't understand why Gregor big dogs in new dad maybe that's why down and he clearly is much more tech savvy than the both of us but we'll listen it's cool because like they're all these crazy things that are happening at CES a gadget watch it and I'm getting now these emails from all these start up companies make take this out take this subject up his virtual thing in this that. Person that pop some dynamite we don't roots and got out of virtual torrent of Corus. How. He's got to go check out an area I though the company sending us they're hoping to maybe use this for the stations across the country so I don't know the only thing they want us doing is reviewing virtual 400 I'm sure everybody like you guys going to do everything out and I'm just still there all day he had those goggles I'm critics. So I did smile on my face yeah this is awesome yeah I like Jason wouldn't be funny we know exactly that's what's going to happen yet. Yes yes. We've we've known that my listeners like some kind of gadget that like yeah if it beats you make feel things and are there all your leg electronic glove all the damned if you pair off with a digital berg virtual porn. Yeah forget it I think that was in that was it I was through the name that movie the IV aids day seven they Arnold Schwarzenegger movie this sixth yeah that's it thank god. One of those days grey yeah and I am on my favorite actors Rappaport dare hesitate or Michael Rappaport and certain until my favorite actors -- has moved there and actually do anything during break here's the thing no he there was a virtual currency memory at a virtual girlfriend and imovie we have it's coming true they I didn't demolition man no way did you get any interaction a little right to virtually ass and Steve go -- dig up all the -- you want I I haven't -- machine -- -- he does tomorrow morning -- I'm. I'm sure you're wonderful love that why Steve. And are living room in his hands down. I doubt you'll get grab back don't he was in your living room house sitting with his pants I'll lay up paradigm I lobbed. And the only and number in my view are torn with me this plan that's a sea assets can be crazy yes sort of recovering now and it's see that's going to be insane and no unfortunate though because they did use the time it's that the adult video awards. Yeah yeah it's. Who would have been on no it's not know it's like there's like a good three weeks of between the two I'm all right on the same time which always always a brilliant idea on the porn awards people it's like got a bunch of dirty. Yes leaks. Why not throw went to porn stars in the new law that's. Probably why the company finally sent us this time yup that they knew that we would waste our time over there. Our gets labeled as ever man who got screwed on jeopardy because. He wasn't gangsta and feel tale about as good news for you at 617. On the rocks. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI SW. I'm nine point nine KI SW Iraq. Seattle. Most fifth graders have a better grasp of the English language unfortunately there aren't any available this early in the morning. This is news tweets emails. But thanks guys and thank you very much. And welcome back. The sponsor stuff home plus Canada about a mile Monte Carlo to stand for inviting me here as perfect as today is national humiliation today I don't every day. Off the top he had won the most humiliating things this happens you. Well that's my did a comedy show and from much announced increasing my fly down and I was out there exposed for the world say. It's funny today because just this past week and I was person but not your flight out mind. Top I was playing drums and search finished felt pretty good the set went well gonna sit down as the past is about to deliver what he delivers. Sit down look at my wife and tickets next job saved us. Flies down. You know I met stump for Jesus for my fly down. Dan there's only you and I were just left flied out for Jesus that's not right well I don't know what's going on between these days I even I got out of the bathroom and a walking. To my desk here at station on the field freeze on their looks down my fly is on guns I don't know if my zipper me. The following anything in my view because I've had a couple of those moments myself home boy real little places like I think that's that's evidence forget that you set for us hey welcome to my world I'll welcome the national humiliation day Vicky first thing they can hear much. When I know Los thank Jack box on Salmonella is an engineering that's what got you this job I know it's fined almost nine years that was your most humiliating thing you had a good life. Wellington shares lament I thought of there was a fifteen minute drive that turned into a five hour endeavor and that was hysterical. She cried on the air yeah my first time on the radio like crap like ever and I was crying I forgot to tell on him if he was kind of good fields I don't know how she got this just a because of that because I came back and just turn again I give him back. And he did again there's no quit Vicki and I you know you we got a girl crying on your show you realize we're gonna hire now I feel horrible. Brad what about you Ty and Zach crab Monsanto where I was. I don't require practice I know I do have a it's cheaper and it was his first one couple weeks on the job that's how he got this dollars a couple of months he asked all right so if you get lost try and crack your pants are worth only of their normal life. It's a turtle before. Yeah. Shorts don't let you know what I yeah I know duke that was morial thought there was another Garros is all talk out there until I die. I am never has anybody really job that is what by human feces on the floor it's funny I think it's the first time ever I may be a crime scene take up jobs and that's about it about Ed. Danny when I was sixteen I was going to show and I. Just gonna jump up on the monitor river rocks I fell off and stabbed the entire. My guitar and half a gap there's ten you most humiliating moment I was so America I've got to Texas and this is the most humiliating moment of your life that you've. And she can't wait to see you guys or his job interview. All that was passing sentence that I criteria we got great quiet during his job yeah. How humiliating is clearly a job you start crying and if you wanna work for the Vijay and make sure you need to cry first that's really high in demand and Vicky yeah you're right. I saw a few crapping cry her way and let your kids report I'm sure they cried coming out of the womb I guess they got the job yeah. Hash tag credit crisis those different way to decrease crime. Well a couple of fifty's he had had impossible things already that he tried I've come close to make him cry when they don't show up. Third at 100 yeah I don't look now finalists are the most of the net pretty humiliating for a night every night he was on jeopardy. Is that really a humiliating it's actually kind of funny he ended up losing 3200. Bucks on the show because she announced. The word gangsta wrong guys within days not an ER. There's no went down. A song like polio from dangerous minds goes back in time to become a 1667. John Milton classic. Quick what is gangsters paradise lost gas. Now originally or I guess that's great in the guy's name is I mix spike Karrie needs from Everett yeah but then as the show went on they came back he says no. We take him back at 16100 bucks you're gonna win from that can also dots and you 16100 because there was no wrong answer so the 3200 dollar swing and here's how that went down. Our judges have reevaluated one of your response is a few moments ago make. You said gangsters instead of gang Starr is on that song by cool deal so we take 3200 away from you so you are now second place. Awful awful follow them wow. Somebody had to go back elicited a tape made sure it was an ER nine and then. That is all that's abuse and even treated others in my first thought was. Do I say gangsta but I kind of wanted to hear the tape but I seem they listened to a quite enough to be definitively determine if and since that was my reaction of course that means that I gangsters would have been corrected every right to call me out on it. And I will forever be proud of the moment that ouster back taught me how to say the word gangsta us. I had just so angry when it comes out of him. The best part about all this and TNT tri cal Cooley I'll. I guess Coolio is not as busy as he used to be wrong this answered the phone I I'm shocked by the Afghanistan as and yet here's what Leo's responsible what happened. Lose games. It is actually and he dream they asked okay so. Doing we are zero who didn't. There's a good medicine and medicine and never using your. Don't know what gangster I was yeah. The best part that's the best part that that happened during jeopardy there was another great trip back moment and not news when this happened. Beasley poetry felon for 200 that time to tickle of this is before or right after a blizzard. I'm tickle a lizard back before or after a blizzard. I'm tickled a lizard its time materialism made me. Right up there. Which is great moments from them I know nothing about it victories. Have come up. It's time to tickle lizard I like to brief the divas really helpful because we know you it's time. We'll blow alarm goes off on the titular lizard plus frank never ready for a little confused it's his vacation. De Yang stylists. You're on fire maybe. And the panda panda panda and depend. Ten done. And of course I know nothing about it pictures Mel hi Mike Tyson's opening up a pot farm in California why of spots legalized there was how afraid is that. Now broke ground on a forty acre pot farm. Just a little bit north of LA and guys can begrudge him pods can be a factory for had a bulls'. Caught a pot growing school vacation wanna learn how well I guess I'm gonna go Mike Tyson Ponce school and a small amphitheater. I'm sure apple mantle played that's kind of what I can imagine. What it sounds like a pot smoking resort in addition to being up all all bad. That's interesting if it's more like a resort gaffe caught. I mean if not the first time that Mike it had not been in the news because of marijuana he back and not 2013 you put out a book he said yeah I used to smoke before his boxing matches. Just nominate Mike Tyson and you just a scary thought yeah he was and he was stoned while doing that. Yes that's that's fascinating I feel like the other Boston got off easy if that's the case disappear back I mean maybe that's why try to eat. Holyfield's ear. Yeah you I didn't have my aunt she's at the munchies that makes sense now and they were like whoa how did you feel those drug test if you don't remember he shared that use the big winner. With clean urine mentos able to get away without smoking pot while boxing's. Lisa Nowak as. NBC fox is not rigged it doesn't. No foul play in boxing to come into Mike Tyson super gods out. Wow super conjunto like that's where you get together like this you're fighting strained back. I'm in the heat your children strained voice I'm gonna blank you until you love restrain all that's my favorite strategists to keep the best course yes. Are distracted drivers stop doing it the distracting driver Limbaugh is now all going on the grace periods Don so now your body for doing something. That would distract you from driving yet you can get a ticket for itself. That includes of course being on your cell phones are putting on makeup taking photographs. Reading. Eating that's a bomber I don't like that one. So just be careful I need to get some trouble the first time Matthew get pulled over distracted driving to 136 articulate a second time 234. To get pulled over for another offensive to put notices that you're doing something with your phone. You can refined or something else and you sandwich do you find an additional 99 bucks have we determine if nuggets are OK like I feel like nothing should be fine yeah. It's one handed item I really I think that the food should be fine for about a pizza that's twofold it right. I'm guessing this is the this is why they have 30 tolerance upsetting way to get gray line because I know an idea pizza in the car. Idyllic it's not truly one handed off and make it happen not a good pizza to a good pizzas to hand it. And greasy and yeah except you're gonna move. Finished that drive a complete mess is exactly say that that's OK with that they have a tendency had no matter what they have to consider. Hi you know FiOS fans of course were not very happy to stuff and look forward to this upcoming weekend so yes so bizarre is very weird but I don't pay at the end of the day. We're not a Cleveland Browns fan and how about this eighty year old man from Ohio he died last week. He got eleven cents a human those name is Paul and in his obituary. Just cause of death was a refill makes exasperated by the hopeless condition of the Cleveland Browns. I don't know they went Owen sixteen this year this makes a one and 31 of the club cast your season. Ma'am as far as whether 46 degrees and son. And they'll get a million a good draft pick again and apparently won't work yup. Yeah I know it's all the means at that that that one kid does the quarterback was Mike Tyson Kidd how we IEA but there's like. Means of introducing a picture music jabbed at the the look of a man who knows he's the first round pick and that pick is going to Cleveland Browns that's really all bombed out. Yeah I you know oil under the upon Eli Manning it was Eli it's that he was gonna go UI Umenyiora San Diego yeah the chargers will now ally but yeah time and ended up and being that the giants corner. Man I'd say. You can't blame a guy that did that just doesn't wanna go to a franchise that can't figure it out but at the same time. And that's how it works you gotta go where you go right. The men think about like. I want how many of those quarterbacks could have done well elsewhere I mean video. Obviously John football would have been a superstar many other encore C whale holding him back yeah you know I'm really just cited some pretty decent quarterback said. Might may have had done better but herb stuck put a crack team. Yeah I think maybe Cleveland just dobbs getting the first round pick commission traded away for a bunch of other cool pics but. They should stop taking the first rounder hasn't seen it actually seemed to help them vicious I start over I just changed and he. There isn't something. Hate today's of a day RA how white you know that Saddam. King five apparently kings 51 to start the new year off right the united because they wanna have and I tremendous year in the world of television broadcasting. And boy are they doing at the right way by having us on. I'm pretty much from the first days of there you can stars. In this case is going on there's so angst us. It's been awhile for me I know you've been on more recently but you know Bailey we take contract negotiations have finally worked it out tonight to get to a ghost in the same country Margaret Larson close all because the last in your and you did this time to tickle a lizard. I thought people would love a little lizards are going on television I didn't know that that was going to be a problem. Since the usually it is always find during a new day in northwest of doing not the hot topics we spin the wheel and you just randomly talk about what areas that lands in the wheel whatever Margaret besides the real plan knob at this time would it would have been different flew away when not to the trivia. I mean of rice is in the hot topics now we're doing the trivia Vijay or beverage area they've got this. So I come home that. I come here I am to carry out gang Starr's I don't I'm doing. I'm a professional skin yes so we're going to be up ticket price and trivia challenge. And I think we're going against other radio people I heard we're doing trivia I was so I was bummed 'cause I thought we were 'cause I love the hot topics I looked we're going against who I don't know it's a surprise I guess but it's other people and our industry they could be. I would if it's like come hard not to lose some Curley after all the stuff that are. So awesome all 'cause he's a Smart guy I wish I can't go against him I'll crush him. Well you might crush your mind I don't think I really great well I. I I it's like I bring you down I hate to say it I'll know I saw it should be outside of the mix we're going to be fine. You know who's really good attribute as uncle Chris he's the king I while we get him to come along as our help our. And then he just kind of whispers answers to us don't be so awesome if we don't like a little bit like he can be in the Mike in our year. It get a Bluetooth or usual apple think he's a competent black smoke they keys it's. Figure this out yeah. Yeah I give out make a call and every on the phone may or just get a Bluetooth and disputed do she Bluetooth guy volley I can do is a geologist had. I have I have my dad my earbuds and yeah yeah I guess this will be great Alia the whole thing stylus or your feeling confident double do well no but it's good fun. Yeah I feel pretty good I think we're gonna do just fine was lousy say gates does not getting stir we really thought. I had no idea what country it's going to be though that's the problem if you stupid pop culture timely topics. Ya little history you know the stuff that I don't know BI and end endear you know you know a lot of music stuff she asks music questions we were were good so what's our strategy if there's a little clicker. Do we just click no matter what as soon as we hear the questions on what might as well right yeah because if we get it right or wrong it doesn't matter if we get Iran would in no anyway I got to know she's gonna take points away from us like you do on jeopardy when they take money away our life or if you just get points for getting it right and nothing for getting Iraq we got to fight this strategy Steve that's very true. So this is under the north and west what times I show on. Is allotted as on eleven hands yet on king five carries good. And Margaret Larson see Margaret young MC analyzed death at W fun. Yeah and they're good people over and it always choose to stay they treat his solo over there I always feel like I'm a big star 'cause they go they give it'll make up. And I need a lot of make open outer they're nice about it to even though they look at you know as not a lot you can listen to it yeah they did they did fought. The makeup case it's just polishing it turned yeah exactly that's what I get I look really good enough to yield that you would if they knew they were gonna win or lose. I'm I'm I'm you know I'm I'm hoping you guys I think you'll win. And I think he's just gonna pull out of his you know where like he always does all of that is a good point you are good at that now are we gracious winners or should we be complete jackass is. Move the IR Mike celebration. I was gee I wish regardless selling have a celebration of victory dance of some kind like the DX chop socket. And it all yeah I'll lay you probably won't go over well you should do that he had used the whole idea that I don't sit there and I'll have a look at my face like. I have no Larry got the idea edited I can't bless him I did that I was very comfortable. There's news out nom de Mike McCready side charities flight football game it's a chilling phone you do it there we get a big play. They're playing against I guess is teams. And it's. I got caught up in the moment now walking by Craig has had this look what do guys announced he was a former hawk he made a one handed touchdown catch while. On his cell phone of course he did it was phenomenal so I got caught up in the moment as I walked by those running by were also British secret gas Lagos it. I'll talk talk I don't know I don't know what you paid and I my how can I take that back you did that I can't. Once you Marchand. Oh yeah just grab my boy Jason grabbing grab your boys or you know bring affordable wanting to bring the football do that the good the football the football maneuver. III get closer I just do that. I nativist or does just why they're good enough for us and might be the last summer ever going to be managing thought how. I'd say yeah because I'd like to be invited out and I. I can claim. It's any ground and medication has accused him on the New Year's million bitch yeah that's Cynthia it's okay. I think that would be fantastic. And gang stylus so be sure go be sure to a witness the last time around confides viewed in northwest subtlety 11 o'clock this morning I'm excited to still sponsors are shows only run over there I tell over there and we play trivia too busy with ice we have busy like coming back we do you have to drive back in the firemen and yeah I I'm not only eighteen moderate foreign. A kind of on easy then and this is not an ease in moment. So like the two weeks we're off that doesn't count as you know them the devil there wasn't season. Yeah and it feels like that's how were they they had no matter how much time you have -- you still won easy and you could have like it hot tired hereof and you still want easy and even though you've had indeed you're right because I should have plenty of time and be ready to go a lot time to rest and I still want reason. And to Phnom nervous I don't lose. III SM ready to lose I'd always been writing this my last thing I'm ready for that I feel great bronze he's my job I'm ready to lose Margaret let's go play basketball. I ought to lose though that's why we used to do when we jackass and UN. I was ready to be jackass who we know who's who just like hit the buzzer before it even finish the question yeah they start talking to hit the buzzer I think as there and I may have questions yeah I love this place Blair Walsh well house. Yeah. Licked a lizard. The lizard no you sure I think that's the answer. Time to tickle a lizard. That would be hysterical we just hit the buzzer and then didn't do and he writes I'm no that is the answer to your question you just clearly changed the question we knew what the question wise yeah. And and let me tell you. How do we know a way to do pretty well 'cause well yes any Steve is the man you know this every day beat Macy was more for trivia games. And yesterday yeah he got this one right how many days or twelve weeks. Six the east it. Three barracks 62 barrels of high is now who is the oldest of those five days in the week when I was there are they counting weekends. Yeah I guess you get down anyway for the you know you're doing yes you're close to getting it right that's a you know why it doesn't matter you've got to get it are we getting it right on yeah. We're screwed yeah we're pretty yeah. It's. Are you at a shot a piece Steve you guys to osu sports one rock. Damn why he's 08. Feet made 647. On Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. What's the difference between the filing for bankruptcy and credit counseling. And counseling music there's a usual processor some circumstances. 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