Facebook Drama. “Pumping Gas” 01-03-18

Wednesday, January 3rd

Facebook Drama. “Pumping Gas” – A bunch of Oregonians get angry after the state passes a law that allows people to pump their own gas.


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And media once again is our opportunity to play at the stupid people that are on FaceBook even know it's a new year and a lot of people it's a newbie. There's still a lot of same stupidity and I had FaceBook yeah cause actual FaceBook posted some unfolded because of it and yeah upper and acted out this one's a very topical one because while we're off. In Oregon they made it so that our games now can begin pumping their own gas slow down new moves right low and also meant that a lot of people were having meltdowns and became a big giant joke of the country. Regarding how stupid people are that they're upset that they now have to pump their own gas in Oregon just like everybody else he it's a frightening New Jersey might be the only other state where they're still not pumping their own gas so. I playing the role of the CBS news Medford Oregon will be Danny saw me she do your best newscaster voice. Okay that's not it when he does he's got some time narcotic stereo to play the role Alice Hank regularly Mary sorry I'll play the role Max. BJ your jest yeah Mickey you are picky you are hanging Henrik. And I'm very angry and I am not angry I am too. Good morning stuff on ED UI and Chris you'll play the role of Greg's accident so there's a lot of people commenting. On this big posts by CBS news Medford or yen so Danny please take it away. Jerome yes starting January 1 orange Indians. Sure that's. Did you think their own guess in broker rural communities duo where. Citing an honor and I sounds like a racial slur when you don't know where people can Morgan. But your own gas starting January 1 or millions can begin their own jacket in rural communities. How pumped out then I'm 62. Meter Oregonian. And since I wanna sell gasoline. But I had a good idea they're out lotteries is to have an intended to help things why is that they needed jobs to. Many people are not capable of knowing had a lot of gas and that hazards of not doing it correctly besides. I don't wanna go to war smelling a gas when I get it on my hands a close I agree every bad idea. A hot. You're joking right. You think gas in your car not shower and it princess. How old are you smelling gas. If you're one of the most enduring humans I've ever witnessed. AFC yours so don't. That you can't pump gas and you have no business driving a motor vehicle. You probably shouldn't leave your bedroom. Morons. I have lived in this tight all my life and her free use to a mild gains. I had to do want to California while Lindsay my brother in almost died due next. This is a service only qualified people shook her form. I literally park at I lost didn't flip a little nearly black at the end of the ball in wait until someone pulls my gas I can't even. How do you people think the other 95%. Of the country survives. Do you think we constantly spray or sulfur gasoline and set our cars on fire is literally so easy Ed shall give Derek Al allow. As giant mushroom clouds ascend over other states on a daily basis because of unqualified gas bumpers or again is safe. Because someone else is doing each. Breaking news organ becomes the highest population to own all electric vehicles due to fear of pumping gas. Fired a mile das what's. I remember the temperature was 34 outside. This night talk. The nod my had its. Newly I don't gas stations. Currently in a lawsuit over its. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI DSW.