BJ & MIGS podcast 01-03-18-8A: A woman was fired after complaining about a coworkers body odor.

Wednesday, January 3rd

A woman ran off with a $300,000 winning scratch ticket after saying she would split winnings with her coworkers. Facebook Drama. “Pumping Gas”.


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This is BJ thanks goes into our shows podge yes if you're sick of all things Kiki you should check out my other podcasts. BJ Shays geek nation we have new episodes every day and you can check it out at DJD animation dot com. The driver's license is important city get back and forth to work did you kiss this girl and I can afford to daycare he delights as has been suspended because you can't get your tickets you can do any of those things let's talk about chapter thirteen bankruptcy and everything is going to be discharged but they can be dealt with the jumped thirteen case when I come in for free consultation. Jack do you choose to make all the difference you're getting directly going on the road and let's designer Planned Parenthood to restore your license and feeling. I'm attorney terms anyway please contact me dead choose the right chapter dot com. Choose the right chapter dot com. That's why IK ISW. Seattle. To this point she says that she was fired. Because she was complaining about a coworkers body owner and boy I am I am I have been in this situation many times in my career he's been. I think I think you've had issues for people with their body odor of my favorite they bestowed this year would someone who once wore sandals to work yeah he's that I. That was two of them were the most ridiculous and awesome moments in my career when you're like yeah man yeah we had something about this in turn he's wearing sandals. Though a top take care protest. Could label. And that's why I go to save once in my life that I sat now it's on until they need to change their issues that they wanna continue to intern here I say I got my rules I'm strict about Palin we will look. And our own Zarryon McNabb it's. Because not a fan of your feet and so you need to cover mocked yeah. I just think even trying to impress somebody. You know again as I'm I'm way out of touch but I always felt like like if you're an attorney true maybe you wanna job somewhere. You know command you look like you go to the beach you know Wear shoes were and I mean we're something looks like you're ready to work on the short so I Burke and stocks if you were perverted psych that's fine look at yeah I think that's wiping it out. It's really and no one else wore no elsewhere sandals and it was just them. Yeah and as this thing guys not not on my watch. I got out I gotta put up with Danny's parents who is Israel while drills and I had no idea what anyone's feet look I never look at Iran's feet so I know I don't want to feared not the most pretty tingle in my head to the matter of like if if if Denny was wearing high heels today I wouldn't know unless all I know children. I OK I don't even yeah I mean and two kids you know where to put you lose you could kicks yeah I was a necklace was president tell yet there are gonna look good that's right but god only knows what's up yeah. I think again I see our little. See there but if there's if they're tattooed I think there that looks so freaking cool and that's actually got my feet tattooed ulyetza tattoos yeah. When that happened a year and a half ago to have my guess now's your feet so now should I Wear sandals no. I see is I freak out actually went because Ricky was wearing a short sleeved shirt on before I got I got cold in here. And I was like I forget just tattoos on her arms I don't really see Vicki covers up so I don't see any ever tactically so cold in this room night I'll play a candidate is golden eye just a fat guy so I can you know. Yeah Chris Rock heartless and hear that cold hearted I Syria did that it. Why am I singing and Paula Abdul song I saw no idea I mean in real good condition my resolution is a no longer seeing Paula Abdul songs that are good resolution and you brokered Israeli resolution. Well let me tell you about camera in the sense she got in trouble is amber the smelly wants she's no she's the woman that was complaining and she was working as a supervisor. At a magistrate court in Indianapolis back in November of last year. When the summer employee started complaining to her about one co workers quote chronic body odor intact. So amber about a bunch of air pressures and just install them all over the office. Okay very passive aggressive maybe announced an issue I mean she got fired. I don't know I think that's probably the bid she didn't confront anybody what's wrong about. Kind of a he's do you think it's a decent but if he really is easily examine the issue for the I don't know what they'll offer. Our. Yes six months later the employee with a hostile with the body odor complaint to human resources that these air pressures are created a hostile work environment. And amber was fired while they agree we used either think that was a Jewish move hasn't worked why couldn't you just talked or talked to him I mean I guess I guess you're screwed either way. You can't talk to somebody about that because then they gonna say tossed out because she talked to him about it does another bad position I put you weren't. Yeah yeah I didn't do as I think I had to talk to somebody else that was our town here that had been no you know how these conversations I awkward conversation that needs to be done with anyone here it's like it's my job. Well and I look like Jai and do you sure you're the one that would handle it better than me I would have a Larry David moment it would not be good might very very quick him pinned by a group of endemic stop wearing stupid shoes OK talked you can join a good job otherwise there. Yes I'm smelling so much okay cool. You can yeah cause there's that guy whose clothes smell yet we talked to him fit going off like two months well I have is that still smell I do I don't know what the Italian man I don't smell it. And I'm the guy was no sense of smell having to talk to a guy about how he smells he's a one way smell like I'm Mike I don't know to me you smell fine. But yeah I've conversation and nobody ever noticed that may but I just how I guess I have you know an olfactory system is really sensitive but. Yeah its it's not good man if it makes me sick if I can if somebody's really smelly and Mike may be they sweat a lot or I don't know maybe got a maybe it's a thing. Little has read a smelly coworker when Tommy for deodorant and his locker. See that's the thing I wish I did some would come out and and and I and I'll tell us that it's a condition they can't be helped. The CIA I think by doing that I don't even know don't really pick up on that's what you're trying to do you consider this people smile they don't know they smell seed that's the thing. That's why you would that he you have to check with people I think he and look at both times in my life ports happened with a smelly person they've been having. So I think once you hit a particular weight. You gotta go moron and you gotta do smell checks have some help you out 'cause like I don't know and again was anecdotal but as one of the victims of my ironic. Yeah definitely. Get someone to check it out not do you but I don't know if Sarah Delaware asked Derrick Low life's not that and she goes all within their because you know what she's your friend I'm not your friend wanted every scene out here personally no big keys after I don't know what it is and Vicki C Vicky is the kind of person which are of which all other smelly people were like he Vicki doesn't smell what she thinks she does so therefore she's very is vigilant about it and check out perfumes attempted deodorant on me at all time never ever picked up anything from your and I heaven knows that wouldn't. You've never been anything Blassie who you've got to neutral voter TV I don't smell anything from him I'm OK with us yeah I mean that's greats whereas. You know but you're so vigilant you talk about you make sure your cool I wish they'd like the people that smelled would be that way. But they like assist either kind of clueless and so this poor woman she tried to do something about it she gets fired we know now she tried to do something about it you compare the pressure did indeed think to smelly person knew that that was why should but the air pressures out. Did you know your smelly person who then how do you still snowing. You know I'm in its later you know you stink and you earlier precious real that why you continue to keep stink and when you go in the office as I would say. I don't know do that don't have a conversation with our burn him or whoever no we don't I don't. She's suing the city of Indianapolis for wrongful termination. I'm she's arguing that the employees body odor is a disability and since she was working to accommodate under the American it's who's to harness she was working with the Americans with disabilities act like this woman. I like this and this is this a great strategy very trolling I love this guy you know I don't know who this woman is wanna have coffee were there just teller. Good on you I love the way you strategize this. Well this is Bonnie you're disability or is I don't know maybe use. I have his wife yeah man I don't know what the guy you don't smelling the you don't know right stinking up the joint right now you'd never know I hope you tell me if I was all you know why would get Danny to. I put into ya don't tell anybody anything. You're my guy who are always a place you all of a sudden the problem hole by any you can tell you can should a guy tells everybody and have a problem within tell me to talk to me this thief. Do you have a conversation needs to remove yourself from yourself for a second day and an agent out to talk to yourself yeah. Hey here's a guy want to dial an Arkansas about a bunch of scratch off tickets and as a Christmas gift for his employees. And they all agreed okay unlike Steve they would split anything they won from the tickets because that's how they do so did the last two times I've done it for us. Have I not you read what you might rotate it. Yeah I'd buy one for myself and I'd buy one for the current these people know they every ticket was purchased they sever all gonna share even know why even though we were given individuals whose got who bottom for them. They I am themselves unsure of maybe if they bought some themselves this Huckabee included in the lower saying that if somebody bought a C individual tickets gave you wind and you want him we didn't you split it with us. It was bought for all of us. However they. You know good luck finding me pick exactly how much are we talking yeah. Well and they got 300000 bucks somebody scratched the woman's scratch up some 300000 dollar winner. And she ran off and disappear with the checks columnist Steve megs. Even though the co workers she was supposed to split would have been her best friend for ten years. So poor Leslie is co worker that was a policy and a half that he or she is talking about the fact that this ran off with a. Hilo is its own and that he LA land and he tennis clearly London based on the twist I Christmas bonus and she's let out. She anime fan and she had time we've got to back how lights hanging it would be a good gonna do with this money to satisfy Iran and blew my show. I have drainage and down then when you're wearing four instead my neck out for and let her stay with me session at the drab mega important money Ali you know. Now let's say. Yeah I agree it's person. Provided a hole for it is what she's got the job this on how I don't know and the only bugs now. That's awful. Always gonna help you can I'd say that's awful in this you don't care but you are proof read that you and Murdoch does like that plays out it will reduce. Did you hear your -- -- does that is so we don't always do and if they saw provided we have places stay there and end if I agreed. To you give me a hard time I did nothing but up front I never said he had guys will share whatever I wind I never said I should point blank if I win the lottery I am not sharing with you guys I'm not gonna to obligated Germans do your couple box but don't expect me to split it hired anyway your rules you are an up front a hole I almost like this woman that is not enough money but if I said yeah look you get five it tickets I guess five -- -- whatever we win we'll share 5050 I would I would absolutely shared 5050 I love the lead movements. Disappeared that's also you provided her own home helped get him back on the feet. On the feet there again on the feet. I get what you find this woman I think he Tigger court I hate to bleed and by the time you take in accord nose and have any money left and a view shared by. From Israel checkered out at some point I think his contact a lot of my guess a lot of people that I deal with this kind of stupidity all the time if you bruegger's. Him because well powerball sees this year with me. Yeah you're right you should be able identifier and it's just a matter of he said she said and I don't know what kind of legal. No leg they have to stand on because if she's the one that on the ticket was in her possession given to her she scratched and I don't think she has to give anybody and especially she had a sign the back unite against the most of those tickets at a recent lottery want to play for myself enough for you guys you got out yet you just sign it. The minute ones that you wanna we don't know about. Oh yeah I'm a multimillionaire and I still wake up to icu are no Jews those aren't cheap shoes I don't know almost a concert the Christmas gets a question obviously gossip got a ton of money you don't even know prices and as for my family are I gave him all the money to write shared every time yeah. Let's reverse it now you see why it never pays to help people oh well. You know it's interesting I mean yeah I can understand that you simply needs a place to stay somebody got to stick your neck out because they don't know how to get their own job he does it surprise you that assumes they get the big payday they're out of there does surprise me just first Imus on the sterling all right let's socks for whatever else is what it is today and did you hear that this person provided a place for them to sleep. Yeah that's awful I just feel your hair club came and yes say you know what guys unless you would of the job if that's fine job we do vagina somebody here. Here's some lottery tickets share them win their feeling have you scratched up that's ground zero. I would be outage would tell you yeah yeah definitely get back. Yeah you've got Leo you've got the limb like you didn't have the money like criminals do they get a big bunch of cash why whites down get a variant in the desert not look like their life does change you have to react absolutely yeah. All right. House is paid off. I don't know why you guys talking enough about everybody's got an whoever he don't know what you're already. Still stay modest. It was 300000 are clearly it was thirty million expected powerball whatever hundreds of millions of dollars. Yeah of course I would give myself something ridiculous all you've got to hear you what you give us when we are you would be done like you would stay. If you went 300 million dollars I think I would because I get to irritate people see them that would be like I don't even though because I know they wouldn't be able looked. If they fired me it's a win and if they didn't fire me it's a win I don't need the job because but I look at what irritating people. A legacy and like a home really close to Seattle that news present at the part of why don't put myself through waking up to thirty drowned you know but I I can get a helicopter. The nano be worth it you could actually probably build a room right over there are seeing you sleep here and get right avenue bridge Amazon coming into the John Gibson 5:55 AM like taking a helicopter everyday and are right I'm gonna look you got helicoptered your money Germany mr. gates do if your wallet. Hey so you said you saw star or don't wanna talk about this not once I saw Star Wars shot twice such flights are and I saw twice still I was so but I mean that's my that's par for the course for me breast and usually I am now a Turkey. I million not a tracking now yet another euthanized I don't know what they call them not wars he's you know whatever you are worse and Syria come Star Wars fans here I loved it man. I think it's my favorite Star Wars movie you know you don't wanna spoil anything you're not the only runs well it's for how long it takes ten days now from I don't know that's two weeks right council and a weekend so I can let the fifteenth. Yes OK I'll see her about how long weeks yeah yeah I. I don't know what the rules are spoiling stuff and it's not really any data wanna say that would be a spoiler thing the reason why side twice yeah. And if you haven't seen it this way you have to see and I noticed three VOK. But I side and 44. Where oh where was this meridian sixteen is one of the few theaters in the country and using either ten theaters in the country for the better trying for DX. And I don't know until my buddy Josh spot AKA Robert fondle posted about this I'm not I'm not talking how incredible he figured I would move to contribute to these town like. Weird quirky camped at the things I did get to a film like 3-D type stuff wherever he's late but I saw him forty X and I highly recommend it I was a plane and going to see Star Wars because like. Are now I'm kind of curious what is what is four DX and you know like we go to amusement park. And Nike Disney or wherever you go inside and have those theaters where you watch a movie it's like fully. Like you get so immersed into the the film so like the chairs. Move the wind is blowing. Yes they had that going on for the Star Wars movie it's like you're on a two and a half hour roller coaster world and it's amazing tool it is in beta you need to see it. All right we're DX I I I I always one of the reasons he is moving again dude it's and now most of your message because they adamant about again the holidays I should've backed. But like you do if you haven't unit for aviation is seated four DX. If it is insane. So like when things get windy there's fans that are blowing. When water stuff is happening you gets squirted with water onus on your I would you get out the feature you can turn the water off it's only a limited amount there once I get shot in the face of some. Yeah Lisa this is that how you shares Star Wars yes okay yeah for like a battle scenes are going your chairs going up and going down and. Okay low. Morale is increase. Red Bull wasn't so much that you got not just all hell. My friend when Sonny gets Houston next on who's really hung over he was nervous Suzanne and I want to finish a popular top currency could use it for other reasons you have no it's not like. It's a subtle subtle and not subtle bunch during the moments where it shouldn't be subtle it's not but then it's not like overboard where the whole movie you're like moving up and down you being the loan and we can win here convoy walking around good guy for the reason yeah. But up it they won't presume Star Wars in forty X was awesome. So early here you can see it is the meridian sixteenth. I mean other places and three deep enough forty some pretty that's a joy out right now know is that I know it's funny because there's a meridian. So overall it's a game works theater tomorrow is also a strong that's that's close. It's gonna change movie going for me I mean I don't remember the last movie I saw in the theater it's maybe been five to six years to your rice and my wife has been even longer it's been like eight years. And I went so my buddies we all went had a blast and then as they. You have to got to know why my you have to come and see it in the theaters because it I just. You just can't experience this at home and that's gonna change movie going in my opinion because I don't like going to see movies but if every movies African roller coaster. There's a drastic world or whatever next drastic park when to be done now wait to pony and it's game changer and looking here there's only six in the US Elway if Orlando New York. Washington DC and then another one in New York. Well and not ask mute. See you know what our city is so cool I mean seriously for that kind of thing has anyone seen their fortieth shared it no bread no dude I mean there's only six and oh god damn country am I mean we later went on that continent I don't know what I want to know I want. I would never know we had a until you told me I don't even know what was that thing I think so yeah it's pretty easy I thought that was a thing he didn't like amusement parks yeah. Crews they tell their rides otherwise I'm telling you this a pretty big deal this is really new it's because I don't only about a. Tossed a ball yet Michael riser for your feet C staying also and you're stable and and you get to pick what seat you sit and its its reserves are not I guess is an ashes like the recliner once I did the recliner when Lynnwood when I want to see it. It's safe anybody it's bigger than your typical movie theater but they did does it you can't declining because the movie did during the movie and the chairs move. I'm closing it out the other recliner once you see they're up they're upping their game reserve seating recliner and now for. And but that was the recliner one who's also. There'll vs how come to a C Simmons pretty comfortable. I I'll be honest it's between a half hour long movie so by like two hours and ten minutes in my ass fell asleep. Tell that guy is just a little bit but you know so that's just because have been sitting one spot an anyone there to bat him that I know where I was gonna listen in the second time around and I couldn't miss something about it wanting to lose so much seesawed for. Don't imagine drive for ya mean you have to come to the city post I'm Jeff. While that says the that in the helicopter yet I listen a lot of new you don't like you say you don't go to the movies you don't have the helicopter. And you're still willing to see it twice Arnold's always amaze any movie in for us now it's not much fun Sosa with a price difference was I think it was about 24 bucks a ticket it's not she. Still it's firm it's like M apart right now it's worth it it really is I mean you know the three glasses had a 3-D glasses. For Texas has surfaced so forty exceed the what you're saying is you can't stay awake in a movie. Unless you're gonna squirted in the face yes well that's is pretty much everything seems like such as movies. There was one part though Dern Star Wars the first time I saw that was. Working awesome I won't spoil anything unsaid but and you remember there's a scene where an ego was at warp speed or light speed whatever they go to hyper not hyper drive there okay and and everything it's really quite yet. So when that happens. I swear there's a guy like three seats next to me I think he might have had a happy accidents can install themselves and that happens it's such an epic moment all listen to places BI gets pits quiet merit. You know I earned super quiet and you suck it's quiet. But he gets quiet. And all you here's one person did go. A hole. Had that really everybody is start crank it up like to cash happy accident. Your best scenes a controversial scene they've had to put signs I saw that yeah people keep thinking that there's something wrong with the movie stupid are people. Then. He's not only I think it's very apparent what they're doing MMPI and there but they had to put signs up because people would complain they went many thought there was something wrong the movie into the every movie theaters it looked as a part of Star Wars where you can hear no sound that's intentional we didn't that was broken days and again without power fifty something mark you'll have a moment where this happens and people are upset then about that signed because no way it was kind of spoiling things yes they get a little ridiculous doesn't spoil anything to know that that's coming no. Probably because you don't know once a year in the context of that moment and it's working great so I don't have the forty's. Yes did you like the movie leaves on what I like de La outside the 14100% yes that's great to see it definitely enhance my experience idea I think it's I think it's a terrific movie too I think it's one of the better ones they've done and out of all of my my favorite 10 Star Wars well one dates I guy to say. Episode eight might be to me it's consciences it's like the top three rent I know you've you've done it to right I aimed it at first when I saw it I was really mad at it. Because it's our earth and stuff happen because stuff happened and you don't expect these things to happen I was like what Al and then the more I thought about it and the more that actually kind of internalized it the more I really liked it totally seen a wise I do wanna see begin I'm just afraid I'm gonna get seasick are somehow you want to forty everywhere wondering if your popcorn and following your soda and I agree sodas and I don't drink holder and I was holding my popcorn and never thought in my hands and I as a life. It's not aggressive and what it does. Clearly there's a couple moments like there's thank a scene where someone gets knocked down per couple people get knocked down and you feel the pokes in your back to school wow that was kind of cool. Yeah I guess I wanna see like that's pretty fond saw it this is going to change the way you wanna see movies I really do believe so what's the meridian theater downtown Seattle next game works yet. And that's the only one in our area and one of only six in the entire country we get to forty Star Wars IE that's awesome that's a trailer I don't I still love our city for that we get cool stuff here I hate it more so than. We should based on our size but I think it's because we're cool people what is is that three tickets for Star Wars cost you 25 bucks a north Daytona five bucks for four. 3-D RPX at our -- you're one of those people yeah yeah it's the other way it's enhanced audio with Kyle IMAX for like the audio and it's like a better picture but it's not that cools super sweet IMAX picture theatres and who know they did not being discredited the face of liquids I did not give squirted in the swift though you know what rep next time we go to movies you wanna find some screen it's I'm sure you well I can't even earlier bats on that yeah look us in nearly all. Here's a question Soriano what happens when people in Oregon. Freak out because now they have them home their own gas fayed's another addition of FaceBook drama you're gonna hear a candidate seventeen mom Iraq. And they X mornings. On. Any nine point nine KI guess helps you. Yeah you nine point nine day high SW Iraq. Seattle's. And media once again this is our opportunity to play at the stupid people on FaceBook even know it's a new year and a lot of people it's a newbie. There's still a lot of same stupidity and I had days. Look at cause actual FaceBook post the drama unfolded because of it and yup we're gonna acted out this one's a very topical one because while we're off. In Oregon they made it says that or against now can begin pumping their own gas slow down new moves right won't parent also meant that a lot of people were having meltdowns and became like the giant joke of the country. Regarding how stupid people are confirmed that they're upset that they now have to pump their own gas in Oregon just like everybody else he it's a frightening New Jersey might be the only other state where they're still not pumping their own gas so. I playing the role of CBS news Medford Oregon will be Danny saw me she do your best newscaster voice yeah. Okay that's not it and because he's got some time and work on it. Stereo that plays the role Alice Hank regularly Mary street I'll play the role Max. BJ you're jazz hero Mickey you are picky you are hanging Henrik. And I'm very angry and I am not angry I am too. Good morning stuff I need to UI and Chris you'll play the role of Greg's accident so there's a lot of people commenting. On this big posts by CBS news Medford Oregon so Danny please take it away. Jerome yes starting January 1 orange Indians. Sure that's. Including their own guess in roker rural communities duo where. Citing an honor that sounds like a racial slur when you Promos for people from Morgan. But your own gas starting January 1 or billions can begin play in their own guess in rural communities. Oh how pumped out then I'm 62. Meter Oregonian. And you've since I wanna tell gasoline. I had an idea there around lotteries is to have an intended to help things one is that they needed jobs to. Many people are not capable of knowing how to pop jazz and the hazards of not doing it correctly besides. I don't wanna go to war smelling a gas when I get it on my hands a close I agree Jerry bad idea. Hot you're joking right. You think gas in your car not shower and it princess. How old are you smelling gas. Usually one of the most enduring humans I've ever witnessed. AFC yours so don't. That you can't pump gas then you have no business driving a motor vehicle. You probably should leave your bedroom. Morons. I have lived in this tight all my life and I refuse. To a mile gas. I had to do want to California while Lindsay my brother in almost died due next. This is a service only qualified people shoot her form. I literally park at I lost it a little nearly black at the end of the ball in wait until someone pulls my gas I can't even. How do you people think the other 95%. Of the country survives. Do you think we constantly spreading ourselves for gasoline and set our cars on fire is literally so easy a child can do it Al allow. As giant mushroom clouds of sand over other states on a daily basis because of unqualified gas bumpers or again is safe. Because someone else is doing it. Breaking news organ becomes the highest population to own all electric vehicles due to fear of pumping gas. Fired a mile das what's. I remember the temperature was 34 outside. This night talk. Nod my head and she. Nearly I don't gas station. Currently in a lawsuit over its. I was kind of the last meeting distasteful thread from that post and other person or you really did the news report because it starts with people legitimately complaining and netted just evolves into. People making a crazy stories about how they were. Murder and this happened and that happened all because I had a talk my own gas. It is so it is so amazing because. I'm old. Yes so I remember. When nobody pump their own guests. Right in here your arm being a kid and moves pull up and got out pumping gas medallion Mubarak. Which is basically a gallon gas those days we have more. As a tip and never go on a merry way. And now and I remember when that started happening there were people on both sides there are people they go you know why I never liked him when a guy anyway went and I have to wait in line like I thought my own gas or something we're excited about it but the new or other people who suddenly these are going crazy people. But that was like what 2530 years ago yeah up and so Oregon has been in the time bubble along with New Jersey where. It's the date they still don't get it they sound like such idiots because people were making those statements one we changed the rest of us changed a long time ago I just like I mean. I removed for someone to orient and I didn't realize that you couldn't pump your own gas and went out the pump my gas there's a bunch of gas attended in just came out of nowhere. So are gonna get back to your car you can popular on gas what are you thinking. Who say put that whole world I am right now you know what Obama I think you what are you thinking maybe there's a gas station in Puyallup wreck on my house where if I don't get out in public I guess quick enough. Some guy comes out of nowhere and make certain I mean a pump your dazzling all well. Oh that's it. Oh I can do this is so hard. I don't miss those days man because thank you to sit in the cars are so it's cold and rainy that's my mishap and a guy come on pump my gas I dismiss that those are the days for gas is really cheat. Yeah nine. Oh man how about that this you know I tell you technology we got a leg we thought he did stuff yourself you thought maybe it would save you dough and save Dell. It hasn't saved go well like I bag my own groceries if I don't wanna wait now and I used to think that that's the still stand registers is scanners were supposed to save both saved time and make you get through quicker I don't enjoy any quicker and I bag in my own damn series. That's how I used to being used to be that two people one might want to write it. All I know said the daughter of the self check things I'd I'm glad that people can read my mind while waiting in line as like somebody's taking forever and it's just like to change took. I'll do it for you idiot. DR Tom pumping your gas to. Well I know Julia I'm now and now they got us checking out our own stuff like you said self check now we have to do at all. All I know and we're not paying any network paying more. I think we're stupid people I'll be honest with the wind at the gas was cheaper and somebody pump DeForest now it's more expensive we're pumping in ourselves maybe Oregon's right maybe we're the idiots. I said a lot of people were sedated because of fear of like homeless people attacking them and Greg wow well where they live things. I mean I went wow really am I guess in Oregon is a homeless issue obviously but they mean what we do to appear yeah I never expect anyone to come attack me a gas station maybe because I'm just used to living in a city minority in a small amounts Simmons is that they do have that small town feel. I yet it didn't want to get to do with the person it's like yeah you've recently for my guess and get the gas canisters and chair here filling out customs. And I don't like this legislation. Finally kill people but you know why you bother me made me feel bad and not how he should products probably you know I don't know I don't know if this thing rerelease it looks like you needed so fine ask a guy with a gas can always trying to visit his wife for his girlfriend or as did his sick mother knows demo because you know at that point has plenty of time to get to where they were resistant going to be going organ pumping their own guess did they are gonna put diesel and gas. In the raw field instead of regular gas you know I wouldn't be surprised there's going to be a lot of crawl yet. Who is you never left or again. That's your world. He's never know what is the you know what is like to pump your own jam there are people that never leave their place you're right Steve it's going to be you know there are people who just don't go I mean that's kind of what they like about their small town. And and embarrassments there are some small places and organ as you drive around and there you know trying to get we gotta go. And yeah it's weird. Putts that's why they keep her weird it's it's all about it out there I'd slowed their legitimately people worried about are those all day. Now. It's artists. That's different. Got this anti gambling activist whose dad is her name is Cathy Hughes in Illinois. She won 25000. Dollars. In a sweepstakes put on by gambling parlor and again she's an anti gambling activist. And she says she's gonna keep the money. He doesn't see that there may be a bit of a problem here about her and as she's even got an explanation as to why she as an anti gambling activist is gonna keep 25 grand that she got by gambling parlor. Rap oh suite which means as an ultra. I'm no different rattled you have to make a purchase. But why are required. Notre Kerry Wood and you're in three years. We ate and I ain't trying to at a various clubs. You and Alex and I got an email not. Particular promotion. I entered into it and I won a grand prize. I didn't gamble anything yeah. And advise her. My curtains to toner voices like oh man yeah I know people are gonna call me on in the sun Kerry's 25000 dollars not in pay for it. Chris it's a valid point. It's a valid point but she sounds like somebody who's annoying bulk idea the ice and anti gambling add yet activist like what is that yeah I I get that you know that some people have an addiction to gambling and that's an issue I get it but boy she just sounds like an annoying person that no matter what you. No matter what cause she was behind you go here you should do you think you've the bosnians have been fair to ask. There's your money just is autonomous areas where would you eat the idea your loan is irritating. He you know I did you hear her voice Diane now I'm not to I'm not a hypocrite iMac now now that. So I Steve went to see Star Wars twice because he Sidon forty meridian theaters next game works downtown Seattle won its only six for. DX. And Steve saw eight twice he drove back up to Seattle from Puyallup again because he loved the forty X experience a Star Wars there was two's incredible dude it's it's a two and a half hour roller it's your fan of being on a roller coaster. It's like being on a roller coaster for two and a half hour or so I have to ask satellite to spoil any in the movie except one scene right because you say that. Did did did that they really make you feel like you and including blowing wind in your face there and then water water it's like music there's a scene where Bob Bob Finn is leaking yes and you'll score of water which is kind of fun I was wondering if there was another scene we got squirted. When when Luke was no semen was Luke was Milken now that that's how I don't know the guy that's got a lot of grumbles from the crowd they were removed. AI it was awesome. And Kenya right it's it's a weird scene that has gotten a lot of attention that would be the time he gets put off what looked just don't get mad whenever Al that they must. I guess they call it a a towel aside ran. Yeah and let's say a walrus was no teeth. And Tom I guess it's real like they didn't see GI that they used a gigantic puppet nosy I'll paint him as I was a real monster the real mozzarella and a lot yeah delicious milk and it. Yeah they're pretty good director Ryan Johnson one this thing to look real so instead of CI they've built an eighteen foot tall and a Medtronic puppet. Fluent in by helicopter because the scene is facing homicide of a clip of him and I met they and they were shooting this and Ireland and a half dozen puppeteers to make this work including two. Who had to climb inside that thing and work it's press articles no way yeah imagine that your gig that's how we do their work. Who is awesome I'm a puppeteer I might teach proper chair that's what I I'm look I'm a public teach here. Yes and another puppeteer and I don't yeah. At stake they yeah I guess mark camp on days he really was the only ones on that set an even though the milk looks disgusting in the movie apparently they. Saito is a pretty good. I'm an awesome that they indeed get to Jason Laidlaw command and I feel bad for mark Hammel got a minute it looked and is discussing it really did. But I mean that's what we do right we melt things a very weird thing to throwing them movie thank you didn't seem very necessary to boost I don't know Pau and like I wonder if you staying hydrated Obama's second to all Chris says there was very necessary yet it's actually a call back to the very first movie when we see him when we catch up with Lou king he's having breakfast with his aunt and uncle and he's drinking a glass of blue milk. Below his dream is blew off the first it was a blue grass second one is green to signify the changes and Luke's life saver. The whole. Isn't that interest thing where they really don't they so high tech whatever the milk change is color based on what light Saber use it is just kind of a nod to that yeah I'm really sick mood milk. She yeah. Yeah have to I didn't get that. I'm really the only when he thought it was coming out and I think that look like Milton did shamrock shake. Hi guys I kinda led to a shamrock shake after ticket. I'm done about that either you know the club is anything about that I didn't think it was as bad that was good but yeah I answers and you don't realize modem Luke was Milliken map for blue milk. A throwback to use you contact him. Between the two relief but it was green you caught the right color because his rep said they made it blue milk produced precondition with the blue light Saber and I don't think they thought about that the first movie but they definitely thought it. I love that they think about these things are these moves for geeks like myself that you are right they're paid attention they care they throw little Easter eggs in my dad all the time. That's the first I heard that. I then realized and I went watch a whole Easter egg thing because I saw the movie twice and so the second time of one to go win and make sure that I caught things I didn't catch and so I watched like. Here's all the stuff you might miss some kind of video what did. What will we wish you rank this amongst your Star Wars films I put in the top three I think new hope is always the the first one's always in the great 'cause I cited seventeen years old and blew my doors off sir empire strikes back is probably number two. And I did have a force awakened up at eight as number three but this is better than a force awakens first break into as the first of the new crew was episode seven. OK it was yes so yeah the first of this latest crop. I like this a lot I really did and some people didn't and they meow a lot of it is idiocy I just think it's old people that go why can't be like I remember it was in the senate I heard the same thing with people to like Star Trek discovering the TV show. I'm tired of all people. Who wanted to be under what is fifty years ago or thirty plus years ago double what was that like and I feel like it was a call they receives a star wall all day that is crazy characters awesome action scenes are in space shooting things it was great for that but. And diamond to tell you what they hated about it because she would go all my god it's a bunch of geeks just talking about stupid stuff I don't care about it was that nit picky. I mean they were upset over how one character we didn't get to learn more about and now we won't have to learn a bottom they were upset that hey how can that character do that. But actually either way it's so funny to see geeks fight because of fury geek you better know your stuff. And one geeks at all there's no way you should be allowed to do what that guy did it and there's a thing in the movie where you saw something that was really fun and very surprising and you know what it is. But I won't spoil it well and apparently. In the books that particular activity that he did. Was actually talked about in books but never done in movies ball to first he didn't know that he thought you are because only watch as the move hot. And another deep came in and it was a huge huge fight on the Internet about all this is what it's like going Marines enjoying it for what it is six. They entertainment it was really I was so much fun and you know IIN if you pay attention actually everything does that they do hinting clue you in that Weis something's happened in this it's part of the movie if you pay attention the first part of a movie. All hole OK and people just don't like the idea that they didn't pay attention so much and the most powerful parred the whole thing was is clear that sure we became of the day. And here I guess that's a great scene. The it's a great seized who's about to have a meal and the size okay I guess I can have the money. Yeah that's remotely matter really I give us our humor I love the beginning the beginning it was great where you know we're told Cameron is doing his thing you don't know what the bad guy I thought that was a really fun part was really open a movie a whole thing was great yeah as if I I I had I'd I'm shocked when people see in like obviously its objectives and opinion but. I'd I'd I believe you going to do is looking to escape from reality for a couple hours you've got that I look at a guy like you that's not your for immediate that's not your genre. And if you like a movie like when I take my daughter to see movies like this if she likes these movies. I go okay because she's not a super geeky whatever and I took her to see the Star Trek movies the JJ ones and she liked them I thought. I love that my daughter Alexa Star Trek thing now and and if you like Star Wars I think that everyone's gonna like it. When my wife she docket she said that if you probably. Shouldn't autos there's a good movie without the four DX for the forty X deftly managed better so I don't know if I'm mom going into a little skewed because that's the only way I've experienced it but I I thought it was in our own re watching the second time or I wasn't really paying as much attention to four DX stuff. Shares moving things being spray doesn't pay more attention to historian of the movie itself and pick up on things Amanda missed because it was like a little kid like cool looters move brings her. I think the first home I call it's got straight to there is cool glass window and Andre is that's the one they've negotiated forty exploring. A long sleeve but put the sweater it's chilly the entire time. Office in the land on budget Toma now at a medium blonde with William fan poking could resuscitate. But this is a help them believe I didn't see my favorite movie and what happens. Al brokers are very announce broker cowboy. Is getting blown out the Outer Banks of North Carolina Al good morning. Well I'll probably its star Boris at the meridian forty X and again that's meridian which is nasty gamers in downtown Seattle yes yes hey Steve not able to figure this one out. What is a group of vipers call Randy Orton it's no time I don't diapers now. School vice Versa now. Do you got to get better as we you know we we you know we're geared up for new day northwest do trivia thing when Margaret we've got to figure this out is after our show on 11 o'clock this morning. Itself it's a big game for me yeah. Nest was the answer you want a shot of feces get ready for the big trivia thing Purdue led around 20641 rocked the plays he makes an age 47 on Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney and here's another question from a listener how long is a bankruptcy going to affect my credit rating. Of course most of the time maritime. We're we're talking about filing a bankruptcy there credits as army taken and he has not just your son's going to factor more negatively than chapter thirteen. Chapter seven stays on your credit report for ten years from the time you finally usually takes seven or eight years for your credit. 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