Metal Shop's Backstage Pass - Episode 119: The Top 30 Metal Albums of 2017

Monday, January 1st

Welcome to 2018! Before we move forward, we must look back at what was 2017. Here is the Metal Shop Top 30 Metal Albums of 2017 list. Enjoy! 


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Sitting. Shops staged press. What's up with metal shop a year end its elaborate it's beyond being V you know my year. Consists of but do I wanna now eat your weird mood right now I am we are committed here how about this a good group. Odd decision. When he eighteen more podcasting. Yes it's been abruptly left or. I mean like we get a lot more interviews this year that we did last year there of that that was a lot of our content weekly content but not everybody gives me about it these men sometimes they're like. You're just wanted you being in feud. It is. Action and math. And. Well it's metal shops backstage pass in case you're you're just tuning in and wanna give a special shout out to a couple of you Brad did twins actually from Arizona that ended down for the children. Literally I saw them subscribe to our podcast. Right in front of me as the smoke a cigarette together so I actually forgot their name but I do know they're twins and their 121 because they are bummed out they couldn't go see blood for blood. But I shout at you guys put up what between twins tweet at us remind us what your name is in the band that you play in and now we'll play the banks were trying to little shots backseat path yeah point seven scenes about it to be overly listening to this it'll be twenty. Unique scene in the world over who knows that what Laura for all of her waiter. The so we have by the way many with. He's far from freshman I back I am not fresh. I crusty and Berry Christie in sharp royalty and a my guys are bleeding as chief god that's so gross we were joking about Kevin gave Ryans and lotion for his eyes is sketchy guys is that what can you said it was called or is it just has your little Phat like mean your legs regret together when you lost ten degrees outside it's cold as hell and it only affected you or. And Cole got my thought as my sides in the back smile ours though Rosen Ken O'Brien has Kevin's cream on guys and view creamy. See through creed of ignorance. So yeah. I mean it will award to a two bunks are arrow podcast channel federal and boring for the last few month or gonna turn kick it off right now we're gonna go through metal shops top thirty records of the year and just share some anecdotes and why and how is that anybody. Will care. First can can Brian kind of tell us about it last week in like a dead and gone in New York City for the last Dillinger escape plan you know he never it was a little bit a rundown UN sob might patent singing for DEP like Patton C singing for Dillinger escape plan on the first night skipped the second night and then I went to the final field. Some huge jump from the third story in the terminal five the New York City right into the mosh it is pretty brutal to brighten when nobody debris Ketchum I yet he got caught he was fine OK it was everyone else fine. I do not now. And there's a pretty Nardelli was that a big big view of the it was a completely strangle he would now. Yet. Cool but so yeah he went to me how long were you there for how many days are in new York and there for let's see as their for six days cool and it was it was. I feel like at nearly the scratch the surface of doing the one he spent Christmas in New York City is currently yeah Christmas in New York City it is what it snowy over the now he knows now just helical hold. It was so freaking cold outside. He's in the natural history once the armies and he had both were awesome now when check out Central Park I had to go to Jack on high club that's my favorite spot to get to New York City it's kind of it's kind of a weird. Adam Stanley looking bar Zemin and they're like where is that it's in is singular. Focus Leah. Don't like the statue of liberty down there in the media are not yet a kind of in that area it's. It's lots of Fonda Tom guy came over the table and stuffed cat and my girlfriend made out cat. Little to none around there's a three dollar entertainment charged in the nine years technically I paid three bucks yet. I stopped cat. While not as impressive yet so that if you aren't a fun time guy named him. I. It's been a weird notable moment I was walking out of any after the first night tried Wafer for an outside and that the security guards in New York City. Are no Ngo yet they do not are not yet toll can they got real things worry about so is. Big female security Garcia and out for on hand she was your shoe and everybody away from the front door and she's like honey got to move lawn. Was like hey I'm just wait for my friend will be on the second she goes. On sweetie I get great color from what he got to move longer on the began. That they'll threaten me with a content. A move pretty quick I was gonna say terrifying thing because here come out of persons I'll show just bullies are instantly inflection. It are dialing you better get out of here oh summit kicked daddy. Or my body county Kana opted a little bit that he was saying in a hotel right across the street from the Scientology's church and so as he's walking on the street one of the people came and asked him if you wanted to get his reading Don he is one yet here any drop Trout. Or go deep the poor person was like what are you doing this ever. Do in this test. Give him an inspection alive I was going online and I'm. This couple couple and he get arrested for I can yet be careful. And he's trying to get ST I test. Right there on the yet that's a New York. Nothing to do you definitely. It's now about Islam to get hit by any cars and it is ruthless out there like that's the one thing in New York they don't give you if you're Jay walking you will get it back Aaliyah. I didn't get hit any cars would seem we check of the World Trade Center memorial and seen again. It is listings that you don't necessarily want to do when you kind of feel like. Did you mean it's also close to our stuff so it was so we checked that out and use is very sobering kind of somber and it's finished now are Aaliyah. It's it was it was a very powerful experience and then we tried to go to the museum and museum Limas too long so we just went down the escalator and all of a sudden we found ourselves in the shopping mall. Felt like it was something I bleed more weird and it is a group onkyo is just kind of a bizarre thing and I felt like that those kinds of situations were happening everywhere went more years thrust into a different scenario that you thought you were going to be a kind of like constant. Adapting to whenever wasn't for you you obviously saw Times Square yeah yup you last Times Square so let's let's go to the real issue Brian. Tell me about your pizza experience in New York. Okay that's that's what I'm really curious about best pizza I've found artichoke. RI. It was down down a little bit south amazing amazing piece Souza Alfredo cream sauce and the place are. Caller ship operator cream sauce with spinach and an artichoke hearts with extra mozzarella parmesan cheese in the solace. Bigs in two ago so. Public knows everything's held to others on each flight nothing like slides off slices. Really next little piece. Eat my body weight cheesecake. And that's out of Aaron Katz's deli Katz's deli I wasn't doable it's like line was around the block an. I talked to a body mind who used to live in New York is fifteen now grow up and very Jewish community in new York and he says hey if you wanna go to a real New York Jewish deli. Getting to shake out Bronson dollars asked the pleased goatee he says that's that's where it's south. We're on track for that in our long cam cat is is the sign felt it now I'll decide albums palms restaurant that threat to go there. I checked out yea I got a picture from about Tom's restaurant who was garbage. I'm not surprised at all but it is we'll check out now. It's neat to see an honest sometimes you gotta gotta you know tweet it tried to go to market try to get a marble headquarters we looked it up onto. And we showed up you know and I was just the offices and no reason or anything in so we got to soak you with security argues is very nice piano players he he was very friendly. Video has really got to move along hernia or as I'm going to be that path. Well releases go via picture. Cool well welcome back brother welcome back welcome back to hell. Glad we made you glad you made it back for the top thirty episode order we're not to be playing the music specifically while these artists the it would take you we're going to be going through kind of budget mentioning the band talking about the records a little bit and a last year. We that the top one list to top thirty because there are some god damn great Rex just hard to do you think that winnowing down of all records and I feel bad because. Every year there's always something left out in enemy and now and that our show is four hours long we actually have enough time to fit thirty records in Sonoma. I think ranks went down to he just ordered a grower of ginger beard very good that other travelers and have a little bit and it gingerly OU notes on them. Is going down good for your view gets if he got the bubble gets you know things. Oh I know which thing bubble. He probably about it on the top bubbled to the probable global mobile well let's let's just put a pause on this lately it's back. Granite all right we're back and I ginger beer Rachel's gingerly air time travel Brian proud sponsor of metal shop. I wish they could pay that it pays and ginger Greer left injury that basically due to radio station and me and it. Then if we that he should be bunker. I'd be so stoked on that hole my god that is in fantastic isn't any good popular dude that muscle so think about that little village. An angry granny gets altered my altar is expensive them just desecrated for nine getting cheap. How much of that. I like growl and it's like it's like half and against like PT. Eyes thirties he used 32 ounces for a fifty bucks us that's about it because one of those regular is like seven dollars like one of the ones are actually buy at the area nobody gives. About this. We need a top thirty records seeds that she in now all of you audience than it would be all right and number thirty. I don't. Eight no job they have some of will be its number thirtieth king we'll Mair in -- woman out of simply Siskel California. And in Cisco her name is Christina Aspin DR. They are. Pretty do you mean pre post Natalie shoe daisy pretty. Chris Brady. Good music. A little bit different than the typical metal shop brown Malia played it a lot on the up and there de sac in it's good stuff it's actually their first full length record called created in the image. It was released on relapse records at all. Relaxed doing things number they're kicking we're number 29. Honestly liked Ryan we were talking about the grill like you know we got to cost the beer to own indeed cost iron McKeon and we need your we felt donors their first record in nineteen years it thinks it's a freaking good practice that bang and yes it. It's things like high tail it bangs it bangs. Yes so they're also on relapse records called 913 is their record iron monkey check Allen out and then go from iron. Two iron number twenty honestly this is the only local band we have on this list. But I know they not it's not now now don't don't give it away. Now the now trying to look through and really in my trip the trip it. In at 1010. Arc there's 310. For. You know who gives number number twenty it is old iron I was actually out super sick when these guys came up I was around her body Jarrett. Who owns the tattoo shop rabbit hands over in Ballard placements and it's so get a deal this hire all of iron record is the bang your. Jesse is also a tattoo artist digest he from the span he owns dark each tattoo on Capitol Hill oh and he also plays an Uncle Sam writer of this record came out time and good to die records called lupus metal or romp. And it's their second record. Its head the and it's it's awesome so that's rounding out the first three on that list are super anti. This is this an excellent point seven this is the band that you sake it's getting wrecked at warped tour two or what though that was that was not to have a monopoly in the in and yet. Well either way I am Ryan turned us on this one we probably wouldn't have gotten through end to end this if it wasn't for Ryan he. He declared this like his beard pick up a couple times this year thanks now. This is this is banned from Quebec. Can back had been. Kevin Beckett and French Canadians yes our we're and that the great white north who's been freaking awesome they just about the so called infinite punishment in its of Italy if you say who us what is the band who get shot get it. Eight recap shall we were talking about what is that any means get your okay in English means take your shot at PNC what is that you Okobi now. Is it beyond that such that is what can get the shot at those shot. X how hard can it excellent excellent god tiered process either commends out here tiered process and it and 26 I saw them this year at that return to root store with full of hell and they they brought me and from Yonkers, New York. Emily she is an old school death metal their first record in four years. These guys are. I believe is that nuclear boy I yankees yet correct it's either nuclear blast Gordon get a nuclear blast and the records called atonement the first record of four years like I said. Good man just took heavy old school death metal. Now we're going over to barrier gain nor are we. Few number 24. In slate coming back this year they've been around since 1991. Super super guy and they really like I wouldn't say they stepped it up. But they definitely maintained like him really. Not predictable but consistent quality records they're heavy they're diverse they have like you know they're quite weird moment or super progress yet slightly. Progressive black metal I'm gonna say asset and a couple times terminal shopping and religiously you know I'm gonna say it again in the Pink Floyd of black man. They're just keeping it weird and they are just progressively. There they're not like. You know kind of like softening at all they're just getting weirder I mean and I like it when we interviewed carcass a couple of years back we were talking to them about like the first few records and now. How they've lagged Maida. Kind of the same. Journey you know any say what you can only play the most brutal of all time for so long until you wanna start you know becoming more talented as a musician creating compositions so sorry that was 125 so that's the record eat by enslaved tech team are right in okay see now I'm okay I see local bands. I'm dude like this you aren't from here. It's sort of local these guys are from Olympia and they are organic. Farmers. Known as walls in the throne room area Olympia yes their first record in three years as well their first on their own record label. These two young southern bored and now they're based on foreign label are Tunisia records. Bulls in the throne room also mineral water and on that weird it black metal hit by more of the like post rock few gays like pretty experimental stuff. Casket edu and black metal as your your friend would would say oh Simon loves that Simon is not a big bulls an acronym stand but hey. About us he loves them as the but didn't you see this band once perform in a room that was only late. Like a million candles candles siege and yet it was at incense it was good times now. We're very cascading move number 23 riot converge. The dust in us. This is the chief this is the ninth studio album and he's gonna like that from the eased a swingers and sweetness of anger about their sexist during a you know there I'd get there. Oh. Jake can inspect that it yeah. Yeah act and urged deedrick their key element and they as consistently put out right. That show is a sold out our second virtue Mac and authority had people hit me and only goal. What about that feeling sorry but can you meet up Daniel Antonia. The outcome of the preceding you to that's giving when the first like big films of the year who the reporting to memorial. I got a lot of respect for these deeds is basically bolt thrower the band over there out of Birmingham England now its members of bull for and benediction the other driver Lou I think it was either earlier. This year late last year that drummer Marten records died in the picked up the diver benediction and the standard in new ban and so I think it's really like respectable because a bit like bolt thrower. Is very they've been around forever he knows that like in name in the book. Whatever you wanna call the branding marketing whatever the name power bolt throwers Berry. Eight and establish unity that we are working their asses off for years. But instead of like just higher in major armor and continuing on the started a new band and it's called memorial and and that's number twenty few on this stuff for the following. It's it's really good and that really really good full length of Greek like at first record but they've put out a couple of demos and singles by. Wie seventeen was a good year for checked that. How they could have easily just like continued on football for Auburn just rested on their laurels and just kind of kept that now and that like he said you know. It's awesome to see that they actually started a new project and end according to an interview. Karl actually said that it's a tribute to him so but yeah and his sentiment and the band is called memorial which which is awesome yet perfect. And and then at 21 we have been and by the name of Mir occurred near your cell wonder female project endo she. She plays hurt and she actually played her debut show in July 4 two when he fifteen. In Danish festival she is from New York City but she's in not Denmark now. And she's kind of black metal kind of atmosphere. Kind of shoe gays kind of just. All over the place and she actually put out a record. A couple of years back it's a live record or I'm sorry it's in 2016 it's a live record and it's all. Volt goals. And it's all like part of it elements are cappella and full instruments and it's just beautiful music it's not metal and all but this new one. Definitely got the black metal Kelly yeah apparently mayor carries Icelandic for dock it's in a New Yorkers actually can become the town with wolves in the program. And chemists and instantly. On the possible for that number 21 as mere error. There. Bring it up to number twenty orgy and saw the mighty bashers are back. They put out a new album called on parallel universe this year and if it gets us to read or that the number one any. From Topeka Kansas. And in New York players so. Good job to origin definitely some good technical brutality on parallel universe number twenty on mental stuff top thirty of the year Ilia. So that look in the it's just strip. The strip the front off I ran into wasn't a big fan of this next record but they did a lot of cool stuff we've played a lot of that especially that song that they did with Jeff when it scaled the summit. Coming in number nineteen in with this record in a world of fear. And this was a guy. Eight crown funded record I believe OK cool so Los scaled the summit they are instrumental their progressive end it's just weird. All all over the place metal very shrewd tactic nine are into it. It just didn't hit me I mean I I I like everything else has been and is sure but this this record just didn't do it for me you know and I it's not as I don't like the pain and you know I mean. I have this family they softened up just a little bit there's there's a lot of bands that I like a lot that have wondered if you records that I just feel it and I think this might just be the one record by that and that and out. Liking in I'd doesn't mean I'm packaged up the next one and I mean eight Atlanta couple songs on the hour. Worthwhile when they've put out and they've been putting out a near record every two years for the last ten. Year might be able to take a stab. At one point I guess this record at one point hit number one on the US billboard chart. And then total AA hit number number 98 billboard top 200 so. You know I can't hear it's not feeling get peace side tracked how much of the billboard 200 is comprised of metal. When there was of the bands that are still actually selling physical discs. And stuff like that there's a lot more medal on the billboards up Trulia because fans are actually still buying music yet like it's like the one group of fans still buy them. It's cool let's take it over it's like the grammys knowing gives. From Long Island New York coming in at number eighteen suffocation. And the first one of the first like bands to really pioneer that brutal brutal technical death metal sound. Their first record in four years it's called of the dark light there on nuclear blast. Got to see them I think three times out there at least twice and no one of them was with frank Mullen on vocal surprisingly. He does the court on all the records he played a handful of shows we've got a full time job he's got kids. Got you know be responsible dog out like he played a few shows this year and one of them have to be at studio seven and was bad at school news. They had back injured knee and back over to prince can't eighty from Toronto a really cool band that is back maybe after what I had a ten years ten plus years after what it's got to be up for survival gliding users saw 2001. Doesn't do that was like Tina for. Yet he doesn't fortune five ish. I know warnings back it's gonna suffer survive. They can they brought her back it. Yeah they definitely went hard again that that that whole supper survive like. Period I love it personally but it's just a weird time for that band and they took like via a little over ten years off. But yet from Toronto no warning at number seventeen on her with that torture culture. This record is Hannity it's it's it's like heavy parts and then there's the GMs that sound like Alice in Chains yeah there's just like it's groovy. Its experimental it's crossovers. It's just a great record they try weird things on it and. Without she being too cheesy like at supper survive record is as cool as it can be at times a little cheesy it stung a little commercial. But this record is is. Issues rant it's it's a good like there's some that are just sound like good rock and roll jams hardcore songs. And good man and a coach and no warning get into it number sixteen to have just noticed how many bands from like the upper north east we are on the list. On the French Canadian idol host New York. And again I don't know if they claim like New York City or Jersey you know a lot of New York in there they claim Jersey now get a big Jersey boys on his boy overkill sixteen numbers. Oh. The grinding wheel that Ben is another one that they've been holed it down for over thirty years consistently putting out. Super super super good racquet. I mean like the threat genres a little difficult because like how many times can reinvent the wheel you know any. But they still find ways to lake make creative. New rift patterns and like their songs are getting longer which I think is interesting. High school yet so what was that that that's on the we've been plans like six and a half minutes is on the link that. But overkill and Bobby blitz to it looks like he's in Jack. That guy he's older he looks like the crypt keeper but do you he's like in such good shape late they take care of themselves in the. Blog at Wilson for the speed and is that really impresses me about them their records keep getting they keep changing things a little bit that he read. The keep on innovating but this time every overkill records it sounds like. Overkill record yet you know it's like it's like obituary place in this they're playing like well yeah and exactly exactly so they they keep their identity while keeping things fresh which I feel it is a very hard line to it sounds the potluck. Props overkill but the coming in next the it speaking of obituary. Of that the one record type name that we just made fun of all your obituary. With obituary yet they decided hey we're in doing it for like we've been doing it like twenty some odd years what you wanna call. Self titled. Yeah but it's very obituary very brief oriented definitely like just group and head bangs on one of those bands that like. He put this record on as a test to see who in the room is like in the heavy stuff is if you put that on you can't not head back to that at least just a little bit you know. Mean straight up Floridians at sweat pants wet and death metal. In off some bearded man. I never fourteen. Boys in the Camilleri conspiracy. Was only entrance man this was such a scorcher haven't been able to stop. Look playing this summer Spotify got the CD. And my house cavalier conspiracy deep they're coming back qualifier there's so targeted they're just like hey you know what if we can't have the supple terra name we're just gonna basically. Be old school simple Perot it's like not just that but we're gonna blow the other supple terra out of the in water so the new cavalier conspiracy is called psychosis it's on I believe napalm records. They're new record labels so cavalier dude cavaliers keep it real. And that's record seriously you might be a little pay be like and I am not really in a soul fly check this record out if you're fiddle old school soul supple terra. It's ration is Scott's on death metal influence there's a lot of hardcore influence on the dotted dive bombs. At six solos is an oblique great record. Number that was number four. T cavalier conspiracy now this next band is a band that Meehan rant is can't we play a lot this year. I honestly this is one of the east and our records to meet. Response quote from Stockholm speed in. Members of macro phobic entombed in tuned AD unleashed. Deep blacks did this is like definitely a Swedish. Death metal super group we we gotta we gotta keep this one also oh yeah. His numbers have all its these members have also been a dark funeral sit here on Six Feet Under unleashed raised fist dark funeral I wore it and if that is quite the rep every single member of this band to feed if you go onto if you go on to meddle archives it's just like. Eight being as deep in every single one of these is a huge freak in banned now so far the thing that release move stuck out to me about this record it's we we gotta say who it is. Fire spot but the net really got me about this one is it's such a solid mix of black metal and death metal without being one or the other they really do good job blending lines. And not be not putting too heavily into rally category yet. And it's reverse its ink link it to be in Spain it's like they it's like a musicians begging you can sit back and be like. Every time they play any Ricky kind of go like. I got like listen to that again at its top notch honor blinding it's so fires bond the name but he record is the re probate came back out it came out in April late April on centric media that's fires month seriously. Like in incredibly underrated that's when everybody posts that are like paper records of the year. I did not see this one on many people's. Lists or whatever so maybe it's just not on your radar go check out fires on the rep probe number thirteen on our. It's number twelve with arch enemy coming back after a couple of years with their new record is called. The will to power they now have a killer line up Alyssa is envoy locals as their second record in the band and delegate Jeff Loomis. And guitar I'd I don't know if you actually contributed anything to this records aren't writing it was kind of a little bit of a controversy actually came out of some interviews earlier this year and it was like you know and that he didn't really want me of right in heaps on. But you can definitely tell it the bloom signature on the solos and that. But that's the one of the things we're talking about last year we heard about this record like you cannot wait Hewitt Jeff you know. Who writes for this and that you know if he would've written us and stuff for it I bet it would be a little higher on the list. I. One thing I will say about that. Archived and very very specific so now I'm home when it comes on you know it's an archenemy song in that is mostly because a mop rights. Everything for that being. He is the sound of archenemy and. Loomis as much as he's an amazing songwriters and music guitars he voice of the zone read and tell when Lou mistress comes in for. I get need for like consistency you know but at the same time like it's OK Italy your band like. Oden in the in the now that it differ eager actually no way right I'm kind of opened that what will happen is after this well after this tore cycle gets over. In Loomis gets a little bit more useful with arch enemies both sound. Dan Beebe who contribute a little bit more out. Yeah I'll Malo trust him a little bit more some songwriting duties and but we'll see what happens the next. But it's like Kerry king colleague Gary holt race players and the accounting get it at the same time it's like to. One here yet I was. So like he got to brownie to the rights yet got one of the best guitar players ever. Anyways going on to number eleven we have a banned from the south it's our deeds in mastodon how to mimic your torn their asses off both supporting and headlining shows. They had a full length and EP that put it was put out late when he seventeen but this is of course mastodon but all the full length record ever stand. It's awesome it's catchy melodic at parts and engines heavy mass of on sound. You know it's not all it's not the most Haiti death metal stuff ever. But it is kids stuff and he continues on Manhasset on his evolving. Before us have been has always been super super cool horse show like earlier this year Troy Sanders came in sat down with us that are already a station before it -- sent out this for awhile we picked him up from the Paramount down there are locked over here and they -- their fourth Grammy nomination that they earned this year not only that they also put out an EP towards the end of the year to Spain is busy eighty dared do really yet they argue and stuff and it's really cool to see them keep telling. I mean they're they're they were already a big band and other band that's doing really cool stuff with evolution of this sound but still keep in Andy's looking tournaments that I totally. Number eleven and that's it on emperor of saint numbered and well bitch it's now wait that's true mirror reaper. Eighty minute one song. It's. This do there's a lot to say about this record late last year Adrian where passed away and didn't really any tell at least. Any of us he kept it really super close I saw this guy working it sizzle pot. Like four days before he died. He didn't tell anybody that he had a really serious life threatening illness and just worked indeed music until the end and then one day we also spoke up portly dude where the (%expletive) is a degree. And so what happened is that are but he Dylan. Over the piling up they were there and again forever he wrote this record they put out this new record. They he Adrien had split a short time before that so Adrian wasn't in bell which anymore but this record near reaper is apparently. And feel free to elaborate and I think it's a tribute record for the Adrian. It it was there were at there were peace there were a lot of pressure pieces of the locals that recorded during that entire process that didn't necessarily make it onto the album and so. Dylan being. The genius that he is a composition. Really did a good job using some of those pieces towards the signer of this particular bail this current they'll shop on and so there's Adrian is on. This new bill which problem on K units. In it's it's it's kind of lie it's. This is that I'm I'm having a really hard time and ports for the South Asia it is a dense. Dan's piece of work in and experience everything about this record is. It has a lot of depth to even the album artwork they ought to do it ended up finding this on the second announcement this that's all I believe he was polish. Artist and deal and decided are able made what does it hold this as a Stater something and see if we could use his art for album cover. Turn out the guy was still alive and jumped at the chance you would cover for them. And so they agreed to it sent in the money and then deal what. What does this guy hasn't drawn and whip the live here. Is like but no he's like crazy hours old one of CE best album art I've ever seen in my entire England did it into. Weeks and missiles it's freaking prize is awesome so if you haven't. Takes some time at that what the whole record is one song about an hour and twenty minutes and I think it's gorgeous sit down put an arm when he got a few minutes maybe like a lazy Sunday are like you when you mean absent smoke a fat doobie have some introspection it's really do mean it's kind of you know it's like you know you know you don't though it sounds like it's funeral do exactly -- go check out record near reaper we just cracked the top ten of our top thirty FC. Number nine it was code orange for amber was being here of code orange. Breaking through to the mainstream in many name a few things that Jim he's your way they really kicked off toward with deft tones signed to roadrunner records. There were on WWE programming. Love playing live for wrestlers entrance. Detoured with so many. In huge bands they were on they came to town product four times this year yeah I saw them with kill switching DG anthrax detoured all over the played all those huge radio rock festivals all across the world. Did although it like download festival you receipt at the following morning sir Graham or FaceBook they are seriously do it so much crazy and they are. Totally deserving of it they've been grinding since you were literally code orange kids and they super down to earth real real cool books. And their music is interesting because it's eat it it blends like is some industrial stuff hardcore. Just in straight metal and schooling like supple terra sounding stuff. And they're just down to earth people and there's some new metal there. It's totally cool code orange man forever killer record and I couldn't be happier for them to get out of town on roadrunner records. And there are going to be blown up and when he eighteen as well. So what this next one we had I mean we can't just did. Peel back the fourth bail or haven't you call it. We have accuser Lego or get it you mean municipal waste everybody iron Reagan here is is essentially the same there with like a couple different members switched. I'm municipal waste took a break for awhile until iron Reagan started and then when he picked back up just got to run along parallel on the same track you know. But by iron Reagan's crossover ministry cabinet number 81 of my favorite records of the year. And we talk a lot about like there are some. What would you call it neo rational people this year have been calling it little Caesars that you know you have kids are born in 1986 it like a missed. Even you don't indictment. But there are some bands that are super corny and suck. And it. You're Reagan in municipal waste I think in my opinion especially municipal waste but in this case Reagan. Really brought that back to the forefront for emperor like a whole new generation of people to like start getting into that old school method of threat. Will be at the important that a couple of those bands are playing fast thrash read like I steal these and it's like crossovers these new midtown crossover ministry all these new. Thrash bands playing mid tempo thrash in dozens hourly thrashing doesn't feel like thrashed irrational as he passes those to be in your face. In both municipal waste an iron Reagan be such an excellent job that I'm hoping. That the next generation going to the shows will pick up on that pick the speed OK okay if we're gonna play thrash got to be at bat good you're. For me I'll I got to the thresh first after punk I was like dude this is just in part it's like metal punk you know and especially with the crossover ministry stuff literally being hard core Bain and punt in and a metal band all the same time at any time you go to like an arrogant and municipal wade show you get a season. But they're all have a good time and they're having a good time again so. That record really really stands on its own two feet number eight iron Reagan a crossover ministry to get out put on a party. Start circle payers and remember kid now don't take the punk thrash exactly sucks when you take into account the funding it you gotta have the puppies and there. Hiring crushing. And number seven in their first record in said that in years to count. Decrepit birds axis more India on nuclear blast keep minutes now weird progressive. Technical. Weird death metal stuff meant. We'd wizard is back. Yeah I mean it's a little Spacey with a little help there but it's super technical and again it still keeping up that brutality that the BP and those high tempo in this record really get that we were super stoked to hear that decrepit burtless come from Santa Cruz Santa Cruz down by the beach boy you let's talk about those covers up at the end of the records you will rise by Metallica has her cry and I supple terra. In effecting the Christmas vacation I love that into more busy to bring them back like a little bonus track or something at the end there well crystal mountain covered that they did on the Specter was so freaking awesome and I'm I'm. I am I'm not the biggest copper and lessons done really well and credit birth always does a killer job of congress need such a good job. Respected the original material but adding their own player to pretty sure they're still sell 175 dollar vapor geysers on tutor. I. Decrepit birth didn't just go and boy you number six from Little Rock, Arkansas coming back with their first record in three years polled. That actually came out last year EP called fear in fury but the new record is gonna heartless. And it's it's awesome it's head vis its melodic to do meet and it's just a great listen if you're in a bummer man who don't put this on could you might slow terrorists added it'll take you down a dark at. Crystal chuck and indeed your rear where they're ginger bush ginger beer and ginger beer for the ginger beard. Yeah Paul bear get a record and it's like the belt which she got to kind of like it's the right time right place kind of record you know or better to listen to whatever you want. Maybe he'll call me down and traffic if you're dressed up five. Man. Number this one won't now number five can't Korb do they really chalked it up the chalked it up he added their first record in three years to. But from buffalo in Iraq and New York Andy I swear it's like half this listed these bans of from New York so that's going on over there in the water out but yet cannibal corpse read before black super Chuckie really really get stepped it up they cam back to town place sold out shows Nemo is actually recently it was about a month ago he preterm. Power trip yes. Who we might hear from there but yet on cable or through it's that that out the stepped it up when they were playing here though. Corbett griner was like cabinet. Gay games like this in day snot nosed face talks that this day we're gonna place and metal and they just proceeded to make on track and it was Johnson with a host of it yet super fun and it's it's good to see them line stepping up. What would you call me was like a meat that means it's like a mid size is a pretty big it's no it's additional boxer shoebox which even bigger. But it's bigger than like Alco our allies decent right correct yes I think that was like the right it was kind of an environment for them totally. And it was cool to see Campbell courts picking up on some of those up and comers. Like gatekeeper power trip we were talking about. A what was the Bandelier diameter neither the forget. Oh code or up yet so it's cool to see some of the big bands that have been around for awhile. Kind of a given that stepped up to those fans and maybe they'll end up opening match him. Maybe they'll end up opening for them and we'll see and number four. Humble or dying feed and it's wrong one to win this this whole lake and playing whatever they do it was ridiculous and awesome from the star member and an pre order packed Bryant got the pre order and it came with the wrong wonder with dying fetus without. They forgot to set the record that dissent and night are you see. I got the record a month later they're like well you know just in case he needs about a month now we're gonna (%expletive) you up or not that you the record or union night in the props when when they played here it's funny on that on the tour. They they were selling bumper stickers that it's a dying fetus on it was. A huge bumper sticker that said wrong wonder what it. They put that on the back your card umbrella like reduce road rage incidents at least the us or or or ramp the mob. But we got to see them at the water. Yeah of the good ones. I defeated number four buckets of its next record number three. It's been a weird year for this band in this radio show is we've beaten get a lot of push back about this and there's been a lot of like. This is the one like almost overtly in it and likes explicitly political record on this list. His nominee billions did much of that this year. It's funny because like you know we're gonna take sides right now when trump got elected I heard a lot of ponson are crooked up like well at least we're gonna get a lot of good music that you know. But this seems to be one of the only bands that really took on a lot of the stuff and Ice-T and body count at number three with blood lust. The black lives matter whom it was a real huge this year and like getting really involved in that kind of stuff when. I mean you know at a news there's got to resolve called no I was matter right and so we play that's on the guy literally says. The blood does not belong. Don't and it's like dude it's the whole he'll let you had these. Did you even hear what he things like you know a poor whites the blacks that doesn't matter we're on the same side. No lives batters has nothing to deal with any of that stuff but like this band really took on a lot of political traitor and be able yet eggs and and they also like. Stock with the body counts Alex ski mask way yet maybe where we're gonna come and this that you you know it's like straight up in. It's like. Gangster metal. Yeah and it's awesome in the opinion I was talking to Simon about this like you think they actually wrote that record I think they might have had some help because they really changed the sound. You that they sat down and like really worked on her C a guitar players done and written that guy is in Rupert. And this this record is so heavy and so good and still happens that's daylight it's not funny but it's like. You get a chuckle is nice T yeah yeah and metal band but they really like it took opera earlier this year and played that studio version what they were covering slayer Rita blood and that's can Brad but they record is so good and so so stoked on this problem. If not my favorite one of my favorite records. I gotta give up the bass players here because the actually is pieces with the wheat restraints. Athlete is not only violated need it I'm living in Dallas in a plane and ever play played on canal on meet mr. Says number three body count those of it. Our top two records I just realists are bolt on southern records and place. Cool what's up Greg Greg and and Margaret from sun and brotherhood. That's connection number two record didn't expect this to be the top two engine expected to be honestly I didn't wasn't expecting much from the new darkest hour. But darkest hour due late in their career they're coming out without locking the hard edge this is like the heaviest most straightforward. An audio assaulted darkest hours at a long time oh here they got pretty corny it up pretty melodic beat up pretty cheesy for awhile. This bit I love with the puck and ripped on this this one on social proud of this record's called godless profits in the migrant war. Yes because for this being Ivan the darkest hour Franzen back in the road victory records. With the bar tone. So in the big babies yet darkest hour for them for the last decade. They've been doing this we'd and we talked about this before it's like the put out a bang and asked record they'll put out in. Record and in the open out of banging record. Record the last record they put out and I think what's when he fifteen. What's terrible I think we put it maybe once or twice right when he came out yeah so it like you said when this record was coming out we were both kind of like looking at a kind of sideways all skeptical on everything. But now this record in crushes it the most technical record they've ever done it the most heavy record they've ever done it's got groove. The song like the lyrics are perfect John Henry singer that band is he mad men on this record if you have not listened to the new darkest hour. People begin pissed off its number two whatever but. The treatment I had. However and it's yes the trajectory that they had watching them go from like kind of like a mediocre effort worth almost fell it was and even finish straight. Now this record is phenomenal but the way that they've. Traveled on from there is just unbelievable and I'm superstar super proud about the span the from the DC area right now they're judging is down there somewhere. So darkest argue number Q godless profits in the migrant floor so before we get to number one. I would like to say something and that we kind of talked about earlier it's looking awesome to see some of these bands that have been on the list that have been put in work. Pins that were coming from punk and hardcore underground scene who did the band Stewart who did all the hard work on their own. Didn't necessarily have a big backer label pushing them they can did the hard work and in my opinion 2017 is the year a bans in. Finally breaking through. Through all of that stuff and seeing that the product of their work and that really like reflects in our number one pick it's in my. And number one draw sleep. Just. Nightmare logic by power true it rare rare rare thing so. This. It's bigger when it went on the back say Ian taken away. I mean do it's it's just this is another one of those records it's like this on in it's like the first black press record you turn it on its just like you'd you keep it. If you do not bang your head this you were and courts. This record is so good. It's got a lot like I just rhetoric today and somebody compared it as a like a mix a perfect mix of like cro mag an axis. Very very crossover. I've seen this on almost every single person is topless this year people that I. Looking exploding power trip is taking over the world views. And they came here earlier with that cannibal corpse in gatekeeper as some more people get bock to power trip that I did camel corps blew. Moved. So there really taken off and it was really cool Riley was an idea thing to come up to the station with us hang out of the smoke a cigarette and broke the blood that had my car. Right there are pretty high yeah it was funny though. But a great great you'd power trip that number one record nightmare logic on this that you're gonna see this being indecent things absolutely now. And can be Killen yes that's the best thing antsy about the span in this really made me laugh power trip is gonna seed sweat pants metal and a half. Is it they say he mustache mettle they have that's like G Mac this one operate thing going on and they do it so patently well. But they keep things fresh for all thrasher says I mean like I think this record is a real classy. Tip of the hat because they have some really blatant like straight up obituary risk Somalia against history camel court trips since straight cro mag stuff. Like that note that the breakdown three just like. Give this about twenty seconds on a punch him in the face you in brightly there singer actor I knew his hardcore yeah well you know there are Corbett for long time Ortiz took on our they're definitely crossover nightmare logic number one. That said out of all this list that you really impossible to please everyone with a list like this there are a lot of bands that we didn't. Even put on here that are super super relevant toward show and that we played a lot it's just we can't put every band in the world on and top thirty list. You know and one record that was gonna go on the air. Sanctuary inception but ray technically it was not really real recorded in 2017 as its old songs. That would re never released in remastered cell keep that in mind don't give butt hurt that we wouldn't put sanctuary on there and order. Any of your figure why isn't such and such random band number one in US it's like you were we made this was based mostly what we've played this year and how many requests we got for bands and stuff like that but the literal reflection number show. Not just us like flux and not trying to like equal to make our own list again recalled so. I mean if you follow me are you follow Ryan on FaceBook you know that we have specific we have different lists some of the bands that. I put on in my in my personal top ten personal top fifteen year. Aren't even honest with little minor their minor record here was collegial as horse. We play that record one time exam not gonna put that on this thing that I was not in almost every day for the whole year. It's not on our list because that's my personal top exact as mine were tied between his sports accidentally the game but nobody wrote there on that. Yes that's possible. I mean like it's an eclectic mix but we have to kind of trying just. Knows that is the metal shop with you don't like it make your list and send it to us maybe you'll introduce this is something we didn't know that's the whole point in my opinion of dude listen and birthplace. And that given props to prop the bands that came to town a lot. Bands that work really hard and so you know we're pretty proud of the slits as diverse it's got a lot of depend on it and there's something on the swiftly and heard before check that out there's a reason that it's on. In go ahead and give us a share a follow on the cool graphics that we actually had made by our friend dusty Pedersen. He made us Somalis who really cool graphics for the top thirty. That we posted over on our instant answer if you want through this really fast like panel I wonder what they were saying. What what how's that spelled again just go ahead and follow here are there in some grammar FaceBook. Metal shop KI SW new casinos graphics and share impose a dusty Peterson's bad ass and yeah things dusty you know super short notice that girls. Our guys or going to be out of your we'll see you again next year when he dual front stepping up a little bit with a podcast with the holidays come down but yeah that's been the top thirty metal shop when he seventeenth happy new you do loop of your job. How hard can it be with the guys probably next week. Shops stage.