Darren McMullen 01-05-18

Friday, January 5th

Darren McMullen from Football Fanatics calls in.


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Jimmy says that my next guest I'm putting this on national television and for once just doesn't mean that war on cops. So please welcome to the show from football fanatic gets Darren McMullen Darren welcome back everybody that's. Say brotherhood type like please tell me like phone that is that is on the blues can hear me OK are you OK okay. Yeah that's. I have to say make as you were you guys are kind of to send us Steve and I history or so we got to see the episode is going to be airing. My Mondays 11 o'clock 1130 in the USA network check this out because Darren. Tell your story for people may not know even though we did have you on our show talking about it. It's so essentially are you have to grow up a little boy Scotland loving agricultural all I didn't have anyone to play with there at the cares don't we wouldn't do that they are Olympic soccer so court opens being throwing a football to myself in the back yard. I think feel that an MVP. And then I don't think you know one day I moved America to third on what's Obama polite but never had a change. And when I Miss America was in LA didn't have a team that and so you know what. I'm gonna pick teams based on one on one because usually it's going you have to pick your family supports otherwise they keep your heart this is the locks. Still I didn't have to do that. And I didn't have to pick a team they don't joke because there was no team in LA so. Okay well we're told 32 teams where they usually do rituals superstitions withstand the difference which beat the tailgate in particular the club the city that encapsulate that club and what it means to them in a particular. It seems based on my sensibilities. And that is actually learned a great place to go visit again and again. 10 o'clock with a good culture and history so if I see tomorrow we get eight teams including Seattle which was one of my favorite adventures Seattle it's just such a beautiful place beyond the football. You know it's just shot just gonna look like the Pacific northwest the truth of the concrete the people. And then there's some pretty exciting when I was when you go to that point Friday when you're walking through are always more vocalist like Seattle. And everybody is wearing the colors at every now doing just like the all blacks that that's a pretty insane experience that we never saw anywhere else. News it's so far this that was eleven would be reluctant to Seattle season but I do episode but we also got the sea and never once been able to watch on the episode where you went to Dallas for the cowboys and Atlanta for the falcons and I have to say I mean Altria were awesome. But man oh man. At land are really rolled out the red carpet dad by the time I come up front I mean. Ya you've had opportunities to talk to players former players meet Pete Carroll you know you know dot dot that they do like John Ryan and Blair Walsh and and other people on the Seahawks as well but. It was so. Over the top down I mean a player and by due to his house to eat with him at his house would take I was. Here is eighty Grady Grady Garrett and our copyright two cars until that moment it hold firmly in their community pitched. And BBC GM of Atlanta played eight and oh that somebody like hey you know like Eric court pass quality glows. You couldn't come back and supporting the Arab and and and he does lead the team I would have required a might walk he's like yeah. OK I think in the flag being. Cut to its austerity sort by exercise that's. Ice breaker to me and I handed to me a much. Are you kidding me I've got this deal it. And weighing over 300 tons sergeant behind me and you'll be sure. I would that's OK so late to get tired thirteen minutes to kind of get the balance right hook to run I was back and then of course what they didn't tell me it's. Is simply no way to go with the cheerleader as a mother you'll you'll know when to run you know the moment of like okay all right all right until the moment. And all of a sudden this big pyrotechnic. Explosion goes off silicone in the wars are critical spoke I couldn't see any single figures due to occur. And like okay I'm running but I don't know what it's. And once they could shatter almost trampled cheerleader and had to pull back within the flag straight here in the glory of that. Did you watch the saudis got to conceal the lakers went and actually if I'm Wilson. In my life so bad it was embarrassing for you because there's a laugh out loud moment for my wife and I like religious and business. I I because I think we all put ourselves in the position of I could even imagine if like the Seahawks like hey man. I surprise. You gonna run on the tunnel with the team how would be shaking yeah. And you go all out war that was. And everybody of course that everybody even on the show he can ascend to this duke to a whole Hayward you don't call in the legislature don't fall and you look like kit we usually don't talk but don't brought that don't brought up court she drops that. Is that why can nobody really ought to call our total to talk about it talked about holy god everybody told me not to fall cook. At least you didn't fall but I would because I know those flags we top heavy and that's why I felt like oh yeah you could fall is because I think it take you down. And you did you feel like you did a good job because you didn't fall down I was proud of here. God thank you all her part as well until a particular military looks. Yes I did all you're gonna look at the truth but at least it didn't foal and I went over to monitor the ladies from the Atlanta Falcons are much. Paula still. Yet we didn't get the black tuxedo that was pretty. God. It's no display kid I would like Walt the light up a card reader of my old until they did it could you hold yeah. It's always a dry really sick if you look at the negative Nancy over here. We're talking and Derek Mueller is he's got a new show called NFL football fanatic and new episodes are on Mondays at eleven and 1130 and USA network. Hi this coming Monday it's going to be the Packers first and eleven and and the Seahawks episode run after that 1130. On the USA network I'd check here you know cable and your satellite to find out. I love the show Darren because. As as much of a football fan has all of us are we don't really studied the culture and the law of the people have for the other teams because we're you know we're busy wrapped up and our stuff and we hate the teams that come visit does or who we have to go try to beat their joy and I love how you do you know you do get to explore the culture alike. What is Atlanta due to be notes have been they are all about the brotherhood. Dallas tell galas phenomenon so it could tell he was legit. I'd Dallas had this air of arrogance I mean that's kind of Reno's did you see where America's team even as you were you know turn around. What would the woman that was in charge over there doubted it would it felt like I was just kind of like really kind of stuffy place in my mind as you know for a bit but then again that is the cowboys are the guys. I love that you show that in every episode and can you media and and I love that you get I think you really showed what we are all about and the Seahawks episode. You're and the great thing about that Seahawks episode is. Brewers got a whole episode and Shea are on the interview I did on your show so he had mama blues coal and enter the reception was so bad that you sent. Oh my god you've got to try and track this lady that achieve your. Legendary and then that became the whole outfit that true light of the episode which try to play my mobile printer and then of course are currently future extradite issues such as sweet lady looked great what you don't see. All in on this. Or maybe the actual show look at the cushion for four days and had to be cut into one of the shows unfortunately you do lose a lot of stuff but we'll try and put that online at possible but it's that fine moment balloon this whole mission report they destroy their. And it's important so excited that she excited the position really really old woman but. It's. 00 improved. I don't go somewhere in Washington this feat earned well it's cheap it's usually so I just trying to push when all. The end of like the pitcher who they look contour. You are a whole lot a lot of double what can pull it Scotland the muscles this. It's. Don't have a little yeah. He has just how how that it is you because this woman that is Troy who do yelling of certainty happy because. I would cutting into remote booklet and. That means you really got the full Seattle Seahawks game experience some people yelling at you that's exactly what used to be experiencing. Yeah I can't tell you walk because you know most influence it's it's really like stadium that they can do so he has the record at all. And I don't know like. I I don't remember. I don't remember. Feeling like it was his liars in Kansas City is a war that's right yeah no I think hunting you guys might need to. You know the record guys the end tickets are it was actually met say that I was within you know absolutely definite. And I kinda opens couldn't build deals and as we built so hot for so long. And enter in Kansas City was one of the last episodes we did so this is big build up like this stadium well that's what we talk about all the time of the jedi like. I mean the slide has I mean murder is that it had their little girl got her. Yeah we've gone back and forth I mean we were that we were allowed us and they had a record done everything it and it feels like every time somebody says they set the record and all right that we bring the guys order are seeing him Gabriela check this out now because we stepped up our game meant but it is it has gone back and forth with us and Casey being allowed to stadiums in the NFL. Daryn I I I had to say it was a lot of fun when you were in studio was fun to watch the majority like you because you said he did start and our show and see what you did in the episode to basically make that journey come true it's really a fun episode you know and since we're not in the playoffs. I think it's it's at least it's a nice consolation prize a go watch this episode and see. From your perspective what's great about being a Seahawks and I think he did a good job on the episode that you really showed why being I know a twelve is is is very different than any other fan in the NFL plus fans are gonna get to see Aaron kick a football just as well as Blair Walsh. Yeah that's. That was I don't know it's. Oh well of course we're comfortable we're used to try to keep the ball under the crossbar notables that. Our guys were Blair Walsh she's also trying to keep the ball away from the cross marks or yeah you do it right there and you know what at this point I think you should apply for the job we had a conversation would be terribly nosy guy he knows you got a good heart and you can kick just as well as Blair someone I commission I think. There was like meeting. I've never got I've never had definitely be Pete Carroll and no doubt be something that would definitely be a cool moment was it a cool experience for you to get to chat with the coach. Very cool moment and again nobody interviewed you know it's that he you're 67 minutes and it's Cutler to click. Two minutes in the show or one and a half minutes play yet how cool. And yeah he's well known for its foreign hands one of the big things I wanted to know is this the special teams play quite also it's more regularly usually. They take you glued to take part in these need to go the extra points or the typical for a touchdown instead of work. IQ gulch. To wonder why you don't see. A lot more of that or that the actual frozen bird in the state quarterback and then and he would you put some really really hard thing to pull off. You know much is what it when when it comes off it looks fantastic I mean all the talk plays that you human each ever in football are always Wear that some kind of you know last home. Lack homeowners and then stormed back again and then maybe two or three times the court then chose an up or there's a staff shake unless something. Does that. The other teams are so why it's really not that it and it's such a big deal position. Apparently that could hurt your great friend ideally have probably yet hostility you with a lovely guy into the political prettier Derek you know he thought took further. And he was very generous with a creamy milk he never had a million people wanting. There could call him that day so that would really courting the he's one of the most forward traces Indians felt across the world actually I would say I'm done. You have an opportunity it checked him this is pretty mind blowing. We'll Daryn I know that you've got a bunch more episodes in seasons before you get through all 32 teams but. You know what I doubt we we loved having UN and we we we hope you make the right choice when this is all said and done because he's trying to got a team we hope you make the right choice. I digital loaded aren't you did you did I have to say we saw you weren't and are your eyes managerial it is I ask. Kinda look at that exactly and all of plunged still that was orange alert Dario you gotta say that's on the episode again you've got to H I couldn't believe you didn't I thought for sure that you find a way to get out of that you may end up but you made it happen. Yes I was that that's certainly a good way to just fire up the rocket ship in the morning it's the corner you know hey here we are ready I'll. And I dad I admit they let a little bit. There's no getting sued said that we experienced lately it was the C had to leave and he had no like you see them here. So tune in Alaska. So that like eight kids who play. Rose can the whole bit until getting it was incredible that Paul Kelly. Just before game they mean I'm pretty sure it's. All you listen to that experience their it's important that you are a Seahawks aren't you haven't experienced that are pure and listening and go check that aren't prepared. That's a pretty special. Okay bargain there. Yes definitely and I love how you even surprised by some stadium food which I won't spoil that by you where you were very surprised by something you discovered that stadium which with. I'm known for that we have some of the most amazing and very cuisine at both our baseball and football stadiums it's pretty funny at that moment scrape because general I had a lot of respect for you because you didn't hold back you told us. It's God's honest truth and. Absentee and other. Even though the troops go to you'll see right turn and if I did it. We know it's terrible towel alone there was a report to the really funny moment and I'll let you can't ensure real U2 during this. Yeah I'm only here does Charlie know Carolina girl her. I dare make my on again the host of MS NFL football fanatic check it out it's a lot of fun and if you can't catch up on the episodes as he visits every football. He's visiting every football team to pick one that he wants the collar zone and it does a really great job highlighting the best that each team has offers specially with their fans and I think Seattle held up well I dare I dare I guarantee you see Amanda appreciated end again the episode is 1130 Monday night it's right into the Green Bay Packers episode 111130. To those episodes on USA network dharma monde your host it's going to be good. I am not here I take it easy bro yeah it's a great it's and you know I. Hey they actually the first thing we ever did see they actually gave us a lot of time and they they really pushing our eyes on me would you hear our voice in passing but it was a good 23 minute clip of us on the show and it's it's it's a fun watch and they said they were gonna do that but they always say that I mean all the way around those are good people and Indian dance a great guy I mean so likable and it's a great what a great idea is to visit almost football teams. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI ESW.