Former intern Annabelle joins us live in studio! 01-12-18

Friday, January 12th

Former intern Annabelle joins us live in studio promoting her podcast recording at Comedy Underground.


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This is also our next guest is proof that interns on our show actually go on and do something good with their lives as they go and not just yours is great sound drop I must trains he doesn't. Yeah. That is so tough and our former intern out about the system. Yeah I know I do you know you guys I must train speed and then nothing. And a we think even so much for LaDainian beyond demonstrated maybe gong to like any second now now you're OK you're good yeah you one more minute yes okay. I don't let me get this out of the way as an elitist I got that the let me get this out of the way because I wanna make sure people know what you're doing Annabel is if you live recording ever podcast Alaron complements. And it's tomorrow that's Saturday starting at 1 PM the coming into ground Seattle you want tickets you want info. And it goes podcast is really really good and you've seen any video stuff that she's done I mean honestly Annabel. We're so proud of you it's a comedy underground dot com and again the podcast is Alaron compliments that you can get on some clout and iTunes. I think it's really really doesn't anyone's been watching the wrong compliments insecure and feed every register and alive Bob a life cast yes and no one learned that you had no idea what to show how low self. I'm hey you know you're a big standing saying I'm Hammond loved your show I'm him. Whether for the IG but I'm really aware of what you've been doing I did you know that and I figure out how many times it by you know giving you compliments on FaceBook or must all send a message not trying to you know be too involvement. Can feel like my kid I just wanna see do well and I'm really what are nice. You're here okay and then you are it's me heavier more supportive of them I'm what are their my ate my ex boyfriends yeah it's it's kind of not great coming back he Ares I ran again that's for you guys and a moment. So if he I mean anyone. We have no idea doesn't tell us what he does when he's very mysterious Khamenei told genius analysts and media center on a pod cast there because and he didn't to drag and went and how do you subscribe to these podcasts are yours these fancy new podcast it's come B I T use I only half a tank the stones. On the nineteenth inserts add Iran complements and I had a Stanley at my best friend. My emotional support team in making grain Gerri I'm ready hair that's fantastic Megan welcome to the show high and I. Seeing dynamite yeah I'm the designer and you're ready to Iraq. How she's a former air tests and who she is if she is there it's like six months to your therapist no I guess she's not that bad. But I was pretty about a sound Nomar but this oh so yes what's your opponent. This is also like she's a model launches like Allison Playboy onetime there's a lot going on there there's a lot there not a model but wasn't clinically two very different she. Not a minerals and Mazda. Psychology in college there's nothing I don't know when that may could have been different articles two on your attractive movie did you actually have an article Playboy was probably know it was not an article. Ali Aguilera. Just wanted to make and it's something I mean they had other semi while the article he's I don't know if I'll know you if you've been written an article that of course that's all I ever read articles and I went I don't have no idea they have big cheers and everybody. Announced Yahoo! com Tiger Woods faces as and it also sounds hot and fun. Don't know I got into that I am glad I sound like I'm not like done. In person but as they tell me that the he else. This fight we've had a lot of people died of interns and done stuff on it and nobody ever gets propaganda not no disrespect but we view. Still to this day what you pay what's sound about Q I miss out about and it's been how many I hear you guys are reading my email sent. Anyway as if you go on our YouTube pages typed and Annabel been KI SW you can find all the old salary at street segments that you do and you go out and take the job of the people on the bus or just wearing nothing but underwear comic con saharan artists. Yes I was hit Downey second weekend living here my family's T go to the the was it their best stand fast isn't for the Mariners for the mariner is and I was literally escorted out that I eight yen and a like one of them on the board of the mariner is and I had to call you as a only got I just moved across the country and I think kicked out the second weekend how to write tell them I'm like it's not gonna need be paid any less than I wasn't making any money but I ably made their much. I don't wanna I don't pop up again please don't be mad immediate think he's not sure what I was wearing. I don't know why why would they kicked around what I was well I remember is before you contacted me already received word from the Mariners saying hey what the hell is going on. I'm like cool is this person and why did you send her here because you're wearing a baseball Jersey that's. They did a base Ali Al Halloween costume others like baseball player and it was very cute I wore a green shirt under it so it was not assurance all's I can represent the colors of the team they cared about and it kinda nice hitting a jumper and I missing here and I just remember the person I was with he was still mean it's got a phone call command and he was like. Looking out Eric. This issue it's got hot there. Okay. Yeah. I got bad guy. And accept it just number 169 on the back we just that data fencing or not I don't know the name young and I'm do you remember the name. Know what's it like domestic sectors on a mariner with the last name of easy yeah. Yes so now that he's 69 Atlanta. And the and there was you know and I think his fan fest has a lot of little kids that go there and even the little kids I don't know what the hell's going on the path so no number that's son you know that's on the parent exactly enthused and how you all also on the parents I know Mike what was she wearing I know you're wearing like I was surprised at all that's and then all of a sudden they're telling me all she's wearing a Jersey that says the number 69 Michael Lester Hobbs and then I'll. On her last name is easy Michael. Yeah yeah corner when I may try media interviews with the players they took me professor at athletes don't have does get a sense of humor as he makes things. Contact a complaint with the LA area. I got a couple of the players enjoyed to cost him the very upset I was I was asking them like got jelly Barbara Walters questions I was like what advice would you give to Charlie Brown's baseball team they always live dumb stuff like that you now. I think they couldn't act I think they just couldn't get by this spectacle that was in front of them that. Some people might have thought it was a woman that was working the streets and are at least. Some I was. Easy to understand yeah apparently they don't care about their chances I let stand fast SE you have to ask ask Cheney how is on I. Coming up there why is there and they were like you know and I really don't wanna see now on my wife yeah I'm the only one they're cheating with a professional tennis club plant cannot have a okay I'm Pat Roberts is don't the united those did with Joey. I don't never forget that still the best state I never got on what was the date and I remember. On view here we have no that's a whole thing we go we we we we hooked her up and the rev up will I inaudible I remember that I would I know we wish you know we went to comic con greatly twenty minutes. I don't comment on that's right Emery a comedy is out how much nicer to me at this comic con and the second time I went US tax last. That's why they were yet they say the attacks on and we went to amber and he went to a really expensive ideally. He didn't Derek vegetarian dinner and yes it was a very healthy restaurants there like we know you guys are vegetarians Ali how are their friends guys and their like no here's some. Organic keen wanna make great I am. Justice and it's just a special. Yeah but they paid for the GDP or total general and we don't mind yeah definitely not very cool I paid for the day let's be honest my son as a veteran. So it should. Can I became my pockets and that's why we have so much in common both are you know we both have investors this. Other things your your father has made a lot a lot better of his life and I have so let's let's hope and joy would wish this hour and terrorists somehow let's get on the Annabel train cars and say the guy on chains I must trains yeah. There's any around I'm always nice to add another person to bitching and you've got let me tell you had quite a life because when you know when you left us. Media find you you're on Jersey Shore we see a run and run on in the background Big Bang theory a history turned on the situation you're Irish drug scene of the big bank big big. Bing bang bang bang Naomi. And then you also referred Joan Rivers yeah CI eight that's very cool that's awesome idea how the comedic genius and so thin friend be Janie I assume spyware and I would tell you I really don't writing for an old cranky person to thank my good month right here and let's get on and so I prepared yet. I cannot match. In out Annabel. That is an amazing accomplishment if you ask me to be able to write for somebody like Joan Rivers because they don't just let anybody right for you gotta you gotta be good because they. They they got a lot there and perform and they can't be crappy and they can have crappy jokes of that. I mean. I was really a problem idea when I heard about them like my dad and you know Steve you don't know maybe till I don't know but see college as me said yeah for a grand. Am your attitude amiga runs I remember there was a phone call that a person made it. Offering another person's job within this other person said you know what I EMI site on bigger better things body and yeah that happens but I did they get got to act. It. You guys Simpson Aaron remic oh my god if only eBay where in LA this would be like my dream job where only if I hadn't unpacked. And I wasn't I just the only orange person in Seattle and being hackles since I don't homeless people on the way home now with general and I was it does it bit my skin doesn't know they're actually they kind of mean which is a really bad business strategy would think that they really hears so pretty and didn't really hear here is on my money and make arraignment mr. Clinton they were. You're the only person actually made me look good because remember we had a party and you actually did put makeup on me and made me up and you. Yeah he had to deal like it's not just like drink and our DNA I like this terrible cannons and don't worry I'll tear me up I know how to make you had a terrible to you George Hamilton me up or the Eller has made. And orange face that we really aids. There was it was pretty Yasser got to ask him a couple new masters on the tech side are you still driving the pain comer. Now I. Now I times he's on been like in my three iron. Much more subtle and environmentally unconscious I I think you Aggie now I'll nice yeah I really care about and I really do you mean I'm living here really and meetings and. I really may have immediately you have standing commitment of America. Remember back. All got people remember a lot of thing all you might not about your memorable you know I've remembered of the NFL history message I blinking love Annabel she's so damn hot in such a sexy voice if only I can get her to say good morning to me every morning I would be happy for life. Can more keen. Well I really feel like they beat you Sterger might that doesn't mean. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah it's even where. Yet here I must trains didn't crack. There really isn't mister her voice now you mentioned has. So Jordan you were ready for Joan Rivers did you interact with her much it was nice about you centers on I got it was like the perfect job because I got to work from home like in not put on pants which is great. I'm today just temperament a break out says that I wanna put on lay I don't wanna actually gotten public. So you got to email the jokes I got to go to that he beans and your insurance tree legally. Beat one of the kind is he like Aaron and I just out of like celebrities and she's an icon is that you need half the nice people I'm nice Google and I know and let you don't have to be nice and she's with such a legend and she was so kind in my mothering to everyone she was with. B that's okay 'cause wondering if there's ever camera likes you kind of give you a look real like oh crap I just tell her she gave everyone candy she was like the bad she would just like he giving you candy this is that your grandma. Yeah she was that he might get hungry later here's markings on martyrs it was for me sane. I love that I love that she you know because you just don't know who the heck hiring writers and everything. And so did she have a lot of female writers because I know a lot of these folks it's just that they had male writers so I was impressed that like. Hey this is cool Jonas actually giving women that really wanna make their way and comedy an opportunity to do that. She and one ratings and I was lands like that flooded gay men so to begin to be in that category was a big honor to me. Arguing gay men and yell and you're also how much is your husband the people will probably end up marrying so that's very exciting. That makes it even more amazing because I mean there aren't that many women writing for comedy like that it and ready for stars like that do it I mean I'm so proud you I did this isn't the way I should be doing this interview but it's like to look at you little kid doing well. You know Heidi and I love don't talk to your kids like. Well yeah. Haven't yeah yeah they're they're mobile they're learning objects are there. If you guys really need glom on he had their radio convention here thought. I just started Colleen memorandum mainly that sounds about right Mary yeah just when I'm glad I just went greedy guys alone. Well you know Annabel I mean there was something there there was no doubt about it in my menus that you come all the way out here just in turn on our show. Which I thought okay this this this woman is serious yeah maybe she moves all the way out here right and then gets an apartment in Seattle that is way nicer than any of ours and so our intern is living wage I hear more comfortable like the nicest department in on the harbor step yeah. Yeah I mean it's ridiculous I don't even know outspoken afford that but there's that and how hard it. What do you tenure eternally more than me apparent. Yeah that was kind of embarrassing because NFL's wardrobe look like OK there was some money spent on that as well and then we finally figured out hope top assistant pops is bad. My oh my main investor I guess I did this start and the first thing I fouled them running to where oh that's right now so I will always remember you permanently to see we start you and it's important it's important for emotionally physically let's why it's good that Megan's with you she can help you were to withdraw us so let's making just when you first knew damn about you were a therapist what was your assessment of Annabel when you first hockey. I wasn't a therapist yet but I mean I did I end up yeah actually salt can mean I am not so Ernie she was insane is that right. You don't have to go to school for that I. Oh vessel that's interest. So you don't stand up comedy and then at some point says hey I'm gonna go into that and so yeah started doing all the psychology stuff exactly how that actually is really Smart. I tell people ice if you wanna be an entertainment. You know psychology classes in college taking in being brought into the all learning about humans is of it that'll that'll do well and you may Foreman said Tallahassee need college really prepared at all are you kidding me you're CA all the racist Al yeah. It's well known college and I wanna go to college. So Annabel is gonna be doing a live recording along with Megan and it's going to be at. The comedy underground tomorrow at 1 PM the wrong compliments podcast and 88 and tell you right now Annabel if you haven't seen if you haven't seen any of her stuff. You know she was fine which is on our show she has just exponentially becomes so entertaining. At a videos everything I've seen of you I'm just like my god she's so damn professional and like she's all grown. I forgot he announced remember the point Emma kind of on the shake weight on YouTube doubt. I don't know most viewed you are YouTube videos I doubtless several thousand. Oh yeah tell me UT ED and I think that's why I doubt that we'll secular tradition that was the most viewed video that we have yeah you yeah yeah Annabel well I mean you do your your basically shake and shake well. And that's got to be more provocative and you delivered you an airline. That always glad that's fantastic so if you knots yeah if you know I forgot all about foul on. And I'm you can don't you and about this is still an instant brand to follow colony can subscribe to add on complements on nineteen ends making Granger and instant grants. Yet at around compliments I tents and and that's at around compliment store which is at around compliments that come back slash store and I love the resell crystals and that is to get myself crystals that I have crystal rain on my bride you can pay extra you want them from my bride that's what I had all that's the things your re. I saw that I was like OK I don't know that I did this crystal delivery system is Brando in the world holistic I had no idea. We have a ton of staff. Sell and it should and I providing you with a great life from an innocent. It's it's working and this same economic first crest on the ninth then next week am I jobless gender race. How about that Dow another video as a 185000. Yeah that's not a with the Sheikh where you come back in the day. Ergonomic design that's me that's not anyone's. How big he gives that your attorney at the same time as you all that's rights are. I think it just started working officially I'll desert and turning those two gals on the show when there never was any else. Oh yeah that's right I got edit that edit a whole different vibe to this fine program. Falling on the YouTube worm hole lives on some guy Manuel might keep meat greatest hits the greatest moments of intern Annabel onto I nine YouTube not hey how ya I ought to connect to that does that mean that's that's that. Didn't really know anything is. This is a collection of Internet and those greatest moments there your problems kids that's pretty good I have moments I gotta just be like Intel's greatest moment. And evaluated until you were loved him and them and it's no surprise to me that your role along do what you're doing and now you got Megan you guys do is awesome podcast. And I can't tell you how happy I am I really could shift. You're a good person you like to see good people do well on life. Seeing you it's odd because he guys you guys got me out here on the West Coast and starting with this I cannot think he'll announce that the only reason I wanted to have your your show us the gratitude that we deserve okay yelling we weren't given a grant are there waiting I have closure so no matter what now we have this so and Annabel is like super super famous she can't the CK it's not a must you know sometimes that happens in the world people get that may go I don't know those familiar are the pot fest has fast. Look at the coach's return from ML series she's got the pot. Flag in the background and yet she is dressed for like the red carpet at the Academy Awards it's hysterical. You really blended well here ya know we play game called designed don't know anything about baseball on matters most is about like ball references yeah. And oh my god I cannot think you guys and now we're so excited and yes so again I check it out comedy underground dot com get your tickets it's tomorrow 1 PM. And it's that are on compliments and Annabel Megan it's going to be great and Annabel making nice to meet you make inside used to meet you think killed and that Annabel com we love you I love these so my stinky guy so much. Yeah. Yeah I guess helps you.