Facebook Drama “Relationship Update” 01-29-18

Monday, January 29th

Facebook Drama. “Relationship Update”. A man updates his relationship status only to have it backfire on him leaving him single.


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And his pajamas writing about beacon plumbing heating and mechanical and beat you once again this is our opportunity put on the idiots that are on FaceBook Kenya. There's a few of them out there is an actual FaceBook post the drama unfolds because of it and we are going to acted out. And reflects our acting boss you have seen yet so read you'll be playing the role the original poster you will be Brandon street you were Samantha okay I'll be might. Sarah you are Nikki hang in BJ you'll be Rochelle also all upper case. Once again the original posters Brandon. So revved please take your way. Host and a relationships. FaceBook are opportunities. And so without my name commutes to and risks. And yeah. You have to figure out to grow in relation Shannon for quite awhile we spent on tender last week. No wonder you goes to me you should probably think twice about who's on your friend list before updating your relationship status. John we words today saying we want to finish home. Replies I don't days Psycho people that show up to first dates pinstriped talking about rings and Larry yeah. Last week brand then you've told me oh Jimmy you continue. To go through. Our wartime man's wise I stop blogging aim to put when I went to the lead at las week. I just started to see you grew czar and no big deal made. Hi deleted his sense that. Calls this just got interesting. Maryland this avenue in high school grounds. Nikki I just checked out your pictures. Arts cage out she wants. Hallways in the middle of drama. Could just be tariff would Nicky brown oh she is a wild on. Can these two assists and saying we need to talk. Hi all make everything better bravery high trauma as Mickey is lying. Now an hour goes by. 10 yeah I guess I'm single match. It happens a all time the fire of that tender Johnny and they'll allow. And they eggs in the morning. Rock and 99.9 KI ESW.