Facebook Drama “Audio Porn” 01-31-18

Wednesday, January 31st

Facebook Drama. “Audio Porn”. A husband won’t let his wife take a job doing audio porn.


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And faced Madonna ride the in my peak heating plumbing and mechanical and BJ once again this is our opportunity to win the dumb people that are on FaceBook. There's an actual FaceBook posts. And yep we're gonna. Act out to draw yes so this time around BJ you'll be playing the role of Jessica she is the original poster I threw it to Brad you will be any street. I I'll play the role of Matthew. And Sarah. You'll be Tom Hank Harris and only once again Jessica is the original posters of media please take it away. I. Admire and those could be. I just didn't turn one happening in some manner to return even tempered. I hadn't lined up and won't let it get Morris we need mom movie's. Huge. Reason mole. Well I'm being jealous why you tell Annie what did job it is always. You wanted to know that your damn husband does what he'd doing porn. Horror. She answered the bits and real Lauren I don't warrant. Do you. And I just close tape except this board make. A few hundred dollars to act now thirty minutes worth of material I'll never be taught. Taking off and my name will never even be. So to see why this is an issue all. That does sound kind of weird lived next to read this east look I think Harold. Molly is now until the tennis Nixon low life brow. You selling you haven't even hit puberty yet. Hash tag your boys haven't dropped a rude just. I don't care if he makes a million dollars a year my wife is now working in the porn industry and that is fixed. Jane yeah you are being so unreasonable. Yeah an eighth I was being sarcastic at all. He's right you are being weird you know and look.