Loud and Local Podcast for January 21st, 2018

Sunday, January 21st

Sunday January 21st 2018

Success – Lives That We Deserve
Minus the Bear – Spritz!!! Spritz!!! 
RVIVR – The Tide
Aloha Mars – Last November
The Big Wheel Stunt Show – Draygun Raygun
The Big Wheel Stunt Show – Love Is What We Are
Bruiser Brody – Don’t Go There On Your Own 
Wyatt Olney & The Wreckage – Welcome To Seattle 
Devils Hunt Me Down – A Stark Winter
Hobosexual – Trans Am Sunday 
The Home Team – Wade In
Broadway Calls – Basement Royalty
The Fastbacks – K Street
Sicko – Washington My Home
Young Go Hards – Kitten Mittens
Amsterdam – Going Down
Soundgarden – Blow Up The Outside World
Sweet Water – Superstar
Deathbed Confessions – Showing Teeth
Heiress – Last Nail
Thunderbeast – Blood Eagle
Weaponlord – Anthem Of The Ages
Substratum – The Source Of All Creation
Sanctuary – Battle Angels
Lust Punch – Bang Bang
Mos Generator- Strangest Times



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Country. To work. I give us. Deserve it. What does that. You deserve. It is very. We deserve. Okay. I. You're listening to loud and local united apple in nineteen ideas don't you the rock of Seattle that means everything from the northwest into Olympia. Being revived for our CIV are you looking that up on the infinitely Spotify writing anything like that is RV IVR. The tide is and in that tracked minus the bear spray it spread so the first trek up their 2004 record. -- like he's it's going to be like fifteen year anniversary of that next year's maybe they'll do a young little. You know at four with a justly that record can only hope. This week here are allowed local and debuting new music by being called a low hum Mars have played tracks by then in the past. The day of the brand new one I'm going to teach you for years. They just play show up at cracking open the U district this Friday I was not able to go but I did hear. Is incredible and totally packed show next time aloha Mars plays I am trying and. Give my ass over there so while we're gonna play so called last November. It's aloha Mars debuting here on loud and local on the Iraq. I. Loud and local continue. It's 99.9. KI ESW. Every week on KI SW dot com love it local teams up with Vijay in makes mornings and we present the loud and local in the end of the week. Teach you primary we'll see on KI SW dot com to your own page your bio and your folks. Teacher sex yes up on that web site to also get featured on Vijay in migs local BJ inmates mornings and sorry. Friday's play if you he songs Vermeer and does talk a little bit about she did she subprime. Talking time gives you some some pimping you out on the morning show very very have cool when when you hear that in the morning and drive to work. And then you also you know not to mention get played here a lot of local. If you want your vanity featured fourteen and we could KI SW dot com follow the ten the form and you can contact Endesa in the music. The old fashioned way via CD or MP3 whatever way you prefer this week the bid is as good legal Eagles don't show. If the brand new album called Reagan ray gun that was. Actually. The last week I believe 122017. Is when it was released and they have a brand new album out. From Tacoma these guys have grand very eclectic sound certainly. You can't really compare them to much because. They're just out quirky and funding and a lot of stuff going on in their music and just leave it a good time I want to check him out Saturday February 3 at airports have burned. You're in the south Tacoma way area that's when alone over of course is it is it tavern but it's guns of Nevada anti hero. And of course big wheels stunt show we're gonna play two songs from them back to back that up there records re done breakdowns. Or biased ads in camp if he can't do songs back to back allowed local band delete the big you'll stunt show represented coma. On the rock. AI SW. Anyway. Thank you name. The work it to your finger of blame. But I'll throw it. There hell yeah. All of its. Welcome to Seattle indeed. Wyatt Lee and the Iraqi they would welcome to Seattle. Libyan killer record their song. They displayed read that yesterday eat me and all day long. And fight that blue cheese pizza eaten pizza hang out I was not able to make it as I also host loud I'm sorry metal shop on Saturdays. At a very busy day but there is no excuse. Three why were you gone just and I know a lot of people made it out I saw some pictures looking credible. And that support local bin support local artists and support local venues at a local pizza. Most importantly the bands that played were crossing crusades the and the flood. Strangely all right mr. master loco motive. Cashing in karma on side locals really small the morning after a quiet for me and the refuge. In the big you're about to hear that. Devils hunt me down put out three EP last year that was huge for them maybe we get a full length out of them this year. Double cut me down after whites only in the refuge to fans. The way to read this yesterday I hope we were there. It's a stark winter my mobile that was coming out well. Yeah and. I. Out in local here on 99.9 KI SW with the rockets Seattle. Congratulations goes out to the home team kill and that they just did they West Coast or with the rest repose. Some of the photos and videos and looked incredible. Huge turnouts. For both rest repose in the home team didn't play a song from home team. It's a single called wade in. Drama moguls. We'll see exactly. I'm check him out there. Yeah. They're great jobs and millions now. Yeah influenza. Yeah. I don't see. Our. And Sears rolls. KI SW. 00. Amsterdam going down you're allowed a local man and a point nine KI SW the rockets Seattle one hour left. Of this vote this week called rock. Voters something I don't really know what I'm saying all I'll say it is. Within an hour left of rock music here on my humble all that is northwest centric. The 253206455092360. All the good stuff. Young go hard before there answered in tracks sit goal lead a reunion kind of show this past weekend for the Seattle pop punk festival at the highlighted. Washington my home. Before that the fast backs an older one K street and Broadway calls decent royalty kind of a pop up eccentric. Little little. Block there so unhappy moods smiling music. Coming up this Saturday January 27 at the shops who he. Is of benefit for the crisis clinic he suicide prevention. Line. And that is gonna. To be presented by the school of rock west Seattle awesome program they have over there and these kids are going to be playing. All Chris Cornell. Inspired musical sound gardens and Chris Cornell solo stuff all kinds of good stuff some audio slave anything. Chris Cornell related going down Saturday January 27 at the shops duly. Again this is a benefit for the crisis clinic foods for a great cause school rock. Very very awesome program that definitely helped them out into a short to the show we're gonna play some. So garden RIP Chris Cornell is blow up the outside world are allowed local. A game. It's. I. It. Okay. I. Loud and local here on the rock you and you know I did mention that I had played quite a bit of pop punk kind of like pop music it's about to get a little heavier here. I'm out local last few minutes of the show we got about half an hour forty minutes actually to be exact. Left of the show coming up next Saturday of the valley in Tacoma over by the Tacoma dome. A big shell Ford deathbed confessions in sisters of god in Seattle the end here this is going to be three killer killer heavy bands. And I wanna play a couple tracks to us to get you into this and let you know what you're gonna hear. If you head over to the valley in Tacoma. Of course it is scoring load over so make sure you bring your idea. He can pound some Beers and I watched them killer heavy rock music in Tacoma deathbed confession showing teeth after that area's last nail. Anything you want in here can you call T 0641. Rock or text me 77999. His deathbed confessions. About local. And Sears rolls. AI SW. I. What didn't. Border death. And at nickname what an epic end so dude what the lord in some of the easy weapon towards Kennedy planned Saturday January 27 if you are in Seattle. The high line on capitol hill's presenting a bad action with what had more iron nightingale whether or bitch. RIP. And the Belle of the ball sub strata releasing their record at rubble there record that gave the record release show would rather. And I wanna play in new song by sub strata within his so kickass one of my favorite local bands the citadel bought. But I these guys totally shred. So brand new sub strata pick up the record next Saturday. And it Saturday January 27 next weekend but the highlight mark your calendar if you're up in the Seattle area. Here's the headline of sub strata and the source of all creation. Allow mobile. He's loud in local. We're about out of here about fifteen minutes left on the shelves. Real quick I want to mention that going on Ian. March 5 in Seattle here at old quarters known sanctuary was a scheduled to play feel with kill ritual an iced earth. For the incorruptible rolled toward supposed to be a huge thing for sanctuary. Of course speck in the December 13 world seeing unfortunately passed away the vocalist of century of course of but never more as well wind. You know she had a one of a kind voice to see and voice of a generation incredibly powerful voices and as can be hard to replace him. The they have found a replacement for this one shell this one's for. And they're going to do in final farewell for sanctuary in a bit of the farewell for world being the attribute for him. So if you are huge fan of the world Keener fears of sanctuary again. I do suggest you sure today's show is Friday at the last time ever seen these songs it'll be a very heavy night so. I definitely check that out sanctuary. Playing with iced earth. At L core zone in March 5. Paying respects an homage to the one and only wore on seeing it for use in sanctuary right now battle angels after that who was punched. How are requests. Listening to allow more for our key world thinks. Oh. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Okay.