Luke Wilson Plays Beat Migs! 02-01-18

Thursday, February 1st

Luke Wilson joins us live from Minneapolis to play Beat Migs and talk Football.


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Mean man. And dad need. And in his time dude turned around Thursday and. Super Bowl Super Bowl Super Bowl we're gonna go to gremlins siren that is the money attacks Susan sponsors want to talk about when I speak it's always monies attached to some that are that I'm all about money right now our house and eat my needs bitches aria yes OK you're all right well we've got Sean and Bremer since you well not necessarily take on Steve but some will be playing for the prize shot graders that are. I explained. Actually playing for you today is wind the only okay as Syria you know who else. And Lou. The man who. Do they. Lyrically I'm playing little. I lyrics. Like formal Gergen made against me you're playing for a listening Sean did he take you beyond brother Pablo. Your uncle doctor big. Diving right now I got to act also almost two mobile all the bullets holes yeah. What is the. Rise today Steve up for grabs the parity is to check out ruins good round borrowers is celebrity poker tournament over galvanize and not Seattle on February 24 go to K I SW dot com. For ticket information and more detail sorry Steve Gary air. And for those playing at home liquidation will had a sixty seconds to answer ten questions glued to do Grassley want but you'll only get three guest has her eyes and what are your letter. Grade a news. A traditional American sandwich made with ground beef onions and tomato sauce typically served on a hamburger bun is called YX. Love to show you as what your bit eighties was Diet Coke introduced. That exists out on which TV show did MTV's Daria first appear on. I have no idea what I what. Where would wonder where up on beat. Because water bottles and problems. We're one more bottle. Of a baby all WL IR after 100 let's go to what popular sport did James Mason missed invent. That's all you ask the loop is located in which European series T ads there how long and ours is the Le Mans endurance motor raced. Our school doesn't know best. Called laughter to know which state is 257. Times smaller than Texas. It's always an adult. It's. Are. Slower and slower island ads who starred as Colin Hanks his brother in the 2002 movie Orange County. I'll also narrowed what was that the good news and I was fast. His brother and I have been amazing 12345. Correct that's right down the militancy and its affiliates basic question I mean you had MS. So yeah as a chance I know we know what somebody's rod I I think so Missouri sees wheel house gaffe this can cause once they reacting so we close it could be very close ask. You still get as. The wind here. Very exciting Steve Hariri. And eight traditional American sandwich made with ground beef onions and tomato sauce typically serve none of the hamburger bun has called wise slot and Jew who sloppy sausage yeah it has yeah what I hear in the eighties with Diet Coke introduced. 89 now 82 guest. Why pot on why he showed it MTV's Daria first appear on steam since I had yet as where woods one up arrow on it. Odds ahead just yet as. What's popular sport didn't Jason Jason it's advanced to. Football now it's baseball now hockey's now our analyst Paul yeah Steve bloom is located in which European city. France now to Italy now. Germany narrower how long and ours is a Le Mans endurance motor race. There are no six now nine now no matter which will be staged his 257. Times smaller than Texas. Top home man not for us or get to know. I'll Washington now I'm hostile causes us. How bad mommy yeah know whose star is Colin Hanks his brother in 2002 movie Orange County. All crap Jack Black ass and Steve you gave a 12345. Credit the. And I. But let me shine so why he wins because he's tired you know they're Nelson did it very clear of anything close beating each other. Your job guys you know thinking. If I saw a shot you hang on the line once I got to get your prize money. And of course we're talking Luke Wilson because he's at the Super Bowl yes decent Luke didn't get the sport veggies and he's meant to you as it out basket now so I guess that he also figured out that lose do you movie is in the European six TSE of terrorists funny and you just answered with countries there. And then we have the right country and don't you didn't and then the state that is 257 times smaller than Texas Lou got tricked as well it is Rhode Island and I just smallest state yeah nice Garcia's congratulation well you know and someone get Eric I'm sure there are not relevant regulations on the title duke you have a good job man Seattle he'll go about it I don't feel great about it whatever rematch. That's right we will we will TI is inside you know look amazing and he's a competitive ping pong player yeah I don't know I'm Ariel I don't really might change. So here's the thing how can you know you're you're you're doing immediate thing now you're covers not competitive are you out there being knocked anybody Donyell Lou Kouzmanoff broadcasting yeah I'm hasn't begun yet. Plus there's been spewing a bunch of I would say nonsense but can a little more casual. Than what most people are used to soul. Read a lot of you are being. You know called guard but when you guys tell me it better day by area around Seattle dude I thought. For sure you have some metaphysical questions it thinks you know like hey man let's talk about the harmonic convergence and how it fits with football. I'm just not I'm not a level of friendship with these guys yet and the other touch here for another week maybe. Well I tell you you have a Christian some Beers with the guys bar stool sports I was that. Are honestly use hilarious those guys are. So miles is very funny I really enjoy that her yeah I'm glad that go bloodlines where you know I guess she offseason. Hey young and the guy there any other current NFL players obviously not playing for either the Eagles and patriots that are out there are covering like you are you are the only current guy donuts. Honestly I don't know are doing a broader sports that are here in Canada. That's old company. Yet been great here and I elm I don't know a ton note. Your guys are just done during my Canadian thing to do well you know keep yourselves to us in doing that so I would see anybody but there could be. I saw that I'm yes tell us is like what the vibe is like there because I saw that you did a piece where you were talking to. Quote unquote media which is like guys dressed as football players some kid that look like he was in high school. I mean it's a similar to complete freak show you an opportunity to talk to those guys which person stood out the most is being like the weirdest it's. Home honestly delirious was probably the into the you know dress. In great nose and there Austria football cursing this. Why. I took place fortunately Carnell probably could lose little Dicey. But I you started making a football's football things are asking people so if this wasn't on the clip. Went on to someone. You know. She zoology and Doug Flutie is backing up Tom green's game like. Jia Jen do you think. Who do our economy and the guy with very little dude he's way better than Nicole's. Daughter crying while it's. It's awesome. Yes so there that was probably met your lies are nice but unfortunately. They didn't make a cut so I guess I was alone in that dark. Ali said that's like Jay walking all the great things we have wanted a blog and ask people stuff and like they and they think they know what they're talking about Manny got put that in somewhere Lu brand that's comedy. It might be a little later I don't know I don't know. No I die to know each failure should not radio row we talk to an earlier concept literally cut cracked and radio stations are all one room and Asian people just thousands station to station celebrities and and the athletes and stuff like that. I love you're at radio row yesterday but apparently there was a fight between two Houston radio personalities like dad died I she's. On that's like. Partial holiday here but I thought why don't light humorous easily and he seemed. Know a couple of the Reich SIVs semi secluded on tour and I've done outside of those hilarious BRQ right now. Probably about a hundred UN. From. Really a row boat to edit their soon park. Our teacher ordered black teacher who they Canadian maple he says soaring it's so successful or EY. I thought. I don't go on on the other game they played today out got my they do it my wife slightly doubt you bring in the peace. That's right I'm dating you bring it sees. They're usually you know enact and I love this about you because usually like if you're not in the Super Bowl you're you're probably somewhere nice and sunny your chill in the eight how's it being on this side Americans you know what it's like to be on their side and it. Because some good to get irritated by all the media attention and everything how does it feel to be on this side of it. Honestly it's very different because who you're here Pompeo as much like the let Barack have quiet so he does a great job. It out maybe that's sure there are focused venture sort you'll live picture so all those like. Mayhem in just nonsense that I'm very looking at it I didn't know that existed. My first year because we wouldn't be caught dead in this small. Wolf practioner and we're so set your cell like you're you're winning game. So it's totally America's right now near no no it's important to have supplied. You know a month or so lopsided but you're actually. Thinking to gain another sub group notes. I had a cool and you get to go do this because I like you said. You think you know that I hear you wanna party wanna celebrate because you guys had such an amazing season two gets this Super Bowl so this cool you actually get to do it. And still young didn't costume because you really study when you were at the steps. Yeah so war I guarantee you that sense but it also. You have put your perspective of like all these reports that are going in all worked up media hype. They've really I mean I think it's a small group planned to furniture purchase it doesn't really count that doesn't gain whatsoever a lot of suburbs. Now nurturer and there's so much easier people who are grasping for an eagle ticket information. What's something that guy you've heard you just think this is ridiculous. Yesterday heard the church say that. Injury risk is not hire out there's ample. Cops. Call I used to seriously actually said does not watch the games are so it. Statistical difference. To this is the first year but here is that there's been more injuries in the statistical differences. These are phenomenal thing doesn't matter. She is it's a good thing Richard Sherman a wasn't in the room because I think you have a different opinion. She's other young yeah I mean it you know that god I hate that I mean yeah yeah and look that's your job I mean you're the one that actually has to deal with those stupid statement like that really but as a fan I said listen to that go. Does he really expect this to buy that crap does he really really expect this to. Yeah I don't know I don't know apparently. Liz Liz I'm yellow brick. Oh yeah not general Miley. You and ask you know yet they've run into radio around a couple minutes I mean obviously did offseason we've already seen a lot of changes with the coaching staff what's your opinion on it are are are you Satan also mean. Are you coming back through what's going on man. Honestly I don't know and not so lessons morning and I have no idea. I would say that I have a shot to come back let me early do you coaches. I have no idea breaks into our third. You know and our jobs to be some kind limbo. Moved before you know a couple months. So I'll do we need to call plus. You don't really drop our names -- how good that was for you last year when they had you can drag drop Arnie honoree and under your guy got tired you guys do what gives you are all yeah you know let him know I I does that is still a huge honor buddies I can tweet him I mean that's cool yeah that's a very guys you guys only tested again you guys every everybody talking about it. And well you know I Luke ran out I love that you're doing that Minnesota and Ryan a working for Rogers dude that's that's that's the real deal and that's the Cadillac and they're good for you. That's not so they've been great ever enjoyed it. Well I'd have you gotten any kind of freebies while you're there are like in a lot of players get hooked up with stuff because you know I everybody in their Brothers out there trying to I caught or whatever Bob product that they have have you been able to reap the benefits. Now yeah I think this coming weekend. I'll do what I wonder what's going to be in the guest and I'd finally do it we would be remiss if we let you go and didn't ask you so well or you're O'Neal like it says a lot of people think it's tough to call do you I liked your insight has a lot of people look at football. So stupid I mean really even some of the former players almost like the way you look at football they should play the game you know you're talking about who do you like in this. Like creature that I think their Olympic. Are all big now that I haven't heard big I heard it was going to be close and they'd win the queen and of course the Madden simulation said it was we 2420. USC and big. Sides say this was guaranteed. So very glad. 213. War oh. Men out here are all the dirty talk according to a series Botswana. And what are your odds on this the city of Philadelphia writing Super Bowl. I mean I prepare this is. For example it's going to be insane do it well I'd say if you really want a different take on what's going on this rule you got to fall Luke Wilson on Twitter it's at L Wilson underscore 82 and that's to Els and Wilson. Follow Luke man he's in Minnesota covering the Super Bowl you're gonna you're not gonna get any better coverage and cooler covers enough following Luke. Look man well obviously I want to have a good time obviously wanted to come back and are you playing coming back in the offseason and all the Seattle. I don't think so I. Masters logo Marciano seems should offer him some might you know got some tree or something you gotta you gotta give the guys into the come back in like a fruit traders sent them. Our guy and crude basket for your does senator Ted and help them. Dole's career I have mammal Luke we always love Todd did you grow and I hope god I hope you can do you have a good time now steps. I appreciate stereos Luke Wilson. And makes it more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI ESW.