Craig Gass 02-01-18

Thursday, February 1st

Craig Gass calls in live from Minneapolis to talk about football.


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He's back. Command it's everywhere Craig gas alive from the Super Bowl. Somebody. What you have many guys. I don't know you've got to look into the eyes of dreamy Tom Brady you tell us. And not. I actually thought about that was actually one of the line that was gonna save lives that they can't I don't the relationship six months ago. Do you mind if if we just look at each other for a few seconds are now over her. I didn't yeah you know it's weird Tom Brady's very neat. Professional. About the way he handles these press conferences he. Does lend give a lot and when you try to be funny you really pulls back and doesn't he can really elegant sexy Guillermo. From Jimmy Kimmel is right next to meet any after months of questions. To which Tom Brady just kept answering he would kind killers just going. How hot and without entering anything and he just. Eating get anywhere in the I was gonna get anywhere within Tom warmed up to Americans believe it. Gary are you from the improves funny if your video want to share and I'm not I and they got a disagrees FaceBook page in places like that is awesome to have taken out but I. You were you brought up last year when you talked all about your books and by the looks of your your buddies always deal. And you re re brought he brought it up again do you remember any that are or were you just being. And he he remembered her husband dumb thing that he has come last year I just want to talk about how he and Jimmy lies I want to ask him questions like dude I mean when you look at the mayor does your reflection averages wing back that you look at that also homeland. And the same conditions are my two buddies from Seattle it's an eight. I'm so I'm Craig yes obviously my friend Jason that Michael and Aaron on we even discussing. The cordless. Together including new. And we were ranked. The format for most handsome police can't come obviously your number one of the cool would you rank at number two. Numbers three and number four any X equal weight group who are you do Brenda go this guy in this guy and come. Tom actually try to stop and I was like OK are any kind of like look and it's over and so I brought it a billion this year and it's going to be a member last year you rank doesn't even yeah I remember and I served. I'm OK so listen we've been fighting ever since then. About the rankings and so we've been working out and I know that Tom Brady eats. Avocado ice cream and I said we've been eating a lot of Connell ice cream and calm actually sends dome BSE could even be your current I really yeah. He actually Kurdistan and I said I wouldn't be that Tom blood listen. In the last year between the three lives we lost about four pounds so I want to know if it's happening. And down and then I came and it was something that's going all over ESPN NFL are now. Doesn't socially. What was that I want and placed a game today that I know is dangerous. I'm wanna I wanna do something that I call. Can I make Bill Belichick well I just want people can make a flat. And I asked him for advice and while mentioning. He gave me some advice he told me to mention some keywords continue to make him smile if you mention these words in your list of words to say I can make him smile so I went into Illinois and Tom Brady gave me some advice and I I'm I don't it is possible and try to make you actually Tom told me to mention a couple of key words and I mention them. And they told the dumbest joke ever and I. I got on the last I couldn't believe that the unions and continued on the video that they can go pretty good ideas and share. Yeah we play that audio yesterday and lastly about the quarterback Joseph which is discouraged that you just don't like OK I'm laughing now leave me a whole who asked. It is now he might have thought perhaps maybe you had a head injury maybe the concussion protocol wasn't evaluate you if they might have been bad. Right says did you after their lips then you've got a great future I like he agreed I would make a wish kids I don't know what I. The and it's a reaction was so sympathetic. Felt bad for me and but I got some great stuff from. The Eagles players who actually acknowledged how mean their stadiums are. And and one of the players to meet an insane story that he heard about during one of the games and I got Guillermo on their NGB smooth. Do you mind but my favorite moment if I'm walking around the floor and I'm interviewing the patriots and Eagles and I'm kind of add. Because the Seahawks are minute and I run and no moon cooled cities. Yeah he's out there. And I don't know who here every employer but I said Luke. And they're human rights under the second because I can't. I hit eight. I'm looking at comedian I'm from Seattle I used to work with carriers W and he does. Oh. Yeah you can do we get real quick and resilient and I didn't columns what I wanted to do our little. I just held him until tomorrow Lucy arms ban and then at the site. Since this I held him until he got on them. What is called a user's hugging him there as he's hugging him Luke leans in just goes sorry wouldn't make the playoffs well. There are way out of place now so thank you keep your legs you made him feel bad for you. I felt like I asked Simon how much can comedian and I've been a die hard Seahawks and the 1983. And I just. I love you and I put my arms around them and I would not let go that's what. It's not a great moment of discomfort. Here. Discomfort where you started patting me on they had been saying I'm really doing well we'll get back in the next year and I. So I didn't pay me it didn't didn't cry I didn't really get them on video man and a weeks but it's it's crazy video CN in the little box have been talking about the Bill Belichick Tom brief moment I don't know who it is they had some guys started doing this. I know it's like you do a lot of good stuff gets picked up a may go some guy like Hillary don't get greater debt on credit gas again again out there. Yeah I tell you don't think it's slowly happening out they won't let a big moment for me you know last week and might warmed up there and Kirkland. John I actually got a happy Faulkner to come might show which for me was like. No way as this week and I'd say that's awesome in the mail today adding a great athlete can you hang out at all and Kathy actually came to a bar where all my musician but he during you know. And I hardly Kathy I could just I had so many questions for you and Jews like all you want ask some questions are not a little bit and showed up we didn't Stewart. And she came at a bar and she does so he had some questions for me Craig and I go yeah excluded you have exploded into a OK you know I bombed. He'd start with a couple openers he had and we got to did you have sex with them like yeah I can't slide. You know Kathy come on you've been around some of the biggest rock stars who do you look up. Sponsors who love baton the you can imagine our names at that point did ya okay. And now it is it's gone I mean I was I was coming in a little hot and I like kind of I don't slow my roll of Christie didn't give me an answer at the end he actually did she did drop a bombshell on so. Who believes here and blue oyster cult. Death. She can they see it gets even crazier and Natalie and how it has so and that's. Hit it a little scandalous and I was like wow. All right but I was I was really stoke the skeletons Albert. He had kind of weird mandatory. You know Smart aren't in the game. And then you get some funny stuff from from the players on both teams and we have to console. And then send it out share with everybody and and you'll get a huge kick out of and I Sonny wants is falling somewhere that you. Craig just comedy on Twitter at. At great guest coming on Twitter and on into drama posting all the system we are no such a rule parties are going to either to accomplishing all the contents on millions of ran and on my Twitter page I don't go there and LT eight and. But what one quick thing ever for a TI got got to ask you did you see the big fight between that this Houston radio personalities SA we talked with Luke Wilson a little bit ago. Talk about it and not try to Houston radio guys got into it during his radio row at that Super Bowl coverage. Not only do I know that I just did one of those shows about an hour ago because. One of those. And ended and the kind of awkward part I'm friends with both stations. And bill to my one buddy Josh in this cruel. It was in the high eighty texted me and said because he's been asked me a joint news broadcasts this week and he said hey. Kind of looked funny saying no we're gonna be broadcasting from Perkins restaurant. You he acted Z he's out he's only got kicked out. Easily kicked out and hours late well and I texted back and had kind of a funny story and ambient light from Perkins doesn't like I thought he was joking. And the EU is serious and Al though I joined him at Perkins is more accurate and crystal and curtains there physically it's less. Aren't seeing that you did these weird moments where you know the one to radio stations we just money yet the best contact each answer your listeners while you're out there. Every once in awhile you radio guys will butt heads and and and weird stuff will happen but it looks funny about it. If you're surrounded by guys looking for contact you have a right in the middle of its radio station are all about the camera on oh yeah now we're like. A hundred videos on a hundred different radio speechless. It's true yeah well when you see Josh shouted police say hi to him for me I got to play I can operate a saint Thomas is Dan I know his dad's dad really talented dude. And it's your muscles like father like son kind of thing so good for him that because he got a text and I was that you are does he get attention he got it. Though he sure did manage to penetrate it and they were telling me about the final play quite it was a fight Richard you just Google radio row. And you'll see under videos of the play. So we and again is that again that's where the Twitter address trio. In I pray yes. Comedy would to assist on Twitter and onions Graham at Craig gas company or go to my FaceBook page is what we have on FaceBook you yelled look into your photos. Nice crowd always good seeing your buddy list. Our man I want a lot I'd take it easy here exactly we know you don't want your oil level for the Leo onerous rules are right there yeah exactly. Bigs mornings. On the rock I mean nine point nine TI guess tell you.