BJ & MIGS Podcast 02-08-18-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Thursday, February 8th

Beat Migs.Listeners on the loose.Ryan Castle question of the day. 


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This is BJ thanks goes into our shows podge yes if you're sick of all things Kiki you should check out my other podcasts. BJ Shays geek nation we have new episodes every day and you can check it out at DJD animation dot com. Your home is going into foreclosure and you feel like your financial rack and you don't know where to turn for accurate information. I'm bankruptcy attorney I was genuinely and there's talk about some legal options everywhere and quickly we can propose a plan to save your home modified loan or in many cases even eliminate your second mortgage yeah consultation is free and I felt hundreds of people just like you make informed decisions about whether to save their home or accident on a reasonable organized crime line. Jesse juices atone for the next chapter of my life it's contact news day choose the right chapter. Just choose the right chapter dot com. I play nice day I ask W their Iraq. Seattle. Saturday march 10 all I know you wanna beef. You want me to Seattle design center because fervent and bacon fest is back Saturday march 10. Urban polio lots of distillery is sweet taste and burn. Plus a grape varieties to avert an all men they should check out that brown sugar river thanks for the results of reasons there's you know and I mean they get way down. Makes you try that Roger bacon. I met previously takes us William fervent hopes for the sugar from making your mouth. Boise if he's a great game to put your mouth and take almost like a mole like dobbs no formal. Our greatest catch the live camera slide puzzle called so distillers bring in the fervent eateries bring in the bacon and oh god don't it's going to be there as well of course they are those guys know about bacon doughnuts and sweet stuff that's the nice thing you want more info. You know or go Kessel we got commentary get your tickets next day or night. Premium or general mission. Berman and they confessed benefiting our friends at treehouse. Mean man. It is time. Game job. We eat and exited Baghdad. Would visit turnovers Thursday us. It's. Time right here. He may have checked out as well we don't know yet come here. Oh okay. Fleet guide last time he needs to lose today's because I know song yesterday I wanna song today well hopefully Craig Lindley didn't make this happen Craig are you there sir. We lawyer and I. And I. And I just want to. What do you blame for today's Steve the Weekend Warriors playing for tickets brother to take up on the oyster cult's. At the emerald queen casino on March 10 do you go to KI SW dot com for all the details. Tickets are available at Ticketmaster dot com and now they shout to the weekend warrior just came back from injuries can be wrestling at 321 battle tomorrow night I'll be there as well hi when I'm hoping is that he'll today he'll beat the commissioner outside the ring then beat the commissioner inside the ring tomorrow. We can't have that Paris. You know I see an arbitrary you need to be beaten. I'm a regular good guy can't be beat me I don't know hellfire club got a body. I did I could go to Egypt do you think sir sir I. Could that sounds and audio yes it's yeah. Alright Steve did that it is. For those playing an omen. Craig will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions Greg need to pass all you want but you'll only have three guesses per question. Are your reading good do it beginning with H what is the collective mound for a large group of house. I urge you as the citation was a model of which car makes. Critiqued the citation was a model which car makes. Toxins which fans is the most covered musical act. Lieutenant don't yes he's which actor won an Oscar for best actor two consecutive years in the manganese. Leonardo DiCaprio is no. That past what year of the late ninety's to be personal rush hour movies come out. I'm eighteen. Now it's 97 now it's 98 yeah as Alex incited remain our alien antagonist is which side I Shelton's. I only know. Snapped these food pyramid contains Khamenei excluded categories. I know steaks jazz what you're in the eighties at the arcade games ever come out. Mary Lou one town's 34 correct so. And mayor who do we get a warrior might not be asked and Steve this morning we get more it is you know about at. Acts right. Our starters I know I'm doesn't know those two phrases well don't say anything now because you know when he gave Steven. Problem you know he throttle it yet healed and I think he knows he knows the guy Greg he knows that word he knows the viewers well don't. Say anything more he loves the see you burgers yes I do you and I agree with that it takes burgers arm and two deluxe and ask every shape and in Toronto tossed your frustration mod. Below a struggle and maybe. Call my I'll they have had a much peace in the chick okay are still live I I had to give them a try I love milk shake shack yeah I think markets as the military's okay. Steve are you ready know among how. All of its. They wouldn't tell your dad ever beginning with me to what is a collective mound for a large group of hours. Sources now it's top comedies now. Yeah it's. Scotch and oh I'm citation or time or what are amazed that I want to be citation was a model of what car makes. The Chevy now it's our brand great. I you're I was chevys aren't we talked and it goes up. Uncovered if Seattle times like language and is the most covered musical acts. My mom is in the Balkans and it'll be OZ as which actually won an Oscar for to us for best actor two consecutive years the nineties. All our Tom Hanks yeah as what I'm here in the united d.'s he's the first rush hour movie coming out. Many states now they said no to create yet as Alex and I remain an alien antagonists and which side by shells and tossed thank you. Doctor drew I don't know I think it's the food pyramid contains how many food categories. 40 I know three weeks narrower. Year 8050 arcade games. Rocker come out. We're here in the 87 no 12345. Used. We are well. As they run out the weekend warrior Doctor Who was the difference I don't you know polarized and and her watch doctor you sorry about that it's. Ticket may seem like she's being mentoring that's off Gary Condit had elapsed. Yeah. Obviously we can't worry I'll see you tomorrow involve fitness for a 321 battle brother out yeah. And easier thanks to listen to anybody if I love it how as soon as you said we can worry you win Linda Hogan notes. What's your did you grab so yes it's like it's like mentioning a board game can mention to me Steelers he lights up like a little kid you talk about wrestling it's amazing. I kind of like wrestling is a kind of just just kinda I told my wife when I first matters is like. Yeah like this like press play at school different yeah that's a guy still identity doesn't always repress a hundred teachers later and then she signify you say you Kyle I didn't. Watching it. At all given times and I'm not around the does that constitute kinda like you know like yeah there's so many lies we tell what we're trying to impress them personally and I wanted to so many lies and as we know that we know the deal breakers yet and that's why we are wrestling now livestock. Especially with the stigma that some people have them all yet again I understand I'm not I am not one us do that could spot her when somebody based on a wrestling I understand ridiculously different in other people's hobbies Fred site. It's trying to impress someone you don't make me in the now hear her singing some of the theme songs to some of the wrestler that's amazing and others like you go more than you want to admit. It already had enough I come over me to go check it out they have great item to this month for the WB show on Saturday really when he's forth yeah that's that's amazing you really go because there is a week nights but this went on Saturday so she's a doll. Please call on the lower east what are they see me in my true delete them I love that so it's like it's. Ray when your spouse will actually go and try to like watch things through your eyes but they're not a big fan of something but they're willing to go and see what is it. And if they can actually get into your enthusiasm and at least be happy about how happy you are yeah. That's Gary SE CC's chief tolerates it nice. There's a couple that you did miss for me makes that actually Craig got corrected the each word that is a collective now precursor of cows is the heard a group of Hamas group a cow you're like you know you're all over the barn I don't know how many have popped on H word which is not the I think is not a food yes champion of the food basically corn GAAP. And delicious yes just like cows but that's a C I had a way to make it all comes down that's what was going. I'll my goodness. The food pyramid contains six food categories can only their own right I didn't slopes and you know when you both missed the year the eighties at DR king arcade game frog or came out I know it's early eighty's I'm I'm gonna go 83 EBJ you know 11. April and anyone polish really early super early on wanted to be on our games of all time. Blue frog hair pets I take yeah that's I don't think. Why isn't it don't take one of the best video games of all time and Santa that's amazing it's a lot of us still fun to this day. I cycle that hold their episode Texas surrounded itself where I I programme I it's it's it's it's a fun game and deathly deserves to be put in the top ten I suppose I would say now county Kong wrecks and every time dagger who'll try to choice yeah I go frog or Donkey Kong. And he didn't rule. That's so those are joining Gloria scatter others space invaders the Saturday yes lager. And barnstorming I here's all I have to say what what's all the artists already good thing isn't that stupid game and Atari what is exaggerated yeah united crappy Plame yeah and down all of the game grabbed. That is how high tech was. You just fly you would fly around him everyone's like you do it down to almost ground level yeah go to a barn and pop back up you got points out OK okay well at least it does what it says that sounds to me it's yes it's easily but I storage is pretty gets it as that was great free frog game online to Stalin for the phone call my worst areas. I am Sam added that there's got to be stuck paying attention and I don't Wear out your I must ask why I'm going oh my phone right now to check ISM siding with -- on this but there's no movie called king of fraud here. Okay. Oh dude there's some big stuff with king of backing a con Billy Mitchell a bit about why he might have been faking all of his scores I wouldn't be so surprised this moved all his influential rock star look you won he had used along with the hot signs of Wear and always like the USA ties you guys from around here. I know that what's the guy we rarely sweetie yeah and he was the one who was legit Gary and he was legit in news the wall with the little kid who regulate Cusick had a full open net and yeah he was still playing an elderly Minnesota on this a shocker that he might not have been legit gas a shocker. Yeah I'm Kerry maybe a great character. Now it's true so it's his barnstorming is amazing I storage pitches OK when their clients to pass a please just use the a word women and videos on my awesome I'm gonna seven in the seventies it was amazing but not eighty's man is eighty does it pays. I did the eighties the men's and I bought it yeah I had a steady at this 2600 without an on time do I mean that was my first set console ever bought that was in the seventies. I was just progress pioneering and it deserves that credit it was pioneering but to be the best not always the folks are so fast I even took its fallen there. Okay how did donkey okay I can remember I don't dot com your red shirt guys remember halo and stuff like that is also a video game that's on saying you -- State's top ten but there's a lot of video games have come out since then just like original Mario Brothers someone elicited there's only one true donkey. And that is. Why it's. It's. The car you'll just now there's. I have created this girl they need to adapt as the Italian Valentine's on the right I. Summoning monkey song I play it again oh my god commands such safety Dominique the donkey don't make my day I'm okay yeah yeah. Feel like you need a new day. Steve hey you want to be made to fight correct yes sucks man I'm not gonna songs and they'll assign gets that stupid donkey zone non while caller five you get tickets from blue oyster cult that's the good news emerald queen casino in March. Caller number five a 206421. Rock. Well pole position. Paul is the most alarming the foxes and that was that was a popular arcade that was a great didn't translate very well to me to the console. Not compared to I played in the arcade and I just I do you know. You know there weren't just arcade games each yet the only one that I really thought translated well for me was punched out I thought super punch I was really actually pretty good on the console but punt that was amazing for pole position and needs to me was a great arcade game it just didn't translate as good I don't know me at least of the ones I played I don't know maybe there were other devices that came out later that had a great steering wheel can be home. I miss all those Atari games. Yeah. I don't because that I baseball game limited based on your right everybody loses. This is maddeningly stupid to us the problem with the Atari games because I was a PC gamer was that the net debt to build the personal computer always had better graphics and better games they could do more. So wasn't long before I kinda. Got off the consoles but then of course once you know Xbox came out. Then you did tell us on the PCs got a clips because they were able to put a really amazing games and console but the PC gaming was my thing for a long time. This is c'mon guys I think meets double dragon now we're going to see Genesis world yet that's a whole battle McKeon well limiting number one I had talk which William B have you got some of Albemarle combat I don't put more combat behind broader. Oh I do all of Mortal Kombat behind double strap footage all. Then that's doubled dragged him exactly I mean double dragon was fine but you don't get to rip people's got off the motors finds around our hearts say remember the pretty stave. But doubled and came forward mortal combat you're right that's right it mean it's better. Whatever comes first is that okay so hard storm that might cut yuck. Boy that is that's just wrong so very. Why you do any time schedule games. What we're what are you or did you play much get a head double 07. But Dallas and a lot of people like Jack I don't know seven was a popular game and I came doubt was the reason that I bought a Nintendo 64 well I am a mom bought it from humane it was one of those like tag game was like the staple of my child and you know I don't know a lot of people who swear I'd I'd. I relax and I tried playing openers I had to get after it at that point we've already like kind of out of all the the banner graphic somebody has got to whatever. Yeah I got Atari was barnstorming. Yes I was back to bargain for those graphics -- have very seriously is there any Atari game that you play now because the guy can't do because the ground there just so bad fly this colored cube through this thing that looks like gay bar but is also a another color and it targets Roberts talks so bad dude did not to argue packed into you as well I mean to me as far as media they did they get the license riveting but they're graphics are so horrible compared to the arcade game console to console pack and what's. Terrible all one texas' Q Bert kubert was still. Again the console cube runner I got to see the video game humor was good but the console. Can. And I'm depending on what system you had as such it is still owed you just can't go to the arcade CD great version. Then go back to your charge Tony 600 regretted it was awesome because you had an in home you can do it without wearing pants that was the that was the one good part about the graphics were just in me they were just so inferior compared to arcades hub Memphis is just how do you not think about the original legend of Zelda and that's the best yachts and are you there super great just more protections person and at the height of all those bloody stuff. Yeah I I don't CIA to say this I just don't think you're qualified you know how like anti Obama thinks we qualified I played these give their lives you play the Atari games and you didn't really only in advance. You can you can go next level like us you know stuck in the past him and let you guys are ready to yeah. Please and that. Didn't raise it up done Mosul like war games one mosaic I want without Gonzalez back I'll go combat was funny and infuriating but Larry -- fine. Missed the command was cool as a missile command actually wasn't too bad on its argument dig duds on sex and all match right at a game Q I love it actually it was a it was great how about contract. Oh yeah. Do you know the code. I know and I'll I'm no economic code not up down down left right left right BA star take data that I never get Ralph yeah. Hey you asked Jesse grab viewers you you're the guy I tried those cause like I remember I remember I still remember the moral combat blood coated Abbott cab. This is ABA CA BB. CA you get you know I. You guys that I got my bonus I've ever heard rev so confident conservative estimate. And these last few statements he's got more credit now world and I do I mean when it comes to PC gaming I think I got the crap out of anybody here vote comes a console game and I got to go to rev. And my son actually comes to barnstorming I was kind of hear your voice from Chris army units this year are it is time for listeners on the loose you picked. Tommy knew you guys showed to us exports to Iran text are 677999. Here calls see your tax and 9:17 PM on her on and the next morning and now nine point nine KI guess tell you. I don't quite nice KIS and Iraq Seattle's listeners on the news proxy fight cards toys where you get the picture topic. You get to guide to show. That's this is on the loose nut cart towards you get to pick your car stereo audio video you get the guy that was put in your car that's older. But would lose is all of those fears how it is. Whatever you wanna talk about you get to talk about but Steve he does have one but several feet then that's a source of energy and bring it to. Otherwise the song never gonna have to save your body blow through it and. That's right 206 Schwartz one rock Texas 7799. Not a let's go to Mike in Auburn Mike you are around Iraq yeah. And I think you might what you got forced anybody. Did yesterday as a lot of blue. The minute they spend their relationship. Steve and I are both the biggest spenders and our relationship how about you and me. How nice yeah I'm and migration rarity these big. All he did not that stats can be expensive how much is that Ron. And hello Sergio hundred. I I regret how that I think that's pretty beat up pretty cheap actually for gaming PC. Yeah that's about the cost I think mine a couple of years goes about fifteen Hun. Track ball is now had a drink all the blame game has really altered at all here PC. And blue. Any good to replace this do these days and and it didn't get a guy did it and it. Replacing everything on the actually departed from that angle for the job they've. Yeah yeah. It's now gotten a big baby yeah the trouble is is that we your gonna game within this is why you can never. You know you never win because your view spending all that money to play and that's a hard one to sell. And digital data what she needed to know hey. And there she is to plan and now she's loving the damn thing. I. Time has gone through divorce family teach yeah. Well you led them the good for you Mike I mean I I it's nice though people are still PC gaming because I wondered you know if it as a result of the console gaming love to talk to PC gamer why I have to imagine it's still doing -- went to the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas there was certain exhibits in certain tables and booths and tents wherever. That had always makes sense he could mount a Mal stat that was perfect for gamers are yeah they're not likely correct and had the buttons in the right spot it was pretty ridiculous and over the top so I would imagine you have no that's not quite into something. The market has to still be therefore you're absolutely right Steve I was surprised a division I was very very surprised like you said. A ball the all the products you can buy for your PC gaming so I guess I guess is still on strong. That to get shut out your friend sue. That produces a new day northwest all of sue right to sue is going to New Jersey to visit family and supposedly on her FaceBook again they whenever New Jersey Devils Jersey. Could deliver those doubles game and I'd love to Wear a doubles Jersey at the game so I quickly where recommend what are you need. Is that a couple you have Doral and Danica oh former New Jersey devil guy and isolate that Wright said hey what are you. But you are commenting or use you have crazy Jim reasons they go to dirty reached out to me Ariana taking care. So she just got there and she's going tonight and she took my can Danica one purpose do you think the greatest double multi nickel mr. double he's you know blame the team forever. One all the cops with them. Someone from like Tim junior hockey treated at him hey you know about why she's wearing your Jersey and he tweet back saying meet me at the game it's. LC Heidi you know hole and so she's going to meet him and getting my Jersey signed by Ken D'Amico like ten downing war Rahal is just so funny guys who's doing a nice thing and then it turns out what she's doing your return is that next level. Some pretty jacked right up my favorite doubles could be autograph my and a money an autograph collector. Book for someone out on an autograph collector now I don't get an afraid I don't know all I had died in the thing about it because it's your Jersey it's my jurors always wearing duke that's fantastic right so lets you want to be jerking their argument back to me always have to decide to sue which I know she won't. You about how cool I didn't early that didn't even occur to me at that was so cool shoes ganymede amber yeah I it's your Jersey rich is he's gonna meet him Wear my Jersey and getting assigned. Do you know what about that I I didn't and I don't know if he's the guy that was on our comical man because Waltz is also huge doubles fan and they went and got to meet the devils take a tour probably I he's he's talked about a guy named mr. Deb also had to be him he's he's like. He's at the ambassador for the team meets he's part of broadcast team. Just a for the NHL America as well. I just all around solid. TV shows I feel like everyone's gotta be cool I'm not gonna put her on TV. But it turns out he must be that cool guy if he's gonna do that because he was really awesome to Walter if it's the same guy I'm thinking no doubt. Two that's still doesn't have a right on LeBron got us they could you cool with him signing your Jersey. Tell us really know don't let him touch centres he's putting your generosity because you were generous and thought of sue and you're now getting something in return something way more cool wolf yeah that's that's good that's nice and I love the fact that even though it's because I know I think she's a Blackhawks fan. The fact she's a penguin standing post is a penguins fan yeah I well I loves you back a mile and a penguins and where I Jersey by you now and I didn't give one opportunity gets even -- you're right. But it's nice that she still -- in Iraq the -- Jersey yeah what's going to doubles -- now playing -- teams I get it yeah what you get this money for -- a fan of the -- -- I Jersey yeah yeah -- not -- especially like maybe if you went to Vegas and they didn't have it close and and they didn't have your tickets yet you wouldn't want to do that meant to do about a shirt about a had a tough if things in the wouldn't let some -- it almost brought a Jersey. I never get screwed out of our tickets was the best out of my hands and all I got for that is a picture outside the arena wearing the Vegas gold nice hat and shirt yeah. You're such a sad little boy then you look like a little boy you look like a little ten year old that was like Ali Jordan is there are already treat that city elected just won the Super Bowl man you know wanted to set that city fire. You really want you're a Phillies and at that point on how Philadelphia is doing right now the parades today. Oh that's right because I mean and other issues so they they did postponed until today yeah you have she's I don't they're hoping it rains that we settle the fire so I think I know dude she you would hope during the parade they would not have been normal. You know and not be like stupid. It's this is on the loose you pick a topic you guide to show 206. One rock Texas 77999. Your calls your checks at 933. On Iraq. And mixed morning. Rock and 99.9 KI SW hole. I can guide foot now. I guess double the Iraq comes Seattle listeners some of those goofy good topic. You guys to show 206421. Rock Texas 77999. C it's a coma here on the roster. Good morning tomorrow Steve what's Ford's vice. So although in today's society wouldn't you know people are grown up back in the day it was you always work before play. You make sure everything's in order before you learn how try and nowadays. Kids don't have those same values people are saying their parents house longer and they just get a little whatever. But nobody ever talks about the parents they're just wanna be friends instead of terrorists. So you think it's apparent stamina problems it does seem a parent and trying to hang out with their kids as opposed to being their parent. Why is made and nobody talks about that is gonna blame the kid didn't. And cock down on them but nobody looks at the lack of parenting. Well I I really believe how do you by the ways you can you talk about back in the day and you might be might you might be my demographic hello Gloria. Why slowly plot well swap. I think I would have put you much older than an old soul yeah. Let's see I have three kids 876. And I radio. 89 then this same way that my parents raised me so you actually you have it if you were seventeen do you started way beyond. Sixteen red blood turned seventeen war. Wow how was that intentional or was that an oops. Are kind of bull. Kinda both all right there you go yeah did better without condoms on their bodies and the and you still with the mom and things are cool. Are you know you know we're not together but we're civil collegiate. Yeah well and it's a good that's and that's another tough thing trying to raise children with a unified front when you guys aren't together anymore that's always that's another big challenge. There's there's more single parenting out there now than there was when I was growing up and that's another thing that has an impact on the way kids are being raised. Right and it's it's really hard without you know you won't touch structure of both parents in the house. But it's really hard we're here live there's apparently didn't raise it this way and they got the other out here you're married getting laid out. Yeah the unit it would be great if if if parents can understand McNabb divorced if they can have a unified philosophy was raising the child. You know and also when you are the when you the other parent basically not the other parent when you're the a non custodial. You need to go okay I'm not the full time parent on the part time parent I need to do stand default to what the full time parents to whether or like it or not. I mean unless it's something really horrific because it just wrecks the kid when you don't do that. All right but it's it's you know people always talk about all the kids do in this very bad kid this now but if you don't really know what's going on inside the home that you make in on this way. Well and I had always been a case had some tax and now and I think it's in that part people are taking you tell by irresponsible kids do you feel that do you. I also I mean in a sense of having a kid at sixteen is rather irresponsible. It did and I I definitely thought about that but I believe at the same time so on this stupid stuff that I was doing that help you grow up and get a job and make sure I finish school. And give my life in order so I can give them a decent life. And that's I appreciate that you that you learned yeah some people go the other direction it's Cooley here that you went that direction that it woke you up yeah I it's nice that you did Stephen but it made that it doesn't unfortunately it does make you hit your credibility a little bit because you're not still with the mom you did have kids at a very early age. So yeah I'd some deal gonna let you go your doctor why you lecturing us dude you're kind of a mess yourself when it comes to an I mean that's what some people might think. Life right now you go to those very understandable. Doubt but he did some very good points and I appreciate the call Steven though I think actually. There's something else going on that's basically keeping our kids from being respectful and not the kids that we know you think you wanna race was sacked. Well according to this research company called child wise they're blaming Alexa and Siri what's. Ha yeah they're saying they're making kids lose their manners you know these are all Smart. Speakers or your barking orders say you know talk to say please and thank you to. Since we knew we need to teach our kids as they please and thank you to these artificial intelligence before RAI takes over and tells us all see now I'm gonna have to tell my friend he's not an idiot. Who's this because I have a friend that has hasn't echo he says please and thank you I've heard him do and I go what do you don't you have to say sending example first children yeah I guess he must be and I called him a moron and now here's the study saying that actually it's probably good idea. They were there and the researchers say it would be good at a polite this feature to those assistance of your kids have to treat them like real people to get them to do things. I'm. I necessarily think that's a bad idea yeah I'm we join you keep going I'm BJ. Demi coffees tell you why and why wouldn't they think that since that's what we're park and are Smart speaker sure that's example that's being set. Yeah I think it's a great idea. This oil stone assist you have iphones right I sure do you guys use the on the maps thing for GPS right I thought well I use Google I don't use Apple's Fides would ever be the Max yeah I got ya. Is it me or the voice of the apple maps woman as she sound depressed these days all I haven't heard her how she son she says different well I know that I you know they'll series you know she sounds really sad I don't know she's having a tough go or you know series sounded different with the new IOS have you noticed that all maybe that's why gets a whole new voice I would I wrote Syria I don't like it either makes you sound sad. Yeah they allege it was like I don't know man to my apple person gets that they do you have that you you have audio the old series summer don't you. And their likens I'd miss the old series I think you might have the audio what she saw his which used to sell Mike. OK here are my son for BJ. Yeah that's what you to sound like now what does she sound like very very time to take a playwright let me yeah whatever you got man America hates you they change the voice I agree Steve she ally delicious sense. Starting route to ice cream social. Maybe I was the last person who. Southwest on Columbia street and turn left onto Fifth Avenue dance she's probably depressed or where you're going like Arnold I feel social installation is on six that I really knows you're trying to lose weight and try to stay healthy that's all the term are more output compounds that bitch she. Why are we organized social oh you should be going to tales are us. See I never I never liked him a series lawyers actually had a male series because he's not a he's and I want area for all these sound like he sounds better. Still Syria rocked. He's here he's hiding brutally copy Mexican grill and how. Could they talk to me I'm sorry yeah. To say series say hi. I. Thought. Now I can see my wife got ya she's got the Australian one who yeah he doesn't mean I think that she does stuff with them gamma and a new series he sounds sad yeah. Just showed when I don't like because you sound sexy and I think that that's when my wife tasteless as were from and so is his users check out southern alike so our country elects you have to be polite. What's the ever heard such a thing how do you do southern Alexa. I don't know I don't know all of your personal questions you put her. And any I'll ask your input into the volume up really turn that ring up loud. You know it's in the finally just in the ring or the rain itself they're determined and yet there you go the whiter than the white of the rings around it it's squeeze it toleration now. Well today all right. Southern Alexa. Oh okay. Alexa place southern Alexa. I'm aware would be. Southern boys like Tim McGraw I don't know let's not it's a good sign keep it on. What else is first time how idea how to get to some analysts average say eight change your voice in southern elect's side. I don't know I don't know advocate. Mrs. Graham yeah notice OX change voice to southern Alexa. Sorry I don't know that's how can this listeners who I think it was just the YouTube video. And. All right what about our country elects to maybe say hey you talk country okay I'll get to Carol I say that makes use of the word elects. Top country. Sorry I don't know home OK dead or is it your. Still critics got a awesome joy alien from burlap around. It looks like he could change the settings to give it a British accent in the lingo in the settings for language if you make it English United Kingdom OK or did the German Deutch is setting you didn't make it Jermaine. I everybody's texting some noises as spoof it is I was so it is not we are it's. Why I was so stupid. If but I'm Cipro but other job where we and yet there is that this is those guys the more talented you know other radio shows winning and put this on the air but we're where we're that bad we do decreased. All right well. I think it's time and it turned to some and make me feel good about myself as a social. Known that the guys who socially I do I gotta try to keep the pounds off I'm not telling you have to dial. When you view him aside those good stuff I know you're diverted to good play center and I've got to stay away volleys good places because I wanna you know me you know I I got a David she day. Dude I did Christmas the entire hole he was my shoe sale and try to get back on the fair enough. We just had a Super Bowl that's a cheap day all right here we go here's a question Korea. What's okay and Cassel and cooking oil have in common. Among tight at 950 still go on Iraq. Nine point nine KI guess W all. Gains yardage. Cash flow and cooking oil haven't come out naked guy's legs and breasts greens. The the decision could contribute. Yeah. Women love both my RX. Steve uses both figures from a plant finished I'm not sure if I mean. Clearly felt so being in the moment that's because it. Yeah you know GA. The remote images get increased both make excuse me sizzle. From. I love the word sizzle you know you just don't hear enough for this sizzle on Steve stake. That's it for her Texas yeah yeah. Or Texas and how is that behind you by a lot of shrimp. OK yeah. That's. All right that's well that's I think there's a lovely story a guy drops assets. Comes himself and cooking oil and then fights the cops say that's the guy you don't wanna do assets where did. Nineteen years old guys. Think you've done to adjust to man right can't we all have a good time you gotta get all greased up and go fight with the cops. Suppose there's a stunning cried. Gilani to and a bunch of Assam last months is just destroying me inside of his family's trailer. And he tried intact civil friendly members can get make your coverage could hear it from just a lovely gentleman and that's I think that's what I. It's beyond a lovely gentleman whose name and Kerry could be your own mourning their Asia bull ride gasoline got a twelve pack. He makes. You are very good conversation are common and well yes I mean I hate Yahoo! com a phone. According to eleven that I guess the dictionary how far is a word that is specific sounds like words of someone like yourself differently yeah. And I always goes to be how many pins in my brain. And that's what I'm in this room remembering how many and Stewart tells you say it's. Solar wind and wind. We know when you wind may have been contacted yet. Point nine KI SW. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney and here's another question from a lesser. If I file for bankruptcy do I have to appear in court that makes me nervous. Going to court is never something we. Something this easy do however when your file bankruptcy. Usually only after 101 hearing at the courthouse. Marcel Rivera refused and when you go to cortisol before and the judges actually lose the trust he pars the trustee's attorney. Wanted to be one of the things. It's critical of bankruptcies if you give your attorney and they're course all America all your information. This all your assets and all of your creditors that's what we're trading for your discharge is your truth and honesty and disclosure your assets and liabilities. You can sort of court hearing it's just usually about a five minute deal where you show up and then we for. That's where there's all the information you've given record in years and he's. Flash thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis any time as choose the right chapters dot com. That's choose the right chapter dot com thanks for listening.