02-08-18 Seg 2 Mens Room Blows A Ring

Thursday, February 8th

We play the game known as Big Dummy!


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This is the men's room. He's thrilled. Does her job and on nine Iraq California on relaxation and lovely Sacramento California also many point five K box out based classic rock. In San Jose and thank you for Ellison the program in 96 point nine fox. In Appleton Wisconsin you've been with us the whole show on fox you're under fox air what do we had two boxes we have 12 boxes that you mariners today we get a big dog and a big dog you've got to bear Blacksburg we got a cat and Oklahoma City who can afford in Fort Wayne we got a in Fayetteville Arkansas a Malaysian Arkansas. Yeah I didn't. Sold yes exactly your on the keg a desire to myself Laguna keg stands in and that's exactly big show for a big dummy no I sure like coming up they had Jim has announced we've got to the absolute best in the world food and in the meantime the game is big dummy 844999. All of who's our next contestant ready to play the big gains hello Catherine welcome to the men's room. I. I can assure you sober now for over. For a flu thing I've taken a couple of shots in preparation for best director of the three days until. Thank you Alex bottom shelf now they'll tequila night yakking and. I think. Are gathering would you rather always have silent but deadly clear room and parts are odorless farce we're gonna blow a nice visible smoke bring out your keys for every time. Yeah sure I don't think you want it and block he's been Matthew arms because. OK. Okay and I'm like well I'd rather not answer. You can say all the radio. Children there. And political capital we don't use language like we can't do that unless you're. And I always look instead OK okay rule. I can't able hey hey I got into Canada and this is I think it is terrified there's no Magic Johnson chief bass tequila and away we go again what Paul let me Gilad aria okay but continue acting out our other ironically got to go to Fernandez they've put together. All right Catherine the master but it's the question. What time. What time were all clock stuck on the move pulp fiction. Oh cool I should know hit it on an intermediate I'm glad I don't know. What kind of an example he I don't know that allowed. They know we have to remain OK okay what time are all the clock on the legal action to look like to know that even. Funny you know police. It's not one unbelievable potty mouth Carter very good job that I can't accuse him on the phone line up four point a malignancy there's Madonna made par 4999. All lose our next potty mouth contestant ready play the game. Hello old Kyle welcome to the men's room. Shyamalan Ireland and all I value so we're not felt. Wait till Tuesday taking blows himself up. If you look at this this note comments are vulnerable joins silent but deadly clear rumored parts order totals guards. But to blow visible smoke ring every single time. So I figured that. No matter what I save my career and like the world of corporate America is over. I think your by those smoke screening I can't leave maybe go on tour and don't think it's that chip. A guy I was reminded season. Do you feel your Carney. All around the mainstay throughout the value browse my brains out of mount up. Definitely main stage and outside so you blow smoke related problems that an anti against faith you would really keying on McCartney's. Got a great all right Carol here is your question. What was the first labor of Lifesavers. I'll manage to get like him. I feel like they have this really near one and let I had never knew the labor local and I went to look I don't. During. Don't they boot. Remember what year decade there. I don't. I'll have to imagine there's you have little everything. What sensory organs do starfish have at the end of each are. What three organs are at the end of each armed citizenry sensory like themselves. He knows not eyeballs. All right maybe it is I don't know it out it you organ. Yeah sensory organ once since records are it is our job at the end of easy. Yeah I'm gonna go ahead. Like hearing sound. Smiles as he's going through now they'll have on. And drag it again I don't need to be trusted and let them coming creepy about it coughed yeah I don't know I had nor did so okay Paul Hill aren't yeah. How much crap I did melody. Now let's college is thought 01 guy who wouldn't. Let depends on me yeah exactly. I'm probably gonna say this wrong salt Rumsfeld to buy. That statement. Tegucigalpa. To Goosen and gal but as the capital city of what central American country. TE GUC. I GA LP. A polish Central American countries and yet it's the capital city. Oh I don't know my Central America simple well I was a poorly I know until it's you know it alls I had no it's recommended Panama Panama City. And I. Can't go coast Rica. Number no. I would guess that and I thought that it felt yeah recovered most of Central American leaders of adrenaline aren't on your bulletin board. And the overrated and remarkably don't story good night moon what type of animal is saying all of the good night. I. Who I should know that I regret this might get a couple years ago. You know what I am I read this book a thousand times for the same reason and I realized I could not African remember Jerry and I clocks good likes the nights are Miller on those crazy abroad says goodnight to everything. There's a cabinet room which is a deadly shooters and cannot come clocks. I am. I hate the little guy out it's. Nice to picture best. And I read that book when I was a kid or I've ever left. It's a good book for kids because it's short sweet to the point instead of Reading a really long but some story you get through them and and you I don't I don't think they knew were not. Hot I mean it looked at him read it when I was a kid but when I had given people. Do you need a bunker and rolled all of those rounds but it had no idea and it's a very dumbo. All right let's see here what city is home to see and tower. All are right. Finally got one and I knew I was here want to touch Toronto. Yeah I sure I'm I am positive and as the capital capital of Toronto. Toronto. Fascists and it's well if they were teamed Katy bacon will take to the capital in Toronto tonight I would this Ottawa. There is Madonna and powerful are 999 all of those are nice can doesn't read played big games. Those you're welcome to the men's room. Jordan's over knocked over. Yeah all right Stewart welcome to show. Stewart on our miserable today we'll know adrenaline always kept silent but deadly clear room meg cards. Or only those ones but every time you do you blow visible smoke great. That is identical because it played to a bathing superpowers like the one flyer game bit the bullet. I'd probably clearly don't you include Amazon. That this just. You come in handy when you need oh yeah you don't really get out of party or how skilled and let me tell you that you're kidnapped and you. I go to jail got out of Colorado ahead. Just go home politician compared these to being able to fly it being invisible it. Could just let it it would. I hear is your question what does the only rocked the floats and what. Got rock. Oh god. Yeah this yeah our army. Our pocket. They look terrible. Terrible question for me to let a little old ones are getting. It's ground. Build look round and round rock deep. Fourth round rock your mother used. It's great forward. Did Kim have been dominant because we have pumped up. I don't know much about Iraq. You are now you know the ones ultimatum over warm movement to overcome a non interest. And fees that. Taste delicious how many pieces does beats chess players start the game. Old you're twenty. Tarnished your question three. There. Yeah it did. All right okay ramble is another name for what type of bush. Every. Scramble our group. Sticker. I got a 5050 shot on this. Yes or no do you sleep yeah. Yeah. That's good because I only have one dad does that if they can get to go on the road. You know resume like that. It's makes it difficult to. All right how many strings are on the men's. And obviously it's. An animal. Or don't go our. He's always remembered as one where he shows the value of the management of her from going employees of their feet five. Or. A very. Strange bird there sir. Appreciate that go to rob. All right what north American country. Was almost named. His death which stood for England France Ireland Scotland Germany an aboriginal. The United States of America. And and now Sammy. Originally until they're cattle ready all the streets and out. There's a mistake made in Orange are we're gonna take a quick break here if you on the line there working on question number seventeen so is that it. Yeah more they don't think coming out of you like to make you death and 844999. All you are listening to the men's or radio network. It is you. True still job has just announced as new details ghostly absolute best in some of your favorite foods it's gonna break before during tells with a shot of the day. And meantime the game is big dummy I believe we have Stewart on the line playing for team sober and working on question number seven about nonstick. But you better. Well we'll see what happens. All right we'll talk rom Emanuel for mayor of Chicago now he's missing part of his right middle finger. This was an awful it was working good meat slice or ads are these McDonald's or Burger King. Coach Lou McDonald's. Why would you think that McDonald's the meat while. Now they sharpen your should be event there that's not normal for it but why did they do and what have you ever had a McDonald's. It would require a meat slice. Are you okay so yeah hindsight you know a lot of the good armies and he's slice and roast beef sandwich it would take time to look I think everyone through he earns them I think yourself to think have a slice here. We'll see how much they don't Wear a rock you know I knew I didn't know that one official disallowed I don't know you just can't really quick easy go pack. Soon. Enough to go contained car and blew everything out. Well. I only ego that car I'm gonna all right tortures morals and overly bad thing did you get a car accident today we don't know the source right you sort hannitizing America. And 00. Alleged there yet okay country. Our here's a question I mean I economic front of them now are our biggest. I guess that's good that's the right answer that is good that is the correct answer I was positive things shore. True or false for the first slave owner in America was a black. Do you achieve debt and this armor really it's gone really take any horse. I just want is they'd unload all my out solve all buddies on THE they're the only one that ever listen union and Ileana but let's go true. Oh. AA ultimately hurts OK game is big dummy count or lower permanent 999 Ollie as it was our next contestant Ryan played a big gave up first so. Think about that and think about that it. You don't. Probably yeah bigamy is again a four point 999 all of the we have red blood hello America welcome to the men's room. Is so we're not sober. So remember all of the show are miserable. As far as parts are concerned would you always rather have silent but deadly really bad egg parts every time. Or owner Louis parts but you always blow away visible smoke grain. Our Ernie got cured and would stick with what you're not. Only aren't. Multiple choice question multiple choice question. Nicole Kidman Emma Hathaway or Kate Winslet. William Shakespeare's. First wife was named which. School and another one. I'm talking magnet realized that I should spearhead I don't know I don't know Italy and has won eight either way and it is wife's name was and happily. Well I'm assuming in half way that we did he know that she was kind of name is real and they are so what if it's a stage name and obviously that's the G-8 holes are really not and I what I don't know if she has arm's length if she's not. Am happily by birth name I assume it's an homage to and take care because she's in the world acting for apparently left. I don't know operator she is and half away GSA and half and half so she was born Anne Hathaway little girl my caucus not a station. Market that understood. There is McDonough is far far 99911. Is our next contestant right to play the game hello Gerri welcome to the men's room. You know you're. And hello hello various over the silver. So we're very willing to show. All right Gerri. But you always have silent but deadly egg cards or odorless barge with a visible smoke break. I gotta go let big. It's silent and deadly line. Silent and deadly and visible smoke ring now tied on a miserable hook. Currently the question. Then would stage does the movie dazed and confused take place. Lou. No like this confident. And in the morning and the drive in the right now from film to. They're driving for most of real life may be honest I'm gonna it was a tough. All right I'll ask our first big role over the last few students UT now scheduled to death a lot of it down and they look at some people in Austin you I should've been barred got to dig around around around. And he's been drinking ever since. All right what kind of animals who President Bill Clinton had an off. Everybody has their parents were contacted. And ought. You know and I'm really. Myself I know so. And I saw her kids. No would go to the White House is million. And a Poodle yeah. It's moving in the dorm is that someone was stupid as to. Some kind of thing really got Portuguese water down. Yeah I mean bone. Medium and ice and then maybe doesn't tell you somebody had a little let him like I'm sure somebody did for George black. What is the longest river in the world. I'll ballot did not. Into the Amazon and. It'll look bad if that question museums say denials and they have. Three weeks almost backed. And I live on the Amazon River tunnel and and I orders on the dramas on probably the delivered to him is that really sucked I'm just so if I I don't think Amazon loosen them what you or Bruni the rivers royalties. What are you what do you bar and absolutely right spear tips on that fishing hooks are facing Lionel whenever I need to do on the on the water filter through frustration system controller and an Amazon as a legal Fulton. I. Imagine you're a guy got my good but I'm pretty used to it that. Exactly. All right are more babies born at night and during the day. It's always been wiped out that night. It's an overnight shift our defense they'll pretty months wow things are bad enough the feeling babies and snow there was some common at night. Nothing is worth something it has to get you up unexpectedly. Is entirely hemispheric and it's just we're still not allowed an idea of a window of time that could happen at any time during the day you. Hope this little Terje complete release of my spirits of those people I know it's like if you watch the movies I wanna says oh my god my water broke. But to a commercial break but the dramatic music and come out of course rate what are we ask for a hot towels right straight laced his brief 'cause you know it's bad he did that easy wouldn't leave embargo go to las from. So anyway they deliberately hit and giggle and health. As Eric all the water breaks and you respond as though it's about to happen and then you wait about 2100. You just kind of wait right jab water broke awhile ago like anti climatic and I watch Monday Night Football. There's big dummy for far 999 all of those are nice contests and ready play the game. Hello Jessie welcome to the men's room. She's sober sober. Yes over hit Jessie how do you like your part silent but deadly year old rules for the smoke break. I'm gonna go out of the deadly Palin and Perry live and it's kind of reform mind you heard the friends you don't like. That's right there's some confusion about the White House is that common folklore Bill Clinton and brown haired subsite. To Minnesota but it was Barbara Bush. And whose few more but I just can't reach your absentee dormant on the exercise of the way eight. Where is the world's largest active volcano. The world's largest active volcano if I'm correct. From the stabilized. I'd be my guess. Very good elementary. Or somewhere over there and I don't know like. Company Guinea or something. Ever feel like they find out the volcano is active after an have been dormant. I don't know I don't why things always bubbly girl and then you go there and I was right you're absolutely elegant non Lakeland it's just been there forever. And that is out of Reza how doormat. But he did chilly this the biggest dormant one ranked but they need to go back like the super volcanoes and plate. You know but the most fuel called extinct so the problem as the number mount saint helens was go dormant. Images like that what Orman is like hibernate right which means that in any moment the news again and again. When it's extinct it's typically would play Tektronix it's moved away from that plates and is not sitting on the advent of him so I once was a volcano but now it has shifted and moved. The remnants were. It's probably. Theoretically not that it's impossible that event could come up through there but more than wireless miles and Helms dormant. Indonesia does seem like bats for major test how whatever bad thing nature can do yeah and like much at least in Hawaii like its active but is not doing much or rules while Rome hopefully it's always just go to UV we would delighted you go to the volcano. We flew near it not directly only Aruba tonight coming down like you gotta get up to 2 AM it's like. Now I'm on my honeymoon and I felt I am not how much time getting up until I am I went full Magnum Pia you did yes I went pilot but would never let it same get him. You could you could play the part TC he did have no because out of the pile of Velika did you Wear Hawaiian is our most mentioned I Wear Hawaiian shirt. I don't know morals weren't enough talk you have to do that you're not obligated to our allies are mildly disagree in Hawaii I mean late footage on a helicopter you do in the whole Magnum PI I think I think you have to. I think you show up an African Detroit Tigers out of with a cool fifty I just got to disrespect to the ground you know an off field. I should probably send a letter Republican I don't know I'm sorry David 500 dollars to. I don't like that ride basically here's your wife shares literally shocked you're sad it is because you know deep down that's what you want to do gave his big dummy for parred 9990 lose our next contest and ready play the game. Hello Taylor welcome to the men's room. Influence over. It's over put out. Taylor are meant revolt feature annoys him asylum but then he had deadly tiger Oreo odorless one of the smoke ring every test. And obviously you heartland. Think we are still strong argument nowhere and small group of being tested. Obviously he thought amounting to come back. Channel like watching the super. Normally you don't know I don't know early lead and I was a big comeback. All right your questions multiple choice 374757. Or 67. How many know of the moon's circle Jupiter. But didn't succeed so. Our eyes and how that's so easy for you I got actors I won't. I like our way like I do like their dads are good nights where you've sent a very confident you're actually now he won't go to the play boarded up more Macs there's probably like 98 they just only found it blows when they say well let's is is no game I'll tell him no C I was an old Annika. The game is big dummy for 4999. All look who's our next contestant rated play the game I asked the question like how many unknown moved flown under the dodgers' single and they have found a bad flu don't want Iraq threat and nobody knew until one of them now. No it is yes it's last don't plan to pull it. They call them hello less welcome to the men's room. Doing. Influence. In the pulpit. Did you get that. I faced a local port Campbell Kentucky. The delicious New England had to find find tasty bit of food is good demand when I was on these good faces prospects look. I know to these these heavier alcohol by volume Beers and ultimately Yingli. Look I still like the taste but I just read so many of them out right AL west do you ever see falsity beer there is still make an out. Saw no evidence doesn't get out you know so I got it does not bad. Are you to question. What those zip stand for as in zip code. So you their own employees. Close zoning improvement plan. It is place. So we'll graft that was alcoholism and conducting. Right now 43 to sixty to lure out program can enjoy that. If debacle or whether annual. Don't feel that ours is grumpy every and then in the north they're using this as my three days seven years. A decision there's like four years solo locally. And in question what kind of trees grow acorns. All their love well or. Are low. You are calling guys you know this is morning and I struggled channel. The margin old knows. Do you enjoy the out find sport of American football. I do all right what a good football. What football position is also scoring play. We took me around Allen. Days I don't really good position and that just one of the best referee calls in sports was all go home safely call a safety advantage over the heads on natural. You know I mean yeah don't see how much are they happening more doesn't seem like in the last two seasons are more safeties before or my usual cruise whom now. Now that I think they are exactly data was more. Lose more defense is that we're seeing a lack of defense or maybe it's what all grown up in rerelease all say well but also are also no matter how I think the kick off rule has a lot to do that out already had a ball coming up to 25 the majority of the time and so feel like you're gonna run out. I did is they dummy four point 99911 was our next contestant ready play the games hello Andrew welcome to the men's room. I don't. Are you sober now for over. It's also the parent and you're welcome to show. Miserable today Andrews dealing with a knife box children are always kept silent but deadly clear remote wooden door odorless farce but every Temi part to blow visible smoke break. And then the smoke ring billion aren't you won't get my halo. I may do and change nights. Apart named in my butt is really good kids. Are all right your question. What glare of the Earth's atmosphere like between the stratosphere. In the art of surface. Being. Now let me. It's always wore. What country created the gingerbread house. Yeah OK. And I don't. You've got hot hot okay division to read lie EI. Click to panties we figured out but south we figured out what that does it Germans came from today that's a really scares Diana's death. It's. It's. My to me today as a back on oh my god that the community. This is really done is far far 999 LO is our next contestant rented play the game they're frozen in his left that says so message hello Chris welcome to the men and. Improve. The presence over Vancouver. Over knocked over there. Over the over. Interpol legal and FE zero girl's blue smoke break. It has he did it. Violate common came and said did you know the oak trees are mainly planted by squirrels. They invited eight version of acorns closely going to fill Charles. They're doing too well Apple's okay the wanted to peanuts everywhere. Is that I was busy gyros and already but again I could be lied to they've already been Coetzer now because when the peanut B the net and then be deceived. I've got to see. During the seat right. All Manama confused in my favorite food truck I don't know throughout given squirrels please I want them grow not even sure I know the argument marijuana as a muscle opiates on the ground. Well legal gremlins in his you'll always roll around Pete on his mouth right and he always varies peanuts I finally got chills in my yard boot from score and really get on and is a good program. So glad raw peanuts right. And I that is world maybe until the whole neighborhood baba who lean hogs who possesses her friend here late you're now. Really want in your only peanut factory mildly delighted pretournament you know it's huge incredible streets I knew exactly where they are. I hold my cheek thing right so some things have to process through her body first like. Fortnight for this seemed to work where something's just drop their seeds from the trees and they worked so what do you make play it back tonight ship. Really get tornado right McCain picked tomatoes just kind of grow yeah it doesn't want to eat it. But in other stuff they fall on the ground like that than a minute and eat comes out for the dog could be a tomato take the seed crap about a tomato plant a ground that's crap. Well let's yet. Well my theories about that both offenses that are on the situation. Beyond that I got a pine tree can only grow basically another pine tree underneath it based on its acidity are relying cone buildings and growth killed. Hard games McDonough a four point 9990 in its present a martyr contestants on the way you are listening to amend or radio network. We smiles and so. Heads have gone on says may have a day nose is all about the absolute best in food as governor bred to play the game known as big dummy heavily we have enormous still on the line their right hand and on the question but I believe right. They're wearing. Can't. Ian stone mind. I'm. Lot of slow period. While not. Actually did a whole bunch of kids how good I mean you know. Had a reason to smoke we had them having kids didn't even. I didn't stop when I had kids and I realized what I had deserves no chance I'm ever going to stop the. There are. How many do you have that if it and he's nowhere do you aren't getting it done with your love got to you do busy hour could the smoke marijuana. Has lit areas it is it a little. All have a like death. I can't believe anyone I'll try my kids ever had H yes like if you have twins that you know you have gone by double stroller yup I doubled its ups is the idea being able to use. Re use that stuff did you have a doctor on hand was an handy. Yeah sit there. Are you and ask are you had four children in a year and a half stop. And you don't smoke we see I can't wrap my head around that data that statement alone. Without those two other children floating around where I was smoking and eating we I would rubbing oil on my forehead and a little or nothing went on clothing and like myself this fire Chris you might wanna go it enough I get that bad bush net. Yeah yeah yeah you got some potent sperm at all as a brother you wanna become a ghost buster I believe that was the tournament in public. I presume to question. What team did Wayne Gretzky play for. We'll put Eugene it's eighteen and it's just double our crowd that area. Well the one who thought. Who is that. You know he's a high or higher there was. Answer for the whole way around the plate and Oilers right by the Oilers were OK okay yeah. I'm glad instead they left won't believe it is so I'm very pleased that Wayne Graham when he immigrant farm seem to these kids don't do you think this yeah. Oh wait I know hot to play some great guys I called time the great lie Donald and president and the Berlin Wall has come down. Volume hit any other information about effortlessly skip this is what happens because they need a look at a coma you've gone to shut. Pay out more humanitarian. More victim to get an out if you'd like to be can decimate four point 9990. Loss also still to come ahead Jeff coming up density details. Going for the absolute best in your favorite types of food that's all the way. They should many things continue on the men's room radio network.