BJGN 02-09-18 - Cloverfield Paradox

Friday, February 9th

The gang talks TV with Agents of SHIELD & Star Trek: Discovery; Rev talks with Gareth von Kallenbach about Star Wars news; the gang reviews Netflix's The Cloverfield Paradox; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Joined Vernon Wells said the Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon Wells sunup today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot club. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chased each nation. Welcome yes welcome to BJ she's geek nation I in the reverent and Fuego across from me is Vicky Barcelona and we have uncle Cray as Ohio the show's namesake we dish or even back I. And running the boards is Joey. And KR OOK but but nature's does depository is not here. How long long long long long at all awful lie that I was alone on today's show we will talk television in we'll talk with gears on college vodka. I'm pretty sure Vijay and there are gonna argue about the cloverfield paradox bed bath and of course the geek she would speak EB Vicky how can people get a hold of us. They get a hold of us via our website BJ he need to dot com it's gonna have all information on a pod casts on that stuff but if you like FaceBook Twitter just needed to teach you find this absolutely thank you so much -- and let's start with some TV talk and let's start with agents of she yeah bad how's it going and really like in his season they're breaking for about a month or so. The whole story line is that they shield is basically be dead transported eighty years into the future and to. Where all the hate each other and being mean to each other and make game and and basically earth as a pile of junk and therefore the decree commanders there is a disgrace to his father and he's trying to get back in his father's good graces and his name is beside us and he is Damascus I asked if the fact. And quake of course is known as the destroyer of worlds so they're saying she's the one that blew up in Europe in the first place with her quick powers. And they had a whole story line of them being in space trying to get back to their own time and it's been it's been a fun season. And they've just basically got to the point where they're gonna give back home. And they said Robert dreading all but we'll be back next month. I was wondering about that because I think I caught the light literally like the last scene of that episode before they went to break. Was it where Colson was carrying quake exactly okay yeah and I saw that I was like. OK so it looks like they're gonna make a bag is as cool and it looked interesting but again I can't quite. Find myself wanting to watch the professor a well and I don't know if this is the last I happen again I don't keep up on stuff because I like to be surprised by my show so I I I get off I I don't watch social network I don't follow like a lot of people do. But they're they're hinting at that Colson is not going to make it I mean they're really I mean Willis is one of these you know red herrings like they like to do when you I saw I haven't heard of Clark Gregg is not doing the role or this is the last season for shield I have no idea but they're making it sound like. He's not going to survive this. He's got some infection. And there and so therefore aware either they bring it back to life again and some crazy way or in fact he's done or the show is done I have no idea but maybe some ID national. Yeah I would love to hear about that I do you know very looks like they've quietly pulled the plug on in humans. We hear tonight Larry Obama is a mercy killing and -- I never gave it a shot against such bad pub by death watch whenever people people were you know who went on it after just the IMAX screening of the first that's a cigarette because I like the cast gap in but you know here's an example of them just trying to do something and not having the money do I heard some of these special effects were horrible. The hair I saw I saw some India and the heritage online in Medusa. And yet it was just it was it was so bad idea you would expect to see it like a new shark NATO type movie on scifi. Yeah yeah identities really horrible because yet you're gonna do a character like Medusa. You've got to getter I mean you've got to make me believe that's really her hairdo and all that stuff yes yes enemy at this point it's like CG has gone so far. I can't imagine that they're gonna have the heroes issue where you know you know doing more than three seconds of CDs were always in actions have. But I've had to expel yeah that's why Star Trek discovery is being lauded as a great Joker CBS put their money into it. And that's what that's why I have no problem paying for that app because when I got my money's worth I thought I'm 41 show I'm gonna do this but do they really put their money where their mouth was with that. If even if you don't like Sartre discover you've got to appreciate the money to put into it especially when you see what happened at the in humans where they didn't put the money into gap and was speaking us our trick discovery to. This. The last time he does okay Ashley says the wrong test cities. He's STD. Joey d.s and I end up Chris walker have been loving well Chris walker I'd love in Virginia I loving well Joseph have you been this there really I hate watching it on is fox Masai want to hit our man the first. Eight ish episodes are gonna first episodes are great. The middle for work and and then the last four or angry. Our older have a whole lot of problems the last four it's personally not route go to show but I did really light that the story lines are coming together and they've made way more sense. Nice there's such a depth to this year I love what they've done with the Star Trek universe they have given adept in May be because I'm an old person and really in getting into philosophy in life oh I love. How they have flushed out the mirror universe better than any trek show has as far as from an emotional level on a philosophical level. It's not just black and white it's a great exploration into the human soul. Which really to me is what Star Trek was always about. It's you know in the 1960s is only so much flushing you could do people were pretty much like you know oil where they work. They didn't discuss your feelings a whole lot so they show did a great job and rod marries time in the sixties. What we're now in 082018. I think it's amazing what Michael earns character has to go through and be with him deal with I can't believe people miss this she's amazing. I she just fantastic out knocking out of the parking is just just every time you think that maybe she's gonna see a little bit as smooth sailing. Something else just comes along and and gut checks Erin and I and she has to deal with that again and we're watching that journey and it is. It is I it's powerful stuff I mean I I have no problems with the show. At all yeah I saw very I'm very excited the season finale is the is actually just is just it's just good to be this weekend this Sunday I'm very excited about that. Arm and there's going to be a season to I don't know how it's gonna happen because of you too much and show almost everybody's dead. Better I think it's a whole new cast potato head it's like game of Star Trek it. How much I love or the or the walking track. It's I'm fascinated to see where they go but if they made money off this that they were submit they were happy. I'm I hope they continue to put the kind of equality and to the people they get Jason Isaacs I loved. And I can't I'm blanking on the name that played. Good fit for a Philippe you know there's the the the distortion yep Sampras. I can Julio yet yet she's so good so good he and snow stick and again you know stem its is a great character and I even like tele. Which I know that some patients currently on the tigris and Chile's Konami ever since we saw the mirror Chile or at least her playing America Lleyton. As your major yardage just voluntarily take it man. It's too goody goody you know I get it there in star fleet this is a different star fleet have been thrown into war times but. You're just not gonna convince mere thirty some year old woman in a star fleet vessel that's built for war is going to be all like. Happy joy joy guys' radio on the mission within a got to remember she's still just a kid dead this is her first tour she hasn't had. She hasn't had the rain are dying out and it's not a it's not supposed to be a warship it's supposed to be a science vessel that. That Marcus somehow tricked out because he was the bad guy bit. That I have but I do you know I do it we you are forever join us you know what it is it's not his start. Actually not I just being fit if they had reverse the episode order it would have been way better show I don't argue with its most of what you said. Let me because the main plot in the beginning of 68 episodes believes about cling ons and really the cling ons are not very important. For the and in my opinion well we'll see how would answer you see you have you missed the last two you know it's like the last episode. You know I I want not a spoiler for you but to cling ons come back in full fashion as far as being a big plot to their whole cell is the twist around episode ten and that twisting in my opinion was the best part that is both verify and yet we have a similar signal as ever so it until it. Joseph I just join us this. Like you I don't know why they'll have a monster you know why would they bring a monster on board it's not about that's what I'm saying 00 the chaos it was just those three Apatow is another twist. I don't need more twists and the first season is how morally I'm sham on Mitt really good I don't see every have a sort of look like a new adventure where all of a sudden the plot has not mattered both walker and I have ever yes. You know it's truly a story arc like there's no monster of the week which you know like I'm watching X-Files is a monster we have of clinics well I can understand why and you never were invested in exact first exactly it's a nostalgic show I mean it's lost its step X-Files has no business being on TV anymore but because of minus dollars in my love for the characters he you can leave it it's almost like David the company's even going. And whatever they do and that's exactly why I gave up my dude up on this day is almost like he's gap as you look on the Mandela famously brow on me out I'm enjoying it for that reason but this one again this one's no monster of the week. Literally the monster of the week in one episode had a purpose on the show. And so I'm love and track and I can't wait for this Sunday's series season finale pansies. Well moving from the start track. Two we've got Star Wars like that's. Star Laura Ling you're. President from a missing both men missing the wrong thing we have announced it on wonderful. We're gonna stop I had talks Star Wars with Garrett front Colin Bach like. There is Vaughn college bot joins us from skewed and reviewed that is as K and. Yet. Thanks very angry at originally and surely you know we're hearing at eight. Theory of Star Wars bell on relate to beat you don't recurrent Ehrlich she's skywalker starter call what you will. And I'm a lot of people saying. Oh the Old Republic yet another source saying no we terrorist just scared fortune girl. Here maybe one true almost an Old Republic may be one Selma to operate or may be one don't speak or maybe one domes. Well do what I don't think I know I ordered Ameren you're gonna do trilogy which. No Star Wars and may not really directly connected to any prior COLT. Well I had heard that I mean you know this is all coming from the people who are you know out there are saying stuff but you know that I know one's a united future what the sources are but the that they're going to be moving away from the these guys' lockers as Steve first family of Star Wars. And essentially just I mean they showed that in this last movie where. Essentially anybody can have forced powers would be powerful and I think they're kind of branching off away from the as I can definitely see them wanting to do other stories in condemning this gigantic galaxy far far away. Right no through there they're employed they make bad because the original actors are getting older yeah and you all don't have that. Situation now that. You know it's not like you'll look back commit they're greet you get these guys saw a multi picture deal. You could still pull among multi picture deal now but no trial ms. when these movies are raked in a billion dollars by boat best. It all. What they want to Dave Ridley and they would watch your current retreat Colmes you use common and oppression gave little notice at the expelled no tat. It's a lot is teared up looks like stability despray. You know maybe we can help one higher priced perks and maybe to put let. You know let's just burst of vibrant and go their way collected it would bookstore with a solo well yeah where you terrible. Names but there's really no blocked off this break banks are in there and I think that kind of what they wanna be doing going or work. Speaking of solo I know they use saw the trailer that allow played for the Super Bowl and I noticed you interviewed as he extended trailer as well. What did you think about it my favorite part personally was just seen land doe and all of his smug miss in that damn awesome first coach to get a favorite moment man. OR yeah you know I think like one with Detroit and that I liked the one really show the guy ever beat. The battle any they've got dealer or raced past get Demi and O'Connell the old west spirit they don't worry you were. Looking like they were gonna have people gunfire were really liked about it was. I've got globally people going on going to be at duke asked her you know. They shoot Ron Howard after greet you there and wire we only get the trailer no remote or released. And whoever our wants. One nearest most closely they were waiting at polo marketing and I. For Lester aren't aren't built at all oh look remember the mail close look Reshard 81 and the middle. If not more with three shoot. That changed any of the aspects they were working until you break they need to let old you know what. That picture out there to really work anymore that. We need to do a new one. So maybe it just the first batch way to stop that come up alignment they were a new trailer. Interesting point you know be interesting to see if he gets down to crunch time and they're gonna act I mean I can't imagine that they wouldn't give the movie out on time for the may 25 release. But do you think that that could be a possibility. I'd still take direction a big mistake if it was me I'd older till December simply because it's going to be an extremely crowded. Summer Arab the printer the lost world and all these films. I can we not doing well the other tour released a minute or one thing these these these Steve but if you put it out and number I think it would have a lot. Much longer run in actual competition a mile away a lot to do. At least that they wanna get a good night out next summer when he took ovaries that no let just told upload Q&A member not rush bank. What is some other Star Wars news that you have out there because they know there's a time. Yeah tiger at the did you that our show came out the other day now. I secret that they got reduced streaming service company won in nineteen in the moon a large degree to why they were brought after the our best bet so they could have that. Well they've announced obviously they're big deal is that they wanna be serviced it's cheaper than Netflix. And offer her in addition to their master of library all whole bunch of new contract. Now all we heard that these long were murdered Star Wars live action series go to your orbit or at the very least eight. Why they've actually Star Wars series. Iger came out the other day in that that's just one of the many new Star Wars we will be offered on this bitter chorus chorus. With rebels winding down speculation has been at least one. Possibly to live action series and at least one and while we're too animated series. Who got Ashman any anybody who's Star Wars freak is just gonna Dodgers going to be and now hog heaven at this point. Right and here's the beauty ever. So postal Blake. There is no Star Wars cooperation this year so I had no speech 43 does supposedly. These details are evident they're basically let. We've got up we're going to be telling used to murder literally trying to dot the I's cross the heat on. You know all the business but if they supposedly very big names attached to the bank they just can't say anything yet tell like it that all the legalities are away. It happens scores of course. It's always how that works anything out parting you got before we let you go. Over big spring it's worth to start or go to the edge opening next year at Disneyland or Walt Disney World which is the very matter of whenever there we go budget delighted getting bigger in order to compete our. Resort they both refused saying now they have made it there are those who don't don't get in order and the California. It's basically director BO or experienced but to Evernote. They're looking at basically don't let imagine shooting eight. Blessed are the first order there when you get hit you where react badly you can peel it off at all. At end of the woman I. Only do what does when I'm like early to go in Florida rare just ridiculous amount of room. They continue to build build build build their goalie store war's been restored. Our armed did speak great now. One of the deluxe packages you get is a whole series Star Wars themed event that will carry with you wish you well Bart. What is told me at the end let it be pending millennium falcon attraction. That is one but two now think that gala bit twelve they'll put you all have various lol and like you pilot that you can be governor. You can't. Do really well on that or do badly on it to your your right is not going to beat -- respect. Especially messed up and don't do things right. LT can be put on your head so all you war grunt gala at. Be in the restaurant departure probably utters element to collect W I I that would be an being out. Imagine churn up dinner Stanley all our own. That would be so cool I love those interactive experiences. What are my favorite things I mean docking Star Trek was in. I was in Vegas at the Hilton when they would have corks bar and that. Bill what they would interact with you on that so doing things in the Star Wars universe as sounds outstanding. I love it. Think he's so much geared to get Garrett on college Bart from skewed and ravine you can find him as Kay an art dot net percent Georgia search for skewed in reviewed on all social media think he's so much Gareth. Thank you so much Garrett. Moving on from Star Wars errors and staying in space is ligament as little space. Episode we are the final frontier. For many people. Let's talk about the clover field paradox must win yes okay. We're talking about it we talked about it ons pops. Yesterday. Mr. what does mister Robertson about the miss your honor was. Like to meet mostly okay with this really wrong with him. Thought this you can make an amateur a familiar. Sure he'd be on my side of good television. Why how we'll see you throwing down the gauntlet there is this just because you saw these are rotten tomatoes on yeah. Okay yeah I wanna be the popular well actually it's also because I get to be I get to be against you remember the fun we haven't got Zola. I know I don't have. It's so first stop gap back in 2008 cloverfield came out and kind of surprised everyone. No one really knew what was going on I got super deep into it because they had the ARG was is the alternate reality game which was all online any kind of immersed me in this whole world and I want to see what was going on with it. A win saw the movie absolutely loved it. Then now a couple years ago ten cloverfield lane came out it was kind of interesting because it was not necessarily about a big monster. Ended up at the very end being about aliens but mostly it was a merry when stead and John Goodman just. Then jazz just acting their asses off at an enclosed space with fantastic. Loved it. But they managed to use sort of fit it into this war I appreciate that EU at least honored the fact that OK this is a great movie the problem that I had with that concept and I never saw the John Goodman movie because of the fact once someone explain to me. His at least friends tell ya go OK dude here's the thing. It's a great movie cloverfield. Express sort of helps build that I Micheal field paradise no no there's an old tencor Phil black tank cloverfield heights would've helped. If he's its days it feels it's a great movie. But if you're expecting to see gap. Then it's not going to be your thing fair and that's why didn't see it because in my I'm tired of cloverfield being put on movies and it's not about cloverfield and really did kinda maybe in this is really I mean in this is really the crux of what they're doing with cloverfield bad robot has decided to take. In JJ Abrams is cited take movies that might not necessarily get a release or maybe not even get made some of these might have been just strips that were created and then they're tweaking them so they get a release and then fitting them around the cloverfield universe and that's what they're doing with the caller the paradox. And I thought it was great. But also at the same point it was because it was more world building was giving some context around what happ in and they managed to fit that incident movie. Where it was a movie that wasn't necessarily going to be a. Doubt that the and they were going down some roads that they get in my opinion they didn't explain. A lot of what the hell was going on to me to be enough to go. Why did that happen and why this happened and why is this happening them it makes you wonder was there a malevolent force behind it or was just random. Here's the thing it wasn't that it really wasn't local affiliate like I went my thought OK. I think that's a kite you. In one scene where they show us on earth command end there at the end of cloverfield spoiler alert they go oh yeah here's a guy you gas that's it though that's the only monsters you really see. And then on the state of the space station which. Cigarette if it was a not cloverfield movie. For Netflix movie it was a bad I thought that yeah GI was good. I like Chris O'Dowd so much amazing I love watching him and anything zone that's why wasn't I was I was and also was great to see that Harvey Bullock you know after stop drinking decided not gonna scientist whose name is Donald low guy yet and his his little is little Jeff Goldblum and it was amazing yeah I I don't really expect and also. The the strait laced almost robotic woman from I'm from Silicon Valley. She was in it she was the new yeah yeah yeah out to see her ask the boss you know than that right that sort of like really really robot a size boss. So yeah it was fun. But at the same time and there really isn't really cloverfield really. So I have a question I heard that this movie was picked up and changed into a cloverfield movie absolutely right 13 don't actually shot a net outstanding yeah absolutely it was originally called the God Particle. That makes a whole lot of sense which is why some of his music movie was confusing. Thank you Joey because I was like what is going on here may steal cloverfield I always like some of the stuff that was happening on the space station I felt like. Yes this and do what the monsters like at the same point they managed to turn that into what how you monsters were created if you pay attention to. Nady the things that I loved about is the fact that we have discern in it. On earth right now that is trying to smash and create behaves Boson particle we as the God Particle bank and people were freaking out sick you'll make black holes you'll hear these things everything that don't Logue was talking about and that little tiny segment is direct yet monsters are gonna come falling down from anywhere and so they're turning that into. Making this a almost Twilight Zone of a multi verse four cloverfield. See Europe cloverfield fan yes I think I thought the first movie was okay. I mean you know I am and I was I and followed with a like you didn't but I feel like the mash up like Joey just said. I feel like there was supposed to be a malevolent force going on behind what was happening the space station and they took that out and just blame that on the particle and all that. Because there was stuff happening rev like wind you know what a win Chris I doubt character yes basically possessed by. Basically the space glue that you know that like the gallery and repair oh and I was like why is that happening why haven't why is he being captured in hot why did he loses are all this stuff. Made no sense. In the cloverfield universally disliked this seems like yeah force doing miss it and then things that does though and it's the weird thing is they tried to explain it away wins. You know inter dimension now Ledee. And it was a lot of Blake. Blake scifi a jar gain yet that doesn't quite necessarily an out it's me it's a lot of the times of the try to explain something on Star Trek and using a bunch of big words strung together and you're like that's probably a thing but I'm not really Smart enough to understand it's I don't know now working or not or I how it should work the trouble is is there are basically trying to explain away the real plot. And make it more cloverfield and dead man unfortunately there was too much left of the real plot to make you think this looks intentional not accidental right but the stuff that's happening somebody's crew people. One thing I do love about it though is the fact that it looks like there are more than willing to be able to do more things like this and I am OK with that. I like the fact that it's kind of like I said a little bit of a Twilight Zone sort of thing going on with it. And all these crazy monsters can happen any time you don't know what kind of monsters are gonna have because tencor field plain didn't have a guide you monster at these illegal aliens were so. The more sort of weird things that they can do to. Like you know tear into their reality of member of the time and all space and all that ridiculous as. I'm totally down I hate the movie I didn't feel like I wasted my time so that's good news nice do you think that we are ever going to get like has solid explanation as to where everything's coming from or why it's happening don't I think this movie was it. Do you think we'll ever see cloverfield movie were actual -- oh yeah as Pacific rim to gets OK title are you are at five would know what now we're just gonna move on because we've got to talk with Vicki. She twist kick dish. What's coming out this weekend Vicky. Mean yeah. This doesn't count but I guess it kinda counts because it started as a you know fan fiction has twilight which is I guess in a category of there you're not saying united now around 5050 shades of whether fifty shades freed. And I know another. Now no I would I'm happily report that it's only getting 14% on rotten tomato her lot and I'm eagerly awaiting these Salma Hayek version fifty shades freed. When moon while. I'm done now and know when we're knowing that and countless though I mean if Crist crowd crisp is day and it's you know it's that. I really like fifty shades. No no no joke and I apologize that what I thought about this no no when we talk about. What actually kind of on a scene. And this are gonna take because those two are Haskell rebel rather it is it's. I Z axis of trailers to this there's a lot of really great voice actors and actors in general 'cause he got. Rose Byrne and typically don't domed hall abdominal Lisa the idea and a the new Star Wars movies I DV Ridley is also and it really so this is live action and animation yes LE a little animated bunny ruining his life. Nice I. I believe it's like James cordon is Peter Rabbit. A guy. It's just such a good a hybrid issue sounds like we got Margot Robbie sand meals also in the and that's not a British yes getting. 60%. Yeah tomatoes this Margot Robbie British scene Australian. OK irony disobey you don't notice. I mean if it but it would be averaged dumb American notice I. I look at me he says no reason. And that's pretty much at their not a whole lot I mean of late we're talking about the cloverfield paradox if you count that as a movie coming out this week in an hour started out headed out this there's a coming up this weekend dummy yeah that's out there and I'm excited out there yeah if you don't wanna watch either haven't heard fifty shades of. You can go ahead to stay out Coleman watched that vehicle on the field and I mean a Carner and to maintain 18% that's for better than the west cloverfield he had. Uniform better than fifty shades freed so remain at a critics aren't OK with Taylor and I mean who musical film movie you know hairdos and at that point with that one so is it really don't look or -- means guess is they really he had I know we argued about a most of the immigrants kind of leveled at RA love and hopefully. There's some other movies out there I know next week he's going to be a big week for movies. I had to play out what was happening next week black panther I don't know this is is a movie it's quite possibly just a movie out there was it and I another recall a lot of pretty darn good about oh are they love these upstarts. These upstart marvel people well until like some guys seen any. Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Joined Vernon Wells six feet Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells has something for every one. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW doc plus.