BJ & MIGS Podcast 02-09-18-7A: What was the most shocking thing you have ever found?

Friday, February 9th

Beat Migs. WWE superstar Shelton Benjamin found a loaded handgun in his rental car. Luke warm topic.


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Blue healing us. Really want more info about how you can see them how you can get their music problem we go to my voice and the band and they are caught got a new record in new EP. Anti social butterfly great song about bullying great video as well you can check out knights are seeing them BJ. Join us in the end got a plane and head on over to Brazil playing up want to show the margin broad deal already. You've got verbally from theirs while celebrate. Some Washington some results that's cool that's very cool web and you are more voters go to the game big stage of KI SW dot com and don't forget we've got. Two hours of solid local music man. It's called my mobile every Sunday night at 10 o'clock right here in the rock did your great fans. Mean. I. Okay and zombie. Easy day eight new guys we have made the riot act. Yeah. Our bill Friday junior here is just Friday. Oh yeah and everyone has a great one and now they have a great weekend my hope that we can goes just as long as this week has gone. Malawi well I don't know how good this is consuming an ever ended Garrett has that quality that was now wait for me really yeah I love it when somebody else's had a long week and I'm like that's a pretty good. Well hopefully our you can does it hasn't had a long weekend at net whenever we got Jason Kidd Munro Jason are you there's there. Where you yeah. Yeah at what he blames bush and you saw you also went along weeks. A little little I hear you okay turn you did do on your line like it or not Saddam earlier and I vote yes he knows what he's blamed for today's Steve asked that I thought plans now that I'm timers and that's not think it is going to be an incredible over their armor apartments. June 22 go to KI SW dot com for all the details if you wanna check amassed on the primaries he gave you tickets now at any access dot com or Steve get out of here. Those playing don't Jason we'll have sixty seconds to answer ten questions Jason you can pass all you want but you'll only get three guesses per question. Are you ready and alert the now. So broke Juno launched in 2011 and was sent to monitor which planet and its moon sticks to its next Mars battled. Jupiter yet ask what does the rental ads in what year did metallic gold first you win the Grammy for best metal performance. As nice next now it's. Think you know. The badger is the signature animal for which hot wars howls. What social media platform launched in August of 2003. Expert now. Exclusive now it. Our goal I don't know how to mount an old wrist is the tallest peak on which continent. North America now. Eight are now. Stuff America now when Super Bowl featured the Seahawks and the Steelers yeah. Oh it's. Our Jason well yeah I've got to correct. Earlier it dropped in the news that's a good run now I mean that was a good question both make yards like he didn't answer so I don't think it. Dropped the gas not that amazing I can't remember that number you can't I change. Great. Yankee should mean he can't remember that number of car yourself this shortfall saying well you don't remember it either must have been questioned and your your. Not wrong let's have a 69 sure path in LA and an outfield policy on Barry Sanders he remembers now does he know it really is a number I should know anytime I'm kind of I'm kind of hinted it epithets. Steve are you ready and at NASA probe Juno launched in 2011 was sent to monitor which planet and its moons. There it is right now it's. Cleared out now Jupiter to yes Power One dizzy rcn foreign nonprofit organization and our eighth rifle Diaz and in what year did Metallica first win the Grammy for best metal performance. Yeah saw Amy Yates notes 89 he adds I don't see badgers he's signature animals for which pop awards powerless to. Honey badgers know. I just like to tell us Harry Potter fans and I didn't. Dumbledore now supports. Cities and now this past which social media platform launched in August of 2003. It Twitter to. They want to know. Crap about whether those not tax. Now our our old prison as the tallest peak on which continental Africa to note. Asia to know Antarctica now are we just Super Bowl features the Seahawks and the Steelers. I'm Jamal forty yeah as nicely last year in the nineties did the first episode of crab rats air. Thank you. Now don't really close there wow 1234. That's terrible Steve but then not to win nice decent guy a DC's job to now. What they call back tomorrow he'd get those tickets take. It's been a long week on the case and how long weekend calls specifically to win those tickets. This series at all might never know I know. DYIRA. Because I mean he asked mascot of primus fans it's a select crew let's take up. That's that's they. I don't know there's a certain passionately those band and he knew exactly what he was calling for I don't know why Winamp but not a bad the media Wyndham you know I'm not gonna stand in the way because I mean if you buy cheap people nice I'm not gonna stand in ways and means that you still Elin had a crappy week and I got the famous song so everything is turning pro now or I don't play my socks oh no I veto this whole idea what you can't veto it Steve it's. Steve gets to do it he can get to do things. I mean if you guys don't want to that's fine on this story and out there and I've got a problem and I showed him this they know Jason you'll get these stadiums and he threw out a lot of other fancy phone lines they never probably just email Steve we'll give them Jason's number and he had talked although that is so maybe take one of those people a good idea they're fair enough I thought I'd Jupiter was the plan on their man you got that one I got that run into the hall courthouse that did the badgers a signature animal Dickie do you get this and one -- hobbled off public giving him one yes yes I -- strain of weed it probably is now a days you've probably right but these social media platform that launched in 2003. The high speed I race MySpace. I was fifteen yes fifteen years ago while she doesn't really seem that long ago so I just seemed a MySpace is already around before that it really is a long time ago crazy because it's fifteen years ago which is a good amount of time ago we still think 2003 wasn't Alonso yeah. I'm Mal L breasts is on which continent's design now the Idris. Status it was for the reasons there's nobody I mean death technically sort of yes. All right visits Europe. Zero kind of ripe doing things on an easy one dip. I you're really close with the episode the first episode of rug rats airing in the ninety's he said 92. He was ninety watt. On the rug rats and other Democrats and if there's a minute pistons. Never once. There are pretty great I went exactly right. I was an AK Ali yeah the kid but I was really cute I must imagine what's reds excuse though because he's close to your age I I'm children and I had a brother and sister that I have a brother sister they're ten and eleven years younger than me at all so I probably had a what I like a watch all of the ninety's did okay movies in all of that stuff I give you that. And then he had BJ didn't know the Super Bowl that featured the Seahawks and the Steelers could figure out that an eye nose in the forties and I know it should be a number I should know and then when he said forty MI can of course it is an idiot and I would have accepted forty or excel is someone who would have thrown that out -- -- -- Roman numerals oracle excel external hard yet that's why I remember it was an extra large disappointment that there are few better words because you didn't disappoint though because you gave decent tickets so nobody call and but he wants very happy host look on announcer read go at those phones and tell them why Steve. Broke their hearts and oh yes there's all of them we're going to win they were all gonna win it all sort of we are number four be out there and Steve says no you know I didn't get out of set good excess stock Congo buy your tickets not dream. Crash here that's what I'm here for that's of his own about. Got a state trooper in Kansas made a video explaining how to merge properly on the interstate which is good stuff to know. Oh man he's like does have emerged one super emerge I don't have a zipper. I hope so I hope all. Those commercials were awesome so. Super emerge. I don't have a zipper idea that every day now and drum thought from an emerging and I see somebody not doing the proper zip emerged all I could think of is all. Now the reason why this video's gone viral is because this trooper seems very cool and very happy. It's called acceleration. Lane people when you get into the interstate you've got to accelerates. To be at the same speed. Then people are traveling on the interstate I'm not telling you to Jack appears beating go way above the speed and they don't did dad. But I needed to be good at this speed limits of edgier merge into traffic because it totally Jack's everybody you have that's in that no lanes traveling down the road. All. I declare that every morning to start our shout just sit everybody remembers exactly what tells gone on that you can go the speed limit when your emerging yeah I hate the people that come to a complete stop. He they're afraid you know because they existed they don't know sums gonna let a man and I can't blame them because marriage there are people in the right lane they do not let you win and that's the other part of that into that equation. If you don't wanna have to let people in they get out of the right blame. But did you just have to know that people are going to be merging and an order first everything to be successful they need to be going the speed limit and you need to let the men because there's nowhere for them to go they're going to steal and if they're gonna hit a wallet you don't let amid all the talk. Oh. Little people don't do that man it's stated it's amazing how people just. I'm not gonna let that target for me it's. Plus I still seriously I honestly and I hate it when there is it. It drives me nuts and they try so damn much billion Puyallup so I see are the worst of the worst all the time. To many. You put on your blink her to say you wanna get into the next lane. That Carnegie where you had plenty of room between you when that car to be able to do it but. You know hey courtesy and also part of the logs show let them know you're coming into that lane that's a nice thing it trigger something in some some people who are a holes. That all they wanna get an I should speed up I don't want you to get enemy's got a you actually it's seven dec competition thing in our brains or go to our economy first what does that NASCAR laissez chick who runs the freeway I know dude. And people that aren't using international's I almost got hit this morning. Yeah because you know when you're merging them sometimes people we merging into the same lane especially if there's some as going out left link to the middle and I'm going from the right lane in the middle yup if you don't have your directional on I don't know you're going there therefore I think I've got an easy path there's no cars behind me I can move over. I don't think of the guy audit in the lane two lanes over unless third originals on and got people lose one dude was just going so fast any type bodies and kill me because it was. He just wish he was just weaving in and now he's going at a really high speed without using his directional on like whoa if somebody stopped short he's got to stop short and I would hit them if you had a bad. A day that you were just so fresh they were drivers ages I know what I'm not my plans I was gonna have that involve driving later on tonight and I'm doing it. Well I don't know before you get that point your life. Oh I've iMac that's why am I I'll fully submerged at that point there have been times in the weekends where like we are doing a bunch of tired running a bunch Ahrens during the day drive from here to there and again on the freeway and I'm I just. You get that divide that nobody is looking how free each other. And I don't wanna be on the road with those kind of driver's side is that the mile and a wife might kill. We need to go do that tonight can we just cancel our plans are not feeling driving tonight I don't play all I don't wanna be on the road with these idiots especially when it's dark and alcohol might be involved. You would drive like reckless morons at three in the afternoon I can I do is to be like at 10 o'clock at night. I'm with you and I don't know you know I first thought might be an age thing but tonight relation I know I mean I think if for couple decades. And it wasn't like this when I first got here like they did as far as the volume of traffic and then you say multiply that with the idiots and psyche out why. You know I I'm the first guy they can't wait for light rail to come over to the east side. Kazaa hop on that IRY self driving cars that the robots take over okay that's even better getting complicated but actually want dad dude I don't trust those robots we look at the robot arm and out to get a slice it these guys that's coming after you are I think I know I signed. I'm a person you do you have a bad tried driving a semi when you have to merge I don't you know I you guys do it and I mean it bosses semis. Big box trucks people are jerks might know what I'm behind one of them so all of a sudden people just are speeding up and and I've had people honked their horn at me when I slowed down. I could disassociate truck. Put their blink or on a Mike night. The economy and that's got to reduce move not to. And the people behind me get pissed off my brother's been driving Charles Pope he sits on windshields REIT today. Hey my brother trained me and I I I'm I don't know truck ought to fall truck drivers do this to everybody their family but. When I was learn to drive and all that my brother pulled me aside and says listen you'll Jack knob. Here's what you're gonna do when you're driving because he said that a lot he's starting sentencing as a he had probably you probably did you know there was a lot of love there probably doesn't know his middle name. Maybe it maybe that's his looming mideast Millen is big Jack not and I was little jacked up early I'm guessing not just. You can ask him when he comes here. But he saw me he was like dude you've got to let you got to let guys go. So I always like trucks to win ma'am I flashing lights eleven though they got to meet I think at this gigantic ring how the hell they supposed to maneuver of we don't help them or worse we'd make it more difficult for them. And then of course if they've there's a crash they wrong the whole freeway. Babbitt people so care to disseminate this to just general world in their car I don't is a regional thing but you get called out. I I've I heard it both ways so I never really think I ended doesn't bat an eye when I hear you say directional. But I do I what that's a directional as a new word for blink her all you know what I always thought blank there was something that we only sit on him in the northeast. I'll maybe is directional as what we see it's a flicker you're right. Ha I think it's he had the official name isn't pointer the official name is directional but I think him because appoint her now right. But yeah I'd yeah out to get the official word is clinker I think it's cool to call that yeah I've written well actually possibly can't blink. So I don't even know what I I don't know where I get the word directional it's not turning signal its turn signal. It's it's I think it's yeah yeah I looked up clinker in a crisis like I'm single speaks specially vehicles turn signal that this may be is in Massachusetts thing for that we call that a directional. Because that's I I it's in my head. You never heard a call that's the directional and I've heard it called I heard it called clinker neon and currency earlier on and I don't it says that you know scanning. Danny and people from France there. Some people talk indicators. Or we are here parents there on the European we left indicator arm could just go back to the skinny people from canceled what I could go in front. Fancy people love anything fancy person aren't they like the French I got to draw. I got my turn signal that we re. That was by the way is spot on French impression okwu in Australia they called indicators are flickers. Flickr as well that clears awesome that's a whole other day of July I gotta say some. I thought I just flickered. It's so awesome to talk to somebody from Australia because I do these Skype sessions for this woman Australia and dude she's got a leg when she's talking that I chat rooms everything you do and they come limit how much is there a minute off timeout how do you know another does it got him pervert like you homes are I don't know many people who are having chat sessions or people in Australia on Skype well that's it's all part of my did the bye bye average 87 I did and we we do these middle firing Katie Jeff Sessions that we do that's not a nice. This is a nice. How about the success. That's what he's saying and now you know I've I've done depends on during these conversations out all these cool names for stuff that I picked Iran today sir your turn signal. Okay this is showing you her Flickr you know what why you when any go to France OK Paul talked conference a half we really know you've I think I'm doing it because still OK to miss time to show our worldly. But that's not in France it simply Yung Chang or wherever it is called the right but I get in trouble I tried to want those impressions that's very good point you'll is that why isn't it good frank depression nobody gets married yet but if you donation impression people get Matty or do now you do and I don't know because we're all offended if he's basically it's really good point. When I also got an unbridgeable into the boss's office loot we like that though the French coalition of satellites are going to be upset with me yeah why do I know all the time what happens above the English folks give madam I guess they have as much rice. On but I think that's funny anymore all right let me think about this popular celebrity whose job. Around. In a rental car. We'll go loaded gun fire Paul yeah and you think he was an idea but he didn't even know he had a loaded gun in his rental car for several days. I'll say how this all happened at 717. On Iraq. And they eggs mornings. On the tour and 99.9 KI SW. Got to nine point nine KI SW the rock of Seattle. The story's not meant WWE superstar Shelton Benjamin. Found something insane in his rental car full loaded handgun she each I'm always still worried when a charger that's not my in the rental car. Yeah you know it's you know it's really fascinating because my Biron to when I when I rent a car while that paper they give me I immediately throw in the glove compartment that I apparently that's not what shell does because he found the gun for days after renting the car from Budget Rent A Car in Arkansas. And he posts the count on Twitter and is obviously more than a little said he was like thank you budget for your great terrorism putting my reputation of freedom and quite possibly my life in jeopardy. I've unknowingly be driving your car around the last four days. Well done and allowed it did it do Barbara. And any and a lot of those like angry face the most juror do you already ready to Siena. Am I don't play for being freaked out about that and yes Jimmy and it's setting it to incorporate recent any stories but he's a black period and could you imagine if he got pulled over or we hear these stories you're actually right dude and and I and I can understand why ME block or why but you know from the Lu stores are we hear that that that would be terrifying in nearly did it they would sell like the typical response I swear officer it's not my guide. I don't know how it got in there they're actually learn I mean you're absolutely right he's definitely got a reasonably assess. And in the hunt every dodged a bullet. Hey it. Since they were better yeah for he's the best it's true rebel. A budget did respond. And they informed that the company turned the incident over to local law enforcement for an appropriate investigation McKenna responses that. Here's what you respond you go we're really sorry we turned it over law enforcement officials we need to do a better job we're gonna give your free rental. And you know free rental. This and keep the car. She's not here I'm just say free rental nearly you're really escalating what they've got to do yes right. Yeah. I in this obesity hopeful he'll mode and decided to listen rather ho yeah I think should definitely that that's. No no we're gonna put it next time you'll see you only put your go to our next brother how lives snake and where's the Wendy's Twitter account of rental cars like if someone the other rental companies are really the south amuse us now on we don't keep guns and our glove compartment your hasn't always should be the one that does that doesn't always try harder EI nation have been right on that. Dan do that's that's amazing. WW superstar Shelton Benjamin found a loaded handgun in his rental car based on this. What was the most shocking thing that you've ever found and 206 point 21 rock the Texas 77999. Unknown. She. What was the most shocking thing you've ever found. Your calls and your checks. That's decent voice on Iraq. And makes it more news on the rock and 99.9 KI SW. Evidently 98 I as w.'s Iraq. I. WW superstar Sheldon Benjamin found a loaded handgun in his rental car Sybase in this who don't know what was the most shocking thing that you have ever found and it doesn't the retailer rental car and car realized text vote these people finding cars to be anywhere and yeah yeah yeah oh. Freedom and I think over an economy that's very awkward well. I had to fix my thing. About a tank will be going into an already are less well you know I mean you know now really hits the lord's side effects fairness. All right so how might charge extra for GPS if you want your rental car how much more than they charge for a loaded gun it's a good question that's right. So. We're asking you what was the most shocking thing you've ever found like Steve said doesn't have to be around the charges anywhere you venue found something like what the hell. 206421. Rock text this at 77999. AJ in Seattle you are on the rock. David McCullough. Good morning buddies so how much you what was the most shocking thing you've ever found. One time back down to make and hope those sleepy in the back in my Volkswagen Beetle us. It's exists in Arab and and that's out all the stops. The obvious there was you played there is there eventually. Eat junk and crap all over the inside. The car and lay you heard they were kind of pass out the backseat would welcome their key Blake. The heat forward between the different seed they were bald spot big kid I lived in an apartment. You know like in my apartment window overlooked. My car. And you know I would get better than normal time the park across the street would come out he usually do you like to use the junk yeah hanging out there know just kind of kept an eye on now my car but. This particular morning I go to my Carter started to go to work and you used to use. Like Cobo junkies just I doubt that he's not like what he. Allpolitics. Does well let's old Sox would make targets broken through and and implement people are still at its glass is half full man I can drive an hov lane. How have got to like that. Yes Dennis instincts always been an hov violator he's looking for any reason to be able to drive and guys. I'm gonna kick out first they get to work and rapid time to ask the outrage you how to kicked out an average is Leo work up there at daybreak in those doors unlocked like how how they get. No they days I can not to walk the little movie windows. You got on the board hired until like somehow they like I don't know they got to stay here just really long arms dealing reach through and just awful law. And then just climbed and they're like backpack trashed actual crap all over the place to eat it sounds like you gotta go and I like you're there like trying to get drama you get the hell out of my car get your crap out of my car I don't care that you make in the middle of the street. Get out of my car. CIA and so. I tell you man. I don't know how we get this kind of legislation I don't know any American who would disagree with this. But rather send people to prison when he's drug related crime like that send him to his car. Well you know what LA or if we can do that we said it was gar I you know just he's big rehab centers I pay my tax money for that though you know what they're buddy. Because of your drug addiction you caused a crime you've got two years one year whatever mandatory rehab you're stuck here rather listening to prison. You clean them up I think every American would be on board for that and yet for some reason we don't do that I don't understand why we can't forget that I was just I was gonna say we should ask him how long did you keep that car after the fact I almost would consider getting rid of the call value passed it would yeah. I just I don't know if I could I doubt we would never sit in a back seat night snicker whenever my friends that. But you don't know look and ask has been and that's he had June. Yeah you're right I I don't know if I keep my car that you weird because she I mean all the stuff they did in there whenever sleep naked naked pose a fully paid off at that point I don't care what you did not getting rid of it. Boy car payments or IC so it's and if it's who I was traded in the items at least you're definitely alright guys a dollar this lease. There examine the fine print says I can't traded and if there's two homeless USX in the back of my car. He also loved his use of the word hobo haven't heard homeowner wanna write the you know I don't know if that's politically correct or not but you know having her hold on a long time that's why I was patronize you made your kid the cartoons of the guy with the stick it in the Bandana and it was like it was filled with stuff and tied to the stick I miss those days because it would break into VW is that just hop on trains bright today you know what I mean I like the old school or walk to train tracks it's. You know they live their military VW's alone. 206421 rock Texas 77999. Again what was the most shocking thing you've ever found let's go to Carl in Seattle Carl you are on the rock. Good morning everybody on the guy. So I used to choke Carter is in Turkey land old. Few years ago we had a snowstorm. And that there was a certain hill where everybody abandoned their cars so I got called out to get these cars Lebanon's problems. And in doing so I capital the inventory of what's in these cars. One of them that I picked up by sound nearly 20000 dollars cash. Weapon and jumped left and an unlocked Carl you know. Like in a bad there was just sit there and stacks of cash. It is what you have that you would not kinda like a black duffel bag. Leon it's a certain sounds or go back man let's see I'm really let passports everything air it out. Get a good ended up being not the payroll for this guy's company. Oh boy that's never been able to find out exactly what it once was that have a brand new black bag and some extra cash and talk yeah yeah everything done that that's everybody's money. Like you know sort of for yeah you always seem drug dealer you'll need at. It's a good point yeah yes it's a it's a very very good point while 20000 dollars how happy was actually realize that no mad props to you from gone back in and bring that cash back a semi honest I would think I'll maybe that's. So the illegal was gone down there and I missed this steroids do you're absolutely right. I see your sons and their guests. We d.s no us. We'll talk about cash yet glass houses today as I heard this great story that it taxi driver told me when I was going to casino apparently. He dropped the guy off. And not five minutes later realize that do vesta bag in the back to his taxi. Opens up. There's over a 100000 dollars of cash and all calls it a little prayer in the and how much fun was the spearmint rhino collection as I guess good all around you by going through a 100000 dollars there. Do I don't think I've ever. Held a 100000 dollars like cash at one time I don't know what I might bring him to go crazy I think error public thousand dollars cash. Lieutenant it well once we get like a photo if you win a thousand ones yeah they're work like one of our you know. Cash giveaways to I think I had to for some deposit for the flight guy hard cash you have because it was old school like he knew that he wanted to thousand dollars dike the first month what last month or whatever and that I felt so nervous because like I can't believe you won't take its second I got to bring this money to this guy was very sketch lol good forum for awhile Pinkston takes Squarespace search act so I took the solutions are now thank god I miss so and so much easier that's MySpace type and value it yeah exactly I mean I don't wanna get beat up and and I missed so much fun. Hundreds out yeah I don't know what that would be like to even see how much money whoa look I sit apparently it doesn't that's actually not that much criticism as 0101000 dollar packets Stalin and it's all ones are yeah also tell which shows you know hundreds Arianna gets paid they did CEO of a lot of my head once when at a by the OC Super Bowl tickets. When I went to Arizona it was a pretty penny is 2000 dollars. And add that much money all you had to pay that in cash he had to got to bring it to add him we've reduced cash transaction is used most terrifying day was coming out of bank without much money echoing a bank robber. Places that left the bank I ran my karma good scope it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Later he gave me the money back due didn't give him a single ball are you kidding me. Yeah that's really that is. Well you get a samba wasn't trying to buy something with a 100000 days to cash in if you if you even if he'd. Remove or maybe was it his life was on the line he you know could have been like one of those things in the news you know seated him on 2000 his kneecap so broken that I'm gonna give the cab driver couple bucks and that. No not when you're on his back after I threw. Plus you know I replied no I watch many movies. If I thought Ted Barrett took some anyways New York to account 100000 dollars credit doubt armored hit how I would I've really dial on the second they're caddie boy. 5000 are crap I lost my place. Start over again now let's go to Deborah Kirkland. Ever you are on Iraq. Good morning optimize ever how about you what was the most shocking thing that you never found. Well I don't skill yeah. In between and she sort of a bad hotel around. I lost I guess you would have very very nice hotel room. So bad listen twice the USS so this you were checked again and it is the first time and apparently they didn't do a good a job cleaning and you just skills in the bed. Apparently they usually made the bad he didn't hardly at all. You know didn't like that must mean that Marshawn Lynch say they're that good how are you pretty much just. Stocks. At least that's the sort I'm too much some that I would definitely say I stay Marshawn Lynch is room clearly it's a bad. Yeah that's what they say when you went back to Saddam. Dies. This bad has skills and it. Well like I get a collaborations it's just I'd just let me get ready to battle to actually o'clock in the morning. Elect she each and their skills over and essentially. See how how many you'd like 1020. A hundred I'll. Colin like twenty and that's a lot of scandals where you sour Connor it's trying to be I didn't I didn't I didn't try and yeah I can cost of a come on I'm a so what do they do feel that to the obvious in my Eminem's instead I'm sorry man do you like Eminem's for Hillary Kelly exactly you have suddenly sees through this is Carmelo and I thought. Thought I'd push for an upgrade to a sweet to. How you can live honestly Lisa when they possibly could go to then. Horse I had stressing when you didn't know forced good stuff all of the audio or worse they go hey we want them on a bunch of Beirut senior Bradley did that oriental a lot. I am yeah we all fairly big idea to a tree on the left Ellen that quite shocked chain link to this dragon room for freeze its ways there's room for free. There are a trio in the league central until two socialist or supplies actual hey our mental note bag skills to me everywhere I travel. Yeah you know I'm not that that's a great call yeah I like. I'm planning now be worried that the Obama housekeeping lady your doorman however it is just so you know remove get fired because I'm pulling a scam like now that's not that's not like you were wary about people. I don't wanna get into I don't president wants job our half over the system and I don't wanna costly let's start CEO you're like Robin Hood yes except you rob from the poor and give it to rob from the rich and give it to yourself finally both look great in green tights. I don't wanna test that theory frost coming and then I'll show you Valerie Soledad on there that aren't put the successes lease or get a car dealership one of the rental cars they found had used needles and a bag of white powder and the French cup holder I never moved rental cars again after that. Yeah now this hole now home and become a nice job keeping it kind of prize did they put it in the glove compartment some input in the cup holder yeah. You I know it's. Drug disease is meant he's tried he's been no no no privacy. Some Israel as a kid risky agreement irresponsible Caesars crazy Brenda Miller wrote the human body create a mob. I don't think what you found was shocking I think what you did with what you've moved shepherd one that's a very good at the box still I mean I know man now Howell and know you don't just come across strange food and eat it that's the trapped men it's usually was laced with stubborn and they decide to see how all affects you that there experiment. Fueled Angel dust in the little Caesars crazy red troll. Doll and don't do that over the Texas and amount on a straight up Bob a certain plugged it doesn't serve part of someone's body top. I don't chunk of parental we went to Disneyland one year awkward family vacation. Yeah. Military sense and three pounds of good weed in the trunk of my used car my dad Bobby after graduating high school best summer ever hot. Do you do you think dad planted it there. North of the dad bought a used car owner of you trying to detect all we've got to be used car yeah and with the cart geez that's a hell of a deal yes what's the name his dealership I hate because I feel like that's a bonus of of a shopping center. Way high cardinals under Greg's auto shop yeah if you really. All right let's see awesome when you find stuff like that there really is let's go to Christopher Basel Christopher you are on the rock. He had made on this morning her to bed buddy which got its. Well you know why now girl turned the channel we're checking into our hotel room and read in there and there was Amanda market. Call it's. That's weird. You know you're really weird like that help him out. Well you got in there and you know actually we're we're tired won Indian and then. This guy Leach open results startled and getting frustrated some work you know I was told luck saying. He does. So I was so you like any like doing anything weird he resists there has taken that it was his room and they put you loss on the same harm. Actually no doubt in my girlfriend now and then you're not a little taken back in anyway it was. I. Any outcomes I think the hotel room is the one place where you can do whatever you wanted to do and if you locked in on our man now would be like why it's. Remember what. The last time we went to I had that they that incident that happened since we we got hammered a shocking and they know I know as a soccer and if so we call the night did not marry GI's and I go back to my room and music from 910 or some point down. Card trying to get to work late in the day before my card didn't work side I was drunk and angry at the comic sellable pitch again I go back down that's nine flights. Take that Dan elevator so inconvenience you know whatever. And I'm trying and trying and I'm pushy on the door and it does Sox also in the door opens and make or are you gotta do is. Are you. Highly puck and I look it is you're a high post is the eighth floor at half. I taxi was a little hemorrhage. Also got off and therefore I got off to I didn't think about the fact that all quite possibly we're not post getting off on the same floor and of course hotel rooms and they're all the same one that the same way they look exactly yeah so I could easily CIA's darkest -- I'm not remember exactly why because it was. In that room hotel was 849 who grew 102 cities forwards a 9102 with a Ford did the door only said 102 so some 48 room 102. So it's just said 1021 are all that's wrong I remembered our policy are you being hammered in mapping McKay say yep that's a mistake right there is nothing different. CI and hotels do that you gotta put the aid on their men because people get drunk you've got to make it as easy as possible for them to know where they're going right and you are that's awesome. So awkward load noon to 3 in the morning Carrie you're lucky it wasn't a guy that was just like F view we woke me up I mean luckily he was cool yeah. That's true or a group also could have been some weird like maybe it's like I was there for some kind of party yeah homey and you never see you guys carefully he opened the door now that's yeah I'm very surprised very awkward that he had made that sobered me up really quickly yeah I think he wasn't in ninety who are you Rovio the party. I ordered somebody well you'll do then you and Chris like which do you go to him never see me again Christian he's gone now Jesse's in the bathtub. Would ice. I here's a question what do you think is the top thing that will negatively impact our relationships. Among tell you at 747. 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