BJ & MIGS Podcast 02-09-18-8A: There is a new list of the top 10 things that negatively impact a relationship.

Friday, February 9th

There is a new list of the top 10 things that negatively impact a relationship. Facebook Drama. “Bachelorette Party”. A woman gets angry at her friend for not inviting her to her bachelorette party.


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Hi Steve got a new survey got the top ten days. That negatively impact relationships. Who's playing other people now you're on the right track is about half of these have to do with sex okay yeah I mean really yeah course okay. Work stress is a big one. I've let that makes sense we know that work and money they will they go hand in hand when it really just you really takes its toll on relationships. When they always say site money sacks and children can correlate the three major issues that are a couple have dinner and their marriage years served. Yes Eric narrates all of what is all these are gonna fall under that criteria well let's say today for me I write. Dad John stereo yeah problem. Those children sucked up the money and then I can have no more sex after they were born just part of a solution if he got the F out. Yeah now it's your turn to our policies it's never gonna happen now Johnny rivers movie and I heard Johnny wrote resign I'll wait for that qwest hasn't had adequate. He's kinda living their anyway he's he's kinda really I mean he's over almost every night fight diseases in towels as you does it breed only well that's a good guy that I I don't know I'd probably bruises on you know I don't I guess not like going to a soaring poll. He does well be seriously. So yeah that's the number one thing work stress 35% of people in the service said yup that one is a problem for our relationship. Number two on this list and we we are going in order of the a basically different ranked number one to number ten as far as the big no number one being the worst. So number two is being too tired for sexton. You know I am more and more I'm hearing that it's it's a thing that guys are saying that they're too tired for sex. And I don't know if they're too tired for the foreplay part of it because probably I am not too tired to just sit there and go OK let's just let's go what's that mean I don't again every two tires that yeah I mean they made it deficit a lot of times leads. Especially down here I come home and retired from school or whatever work America needs to be authentic map ready to go to bed and an almost son Michael in huge load to resume no. They still popping in a dvd and I'm like wait a second I was so tired from a tired after this. While watching a dvd go do it seems like it's like ancient days it well not then no I mean watching video or movie here it feels like you don't need to do anything. This like it's like mindless entertainment right. So I guy I play so you scratch your neck yeah it's not your neck. Yeah I I think he I feel like that's the little least amount of effort you have to put into any thing you're getting entertained. You know I mean just like you do when you have a cold right when I'm flat on my ass for the flu like and so watched show. Yeah but I can I but I have a hard time getting things gone even when will have the flu I don't know try to make things happen and Neil hydraulics department. Truth is dating a compulsive complainer someone who complains about everything who signed BJ's like yeah. Yeah. That's Sox. Yeah because it's a sold suck at that point you come home your access to see you're the person you love and then they come home they're bitching and bitching and bitching and bitching like a lot. I was in a good mood until the city just pull all the fun out of my body. Yeah and you know there's got to be a reason for that as I used to be a chronic complainer and I did go in I want to talk to somebody and realize oh what are we stopped. I'm. Halladay I don't know you but joy do you know what did is invited me up for national. All right well whatever reason I'm a joy or anybody like I'll do it nobody else to go and I know as soon as soon as I status as soon as this guy was gonna go again you guys that now. There are your plans to number three on this list. Again we're going numerical order one being the worst and ten you know being still bad but not as bad as number one these are reasons that have these the negative impacts you have on your relationship. Work stress of being too tired for sex number three having no sex drive. But you're right yeah he's about sex. Do that is the toughest one because at some point. Your sex drive issues are going to be I think for people I mean unless you're lucky enough that you guys have compatible sex drives but a boy I I very rarely know people. Who have that happen I mean Steve your closeup of boogie with I don't know if you have talked to you ma'am are you by email buddies but I have over the years and at some point. They'll come up where some they'll say you know I do the white just doesn't want it anymore I mean that's what I remember hearing a lot we have a couple blazing woman in the locker room now all kind of thrown out there but we always count and it's a signal that to sink your stereotypical joke you know and I mean. I just I don't know if that's what I think it minority I think it's their way of being able to go I wish he gets more and more bad friends as we laugh it off to continue to drink cores like yeah. I Vicki I'll ask you do you have girlfriends that say the same thing like that do just doesn't want them much anymore. Yeah like I have one friend she legit. Begged her husband to have sex and he just has none ash. But did you think like when a woman into his thirties that's when her sex right is the highest and she's a woman in her thirties and then guys have the sex drive the highest when they're teenage like eighteen that's my teachers are paying their students prayed so we asked this it's because you're right I still think though. That a dude sex drive should be pretty decent shape when he's in his thirties. I would think. Maybe some women want it more than just want to because they had the ability to yeah kind of recharge would you agree that there if there were video game character they get there an extra life rather quicker than a dude who might need to you know kind of be on pause for a minute or two I agree Vicky how often does she get you do you know how often she really wants to have sex during the week she would like to actually have at least one. A week once a week at least that's that's not even happen as he Steve that's diagnosed and I don't yet that's bad I'm if it's more common for guys have a lower section right but it's not cool and to have matters is that aren't go to Milan goal horning in on like having sex all the time well. You get looked down upon out. Tell you this Vicki you have a good point com and a can because you guys are are much he's always definitely something we we wanna be proud of but we've now found out with testosterone that. He really if you're a dude and you don't have much of a sex drive. It's also probably affecting your ability to be great work and or or just to do things in life because without that testosterone it's tough to really put out pushed through things so they. They had to go get checked out and there's a lot of clinics now that will help you out with testosterone issue and also on the flip side could be a situation where is she giving him a hard time. Difficult. Hi you have been good about this where now it's psychological you know I mean like where it's almost in his head worries like our man I gotta really stepping up and perform any kind of psyched himself out. We I mean I think all guys can agree at some point. Maybe not to this instance but if you get in your own head also mr. softy comes and visits and you can't can't can't get out of your own hat that's only that's only have a one time in my life. That psychologically you have really get excited ya I tried and I just couldn't get it done what happened. While I thought I was gonna be killed. By your wife know this was where this is way back and when I was when I was at when I was a young man which is why it was really amazing because the younger you are the more easy it is for you get everything working. We look did you figure he killed by the person you are where I was kind yeah I thought that that dot she had a I thought she had a guy that was gonna come kill me off and then she's like now these are we OK okay well you're paying in LA Sharon Stone from my basic instinct is you have to be a bit but never in my life that I ever have that problem I literally was like wow I cannot get stuff going and I'm realizing. We I'm scared that this guy's in the post this really kill us because he's got his chair up against the doorknob yeah I think I should have done that I'd end their day out. Ya that's right Hoosier hysteria habitual. Wanted to get with people who have other men their life that's why do you not immensely. Never for us is arguments about money like we said yup yup money sex and kids so far the kids haven't shown up on this list that's nice and other not the top four they had to do strike the cubs and the question of what's for dinner. Yeah and that's not their by the way so we give me earlier clue about that OEE as far as like do the dinner issue you know when you go what do you want for dinner and nobody wants to give an answer. Somebody told me that if you wanna make you woman happy you throw out suggestions you'd did you say what do you think about Chinese. And if she says yes or no legal what do you think about Italian what do you think about fox. Don't ask her what's for dinner give her suggestions and I don't know it was like the best trick I've ever learned it's like for some reason with some women they go thank you for at least giving suggestions and then and she doesn't care she really really wants his. Like the fact that you're making the move from my wife and I we don't even to ask each other what's for dinner it's disagrees say. Sushi in the inner time. Because it's always what we end up doing C that's awesome it's easy it's really wanted to cease uranium. And an interest sushi this weekend I'll really have as a really it was Indian because I can balance the there are definitely interests issued this week has some of them that. I'm OK so I never five in the list. This is interesting and this kind of I think was the thing in my relational my wife found out I had to work this out hope I wanna be was a morning person. And the other is a Nidal them. My wife is a morning person. That's gonna be tough for people that are relationships that. It's only works nights and in person works days and now they have that they think. That passing moment the you know and Munich where it's like okay we got like a two hour window to spend time with each other known active and then I'm asleep when you're at work or vice Versa you know who's got that who is is as everybody Terra Networks gases just got deck as her husband Morse the morning Debra worst in the mornings yeah and then she works tonight's and that's in both the radio which an awesome and she it seems to be working out well because parents always get nice things to say about him. But in my situation. The CI was a gap you know I'm a gamer. I go to bed about the time Michael it is getting up if not for this job and who I would be going to bed around 3:4 morning duties if Luke Luke. This was not our job my wife I would definitely have issues sleep schedule wise because she likes getting up early getting your day going having her maiden on the weekends it's like a mostly she's like opens up the door and marching band comes out it's like she's like all about like where it's up at 6 AM let's get things going. And if I don't think you have to work might know turn the lights off. I sort of stuff I like being up late and I want to get up early to listen what if you if you and I were both retired as a way to. If it involves living together answers. Now now we live together and how what how wise at the answers now why he give up they have a great time together you and I get to sleep and it's a great deal you know like this very one bad. Save that why does and don't have our own separate rooms you know me I want separate bedrooms even for my wife. Well as four separate bedrooms you have yours. I admire and they'll have there is. And though they can get get up and have their marching Benny and I get sleep I is a really good ideas why it took BP took me and why won't you let me sleep with you or at least come live with the in a wild crowd. If I. You know I'm into a tie now I ahead anyone else and on this timeout all right there's Heidi it's investing for their members say he's just due to her mouth and sexualized you know I'm Danny that's easier or more said he had pizza if you had two point. Number six or health problems call this socks 'cause the older I mean if you're lucky enough to be a long term marriage right. You want that to be a good thing that's that's sucks if you think is the case supposed to get better when you get older but the health problems are gonna give your problem so growing we are people who are enough feels well. I he had that's true. I think that you know I wonder what it means when somebody's like get a big age difference like for you Steve. How is it going to be for you for what she can be young and vibrant she still have a great life you have in a wheelchair not doing anything. It is that it did did dodge him feeling maybe you've given of the raw deal. Don't you know heeded we are married. Com okay and product but that Roanoke as it exited that alphabet opens up the door and a great opportunities that she can get. When I had a line at Disney World and Disneyland OK she's pushing them around right here we have got a better seats or concerts. And football games are hey it's all gonna work out. I like the allied 88 on the glass is always half full with you I love that yep. Number seven on the list boring sex. I feel like Vicky that that would be a problem for Vicky it's like OK if you are not bad tie me up if you had to throw me gets the water can hang me from the ceiling I am out. What's the point but that there is a very important thing like if you're not by even with the person factually then. Yeah it's not gonna work out like I met people whom I've had great conversations with and got along cheaper well. And then when it came to doing it it was just not there wasn't fun. And it was unfortunate that I am just didn't work. Did you tell them that's why not he would make him when you really feel sometimes when people break up they wanna know why I never was our president don't we ought to be on the okay cool get out. But I some people want to know what they did because the relationship and do you tell the truth like you suck in the bad no one ended up happening just. Heat shot I don't has NN wording still huge. The phrase saying India. He thought I ghosts and because I he texted me and I replied back and I never hits and Paul and I and hail and that happened. Right and I so many never like we never really talked it was really only just drifted apart. And then years later I win my outlook allows. And he texted me and I looked and I see my message is still there are literally and engineers later needs to look at the phone with the gold three bubbles that if I wanna see and hit send Jesus loves those bubbles can movement and just coming in a battle don't buy now. Now they married in all adds up NASA. So let me ask you this because semi sex is a really tough issue to talk about. You know do you police say if we realized OK this is kind of boring do you make suggestions go hey what if we tried this because I'm I. Going to do anything. You know unless it really just turns me off but if it's something I just never did before my all right well I'm well argument and you try do you at least say what you want is a lot of people don't say what they want. Yeah I usually at some point because you you don't go out with the wits and chains on the first day unless you meet him on satellite I lesser like Danny. Welcome. But I what does this fat life and life is that initialize yes. Well I'll say where people can have profiles you can meet locals in your area telling your account. I didn't do I don't pictures ups and nobody knows him we look at other people's pictures on us. Yeah I their profile pictures. We can. Hi Kelly you don't have any pictures up I think you might put on a massive sums of you wouldn't have tattoos so people my you recognize what a beautiful game suit the land like that yeah I mean I don't wanna be to give that I'll win against it. That is unfair expectations OK I'm not thinking and here. I just have this I have this really funny vision Vicki because she's so it's not you run your classmates did some good. How can be like watching like a little balloon boy wearing a black uniform. It's a slow Mo Letterman thing when you please put on a game soon not to do any sexual like this or that video cue from running around the cancer. And they are guys who who birth to baby due. I've got a friend stickler for you that's the somewhat do you get do you get shamed out. OK I want them a leg up. I will pay for the understand your commentary. Says it's actually more expensive thing you think those little outfits they're really proud I find them steeple I'm going to evangelist on camera one that they have a used one thing. Number radio this lets people erect out this function and that's what you're talking about Steve good. But but this is where you just yet you can't do it all the time that's why you get that black mumble a man at the that the seven elevens look at the other black marble take care of it yet to fixes everything got so so here we go sex was number two number three. Number seven and number eight. Wow OK and it's also number ten failing to finish your work out then you know failing to reach the promised land in the bedroom. Allow whole man also just missing the top ten were having a baby watching porn. Being too quick in the bedroom and arms if you know I mean cheating on my goalie it was a goldilocks. When it comes to sex yes to fess he's slow yeah. Also politics to make the top ten but that's something that people when they argue about politics. And then finally kids came in at number eight. While that's not that's amazing how much sex plays a role in and and yet we have one of the most repressed sexual societies you think we would make the connection. You think we figured out but we haven't to this question for him. What happens when someone finds out on social media that they were not invited to a bachelorette party at all. Is going to be good for another edition of FaceBook drama you can hear it dates seventeen. On Iraq. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI ESW. And 99.9 JINSW. 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It's our opportunity to put out the media center on FaceBook and I think if anyone has a FaceBook account you know there are lust of the people there this is an actual FaceBook post. The drama unfold because me and yep we're gonna acted out this time it's all about. A Vegas bachelorette party. So play the role of the result poster will be Vicki you became a yeah hey Brad you'll be humiliated street all the crystal. Sarah he'll be Heather hang and DJ you're just how tall a rice price once again Kayla is the original poster so Vicki please take it away. Think still on I really easy doing in Vegas for my bachelorette married me. The time my lungs and now it's time to get married. Had a free cube master of. And Judy tasty and easy and I'm still scraping all the glitter around my entire body I. Later brooms has snagged best trip ever. Glad you guys had so much fun thanks for me in my eight sat seasonal G. Loves pop grades. Hash tag accurate turn off. Really less fun I had and that's the only freezing you weren't inviting Harry told then us. Twist the full home wow how old and their guns Jessica throwing the bride to be right Anita bosh. Yeah no they won't they noticed is that sees a big. Aren't dead they're disturbed that true. Hello I'm les just attack you're just telling how did this because yard jealous Kristol fed a man actually wants to marry here. How long have you been dating your dude five years. Six and still no proposal that has got to make you feel like ass shots have been fired people I meet peak. Shots had been mother had been fired I stead take Palmer. Stay you know me and you yeah my relationship so hey you argue. This yeah. At least I can keep Amanda rob the long as bad. Thanks access Dell being fired people had snag take Bart Palmer in hindsight I'm glad I wasn't I didn't you're all the worse. You calling to their friend is. Hash tag catty bitches. It was so good the glitter boobs and just went from there. So I had to look Garcia put an awkward turtles. I then. Yeah I did it that's I've heard Joey say that a lot why after releasing awkward turtle yeah he's a grown man yeah he says a lot. Off course hers we prick your hands on top of the chatter and anger thumbs move such as well it's our ports on their yearly in a circle of people are coming in there's complete silence. So I'm just lets up opera turtle and what does that have to do with things being. This is this is of course very that's like an awkward turtles they're not so we are an awkward moment are you first put your hand on top of someone else only since he's making it more awkward. Even bring you close together and notes sometime beer on him and I just goats. You never coming Akron journal. Now I've never done me I always thought it's his mental maternal was flipped over Michelle's very awkward as it can go on his thereafter but this looks really opportune Donna I know they did that whole hand sometimes the sum of one time you make if something no one land that in the hunt and try to go the other weasels were really awkward. No that's I am there and heard the freight valued on the opera journal I never in my hand they never heard that. The phrase before her then how can only enhancing echoes of tea it's the animal mascot for an awkward moment I've done that turtle coming out of its shell game. Okay. Who I know and oh that's always gonna put. Earlier there. Yeah there are very aware that I'm just picturing like the beetlejuice and snake situation yeah now so it's just awkward for illegals are tile dysfunction. Oh that's very are fraternal. You have to practice with a Stevie signed a woman smokes five tax today Patrick thank you ask. Sound dance and humor dictionary say about our return on it says the panel mascot of the awkward moments and. When you're in an awkward moment please your hands on top of each other and spend your thumbs follower that's creating the creature known as the awkward turn. All right minister we have the sexy turtles beyond those stats via. I also and then you got that poor kid. Yeah okay I get an awkward turn. It's good that is. Yeah that's amazing that's someplace you. And I cannot believe that turtles actually I mean because that's what we did it. I can't believe that is the only airline oh amazing I know there is the best sound especially the one video of the turtle doing it's like a croc shoe. Oh he's even against that one thing I do no mistake I don't hide it's like these that I have here I'm using now on where they may get busy the croc shoe gaffe which must be like for him he's like this is the best turtle ever look at all the places like you know oh yeah I have done about that album. Wow. Spam. And he's made you know morneau journals good for him. While there was an awkward turtles other Elaine sex move. It does see I really does feel like it's not like the other donkey country Abraham Lincoln feels like it to be in that category yeah. They are fraternal but you know it and I think at some point you gotta find their reasons. I think if you say don't you have every right to play that was secular to the donkey punch again I mean on the block this. I'm. Not bad yeah I cannot unrealized and realized putts on at least with FaceBook drama today we learned something about an awkward turtles you're welcome it very well yeah. I can't that there are people wanted it just wanna just throw something out there on FaceBook and swipes the world implode around them Blake was a Lilly yeah Lilly the one that said I guess you're not invited to the room wasn't full at all like what jet to say that. Honesty is the best policy man but there is I mean there's no and asking her a problem as it looked at it here on FaceBook bragging about a party that that girl who's obviously your friend concede it should who wasn't invited and then it did seem like that other girl told her don't know so she knew she wasn't invited and here's why you're not invited. But they're bragging about what a great time yeah yeah I mean come on they deserve if I'm if they all are really friends this how many times do you just get pulled into like a bridal party end. You don't really like most of the girls that party here's their friends of the bride would you be breaking my FaceBook though Vicky if you knew there was one person you didn't invite Butler meanwhile yeah they're celebrating the fact they went to a bachelor amused going to be a lot of people didn't invite probably I think sometimes people talking about weddings and people happier coworkers or people wide. Folly that was decent enough friends with and other thoughts got. A bummer but I look at me like I can't I needed it night meteor weddings I feel lie ache. Nobody wants yell at me because I was invited to a wedding and he was in any thought that he was closer to that personally this is the dumbest conversation and I'm rethinking our friendship this is a tough because guys don't care about it but I had so much but I think for women. I feel like if they think there is close is anybody else they can get upset about it and you know what she's close not to get a phone call here's why you're not going. Yeah I mean with the this is don't think of it like that way and I think people to seek to stop making the wedding about them it's about that person but see you and I wouldn't want FaceBook to bring about our anything's anyway I mean we we we go what a great bachelor party was we would do that may be in a chat. It reminds stem from just posting a picture at the wedding because that was not like the nose and already I was looking I really dug the picture my wife and I and personnel got married and his now wife and and then the next day I got the taboo and my wife uses it explaining how pissed off he was that he wasn't invited numb like this is really opera might. I don't know what to tell you bro like what you want me to say yeah I Danielle Tucker I don't think I can't believe you were invited over me amicable now I'm Salma. If I if I cared I should be insulted by something like that. Yeah obviously I'm done talking and the guys to stop talking I think it's stupid congress serious is this newcomer Jessica. You just I literally like by her what was the last time I had a conversation with this person I mean that's tonight at that think like if I just talk the guy and I talked on a regular basis and I'm not invited to a wedding. I've LA OK okay and you are and then I'd like I feel like I die I know better than Steve made that have a question but most of the time. I don't get invited because I it's he does it the right way like it's the proper group of friends and I'm not an in that circle you just know where you are not in a person's. Life for some people's egos just can't let go of the fact that there and I'm aware that I can't make a similar bodies at a bachelor party at the dining and I am I realized. Play time he does stuff I never have time to go and do stuff with him so of course he's not gonna think of me my it I'm sure it was an intentional if there was so be it it's. An army for not being good and a friend that he didn't think you know I mean like AMOCO and like. Get all worked up over this for some people's egos get sold out of shape because like how dare that person not concern me and as awesome as I am. And there are a lot of people who just wanna be invited anyway and I lot of friends who don't come to a lot of stuff and I'm like I'm not him you anymore and I know I still like to be invited even knock knock probably gonna now. Oh well what do you stop I have to say I mean this eskimo when we like look you don't come any in my parties amount of my yeah exactly but not X I don't know if it's with males that a lot of females they air really that I married the enemy gets a kick him off my board game group because they've never come to one of my part and I go that's a strong Vijay there's a lot of these large group and it's like I really don't want they have ninety people show up. So I've got a cold heard and I and I roll how many times can they missed before they get kicked out of the group I think it's ten times at least okay that's not so extreme yeah I mean instead they're people I don't view I would feel like after two if I was I think in very dance stunned yeah well I mean I've I've been really lenient I still have about ninety people my boarding group and one day like what happens everybody says yes let's like I have no room for these people that's today but nobody ever does. Or someone's camera there's almost like forty people. Michael what do you expect you have nine people on your rent or people actually came nobody. Does that tell us subprime and that's just to me it's just it's just I don't know if it's. If it's the area I live in or if it's just admit I have a lot of young people on there but people like you said they wanna be invited and they never go and you create a cut off. Like hey look this is what's going on RSVP when we hit thirty no announcement come. Yeah I don't know how you do that that it can't give a demand for example will now live now they know that I got people that show up that didn't say they were coming Wynonna and appreciate you know I'm the united sworn need to from reality gonna play the game so goes and who knows little bit and Aristide. I mean I don't do this isn't a baby sitter house ought to be fine I don't know it's not going to be fine you bring your baby some person decided he tried to get with another girl and our party. And Brent and drag on my Jack Daniels and his girlfriend was pissed. How might this. And we'll play board games we're not have a drama we're not bringing in babies what do you. Homers and I've had three invite rule if I buy you three times you don't show up three times in a row you're off the invite list. This goes out for this also goes for I drinks and parties at my house I don't blame you. But you also that person on the other and needs to be grown adult and cannot get hurt by that like I mean it's on my buddies at about you with like they always will invite me to go out drinking with them but typically in my home are doing stuff. And then Tbilisi pictures on FaceBook where you get the advantage see them all out drinking in my first thought is now why would dame by me I have been able to make some recently in an and there are type of guys that if I can just text a decade you guys doing anything tonight if so can I come out that yeah of course you assume you've seen now. You know an antenna that quite where I have friends and saying oh this person is still loyal they come to all my party's image is that really a loyal friend from the scene moments is nothing else do you like I feel like the value of friends to visit who's gonna show up for the party it's who's there when you know stuff goes on and who's truly their song and it's a very important party again Glen Gainer one as far as your birthday party you know how once a year out don't you are doing all my son's life and I'm not going to be now yeah actually I am not upset about that I'm out you're not try I did I thought about it OJ tennis there you know he adds there is. So you get issues you rams eleven at nine the party was already going on the don't crack at tonight. There are leery of my carrier you're crazy person you think your birthday is more important that is well whose fault is that daddy fire sweeps through the night. Upgrade. Probably I mean seriously really I don't know she's gonna think her birthdays and who doesn't lie when I guess she was a suite at the nicest hotel and yeah problem here's how it starts sweet sixteen Hummer limo here's how it started hasn't stopped saying now happening in here look. You can't blame me was innocent enough I didn't realize the monstrous creating. We moved so much when they were kids right or Sarah would say in this I remember fourth birthday all of our new friend pop up yeah. Yeah. He gained nearly that big a prepared for an out of my friend and I are gonna find the body don't. I I I hope I still have its it was probably a box on the cassette they Steve. That impression you did was legit Sarah almost four years old just because I got fired again. So that I get a new job in Phoenix. And it's right Sarah's birthday we. Well they're right for my rights for her birthday how we move forward for airmen really never did and I remember sitting in the dining room table. Crazy things remember when your child is argues it's like the first memory that you have. Holing one of them wow that's a disappointment. So everybody told me that's a conversation was to have later. Everybody told me dad at that you like she's got to do something many cooks I can reading all that books about raising kids. You can start your child to keep moving around like special occasions she can't. So I I you've got to make her birthday special because she's got no friends and we called her out and try to wish her happy birthday my new radio people and I yet. And she's on the phone. Hank GO. 'cause you know I. I miss my friends of daddy made me move right before my birthday so nobody's here that I know and I'm celebrating my birthday alone and everyone's like gosh you guys. The whole show is look at me like I'm the worst murder her father a hammer and and worse from there had for so we try to make her majority in tears on he got stuff Joseph has always like I don't hear whenever there is as long as the president's role and dad my dad's friends and enemies now wow no other yeah. Yet his friends Nintendo his friends say got a good these aren't kids and I didn't follow friends. How has electronic frenzy didn't care sonic came by he loved all his friends future com. So yes I I spoiler because we just try to maker birthday special might not making them bigger than they supposed to search led the amount even in Seattle now. I don't let's say I was doing new things stoppage I don't write down that night while most Sheila my dad kept getting me like the sickest birthday party I'm gonna keep pushing that as long as they canceled that puts has put downs of no more of armored I can get fired tomorrow summer limos yeah. You have to use your card please so let's let's let's not use the word sweet spirit and I let's values we Hummer with my daughter in Santa Ana thank you know. You can understand I was fired every other year for like a decade yeah I don't so I doubt there's going a military kid that's a bounce around from place as I get it that's sees it happen all the time around her birthday so election could never get no reward their preference that. So now I turn to this monster where he makes sense now I'm like I guess you have to do and she celebrates the birth to a free entire months right. Oh it's just. Usually a weekend a panel because usually am dead after the week and I don't want a somber ending march this does make sense why you get so but her when your friends don't show up because you never got to have for your first and most written. So one day ever in custody to serve on that went on next year's birthday. What year. Have twenties and then that's that's another thing when. That's healing old planes I can't wait until you shut it down on the Big Three out of the dirty thirty Beaulieu at the united here's the thing I told now 198 same night AS I don't next level and dad's gonna get us treat me as hell do you fly out well why they're all dead does so would you want to. Illegal anathema to see this error may now go to Vegas and I can't promise to make it to depart while I. How uninvited. What how great would that be if we go way out pay for Steve to go to your party and I like OK you never shows up wearing a seat go to Vegas golden knights game right now it's ninety here. It is so Matt let's be on CB you'll be outside the 20 gotten sick yeah. I don't know home buys me and Steve yes they he did get this one right. Alex and I remain an alien antagonist it would scifi show tossed thank you DJ takes to exterminate us. Doctor drew a I don't know I'd. I'm very impressed if you pay ten. 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