Facebook Drama “Bachelorette Party”. 02-09-18

Friday, February 9th

Facebook Drama. “Bachelorette Party”. A woman gets angry at her friend for not inviting her to her bachelorette party.


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And these pajama. It's our opportunity to point out the media center on FaceBook and I think if anyone has a FaceBook account you know there are lust of the people there this is an actual FaceBook post. The drama unfolds because of it in yup we're gonna act out this time it's all about. A Vegas bachelorette party. So play the role of the result poster will be Vicki you became yeah eighth Brad you'll be humiliated street I'll be crystal. Stereo we have their eye and DJ you're just how tall arrives price once again Kayla is the original poster so Vicki please take it away. Think still on I really easy doing in Vegas for my bachelorette married me. The time my and now it's time to get married. Had a free cube master of. And Judy tasty and easy and I'm still scraping all the glitter on my entire body I. Later improves cash snagged best trip ever. Glad you guys had so much fun thanks for me in my eight cents seasonal G. Loves. Pop grades. Hash tag accurate turn off. Really just fun I had and that's the omni freezing you weren't inciting Harry told. Tourists do the full home wow. And their guns Jessica throwing the bride to be right Anita bosh aren't. Don't they noticed is the season now David. Aren't dead they're just shirt bedroom. Hello I'm les Jessica you're just telling how did this because you are jealous crystal fed a man actually wants to marry here. How long have you been dating your do five years. Six and still no proposal that has got to make you feel like ass shots have been fired people I meet peak. Shots not in my there I think fired. I stead take Palmer. Stay you know me and you yeah. My relationship so hey yard. Yeah. At least I can keep Amanda rob the long as bad. Which takes. Place after sell me fired the eight ball I reach peak. Thanks access Dell being fired people hash tag Kmart commerce. In hindsight I'm glad I wasn't I didn't do all the worse. You college her friend used. Hash tag catty bitches. And makes it more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI SW.