BJ & MIGS Podcast 02-09-18-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Friday, February 9th

Beat Migs. Listeners on the loose. Ryan Castle question of the day.


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Blue helix and you want more info about them where their plan I get your music just go to the Vijay makes agent KI SW dot com as your associate them my malice or save enough right now his remarks ahead run over to Brazil playing a bunch of shows though there was that's really cool. For these guys and they avenue ET Al what's his incredible checking out. Are the easiest putt anti social butterfly with a great song about an anti bullying Sar which of course we have we love that yeah I mean if you're injured our hearts so its very core set out to my voice standing in the front man for the fans. And Dino man you know we've got great local music here in the Puget Sound which is why every Sunday night we feature we really just focus on that bad boys. Two hours of all local music Sunday night's 10 o'clock give your great great music from bands like. Mean. News. A game now. Yeah and I hope everyone has agreed Friday he's wonderful weekend and yeah own hunt stuff. Thanks but it's so nice you are never a good eyes and data with kids who are kids as did today we've got Steven king's then we got to get a good. Have we got a solid middle Steve off right now Steve Marino assert. Sales excellence the hell's wrong with you today. I wanted to comment about the the biggest thing in the wrong room who I was at 21 year old Maria my birthday I'm free no I was at the right womb but I was so drunk I belong hotel. Okay yeah. Our next time we go to Vegas for inviting Steve with us let's do not so much so what does he played port it and sadly I was flying around all night paid got a hotel now I'm I'll. Popularity steel blue oyster cult or the emerald queen casino on March 10. Go to KI SW dot com brother Tito's UNC got a blue oyster cult that you tickets now Ticketmaster dot com Aristide did add here. For those playing at home Steve in Kingston has sixty seconds to answer ten questions Stevie can pass you want but you'll only get three gets is her question. Are you ready son little Chris Hemsworth was people magazine's sexiest man alive in what year. It doesn't just seem to you as what Apollo mission was deep finals moon landings. Just teens know yeah. You know it's cold so now what kind of animal as they road runner. Don't you ask what you're in the eighties to Metallica released their album master of topics. Are you know. People know it's. Yes I'm just apple variety shares the name with a Japanese mountains. Who needs you as in TV's I Love Lucy what is the first name of Lucy's husband. I guess who's who's gonna get a Steve talks would you ask Sri Lanka is located in which both she and yeah yeah as alcoholics anonymous centers phonics program made up of how many stats. Well yeah as what is the official language of Panama's. Attack. It's most. English announcement. Yet as to what is deep fast and so understands. Understood yes and that is a nine out of room. I had and we know you don't lose your son and. And management. Men and but I can make when guaranteeing that. Yes but Steve will win. Allow you're just a regular notion dumb instead. Unless you guys again had a great like families and every messages that is not let them yeah. Thanks CNN now being alive Nomar because he's brain dead here yeah I'll say hi guys. I do you rarity. Chris Hemsworth was people magazine's sexiest man alive in what year. Because. When he's sixteen now play seventeen no it's twenties. Fifties you address right what Apollo mission was the final moon landings eighteen to know it's. Nine no eleven Napa auto what are the animal is it roadrunner it's creepy. No religions are roadrunner no two. Bird yes what ever right here in the eighties to Metallica released their album master of puppets. Master of puppets is 1980 C news jazz in which apple variety shares the name was eight Japanese mountains. He's gas. In TV's I Love Lucy what does these first name of Lucy's husband drank days she asked extremely Lanka is located in which ocean. Atlantic no Indians aghast to alcoholics anonymous centers on a program made about how many staffers twelve steps you ask what is the official language of and the mosques. Man and a mosque I was stagnation that she adds to what his feet past tense about understands. Understood gas. And well I guess not because a steam didn't win because that got. Tie our Bruno. Len Nelson. Is that Steven Kingston it's a product I don't mind Steve getting the president just even Kingston but Derek steamy is the lucky guesses are no way that we're gonna get a loser song up for this Friday in which one of my guess is as lucky. Kind of prove to all of her. Cataract and asking just how I have no faith in my intelligence of Americans are Steve Hill I would say having your fresh body yeah. The only ones that you miss that you missed a it was the same when that Steve missed Stephen and Steve the Apollo mission that was the final moon landing it's higher I I should know this and I don't Apollo seventeen. To analyze and they can't Generale yeah and then says Steve was the same thing he was super close but he went the wrong way that thirteen it didn't matter you have but he still to surprise on Steve Warren. Neither Steve one that's right toasty warm. Congratulations to Steve in Kingston for well at least going to blue oyster cult act as if you tie or beat Steve that's I get the price of the evening's unfortunately for me. I've got a great story how I say I know it's great story. I'm on one hand I'm thinking god I'm really this woman how dumb are you open the other hand I feel really badly if indeed. Is she did have this is an emotional support and I always tell the hamster I answered I don't even believe this story well you're not the only one there's a lot of people don't. And the reason being is that it's pretty horrific what this woman was told the Dubai. Allegedly by an employee from Spirit Airlines as you know I a lot of airlines are cracking down on emotional support animals being there just they just had enough data because the annals of run amok in the plane. So I know delta city we're revising our policy you're really gonna have to jump through a lot of hoops if you wanna get animals on the plane without being created. While this 21 year old Florida she try to bring her emotional support hamster. On a flight back in November Spirit Airlines allegedly said no you can't do it. She says she talked to someone before NS I don't know would be a problem but when she got to the airport theirs were allegedly a spirit employee said here's the deal you either. Let they answered go outside or flustered but you're not bringing on a plane like he was like saying flush it down the toilet. I just don't believe that she says she flushed it down the toilet and even spiritually look nobody told them we don't have heard nothing about any one time that we don't tell our people to tell you this question animal down toilets yacht ended this she says she's thinking of suing spirit and here she is talking about the whole thing. One of the representatives decided to give them to give you a little like a sign oh you should do. Prayer or reflection on the toll later this bad. Yeah I know the young people how many how hey little NIH. Green and you're okay but I'm independent and that I would then I had no no no. No other than the light you matter regarding my lips over dragon how I'm. I tried everything that I could. I just like to know where she gets her background music sound very serious. I don't see a picture but I mean I would be more narrow tube in her emotional support hamster ball really well so. That's her yeah. I'll come on girl. CM AI don't and Anemia do you need an emotional support any gyms you skeptical I think everybody wants to become the latest viral videos and station I don't see right through it just seems so hole. Insane that she actually would flush him for him to play with him she named pebbles. She wants to well put together. To all of you need an emotional support animal I mean she's got perfect nails she's got a good look about her I'm even mean she looks to together and not a welcome you look or I mean a lot of people that looked really didn't need help and they'd allow mental stuff going on now that not enough that they need an emotional support animal to be brought on a plane yeah I don't know that. Everybody I've seen has had an emotional support animal. Does not look as well put together I mean this looks like he's the Missouri let's on. I had bad man that's something that's a stupid I I Italian I have known anecdotally what I see you because I fly a lot I'm I mean Steve. Because again we're sick worker we're working we're sad we make statistics say hey Chris Cornell looks waited too good together to have any kind of mental issues. I mean had to admit he ran an emotional support animal if someone who needs an emotional support animal probably has something going on their world that they Wetherbee anxiety whether BP TSD or something. And their life that made them the data most of us ransom we were just days when I'm gonna do exactly that I totally get that. But other people. Just because they look good does it mean that they're not doing something mentally it's beyond looking good I'm saying she looks way over the top put together I'm not saying you look like I'm Matt and of course she's gonna go out of her way to look over the top good well again I'm doing what I'm doing my sleuthing and I'm I'm I'm just saying everybody I've seen has emotional support animal does not look like they spend every day and missile launch she looks like she does not go a day without being in the salon I mean she looks like I think you're going all over brown which looks backward we'll look at those jail races every day males that's what I'm saying dude I mean yeah gel many here you go win in the last two weeks like it's it's yeah state agencies say they got OK I don't understand how -- -- can sometimes you're in the worst. Detective never forget I fly a lot and I see people had their social support animals I mean once it it's not the way so why why why would a lot of as a ministry from a foot doctor. But so I said it's anecdotal. I'm diet I'm just saying the people I see. Do not look like this girl this girl doesn't like she has any problems at all I mean in my at the addition to sisters his lot of problems as you dubbed them way to do this is a flush Hampshire that's what I mean I think this is a scam that's what I'm saying the judge also cause problems if she thinks that this is a good idea that dude didn't become an Internet hero of that idea and who wants to be in there and hear somebody so self absorbed some itself seeing all the time she looks like a self absorbed Sophie person to make. Who's making the story up I AM here right Steve I don't got a lot to go on but. The once ICM out of jail are small and hopping on face the best type he's despair and that's the self generation and she's 21. I'd of people I see that these animals you know what they look like you know what they're just they're doing their best to get two life they're not the salon every day they don't look like they're amassed by. They don't look self absorbed that bad that's the way to download the narcissistic and self absorbed this girl looks completely narcissistic to me. Hi I'm I doubt she just has a look disable it did what it's certainly not a conversation sometimes I have a very difficult time with that I'm right I'm you're you're you're way of thinking is completely out of my world I'll OK if I mean I don't know I don't announcements bed and on this one. Denny's or he checked out he's he's seen it done everything went out newfound glory coming to town okay fine pizza teachers who is yet at the national pizza dinner okay fine Brad you generated ads to this thing would that you're around now. O'Hair has tried. I just I can't tell it's a scam. I know I can agree that sounded really do with her harmonized males. I deaths of the nails from Heidi and went on texas' summit this relates many tide pods. Well I won't say that that it happened. Have you seen a lawmaker that wants it she's laws he wants to make type cause different. Have you seen this a guy that went to visit guys in congress that's trying to get tied to change the look of type thoughts. He says it's too difficult for the kids and everything he wanted to make them look less candy like yes this is a citizen makes tide pods look less apt. Appetizing I love our former wrestlers Lance storm is good dude. He says how about encourage people to be less stupid Yahoo!. I agree yeah. The idea that's said and again that irritates me our politicians are spending time and money. Putting these these these kind of deals or whatever you call to go and they say the sooner want done amid trying to make a law it's like really dude. It means. Literary gloss it handles the stupid people that's from basically doing yeah you're too stupid to realize that this is not a good thing did you suggest to eat so yeah. Or you're trying to get there pretty colors yeah. Or or or are as constituents all moms are afraid because he gonna do this and exit the field and now we're not even talking about an epidemic a four year old students to push a four year olds are doing and I can be like man that is kind of weird but I do think it's candy. These teenagers Adrian because as part of this new Internet sensation this tide pod challenges would do because it up and hash tag. And I'm moron hearing and meeting tide pods and I don't know man when I was raising my kids you chop protected everything so those doors to those candidates could not be opened by them in the first place but these aren't good when I'm talking about those kind of kids exactly why why are we protecting gore protecting morons morons are always going to be there there was an Iraq. Exactly we'll get jackass movies that we don't have morons write that we need to get jackass movies that tied Tomlin described I just can't believe people would even do that you have and they do. I artist I've Elisa is on the loose you picked that topic you guys to show 206421. Rock text this is 77999. Doesn't matter what you wanna talk about. You think it's not make you guys to show here called your checks in at 917 news on Iraq. And made some mornings. On the rock 99.9 KI SW. It's like night hey I had come to Iraq as Seattle's losers on the loose you pick the topics you guys to show it throws its fortune one rock and Austin, Texas 77999. This is on the news brought you five cards always. Whatever you wanna talk about it's up for grabs something new something old but remembers Steve as a rule goes to show some energy and bring it otherwise. Have to say goodbye to you. You could bottle it as simple as that 206421 rock Texas 77999. Let's go to ball the unofficial mayor to go Mubarak you're on the rock. Good morning good yeah somebody's. And not a whole lot that you guys were talking about a quarter our sprint but it people have while. Yet the him out of the military vehicles in the early ninety doubles to a special to be drug interdiction and eradication. And we are working with low local law enforcement you look up the video we have got to yet you only once you come here from from Columbia. And and I endorse you so while we're certainly did not go down with a higher or your bookstore told tonight he stuffed. Till we start digging out the week sound 88 key of co K. Why how much I how much is that worth bowl army backed and I don't I don't know what is that like hi like millions of dollars worth. I didn't million dollars ladin. Did anybody in your crusade enemies smell to make sure it's actually that gas starts to ebitda is not a lot hold the ball had you ever seen that much that meant that much drugs in one place like damn it's like the movies. I no doubt the first timeout that I think that lets it go just Coke came broad right there in one place. I'm never ever in my life who seemed like that kind of thing I existed at that I don't know what I'd do. Yeah I got brick of cocaine yeah it has never been knots that's tricky so ball away either what happened many thought the track anybody tell you here's our -- to turn Colin. Boy he realistically do too much to do with the law enforcement to round Beardsley at this Eagle County turner. The air and value you know it's it's basically the key Shia they seem cruel this year. Yeah and do that I don't know what happened. Damn dude that's. Wow and that could've gone south I mean you know immediate yet it could've been a firefight. Alia. What will cool and pretty. Purdue will Obama solo we do worry about it. CNN lasted only into a fire fighters come like a drug dealers the military yeah I guess in the movies they always do and it seems like they're under the law enforcement is never able to stop them but we got guns we copy we've got bigger and Seattle we've got rocket launchers. Well appreciate it man that stripping that is a good to hear from available aria. 206421 rock Texas is 77999. Let's go to Christopher south senator Christopher you are on the rock. I guess that's a much money what you got for us. Actually got a couple slain student juicy conversation throw like yes. So. Are you are saying you know what can you listen to six months on the and one child and. Although nobody Hamas when he said the test sloppy could dive diva we saw in space oddity on repeated his got to play a repeat forever. Yet so I'm gonna go color could choose from Metallica. Oh gosh yes so how long does that song. They it's this it's an 88 minutes and it's an epic journey yeah I love solace on the take down a journey like I mean are obviously not your goatee suns really just wanted to get pumped up real quick but like. That song and you're not RI in Aurora it like I said yesterday I Jane's Addiction is out three days it's a Sunday you can add the committee can pay attention to you but in that situation what else you know their past six months Syria does that connect car or I that's you'll find every looking Cranium that's on the six months to hand. I would just yet force Christopher. And the other thing I I had the perp six Seattle hockey team Torre a total team and you. Yeah tired because that's my that's color I got the color story to our youth 'cause 'cause I don't know exactly who may not know the. But there have been really some serious conversation you said a lot of domain names are being taken back ten or eleven domain names are taken the mayor's really she's really active right now with our Gary Bettman the commissioner of the NHL and I just recently read a bunch owners are now fully in support there'd been pretty vocal about it kind of looks legit doesn't it's still I'm more of a matter of when it's going to happen as as opposed to if Williams is what we've dealt with for the longest time so you've got you've got a team name you've got a team colors go for a when he got. Actual team color stink Seattle Sonics green and red all and instead of their goal even ground. Tonight. And the key name would be the Seattle sat clutch it's. I bring guys ask why some mascot from that the Sonics. Yeah you throw any yellow America I'm because yellow is also a big part of the Sonics callers are you just wanna keep agreement rent. I'm allergic agreement that I think brown would just go. Good liquid you know the whole shot. Red and brown because it to what kind of generally have five of the Minnesota wild as that kind of green and color scheme go with the devils green or red for awhile you know for Christmas that you guys always say yeah vintage jerseys are greener red down their red and black but yeah. I I would still love to see in NHL team and your garage attitude I think we really pulled it has just the traditional sonics colors as a team. Because you don't see many teams with that kind of color scheme I think W actually I think you know what I think it's a great idea Steve because if if if if we get a hockey team first which looks like that's is gonna happen. What a great way to show solidarity and show that hey look we would love to have a basketball team here. Yeah I mean you can't name the team the songs but if you can really I can't cement and yeah and the cardinals and Saint Louis football and baseball being nice Heathrow little's like throwback logo somewhere on the uniform it looks like the old sonic logo with the Space Needle yeah. You know that would be no doubt be kind of nice or or while we disclosed in the Seattle Shawn Kemp's. Com and every lets kids like they're nice kids nice hat and hence. And all the players have done the same father is that dead there were quickly if we get now is now he's gone too far apart okay I I don't know let's just watch I can understand why people like that. But I just think about when you. You get they let chanting the name you know yeah the crowd going along like us those SaaS squad to just feels weird now he knows a coma swatches right on the swatch. Did you create your sound like fun yet they shorten everything so I just because watch. You know site and the other give the Devil Rays with a double race and finally campus or we're not concerned and just the rays now but they were they state they are Kama raising money for the double racing you know they're gonna shortened name. Well wouldn't we quit we call ourselves like the big flood casino at the same big feat that would be a bad thing right. I. Not. Seattle's big for us it's sad that we get to see if Mick Foley wants to play hockey. The polls rather they have the Philadelphia whose whose big blank nick how he'd be perfect of that yes yeah. It's a zealous you tickets operate you guide to show to a 642 on rock Texas 77999. We get more recalls what it's Exxon's cap on Iraq. And they eggs mornings. On the rock and 99.9 KI SW. You pick your topic you guys go let's go away zebra Willie wax. You are on the rock for. What's going on let me. Hey I got a little story I wanted to tell us turn to get a dinner earlier but I wasn't able yeah it is night. An article I grew up in the little town called more slots are grown closer look now called ball Milwaukee's Dan and I whether there for a little bit now. Very well yourself brick hit it you're American you my brother out wander into the woods. And so we cannot on this camp trailer did then they're no longer treated grown around they had it been there for a while it's nice anyway Dutton. So we make our way into this thing and look unexplored you noticed you're around make it to bill and that we noticed that it's just that then I would DH yet Dixon did daddy under these things. Who knew him so alas my brother that you have more seriously about how and what went over and look connect if you would like AG in Asia and I thought OK and easy journalists like yourself delight stats and a maximum. Circular and all these over and we're realizing that all these dirt there'll be these films every single one of them. That's not only are you know we kind of knew brattle all that work right we've heard they're going to start play and and yeah aid anyway Dicey on the Casey. Since all our and he found that statement I know him. I the only boy I. Your life that we need to get the hell out of dodge. Wow all when things got weird here. Boy that's. A little rural area to see an ad that's somebody who's serious about his activities what they if you're a casual watcher Helio go to the phone and your watcher as you know and you'll take care business the way most people do but. When you've got the fake. Body parts and you got the big stack it's like okay you're you're in it to win it because now they got you know you you you've seen those like really calm. The villain though the bots that they have yeah I didn't be involved with that look realistic guitar and he had a deal like did do I wanna get one just zoom like how it looks because it looks amazing. Amid does does not know there's no other part of the bodies just die one part that's so weird to me you don't look like you're a serial killer. You won't like you've chopped up the bodies kept one part. Sit to do things where yeah I can see how you think that way now all right but then had to get the full the full thing and as the economy may make an attack. Some things to it for you I go to an art to get where there problem mannequins because they're the hottest man accused of yeah and then they made any Harry at home and and put it all together and now. That's also kind of weird color can make it like a franking hooker a Franken hooker yeah colonial where only how many how many how many years away we have robot hookers and who we were at the Consumer Electronics Show we're close did its there already is just hasn't been headed straight to expensive right now these so they had the robot servers did the robot strippers there. All I can see them when we did see him remember there's that Brad sent us the tweet. From IPO is oh that's our fireplace. That did you celebrate CES come Mumbai we have robot stripper CI AY zero dressed like robot you know actual robots here I think they were and I think there were distress like robots but. If we did see like you now they always have attractive women that work for like beverage companies yeah. And they had a model they added and the senate from Charles Eddie from a mile robots you when I saw were like what they may the rose looks sexy even though they still like robots and we they weren't working because like CES it seems like a lot of stuff we went to see nothing was working we really wanted to see that they would hinge is the weakest. A lot of machine didn't work a robots a lot of them didn't work we're like what kind of thing is this holiday good yet the robot laundry thing blues not nearly as awesome as I was hoping it would seem a lot more convoluted and it's a cool robot for the U hunch oh yeah it was bad then that -- things. Laundry devoid of laundry Droid it was a fail let's go to Vance in Bellevue dancer on the rock. Good morning guys don't write it happy Frederic back gets advance what you got. I was so emotional interesting things out on the list of most working. Job site do Una inspection work and supervising some demolition contractors. Edged sword go through this basically an office building it and before their mother got prop open all the doors and narrow confer any chemicals are a lot generic. Arabic action there Ortiz urban campers surrogate thing. Am in one room and got poked around here a lot of workers pried open doors also start your own square and in slow walk yoke. They'll bust built their security may have hurt himself Purcell and and you like hold on look at this seat prizes door back open. There's a crater in there. Which as far as like adult brand new visual real tall wears a number of different. Attached its law since since dolls aren't Americans know of course seriously it is door open a nurse's face standing there you know you're. At at REIT I know you cry understandably a little bit taken back. Yet battlestar values and a dead body is a zombie coming out to get into Afghanistan. And it's got to tell us is so you can Michael ware where there where do we know where the twins are very supposed to be it is also is like place you would attachments like you know you put a rancher power drill whenever mr. Sacks. Had post election Georgian bearish or. Oh you know depending on the side pieces. What I'd still like you guys who were these these house raises the I don't know yellow they ocean reveled strike out of their elected or something or it Johan. So but yeah yeah and forcibly disappeared occasionally site. But it I don't know lead single round is now. He's like yeah he's really did the job site mascots yet definite. And I Betty wasn't cheap I appreciate the call but he had bad that and it's all like that I'm not I don't know about that sound oh sure you don't I don't wonder -- there -- -- or some Amazon now maybe but you know I mean the is if it's got to taxes like that is a full size thing I had to be expensive how it tank yeah that's crazy left that behind unless they were just like yeah we're demo this to your question when hunter actual robot stripping at CES and I sapphire and arrived from being a great news how many years is Daniel Lincoln and insurers pass these are actual robots and all yeah that I mean. Yet they don't even have real faces like camera faces off okay play as you disappointed by that they're kinda. Would you want however highlight I watch like I wanted to be like artificial intelligence the movies gigolo Joseph you know I want I want. I want them to look like human beings must close an off. They had garter belts on and everything that is maybe pay those girls like bitcoin as opposed tonight actual terrorists Australia Africa and you paid and batteries Steve VOA's double double plays how they. There's a lithium damn dude there they were yuck that didn't do anything for me to that doing for you at all well but I would love to have checked it out and I guess. I name. I really felt a bit more women like because I mean that and I don't want that they gave citizenship and one of them is a Saudi Arabia 10 yeah Alison she look like a woman yeah without we don't have her head was like embassy still gonna want they're trying to like be all about CS I think the whole point was to make him look like robot. OK I see what you mean that's the appeal while they did they they work the ball really well given robots credit they basically they knew they were doing. Okay I here's a question for you what to Ryan castle and Captain Crunch have in common. You're gonna find out at 951 went on the Iraq. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI SW hole. Gains yardage. Ryan castle and captain front a shot to save cats and front cabin compliment her mouth and move. Contrary to confuse very very close enough food just crunch berries while. So reasonable place to be called captain did to milk. Okay yeah. Quote the populace donors moon and Steve it's you'll both get soggy yeah how it's on him not them. Status. Firm why don't let it sit them down as a tactic to I cannot tell you the last time I had Captain Crunch but there's a 52 year old guys named Wayne loves his Captain Crunch. And he attacked his roommate because well there were made let the Captain Crunch goes stale and all yeah I was like yeah. We'll remain echoes of the box right. Topless I mean it's it's. If you like Captain Crunch that much how is it simply. This is like people who who complain about the fears going flat well if you were drinking it's so slow you wouldn't have done a good point there Dennis is guy doesn't have teeth he's got that he's got problems mostly eight Kemper. Yeah why are you kidding patent crunching you don't have keep your Captain Crunch tastes like when you don't have teeth yeah blood the blood test but I want to. If you stay puts movies from yesterday and he he he he he attacked discriminate I guess he got arrested mayors across regularly to they frank castle. Period bed. He sat next to trump back. Makes. Right yeah oh okay where people can have profiles telling your account. I didn't do what I don't many pictures up why did you like from the master sums of it would have tattoos so people you recognize we're beautiful gives you Gillette lake that's. Yeah I mean I don't wanna leave again but I'll Wear the games since I have this really funny vision big because she says it's. We have guys who loves who you good to maybe do. I've got a friend stickler for you. Rock. I'm 49 KI DSW. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney teachers and other questions from a listener. If I file for bankruptcy do I have to appear in court that makes me nervous going to court is never something we. Some jerseys you do however when your file bankruptcy. Usually only after a 101 hearing at the courthouse. Ourselves either way few and when you go to court it's not only for the judges actually with the trustee. Or trustees attorney. Wanted to be one of the things it's critical that bankruptcy is that she's here here attorney in the horn all America all your information. This all your assets and all of your predators that's what we're trading for your discharge is your truth and honesty and disclosure your assets and liabilities. And so of course during its just usually about a five minute deal please show us and then we maybe that's where there's all the information you're given the court video attorneys. Flash thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis any time as choose the right chapter dot com that's just choose the right chapter dot com. Thanks for listening.