Loud and Local - February 11th, 2018

Sunday, February 11th


Ten Miles Wide – Gotta Go
Omni – Spiral Arms
Blue Helix – Anti-Social Butterfly 
Blue Helix – Runaways
Midday Veil – Babel
Aloha Mars – Last November
Substratum – The Source Of All Creation 
Rat King – Fire
Woodshed – Self Taught
Wounded Giant – Vae Victis
Sanctuary – Soldiers Of Steel
Wake Of Humanity – Living In The Shadow Of A Grotesque Lie
Lower Species – Waste
F’d and Bound – Terror
Lo’ There – Pound For Pound
Year Of The Cobra – Burn Your Dead
Feed – Different Life
Casual Hex – Dry Spell
Eye Of Nix – Toll On
Un – Soul Marasmus

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And unfortunately like I said the weekend is almost over but at least we have this last two hours to savor to to enjoy. They get filled glass roof of the weekend. While we can it is few hours of all local music from the to a six to 2253 to 145 that. The 5936. Sell all the good stuff and if you weren't represented them there. And sandy okay. Ten miles wide particular show last night at the tractor tavern in the Howard. Would never let me down there were the in studio guest last week but the star of the show within ten miles wide after that will want to the studios talk about it other project army. Hello I'm third right now but I wanted to please him on the because there are incredible band SOA. Well this kind of aware are. 12 punch. Their shadow to ten miles rod double turned down a particular show yet again last night that this problem. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. It. It's. OK maybe. It's. And I. This is loud and local. On the rock and 99.9. KI ES. And Sears through. AI SW. Every week here on KI SW packed and loud and local. I team up with Vijay and makes more things in we'd present the loud and local the end of the week not only do you get prime real estate on KI SW dot com with the trial. And links to all of social media you website or a good stuff yet. Also mentioned my. Friday morning during driving time in the morning doing BJ inmates. Lot of mentions to your music played in also. Of course little meal played against sending night here allow mobile if you want to ban to be considered. Always go to KI SW dot com you can send me Linksys and mp3 your band can do little special wink at the address to the web site. I'm Sarah address to the station and send me physical media I am always glad to check out in the local music. And hopefully we can work something to I'd like to check I can't. This week I have a bin by the name of blue he wakes. These guys just released a brand new album called anti social butterfly get a lot of love a lot of requests for this. And they're going to be you know gearing up for a for a tour of Brazil. Huge huge thing they have about members that actually live in Brazil and a few members that live in Puyallup so kind of via a splits. Kind of work well and they're not local but you know what I love the I love they kind of like. Blue arrives this thin that there's some members of the other side of the world in some members yourself. I considerate local and I consider disbanding theory very awesome to get flu he was bringing music by the end. They're these loud and local the end of the week anti social butterfly the title track from the record. We're about a year after that runaways. We buicks on loud and local. Okay. Okay. Yeah. Loud and local continue. Two years 99.9. KI SW. I. Colin Neely I gathered here listening to allow more local here and I have what nine battalions that we the rockets Seattle. Aloha Amara is relatively. Nubians. Very very often stuff out last November that was the first so they released. Well publisher is they're gonna be dropped and a few more of them very very few don't wanna have those guys appear on the loud and workflow to they view the rest of them. It didn't bail from their 2015 record the song full babble. And very very cool though and I haven't heard much from them lately but I want to drop some big big deal because. And some very interesting stuff that a you'll hear a lot he's an all kinds of weird elements kind of. I don't know I don't even though it's some kind of want to talk about music and sound so pretentious. It's just good rock music is did you. Speaking of good jammed the rock music. North west middle fast he's going to be so bad ass. And it is is missed two games. PI is W metal shop in what was never works presents northwest metal fence right in March 9 Saturday march 10. So many old school bands uniting that I've been keen five playing this mobile white album in its entirety for the first freaking time. Ever. Pays the volume up Hulu plus. We'll I guess we actually didn't play in a medley of a northwest classic this special set wins he's good why are dogs that can last in the past. Devil in disguise. He refused ED and there are going to be played more fun than an open casket funeral again. Such a killer accused record. He got skeletal war. We got crew LO do their first reunion show since 1999. Becky keeper. Perseverance right at city time rift and the end that I wanna play right now we got new music by sub strata and so good old core ozone Seattle dot com. Or get a KI SW dot com for info on it again. The ninth and the tenth of march she got some time is not serve up quite yet. But it probably will because it's two days of all the best. Old school selling medalist was if that's the originally went down in the eighties and neighboring unit back this year it's very cool to see so here's some struck him. The source of all creation brand in music by the stand. Lou like new variant with that old school metal sound it's great stuff. Film while multiple. Mark your calendar march 21. It's going to be an incredible show at the crocodile march 41 is a Wednesday night to make sure you got the next day out because it's the only one. Yeah it's and drink and on on National Multiple Sclerosis Society will be benefited from this in his defense. And then as benefiting the national MS society in association with the movement project. We raffles and special guest appearances and performances by. To eat. Killer local Seattle millions bruiser Brody plays them a lot here on the show why it only in the wreckage of course you know why only in the wreckage. And in danger about the year bridge dead. Again is called SMS. Or seeing the united you can kind of assume what that stands for as MS indeed. So make sure you go to this one it is for a good cause of the crocodiles you're in Seattle KIW percent. As and they asked what should write their self taught. You'll see him there it's loud local and on the rocks. OK IDS. Do you want to see a lot of loud and local continue. Two years 99.9. KI ESW. Will the giants. Still ahead the soul and heavy. Some of the north was sentenced to be that starting us off here and the second hour of loud and whirlpool. If you our little corner of KI SW the end of the weekend for all that is rocking here in the northwest area. Seattle Tacoma he while you know even sometimes going down Portland. All this area that the greater northwest area. Is the GM. That's JoAnne may end. Of course what I mentioned. Right there will be giant and before that would shed go to the F. NASA shelf and find out info on that KI SW dot com bruiser Brody would shed. Why only in the wreckage all for a great cause. Now something that was some unfortunate news just the end of when he seventeen with the passing of the people who was it won't mean. Incredible vocalist in that he was down. And South America he was recording and working on me he's follow up to his it's his second solo record. With his his band that plays with him in the solo. So will be banned in now why it I'm sorry I'm war Dana Mohsen quietly. What are being passed away in his sleep. In two. Of course world team was vocalist never more with the vocalist of sanctuary to incredibly influential. Seattle metal bands and they were a sanctuary was originally going to Tor with iced earth. Throughout the United States is huge Tor for them and recently they announced that she paid tribute and respect to world being. They are going to continue on with the tour. With their friend Joseph Michael from the vehicle whether fall he is going to be handling people who booties. And that is going to be the final sanctuary tore to pay your respects pay homage to the man known as world team. And IE if sanctuary means something to view I would suggest going out to the Seattle show it is left. March 5 that no core zone it's iced earth. In century. With. Joseph Michael from where the fall on locals all the original other members of synch true will be their playing in the band and we can pay. Kind of our respects and. It puts sinker to sleep I guess. Kind of a sad thing to say about. It's an important should go to so again march 5 at L record is known sanctuary servers of steel Frazier horns. Take a drink for war. While more on the wrong. With a Gatling gears rolls. AI SW. Coming up next Sunday at a record is slow metal shop and old core zone present to return. An iconic. New York hardcore band Vicky if you're familiar with eighties hardware you probably heard the name judge. Well they were gone for a long time. And they are back judge doing things that L record is no incentive February 18 began. But some killer local bands we actually got Greg Bennett from trial who has spoken words that. Lower species odd man out in brink of humidity. So game buy your tickets to see judge if you wanna get wet. Or if you wanna watch people get wrecked while watching one of the most iconic. New York hardcore bands of all time doing their thing at a record soon all be there right before allowed local next week so say what's up from. Give me a high five and a little bit of a stage that we don't wake of humidity and my first species to with a being and opening up for judge next Sunday. Back to back here allow multiple. You can harmful. The loud and local continues on the road. It's 99.9. KI ESW. I. Homer that was low. There used to be known as we'll their blazing my brother shorten it up to load there I think that's good idea pound for pound before that have been bound with terrorists members. Of he whose ox is scored very very cool Danbury trash heap in our lead in your face. Coming up this coming Friday. As V fun house which is attached to old scores and if he didn't know. Right over there on east lake. Year of the cobras could be playing dare tore kick off show alongside a well how are rewards and smooth ceiling. Tickets are available now and pretty cheap six to eight dollars so there's no reason not to go to can be killer ones he and enjoy your Friday kick off the weekend right in send a year of the crib off. By a T shirt given some cash for the road you're of the curve right now it's burn your dad what are my favorite local bands. Could be yours take it out Friday. At the front houses while mobile. On the rock. Casual Hanks here on the loud and local low like he's some casual hacks. On the weekend before the match. Feet two bands that are not necessarily new fans but they are new bands came across my radar recently and I love to feature bands. Love to throw on new fans here in the Seattle area so casual text dry spell in need different life you're listening to loud and local about twenty minutes left shelf. Sex and it's 77999. Let me know which one a year. I live next one of the many bands playing northwest error fence for a downing mood rose embryo Bozo may 31 to June. Third tickets are available now some other shows. Our record selling out hints of playing according tragedy and disaster all the way through. Of course for the nose bleed we got integrity so many good fans good to be northwest terror fats FaceBook page. Go to the website it's a very big thing. I don't wanna go into detail but I would mix blacks are Omnia is out their new record and that they're doing something very different very cool they're heavy but they're beautiful. There are some and I wanna play a song from that record this is called pearl are. Listening to allow more quick check them out and northwest Arafat's filed local on the Iraq. Yeah. I. Yeah. Yeah yeah. Oh. I. Yeah. It's. I. And it's. Are you. Yeah. I. With a Gatling gears rules. AI SW. One more show to tell you about here allowed in local before I go before I'm out here and man you overnight sensation Matt Cooke takes over. To play anything you want takes at 77999. Until rock songs you want you there is a full media. We celebrate so retractable roof and. And one day end that is doing things low and slow and Entergy. And darkest bill which they're gonna be playing with a high of solitude in March feel that a bridge. I salty to move from the UK and martian flu had raised from Belgium. Going to be playing with the vineyards and here shortly and now this is gonna be a very gloomy shell. Very heavy shell so get your tickets while you can because is gonna be awesome when twenty more than ever though. So no with no little kids. Got to between one and over for this once again it's not march 8. That high line on Capitol Hill. And is an awesome day and and shout out to their vocalist Monty. He beat cancer a couple of years back. And still and it's. He's back at it better than ever so congratulations Monty and I he's killer did. This band is awesome so un the last thing you're about to hear hear a loud and local until next week. Keep it local.