Loud and Local - February 18th, 2018 w/ Wyatt Olney And The Wreckage

Sunday, February 18th


Upwell – In A Handbasket
Upwell – Colorblind
Wyatt Olney & The Wreckage – Hell & Back 
Wyatt Olney & The Wreckage – Blood
Bruiser Brody – Find Your Way Home
Devils Hunt Me Down – Sky Island 
LocoMotive – Dad?
Jericho Hill – Fuel To The Fire
Windowpane – House Of Cards
Wyatt Olney & The Wreckage – Bright Futures
Wyatt Olney & The Wreckage – Welcome To Seattle
Q5 – Steel The Light
Coven – Out Of The Grave
Wild Dogs – Woman In Chains
Substratum - The Source Of All Creation
Hobosexual – Sunset Adieu 
Year Of The Cobra – Vision Of Three
Undertow – Noose

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Do you now O'Dell. And our man is actually from being surrounding him media metropolitan area encompassing. I would just noticed great northwest and good evening rockaholics. Thanks for joining. Do you see as loud. Featuring music born right here in the great Pacific northwest 99.9. Oh yeah yes W. It is loud and locally here on nine point nine KI SW when he was seven years. The three day weekend for a lot of the presidency tomorrow also arrive maybe the weekend isn't over for all of us it is at 10 PM till midnight every weekend. We give a damn thing to to save the 253 the 360509. Fortune five all of this stuff just the best in northwest music for two hours tonight we have wife or me and the wreckage in studio. There have been erected all they're gonna bring it. You see you do get they're gonna bring all the Janzen with a talk about a mile red shows that they have coming up. For some of their favorite bands from the northwest and of course with some of their GM's. Every week here on KI SW we team up for these inmates mornings to present band of the week. What could I have W dot com US check out all the info on our well. Please put this Friday with your of the cobra. Over at. The funny how so here's the number sound right up well. Bags here on loud and local at 99.9 KI SW Barack is Seattle my name is Kevin gears and I enjoy it right now. But I guess in studio no stranger to KI is W. We last heard from them I believe on now why did. Yeah yeah it's quiet lonely and Iraqi GA and of course that's right only to my right but it wasn't every one. I'll reintroduce yourself to anyone it's just listening just tuning in now is never heard you guys on air. I introduce your cells what's your name and and what you do for the wreckage high end Kyle and I am the taller of the wreckage. But felt that the Willie Nelson I play the faith. And made its drive I play the drums. End. Well I know quiet night I make her mouth sounds and guitar sentence what kind of meltdowns. Well you don't wanna send out my girl talk about. Release for how about some hand held yeah there is very awesome to have because of the studio of course we got some killer shows coming up. Next Saturday. Is going to be both Kyle and in white's birthday. Element be so intoxicated. Be intoxicated onstage after the ship after the does that I'm a professional. And I were our patients are decent protection Kubiak likes ankle. So you gotta be up there in every at Tony v.s garage next Saturday. That is the 24 opinions that are playing custom Jericho hill. Inspectors of chaos since it was your birthday show and it's been like. Labeled as the why it only in the wreckage birth they show did you guys have a say in like who you're playing with almost no totally war and we wanted to play with people who we know and love I mean our birthday show last year. We always try and go all out with a so last year I think it was super effected doubles coming down Annan's. It is which should. And merchant yes it this year we wanted to go with a different sets you know. We did custom who played plot to beware of they're awesome awesome. I've Jericho hill who are a spectacular. Portland it and they're fantastic. And us who inference inspectors care costs or superstar player of those that's awesome yet. So you guys have successfully released the album welcome to Seattle it's been a few months obviously epic it's been. Longer and a few months I'll be moments yeah I'm pretty I don't know are October 14 it about cents. Yeah so well what would've been your favorite songs the play alive other than of course you know the anthem welcome to Seattle mother efforts in fact I noticed men like some a year you know some of the deeper cuts usually you get into. Yeah as it would it would you do it. Blood probably fresher blood. Blower a lot of fun we're going to be planned that one held back a lot of fun. Allen back it's my vote about song gets me soon jazz every single shadow. That's awesome so while we're actually gonna be playing both those back to back right now. The name of the record is welcome to Seattle you can pick up where other than Michelle on a Saturday work and they pick up the record like online right now everywhere every you can go to W low ETW dot com it's on iTunes Amazon and Google play. Spotify everything if you are like me and are super broke Spotify is great champagne. Stronger leg my friends that. There you go you know maybe they'll get one cent ever after like a million plays where exactly in studio did its white only and the wreckage and listening to loud and local two hours local rock every Sunday nine AT and how we got to tunes. Back to back by white only in the wreckage yet another show to tell you about in just a little while they're gonna be playing with the two other heavy hitters that they had northwest seen. But here's hello back and then blood. Back to back it's loud local quietly in the wreckage on the Iraq. Okay. But. That's why only in the refuge featuring mr. Littlejohn as they get the hip hop remakes man I'm getting down with that's who broke pot freshness son that was about it and has good stuff fell while only in the wreckage in studio those who sounds off the record welcome to Seattle we can pick it up. That is coming Saturday they're gonna be playing it's only these garage open every. If your local to that area definitely register. Skip hop and a jump is that what they called benefited over over today or you can then make the commute of course. I ended it is the B day bash of the with Wyatt and Kyle also. Don't wish them happy birthday rice emerged support local music also on the bill custom Jericho hill inspectors of chaos. So how was your Sunday guys I just wonder you know how how you guys are doing you know also I signed wrote musicals that yeah literally. Had a fantastic day with my wife who winds up like pain there are also good. So it's good movies iris DuPont is absolutely that we will be sought and I'm actually. Like three rows back from the screen all the way to the left cylinder Letterman and you don't know no spoilers here but honestly it's my favorite of the marvel movie universal four hours after the death pool. Really I loved it needs it's got to heading is to it that a lot of those marvel movies don't have. Why anyways. And up about that I don't talk a little bit more about us and show you you guys have come and up. Wednesday march 21 and this is for a great cause it's called SMS and it has a lot to do with that Karen Daley helped. Book this I believe in your dad can you tell me a little bit about the other Pozen though. The Afghan national quote. MS is a really close cause toughness as a band as well as. On woodshed you know we have all gotten together there's members of both the bar billions that are affected by. So we ended up speaking with Tara and when we played issue studio seven. And we said you know be really cool to put together a benefit let's call it FM maps and you can get through it stands for and which just do it. As big as possible so we ended up. Go into a crock the croc goddess then on. And so yes it's going to be march 21. It's gonna be bruiser Brody opening which is gonna be absolutely stellar opinions is fantastic. And then word and and trying to keep up through the rubble of greatness. And then and the wood chips can close out the night it's going to be. So awesome and for such a good cause that means so much. It stops you mentioned ideas for a good cause it's all benefiting the national MS society. And I tickets are available now you can go to KI SW dot com for info on that guarantee we indeed Ted Smith will be hosting it. And I believe there's going to be some raffles and some giveaways and a just a good night he's still have a drink and cease three awesome local bands of course why it only and the wreckage can be turned it up there and then woodshed. From a little bit up north and bruiser Brody so what kind of like at three of the heavy hitting northwest beans we love your allowed local and just like I said for a great cause. Can really think the better a better evening a better way to spend your hard earned tax relief. And we'll cover Africa by Toyota are really. I'm did you notice that's right in the beard from metal shops. Absolute favorite song it's my absolute favorite song to eat he actually collects. Covers of that song and he was he is like death metal covers his electronic commerce. He was thinking about do you DG night where he just did four hours of photo covered up some UCL or our world can use it against Garcia and pa after this let's go work out our cover western. Do aren't what if we're gonna play some bruiser Brody these guys are going to be playing Big Dig on the 21 for at and mass decay ISW dot com. Pre order your tickets in Daschle crocodiles can be good one. Sarah bruiser Brody you have anything you wanna say about this ban. BJ and makes mornings and. Nothing else up for these as it's like it's there are one of the coolest bands out right now and that I think it I think everybody would agree with me it's. It's all these guys who are amazing friends you know amazing musicians and mean Boone skis. It's amazing careers in all many different facets as. The group and they formed a super group and that and a super music. Now it's fantastic. I mean they're they're five song EP. I like to more than any record came that's awesome when it's so spectacularly. And then after that we got doubles hunt me down right now is kind of the segment where we we chose you just shows some bands he wanted to place a wide doubles coming down. Oh man it if you haven't seen doubles them down if you've missed out on who they are. In my estimation the best line I've been in this scene right now seeing them live it's just pure energy and adrenaline. And tightness that just came BP like it's so. It's moving to watch are keeping you can't quiet yeah dep. It's already out there are only about how good ready doubles coming down back to back as chosen cure aided by light only and the wreckage jewels and allow local. Sears rolls. AI SW. It. It back. Roper music here are quite. I'm out in your group this playlist has been chosen by the agents from why me and the wreckage in studio hang out there. That was doubles hunt me down that end that was a song called sky island before that bruiser Brody. And now we're onto a man by the name of locomotive. Of course doing big things in the scene but this the first time we're actually going to be playing a locomotive jam. On the show it's only a little bit about how your love for locomotive. They're fantastic young hard working band and when I say young I mean seriously unusual out lake two of them are sixteen and the drummers fourteen. If I was that good when he's gonna make it simple man. I'm but I had honestly not even that good yet now I know exactly I'm the burden accurate. But. I had assumed it was kind of a gimmick when I first heard about it I was like OK there kidnapped. And then we saw them play and our minds were entirely blow an end. We'll we'd do we'd already had expected to kind of built up a little bit before because we'd seen some videos but this is actually pretty amazing I can't wait to see with these guys do live. And is it three p.s it is. Rock and roll powerhouse that's awesome from start to finish all energy the whole time meeting. Yes it's fantastic like my expectations were at like nine in the mate immediately delivered time. That's great fantastic. Awesome we're gonna play some locomotive it's why only and the wreckage when we come back after that organ meat plant a bunch more tunes they've chosen. And some of their war on some of their own music. Of course tell you about and shows you can see and this is locomotive with some cold dead. Another listen to use right now so shout out to locomotive and shadow to all the local bands listening to fly local on the Iraq. I jobs there oh my god I did it again. The loud and local continue. Sears 99.9. KI ESW. Lot of local here on the propaganda and then our next ten minutes left of the show us what you have some you won't hear Texas 77. 999 or top contrast white only and the wreckage 26141. Barack they've chosen a ton of cans and you know they observed huge supporters of the northwest seeing not only are they expand that out. That plays in the northwest seen in plays in the local scene but I got into the desert shadow you guys. Frenzy doesn't social media and all the guys tend to be really positive and uplifting about a lot of local bands and just supportive so out of no sir we appreciate that we're really proud of where we come from we're surrounded by some of the greatest talent ever. Now what's your least favorite non skid that I read your favorite venues like what what they like a couple of venues he wanna shout out your box show a lot of problems regarding let that anger that's. We just Paramount studio sevens fantastic. I'm Lucy's yet and Tony user's home to us that's why we do our profession there ever like every year we started out an average and Tony was good to us so good to. This is that's awesome so we look around back there. So is if anyone's listening right now on their you know kids are up late listening to you guys I was wonder knowing you know if there's anyone that's like trying to get a B and started. And they wanna be a part of this like vibrant music scene what we won't what suggestions would you give give any advice for like. Music teens or young and up and coming bands that wanna go to the next level a man. Ignore ego ignore you or your your who's your enemy. Be kind to everybody it's a lot of kindergarten rules man to be be good test everybody. And people will be good to you. And write good songs you know that's the important part follow trends just. Be yourself if it's four chords and a heartfelt message habit before courts and heartfelt message. Any and he buys from you guys via authentic and proactive. The excellent effort and Gerri you know again and if you get a plate go out and support as well there yeah I don't leave right after you're sad or something. States are and that's that's huge pro product sometimes for decks I don't see anybody do that now there's yet. Yeah entirely true that there are a lot of bands ultimately will open and the state of the very last yeah and I loved. I meant I never seen anybody make that mistake and leave it to about a product. Yeah and a Jericho help. That's that's my advice below Jericho in the coolest dudes are Jericho hill speaking of that you're going to be playing with them this coming up Saturday you're why it's in Kyle's birthday bash at Tony these garage in Everett. And next Saturday February 24 with custom. Specter's of chaos in the band were about to your Jericho hill. Is there a pre sale up now can you buy tickets or is it at the door no it's just older we wanted to take all the stress out of it and make it about eight good damn time all right we're gonna place in Jericho hill you can see them next Saturday at Tony he's an average and then now I'm gonna put in a GR window pane Jim from 2009 when he appeared Roanoke and songs are we have man it's my it's mine I need a good cry this'll make muscle feel better in my hands you know what. RA Huard is fuel for the fire Jericho though some window pane work in studio know why only in the wreckage has chosen by these guys drive local on the Iraq. And. Yeah yeah. You can. Can can. Yeah. With the Kevin veers through. AI SW room. You know assure us the. He. Okay do you feel you know what if you have not listened to the older window pane records if if you're just I've gotten into window pane over the last year's do yourself a favor there up on Spotify they're up on. Online and YouTube and Sherri and you can buy the records are directly from the band. So definitely check out window panes older stuff did the demand for a long time. And they have an incredible back catalog so that was Assange answers about why only in the wreckage. A house of cards here. I white house of cards why it. So did they break record was a big deal to me like that that record was huge and it's funny because I didn't. Now I'm friends with everybody in that band and I didn't know when he got some group or are you like the many. While in Canada and England camera sullen look what's the world joke Justin Rose you'd kill future going there I want. But no I viewed that song just it was the first song ever heard by them and it always just kind of touched my soul there something about the way that that we are quickly connects to who Liam as a person that just. Content no ma'am I've ever. That yet again and rumor that. If you wanna see why only in the wreckage other plane to she knows now right he's down wherever you are are you know just subscribe to their. A page on FaceBook follow them and everything light only and the wreckage birthday bash at Tony v.s garage in every that's next Saturday. February 24 with custom Jericho hill inspectors of chaos and awesome birthday present it to why it in Kyle would be to sell that PH out. It's Wednesday march 21 is that the in the incredible. Benefit show F and masks to. To help fight and that's multiple sclerosis of course cry at the crocodile with Wyatt only in the wreckage bruiser Brody and woodshed also let's put that which sold out. Two incredible shows now you guys deserve last summer to hear from you guys so the flu is yours who would you like to shout out anything you'd like to say. Before we leave with a couple songs will be banned. Actually quite the list your cells and had a all right or the senate to locomotive devils hold me down dirty dirty chrome lakes year of the co wrote stoic FB well and there's a lot convergence ten miles wide. Up well super fact that crossing who's gay crusade can keep it. Well you know agreed to be a little bit easier could be that Bruce Brody custom clever Jane van ads went over and obviously mr. master pachinko Royale that's my personal. Asked Warren yeah late September dogs Jericho hill again pull Luka the morning after debt collector list goes on and on just every local and you know. So many begins around her killer right now thanks to the northwest where we're so proud to be for a man. That's awesome and you guys were a song about a welcome to Seattle perfect says black we're gonna go out gather we're gonna put that in just a moment but first we wanna play up bright futures is a little interesting thing about this is going to be one of the first times you play it live this Saturday dad yeah I'm so. I had some issues with my voice this last little bit misses the highest songs vocal that we've ever written. And I didn't have the guts to pull it off lives. In the past. But I figure all embrace the fearsome on Saturday we're gonna go and play best. In the sat embrace the fear and and worst of two minutes it's the last track on our new record that they don't you can't look at that I know that that moment just pass the Mike to the crowd yeah exactly do do the fake out yet. I think that are just do you know duck medals screen let's. Schools missed ray. Are right we got a couple songs by quiet only and the wreckage of course bright futures in the welcome to Seattle mother. You can finish now why. Luke and I I is why only in the wreckage thanks again for coming up we. As I guess we'll see you on Saturday and then of course it as a and that's on March 21. Ticket at a KI SW dot com all the info for local shows and whatnot. Here it is. You know early. While program. The apple. Stay well. This is loud and local. He's on the rock 99.9. KI ES. Loud and. And we'll come back here on the rod thinks he can tell why it's only and the wreckage could see them next Saturday programs and every. Or why it's birth date go along with Kyle both their birthdays can be awesome. Another showed it's going to be totally awesome is eighteen days being its resurrecting the old score. Northwest metal fans metal shop and northwest met or worked presents. Northwest metal fest Friday march 9 and Saturday march 10 hole we're a bunch of bands and record zone in the White House. And oh weekend passes fifty dollars and go to KI SW dot com for all the info on that tickets are available nickname knew some of the billions playing. Perseverance time drift. Right city sub strata bookkeeper skeleton were glacier or be accused AD grew our crew our Lugo whiskey Dick piece of iron and the all four tried theft theft of awesome is that I'm about to play Covington. Doing some of their old cams of course heaven is so awesome why or blogs just. So killer an influential here in the northwest and of course key move five reuniting. He got to see this is gonna be very cool for all the third score metalheads here in the northwest this one is for you or for anyone just once you rocked. You know listen to. How the old dvds to do it here in the scene we got a couple James Lowe gets you five mobile light from 1984. And 34 years old but it still sounds so awesome. Q five going to be playing in this show along with Kevin right after that out of the grave from 1987. And go finish this little we saw him walk off with wild dogs with women in chains for their 1984. Record. So was there a back from some jewel and here. From or school metal are playing northwest metal says that it can I have W dot com for info on the show's rob local. On the Iraq. Engine. With the Kevin tears were. AI SW. Okay. One of the new word being is playing. Northwest metal fans Friday march 9 and Saturday march 10 the band before that our our kind of legacy games playing a reunions. And headlining the TV festival going on it no core zone. As well as the front house future tickets now it was is going to fill out. I didn't Q five in wild dog seemed the game he just heard was so obscure Adam. Permission Iraq is the name of their newest LP definitely pick it up at the feel of what my equivalent will be in stone right now. This week we allow mobile I'm proud to what debut a new track by homosexual. Could have a new split seven inch they came out are now Mike McCready is global hawk he taught birth records so I knew were homosexual single. Then one final called sunset I view. Here goes what music my heterosexual switching it up a bit. Allow multiple. I. It's. It's. It's OK am. And a lot of moose. I. Okay. Again I feel. We don't. It's. This is loud and local. Bought the rock 99.9. KI DS don't. Nine OK I. WHD one CE. Our. Back here on loud and local end you know. We get about ten minutes left of the show so thanks again to Wyatt Lee and the wreckage for coming up in dust spreading a lot of go see them next Saturday for why only in the wreckage. Birthday trio. And that's when he's open ever it was a mother awesome games can KI SW dot com for all the info. Love goes out to them also the year of the cobra. On tour now spends sending special vibes output then because. There should be no limit on tour they just put their quirky cop show at the front house on Friday so one end the show within Europe the cobra. It's my mobile on the rock band soliciting people local.