Metal Shop's Backstage Pass: Episode 122 - Metal Is Good For Your Health

Monday, March 5th

This week on the podcast we preview new songs by At The Gates, Kamelot, Eryn Non Dae, Nekrogoblikon and Judas Priest. We discuss the contorversies surrounding both Taake and Young and In The Way, we find out that metal is good for your mental health, we chat about the Metallica tour announcement and talk about upcoming Sick of it all and Madball albums. + a ton more trash talk! 

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Extra. What episode 1220. Mental thoughts backstage pass my name is in that's Kevin beard and a and Ryan beard EE and unreadable band logo fair to what the hell does that say. We got that even now there is seriously some it is the most. Ignorance. Like OK I have a lot of unreadable BMO that featured some kind of like known for that might be job people always just laugh about it I joke about it you know like. What is it today and it's everything from in key anti trained to devour me you know but those are generally like one or two or three words. Right appeared right now is rocking the most. Unbelievable logo which afflicts some mass. Of of of. Web yeah isn't like I'd away like fifty words Bryant what you read it right NASA I have some time to start off the podcast I think he needs pitcher I checked because it clearly says she's. Acidic liquid explosion generated by mass amounts of filthy people you sadistic septic since Phil sodomy inside the infected maggot infested womb of. Non dying under the roof of a burning church will priest. Watches and it's. In immense perverse pleasure over his first fresh fetus clearly. Clearly clearly. Zap leg is when you know that is that leg example like a guess and check out zap leg I'm not gonna repeat that again. I'm sure that was a must buy it for you this south American court grind band in the air. Awesome by the way in its metal shops backstage pass my name is Kevin years Ian is at the Helm at thirty did that by. What we've didn't doing delegate and so it was that and Brian beard it would leave unreadable band three zone and restart and it it's fun when it's at the tables again. Yellow I broke my broke my shoulder this week he had let's talk about that picture you posted with a keen told him dude yeah I didn't even know I mean that's not where my injury is I think that's his world the the blood pool from my internal BP being so let's go back electorate when he seventeen when you actually really really up your shoulder. And the first time what. What happened well I mean this has been happening for along I I'll make it short like I did it the first time when I was playing rugby in high school again are accidentally a few years after that dislocating Marshall. Last year I did it twice in one day. The second time popped it back in myself like it's. And that sucked and this time I was reaching over to my nightstand to grab a glass of water. That's. Brutal for the weary pretty brutal. And I couldn't get it back in so glad to drive myself to the hospital. Were they pumped me full of lots of medication and popped it back it seasons. So they also told me that I pay up by the way your shoulders been fractured. All year. The idiot some extra panel and Malia I mean they didn't tell me though the last time I went in so. I had a broken shoulder earlier also. Now life I look at myself in the mirror wrong it's just gonna flop out both. Shoots Cox created super painful really embarrassing when I'm in that ER like literally screaming at the and Leonid need to start and go find me free putt. No thankfully is that health insurance for now. But. Now we're gonna start it kills you for Ian. No yourself what can answer yet exactly but yeah we sewed it on his scale once its handling on any given daily right now how much pain it. Right now it's getting a little worse organ ice pack on about a four probably okay all right it's gotta be here one that's. Do you think it had anything to do with one year like scoring with a and like Enron deal with like moshing I don't thinks he died it just every time it happens it's. It gets lose like the wizards knocked loose. I'm also were switching roles this week on medal for Africans can be running. Indeed so lake. It does it pain you just like movies shall element to earn your arms like it's only gone about like if five make the wrong move and pop back out now via. I. It'll just be like a spaghetti. But the DD yet it's not so that's my story. And Ryan how you doing bud. Duque it's been a in a busy busy week you're always be easy you're always is literally every time we get an update from a year like I'm tired I'm tired or. It was a crazy busy week is that ever like. Now it's a busy gate while I tried to schedule couple days off myself and sadness with the day off from one job and then it's in the next day off from the other job. And I had called in on the first day. Of course the second job and then on the second call and the first jumps up and a another week quit satellites to get him manages drive drop out life with bong and hand. Drop out alive and take bong hits for Jesus. You have worked there was a show this week or something that we went it was there 00 that was last week we talked about. It was yet but there's a whole lot of shows coming up this week on Monday we got the sanctuary. Final fell. And they have. You know kind of vocalist fluent in from world Dane and that's and you're good. I'm emotional mine I think for a lot of things right and can get to fill box alongside iced earth and then on Tuesday. They have. The enslaved or get it Salim is the dazzle and I'm magazines or my bad it's decimals magazine torque and it's chemists. And me worker here in doubles in the throne room and of course mostly financial can be. An awesome oh core zone. I could see that when doing very very it's going to be back. And then not Friday and Saturday is kind of a bit of a throwback to the northwest metal fest got bands like come in reuniting we got and a wild dogs are gonna be reuniting. We got Q five reuniting. And there's a lot of bands that used to going to be plan that on metal shop tonight so where's our it's going to be at a core zone in the fun house two nights in a row. And there's been there and have all kinds of weird Wiki mark on on a Friday and Saturday. They're gonna have kind of like a metal markets and a play now he's old school throwback metal merchants like it kind of like a vintage metal scene going on. In medal it's Seattle medal right now and I think. Spearheaded by BN's lake. Weapon lords as sub strata and yet so and and scale thorn in those desert rat Indian and Max have really like. Pushed this to be like a huge old school vintage. Thing because back in the days like back when metal shop for started. I was talking to guys from polluted they were and have been called lipstick. And I they used to play the old school like Seattle northwest metal fest and is so it's not wake. I knew staying here in the northwest it might be firm like you and are we never got to go to the first ones but. For a lot of the old heads this is just like bringing it in back in so if you go to the fast. Next weekend. Expect to see a lot of ball these like me a lot like old school dudes a lot of old heads haven't been out for awhile and it's going to be pretty cool. And ES LE. And to become the dad pony tails you have another male pattern baldness was colorless is back yes. I haven't hit that spot now now that's just fine. Yep I'm back. I let's get into a little bit of the name. A lot to get to this week to try and smashed through real way. Start with that skeleton which Lou Allen and then others. A very important members in the drummer. So why he's out I. To be completely honest with you just tennis in this does it say why now announces they've just part ways with him and it's usually. They they have job for cowboys John rice formally a job for Campbell he and. And he's gonna be on their North American tour with the obituary Paul bearer but certainly sacking in Atlanta Georgia so that must kind of sucked at. Have a drummer like. Leave the band right before a huge for and that's why got to get someone good to step up speaking of drummers leaving strung out kicked out their drummer this week. And apparently he's been stealing money from their pain for you hear analysts pertaining to be their manager and one. I saw that he posted like this really long wooded message on their FaceBook page did he have flu like passwords at the age in just like that's what I was wondering lightly I don't think that they would be that stoked on anything they would've like. Cut him off for it the F 25 years that's wild music and great is great drama do one of our best in all of place heavy music pot hurts. But he has like apparently some kind of motor cross and he'll he'll be in some other bank used to be in the band pulley two vehicles. Heads up is don't steal from people. Trustee yet I've heard some hot horror stories of when bans find out that there are like rodeo whatever is doing that it is for more often don't know hour drive yourself. Yes. So darkly. Weeks of. Cut that the bin Camelot has premiere a new song read in light into the new album's called shadow theory as gonna ask you if you want to do this we might as well now. Pitcher. OK so I this and you know we're not too into it by you know and for if you're a fan of like power metal Euro metal. What not comes out April 5 on napalm records. One's for you Monday. Yeah but I mean what it means it's pretty good players that are I've seen guys that. Let me just give him half way. No. Okay. I mean I don't think. It's gotten pretty good. It's all right. This is not much sympathy yes but if you're Inouye now April 5 on napalm you. Camelot her and he. This next story is a really got translate well because of music radio. And Reagan put music to check it out if you're in he had that isn't really trans world podcast. That's okay but this does seed the new at the geeks and and the new at the gates told Lee trends and there. A day and that you know wiest total fully support here are metal shop their old she school 1995 slaughter of the soul like an instant classic. You know first ballot. Metal classic metal hall of fame record. But they came back. It was at one point 22015. Idealist when he fifteen it and they came back with such a killer record and another back in May have a full. Falling album coming out but doesn't say window in this article on the check croak. Way it's it's called to drink from the night century media thirty years let's just here a little bit while Kevin gets that eat the I gotta get this infrared. That's as maybe. Yet in the Helms actually called to drink the. From the Neitzel. They got it gave the the good thing for me. If we ever find out who their they've got play guitar the second for the lead guitar player last last year as much here. And we got good school definitely H into stuff. So we actually have a quiet at a news about Judas Priest as you know they're coming to town and show where senator April 15. And that's going to be was Saxon going to be killer toward in a new album coming out here. And death firepower is due out march 9 so that's next. Next Friday and it's going to be pretty killer record if he can now. You know tell bile in the first three tracks that have been released solo before we get to the Kyra. Trauma with Judas Priest let's just check out this new wrapper it's called never the heroes burning music or two is priest's little sample. And I think its going Simon. Wow. That is eight. But that. That's. Delicate gold. Off good. Bruce guy and so like we were talking a little bit I think last week. About how going to hit in their guitar player about ten years ago was diagnosed with like early onset Parkinson's disease. Which and literally like robs you of your lights yeah motor functions now which is pretty important when you play guitars and so why he'd just announced this week that he's got a take some time off the band which honestly in my opinion I think means that he's just. And have to be done tennis he can't play guitar so. Done the drama comes into play when KK downing who's got an autobiography on the way. Issued a statement saying he was kind of nipped his fellow quote shocked and stunned it was an approach to rejoin the band. Which quit the band right exactly and I mean sorry he didn't come. Running back for you to guide exactly you know it. The guy that they pick though is that it's it's been an interesting choice it indecent heap like those that super famous like metal and rock. I'm producer engineer again. So when they play when is it April 15. When I got. April 15 the show where standard and they're going to be playing with Indy sneak on guitar. So you know what I'm just. And it read this full thing here I just kind of wanna get this out because that. He retired back in 2011 is some differences in opinion with their management and he was replaced by Richard Faulkner. So what he said was the musical and has finally been forced to come to terms with an unfortunate condition long term came with deep regret and sadness to me. Equally this ending of our guitar duo aero is also something that come to terms with. The insatiable appetite that myself and Glenn had for trading inspired in unique music for the world to enjoy it for many decades is something you can never be a race. However everyone who has witnessed the evolution of our beloved music must come to terms with the fact that things will inevitably change which is simply end. I have to say with great sadness that I am shocked and stunned that I wasn't approach to step into my original role. As guitars for Judas Priest weather record of stepped back into the bin or not the potential for the situation arise. Never entered my head when I departed although two I two image officially. And legally still a member. Of Judas tree okay legally means like. When Italy. He he he probably still has some. Stake of ownership in the franchise that is street sprees royalties that's bingo. That's an ugly he's probably still still percentage on her all the all the logos in the branding and everything like that on here yet and like that it looks like Jack has rob how offered. Issued a statement I'm not gonna regal thing but I think the thing that he was most upset about. Is like the insinuation that Andy Snead. Like played that guitar parts on the record in this moment. So yes so Glen is on that on that song we just heard on fire power and on yeah. It's not gonna get better so it probably going to be the end effort for Golan. Rich people airs (%expletive) and Rupert that it held a guitar player so I had a moment we'll see. This kind of thoughts. Ryan. Let's let's go to this Erin Nande newsman because I know that the band that you been kind of like pushing for a long time now it's one your favorites right this is one of the first bands that I broke some model shop. Long time ago an effort here for your picture yet when I first heard an intern ship here they're really really excellent French band. The band is primarily. A one man being a lot of the things that. Come out of this group it's mostly written by their main guy out Frank Quinn who plays on drums guitar baseball pools the whole nine yards. Many us other musicians that come in and kind of fill up the sound but the majority of the songwriting process and recording process is all him. It's just kind of the nature of things like app and it takes a lot of time for them to get records together and put these like he's together but. I'm really excited they're finally coming out with a new album this can be the first one in a long time and that's I get a little bit taste of it. Yeah this is going to be hard to gain this with ten minutes on the Intel. Oh yeah there's been elected few years the markets and it kind of tricky melodic. So go check Allen out Friday is going to be a big day for record has a lot of albums come out. Who can fool so let's just keep going with the new stuff. I you know I never really got into the gimmick of little net for gobble accounting. Pretty good are I mean they definitely got you know huge based on that gobbling media which is a fun video Lott Trent. They have that goblet on board of them I think that they're kind of stepping it up they're new records called what is welcome to bonkers. Coming April 13. This is for him and like I can tell that whoever's playing on this record actually innocent players. Broke object. You get the point they're playing poker playing this week. Wednesday at studio seven which rings of Saturn. You actually get on. Speaking of studio seven. There's been news within the last few weeks there was. I'm fortunate situation at one other shows where it was FT shooting there was a shooting that led to death and one of their shows and and fortunately that has caused the city of Seattle liquor board to suspend your liquor license. And apparently this is not the first or not the the first a situation that out there and close of efforts now there's been a lot of complaints about them there's been violence at that shows there's been a lot of cops being called to them and. You know this is it us like calling out to you seven or anything like that is just just letting you know that studio seven will continue to have shows. In all of the shows that cash is W has supported with their. And and that you won tickets to an end are on the content counted they will be allowed to happen but it just will not be serving liquor not be serving. Alcohol honestly for me it doesn't matter I don't think alcohol while but it is they're still serving beer and wine. Among. There are bad yes. I just I saw. In fact I'll read this gland from window pane post this earlier today her green. He set I just wanna step forward and maybe set a beeping streets Osce is having not been shut down it's not going be shut down. The club's liquor license has been temporarily suspended as a result of the shooting that occurred there at the clubs open serving beer and wine Lou geez did a great job without a liquor license for years to take a deep breath and stop the Gaza they're going to be moving away from hip hop shows. Which is where this happened via apparently the reason that. The cubs have been saying this for a long time the city's really been on their case because via. Allowed part of their security staff to be usurped Ehrlich taken over by the artists security team yeah who kind of like who didn't. And I really do a great job at doing that securing the back militants let's be honest I mean like when's the last time it got patted down at the seven. And I'm just saying it doesn't really matter about. What happened is somebody was shot India like the green room to gear room you know him right up the side of the stage and there it in the back hallways and he die. Yet so and yet. 180 days six months it is kind of a long time. It should be noted that during that six month period via state will be reviewing all the past instances and occurrences that happen and it studious and and then they'll be making decisions where to go from there and that's usually how he's content suspensions work so. Hopefully. Hopefully the and hopefully with the support of the fans they'll they'll keep going if that's not the case in hand the state makes a decision that. They want to permanently revoked license and couldn't really brought for the and you're seeing is a lot of their income comes from Marseilles. That's that's a good point I didn't know that you could serve wine and beer and honestly you know a lot of people just drink beer at shows like. That's true I mean like look as long as they still have something to serve people Beers like a bar income and generate data that it's. Future ability for them even put putting guaranteed on any tour I thought it was going to be like no. Soda I mean I'm honestly surprised that the cars and obviously they're two different licenses or something by. I saw somebody stays on FaceBook recently about one of the shows coming up they're like well there's still the parking lot. In instantly went OK it's of the shenanigans and parking lot. Are going to be yet final nail his like again in the cops called in the call article that I posted on the metal shop age it's that the data had over 25. Different visits from the police in the last year and so it's not clicking your man and well. Tracy Nicole have supported our show and radio station in the past however you think about it there's a lot of hearsay in this Nat and a lot of it. Has validity but. It would suck to lose Evan you from the standard it's it's a good place instead it's a good practice space for bands as well so. Either way we'll keep you updated your metal sharpen and the podcasts obviously in you know it's just. Keep our fingers crossed that. They they make it out so and I keep it chill. Around that at some of your especially in the parking lot of for going to be tailored their arms around there it's it's there's not by a bar and like exactly walking distance but there's pars down the street you can go get some liquor if you want and the pot shop right across the street. Smokes weed yeah exact and it's just one of those things were like obviously this is a problem don't make it worse is going to be one jerk off that's gonna up for everybody else though there obviously underdogs shooting people. And that you. So there is a new. Death metal comedy coming I haven't watched it on and off is going to be any yet. Again be screening at SXSW. This year it's called Haiti trip cool if this sucks we'll just deleted you'll never have to hear it but here is the trailer. If it. Or. She. That's not gonna work as it's in finished yeah yeah maybe nights now so it's a story about a fictitious. Finished death metal band called in paled rectum. Yeah I don't let them and their trip to plea Norwegian. So sorry. I don't speak the finish and most of you sound about right. Well others not northwest gate here for the vans warped tour for their final point fourth edition of the annual festival what you ought to want to read some of the bands anyways. This kind of a throw back in you know it's a bummer that what towards ending but the same time now. And nothing last forever it the end probably. Girls away from you know it. You know so we got a bands like 303 asking Alexandria bear tooth Bowling for Soup frank and the raptors knuckle puck mayday parade means in to Reel Big Fish the chance sum 41 got to finish now Taking Back Sunday this while let water parks. All time low following birth where your from your own views. Less Than Jake movement's real forensic and the means used to not a lot of weird the kings. Shell grand DP. Ice nine killed who follow up. My children my bride sharp teeth Silverstein the entity affliction twisted mother. Wage war August burns red there's a band we played crap on the empire T seeker every time I die he was on harm's way. In hard to wait right there have been knocked loose motionless in white Ian Feierabend Obama can't. Under oath unturned as it is assuming we survive. Broadside capping fees Atlantic dead girl's academy. Dole skiing in the dawn bronco grace Gayle make out how little. Probably Royale. And that's Finney in this high. The only remnants of pie he's bonnet. Interact boat. It. Fare well winters. Lighter burns after I'd ever been. The closest one. The Seattle is Mountain View cal at that point on that one. Just south of the bay. And a mosh to and lighter burns. Water parks. This is gonna be quick out or in Scotland as a new record coming out in June. That's it it's weighing all the wolf by it's backs so orange gobbling up in 28. Sick of it all legendary New York hardcore bands together and they are working on a new album so it's their twelfth full length. In that nation on their answered and they are all working on the new album in outlook for more updates so sick of it all never indicted state. And they should it now. The live forever. Ryan I know you're probably stoked about this arsonist is back in the decide with ago when he records have baby ago new records is doing a ton assigning the origin. They just they they are sits around crazy hopefully next time arches comes through the will be more than fifteen people in the venue stepping up. OCR is live there and coordinate. There is despair seeing arsons and bring more for some reason no love in the northwest cleared but a Gloria but what does that ago when he it's only I outside the America's so there's still going to be coming through. Nuclear boy there's more than one America. Now. Amount. Let's talk about has been alkaline grant they're here in new. They're basically ops your minus a member of war two and the treaty the size and kind of weird yet it's weird it's all over the place it's it's what I would expect from obscure members if they didn't feel like they were confined to detect. John pair of the record it's called liquid anatomy may eighteenth on seasons and missed here is a little bit of. How low you can. We found. I do. This weird. That at. It's cold out alkaline liquid anatomy as sag off is what it's call. Yeah with my somebody outside that yeah you're out in the real according to my yellow the mother of my luck would be able god damn. Go put your foot and like you know hey it's okay. That. Our idea. What is. He will. Have backed out. Now it is. Very short when he sent. But. Not a regret it still be room when he said. Oh. What it was he turn this thing. I was focusing. On the strength of almost what we've done. Podcasts and take. Yell we're gonna leave that in there because I think it's funny it's a lesson like K window in mics are on and it says on air you don't come around and start talking and poking and unless you're gonna show me your blog or something like funny. Off our right so you know there's a spin top game and again we played them before. To be honest I love what the band and I know is an awesome. But we didn't really know the past. Talk gay and their singer hosts. Call list. And HOE. EST this was news to mean and the singer of the band basically it's gotten into a lot of controversy over the last few weeks by anti for a and you know the NT five is not officially group anyone can be anti it basically you're just anti fascist if you're saying I'm anti fascists in your part of into. You could be. A waste now that that's out of the. Out of the way. The talk ratio has been canceled all over the US because there have been pictures of host. From ten years ago onstage in Germany with a swastika on his chest. And basically what he said is to try and justify it to try and describe what was going on as he said he just wanted to be as controversial as possible. He was onstage in Germany. And he to a swastika to offend people. He says he's inter religious he's in tae young he just wanted to offend and that was what he said it was a huge. You said it was a huge mistake. He apologized for it. He said that he's not a races the bandit does not associate with racists is not a racist and anything like that but they are anti religious but he did say a lot of anti Muslim things. Which is odd. But the same time. It's anti religion he's not EC he is there like a black male I get a again as. But you know you can't take down the fact that he was in Germany and Ian swastika on his chest we Wear. Kind of unsure what to do and I'm gonna kind of peel black the fourth wall here. Earlier this week I sat Pope I sent a couple of emails that we got on the metal shop FaceBook page where. Very responsive to our listeners if you if you message us on there that will get back to you very soon analyses. You know on the Houston and. Bot troll. But will it Acxiom will will you know conversant you know if every questionable you know and we got several people that were kind of taken aback and kind of bummed out that we had put our name on this topic show rent K guys the B had. Put our name on us hawkish out and talk to a certain point where. With these messages and with without having our name on that a couple of PR point. Where it's like that's cats that he name that's metal shop name you can't really associate with this stuff whether or not talking is a Nazi whether or not you know he's support music. But little lock if there's people that are seeing that and they see cast early in the seam metal shop associated we kind of have the distance ourselves whether or not we like music and not just at the list disassociate yourself he can't be having. This name on it so I sent him up so I sent that email out to our our promotions director. And you know he. It's got in touch with L core zone and and almost immediately there was no actually the entire Portman can't yet it's cancels that it's not a double. Anymore I mean there's a lot to be said here and we can have a replica really long conversation I've and I've heard that over the last week. Both sides of the argument I guess yeah because. There is. Legitimate. Argument and logic on both sides and I get both of them. I guess we'll start here like ten years ago we got back ten years I guess. Could be considered a long time but if if it's 2007. It's not like it's in 1953. Years and lake. You are. Flying a swastika. In Germany. India that's illegal where my where it's it's like literally. A felony to denied halt costly. It's they take that very very seriously. So that. Is the biggest thing for me the like anti Islamic. Like lyrical content doesn't bother me as much because in heavy metal there's. The gigantic like anti religious sentiment. In a lot of bands and exports every right and it's not really bothered me too much. The thing is when he he's one word that he used is a German word cult notre manage. Which is what the Nazis use the word they used to referred to the people that they were like. Committing genocide against yeah so like. This guy. May or may not be announcing at a really carried just made some really idiotic choices in the way they handled like this situation against all the pictures that have been surfacing and seek piling on how exactly like. It's one of those things were like. I get where white people are upset about like oh. The anti religious thing because you think about. My girl for me the example it why is nobody getting pissed off about like destroyer 666 acting like weird fashion did that it slipped and other stuff and Mike. They were the argument was also the guys wearing an iron cross necklace for what do what about motor Hitler about slayer what about. Any of those other bands like get that part of it. But what about Sex Pistols wearing swastika on that breasts examined you know just for shock value yup but it's also not 1977. Exactly which is not an excuse but like we have access to so much information. Not only that the like why would you think that would be good idea it I want to be controversial I get that it did like. Ten million people dot. Like it's a real. And think you know yeah. It's all honestly like the most sensitive things so I don't really know how to feel about it I don't I don't feel I feel like I wanna support this and necessarily because of it and what the fact that and good on him. For coming out and being like hey we're moderate I don't feel like that much harder whatever it doesn't necessarily matter though at this point gas. I just I don't I don't home and it's a weird. Yeah I don't know I. There's a lot of sketchy and black metal Manson but then there's also a lot that aren't and you know what if your kinda like torn between those things. I would suggest you to go to enslave on Tuesday because there are being that has never. With that native. A bit they did they were friends or kindness they were friends with a lot of those early you know black metal bands that are kind of sketchy. But at the same time they are and that is always a deviated from that and become more of an artistic thing. Being the walls looked around and understand from the north west that has nothing do with Beck and there's bands. That are of that scene that you can support that have nothing to do with that politically. It's just weird like I I I don't like seeing people bash on anti fed because. Personal politics aside or whatever like they do decent things and honestly they just kind of pointed this out. And then it kind of cascaded into waterfall like one cancellation went into another and then the response in the whole tour and I just kinda like Lou just kind of followed its own relief. Well the way that talk has been handling the situation hasn't exactly in the best either because and on the statement says that they issued all the way that they handle the social media in the midst of all this. Eat it hasn't been well handled and has just been on and so they needed to step back and might be quite. From a law in and honestly I don't know what the future of that band even looks like especially here in the states like. I don't know if that's gonna happen it was a whole month long tour with all the dates booked all the plans tickets probably repurchase. It's weird it's is another thing we're just trying to put out there on the radar and so that shows unhappy. That's basically the long and short of odd to anger cavalry. What would you call this been like Mongolian. Polian metal panel via they just broke up this bomb. Are another a lot of fans and his band and they're really cool really good very creative and it was right after they've put out their new record. And so here's a statement within all these eight years I have nothing but great on this to all of your support however after consideration I decided pinger cavalry is officially dismissed. Receiving get out skip that part in a society forged by loss successfully winning the legal sabotage from an industry scum bag. These. Who claimed to formally worked for century media records and metal blade who give us the contract. And claim to all of our publishing rights since 2010. Is maybe away and not for that means in a society forged by business successfully terminating a toxic relationship. Should I should pugsley these names out. Who claimed to work for Lady Gaga on slashed teamed up with this toxic labeled person and mean manipulated us to sign this fraud contract to give up everything. So they basically are just like instead of fighting through this legal battle with whatever is happening with their label behind the scenes they dislike. There were out at a here and an annuity. So hopefully they can put something else together by yeah that's the end of that. So I guess I'll be the one that deals with the heavy. The scary it. Young and in the way. We play better than in the past as well they have broken up in the wake of allegations of apparent sexual assault. And Mort says it's. OK so should I go ahead and read this. Yeah about their okay guys it's pretty long yeah it is very long there's a statement going on super basically about a oh let's just say allegedly because that is the most important thing to say here on. India is on a podcast we need to get a likeable it so allegedly there has been alleged. Acts of I'm sexual assault so. Basically what she was saying is that she was they had a house show they played state at this house and. It was actually three and a half years ago that being young and wasted in my house have professional Detroit I was a sponsor for the event and had assisted for food pop. Fallout for the pop up during the event and then she's goes on the say that in very graphic detail that members of the band. Physically. In sexually assaulted her. And at a creek in honor while she was go to the bathroom apparently is why did start doing all kinds. Pulling out their stop in this in which they completely deny apparently. Yeah their broken up and will fee would hands. You know what I'll I'll go ahead and read their part. It's as an accusation of sexual assault with a median some members of our band as a band and as individuals we are disgusted that someone was sexually assaulted and event that we are part of we applaud the victims Kurtz talked about it and support her decision and right to name her aggressors. We stand by what we said we learned about the incident no members are ban was responsible for this crime must be very clear. Responses accusation is not an attempt to discredit the victim would believe her or start to this happened to work we supporter but it was not us. Victims' voices can and should be amplified and we are not sure that there's any Leeson decent to respond to an accusation like this but they. Excepting a fault we can't accept fall but we also can't prove our innocence. There. That we should even be suspected of such a crime. Brings to us the end of the road and in ways no longer a death wish ink and will not be playing anymore for us there's nothing left for us this. Lastly you know attack the victim there's no room for that here. I guess I mean it's a good statement again as a way to do it a right move to break up the band. So I was having congress and around about that the whole decapitated thing you know yeah recently where. You know maybe we'll never know in theirs and again weird it's just weird both sides of the fence but the to me at the end of the day. You and play stupid games and you win steep prices you know I mean you don't get accused of like this if you didn't do something's weird or stupid. It wouldn't just come out of nowhere you know I mean unless and I and maybe I'm sure it has happened before unless somebody's intentionally trying to like. Sabotage your man's career sounding but I don't see that happening to a band. Of this stature you know I mean. Polite yet just something had to have appeared in I mean even if they deny everything it's just like. What seemed to should be people associate with the band or a quarter with them drive could be broad you know people don't look like them that they know the thing that comes across the sheets to me. Is that allegedly initially. Stayed claimed to be intoxicated in not remember any details from the evening. After that K a year or two later they claimed. You know that never happened and it was blatant denial they pick going to remember very clearly remember the entire evening and they've changed the story to now the southern persons line. And so that sums up all kinds of red flags for. So they're done and I'm glad you're done that's the case oh this is a really quick one prong and powerful. Do we believe from bio hazard and its ads and doc and Cypress Hill. But have been. Having won one month from today. April 3 at studios. And see what's what days. It's a Tuesday her days at OC prong in power flow that just got announced this week. Did ethic might be heading over to Spokane trio. Metallica is going to be going on another North American tour and this time. It looks like anybody plainly could be towns where our daddies did beat marvelous it's and so there actually can be planned Portland's or hidden in. At the motor center Sacramento California and then they're going to be plan it's. OK and man. Number twelve that's a treacherous time to be driving around especially Donovan spoke and we're gonna have to get. You know archipelago let's get a look at from the stationers and was trying to get rank castle think it's fine. Until Wednesday so we're gonna help to get some related jeepers that I ever tell you there's about when I went to go up tip of Vancouver BC I want to go see Metallica when they filmed the yeah I remember that movie that they did. Yeah I actually got rank castle tickets they thought I was right castle so I got like sweet tickets I was up in the like best buy corporates we. That or it was me and Tony wolf. My own heart work up there hanging out like sketchy cannibal corpse teacher thought we just pounding Beers while he's like corporate suits are like channeling Jack with us. Registering can free blew out my Mike Castle just just don't that we went to the arena our actual seats are like eight errand for it was insane. And we were. It was like being over dressed for the night like we were just like over compensated for the evening you know works scrubs right. I'm not running Catholic I'll pretend to be and then it he's got to Wear the uniform he you've stated you Nikkei yet but the total fake team make him. A little beat there's a study coming out of Australia. In the journal of community psychology did the title of this article is. New study finds what we all already knew well before medal is good for your mental health. Says I'm medal identities and are trying to make this fast or popularly representatives leading to mental health issues but with flawed evidence. We document the community contacts around medal and well being by talking to young metal heads directly well who'd a thought. We engaged in repeated informal talks with 28 young Australians who strongly identified with metal aged eighteen to 24. Five females when he through emails and found that middle identities and community protected them from mental health problems. Four core themes were found from transcripts they were all bullied or marginalized through social relationships school. They enjoyed the impact of metal music and lyrics when angry or ostracized. Okay. They felt part of a protective community of metal heads even though in many cases at this age it was more imagined than real. And embodying middle identities enable them to keep police detractors and others at bay and to fine for angry say they found a community. Buyout talking repeatedly directly with young metalheads it was found the metal identities were helping participants. To survive the stress. Of challenging environments and build strong and sustained identities with communities. Thus alleviating any any. Potential mental health issues. So now you have science you can program and tellers but the drama one last one here mad ball hard done recording and a record. That's. And walked cope with a cause they got they would actually the guy behind the board was granted him mourn for. Don't know yet those and it shops he probably doesn't is Dennis cook it in a backpack and a and a few few. You know we're not gonna let you guys gave metal shops brutal. Poetry. And not. Miss him this backwards. Expects these bad. Aruba. Brian Tong here is entered a really in terrible place. He's always been a terrible place in the year 2000. From the pain killed reeker detained. Here is. Hard neighbor is you reaction. From the record. Her neighbors direction price. You. Awakened by the throbbing. I can smell the yeah. This team crawls from the sewers. Soon begins now hunt. Even citing let's go to peace. Of the hour and ten year. He sent us this and his strong. The trees near. I stock them home and answered the year. As they step into the shower I pounds through the glass. Stab them repeatedly with a shard as site and through the yeah. They try to scream. But just gasping and choke. Bloody foam sprays through the shredded throat. Alec blood loss or B I must. I can't control it's. Hunger. Reason number ten million for all of go to hell they've. As if you needed another reason. Its erection. Shops. That states that thanks to listen in this weekend. Imus either of you have anything any. Titillating worries him because you know he knew that that I'd been metal shop guys. You'll see next week. But time. But shops backstage press.