Loud and Local - February 25th, 2018 w/ GOOD TOUCH

Sunday, February 25th


LocoMotive – Babyman 
LocoMotive – Garbage 
Good Touch – Good Touch 
Good Touch - All Together
Good Touch - Failing Upward
Good Touch – Bomb Hills Not Countries
Good Touch – Translating Frequencies 
Good Touch – Here Today
Good Touch – Times Past Spent 
Good Touch – 100 Years
Year Of The Cobra – Lion and the Unicorn
Warrel Dane – Your Chosen Misery
Sanctuary – Soldiers Of Steel
Sanctuary – The Mirror Black
Wyatt Olney & The Wreckage –Welcome To Seattle
Aloha Mars – Last November
Big Wheel Stunt Show – Livin’ and Everything
Eye Of Nix – Toll On
Hilltop Rats – Groan Up
Palooka – Another Day In The Hole
Van Eps - Blood

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Now O'Dell. And aren't bad it's actually from the U surrounding him media metropolitan area encompassing. I would just noticed green north what's good evening rockaholics. Thanks for joining. Casey is allowed. The rock featuring music born right here in the great Pacific northwest 99.9. KE I USW it's. Loud and local time 10 PM here on 99.9 KI SW two hours. Of all northwest music at 5092532206. To 42536. Though. We try to dosed you with all the good stuff. Some rock. Some metal some punk we have ice skate punks in studio tonight by the name of good touching in the playing with good riddance and a few other red shows. You know both Tacoma in Seattle so will be talking about that. In just a little while it is the end of the weekend unfortunately. But we get to savor the last two of them. With awesome local music and now one of the bands that haven't talked about all week is allow mobile the end of the week. And sorry they're not good Dutch it is local motive at the end of the week at TI FW dot com and you can season primary we'll see there's some info. On this being members were only 1416. And seventeen years old. And seriously charade tactic jams so good. It's criminal to be this good at such a young age so locomotive check him out guys dot com. He solved by them. We'll take them. I mean well. Not only good and I'm menu. I'm confident we don't mainland. It's. Back here on loud and local leads the two hours where we play everything. That is happening here in the Puget Sound one band that I would like to introduce you to we played them in the past. It would have been the week a few months back. It is good touch welcome to the studio guys. It's. Yeah you're very welcome before we get any further let's introduce you guys that go across the room and at Tommy what your name is in and what you do in good touch. Adrian vocal. It's. Way to play guitar Jason arms. I don't will welcome up to KI SW you guys in the past we've played European a few times and I now I wanted to ask about like. You recorded your record was it September. It's. Yeah yeah position. Duplicate their boiler room. Yet boiler you know there's no there is testing was great to got a damn good in them. Alia. Row don't go heading go to the boiler room and if you if I'm. If you know it basically by the sounds of this album it sounds really good you guys. Obviously influenced by skateboarding a lot of the music that a lot of the lyrics that you. Have a on this record it's eight songs are about skateboarding how long have you guys been skateboarding and an all of our you guys all skaters. The main when he still skates. Some of these dudes you've skated yeah. I like license and it took me more reason is getting back into it slowly organizers. Now and his department and you know about a Boortz has. And programs gateway and network collection are at least injuries prevent us. England with a lot of knuckles from dogs and stuff when it was all when medic purples. And really. Am yes that was good Ali that was. Weird injured. Though was for him skating back and they and other talk us things about skating injuries I've had plenty hand entries. The girl then marginal way he. Injured himself many times in weird ways and really also with crutches coaches commission. Speaking of injuries and actually Adrian is in. Recent years have me it was about two or three years ago you were in her life threatening car crash and it's kind of a surprise to be honest that your hero hanging out there and good health I live in a minus a few teeth. Yes I just got my teeth fixed except for one and nine are more almost all mountain in half. Closure windshield that was really fun. That I'm alive. How much of that ahead has impacted like you in your life with the music of light like putting an island. In in the music. Is kind of a history like physical therapy because it was a lot of broken ribs and a need to breathe life and isn't. Cannot force a lottery is to break back in a place in their ego things like that has been really painful progress on the air and every level. Yeah. Well you get to us see him kind of tried to do that too is most effort at the good riddance show because they're opening for it's a Southern California from Southern California are different sectors so socal legends good riddance the lasting success in the stunt men good touch has to be opening this one. A Freddie march 16 at a core zone a tickets I think are available now as a web site. Kept more of some next weekend too that the condition. All right and will be telling you a little bit about the gate dead show in just a few we got three songs. Back to back off the good touch EP work only go to what did this album of the than on the show. It for free on band camp just in 20 dollars and two Vietnam conflict that we should like to do this morning. All right well owing more emerge stickers that they have a list of teachers when. Indeed I got a couple of them tomorrow will be wearing them soon. So here's good touch with a good touch and then altogether and failing upward three songs here. By an awesome local pumping and good touch on. A local. I had. I have friends I have. Listening to loud and local hero on nine and a point nine KI SW and that is good touch. And bad touch. The good touch there are some punk band in the air local. You should support them because they're gonna be playing alongside good riddance a lasting success the stunt man. Of course did touch this Friday march 16 that old whores and you can buy tickets from oh corps' own website don't have tickets soon. And it's awesome have you guys in the studio that was three songs off your. Is it self titled record is their name to it so you know. Don't lips turn your microphone on their entry. Nice to turn on the the vocalist microphone and help and yes. Group actually maybe Lucian will turn them yeah I'm out of here yeah exactly so I. Are at all I was a kind of wondered how sockets he does off the air you guys have been involved in the music scene for. Are in different roles for a long time is different bands you've been in and you've obviously grew up in the scene both. Here in on the East Coast what we go around the room in and talk to me about like the first vocal band that really got you. Don't wanna to show supporting the local scene that really just like connected with what's. And start start with whoever wants her. Well for media was on the East Coast in. Sunday or or amazement. Showcase showdown. You know kings enough and words of my favorites is agreed it was. You can see that cruisers before dropped it I did I did concede the optics before though line up okay. It was an urgency to losers averaged tournament. That's all sorts. Out yeah that was agreed seemed to grow up and and and move here a good while ago there's always been a great locals into sport these guys have been around for years they've seen Seattle ball with. Address program. That's also had to meet these guys then when you came over here. Just through play in music and jumped out here started playing in the local scene and there's there's that was marginally marginally marginally and a morgue modcast political power play together and and then when you as a crutch as we've played together yeah yeah Richard you know. How well within the northwest some local bands. A man with C as far as. This there he goes and moved up here in 2005. Served the first band that. At least except first thing when you mention it came to mind was hooking the daggers okay. There to cool cats a believer in another Portland. I'm pretty sure there are two columns six and their self yeah I was told me. Had been diving you know had first and everything tacky medals. Yeah and like we urge hasn't stuff cool when her than it really brought me back to my roots that mean it's a group in the eastern Washington was poker via you can find out in the day Kampman and the other free fidelity dia met in other killer. And the Noob and I think mat games the snubs. Okay yeah debtors it to count. I've played with amendment wolves. McCracken oh yeah beautiful home bar that yeah we love you actually the governor couldn't shout out to the recognition that occurred. I suppose. He and you yes. No I think for me would probably be seaweed. You ass. Back in the game theory that one hand in the whole grunge explosion that. And took over correcting for. See what it's interesting about like how they kind of got lumped into that thing like that grunge explosion like he said and they were on sub pop and it when I listened back it sounds. There's like a lot of melodic hardcore a lot of punk influence it sounds more just like melodic punk rock. Compare policy we can bands like that. Caliber you know I express today that. So overshadowed by a dazzling and Trojan and they should have been I mean they were there with them but they should have been so much bigger turn. I don't know what about you wagering. For me it's actually two events that really stuck sparked my fire as they say. Enough to be the evicted and positively negative OK cost them because there were especially the evicted the positive or negative lasted a long time and I've watched him change over the years in that way they ended there are so good it's harder and passers they weren't. But the victims of the demo tapes. Really good and. So we eat. Well if you want to check our next favorite local bands you can go and do that you whether being gay dead Hilltop rats my life in black and white. Milk house or good touch all those bins if you're down in Tacoma a year and a self lender can't make it up to the good written show on March 16 or even if you can't. They can be playing a couple couple weeks before Friday march 2 at jazz bounds tell me a little bit about it didn't Hilltop rats as some your browser right. Yeah I guess as rip my buddies I've known them since they were in the ballistics and there are other previous stance. Before wade was in myrtle waves like earlier in the first lineup moves really get new befriends this hole at a time and this happened a start another man I'm with all those members and you know there's still been friends have to rest their request they were coming and assess. I. Amazingly successful two hours there slowly over overseas like girl who agree signals records. Straight games and don't let the name jazz bones turn you off there are some solid Palm Pre shows happen at the jazz bones venue that. I was kind of funny is actually one for a strongly about the flat. Right on what we're gonna play three more songs from good touch I hit a sub 77999. Text is there and let us know what to think these songs. And you go check them out will be talking to them one more time before we double right now it's three sons are good touch. I'm I'm locals. It brings to create we're very free and a lot of people need tried to organize didn't just say okay let's keep this women's game winning its troops are the guys in the you can't do this for this it's uncontrollable. We general. It's gonna struggle. Conflict is entitled to our destiny to remove conflict comic who unlike. And dvd. They you know drill chill vibe going on good touch here on loud and local mrs. And then pretty awesome have you guys to dig in the record. Eight songs if you want to go to be in camp Le like they mentioned you cannot pay zero dollars or eating given few bucks Roma. Some money because you know what it's it's not free to record music and that's not them saying that that's me saying. Please tell him a couple blocks of panic. Good touch you're gonna be playing a couple more shows. In the indeed. Not too distant future Friday march 16 at el Corazon good riddance the last gain success is stunt men and Dow of course did touch. And then a little bit before then if you're into coma Friday march 2 at jazz bones. Get dead Hilltop rats my life in black mill house. My liking black and white and so I'm highlight them black and white and good touch in mid Ohio so I definitely. Try to hit up what other shows in a support the local scene you guys thank you very much for coming up to the show your arm your jams are awesome. And what would you like to share with us is there anything you'd like to staying Guinea. He thing and he what message man a club. I guess threats Amanda last year and I put out this skier compilation. That's right answer from Victoria Vancouver. Seattle Portland. Olympia. It's a very finesse of the 1988 in his pants and they certainly commend you and excellent action. That tell you got me into grind line and it in the band there on the that track Warren then attract more than 72. They had repaired right RP and. That's also. So you really are skater doing it for the skateboarding community and it seems like you guys. Are you you kind of are really into that seem like there's a tunnel lake. Punk bands in rock bands that are that are doing a lot of like skateboarding benefits and stuff like that is. This sort of grow up with that's awesome that that we we don't have skate parks and as a kid Seattle and where we have the teen dance ordinance for all ages we had. Height restrictions on skipper team when they start building and really really. Nothing to be higher than fight the last week to candidates if parks that. I don't height restriction ninety's or different time. That's crazy and now there's skate parks literally every little community and what are your favorite state parks from the northwest Adrian. Stellar age they had a really good repko of China thanks for San Cisco alchemist pools or the courts are marginal way MR toys from a fair and actually bit. As far as regular parks Jenkins is really fine she's gates that'd be torn down I think sin which is kind of sad since they keep tearing down and promising to rebuild. That and the kids are stuck downtown the skipper downtown. Do you prefer indoor outdoor skate parks. Weather permitting outdoor apprentice ratings going to. Sure that every free would be better here now that we that we do live in rain cities put a roof over one of them that's true. All right well let any I think use anyone you wanna shout out before you into last couple jams. Mike Parker whose birthday party next weekend schedule and everybody else I thought brats they're Clinton. Ratsiraka's outcome burn burn burn lead wolves head honcho cuts costs through. All the tricks do amazing fundraiser some are investing local bands just got to get out and get to crack and hit the fun house hotline. Georgetown liquor if you liquor supported a lot of pump COC. Alexia all the places that put on shows there's not enough human blood and you're also. Brian tell corridor. Good touch. Jonathan good such as the bank candidates Graham contest as CA as losers. There ego will CU march 2 at jazz bones that's next weekend and then of course at a good riddance show at L cores on Khamis that was gonna be. At big night so here's couple more songs but did touch thanks guys for coming in thanks in avenues. In doubles he with a shout loud local on the Iraq we continue on for another hour. Yeah yeah yeah. When the boys and I don't know if you don't let me know how. It. About multiple back here on the rock shout out to good touch thank you so much for coming out to the show again their planned march 16. And good with good riddance and the last gain success in the stunt men and old war zone to two tickets now that was going to be a hot ticket. Friday march 2 next Friday at jazz bones with the dead Hilltop rats. My life in black and white and male house both. Awesome shows for did touch so that's what you heard the last about half hour. And now we're gonna get into something a little slower these guys are on tour right now here the cobra representing. The north was all throughout the US. These guys are so awesome you're the cobra line in the unicorn. It kind of stole me here. Fumble on the Iraq. 99 point. OK I guess double the US UE one CES. The loud and local continues on the road. Eight years 99.9. KI ESW. But yeah. Okay. Do. I do. Good call or deuce. And it. And I mean I need. Any time. All right. Incredible vocalist that was an acoustic song. Actually you know not acoustic solo I'm saying it was a solo song. By world Dane. From his one solo record he was working on his second solo record down enough Brazil. When he and fortunately passed away in December to vocalist of sanctuary vocalist of never more to solo stuff. Doesn't it very important part of the northwest middle community just. All around great guy. But fortunately he he. Left us in December but century has decided to continue on. With their final scores that they already had booked with iced earth and this time it is going to be their final tour. Joseph Michael from weather follows him to fill in. As a vocalist as a guy tribute to world scene you play all of the old century jams. And there suggesting that fans of moral fans of a century come out there one last time to seek sanctuary. Enjoy the music and and pay homage. Two world dean Seattle show is march 5 at L core zone to definitely come out in support. That in that kind of just pay tribute. The world. I will be there and I will definitely be seeing in the top of my lungs to all of these GM's gonna play a couple sanctuary songs. RP world being sold those soldiers of steel. In the mirror black going out to tide huge sanctuary fan wanna hear some of the stuff so thank you Todd. For listening to allow local. It's sanctuary RIP world ain't. Then. We can't win here is rolls. AI SW. Welcome back to loud and local GM and out tonight with some great stuff. Shout out again to good touch their complaints into their shows Kennedy planned on another being and in just a short few minutes that's going to be playing their show on March 2 in Tacoma at jazz bones. Look forward to and that's if you're listening and other pop band in India plan that when it's still top rats heat spoiler alerts. Right now we get a B and who played a show in Tony v.s in Everett last night they knew it was there. Why it only his birthday shows on sure he was out pretty late region. Quietly in the wreckage was in studio last weeks ago at TYKI is W dot com listens to show. If you missed it. For right now we are why only in the wreckage do and welcome to Seattle this is there and some. Three Dana hands out. Sing along enjoy. Shadow to Wyatt had a birthday brother. Bob locals there. Well throw the the apple. They well. Yeah. Oh holes. We'll. This is loud and look. Volatile. 99.9. KI DS still. And okay. I'm. And okay. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. I. Yeah. I. Or. Yeah. He's listening to rule out a little extra night and a point nine KI SW the rock of Seattle I of the knicks. Very very cool and there was some years stuff not just stick to the regular kind of like to meet black metal stuff but also Dolan. Left field with that one I have knicks as a for a new album out there some difficult hole on before that from two cola big wheels stunt show live in an everything delivering to our matters well. And a new single by aloha Mars last November kind of an eclectic mix. Got about twenty minutes left of the shows that takes me 77999. In studios tonight I had a bit by the name of good touch. On Friday march 2 that's this coming Friday at jazz bones in Tacoma there could be completely killer show and it is Mike Parker from Hilltop rats is. Birthday shows so I wanted to shout out Hilltop rats as well as good touch that we played with get dead. In my life in black and white to show up on Friday to jazz bodes tellem loud vocal censure. As still got to pay you to grown up it's. Hilltop rats this uncles all grown up on libel. You can't get. With a Gatling gears were. AI SW. Lab local about out of here for the night. Ten or so minutes left of the show so wanted to end with a couple requests we got 77999. Is the text line and thank you very much for supporting local scenes stay engaged and. Stand up with. Local motive was the loud and vocal band that we get a KI SW dot com to finance some more about that and where they're going to be played next among all the social media sites support. Those kids. Literally their kids 1416 and seventeen in the air that asses that's not just a gimmick they are not just like food there do their kids to get it no they are awesome. They're better than most audience. With people whispering. To be honest. Also shout out to could touch for being in studio tonight to play as some jams all eight GMs to be exact from a from their record of the same title goes to let their being camp page in check them out. This Friday march 2. That's if ever is almost over march 2. Jazz bones in Tacoma can end the show like I said with two requests pull up off their new one. Van Epps also and you were jammed so what political advantage ending things allow local. Remember to keep it local support the scene club local on the Iraq. It swearing. Yeah. Okay. It's never. Vince. I want Joseph. What she'll. So did. It.