Loud and Local - March 4th, 2018 - The NW Metal Fest Special w/ Palooka and James Tolin

Sunday, March 4th


Stealing Axion – Artificial Empathy 
Stealing Axion – Self 
Palooka – All Over You
Palooka – Another Day In A Hole
Overlord – On The Edge 
Lipstick – Daily Grind 
Wild Dogs – Woman In Chains
Substratum – The Source Of All Creation
Q5 – Steel The Light
Whizkey Stik – Downtown Lady
Cruella – Beyond Belief
Coven – Out Of The Grave
Palooka – She Speed
Palooka – Slice Of The Pie
Taist Of Iron – Cross Of Fire

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There. No doubt run. And armed man is actually from being surrounding him media metropolitan area encompassing that woods noticed green northwest's. Good evening rockaholics. Thanks for joining. This is allowed. No rock featuring music born right here in the great Pacific northwest 99.9. Welcome back a loud and low local B realm of northwest music my name is Kevin gears tonight. We have a game in the studio by the name of polluter and they are going to be sharing some awesome stories. Northwest metal says he's bringing it back officially it is pulling him back. Northwest now there's an awesome tradition. And that's gonna be going well schooled tonight we have a ton of billions reuniting for this. We're going to be talking about lipstick overlord coven Q five film anymore but we'll go also in studio we're gonna play some stuff from their newest record the end of the week this week. Stealing axiom of a new EP. These guys are from Tacoma area BP's gulf eternity is he ticked that are being in camp iTunes ordered the album get a physical copy. They're self reported binge. Actually sorry Aaron Smith from seven morn seven I reported will Andrews from ten miles wide. Is now on drums they have an actual drummer now imagine that are here it is two songs. It. I. If you listen to loud and local within the last few weeks you may have heard me Pippen out something that is. Really cool it is going to be two days of all. Northwest metal and rock and roll and as the northwest metal fans it is bringing back an old school Seattle tradition. And it is going on Friday march 9 and Saturday march 10 at old core zone and the funny how's she gonna wanna get your tickets. It's thirty dollars for a one day or fifty dollars for two. Seattle dot com into the KI SW dot com to find out information on that so many good dance we got code in Q five piece of iron. Whiskey steak. Will wild dogs glacier accused AD crew well less delegates were gatekeeper. Sub strata bright city perseverance time drift. And the band in studio right now pulled up there at all. Lulu. And it's often have you guys up it's kind of fun because you guys were up liked what was it like a month and a half ago like now. When the record release. Is kind enough to bring some finance and it's a good times and played some rock and roll tell yet how did you guess that the relief yeah. Also in studio tonight and about any of genes Colin he brought me some epic old school northwest metal fest posters. That are probably older than I am I some of those I mean. Was 81 yeah I was born 85 so that posters older Miami and it looks and a lot better shape an idea. So lessons there. All the historical oracle. It it's James told I guess is that it that's I culled from where he is not the co author of a book that is of being written called rusted metal book about the northwest metal scene in the end will be talking a little bit about that coming up. Shortly but. It's gonna be huge weekend guys any blue okay you guys. Are going to be plain as Friday or Saturday Saturday night airplanes that are four Q five so wow. That's awesome coupons headlining the that is so cool it's. So when that came out Floyd rose was like yeah there's that guitar and our internal system that was so. You know unique and every app on an and he knew he designed it and and we've detained here is playing on the record is amazing in those great records and renewed. Evan from tko days and you know a lot of the guys Schroeder's MacPherson yeah. So if you just tuning in now minus canoneers Islam local and we have up Paul and Glen from Toluca again their on playing. The northwest metal fest this coming Saturday and EU who need to buy your tickets is going to be super bad ass they're also in other bands. That are gonna be not playing full senate splits select songs here and there. Lipstick and over oh overlord and start it almost called you overkill as well ahead. Many times more have to. Overlord of lipstick but I will be playing a couple songs from them. From those beans in just a few but what's it like you know full circle it's like you guys played those old vests back in the eighties and now. You know thirty some odd years these guys are still rocking now and a lot of these of your old friends are probably coming back. Into town it's like a reunion right. To some degree and a high school reunion I've been having those sort of full circle moments we here lately it's it's a little bit amazing that you know 35 years ago. Again you talked to make me feel very old and only five things that. Just that anybody cares and the thing that I. Liked about it then and thought about them is just so many people out there that made that scene you know. And all of us were or friends or at least. You don't close proximity of each other and so many of these people really cared about what they were doing you know on. The guys and shadow and lipstick and tko and all these bands that were out of there. They'll just a bunch of music fans playing music and to see those same people here so much longer so much a further down the road. Just kind of drives at home thing whole the whole thing home excuse me. That he's basically a fans do what they wanna do and some of us are banned some of them are putting together label releasing these old records are writing books or. Even now Mike's Obama who's a great amp maker of the first woman made him or met him we talked about. How he used to go to lake hills and he's a music and makes great camps assessed how many people are still one way or the other connected to it and so in that. Deal with that I guess it's not so surprising that we've persevered and officers still sort of in the scene yeah and to me is speaks of sergeants it. There about the longevity is just about how real it was now except how. From the heart it was because. You know if you go back 35 years I had no idea what I was doing I want and I wonder Barack malevolent write songs Hampshire stated. James wanted to be a part of the scene but as you know whatever management and brought promoting and it was so real and that's why. You know 3540 years later whatever it is. It's still speaks to people people still wanna be a part of it and you to keep coming back to it because you know and it that it had nothing to do with. Fame and fortune or money I mean. You know we if we didn't have to pay to play like when I went LA it was in a ridiculous but. You know you had to get out how's your butt to get a gig you know lakers rolling back in the day and you had to. You know get your friends have come out of place or with you now. I tossed with brick and christened and Mike from channel about that like you know there and went up to us and how educated you the real game we begged him. You know can we can reopen for you we have fifty friends who come by and you know and and so toss same shadow of the electoral we wanna do a show review and when we when I'm up over our guys say they have their following and we can't have cars and now it was just real like you know I mean and lose ground ground floor marketing at its best you know like we were out there pushing each other and and so. I am happy that 35 years later the couple stood there and and that the music still stands up and that the people were honest and real and it's it's. It's made it last this long and hopefully longer. But with you guys it's not just a nostalgia thing in the sense that you guys in at current rock band just put out a really killer record and you see along with though old projects that I you know he can kind of get to explore and and play around with and have fun do reunions you guys are also vital in important in the currency solid play a couple pull Lucas songs from a Turbo excellent today. Let's talk a little bit about these got all over you and in a sorry another day in the whole. Where we're playing we're sort of doing at camp upset to people sort of with the medal and so I think all of you will definitely make it says so. Ran on it are we got you polluted jams are to be back with Politico of course and now we're going to be talking all about northwest metal fest. In here's the songs is all over you and another day in a hole here on the local. Swearing all. I. You always have to let that piano play hard play at the end you know the radio part of me is just like I got a cutter up real quick making the transition. I always like to play that because it's gorgeous ending to that song thank you and and the more you have guys that Cathy Moore did that she's a phenomenal musician. A really kind person you that meant grace love with those fantastic haunting vocal. Through school and I thank him enough that your. Well and Kathy was so cool because. I don't think she had any reversal. Really doubt Glen so this is here's the tape what are she came in with piano and his. I you know I wanna say for state but he you know she's just phenomenal such a talented talented beautiful news. Possible let's reset the tables it is loud and local here on 99.9 KI as the remaining is Kevin gears. And those two guys you heard our pollute. Members Paul England and that we just played a couple pollute the songs he can sketch them. This Saturday night at northwest metal fest you might think and wait that's song at northwest metal fest. It might be a little bit odd to you but these guys have deep roots in the northwest metal scene they were so in some OG northwest metal bands. And another guy who's appeared to talk about northwest metal likes a part of the original. Like scene from the early eighties and whatnot Jeanne stolen he's a co author of rusted metal which is in the coming out is that. When do you expect. Your writing it right now. Yeah well actually were editing here right now and it's still to come out in April also from 10 OK we are trying to get out for the killed. This did happen. So for people you gonna be collaborating on that or have been glad that we that four of us have been working for about three years wow that's huge man he had likes and in the three. Yeah. And James beach Brian Oren and Jim Sutton. Did you guys and a oh. Local. Music fans hand. It's a great book which tells me uses a boat anchor. But when this book is gonna be released any to have all for you guys up here they don't go absolutely not a problem. That's awesome. OK so we talking about that just a few and but I wanted to mention that of course alongside. The pollute cassette on Saturday you guys are going to be. Playing a fuse in spite each year old bands so overlord lipstick or how a second ago do you expect. So. I know for sure will do the one that was on metal fest from ballistic there's a couple of things that are floating around I don't I don't know if we'll get to those I I mean I. I'm hoping that we get to hear more though overlord stuff just as they have. More a bigger body of work from that time again Plavsic who you know had four songs maybe five that we recorded in and and again here we are you know that and I'm glad one or two of step of that stood up time that. Over daily grind element on the medal for it was on the very first medal yes yes I don't yeah I mean there's the story behind that for me is. Amazing in legendary and and just mind blowing really because I was little is so young back then and to say to have Jeff Stewart and his people say. Hey if we want should be on the record I was like. All right I kinda think that literally I think I had two songs written at the time that I can call in my originals lyrically and musically and we picked one and went in to try and Tom all on. You know and the on the record and we are still talking missed overhead of a much bigger body works so I hope we get to focus a lot a little bit more on that does. They had some killer as you know sinkers. From the time. I hate to digress do you think Jeff Dover will be at the show on Friday Saturday. He and vice always out there but he's like. So let's watch. It is a Seattle rocks and struggles of spartans got there to prove it around. But you know you hear it right now what's that if TV years in hell now on out I have called and offered. And ticket for him. Like Elvis that we can mostly be taken its door allegedly appears in and it's not that he doesn't. And and I mean every time I see Amy once you know he again the blues record was really excited about it he super super busy yet ton of stuff going on and good for him because. You know what it says is that he's a as legendary if not more than you know a lot of people in the scene from that time I mean he was a real you know may make things happen. The hope and grass you know yeah. All that stuff was bring pain and pain you know just from his heart from the love the music and and people who were planets as a host of metal shop I mean that's the huge influence for me back in the day to grown up on that listening to metal shop and also bring and I can only imagine sir offer all of us it wasn't like us and it. You know to to be offered the shows go on record I mean you know when you're in your web twenties you know maybe some mostly younger. That's a you know pretty. Pretty cool things have happened you know. You know walk on the street every day and Belgians and goes but on the next record kid and your daily controller anchor or are you planning more theater for the album release party it's like OK. So Paul you're going to be doing and lipstick. Now Glenn you're gonna be doing in some old school over cooler. Are you guys gonna dress up like you guys used to over the past I know I want to see event in specially now but now. I'm not know if I don't know I don't know. Noble are gonna play some songs unite. I will never say never but I I don't really see any real overlord form reunion happening upon but you know. We're gonna try to put together we're putting together some songs and playing in the middle pollute cassette oh well as. Lipsticks on her to into. Just sort of giving it tipped and have a nod to it no beef fund that. I've got the bassist of about polluted and the drummer Howard and Jason are going to be pulling on the rhythm and then now. The other guitar players amending Schaumburg now who's been around the scene forever and debutante was in the back of the demolition kings. Not only a fantastic guitars but really good friend back from the day who. Nobody can replace current law Ostrom who is no longer in the Seattle area. Nobody can fill those shoes but if anybody can come closer at least. Bring a sincere sort of love for four of the whole thing and you know do good job with it's going to be show on and he sent an amazing and then the return all of them for the oval at singers that Ted. Is on the EP and a everything Stevens who's going to be joining us that Lew all right Steve and live. So you're not gonna we're but the trench coat now now. On these expand next thing I don't we got over it loner out. Overlord was on the edge lipstick Dili grand let's see if these suns end up. Let's see if they stand the test of time you'll you'll hear him alive on Saturday appeared northwest metal fast ballistic Matt what's that the music speak for itself it's loud and local. Here with some old school northwest medal on the rock. Okay. And loud and local continue. Sears 99.9. KI ESW. Back here on loud and local KI as they will use. Two hours of all northwest music and it it's very cool it's my pleasure to have the views from pollute the formerly of overlord in lipstick as the fans you just heard. And also. And in many of James told when I got to meet him tonight in an am currently like Carnegie give out about so much. Northwest knowledge he has not only. That but also he is a fan of pro wrestling a former. Pro wrestler himself I thought it was I told you I was gonna take over the united at some point I knew was gonna happen. We of course have the stone cold Steve Austin theme music in the back inside guy that was feeding their. James Dolan is has spent the last three years with three other authors. Co authoring a book called rusted metal it's coming out this April. Some next month is a book about the north must metal scene but the interesting thing that we are talking about off areas. There's so much history in the northwest music scene. But over or through movies like Heidi and through books and in history and if you go to the E&P now the moat popped. You'll see a ton about northwest music but a lot of it is centered around. Grunge and punk rock and and that kind of indie scene. But northwest metal is kind of a blip on the radar. This book. Is going to change facts. Oh has it was kind of a thorn in your side link reading those books overtime. Absolutely thumb excuse me. You know every the music scene it's always been huge in the northwest and unfortunately for musicians of late seventies early eighties. He got passed over when grinch came out and lomb were were definitely an exchange that hand out. You know the book it's it. The time period that the book is from is 1970 to 1995. And you know we get we have vials on them over 500 bands while. I think we have interviews with dom. Over fifty of the musicians from that. Time period yeah everyone from you know guys in part to. And and Paul desperately and Jeffrey Amos and Jeff Gilbert and stuff like that and you know. Movers and shakers and the metal scene and what was the the original like the initial idea for this spot on from like. Each human the other authors just finally have enough of metal getting like passed over. Will James beach in Brian Oren were the ones that started and they brought me and about a year after they've been doing it in Adam. You know they they just got tired of reading books and it had nothing to do that had everything to do about northwest it. Never talked about meant it might have a paragraph about queens right media that are about miniature action. That was hand. There's so much more the metal history in the northwest is to slow reach with hands and recordings in. Performances and shows. You know. If if you were to believe grunge. Or sub pop to it but you know nobody can know no local band ever sold out the more theater. Before some pop and other shows and if you were to listen absolutely yeah yet. The local metal scene with sell out the more theater quite rate I suppose the winners rewrite history here. Well I I've always believed that it you know the people that are Stiller yeah well I've always believed that it's on its better to embrace the past. And try to read write the end. And down. And some pop is done and I love a lot of sub pop stuff but. You know I was here win so Paul was a program yeah and the Armenians. Plain huge shows in and draw on people and now a lot of lot of people having a lot of fun. With a rock and roll and. Heavy metal and that's what north as metal fest is about because absolutely a regionally I'm looking at the first flyers you brought up tonight nor. Metal fest 81 and now it is 2018 and they're bringing it back northwest metal works and metal shop present metal fest. At 2018 coming up this weekend. The ninth and the tenth at L core zone so many billions. But one of them. Is going to be being called wild dogs that actually played with you guys back in the game when I see you guys and you overboard and lipstick. On so tell me a little bit about your stories of wild dogs and out Pollard leave that you were mentioning you had a yes so cool stories to go back to. The whole of you know punk rock metal thing what turned in the grunge to influence to look you know. You know you're gonna get. A different side from a different every year from person has their opinion either side of the story. I wanted to say that Matt McCord from wild dogs. We're so different from lipstick and an even Menard I can probably see it from overlord in the sense that they were kind of that heavy speed metal and and aggressive and great song writing and just incredible musicianship well. Win lipstick we moral glam metal band although we're on the heavy side yet we know we played shows. And you know we get the finger and and the you know. People calling us names and stuff. And almost of those guys could I don't say those things are gonna market but I'm. You know and so we we had a show at lakers roaring with while dogs and I I don't armored being a complete sellout but it was a huge crowd. And there was the kind of heavy metal punk in the that was you know because we are from the side and and Lula puzzlement was arkan home. Turf we had our crowd there so there's a good mix and we played our show are set and we got the finger and we get the slurs and all that yeah and then Matt McCord to his credit came out and dress and all of leather but with lipstick on and a blonde. Glam wade and kind of raises own finger light of these in my boys and kind of stood up for us and it. You know here I am 35 years later it you know that wells and implement because he didn't have to do that they were huge banner he kind of Donnelly is out there and columnist now saying you know screw those guys in their make up we're gonna Wear the builders. To his credit he didn't do that in any show of support in and it you know I mean again that's what I meant about the community back and you know all the bands would you know. Kind of work together and kind of stick up for each other and kind of it shows even if you weren't exactly the same you know I mean not everywhere make up. But you know and and not ready was medal not a really was punk rock that we there was a way that we made it work in and you know here again again to woodlands and earlier. The fact overdo it Joseph 35 years later bringing it back and playing some music and on some of those great bands but speaks of that whole community in the the realism that man. That's the bomb that won't break and that's awesome and like like we're all talking about around him at the north was seen is going to be represented in the book and it's not to Seattle it's also going to be Idaho. Vancouver BC Portland me and we're we're mind missing yeah well it's it's. As the northwest is calling news all of or you know of Washington who. British Columbia and you know. And wild dogs is from Portland so. Let's play him right now they're gonna be claim northwest metal fest the return of north was metal fest here is woman in sheen's back from 1984. Order. 34 years ago now it's wild Boggs allowed local in listening to the rock. Point nine and UHD one C and her car. With the Kevin tears rolled. AI SW. One of the younger and newer bands that is going to be playing kind of represented the than seen here in. In Seattle sub strata Amanda it's cool because it's a throwback to the original metal scene got to get the vintage old school heavy metal sounds subs random. Here on lab local they're one of the many bands playing north west middle class that's we're talking about tonight. You're allowed more local the show's pretty much devoted to get through your. Ass over to L core zone. And the fun house next weekend march 10 also marks ninth a Friday I will be there Friday probably not Saturday as I do you have metal shop that you should be there. And as Sony Pictures and weekly pictures and is there any pictures and do all that cool stuff represented. And in in you're gonna see a ton of awesome bands and an in studio now Politico. Will be playing Saturday right before the B and you're about to hear Q fives. Can you tell me a little bit about you fly to what they meant to be to the northwest seem back in the day because I know you guys got to see him quite a bit. Yes so I guess it earlier I I and type out a new avenue Rick from the team here it is and Floyd rose was like a legend he created that you know fellow system hand. Friends of mine Reno would like us it's cool sang and Eddie Van Halen music and so. To to finally I think I consider a friend of Evans or ricks they gave me copy of still alive and I was like hopefully now the united noticed it this this is the nice thing and yes I was blown away and how great it was a good song writing was and yeah I mean it was it was huge and it was. I'm just of the bunch a guys from the scene creating something different some degrades them. So. Did you just humor me here because I am not of the most well. Versed with with Q five but did they break out of the northwest aware of what they did a tour alive and and how how old. Active were they like outside of the northwest you know I'm I think he toured a little bit with a Twisted Sister oh and I think he did some dates with iron made sure. And that's pretty huge that's not just a short they and they are why are they are still huge in. In Germany and Greece in England in the look at the two were there for years stale they euros still love the old school metal absolutely yeah we. We play with a man Tony v.s and not too long ago and I was talking Evan and he's saying you know. If you how great it was a piece of go to Europe and please he's festivals yeah I was like good for human that's you know killer and still. Fast forward all these years we will do that and there. Love their their loved here as well but I mean that's that's one of those things where you know it's a big in Japan with billions we have to oblivion normal dome in Japan if you know but were arena so. Good for them and. And they get to be normal guys in of the Joker shopping herself and yeah. Seemed to KI SW dot com right in the beard from metal strap actually spoke with Q five and there's a full interview up there for your on demand listening consumption. In and out right now we're gonna place in Q five he's going to be the first time they played in types to the oval like grant its entirety I'm so looking forward in this hell yes. So again it is northwest metal fence the return. Of northwest metal fest beat their kitchen tickets L core zone Seattle dot com it's all the light the title track from their 1984 record. Q five year I'm from local. This is loud and local. He's on the rock 99.9. KI DS still. We're talking all things northwest metal fest tonight in an attempt. To make you realize how epic this event is going to be. Now I think if you've finally gotten the point and now we're just hammered it and next Saturday and next Friday all weekend long you gonna be enjoying so old school metal some new school little. And it's all because of the foundation. That that dudes like James colon made in in the early eighties and in bands like. Like tko bands like queen's Reich bands like. Overlord beings like lipstick bands like wild dogs all the bands or points and eight. Really set the foundation for what's going on today and a I think it's really rad that. Northwest metal works. Is is helping to to bring deuce attention to that no northwest metal works is a record label and a production company is out of there as well league has. The booking shows north has not worked well not I was just. This is the first show that is being booked and hopefully it will be an annual event hand. You know. And they also are they're putting out the albums I mean TO round two just came out they weren't very kind that. Basically a reworked version of the first overlord EP wouldn't add additional material into give them whiskey stick crew well. Physically sure also. Side note and they do. Error parent you know calm they have a cup. Else compilation. In another compilation in the works that's awesome. It so we're going to up play a couple of bands that are actually on northwest metal works let's first off and play whiskey steak and then now you mentioned Rel is also going to be on the he is also away has it been released already a cruel has been released yet awesome and so do you. Are you involved with a record label or is it something that they call me if their fourth man okay one. Awesome so. How to be a purchase records from their aside from going to north with metal fest on Fridays Saturdays or what's there is it's northwest metal works with the X northwest medal works music dot com. Hand them very easy site to navigate. Music is up there everything comes in addition. You get a colored. And black. See it and it's out there he would awesome. Now I gotta say that of all the bands that I was looking up in dedicating songs from tonight in preparation for this very awesome show. I got hit with skis that was the hardest to find definitely a band that's. There's a lot of mystery for me at at least about these guys are the story origin being can you tell me a little bit about whiskey stick. He had that they come they formed a neat mid seventies. In about that in about 1975. Actually opened for Deep Purple them in Portland wow that's awesome. And around. The date they only released two songs one was on. The US metal compilation and one was on. Kgo in compilation down and or again hand them. When when when they were being interviewed they said that they had a whole lot more when they were being interviewed for the book on the so they had a whole lot more music and we listen to it got to cleaned up and put out the record in actually. They hadn't performed in 35 years wow and AM they played a show earlier in the year workers are last year. And a ML core zone as the first well first show in 35 years. And they've they've played a couple of shows and Portland and its. Awesome and there are the looking forward come back appear that's so cool man and you can check him to Saturday and this Friday would you know stayed there going to be plan believe they're playing Friday Friday aren't well I will see them a Friday and Saturday against northwest metal fest in buy your tickets it's thirty dollars for one day. But if you buy it took a pass is fifty dollars and you cede some money and keep in mind cute kid knows it's oil and over. So log each security now on this kid I wouldn't encourage that made it better be Saturday. We got whiskey steak here downtown lady we're actually gonna play some crew Allah. And I actually gonna throw on a little cousin and then will be back with you guys so let's play some on northwest metal fest danced its lab local. On Iraq. With the Kevin Sears rules. AI SW room. Some very old school stuff by Kevin they might have played out one but I wanted to play here. Are allowed in local out of the green from 1987. And it is loud and local represented northwest metal for us here on the show I'm gonna go through all the bands what are time. It's playing this huge two day fast time drift perseverance right city sub strata gatekeepers don't tour crew Ella accused AD glacier wild dogs. Was he stick taste of iron cut in Q five. In political. Luke is in studio now in Dayton get a KI SW dot com and through there you can. Get the link to purchase tickets Saturday march 10. Friday march 9 may get a wanna go and support northwest Matalin northwest metal fest. The guys and Luke are here we have Glen. We have Paul and they have been up here are my kind of like drop in some knowledge on the old school nor was metal scene in an end and they're so active. In you can go see them. In clubs all around the northwest as there there project right now Luka is still going strong. Tell me a little bit about would have been like what's what's twenty team look like four polluted beyond on northwest metal fest. Well we've got some shows coming up but we are going to be playing with tko here in April yeah. That's going to be incredible shows just as a fan to be able to see them but also to play with them it's been a while I'm. We have a poster from the eighties with it that's for Catholics that that we did so that's so awesome. So that's that's. Prequel we've got some other stuff going on this river rock fest that's going to be happening kind of ariz. A reboot to an old festival happen that's to be happening in August we're looking at some of the summer shows that. Ross looking at trying to get outs material we we took some time on offense and writing and creating turmoil excellent today and majority has some of the songs and can we do epic tennis synergy with that child walker and we're looking forward to releasing that there may be a single coming out that we're. Also. Sort of working right now that we can't really talk about we have blown details and so. There's that and I was gonna go back there there's plans go back into the studio summer fall and used more recording so. To stick with it no arrests no rest and then elected it. That's awesome well the record still pretty new what's been your favorite song to kind of jam on and a play live so far. Sorry. I mean I love everything on the record but I I I am pleasantly surprised to the reaction to. And of the day in a hole because when when Glenn wrote it and he gave me the lyrics and and and that the middle line and it was all I am and you know I ran within try to do the best I could have him win and now and then I don't Aston because I. I don't know the whole song learning thing there's you know different sides of fence in a do you what do you really wanna tell the world what's right in the song about it like how some mystery. Hammer rubber plants and he want people to go get their own you know. Feeling from their own you know their own image of what would use riding around and I heard other lyricist summer's event while. Glenn was kind of have to kind of relayed the story behind the song and so to go in the studio and and trying to give it my all and then some to make it you know. Speak to what he was writing about. So the response of that's an amazing and then you know just in general that we. We you know Glenn wrote. I would say the majority if not all of the first record which I didn't sing and he can have done the same with this record that he what he you know we told me wanna make it more of a collaborative thing and so we did get together as a band and and puts them. Great stuff together some really proud of all of it. You know come our time is now is something that they're Chris Quinn can I was you know like his baby and then you know he he. Was kind enough again to let us and contribute and I wrote some lyrics Clinton possibly Ericsson. That's another one of those songs that I. I wouldn't it 35 years ago I don't know that I would've thought that I you know I would be writing and order you know performing and that song and how it came out so. There's a there's a lot of diversity and record some really heavy stuff there's some. Moody stuff there's some. Lee does well rounded represents growth I mean the ninety nights. In 120 year old plays screaming your faceoff play in you know like. The wins and a and I think you know the thing is win a tournament the favorites I think for me they rotate you know why. You know one will resonate with me at one point in time and then some other point in time. Another one or sort of step out of the ground a little bit then slice of the pies one of those that. I really enjoy playing also really enjoyed being Howard in the bassist had an idea as matter of fact when 910. We've had a few adult beverages and we hang out in Times Square Lleyton everything was closing in. And he'd give me a demo this song and I couldn't wait to. Help if you would allow me to which he was kind enough to do so. And help sort of complete the vision and so. With that sort of internal story all the songs from one another step out in hand resonate with me in one way or the other and I think again slice of the pies one of those at this time it's doing. Where you're about to hear in just a moment we got she speed first though and then slice of the pie you're listening to Politico they're playing Saturday night right before Q five the second to last and at a northwest metal fest. The entire weekend so check amount Toluca and then go check amount of lives on Saturday night here is she speed. And then slice of the pie will be back and Marc look up allow my local. This is loud and local. He's bought the rock and 99.9. KI ES. Coming down for the last five minutes of loud and local we are going to squeeze this. So tonight because we got to. Talk a little bit more about northwest metal fence and I thank you again to pollute got. It's against look also you've got to make an overlord lipstick now. Yes it is of course Glenn and Paul from that bin have been up in the studio all night and I think you guys very much for coming up. Thank you thank you very much I wanna do you view and the mighty rock history of a big show up for. All support you've given for the new route album the suit the local scene in general for all the years and yet for this for the show it's it means a lot to us because. It means a lot that they're and absolutely. We love having her support again thanks. And I James Dolan of course taco locker of rusted metal that'll be out in April. If if all goes as planned is that definitely coming on April. If all goes as I'll get hairy guy do you define definitely. If it. And if all goes as planned definitely and for sure. So is James will be back in studio when that out when will be talking about the release of Adam I'm going to setup the challenges proclaiming that's gonna happen absolutely. And is there anything you guys wanna anywhere any shout outs and he thinks he's even as wanna talk about also mentioned there's going to be AM and after party for north was not fast. Yeah it it's again one of the things I think you have a news for the folks it an atlas networks putting this whole thing on two of them that. Again fans who and so that's important to them because the music is important to them and supporting us and supporting the whole scene. And that app that it showed agreement to a after. After party to victory lounges I understand it and then the next day they're going to be doing media bang over brunch it's going to be the island bar. I'll stand that's gonna be some sort of combination of hang out swap meet its. All sorts of having fun and I don't know I'm food outlets and drinks and that was a stripper name in LA slot me what excitement and a ton of money you West Hollywood minute elements swap meet. Coming gets a I like you. Awesome awesome awesome thank you there yeah yeah rusted metal will be available soon. At northwest metal works music dot com. Written by myself and James beach Brian Norman and Jim Sutton. And I don't think you can infer. Put them with a star Kanye bearden is nice meeting after only two years of listening. Your welcome. We have some in common rule all and content and to belittle wrestler I think they're good my wrestling. My dad. Could be. Oh. -- so again it is northwest metal fest going down Friday march 9 Saturday march 10 at or zone in the fun house gonna jump to those bins one more time coven Q five whiskey stick polo cup wild dogs glacier accused EG crew Allah scale it's worked gatekeeper sub strata right city. Perseverance time drift 21 and over by a single day or weekend pass for the deal and also this band taste of iron from Tacoma shadow to disband. Be gotten a touch a mean this weekend at. Love to get some feedback from a local bands and they are going to be recording new songs and their Baghdad it's a piece of iron could be plan northwest metal fest is well thanks guys. Do you will see you next weekend are rock its animals and metal shop. And loud and vocal on the rock. I.