Thee Podcast Episode 211

Thursday, March 8th

This week we have comedian Tyler Smith in to talk about DICC... That's the Dope Invitational Comedy Competition, which will be at Tacoma Comedy Club April 1st.

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Mexico. Mean we're instant comfort. You know let's give anything you know it's OPEC I don't think we really have to touch on the subject mixers stay on the Mike's found my daddy as the drift. It has made easier although as active people when these things over here. I'm trying to make it down as high as possible appreciate it man munching on popcorn and holdout ordinance. You know afraid of and the thing just in case and a sets off the levels there. That night I never invited back all you refined. If he happens longhorns evolve around. All I'll cover your tracks they gonna be a large star that we won't be like. Put it in front your straight to society and I know I like how the aisles where you sit here and I talk ultimately you know it we'll let out the do nothing once for the I think ever my ears and for what you eat the microphone that's what that's that they say. Yes one of the things that I heard and in school. Via BC after awhile that. Now thinking about Iraq and he's he's he's young and until new thing and be right on it. Make it weird yeah when we don't even think about right thing that I can talk away and if I really like I know exactly right on me if if if if if if it. It's just experiment fired up why you log into it podcast this isn't just any I guess just any pod cast couldn't do this. You eat. Contests. Or in the text. Starting deep stuff and these. Starting these senseless and com. You'll underwear I don't you know. These podcasts which coverage avoided debt triple will be posted this here podcast straight contest it all away all the land still left their mere somewhere over Skype is referred her body easily fearless he's somewhere in southeast Asia on two wheels you're running a cop that was going on. Disney podcast barreling back this week as the Russians Chinese and Japanese governments took large positions amid bond market turmoil. Investors are speculating whether Ted's last trip guess his trip last week to DC. For a full. Oh god dammit 'cause. Did he put it it is didn't doubt colluding with the Russians we'll ask him as 600. I'll tell you go faster on the real this field get the steel flat out. Mad cow of the producer and CTP with a man. I'm I'm happy that the shares are up I never know what's gonna happen when those things on the worst CEO ever put eyes I was happy to hear that things Cobb. You welcome basically people think that Ted is pitching shares and sobbed in the investment worldwide incident in DC are you set that's us trance. I just figured that that was in DC I was close about a rush although the cover story the DC thing yes I had no means some investors say so I don't really now. Pork in it but slick. Yeah literally two jobs on the cast this week savient show read the emails were overlooked right now. Calvin anyway it's surprising me do you that the CEO doesn't really have his pulse on the company. The thing is I'm shocked to death but I think he hit the go mart stock up or down. He's is that they'll whoever that report every week that particular weekly report with the rest of us we need to stay a little more diligent on that one that's a good chance. 38 K Tara coach via I see you're gonna hear double voices still paint. Comes loses aways but. Our buddy Rowan is here he's gonna hang in count on every road into a story later but very happy. We have our creator that don't show Tyler Smith back with us the FD plug the bag you know man and an -- can you do we have the OTS coming today. Let Bo. No I don't think so all right. Matt dates TS sedan and I didn't know you and I together. It's funny I see if you Tyler is on ten there and I super like him every time I just wanna be empowered Tyler apple. She did I have a buddy whose last name is Miller. When he was in college he go with like hooking up and another girl whose lessons Miller. In their thing was they would get drunk and in his run over to each other certain Pargo. It's Miller time in prayer kind of that that's the Nash yeah I learned the same thing with fans I'm a bubble. Oh yen. It is removed the element of I never I've never mashed with one now so it's kind of I didn't know there are other Tyler girls out there she's guru the first when I met. I seen five Qualls struck out each one now that's true thickness is. They'll live pretty quickly it and that's the first place now out there. Nice I don't know like there that strike I didn't get to the plate I know that they've been Big Ben noted kept it out on the bench he's a huge hit for maybe it is having checked Big Ten nearly easier than I mean nine your ally that's there's the dream that's within its sports announcer it's like our. Both of those thirty blown out because I'm Margaret you've got a word yeah. Banks aren't gadgets he's right if I get a better look and I think it's a really what the answer is right. The Seahawks fans think feel worse until they get yelling bill Standley. Did the day eve of all the Super Bowl. Only 122. NL yeah Antioch since we have one trophy there were bills fans sorry to advance. Yeah I tell them what it's something to improve the Clinton and Ted I lived in buffalo man and again it's difficult for listeners in buffalo right now are the finish. Do you know I didn't growing. Your purse and sorry if I tried to blow to him it's OK I'm one it's gonna deal with that later it's five. Umpires are discouraging comfortable and just let it flow rate has hit. There's a good start if so how how how broad is good friends of ours also co-founder of guns and fun and circle back to that millions podcasts. Hard to Tyler you do the dope show yeah I'm going all of them down a northwest now Tulsa Tulsa little more. It's expanding right now we so the show ran us hosting the highly areas comedy fest we're going on here in Seattle April. Twelve in the fourteenth I believe and we just got into you undertow comedy festival only concede or again. So she's kind of blowing and we Austin just kind new venue and poorly and. Called Harvey's comedy club which will be and two weeks. So yeah this is expanding ever expanding preschool and blamed for more or stays Helio I think grow live further back but he looked really down Colorado. Colorado amused I've checked it out but it seems like it's a little T fire for it to be like a profitable decision and I don't and I have to LA to its reach down franchise. What California's legal now RA it it is but you can calvary comedy clubs days there the worst thing code guy paid. It's is the biggest rip off out of all the clubs they that really help out the producers is much is the fine folks up here in the northwest got you they grade grade comedy clubs to come a comical. Spokane comic. Parlor they'll take care of the comedians that's way. Into it or two of them and continue to. Cool how would you say right now overall much as Seattle where. California marriage say than this steep of local commonly used. By this stage and how do you see your general way out of our comedy clubs open in other close and is it good for comedians trying right now hours of late you gotta be in your hero. On the so if you want to excel. Depends on what direction Monica if you wanna go. Into like T if you land deal I get that TV credit moving Craig either an LA. Are bound by. I have a theory saying he moved to LA easily become worse of a comet just because. He's he's trendy that really happy guy that's like kind hanky all the hander happier. Only has iron again I eat candy finding a happy as all good things happen. The daughter limit though to how much happiness people want from a comedian I mean exactly I mean I think. Even amid the bubbly is the comedian to lead their famous comedian there's something dark there. Yes it came from and exactly. Great weather out there you're struggling opening up like a bag you can years on the line here about something going wrong with that I'm an alien and nobody crushes it with leg and I got a great life my wife and I really happy you know yet kids their awesome nobody Greg there's nothing funny about I mean piracy has now Salt Lake. Ten or fifteen years ago when one of his specials and he was like. How does this and I dominant Finley go like this girl but I was late that's really the best with destiny comedian address it may but it think yeah late. You rightly you know people go to seek our wishes to your bad stuff he's done that bad stuff but BC is last I saw him. I guess when I solemn what a year ago he was here. Yeah they his last special super depressing it was really sad now I need to do is watch it after his wife died in the rafters like guy. Yeah well I think I saw that only dimly six months after his wife had passed. I guess he's kind of mood I'm pretty quick. The yeah yeah. But. Yeah I mean look that's when they I give all standard Israeli. There's no there's no hiding up there you have to be their most threes are pretty regularly I saw him after his wife died I mean you're right it was that kind of depressing tough you know. Now he's married again in. Yeah yeah Aaron here are really remade like a year later some in our. Yeah really he's kept on tracking news play as if nothing happened Philly got all our memory in that that you would G year whatever is very. Powerful and heartfelt. Must've been great therapeutic. Yeah I mean look it's a weird kind of thing to talk about designed I. The multiple people of all different. Walks of life I know men women follow Bob froehlich he is he already married again the end and I kind of took the track the tackle like man I don't how. The guy lost his wife and I was he was amazingly he's ready human hair like comic facto fort. More parity in front thinks hey I gotta Moreira yeah lighthearted story about what happened I. You can't forget that stage gears here a little bit. I didn't bump pursuing him one year nine on the same show we are different than he is though we're both book that bumpers you yes I was in like the local theater used in the big beer obviously. But we had all access badges and an artist there so. I'm Brian Gay who is my best friend because those display yet trying to improve that we're not dating. Ask me anything I'll press press press so unlike every day of my best friend we went and we just exploring all the fears or is kind of like being fixed on it like you know going everywhere we could. And we edited out and pat nozzle on screen around. And when we're migraine room there's lake unlimited vitamin liners which is great so we just kind of loaded up our backpacks by anyone I think kind of announcement regarding his green room. He's onstage you still do staying. And really look in his refrigerator and it's just actually beer I words. So we did serve vitamin and iron hit it I still all of pat nozzle husband hitter from the and then turned around and saw on the counter he had left his wallet there. So I was like no way three opening ruling this is panels on top of wallet in his late. Played six years ago so closing kind of maneuver comic in my college has been here but we're still like exploring. But my buddy takes lake he takes his idea takes a photo up there and and if once a year he'll send him like a really random letters her chest with a photo of Andy now the vote of the ideal place and they laid them like well I'm glad it's. If your theater is Sanchez the exact good yeah obviously it's a coupon ju Clayton how would I have I know we like I knew everything do you live her parents but it is pretty funny we heard him talking about onstage like a year due later. I played as a bumper she's Mascoll still my dear now my Allen's movie. Yeah will my buddy show his friend is buddies with pat writes in he's from up here. You know talk around which to. Kathleen sic I mean booty. So anyhow there's generators may be changing competitive on the court and the opens up for patent something and always tells a famous story about people like the drunk people of the casino and stuff it was at the Toledo oh yeah that that was hilarious story yes and I think my buddy Joseph the mayor but he easily dude I was at that show. The whole stories please please comes out there might. Field and doing doubles and just like ratatouille in areas Craig competitively the only TV you think this is the nicest room where you have been in a while it is. And their like just don't do like as long as you usually do you think they activated due less it's a great bit BMI body Joseph was there and his buddy always opens up for that music that I was insane. You had that casino gigs outdoors doesn't matter how famous you are casinos or is the way it's. I come from the when you do my bottom shows you just in their performing for people who just lost all their money hand there and then just Calais coping with this content. The latest Kazakh I'll have anything and if you're at when the bigger venues like he was is still assisted by should be gorgeous wasted so. Worse gigs let's help line on on on an audience member. Say why it went what's the line on an in late you learn drunk each one of drinking to laugh a little more right act you don't wanna Mike. Your drunk dawn Johncke harmonized buys plague still able to be like reserved in like shouting out. I've I've mostly perform for stallions. So. The line that I like is like a couple pops 'cause if they keep smoking days are performed for a room full of zombies it's ten meg or F. Motorola. I'm I was asked by all the way every everybody smiling I think a renegade tactic but I could I need to left you got the that's what validates my exist if it does. I'm measure the tough part of going to shows maybe not for everybody may never have enough self control OK I've been to play really big concerts. Blake I'm as they Guns 'N Roses are you spend without about a drop out of the number Lawton you sort itself out of ferment and it's a major right I had half hour before earth. Okay you keep the onset it's somebody get me some water. And that these pillars on the mayor's side he got pepper wraps it. Europe prepared nice city yeah I think you think he's. But Maryland for a leader a magnitude dominant male on easily does the less often because you have competed already got. So hilly I get that headline give blurry man. I'm glad I went to U the it was a black keys. I saw them live and I know that I needed to Warren song before had to bailout is so ways did go so that's Mike again I'd do it does like this will go out you start. When signs Leona by in my I have to go rate cut out. I mean this summer I was at a festival. Where the whalers were playing in the beer garden and I think Bob Marley Spain re paint palette to nobody else is too intense for me right now. Paragraph yeah that's the key evangelical for a couple of what it. If you believe what I suspected a link is intense today in debt down manned them easily. Do you like the ultimate radiation he was too intense look I don't know man I don't know but he just he was. My head. Yes. Dick is coming up he can do different action comedy get the grade and did a kiss is a good April 1 and that's. I'm Tacoma on the club scum accounting glad this area resident Bob yeah I'm really sad he got some great headlines is coming and from the pay from LA. I think we have are from double up from the united monsters that's me on the way on the headlines coming in cool no kids and a all right let's also. You missing now you can make it this year now from the other day and its head. While once again. But is cooler chatter it we gotta match comment it did judge stick yeah he's gonna adjust mayor today gave him. Yeah I think it's. Cowed down and Austin now so he's not gonna go as we maybe it's guide them and if I'm do this again. Alain for a delayed response isn't okay. As I'm listening mode tonight you guys do things that are. Oh man that's that I thought users they something else you have to live dropped in for one line. But I'm out of here do we explain gag distant though billion US news out of debt last year so the international comedy competition. Imitation no god didn't. Yeah how are written down right there. I wrote and Alec international. Even though time there's an invitational in the invasion and I got to write once last year you did tonight it's cool what are you you know I appreciate you coming on here as a friend is obviously not doing much promoted the didn't think tirade is is day Gary may noses didn't make. Does that put in the description and that those two parent in a Robin you though life post in our FaceBook for a loop. Read write pages read what I've put I put it and kind of make caption about patent. Some say disc DI CC. Hash tag day TC's this thing. Harry means you have on the on the competition Christie it's going to be nine I. Nine comics ten men see each so aliases the same as last year. We will nine. So ninety minute show the lineup and announce. Not he had Coca and confirming. I got. Eight re now reclaimed her one more confirmed so -- get these guys to Blake. Do you have to smoked they had like. Manila with that so that was one of the ice is. Somebody's every situation to stave you know. On brand and make everybody smoke Halloween before they perform high pressure remind you write the regular duke shows ran it comedians come out either set. And then they have to be super baked. And into another set in doing that I sat. So we were that I was toying with the idea making ingests do you high stats and see you can do the best. Really stone fire right Gary is gonna make it a regular competition. Jackson is it isn't pressure on you until late. Always hoped we'd. Yeah now I'm literally forced to smoke weed through the okay. Like at a certain level lately dementia is known for bruised right read I we have appear this and have really honestly there's sometimes from out like that may and I don't want that shot. Well yeah it's a president acted up. It's not that happens when. Growing your call and I did I tell that guy on Sunday got a what they shot he has come as a birthday and how they yeah Iowa we drink it because. Isn't it going to be happy with Jamison. Anibal you have process and stuff that's the I want. I was at a comedy class I was headlining the show I TCC a couple months ago and I told the bartenders I'm not drink in right now having our drink for like 65 days all right just trying to shed pounds nine nagging at six. Until I dividing us drill gets shredded. So I told the bartender Mike Haley did you joke about how. And we do joke about shot giving a shot to a comedian. So it's somebody's gotta buy ammunition does mix here it's not real alcohol on center on out. And I go out there idea man hour. And nobody about mission. I made a real big deal out of it. Let's yes consent FH they know they buy you know hey that's a better idea but it is labor's lead Thursday. The principally due to justice soon it's late I don't know there's got to be some days ago I drink it right now turning Gundy used and I'm not smoke and as much now I definitely try not to smoke on timing like there will be laid people who I just don't want shared joy away. Yeah played just played really scrubbed out folks who could still hand me this like joining. Looks like he'd jobs data in the toilet and they gave you jazz really weigh a donor analyst LA colors are all different on the paper presented itself. And the thing I don't want I don't wanna smoke here we can report did the worst is and so many easily into a cup you know the glass pipe. A young when he hit lake shore but they've likes clobbered on it. I Arianna you know how some people are doing that like where did you grow wolf. Oh is Gil why am I alive in the foyer Allen did afterwards yeah I was all right I play him after I don't I'm not every white and your pre wired relay imposed quiet and decide when you open. I had a big day hey you Tyler Houston I had player is a model guided did that the day in every about him now holly you know using the same way my body has please attach rate just retaliate this classy people and this is not well know are you kidding me growing good game. I got the female one to. That's a two novels so my little one walk around all the dirty but right now apparently ten united on top seed beat these days drugs. God and how I thought of a sizzling know what's going on he had a budget that you can eat out of the loop brown how much money you're spending you'll save so much of this was just the idea down in I have another friendly that hasn't seen device there's no way you're gonna name similar yeah who have a friend hey. I had a sweater come over them like why don't I buy one of these. There's so amazed that it might she do like 35 bucks you can wipe on you dad down afterwards yeah you have to acknowledge that it's moist it's stopping way yeah. But there's any hair down there it's let it let it drift a little bit too and they didn't drown out I was always nervous when easily just stand up it'll turn off from my. I'm sure you can it's way G I car. The other one of my parents have labeled fans eat badly would they don't do much desire enough and yeah you're right they're fancy with those who fanned. Features unnecessary I think you heat up the water. I hope I opted out of the hot Lotto and Sam. Say just cold water you gotta connected to your order task even in sync isn't close enough year yeah that was a thing as it looked earlier period it was Maura Payne asked to set up the experience say it's about parents they got some they got to hear ones and it's nice. But when I bomb around like dude I mean how water and I don't it's fine. I got a text from my new roommate and he is loving it. You good reserve out throughout stickers. They'd like dude you think you so much hadn't. It our level leverage is through tough stuff fly removed now death while Juan Padilla. Yeah he'll be in here and a couple weeks now thanks swayze lived then I'm his guitar and I don't down tell us. I'm he's gonna and LA really. I ninety deaths though have book combines before his. Yeah I believe that I don't know who out there who back for a little bit between. Travel and cool man woman thing about the the days I am I wanna get yeah warm lines a Philly guy this feeling in food Felix and you just spitting on the. I think it. I go to the ice line does it feel like if you think it's great that he just play cleaning. Now get easier residents can deserves this may just be like the way in my house my pipes are but these you're nozzle late. Super sensitive. We've Aaliyah leaders need to turn at lake. Either eighty degrees anyhow like ninety degrees of movement. Mapped out but after like five pride. Five degrees to the right I was out what the player rose yeah that's why I was in the bud tireless. Yes. Wakefield for sure what it's just it's a nice guys don't go to develop a little rhythm to get they are sweet spot. And how automatically when I first got that thing goes. The heavy kidney exactly you have drinking fountain in the night drinking. Civil rights protesters hit it. I can't fire. And yeah. If it. It's an antibody that gaining ground hot tub in his backyard pool down California. He has a son ranked we'll call him Bobby knows only too. To bounce around naked. Anything he's too small he gets in the middle of the hot total go over his head right so he's very careful so he's kind of walked around this the only edges but straight against the wall. So he walks by one of the jets had good looks at us and then walks right over I com. African perverts and do her little K okay I did that mean I found them. What is I don't know who you're never path he got there were trying to experience to go back there. With the lady the proper lady. I'll say no path say it's too. I bet the a lot of kids know why did you which is really weird feeling I don't know and he gets in remiss and out. In my and it's it's common knowledge those five guys have talked about it yeah. Into the bus down I very I seek incision that says hey hey yeah girls yet there is there's limits to you know play it. I gather is there's a lot of fun to be had and five nerve endings down there Rowan. No comment could. Here's another definite definite yeah course of the day are you get me into the thousands earth like so wrong with the right. Yeah ha. Listen in my music now not there enough times it's just there's no wrongness left. Just all right all the time that is half the reason I got the big day. Again. If the premiere save your free year as a millionaire I gather in Iowa I don't think there have been hired to a family my bike down you spew hate. Awful mentally out doing me you know this year cannot tell you man so they do you again what does thanks. I I honestly I don't I don't like that I could you got to the good pace you can clean up a million to have had a girl never loses them might you go in there it's gonna be dangerous yeah I hit there'll Tyrod free for play exactly before I got. And that's us. He can't he's I didn't buy metadata section no at Napa. I certainly don't make it goes to eleven if that's exactly I did that affect his leg. It goes oh Leo that you good and oppression that has a dual solutions bit action. I. Suspect it's pretty you have such a Honda. Fit. The duke invitational. Comedy competition the dope indentation account economists otherwise known as dead in new reason why like calling it Dick every now and then you just because. The winner is only one prize is like a thousand dollars and jet ski. For the blue the first place winner Jeff. Which is picked by judges and then the rest than just get deck has seen. I think who else is judges. On this air were doing Booker is silly doing comedy club Booker is okay now since think I think he had that wonderful. Hosting the pie cast and I go to. Smokers for all the clubs around town okay cool so it's a little more incentive. To the formally welcome these guys are going to be performing for a common club owners. Yeah I know that we're. Branson upload bit our affiliate jackass size and yeah I seriously am represent Maria Reyes who opened the door. So we guide Kabul comic other owners and they knew and then again the guy that donated the jet ski hands. Yeah. App that you didn't remain anonymous you books. Yeah. I I have to see you win a thousand dollars in the jet ski. Yes that didn't you I'm trying to place the storage of T yeah any again from my parents out there her entire left. The whoever won that I'm gonna legit that he yeah I might be don't want the jet ski Oz is due to cash value of the jet ski. Which isn't malicious. It's like in 1996. Cal a stocky bound deer. It's. It's a little stray bits like that old Mike Green in yellow and hurt it looks like a super soaker Roma yeah yeah. Super soaker by the limited by a black man. Yeah gives you know I just learned this late last week. Are open right now did have a history month. I don't like the name of the guy that invented that turn signal on the way here. Just like it tweet back dishonest grave why don't yes. Why do you hate turn signal to know why I was so ready if you are you know music reality is that as grave vial every as they are treated at some similar. That is my want to keep them into the states. Know when users turn signal via their optional but we don't want to use them right like local miners are now did I just after the main news disrespectfully and better. Have you had the pleasure of driving over your girlfriend that like bitches and moans about not getting over but doesn't have on the fourteen turn signal pro there who don't let me know let me end I think. But do you know why he yeah. I never let my girlfriend guy anyway who. Guerrillas can ultimately detrimental. I don't know Karzai get everything out bitching about it and now it's probably never say that inside the car and no but yes brightly why do you think it was unbelievable Miley Cyrus back in the day period that she was driving through with mileage it's been. The missile mileage this. Are if you wanna get tickets do a show daily show violent and it's how Bynum had its time and sorry ass shows like crazy. Home right now right dad Rihanna actually of the Ford though shows this year three of them sold out so. Early in the EA getting it does take its early and get a match come comic buy dot com and will be made to look for decades ago. At a particular. There you are do show. When they sit in my house and you know do they gambled DM how much currency cute chick like racquet you know is probably huge fan. Thank you say hey. Thanks to mention in front of the dope show we went and sought it was awesome with volatile and that red coming up. Ahead this week's. Erica. I did have a few people show up those say bury me on this show how nice that was really cool I'd like I sweetener. Know what city yeah try and try and acts. It's. I and then now right we sit Dixie were first what else you got going on the high layers comedy festival highways county festival April 12 and fourteenth. And then in the Lincoln C undertow festival which has like Eli he's names and and it sounds really cool balance going on. Think the last weekend of April include your head to him I would say melon which is who smokes we dime me. Hey I think an effort to shake. And then what else is going on. And this that Thursday I'll be at the parlor decency needy regular comedy. That's only about really tonight knowing when this comes out as those on Thursday Ono lab Maggie better rational manner yeah they're going to meet Thursday morning enough time has gone to me is lifestyle I like it yet. You have an anatomy sponsors applaud the shows you good. He I can always play my sponsors my fitness and again and always at a way that they're appropriate. That the bus they could bring back yet cigarette Baghdad that the sun sponsored by a big day company did. I. Also record road jets he's got the good note if you take him out by the year's event. In Africa that. Does sell a few lines is smoke like me village that I sounds really hi that we are smoker announced that can a candidate Stephen King Jeremy hardcore. Great company you they're looking over in Spokane. If you guys he has smoked. If tapping and oh yeah like big fat benefit event there is pending in different favorite bailout song is playing the Brian we're not sponsor whether embody just pretty much put them through college there may may I don't know and I am I should come I always late the optimum tenth. Now there was plug I mean the top on the one never an issue and last for ever no kidding me getting a flicker struck nonsmoker no I don't and a sitting there what YouTube. Only. Think I'm the king I'm not they're grade they have like the biggest variety of all the coordinators which is there is killing us right now. They actually let me to their facility last month in Spokane. And they have like 400 employees working for this one farm it's huge. Flake two football fields next to each and then military stacked on top this team stories. And my ain't been anywhere is hole papers see you Dina from a master and everything right things I would play only visiting really Walker's. I guess. Every room like the owner he just be shown me like this is a new strain in like of course you know of our golden pineapple room like this whole rooms dedicated golden pineapple and see you like in there it is. Reeks like pineapple Clegg whose chopping them up in the back it's crazy. You show me all the new strain they're coming up mounting a mean a lot of talk about their life. This is so hush us they go how are you would type will move. The movie had a take candid in every time I go out there there's an obvious Ocampo sweet kid and I'll Mario little and I'm sure they'll love to meet here in LA very common Emil is taking out like a fancy restaurant for the show they're super nice to. I'm a cheap date if you like Peterson can be no did you terminate her. I'll send your way or use their way South Africa. And the fat as a daycare mean and then of course Mary march down to Kama Bailey spots on its common shows yeah. Mary martz awesome yes and as you guys are big fans of Billy Ray young man. Yes he's always on hand. And he he's still he's still working there ran. I think so I think he comes on he would it was a moment mix on the makes cast ray. Okay the well I think he still analysts say is still there and it's a great guy he's really taken care of us. There's a blues giant like ten green and joints to. Who's just you being hit. I would died. Bogey Unita group people but I mean it it's a press. So up underneath kind of quit Emporia when items that we Dugas never smoked a grown up. Ever and then since it came to Seattle like a year to those like maybe don't mean us who have gone. And I went with a big fans those enormous dramatic let's do it happens re so far so good. Animals don't do anything point of lake I can't I think in the same Mike buzzer feeling and thinking when we here in Texas yeah we might have one or two. Oh yeah and we have got slab of barbecue. And they did nothing to trough where they tested prizes or somebody's like oh man noted that test of one's mood there individually wrapped his they have. Medical now does that mean you're you're going ten milligrams of that time yet and those type pandas. Ten milligrams is really lead he had I'll have a problem with these stories like I needed thirty Miliband 3050 milligrams soda following a feel like oh okay. So here we go yeah okay. But yeah I don't I don't I still you depends on the person you really down and I won't mean people write delay. I gave a friend of mine I'll just the ten milligram or. Little. You know test here whatever amount and they were out they they were like could barely get off the couch like three hours. That's color that isn't a good yeah. Well I'm with you may and I can I know my DOC now some Ahmet solid 25 were about forty milligrams and notes yes. I got a stick to 50 am a fifty actors are good number yeah that's why I'm now icons Dow is still congress and have found my feeling that the asked for or with King Kong data fifties. Yes it's a possibility if that is what funny thing about animals like I'm deaf we have those Sundays after Sunday afternoon or wake up my couch like you need to. Bode myself PD TV it is Tuesday now. It if it. There is this one I went sponsor that just made drinks as utopia. And they make happy apple and velvet swing which is Candice infused. Like sexual lubricant by a nice easy. A couple bottles of there's ten milligram they're like a cool drinking this on camera answering your little promo and in my anger you hear that sound like that's fine and I can give a right in my now I don't. And I don't need a ride if enjoy myself and a ten million chance that. For me I feel like that's just kind of likes it going to be air. It plays pretty we yeah I take those. Ten milligram. And wonder why I'm with JC in the dvds lake. Think they're regular vitamins and resisted the good little like you know mellowing age infinite though there might. Of my ability it has to function. Enough I'll. Its biggest dvd when a man or they're responses. Lather nationals. So local CD manufacturer and our deserves Lazarus natural alas that so that's a great company that they have like because they're CBD they consult anybody you can buy their products on line which is really cool. It's all right knowing their products. Maybe you have to check amount Goran it's all it's stab brand Lazarus nationals are that they supply lines TV companies like them like the major ones like Charlotte's web by their TV from them and they also make their own retail so you vial upon some mind. And really cooling and other companies they do. I accused discounts for veterans like for herself veterans went south for people who were on long term disability 40% off for people who are below the poverty line. In the nation to any states that you really cool company so it broke into. Tied it yet and and for really don't know see needy is. If being Greek place OTC easily get you high marijuana ray CB than a non intoxicating. Play I can't always a rare yeah act. So it helps the pain relief and in other things in my mom was not so marijuana but she swears by the a couple CD TV products it's amazing it's great for depression anxiety any kind of pain management. It's great for after work out Cisco and I isn't prior. I can elevate and that's chance I think it's five door and this dvd to TH of trash and I just about that after work out this thing. Some I tweet right PA I have some idea about her words we've got got out of fear of god is. They pan fell out of his pocket. And then outran a client and he has they've penned. Thought his pocket and you can't get alcohol why I am I not tell people who right where we comes up during the assessment might get snow before you worked out theory like it I love it. A day in being like super Bates. Does that come on a treadmill I really banked on to lose track of time until a few hours later when we outlined by the day. Yeah I was like post workout it. Sometimes basically my smoke at Lincoln it's a Saturday embassy now and it's not do enough of yeah and I can't do weightlifting hives but I can run forever I. I in there is that there's IPO Ky give people where I'm doing their hardest and yeah I you guys that there is that an accurate means and it panelists to a jeopardy I can't credit in the by their joked you looking up some real than this but I recently got really high. The idea really high for any rhyme because. It feels like somebody's chasing them yeah. I open and that's pretty good man that's. All right. Movie that's all good to go now sponsors and yeah nothing even let me Panama yeah of course you. All just record a special. I did and I haven't released the I have an album coming out at our it's called this is my brain on drugs and it's a great comedy album is coming on your crease and now be releasing it. Probably up early release and imports might be honest okay hi BS onto Errol. You rival yes find where on is to gran and you can follow me on the dope show on FaceBook which is FaceBook backs last who smokes we don't mean. Then you can find everything on who smokes we got me. Pretty simple free sample yeah people always forget that. Whose whose music. They're like who chose to lead and who has smoked weed where yeah. Lakers who smokes weed. Mean if they got injury change it exactly the foot hi Todd got some emails air force. Aaliyah just boys are listening to an NPR podcast and they investigated big rotisserie. Insured and CTP you're right. Here's the breakdown deride chickens are shipped to the stories and vacuum sealed bags are he sees it the daily crude disaster cook package and sell them. There way a lot less than the Rollins being sold. On average Sherrod to street chicken costs to 35 pound while our raw chicken costs a dollar. Keep buying those rock chickens and prepping him them yourself MC TP stick it to the man. Kolb Q of the experiments I've Dennison the first 7 this morning good stuff I'm breads meats should not and ends on the background for awhile thanks cheers Kevin gamble. Well thanks Clint. Many also. Put in a link to the NPR episode Matta you wanna. I think that's all that I think that's that article and I don't know if I heard of podcasts out that's on. Probably an article that was written about that same same thing. And yeah I know I had caved in dollar and last week there are available by big problem with rotisserie isn't. All that's obvious is that there always sold out by the time I. Met a grocery store. But like 915. Between jobs. Looking for her and easy protein source and then I I it's like the most convenient thing and it's for reasonably priced. And I go there and it's always looking empty. And that's my gripe they're up to some evils for sure but I lahood at the reality and you pick your vows I just felt. You know alienated as graveyard worker trying to get rotisserie chicken after 9 PM and really have to do in this town I think it's sad to when you going man like chickens on long minutes like. Love this past rack of ribs its insignia on it Meehan McCain for chicken. Ma'am you know I'm not those ribs. We don't know that don't. Yeah maybe I'm wrong are you guys going ribs you know you know I've been doing this. The vegetable based protein shake vague airline oh yeah yen. This kind in my jam anyway aren't very good brand so what's what is an excellent one of those that deals it's. Soil they had played a lot so lay in my corner and then this one long way. Hardy that's doubles taxis like I think it's a lot more in it's beneficial to you been silent but it's pretty much the same thing I commit replacement. Failing that cause I don't don't do breakfast there were eating lunch and then guys. Greens greens. Me greens based protein options and they Owens a great ramp for a Eric awesome in the morning to you get a time nutrients you are about fiber and water that vegetables have politely get Alden the micro nutrient values covered in just kind to give way days tailored Fiat supplement. As it's called them I give fear. Not eating a meal. Then you can supplement that. The Dow hole in there as soon as he has again good good options I go with athletic greens personally but I sprinkle it on top of my hand cinnamon toast crunch in the morning sounds like things like that yeah. I. Bet that a and I wouldn't show what's your thought on soy these these are man interesting topic I don't need a ton of it so. Let you know it's. It's a good source of protein but the more full impact is kind of raises some red flags. Two and then created induced estrogen and stuff so. The avarice and interest in Yahoo! Search anywhere because I love at a mall Mann act a variety had a mom and set a broccoli all the time I. It tastes better but. He I did Ira and over as I do with the amount that I love and a mom may. I can't be. Eaten it is at all melee guys once did I'd. Over the years it would have been like. I don't know if I want if any more estrogen in my life commend. Stay at yeah I I just saw last couple months that you kind of talk for a fact there's always lake. There's massive push routinely for sorting this or that emit light in these dudes talking out of there like I'm maybe we should be universally. I'm I'm really get an ally taking. Lot of goods and right is bill like. Achieve one thing that's the end documentaries. That you know that might have been a little bit exaggerated. Because they're trying to prove a point and then life. You know I how well this is live now at and yes I'm always looking for more research and you know it is a great protein source and don't. Avoid it like the plague I just under those go to staple. Right I mean right and we're back to this tracker rips like maybe that's who was not the worst call. Exactly. And not us but this same hand I don't know what's your went on on the inside with people like. You know that's are people who always put slate so he's gonna raise gas regionals at mind I don't know month by it. I'm I totally hear and I believe it now I nice daily for Max my mare pretty girl really easy to contest the editor the latest Arafat and I can't see my salon quality Hannity the high and it's how. Often you wash your hair. Every day. All right I never did you have why they're hailing an early little guy shampoo and can we condition it is latte hit yet Obama that hair you label them. Don't Google it's ridiculous how it's not a yeah I'm a margin postal where that they know I'm embarrassed say you know hotel yeah. I wanna get sponsored by themselves back into it anybody from label and his version I was running I would love to be all out there ratios are usually here staggering. Who are owed I would push to add apparatus itself it's a phenomenal play can commission an oil well great to seniors and it speaks on tonight. It is Boehner owner and I'm not a caveat I don't force. From the Sheen speaks for itself. Yeah also I clay I did a bunch more episodes I've read them out I have not done yet for the cover experiment. And hey guys so you talk about wanting to I have to get together and all ages venue although I love virtual sportsman toll goes that's Korea and out. But when malice talk about bowling this are really fun. I myself haven't done and probably a decade could we do that. All ages fund food in a tire call correctly most bowling alleys and a bar. Did not only that most bowling alleys have a roof. I gal on park ranger dance and any promotes that there's a Barnes had half. Well he's smell of all worlds here I mean he's realistically can we. What I do Malaysia is a tentative coming up ticker at ground all perfect. It's yeah. The bar you know hey that's not a bad call my only thing that the one thing I really like about virtual sports honestly is they don't sell liquor. But that light it's beer and minding which I feel he is good for kind of led daytime. I don't know our crowds are right. Well how down I can't think and said you're. It's pretty elusive those shots at the last mete out yet no kid that's Arabs you do not remember us going home. Well where are the proud I remember we stop the Jack in the Box and I forgot the lady minorities could. That dude but I remember it is huge use smoking a joint out front and you could drop it and you were trying to put it out of your foot and you missed like four. That's that's that's that's obviously the same and I'm sorry it's percentage down at. Like the idea of a hole Limbaugh and I am I I really like commercials words doesn't have liquor and then. There's an expression bowling Alley drowned in play keep him I think that can now go to Borneo about getting wasted if you're right. Well. I it's that the one issue I can see is at capacity bus and we did a the podcast plus may cast meet up I think about fifty showed up. I'm usher come on how many people can rent out a bowling Alley but it's an idea at least Q a with the greatest podcasts on Lance called a whale Roland. Our Bonnie I'm Matt and gave me a giant stack and. Oh yeah. That's good comments yeah we'll look in that it would be kind of fun to rent the room though like we're like little kids have a partner I bring it to pizzas little thing. I just hate and is that one night shows openings on his own ball only choose and like his embroidered shirt and like he's two in the snow while the via price need to shine your shoes they get it tested this off out of closet ads like this guys put money down you know we and that yeah. It's really don't know I'll call you our mutual friend Carl is that guy right that capped a bowling team that's exactly who was thinking of wait a minute Carl Carl does that too besides being a golfer. It's the get a guy like this shot how a thing where they like move it back and forth fast track back like that Jesus in this big a that's yeah yeah. Mettler Karl. Yes it would be Carlton he's an excellent bowler of course course he has zero baloney BA. I have no idea there better be. Hello voice on the top topic do this girl was last week surface where I'm not I think he was stuff we were looking forward to. Because I sit there like we're late in the future of late gives you hope right so we were housed on and I'll go you actually a hierarchy idea the report. Hello boys on the top topic I'm going more local and global the high school diploma. I'm getting is what gives me hope for my personal future. I just fine I finished my last class and online high school Shalit to James Madison high schools are Ashworth college. A slight to their shift housekeeper hi Ted. Let's. Garnett. Just saying hello. Traffic backed up four or. Oh that's right Jesse SI and Memphis in the school for six years. A public school after a lot of bull and I won't get into it buddy includes the unique experience of being falsely accused lesbian rape so that deadly for me in a funk along with being assaulted myself which I am. Adding in the spirit of meat to. It's never too late in housing and loaded that I asked hasn't an icon. Yeah loaded that I've finished yet. But I'm excited to not lie on applications anymore and now I'm more pass into my life I'm excited to see what I can do. Well also are real left hand and that's the curtains. I mean that was a winding path and I wasn't sure there murdered and dumped it out there dumps you out compound for Ichiro has also. Yeah again I mean Jim high school diploma like I have a friend it's like this except he how old is she 22. You rate Irish friend it's lake. And he's a guy 36. And he never went on he never went back and finish the class is itself enormously. But in he does very well he works and a beach town as a bartender and stuff famously did you ever want you had a career like it's going to be tough. Yes there's just ask you a way to get it done that's awesome just another monkey on the back you know. I also said also I couldn't let my little brother actually graduated the form they're just housekeeper to Republican candidate that's there. I'm in the final one dead. And doesn't win would send UA. A link for a shower of beer holder of you can suction deer walk. City solace on here. It seems about right. I've got to be don't want it to the haven't seen those CBI's our current there now are you put your phone your laptop into his yes see your wallet like your. Yeah this is there. Right deploy a nice. I thought like that's at the root against the news alerts are up in the shower. Who paid television our notebook I'm fifth. Yeah mailing your adult what are you doing odd it I it's a user has been a wild play family's life did I like to have a lubrication the water we never get the porn. That's not quality lubrication bass Emmy and the let the water is not a lubricant and map the hard red hot tub if I got. OK you know whereas they shower curtain that this has origins of when I got sent to the lockdown facility in Montana and. I was to a place you could do it was the shower and then Dallas a preferred location for me. For a number of years now that I share a bathroom with another dude that it's not a thing in my life anymore. I just thought I had and be pretty cool. I don't bundle up Lauren loved off in the shower. They have nobody they did some time in prison. And he can master pages you've just the period between his thigh is it true. Not a knock. Off the I swear to god may have been his play cricket yeah. I don't think yeah it over a that's just a speak to the point of late the I think everything I feel like Solomon that story is crazy he's like. You know sometimes they speak I'm so telling Matt Daley he's so used to it. He'll still do that. Now on wheels he wants America's Got Talent silver lining of verify yourself and cops and couldn't turn. At it gets equity got a new skill learned. It's a quick peak it's a different avenue and then right. Feel right. I mean look you're all right I mean I. To this day even though I've seen him and that he condemn illustrated which with pants on but I still like I don't know how habitat mimic this seems very. Fencing Medan. How mayor L how familiar commands this is CNN Baghdad where is he a big fat guys. Now I mean he's. He just delay in the gym like what the wealthy now I mean. I know he's probably one that means a pretty thick do but I mean not the massive probably 165. When sending me. How tall gas heat it's on now so if I'm 59 he's probably like. I'm eleven. Went 6511 and he's now won 6 AME out of that great he's ease of say he's the pick dude but it bigger than Maine. Yeah I'm 160. I it's not give them 185 times and 215. But I must 61 so who knows. And has bragging about my stats I didn't like it eighty is the Pentagon doesn't end there it's up. But I don't know look at a technique I think a lot of positives out of favor imprisoned and it is just like that somehow we don't cover officially on all day where he mats are reasonably well liked do you have to this theory. Any as a funny nickname for but I can't remember. Is now I didn't know one thing in there there's this something you develop on its own has ceded the pioneer I'd heat. Is there is undoubtedly a yeoman giant could help. Hello dear little gas is on what is make payments for I guess and I'm going to noisy cricket. Noisy cricket you know what let's say the room where cricket. How inept the prison snake. Could easily at eighty he's he's a donate his front only get along. All I'm sorry. It's gonna noise or do obviously it's great story with cancer this I look first all the guys are awesome and you do it anywhere that I don't we can do with pants on he just the point is that he you do it while sitting in a room with a three of abuse and you wouldn't even notice he was doing it. Most easy or off you would notice undo an array now. Home for him. I don't know I don't think the you don't look I have a friend with MS three wood just decides since apparently everybody's in the bus stuff to pay pal and I don't have the day. Does he did today but I can't say again about that occur at this particular captain Morgan. I'm kinda proud that I did not even an awful thing that's it man just back contracts. Come on man let's go success. Obviously there. When friends. No it was. A song so cool ha what a great segment named guy and it's. I always forget Tyler was your idea I think yeah. Greets a big. Hunk. Come the see this weekend. Nancy my friend Josh Hashemi and he's your mother Croat. There and hung out with him and so god damn long it was so cool. Saw him look Friday night. And watch some TV and just kind of caught up to now school on my golf always was a feel while sees it. Her mom's and then the Saturday we went to tight place B and did some shopping and and then it. Came back the where it was sir how sitting Saturday from my parents who went out of town so Ballard just kind of hand Joseph where you go by place. Cash type place cream marine for some aims and there's a little Prodi stand right outside of it. And then we got. Sale which is from me issues. Is really good they're really its images in there you've been in new issues. I know I was totally. Lake specifically like corner protein loose and then the little French what was it. The peak the French speaker. The referee place. It's come the petite something Netanyahu. Lobbying is clapping and yet you make the right dude dad personally Prodi's lies on the moms a brother Sam so I think we all got our spot I go to. Allah knows melody is so weird so Obama doesn't have been very meets to dailies have appeared her rivas election. Well who rotates and they liked one of my post some FaceBook. Of roses in the air the other day didn't can be a very meats are delicious I love their own way and Yeager I'd be remiss if I didn't also mentioned Louise Beers do everything. That makes works here sponsors I think there are blessed guess. Crown back through the day as yeah. Itself. I think at your funny about always knew they do make government through south ridge but I swear to god every time a monument towns usually. He liked when Richard get the sausages stuff you make Google weeks. Oh before they made that ends in south it's oh yeah cool that's fun fact I went to a German school for fourteen years back and album. So like tech and its German land right tonight every year that have a mid October fest party and the Nelson like they would fly in substance from Germany just for this does. Half the students year old German has the fine. Loses close the nuggets like my back on substance attend yeah rose bush went through my community meeting it is at. Price the close to get without like spending a fortune on up there are really good surprisingly yes I got your back in his. I wanted to laugh and what I'm a free mind what I have my day. Tap water temperature today to my parents' house and it's a pop rather say heated water today sounds nice little upgrade. And the just kind of laid low. Mason food and lots and TV. It is kind of relax. But Diaz is sue her son suitors mellow compared last week whom we run all over the place so. Yeah does it do it so there's gonna get this weekend didn't yeah. Of these they knowingly year was the men in his leg. K two with like concerts this yeah I get to were Jose's. Record at the break. And we we've talked sausages Dixon the dates via the next week I don't know PO I can't play your show and the music show next week it's after my show at the parlor. Well Leon hosting girls who onions don't compute. Yeah. That's our main thing is cool but the hardware were best friends or go into that Thailand to see Emma but he's been kind. And their opening for bill which yeah he had he had those fans nicer than Molson funeral death metal he hasn't come out. As one of legroom is a cool people say who puts the won't do well that's what they go lie down oh. And the beard because those guys are always done that the end dude it's been friends with Brian the beard Blake. I swear I've heard it every metal band name and I still I can't. Keep track of any of it but I dislike her those and go right yes I'm familiar I don't know how familiar I am committed this if I know they're bands. This. Hi my guess is about that time. Can't happen. Company and the united he had the bell this time I did I remembered today. He. So you know edited as the blatant rip off of gaffe he had. I don't think Israelis. I just do it really acknowledged that we only are we are allowed to my knowledge italics here late Friday night I get it and everybody not just direct. Helio economists jokes and so when you go ahead. I. So I'm not a medical people in the room for this one some I'm various nearly no doubt so a couple days ago I love you guys are gone this isn't. As you've gone through lack they're on solid skill like a flash back a little weird. A weird moment you've experienced I don't really know like I think it's just like an emotional. I Syrians your memory but. For me. When I was in junior high at the end of the year we had like a little like pool parties slash site sort of I don't know parked dance this weird park thing out by Connors likes the most there's a prime been out there. But anyway. There was. There was an incidence. And so this guy was carrying this girl crossed the pool that camera raw junior highs so I don't know what your Alex 1415. But it's how like the first time a lot of these girls have been in my excellent Caesar on guys whatever you know people obviously are Phelan Mike very self conscious. So this guy is carrying this girl across the deck any slips. May drop sir. She hits the deck and out of her top. Pop these two like. And they almost look like silicone implants there like for wearing night outside of your so how's that song and hope you. Yes you put it may near the key to make it look like you're the chest ran like these girls are you know turned in guy and made our neighbor like balance across the Dak. Probably ten feet so like she goes down reaches for a man it's like a movie ma'am I did bounce out in front of her she can't get to a might be guy is how I on sovereign trying to help or out. And like of course is they fell like the whole school Terrence strike. So quite you know see you it's she obviously like I was humiliated and a teacher came recover or whatever but that became Mike. The incidents like everybody in high school you don't people may I go to worry you'll forget nobody forgot. Everybody knows who it is Marino's happened so my question for you this week the cop top bank. What was your school's. Incidence. Feel free to email us at W broadcast like how pleased to have you are awesome one I just I. Amid severe brood god more disciplined where Sheen and the podcast to Reese boys. Who fresh tires. I mean I know this summer's are multiple but you know. Yeah there's multiple women trying to figure one it's not like. There's like kind of a bad get a one of the guy in his face cut up some believe that one out. Prefer dousing us and violence Syria some you know or am I have a personal life that was not just our school but I'm pretty sure a lot of the conference talked about it. So who my senior year there at homecoming and there's like dance contest right so I'm in the dance contest legitimize my senior year so Marty. 340. And during the dance contest I dislocated my kneecap. So I'd go down a heap. On the home across the dance soiree this LA the record stops nobody against the UC hard obviously did the deal layouts overs league's defensemen. It's like Kathy knows everybody but I ended when he homecoming king. So I stayed the dance live up there. It's like manually some people still talk about this bill late two weeks later my buddy was at lake. And ideas and idiots like holy cross or somebody different school and our conference and he's like dude. Hired some guy at the after party telling your story appeal what do does that just one of the girls must've been there he's like people are talking. You know and all manner passing. Please stay there are still lived up on stage. Well hey you know win homecoming king and keep in mind that the ice so I went to I was the first like non division one athlete. Plague it's always late Brian Westbrook a play for the Eagles for years like he wanted to like my sophomore year. What bonus daily think I think it's always like some superstar athlete mentally this year yet there would be dead and Newton did. Such an athlete of our deuce I had I had also hair back then you seriously gel it down and it was like her Heather thinks. The Austrians like that lets you guys are memories that I hair went to jail Bard looked kind of yeah Bianca yeah. Well look you know yes that's perfect for. LA looked so we're not sleep problems he had looked legal and I'll let you couldn't hear better that it's still very high and instead here. This would send your Reid sent in now that I gamely to think about it but I'm. I did so are they practically though it was a does that I can't hold super Carlos Lee hit a display there indicated that Jim that our Gavin just like went full sun and in came in on there is I hope and of Hong Kong for right now Yahoo! buddies they would do it and it's like no man like him but just have my hair get to know it's not. Yeah can. Tangent frock side that I'm not saying I did it a little bit pros never like you see some kids Wear away like terribly awry. And that's what this guys at all. Fastest. As brutal man. And the one that had everyone talking about mean. Who is fresh food going to freshman year I moved June 8 grade and I told the story of the cast bit. So no one really knew who I was I was new in eight grade and then the two middle schools merged at the high school. And play going in their freshman years the football camp. Wednesday showers and some guy noticed them and not through pretty big and started laughing about it and then. Leg the whole freshman football team kinda like found out and like I just show him about both hilarious that once people wise you may not sound like. Okay and then. The varsity team found out and might buy time I showed up to my first day of high school. Just random people from all four classes that I had no idea who they were there knew I was I wanted to see amend nuts those like. And I obliged play. The whole the whole time I was there was pretty ridiculous I buy juniors here when I finally. I finally said goodbye and got the comments subs felt pretty good pick. And I kind of want to see him now how. How bad guy yeah. Well they haven't grown much since then you've grown into a mode there's still pretty big by most and by the by adult standards they he had like fourteen. There like their zone and I. I didn't know any I didn't know any different I thought out as if they what happened he hit that age drag is cute and I know those are. Massive hunt are we talking like walnuts spring almost safe and heaps extra large eggs. Yeah Louis UNH houses brown line. Failure later we heard a mile bodies or any houses tonight it's easier not violence and they got. That's our scientific rating on my you have it not let them get a feel it's too but each of these public your ducks. Padres if you take a look at things like these are what you're. When your balls land they add some FOIA when we you're gonna go AM house BS because everyone knew by that point as late sophomore you're going big houses and fresh beer good news so. Yeah as they are designed does not sound like I think that that's about right no. John had a buddy we called fat nuts. And then he played College Baseball and literally the teen that was what you need you to a specialist that is not right payments to specialists and they are like one he's just much much longer can they go oh yeah. The idea I. That's what happened at a. They're always is clearly biggest hitter Erica that's a just because it was cool story yet following on from the not theme and a anger doesn't Diana and my school a year below me and use Greek. That is taxes I never forget this boy but we played in or soccer every lunchtime quite. The teachers and it is a slate. Get ever hair and sure enough he like goes down and he'd grabbed his economic concerns are not business of life. So he goes down hold himself and all the sudden he really oh what the hell happened any count walk he's has ground down he's like close to tears. So sure enough some goes gets a nurse the nurse comes in and click OK let what's wrong and she's like. Chicken down there it's like frank his hands away. He twisted his testicles yes no and she went into it like just give them a little like. Is there an OK. On twisted and shot a well yeah. Oh man who else the end like full on messed themselves are not is to give her ways Demitra massacring the. Patent on the gulf there compared to. Poor guys and and they just are never remembered as a twelve a standing over industry like the homeland cannot. It's jealous you can. Or are typical I was at fourteen years listening at thirteen. We'll try to and that's your mom's just like how school today. What is the nurse Lisa that he nothing nothing blank stare at you gotta mall walked into the like bathroom letting himself off and he did not come back to last. Yeah eight take the day off after that. Yeah that took their work isn't. Duty video on the Mears. My leg really ask Siri right at their song came up through the parents and shorts where they mesh shorts. He had the and a comfort. She. Do they were Jordan do in the room door and shortsighted for the Fella who might have. So I went back home like for the years back and so on and acquire a house. I I can hold a straight face keep them for he had it'll. I don't know you can get her rock with Jordan short. No it wouldn't blow some like for work to do so they look like regular pencil me bootleg. He has can do it because I saw passes you know become a man in front of me and I. There are now about bullet isn't incidental. I thought all man that is so let's look at any notes stories don't get into who. I have this he had his once through rounds at a party. Andrea house party in the basement. Was flooded in my do theme party server is just agreed to from porn star wasn't tough defense. And this is like right after high school army guys caused by it's close and yet so in the basement. Parties laying down. If you look LA but it's more mellow announcer for your change our Malkin houses when the big fur coat. Tidy ways in my bears slippers. So I go behind this isn't this going curtain to this private theater in the basement it's kind of lake is like under construction so you know it's like just a big like plastic TARP. And go underneath it is legal slid senior in the room. And I go in there any change in my guess they take up much of my slippers and as of Ford's flag as it's been flooded. So I stand on the door frame to drink you know water. You know Mike taking out the code I get the tidy ways around my ankles and I'm still standing door frame and what they into my ankles I like slipped. And why can't catch on any pain this just all of your screen it so I just. Popped out of jail. Yeah I think a bondage magic get the contingents of land in the middle of the party just fascinates yeah and laying on my back hit wet concrete so it was like oh loud out call out all the way everybody turned and looked at me and I'm displayed. And again naked person who has humiliated happy days have been a couple making out. Right next to that this wouldn't care of itself as it is literally goes Y I I use as a whole mess I'm I'm I'm very. But I answer to your life men that I you can you can put an X back. Yeah. Yeah. I. Did in my hand I may seem landing on your back and being wind did so really do move. And don't want to think could do this to myself that I think there. Do the noisy cricket an entire it is. This magnitude occurred due and owed guys to go to. Don't look at me I think besieged sheets to stop he. Home and it was so embarrassing I popped back out I don't think the current and I changed mega high street clothes that come out and pretend they owe somebody. Yeah I Nagin had a weird. A nice thing. I hope my probable well. A process. Are drawn husband Stewart they have. I think it's horrible for that acute. He was never the same like he he lasted the high school but lake is that's still with them didn't even people in college Ehrlich. Polio went to sink billions now like it did you metastasis. I have a couple yen or do you go to any third dance and I saw a significant the there's so much Google ends its image duke went after this year. I hate Dallas and if they succumb and then again the proof is good to be so got decapitated tick to get a nurse to come a comedy club. You don't mind the Tacoma comedy club. By to get there or who smokes weed dot meet whose mostly down me we had before twenty event this year to. Dope shows in the average historical theater. Like so 700 seats has not come around you know approved is going to be crazy show her we do weakest fourth one this year fried and all Lowe's we ran a I to have put people thing you know when you lose you think yeah. Compared to exist. So I Talladega there's episode 2114 yeah will be back next week the town thinks he man my hand in Roland. Your good friend come by whenever. Appreciate how much are you learn much about podcasting claimants could have enough that something's gonna try later on tonight but for America but I imagine happening fueled his come out Thursday decision you know with the the brotherhood I think it's the search results for like. Noisy cricket they're gonna through the ruthless. Can you look at random guys with fire all our guys Carter's perfect. I don't know that's and I will have ask frenzied devalue their job of the dead Smith is the five death cheers.