BJ & MIGS Podcast 03-08-18-6A: John Oliver played a mash up of all the Maury tag lines that try to get people on their show.

Thursday, March 8th

News and sports. Today is National Popcorn Lovers day. The Seahawks once asked a potential future player to compete in a staring contest.

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I want to show is so great that another show wants to talk about it and oh yeah and you know Maureen Manny still going strong. You know he's an icon that's why I know none of that is because of Maureen you are not. I always thought you more of a mother and alternative you know and I absolutely okay he come on out. At. That it's not even I mean what a minute past sixth I'm bringing you the eight game. You know in my eyes and just call for calling in sick person and I found out my teacher or you know what man I'm always great you're always on me back. Well recently truths sucked in the first half and then gets better in the second pass on and if you really are you rule out a reverse Ichiro yeah under our reach the F. That's and that's exactly put feature both the sites like breakfast and. Yeah are you. Sorry soon it has not just before. Well of course Maury so great that you know another great show saga bottom last week tonight John Oliver who's also great in his own right. And John's a lot of cool stuff on a show and on. What the most recent episodes he he put together great montage of some of the wild messages that they play on Maury. To attract guests for future episodes and this is this is good. Arguably this this isn't about with a married man while you want to crawl. Why do you sell all of our show are you woman dating a much younger man and you suspect he's using you for your money and a place to live how you. Canadian much younger man and he's back he. He's cheating on you your father getting a bunch of the woman you think she's. Cheating on him are you convinced your daughter's boyfriend or husband is cheating on her you can fit your mother is having sex with your boyfriend there are. Yeah you're right to control your wife or girlfriend they're happy. Billy you were more men being a father George tied up there a possibility that one of two Brothers is the father of your child. And I and I believe your father claims he is not get pregnant from one night stand ascent up women dating. Look like they belonged to another race another woman yeah I like your grandmother who love wears sexy revealing. After all okay. Where's that at this. Oh. I think Madonna is definitely of course could qualify for the grandmother weren't sexy clothes meant. That's funny you know because I got there has embarrassed at the gym and Arab building and it seems you right around the time that either Jerry Springer or Maury Povich one of the issues is on somebody. Who apparently likes the torch themselves while they're working outputs that show on the TV and always look up they'll be one of those moments frittered trying to get guess first of future episode it's always like. Are you attracted to your cousin he has mellowed Jerry Springer and saying why. Our peoples do people are still doing this employee who pretended I caromed off full back story but it was one leaving for a site. Are you dating Sandra you're actually attracted to a someone from the same sex year and he contacted. Man who never once based in Chicago. I can't remember about it and he did it solely so he get a free trip to Chicago because he wanted to do something in Chicago and I got called. Ali I'm the show that's awesome that isn't an incredible story and he went on the show and everything hinges. Just played all the entire time. That's why that's a Maury moved to Connecticut because people were doing math. They are getting free trips eyes so they can go out there and do their thing and then go do that's already they realized maybe people don't wanna go to Connecticut has as much. And don't give a little more lid GA it. Sing dance I love that Maury wanted to get legit big yes the show you how it's got credibility standards you just don't wanna fall below the us remove this go to Cleveland though we know what people wanna be on the show they really wanted to be on the shelf very good point. It's funny and he realizes that was an event that's a thing I'd like he wasn't the only person that told something like that off just everybody was trend setter man. It's genius yeah that's a good I never thought of doing something like what a great story if you don't care. And you know all of your friends and family know that why you're doing is why you're doing it. Why not make up a crazy story if you see what it is dangerously are you attracted to grandmas and sexy lingerie. Yes Maury I had. Yeah I admitted Connecticut. Yeah I know this is a lot of people that wanna be stars and I wonder how many go on just to be stars and yeah I mean that's what survivor was for a lot of people now all this reality TV forget about it hi context is that what she says while I worked out because no matter how. How bad it looks at least I know my life isn't nearly as that big of a trip to Iraq. I guess that is a good way to look at a concise fine. All of those shows and all the bachelors and a real housewives and every damn show there is in the catfish I think how this is happening to people yeah yeah I mean how is this going on and yet. I died I can see that it's like all right yeah you wanna know if I was it. The issue related story there's stories in the news about the bachelor's. Where there are attracting the women's menstrual cycles stood to know when to make things the most dramatic on the show I think all these producers are diabolical. War low. Damage you know I don't watch these shows again. Figure out who's out who's your businessman's lol yeah you're talking about this new book is called actually nation and it's a tell all book and former producers say that Yahoo! is what they used to do. They used to track women's menstrual cycles so they could create maximum drowned. Maximum parentheses pad drum and I got to know well. No words that words are you sure you and I don't servers Ichiro he okay are the only reason you should the they felt these producers felt that women. On their period were more likely to lose it. And also made them more susceptible to suggestions from the producers happy international women's day everybody wow. Like they thought a woman should tell the bachelor she loved him. How do you not if it. Again. You know women that love this show and I know very intelligent women who thought it was real women who. Much smarter than I M do a lot more in the world that I ever will do and these are real bit yeah I don't accomplish is that what these ones like. You are oh are you a doctor like you have a doctorate are you kidding me that you believe that this is a real. I saw the most recent thing everyone's all up in arms about the most recent wants a guess and I dumped the sick after the show was our security takes who's going to marry quote unquote and he was back in some sort of go backward another chick that was on the city are you got rid of course it did I do Ross sent him because he did it on television he did the dumping with I would camera crews. Come my way. The whole time this has been a television show he all of a sudden you're sad because he wanted to put closure to this. On television. It's a woman I'm just like please this makes us look stupid. I mean if you had a brainy head does this make it looks does is make your your your people look stupid if they were it does with. Play I mean there's also I mean they did a bachelor from both sides and it looks stupid. Yeah I think she makes humans look stupid and I really enjoyed it. Yeah I just feel I tell the bachelor and bachelorette those are chick they show us UltraSharp yes that's what I'm saying so as a female us like happily ever make fundamental what they like different let me just look at these stupid shows. But also as it goes back to the person who I attacks today it's probably something where you're like I'll I watch me so I can realize that life is not nearly as bad as these idiots these guys you know I guess I just man. I guess I like to go in the world of fantasy that's what I like on to watch like you know state television on this is fantasy yeah that's for sure Dana Tony winner at the same time that's Tennessee. Yeah like I mean I have a lot of friends that watch trashy TV and they watch because they like now only got these people are idiots but then I have friends and like a no this Israel. And I wanna be just like them and I can't be friends with them anymore because it's so stupid I see that's. I love about these shows it's ain't him it's it's why I love wrestling tale of the because it's the entertainment value at all but I also love the because they know that there's a good number of people who genuinely think that what's going on is legit. And I find great humor and a did I get I see that guess your wrestling is trashy TV like women strollers contrast uses high quality cars on an eyebrow I you're I'm sorry friends on my back the military and dammit. An hour you heard about there's some ideas some politician in Minnesota I guess the girl that got dumped us from Minnesota so they wanna ban the bachelor from Minnesota city. I read that today and is a stupid I know I like you are actually introducing legislation and spending taxpayer money to get this done really. My okay all right Suzanne this is I've been listening nonstop bachelor BS it my coworkers over the last few days. I can't determine headphones up loud enough during his dark -- I love Angela Angela you know what you tell us Suzanne you know like I said Suzanne mutually enterprise nice to Angeles grace everybody knows she's awesome character on mister robot and little crazy but I love her to a Suzanne thank you menu like you numbers are mono lake's on your real who's the boss only gas -- militia out of bringing us that you murders zeroed. God do wall Ellis got so obviously I'm do. No no no way come on edge and Lansbury man us. You have to see Angela mr. Roh why you guys are used to Diego. All Hamas got the crazy guys who she's hot crazy guys. Angeles from who's the boss I'm blonde and just power. And legs for a day in polish or I take you back your day job I'm ever. There's your eyes she's awesome and also she's so great on the show as well she's a good actor. Bush has a weird alien looking map yes you guys know. She's got isn't she she she's she's she's a she's gorgeous but then there's that one picture that I'm looking at where it did they wanted to play like an alien that you don't know if it's human and alien yeah be a good picture she's terrific she does have those looks Hugo she looks disturbed I think there's giant IC out. She's good. She's gonna Venice. All right so well there's your trashy TV talk hope you are excited about that. Father yes who is the father. Hey you know we we got also to rumors going around the Seahawks and obviously must Michael Bennett and now there's an there's saying we might lose Richard Sherman so we need some people how about a youth would you like to play for the Seahawks. Well all you have to do is not blink in staring contest seamlessly all about this he's got the news for you at 617. And makes morning. Rock and 99.9 KI DSW. And I'd like I can I have some of the Iraq. Seattle. Well he's no Pulitzer Prize winner. Oh yeah getting them to renounce its case is news week Steve minks. Kyra thanks you guys and it's a big day today of course is national or international women's day look also its national. Nasty day. Oh well that will work so well I'm nasty women however you want to be nasty and just be nasty end multnomah. National popcorn lovers they see you know what I'm doing tonight didn't area popcorn you no matter how they'll fight card trick I go to movies could hold the bottom of the bucket. It's time to be nasty with my popcorn friendly it's. Reynolds got the call to all for the ladies and all three the other and I'm enough for you tomorrow might be behind bars but you know what I'm just doing what I have to do to celebrate today's Stacey I've actually you know I pulled a bunch of women literally not literally looked turns out that's what they want on national women's day internationally they want you'd have through the popcorn thing was an informal poll hello this. Let's move on after you're not sure who's there. Another gust and about the NFL scouting combine in the past I think it was just last week we talked about how. There's always these ridiculous questions that are asked to these guys that are trying to make it in the NFL from. General managers and coaches in the NFL for this Texas Longhorns punter Michael Dixon. Have you be nasty next car. Oh yeah he brought up a story that involves the Seattle Seahawks in the very strange question that they asked him. Positive opponent for prison for the Texas Longhorns he's doing his questions and all these different teams and somebody asked him hey what was the strangest question. You heard during the interviews he said the question came from. Our Seattle CR yeah it's quote I mean I had to do staring contest and I see how long I can stare without blinking. I had a couple times I tried a few techniques cooking away from the light trying to block any sort of wind coming into the eyes that was a weird process yeah. You're Seattle Seahawks decided to use during their fifteen minutes really good interview these future players. Hey let's have a staring contest has been some of the other questions that are now I know yeah absolutely he says first though he outpost this time of fourteen seconds without blinking. And eventually usually a little bit stronger with his time I don't know that's gonna continue to him being drafted by the team out of John Ryan needs to be worried here or John Ryan needs to work on these staring. I'm sad Johnson in this studio he stared me down a couple things he's got piercing eyes. Column yeah I mean obviously is a strange question to ask but it's nowhere near. Put some players are dealing with and you know we talked about some of these questions. From the past few think that these general managers and coaches will learn from their mistakes but apparently they continue to ask these questions. Running back from Louisiana State Darius twice or dice. He said that a team did ask him. If he likes men. Seems I'm quite an NASA's dead and 2018 and also another team or maybe was the same team also asked him hey I heard your mom sells herself. Well now that's a perfect question because if you're looking for some time before we don't know what's she selling I mean isn't fully herself for religious gbagbo Mary Kate. Total area ourselves herself like you know you and your job and if you wanna look good they call that selling yourself maybe she's if we try to coach. Yelling at these and again we shouldn't assume the worst is international women's day that's very sir I just. It is amazing that they're asking these questions and me apparently I know that does the goal is to see out of player I wish they would react. And just flip that fast right back at them hey do you like man absolutely jam which we around a bunch of naked dudes on your team grew. Need your mom sell herself actually I can't refer to sell herself to my teammates I just throw it right back. Here it's for yourself and general manager it's disturbing but actually it is. It did end and I bet they don't like that we know these questions that won't let me feel I somebody rebels point I think essentially cook the balloting to introduce. Record these interviews in that room and have a video camera has an audio it's something that weighs. Did believe can review and see what Laura and then also let us all see what you're asking that you don't you think you know behind closed doors you can do this that's kind of ridiculous putts. Hey the Seahawks are obviously making some changes to be a whole new teammates and coaching staff of course is why you guys on that end and it's gonna look like wherever relatively. Different defense defense when he comes to what's going on with the team because while the see I'll say goodbye to Michael Bennett yesterday they they treated into the Eagles. Off for a fifth round pick and maybe goes really in the seventh round pick in the C outsource gonna get wide receiver Marcus Johnson moved. Really do too much last season he had four or five catches for forty something yards via some people believe that he can be as good replacement if they lose Paul Richardson Chris it's good on special teams quake. I don't know there's stressing that some people are saying think Tyler Lockett with this kid. Yeah. It's the people's house of Ricardo laughter so I mean I guess I just so I realize that goes up there's a lot of locket there one specific about the just a lot of stuff going on but man oh bummer to say goodbye to Michael Bennet obviously we've had some momentum on our show in the past where he called us from the White House awesome. Pods and phone got disconnected it was a good times also obviously there's talks of Richard Sherman not going to be. Playing with the Seahawks next you know this is a little bit more confusing release of the Michael Bennett one we know what's up it's been announced. When word got out Deb Richard Sherman who's calling and texting his teammates saying good bye to them and some of his teammates thank god. I turned relay and also I can't chancellor posting stuff on social media say how much they love Richard Sherman out while they are about this. But nothing is confirmed as of yet. Now which are supposed to be meeting with the team because he represented himself into the meeting of Pete Carroll judge Snyder to figure out what's going on some people say that he wants to be traded. He's saying he is one be treated if they did they don't want him on the team he'd he'd prefer to be released so he could just start freshen kind of pick your team that he wants to play with so. I have no idea what's happening with this woman and then Richard Sherman's mom gets involved on social media she posted a picture on I'm. I'm not FaceBook saying well sadly the time is Tom and I am more than devastating to know that my son will no longer be a Seahawks. I'm watching the same news like everyone else is watching I'm going by basically what they're saying my son the sixers teammates. I have not confirmed anything. Com mom off our momma Sherman and sermon denies that he even takes his teammates goodbye. Yes so what it would what is happening says I'm good not sure what that's about having been told anything in reference to Jeremy lanes to. So I don't and by. Yes that's interest. Yeah yeah but then again Richard Sherman you know when he gets emotional he does speak his mind or maybe Texas mine in the news like guys that aren't good as last year remember reducing oxygen going to the patriots so who knows who know. I see he's thirty years old he's gonna make a lot of money. And he's you know he's he's not gonna get any healthier as you get older and so. It's a big decision with. Definitely be an exciting offseason so when contracting. Everything else this just who happens also Russell Wilson's salary job as well you guys oh really what she did is no longer playing with the Yankees is still on the Seahawks of course. And I was TV star he's got to be taken over John grenades courted cornerback champ series that he used to do but now we're using part of stuff. The raiders coach so no do it takes. So Russell Wilson stepped in and it's gonna premiering April 17 I'm not yet he had his dog QB to QB with Russell Wilson where he visits for NFL draft prospects for big fork. Quarterbacks and be drafted this year and he's gonna sit down and talk with him to do a show like let's kind of cool. For Russell. All this happens. And just kind of just. Makes us all forget about all the news that so happy with the Mariners they're big acquisition and that is they made it official gas that Ichiro is coming back to Seattle. They finalized a 750000. Dollar one year deal. With the 44 year old superstar com we'll see if he's a superstar self. And he can earn an additional one point 25 million performance bonuses you underwent his physical everything looks good so yeah exactly the team. How much is is based against 750 down. That's actually really good deal. Yeah I tease that's cheaper than I expected right so yeah I mean because the performance and I guess that's Camilla some day and that's that's not a bad sign for the Mariners on. Saudis haven't found last night guy in the CONCACAF game against she vice. Hi Sam has become one mil. Clint Dempsey scored a goal in the 78 minute I was totally Teddy is it I just want them to beat this team. So I can have on him trash talk their fans so yeah apparently Ted got his wish. That's pretty awesome as far as where the fifty degrees. And brings. A young man so each is back in the Mariners I'm still confused about soccer because I heard they held out some of the stars for this CONCACAF match which is why we probably lost today and LA about it at the LA football. This team. Because I heard they got held out stars for this particular match and and it's like wait that was a regular season game you can you guys out of that one. So you play this one which I don't think as a regular is tied to terrorism and another do or molasses like I don't know as an American if you're going for the championship every game in my brain this is what an American base every game counts right you know it would be disliking another that's why don't the World Baseball Classic because I don't want anybody getting hurt in that because that has nothing to do with trying to get in the World Series. And yet they you know every for some odd years they do the World Baseball Classic and usually somebody does get a little tweets are injured or you see they don't have a great year and your yet you know white and have a great year did you do that stupid thing which is not normally what we do during the day. Fall season. I've just come to terms with the fact that I just and I don't understand you know what I mean I don't I you I all I know that I should decide to play I hope anyway I had no idea of the game is a playoff game a CONCACAF games. Now I MLS game. Vote whatever you guys until a man good luck I hope you win guys yesterday they want the I and I don't how fans reconcile that fit well I think the hard court. Understand although yeah modernism and all and get it and embrace it like when I talk with Ted it's not like. Do you say you got to know some people don't care about these you've got. And I did they packed out the place like that in over 44000 key for attacking that's a lot of people and you summit achieve his guys out old bit of debt they were starting a lot of their main inducing but ignited their main players replying. So the fact that the sound is to beat them that's a that's a nice feather in their gap. But like you I don't know what that means I know it doesn't help their MLS stuff but maybe. I. I must say it may be hasn't endorsed Alan Garcia okay. Probably because. That could be a big deal of the content Jeff did their whenever that must be better quality then MLS sounds like and as an American you're just not used to that either a mile luck. We believe we've got the best when you talk about pro football pro hockey. And Maine that's also Canadian American as well and are Russian or you can even throw that in there too so weak it's not we're not used to as just like an American sports watcher you're not used to watching something that is the best our country can offer and it's still not the best in the world. That we're not used to that I admit that that's how I am I'm just glad I understand the hole aggregate playoff thing now I finally got that they got that down I. I accept it. It was weird for me at first but now I'm good with it so you know it's baby steps are good for you yeah. Couldn't have been around forever yeah yeah well and you know when they brought a lot of joy unison this region and a lot of folks love him so Leo a team that's how they played against. She votes she does what is it about him as cheap nasty and it's a bitch is not she. She Matthew sounds good job that he did act. Ahead of what the hell he's saying like Shiva and they're not the ghosts sure they're not. So wind and the white undershirt right so in Mexico City then why is he in this on the correct me everything she does like firm. The last ten minutes she right now but I was just making sure I heard you right get ridiculous right it could have been here and a team from India can. You don't hopeful in Mexico and similar similar (%expletive) yeah. All different team there's I eat as many gas below. Which is my team and my dad's team and she does Arlen mortal enemies policy you're happy that she just lost so so the team that did they played yesterday is that same team that plays against the team and none though I am not sure it's all the same players but I know it's that McNulty part of the same thing PM so like now I can't root for achievement to die he wasn't ready. Now you know here I am I guess how about America about some things got to stick with what seems to be the simplest way to pronounce something or might not see your son does sound like an American summer assigned. Yes dancing lately we've taken to the next inning like that my work yeah I guess it makes sense is not Soros. You know that is kind I got I was not sure outside does your insurer rose. I sure I had gotten them euros quite an issue this game get back in this housing gets a chance and Delis that names don't match him. I'll wake of an intern here sort of well it's good we get it to him it is legit. We month Danny who's also Mexican and report Mexican had no no comment Allison sure rose yeah. And he's at Chelsea soccer has nothing to contribute to an understanding of this whole CONCACAF then I like the Eiffel MS MLS I can't figure out there are eight international slow Denny's obsessed with soccer I've never heard him talk soccer wants what he wears the Jersey and acts like he cares allegory games. On your toes are now pretty much okay definitely use like race starts so it's. Thank god I'm about yeah he's really where scars all the time Susan's got copycat is a 200 between the best club teams from the countries of north and south American continents. I love. About that well and one would argue I'm Vicky who probably knows more than me but to sell they that I South America Mexico they're all there are they all consider better in the United States. I finally started prop. We think so because they live and breathe it since their boy has it I'm thinking yeah so we really low it is the I'm just used to sucking. You know like you if you're not not that I'm not not a sports and others say I mean it is international women's day so. Fight you. Also nationals nasty day bu yeah. Did say Steve he did get this one right Y you know as the leader of which group under the act here. Yeah as it's thanks charts open as she Tara yeah. I just love how you have the line cats suffering a brain storming feverish as ever hear the thunder cats I should say EI I it cracks me up because. I have useless information like that from my in my childhood that will never really helping except when reds asking trivia question I was appointment television get home I think was at 4 o'clock in the afternoon thunder cats around. How manned with six seats tar. Yeah yeah. Well you are shot at being Steve you've got it and sexy just tower 20642 in Iraq. Well played beat Mason 647. Parents are on the Iraq. Today's podcast is brought you by bankruptcy attorney Travis Gagne and he's ready to answer your questions about bankruptcy Travis is it true if you file for bankruptcy once you can't pilot gas. Even if you file bankruptcy before you can almost certainly file bankruptcy again different types of bankruptcies have different time limits between five. In chapter seven full bankruptcy. 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