BJ & MIGS Podcast 03-08-18-8A: A new study has found the average American is going to spend $440 on drunk shopping this year.

Thursday, March 8th

A new survey says that people who own dogs are viewed as more caring and compassionate. A new study says that when a child moves back in with their parents, it causes a big drop in happiness for the parents.

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This is BJ thanks goes into our shows podge yes if you're sick of all things Kiki you should check out my other podcasts. BJ Shays geek nation we have new episodes every day and you can check it out at DJD animation dot com. The driver sizes is important so you get back and forth to work. Get your kids to school and back and forth today carried delights as has been suspended because you can get your tickets you can't do any of those things let's talk about chapter thirteen bankruptcy and everything is an army discharge but they can be dealt with a new chapter thirteen case when I come in for free consultation. Jack do you choose to make all the difference you're getting back we're going on the road and just as I Planned Parenthood to restore your license and feeling. I'm attorney terms anyway please contact me instead choose the right chapter dot com. Choose the right chapter dot com. I don't point nine KI SW Iraq Seattle. According to a new study. The average American is gonna spend. Over 440 dollars and on drunk shopping this year. I. That's the problem ma'am we'll PayPal blood times he had had a couple drinks is an around the house. Your wallets too far away from your hands. But if you have a PayPal attended the whatever it is that you're shopping for maybe it's a baseball hat I don't know maybe and maybe since he should I don't know this is PayPal yeah it's I guess taking. Yeah manulife exists over what are we talking about more more people like you apple pay as well so out of BR you can hole or if you got an Amazon account forget about it though is my downfall and I cannot exceed does apple makes it just like click here is that fingerprint and it's come to my house there you ago. And these projections by the way if they're correct they have doubled from last year's so drunk buying is on the rise. You have negativity is again billion dollar industry is strong purchases increasing its awesome man. By the way those numbers include the money you drug companies spend on food. Okay. Or another round of shots or I had a fine round of drinks everybody in the bar yeah now. Candiotti you'll spend a lot since my body to I don't feel that your buddy. They say you know strip club and I know our waitress is not the entry of death well Jimmy said he would okay edge imagines like law if you tip enough I'll do anything for every Jimmy various sex in the champagne mouton. The average person spends about almost 2000 bucks on booze this year. That's 137 bucks a week I feel like that's reasonable. 37 dollars we don't lose somebody look to get through life to get through the BSE got to go through every day was set one drink at the Seahawks game tonight now it's. Aha I TO drug plan to do martek seeing what they're drunk purchasers want purses is do my friend made the most awesome drunk on mined by yeah. Three words adult Seahawks won easy. Oregon to a home game Antoine caught our minds I thought that's a great idea and it's comfortable. I have actually purchased most of my Wendy's while drunk. How about that on Amazon's. I had a lot of masked by other ones he's just like he feels like like pajamas extra over your head right yes these up and sometimes they have this he attacks and they don't you know that's a that is a great purchase agreement but he spent over a thousand dollars and I team's one night. So. Drew years he's got to get apple music. Just and the 9000 dollars a month. It's a lot sooner or become movies so tears all I want to know what the purchases where I feel like there's going to be a lot of guilty pleasures when you're drunk. Who keep porn on apple. I don't believe south I'll tell him like I found no it's. Will present my drug purchases from the last year ended up but me getting an inflatable hot tub and a full body shiatsu massage chair. Little idea sober vendetta massage chairs legit you lock into what the Brookstone and go are out there it and I've seen those inflatable hot tubs are pretty awesome. Yeah I want a hard time we'll get an inflatable one I used only one million and in Florida but it was a bad. You know I need a pool boy you know and I mean mesa uncle Chris yeah you are giving short shorts yeah Christian you can we'll clean my hot tub form because I'll go on not a person on my body's gonna. So 101000 dollars in one night while he was drunk as hell romping through Seattle 010. Grand oh my god I hope he has the kind of vague accounting and bid to absorb that impact do we everybody on our hockey team back in the day another donkeys and he would be notorious for getting wasted game we lose him and we find that the next day that he went to some bar. And just handed over his cap credit card it was buying drinks for everybody in it would be several thousand dollars in the hearts have kid could he afford that. Yeah trust fund it's gone now huh oh yeah all of that so disappointing. They Hebrew who hundreds of thousands of Soledad so disappointing yes that's what you know that's why don't wanna work hard anymore because I think I might think Joey Jesus do that ought to be awesome. Especially people around waiting for that day. Enjoy just because balked while advice stuff when your guys that we set up a trust fund in case we died early and you now alas I don't make it back on the up poker tables don't worry about it. Yeah that's the voters those drunk watching pulp fiction I've got Sam Jackson's wallet from the movie. I'd ask that to a long time ago announced. Somebody who's popped up on painkillers and hostels and 700 dollars on a phone game. The see this is why if you get me drunk just take me to the the pop store. Up whenever fungal culled I'll buy the place that idea that's why I mean you know alcohol and taking anywhere near toys board games are like that forget about it it's over all these stories actually make mediated makes me feel better about spending 150 dollars for an instant media gauntlet birthday cake that's nothing no all right Ed Gelb I was very inebriated what about that on either you're drunk when he made a decision until there was a solid sober decisions now well now that I think about it of course yeah but I LeRoy yeah I was hammered why I just going through FaceBook some Barbara and cam posting about doing commission is like. I wonder Shia. Or she would do that may have just dig Barbara and statistics yes sir fist Kate makes it a lot weirder Steve yes your desk I feel like and he knows this case to escape death a gauntlet. You know it's big time goals list the guest in my problem was when I was only 700 remain immune get really stone knew we would always watch TV there's always late at night to watch some of these infomercials uh oh boy I bought rights to make those and try screwdrivers. The worst was when I. I subscribe to the monthly. Muppets video of the month car. Really really valid or not there's more than just odds marijuana being smoke there's a lot of alcohol on everything a man I every member until the first one showed up in the mail and this is on VHS. Even though we had a dvd player I decided I wanted to nod VHS home and they offer it on dvd I learned. But I bought the VHS. I hope the first one so some might call. All right well cool I guess they made this purchase a watch does really stoked about alum Thomas in the episode was really cool no you didn't. Then the next month another one shows only. Paula this. My best outdoors and I saw bright enough to like look it up didn't call or whoever finally realized that we were getting them every month because you join the club he had an audience I think cancel that subscription for over a year. Good after awhile and this is pretty awesome I was looking forward to what that's an awful it's not the only guy. Clock that's. True. Well that's awesome. So we bad decisions before making yeah Pozen slowly the jury's in front of the world maybe. Let's head 240 dollars a supplemental lights last night from my aquarium. That's in joke and while drunk. Yeah apparently yes see that's that thing man. If you if it's not good to have access to our accounts in our funds and also access to alcohol. And if given expensive habit such hobby it's not a good idea like this text her I'd like guitars and I'm drunk I spend 3000 dollars once there was a nice guitarists in I feel better about the board game purchases I make I feel a lot better about that. Throws and make you feel even better BJ I blocked out and bought myself a 600 dollar tight. Well oh. By CNET do flies Carrie at Luther Burbank park some unease to some those those kinds of legit. Awesome by the entire series of happy days while drunk all the great courage CIO posted that was Carol Burnett because I was a little bit. I love your show honestly I don't know in reruns and I saw a thing on there and almost pulled the trigger and I'm like what are now known hole. And finally the voice my it's a you're never gonna watch this just to see you watch now put it down. I got the best of Johnny Carson on dvd once I was drunk at the thousands and you iso standby purchase. It was less than you watched it went on a dvd player a positive note perfect contrast for a while when I did have a dvd players are coming monies were did you enjoy it I'm John Carlson all right Dan legends I can't judge in his eye but he'll crow on VHS from at sea on my birthday after I came home drunk from the large. And I have a VHS player. The Buchanan on beach have a VHS to dvd transfers he didn't Navarro and I here's a dvd could obliterate all she's got a little I thought it isn't like it's it's that love that Kim mine and then they showed up in the mail this thing final equality is better that way right now collector's items like fast. That's until I get the laser disc is a little value. Yeah exist some people like that they want they want a movie and every format and never came out in one guy said my uncle by the thirty for the doctor and drunken deal at a bar for years ago and she got he definitely can't afford that yacht EO. In cinema photographer camera lenses get expensive but they don't seem so bad when your hammered. Tell us what Vegas is it's a place as they know your tracks and they just put everything around you. I mean you we we had a couple beverages and boy I do I what I and that everything that Coca coaster and Eminem store looks purchase of both. We want him there and I and I were to stop myself I almost bug Coca Cola's share and it says Coca-Cola and I was in my way and Chinese Russian. And I Ira. I was RC I think it was only one okay yeah I can remember I was but I was it also -- called it a different language all this inbred servant to Google logo but it was on different language or did you recall where have all the time. And I silent you could completely everything you view your wife I'm not gonna be okay discs I know she's gotta love it here sign is that sober moment clicked over there and I listened to BJ said. I even had in my hand I was ready to walk I was psyched I cannot wait for the fallen on this how late this is a bad idea yeah I don't even serves I don't know who speak Russian. Hi guys just illustrates I always wonder if you'll buy it in the sky mall that magazine oh yeah I bought 600 dollars worth the random stuff that is sky mall. Being upgraded to first class for free never realized the drinks are free until then not good. All that why do you yeah that's a brilliant move they put the sky miles right in the first class plays because they know you get trashed. Hi I've been forbidden to look at sky mall my wife has said yeah you're you're in that magazine cannot senior Lego star guy at a less bodies. And even though that would be like if I was drunk at a sky mall my hand because I always open up sky mall and its latest games I can only purchase one thing for people and I guess I go to the entire magazine. You always had I would definitely want to nightstand there's also a dog kennel. I just found its if I would sky mare now that is so funny things like that and Doug can tell you still see if I do would one not the white one. I'm a fan of the woods Brazilian mainland would. Somebody says on Jenny she said I ordered a VHS box of Little House on the Prairie and no recollection of it at all. Odds she just wanted to spend some quality time drinking with the angels that's awfully seals blindness and as an epic moment it is an epic moment just just like Jim George Seifert is she broke it was just black and what thanks. I just remembered my in my favor online drug purchase. It was apparently Groupon is a little toy is an okay don't yet know and I did not really does and we went to Atlanta I believe that nearly two years ago and again in emails as your deliveries on its way. And that's when I looked in popped up it's like you just bought this final average and I don't talk to a different era bells and whistles like old. We'll spend money on this aren't it's got to. I'll look at this look at this power tools but it is Black & Decker may be coming away each player on that turned me apparently likes me more than me. I want first is beating you get drunk you try to buy 3-D printing and everybody on the show to a story that isn't true story I did talk about that alleged. Some audio you know what my buddy let me tell if my buddy Josh aha he show me a 3-D printing the day at the same kind of thing that he made in his daughter dressed up on the Superman outfit. And it looks awesome I'm like I'm so bummed like he has that and I could have that too I'm sure there's a place around here he'd get it done if you really wanted BJ I wanted to know still numbers like. Superheroes almost always have with us you track record here that's Europe I like I saw them this one's pretty damn. Thing. I got really drunk one night and I'm Bob my mother in las sexy lingerie. I had sent directly to our house it. He knows now. And low got to be kidding me that is bed. Yeah that's on every level that's not good my cousin's ex husband bought. Spend 50000 dollars on online porn tends to divorce 50000. Dollars an online porn. That's a terrible choice to me. And he has so much it's it's free out there like literally maybe a chat rooms I bet that's it or he had the lie we custom made things as well you can ask a girl hey would you mind doing this is yeah sure yeah you want to put into an inch. Number zero dollar week I blocked out got drunk and Okinawa on deployment. I woke up with a ugly. As tattoo of a Harley yeah my wife is still mad I was six years ago. During his freer you could've woken up what with a wife from Okinawa to another one then seriously I mean there are guys from the military they get married when the dragon tattoo I think is. UFC's mad about as late you couldn't hold a whole other woman. Mobile bruises and Kirk we get 3-D printed figures BJ. Yeah well let's solve all of us if we and that you know negotiate a fair price. It's that person did this I am all things said that was one of the things that they bought the table candle and I don't even have a dog. That's the best. Just in case. Oh boy an incredible. Well I got say this man the guy to tell you might wanna think about getting a dog some people go hey dogs could be game changer when it comes to relationships why. What's your date seventeen. On the rock. And made some mornings on the rock and 99.9 KI SW okay. I'd point nine KI SW Rocca Seattle. According to a new study people. Who own dogs. Tend to be perceived by others as more attractive franchise happier aha caring you know what approachable and empathetic. I agree with part of that I think people who own dogs are pathetic I hear that. Sympathetic at all Panama all of us that our parents that. I love the single men in particular are thought to be more caring and selfless that they have a pad. Of course they do which I think is completely shallow on the evaluate your sparks why me. Now I'm sorry. I just I anecdotally I know women. Who said to me and my wife how can you trust a man who doesn't like dogs in my life has been asked that many times and there are right now I'm like maybe it's because I really like humans over dogs and how much how I expressed a human the likes of dog over human. They want you live you life. I actually do dig humans and I Ky where would you guys right. I hang here. I'm really nice I'm sorry humans are massing on that yeah I letter and this room having to deal with you idiots. That I really like anymore we are humans are calling us idiots yeah I didn't Sami you look you are humans and you're human idiocy that's. Nine rather. And I'm gonna wanna rub the belly of a human bashers a loving dad yeah I'm not NSA he's a fun. Yes we will but I know what I mean here's another shallow rim and again I talk about the fact that look I understand it. As a guy and I can only come from my perspective vibe and accused it and my genders and accuse of being shallow but look at this particular stat they got from this thing okay I'm curious that says women. We may see that men you know when they see single men with dogs they re dad as a signal that these men will make a good parent as well as a partner. So basically we're just being evaluated. For their needs in their once again I think it shallow and I think it's a suspicious how well they give you an idea what kind of person that is and if I evaluated how else I want that's from my needs why am I bad guys. We're evaluating them for different reasons you're evaluating them firm pinot banging well I think you did you have got them where a lot of valuing if the person seems to begin human meaner or not. See I think that's shallow because you just want someone who will take care reviewing be good when you have your kids which. We put a label on it and that's clearly an altruistic thing but I think lark it's just it's pleasurable for a lot of people to have a family and have somebody. Speed their form and I'm from their problems and yet. Why is it shallow wise man just an attribute that somebody once in their life to sign that someone's eye I see a dog in that means at their rates and I'm wanna be with them for their money thank you guys and saying its own to do so for their money. That shallow but you're saying there's don't want to use until they see how they are with their dog and it shows that they're loving caring and and all that good stuff that makes some shallow that just means that someone that you would yeah mesh well west. Yes see I I look at it like really were summoned as a good parent good partner it's not about hey. You know city your size them up for your pleasurable leafs it's just that I Zuma who received they begin their relationship yeah yeah I type things that I think he's just really. A great guy and I'm curious and what always lesbian relationship for I don't think here's my does immeasurable is that the goal is my thinking is is I don't need anybody if I can be at the top of my game therapeutic clear in my brain. Somebody can add to my relationship. But I don't need them for anything I had and I feel like there are people out there that really. You want their needs fulfilled with a partner. And it's just that men sometimes have different needs and women in those needs are judged differently that's my point I think all those needs are cherish our shall. Just not just the I want some base because there are physical on nine and I have a great physical relationship with them that's considered shallow but all you want me to be a good parent and Lawrence will like providing so you can have kids Zach I find that to me shallow. I think he just doesn't like dozens is as way as I hate dogs we know that all I hate dogs. What relationship expert says having a dog really says something about you. It's as you can carefree creature that's right that you can follow a schedule and get home defeated and then you can watch it and love it and spend time that you see. For the people don't wanna have kids it's like what they do. It's because of that's auditing evaluate as I I don't want you to think Jimmy is apparently he did Lou I don't want to be part of my life Mariah wants thinking like that the uses certain people are looking for that in their life and that's who they're using it for I don't understand why it's so difficult I mean well they're saying they at least in this study that women may read this and I'm just wondering if that's the majority of the people in the study and can we take a look at that is that. Is that the majority of women on the planet faster. So I don't understand BJ's idiot logic. Well it's I think you shallow I don't know. Vs BJ asks clearly you don't know what sell means the president valuing people to see if they're carrying caring and Aristide's return is the exact opposite Michelle BJ you're actually looking for a deep connection. Yes see I die I think you're confusing deep connection with somebody who'll take care of your kids that are aggressive I like TJ Healy sees himself in the holes every day that's why I keep listening keep digging BJ. I only it's all I think there's a lot of those are just gets a crater at this I think there are do's and agree with me. Whether it's going to be people who agree there's you don't like dogs it's not that that well you know and that's the dog saying this is just about I'm sort of used as daunting as a way to say that women judge men for their own knees and it has nothing to do whether or not. If they really want you all be judged each other for our need I agree and I think that's shallow it's not a challenge is torch initial. Yeah team detonating his official sold is what's on the surface CIA and if you want me just to be a parent and I can take care viewing take care what are already aren't they do is they did they'd wanna make sure that you have acting you're capable of that in addition to being someone they wanna be their relationship Annan sounded so hard to understand I wanna chick who's hot and we'll have sections may I think that's also it's not all that's -- that was totally kind of worked out yet but not everybody thinks that. They think that that's shallow that's nonsense. Say who are these people you're talking about economic and all the tax some good looking at this room. And nobody's saying that you shouldn't wanna viewers and you're attracted to and you wanna have sex with I think that's important relationship in fact many people say. Sex is an import including Paris and our pastor before you marry me brought that up like sex is an important part of your relationship there's nothing shallow about that. Man nothing about this is shallow. Well I'm saying well if he would you obviously have not heard about the abject abdication of women. If you look at women as an object of sex at all even though you love are even though you're willing to do all the other stuff. I was told maybe my it's my generation that you can't other players and anyway I. I understand that that's totally your generation now and I think we've changed we've we've we've moved on from that in combating people like fifty. Yeah as if you've paid your dollar your daughter and she's not here so let's get right bureaucratic. But he's a whole new generation where people are saying it's fine if a minute relationship and you want to have sex with me means it. I want to the person I'm Wayne says to find me attractive Chile cranes to wake me CNET physically. You know we end and I mean I'm happy to hear that Vicki I really really am I think might be it's my peer group of women who I still basin this summer rounds and wife's friends how many years old regular gonna dial since I well that way it would be great you know you guys have been conventions without we've heard women my age speak as if they're speaking for all women and I still have to listen. Those people because they're my peer group but then you're now saying that they are speaking for all and with the opinion that you have an energy we all can agree that they aren't speaking for I hope that's true I really didn't act. I've from base in Texas based on Vicki based on the women we've had our show and talked to. The people that we've Matt. It's not all not at once is crusty old angry woman that you continue to isolate lump all women has. I'm happy to hear that I will say that I don't very happy to hear that well I noticed I am because I think is wrong. Well because they know it's sometime wrong it's just these women are still in power and Vicki you've run into that I mean the convention you ran into that that that mindset is still out there and it till it's our jobs of drinking and taken by the horns and we're gonna bring it down and do something awesome just calling attention to the fact that it's just the same and you guys actually said the same thing I am sorry so we kind of agree on this if you can believe that. They don't I don't agree yeah I don't reside. No we I think we we I think we can do an agreement to your saying that. Do what I'm saying looking for a person that will give you the satisfy your needs take care thing is like looking for some and we finally tried one of sex with and you guys thought it was the same thing. You don't think you shallow either one of them I can agree on that. As long as we agree it's the same I can agree on that. Most importantly is this tax I agree with this person that when I'm dry spell for awhile I took my brothers' English bulldogs to the rumors I got laid two hours later called accidental or are. Fat and did back in the day I was single I would. Out of the top images and hey if they had a dollar hey wanna we goal meet up at the dog park and we hang out the dog park put our dogs and it would always lead to fun stuff. I know I I and I and it is the ultimate aphrodisiac it's I get it I'm for everyone of course yeah I I have my own personal things about women and how they are about dogs I I do I don't wanna be with those women. Lil wanna be with you so we're now wow yeah well my wife is a dog person I sometimes sorry go you you know way to irritate me to only talk to your old god it was. Kind of had a few little hairs here in the air had funny look in ski and weird guys signing up push you love zero. I'd be the nicest thing he's ever since about. They do say that the animals on the pretzel like their owners are possible arson look like Luke. And hair notice your pairing and why it is gone when in my check only Alec Baldwin yeah OK I don't need to know what your chest there. Why not. Why not too because it really isn't a top things and I wanna learn today how about that you know and other things I'd like to learn that's not on the list. I got another study the ready for this all right here we go. This is a study done not by India are good folks the London school of economics I there would you liked so Mon may. That's as they say there. It is London school of economics beef production and I appreciate he's throwing out for a simple ten minute yeah I didn't know he got a no woman or man had idea on Ali thanks to you right Qaeda but are down and the I loved it thanks. According these folks over there they said that when someone moves back home of one of the story. Vicki. When someone moves back home it causes a significant. Drop in the quality of their parents' life and wellbeing. Yes. Corn for. How exactly does not factor into if you are not saying she's anymore let's believe you are so she never technically laughs she went to school yes I count it down and she didn't like leave him but I'm not a 100% split still I will say this did you know her being there definitely cramps my style. I'll what is your style I have a star. I'll let you know I just like a limb and sometimes on Johnny Roberts and hang on I can't live my style you wonder around naked or anything like that I want one I. US doctors who make it you know go to to have my tarnished Hudson's son and driver that's like every. Growth in fact in the negative effect is just as strong as if they develop quote and age related disability. Pool you have become a disability to your parents Ricky yeah. Is they ask for an. I generally think that it'll Angela. The communal feeling like my parents are super thoughtful like if I come home late. My dad will stay up late Whitney and have dinner with even though they 38 dinner they'll set the table with me and had dinner so easy to have a second dinner yeah sometimes. Are you a live me. Actually see and come home when are you want. Not rated acts I bring cookies harm how I feel about that so I think that's incredible you're damned genius he's going to dinner it's hello CP it's great. You should never leave a power yeah. I don't hear that and you never leave the house I'm getting to dinners granny might be 600 pounds but it can be found by a home but boy oh boy will be happy. Wow I I could I can't wait for the kids to be gone I'm element everything but not like that gaffe I wanna have my own life back he just sick to dinners. That's who I'm trying to you know it's Steve I can have to didn't want women to get there or not because little in my house I'll do whatever I want him there. I think different in culture because when I went CU Mexico I got to see where my parents group they lived like a block away in between each house like Pollyanna here and live teary uncle lived here every one lives within walking distance of each other we're very much aid community kind of filled environment and we love having family nearby it. Is this saying you guys there debt problems. I or my hair the British study them in Mexico. Yeah that's a good point this in the winter and he's bridged on the Mexico led the British have gone everywhere and basically (%expletive) everybody off believe me there will truffles just continues to enough so it's I mean I'm dynamics stuff I feel I doubt be the same environment were Mike and I went home to visit my parents amendment rights and we stayed at my parents' house the annual house in New Jersey and so. We're hanging out we have dinner big dinner because telling Demi and it was awesome. You hours go by Malcolm comes over in my hand and aired their daughter and all this stuff for all hang out you don't want my mom goes hey we should all. Jess and the snack times anomaly we asked. That's a great idea and my wife friend I feel great I can't you can't control my husband when he's with his parents there's no she can't put her foot down mood is well over there as Myanmar almost a shot that down yeah so I'm taking all she's gonna grab us maybe potato chips and some depth. My mom's on the phone ordering African pizza. Clearly had dinner she ordered a giant piece that two of them. That's awesome what type pepperoni half and then imagine I got a meat lovers which is funny because none has moves mean I was the other half begins he. That is she's. And I'm like why would you make it one that's the you don't want a happy medium and the other half. They island race here white hats on him so I say I'm not eaten any days later tonight I don't know you I got a peek at midnight. And I'm just crashing pizzas in front of my life and she's like there's an awful it was awesome desecrated the best. May never CB a tiny Mexican families that's how we show lovely before bad I data commenting tonight to mean he always gets a blow for -- he takes you from self to for my mommy you'll come and irons that you want from gun he simply didn't panic about to go to sleep the U earlier in my counter anyways featuring my draw before he goes to bed every night since last second dinner with you some guy means I'll give you keep in my house. We may this. Up and this is why dad this is why it was massively overweight the psyche guy that I you know and I want to eat so I can't be around that kind of atmosphere. And a regular basis thank god I don't live back home because you're right see that's what they do. One prisons and how much is invigorate zones like of their wife who's back home. You handle it if I don't think you could stop it there would be a huge adjustment I think this is why it works to my daughter and I live together. Because somebody would have had to move out. A whole yes sight at this is why don't they they're a little different. Well and EI and the dynamic of the house yah I am at the point were I can tolerate one person living with me. But I would definitely have to have I would have my own room by now it's Kathy would come back I'd have my own room until the tree house yet or do you know girls. AK my wife allows. Yeah definitely. If there's just and it turns out I'm not crazy but I don't know in this so communal thing that Vick he's talking about family thing I wonder if it actually is more hurtful than we think it's like good to be with you by your family get together once in awhile but to have the living around you. We're supposed to be entering the next phase of our lives according to these these folks in England. And they're saying you know in this relationship muscles develop new hobbies was supposed to travel enjoy our independence. And when the kid moves back home. You ruined all of bats and stunt all of that and it is he yelled if my wife didn't move out. I would then I would say yes that's true in my house but I get that independence Michael was a Catholic because Arnold was there this weekend I guess I get that feeling of independents those signs nowadays so wherever I go to town as a great time thanks mayor slight calculation yeah but if if capital to move back home yes Aaron have to be done. Fool so that's why you Don trying to I must say yeah don't come home so making the even though they think they like it. You and your your grandchild. Yeah I'm totally around child's not going your parents would be fine if he stayed with them forever. I think so too and they've been trying to get my brother back is that healthy no CIA you're supposed to leave the nest I'm not sure how how nice it actually is announced. And I'm when Reynolds plus year old joint. While I am moving into Mickey's house is well sometimes hard days my mom's. Dude I know. Those clinics and I only had a nice I've had as leftovers I want it as a fresh out of the IRS. Is it when I make a suggestion that this study may be crazy you guys see Euro weirdo. And I knew he goes against this zero whether this I think he's a horrible person contributed. Oh yeah. I disagree with the last few studies some consistent. That's who you are consist I'd like him or yell you an idea that I know you're you're definitely out and I if I'm a hypocrite here at Ahram that you OK welcome hypocritical consistent. There are sitting there are few what are your assistant hypocrite I found out that these studies are just take them as you want I mean our league ever won in Britain. Has the same family dynamic ads. Big he has you can't make it today and everybody's gonna solve the study to achieve I feel like if you focus on your children which I know a lot of people do I know people in my life and go do you have got to cut the cord. You know seriously go get your own life they don't have a life my parents would take me back in a heartbeat and nice positive it. You father to do absolutely wow leisure and I am I mean your eye can see if you're likes like stuff he'd like but you know he want you back. Yeah you it's me. You show my 100% better serve our. He tells me does my grandmother loves you man I know you mother love all my mom and I would have a party yeah you're the apple Iraq's drinking Jack Daniels with our. Put that would be different relationship I was like you guys aren't doctors say I was hearing you know Jack and so long as I'm like whose jacked and I realized oh my clubs and drunk. This should be fun she's gonna create life she's a great woman she deserves a great life. This awesome thing about lead being around your parents were few years late later because now I get along with them not like I did when I was a teenager north finding things in common. Apparently my dad finally teacher I like new sample new wines in with skis are. Runs on some of fun and my mom and I can like. Chat over Krause is still watch me do my projects so it's a nice you know she's they're becoming more friends but still inept friend told her. See I look at my relation with Joseph d.'s. And we just went to a movie like that's what we do we go grab movies we talk about shows we do stuff. But I feel like our relation is never been better than he's got his own place you know he gets to live his life the way he wants delivering women over her every got into an and you don't have to view is that the deal would answering any questions exactly am I look at he had to come back and let them back to gotta do I guess on this father's was a bathroom. But it but you know I can and I really don't want him back. I mean this is temporary and not planning on seeing it makes you say right now once they tell you what it's like the movie get out you're never even I mean remodeling the house right now since anymore her dreams can look nice high you know they're not gonna try to take somebody's essence and put it in your body spoiler alert if you haven't seemed to doubt. You know his son have you back so they can really you know. Keep you forever and make conversely if I love it involves a comedy some India. Through Kansas Jesse should just wanna have to dinners that's like who can absolutely and personally as a very good suggestion yes led Danny moved in with all of you you can also long cry yourself to sleep at night. I mean I see that being terrific plus pizza. Yeah midnight pizza community as a snack yeah quote unquote dads and I can't wait to get that Hawaiian pizza you love so much you can talk to that's this. And yes this and everybody out Danny was just him doing it the pizza on time and I got Hawaiian he just looked to me he's like I don't and you resisted the same table I think any time I ever go out to eat pizza we Danielle making the point that pineapple on it yet you've got to sit in my own table then. Most is all working out according to apply yeah because we want to move out metal be great and move on to a different part of the restaurants. Yesterday Steve not able to figure this one out at which was and had a hit with us. On Roseanne asks. The police no no no time. Not it's not a Rod Stewart know Tara and now. Nasty and I knew so you didn't. It was Tautou Yahoo! both. Socked him my total knowledge that I know really what's wrong man father hit bands. You wanna shout at VCR you got a 206421. Rock complain beat me Snead 47. On Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney she's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. Here's a question from a listener my house is currently in foreclosure. Stop making payments and what can I do to save my house security in foreclosure or behind on your mortgage. You can't stop the foreclosure filing of bankruptcy. There's different types of bankruptcy. Chapters your team can help you catch up when your house payments if you're behind you would mean you have to start making your house payments again and again just on the amount that your behind over five years. 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