BJ & MIGS Podcast 03-08-18-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Thursday, March 8th

Beat Migs. Listeners on the loose. Ryan Castle question of the day. 


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This is BJ thanks goes into our shows podge yes if you're sick of all things Kiki you should check out my other podcasts. BJ Shays geek nation we have new episodes every day and you can check it out at DJD animation dot com. Your home is going into foreclosure and you feel like your financial rack and you don't know where to turn for accurate information. I'm bankruptcy attorney I was genuinely and there's talk about some legal options everywhere and quickly we can propose a plan to save your home modified loan or in many cases even eliminate your second mortgage yeah consultation is free and I felt hundreds of people just like you make informed decisions about whether to save their home or accident on a reasonable organized crime line. Jesse juices atone for the next chapter of my life it's contact news day choose the right chapter. Just choose the right chapter dot com. I played I KI SW the rock of Seattle. On April 7 it's a Saturday. How did you like we get some great Maru and some great sliders I mean we've got your whole day covered yeah if you know reverend bacon best. Tequila tacos you know we do we put together great days of just know we've got some of the finest beverages you put your body and finest food you go along with a if you alcohol and we give you proof. Fruitless alcohol equals fun. Fremont found viewers going down April 7 sit and slide it sip from regional breweries and enjoy sliders from a bunch of local restaurants. And I'm a big slider fan and I love when you get a variety of sliders you can get a you're more info about sip a slide how you can get your tickets now go to KI SW dot com and sit and slide benefiting our friends at tree house. Game day. Came down to be made it's an intern now Lorillard. Friday June years. To see if we get Steve the loss here no hope I can use a song I've been kind of remove the last couple days I could use a song now Abu dia Bhutan. He blue business that we've sunk. I'm a song for you there okay. Margins. Hope to god damn man I'll my eyes right you don't go ahead and hope to god they're like come on guys this hour allegedly happened yesterday in round you're right now he's always wanted to goddamn genius so I had fine digestive if you. The old days you feel free Abreu back just you know I wouldn't I. Just current laws play video games song and really video game then. I. Plus on your hands. And I think he's loved to dance no clue tonight. All happiness here and enjoying like I say I feel part of this I mean six that now hardly miss happiness she. Ladies on all your hands just remember that's losing immediately just yards in the game I saw Jeremy smoke. His arsenal I have for now. Big irony I'll answer Aaron Aaron always uncommon for. Determine might bite someone's breasts. And colors that. I don't such a bunch of breast Steve let's give did JT it was less by Seattle while GP argue there's there. Are very well. Okay how long she's always there stand GA of America better what's in play more today's Steve. He is playing for parity is to have the Smashing Pumpkins back together plain to Key Arena on Friday August 24. Good KI SW dot com for all the detail that you want to teach you get a now at Ticketmaster dot com Steve here. For those playing at home JP will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions JP you can't pass all you want. But you'll only get three guess is her question. Are you ready yeah. Draw nearer our past who was the only president of the confederate states of America out. Grant now. And it's yeah. Topping the charts in the ninety's was the band hootie and the Y. Also ads which European country group the rules of the Philippine Islands as a colony before 1898. Yeah he's which movie just Will Ferrell shoot himself for the next with a tranquilizer. Old school ask or amidst the whole flight mainly used in chemistry for which precious metal yeah. And and I didn't what's for would you see him how youth. Boston yeah ask what is the common name brand garlic mayonnaise. Times. And are fairly ask British racing is a well known shade of what color. What was one of the yellow which of the human senses is affected by high pearl Piaf. Its subtleties small narrowed one G elite. For them for current. So well well I mean so these are. Are there are. J&J. We just maybe you'll get a song it's possible let me ask. If you get married DJ there is not cost not a lot of hoberman nine I heard two Dominic Dunn he's today and in my life this is not go to the FDA gets slapped another country and that's on so much hasty. Are you ready. Back it's back. Who was the only president of the confederate states of America and yeah I leaks no grant no. Now all eyes topping the charts in the ninety's was the band booty in the wind blow says she asks which European country blues the Philippine Islands as a colony before 1898. I just know. France now. At least now Germany know I didn't which movie does Will Ferrell shoot himself to the net with a tranquilizer. Hang talk know it's time. And exactly employees now independents thank you know you know we'll Smiths will Farrell yes hello. Asks you. Laura visible flat name using chemistry for which precious metal. Zinc now gold yet as a sport would you CN valued at basketball yes what is the common name for garlic mayonnaise. It's failing to add I notice Rowling is a well known sheet of what color to a Booth. British racing is a well known sheet of what color blue to know rags no screen yet as scores wow 23. Four fives. You walk. Five to four JP RTP site had a chance to go out and precious metal JP could just send goals. All I'm sorry that would give a hello. There where they wouldn't give me the song just what do you mean the prize my friend that's just not gonna let you go in it's everybody plays the song coming that's. I tell everybody it's a serious news. What does it. Busy guesses things you have in your precious metal you just guess what precious metal you know he's also the world's greatest I guess I would go to as a very simple strategy to help out people with this Jamison just guess something within their with the confines of whatever it is he says but the number. That timer going off to have just the fact he's trying to get through Melissa I got a brand now. You gotta prepare now for just okay ominous bird out answers that are in the cut in the category of like precious metal even if I don't know exactly what the hell you're talking about excuse print stuff out that's a Steve does an update to his success rates amazing thank you I. JP did get that correct with old school keeper Jim besides C. I also realized afterwards it would have accepted another inch or does he did it in Jay and silent Bob strike back as well use the park ranger. He shot himself to in that movie too yes. One that is going deep I told Addai hasn't announced that Yasser he was the park ranger chase them down and dad that happened as well so it two answers on that one yeah the European country that ruled the Philippine Islands as a colony before 1898. I would go England Spain and easy correct the Spain stereo and any and then finally the only president of the confederate states of America cost Stonewall Jackson knew corn mount Cornwall ethical core content but you know what I went to Atlanta and there's I think stone mountain and I'm a buddy show media notes it's all about confederate history yet I think he's on the stone mommy afford Jews that were important the confederacy well one of those dudes would probably be then Jefferson Davis as sick as he was the only president you know I think he's on there. But vick's sentencing imagine yeah I'm so mad at myself because the guy Tommy history as was done and it's always comes over. For all of us well like Steve he managed to not suck because you have my correct and win by one caller I have. You are against smashing opponents execute arena in August Carner 5206421. Rock color number five. Just lagged that. All right well I'm today is international women's day and make an McDonald's in Lynwood California as well as McDonald's online. Kind of a cool thing they thought the golden arches on assign upside down so the M is now dubbed. I saw somebody had sort of look. Really do have the men make you have them in moron and I the other day that's gonna win this else I've seen. There's a funny thing that's going on Twitter because of course you don't something you celebrated people are upset because something else is it being celebrated on that basis human nature yes so it's the lobby wants sort of going oh that's great there's international women's day let me know when international men's d.s gonna happen or would rehab Internet Szymanczyk busy guy on Twitter status following any hash tags or any kind of like keywords. And he will respond to all the people that are complaining about international women's day. There's a guy so once they have beat international men's day oh wait there's no Internet amend state in the Dow reply saying there is one it's November 19 Siemens every year and provide a link to the fall that's awesome article that. November 19 is international Wednesday. So all these people that are just using as a platform to 22 you know crap on women's day. And yet we butted men's day he's responding to a mall going. You have one it's November 19 digital research. And instead of just being mr. aggressive. You would realize that there's a day for you too so shut up I didn't know it was an international men's day I had no idea either yeah adding Kerry and they don't call international women's day that's great yeah it's a chance for people to speak great about women I don't have any issue with that I think it's awesome and those an international women's day either. I know that until today I guess a little warmer Britney Spears shirt I knew well there's an international woman we know who doesn't agree I'm Brittany. All oral they go yeah britney's awesome great especially the crazy (%expletive) in my head. Weird rash in my area Britney that's the best Brittany I agree yeah -- wife disagrees but I think that was a desperate high your wife just doesn't brittney Ruiz who's going to write seems like surfer her music show with the help I prefer personality you have body size as I was funny handsome guy CH he spent all day. Replying to people on Twitter that her pitching about this. You know if you're the kind of person that really is willing to listen to an explanation. As to why. May be you're here you're hearing about the celebration of women in the celebration of different minorities or at least they're they're they're standing up saying listen we matter. I used to also think why can't we all just love one another bud. I said it before others a book called braving the wilderness by Bernie brown whose become brilliant when it comes a world of psychology psychiatry. And does she really out of was her idea or she was beat up paraphrasing from another book that she read. That the idea that. Pretty much whites men in this country. Have been in power and also have a history of abuse whether or not all white man had done and even though a lot of us do our cool. But since we're the ones that were never had to indoor. The stereotype and also the prejudice treatment that other people like women and that and other minorities have in this country. Well yeah that's why they're standing up because they're trying to really show you that they matter because we've the white dude never had to go through that. Otherwise we probably doing the same thing. So it makes sense to me it's like all right get it I get that you know what TI never endured that so. What's that Lewis into the wilderness part any animals as you go hide in the wilderness is actually humanity's team on. That's Milosevic's chimpanzees and other stuff you don't sound is now go to chimps and somebody's upset how they assess what's that screw McDonald's. I'm gone I'm Menzies Hough from Chris. That would be fun that is when these likes to troll yeah Donald's on Twitter. What do when he's of course people wouldn't get the joke and you'd get up sad news become some political correct Kraft of course would be funny if whine about it call themselves men diss today it's a great idea maybe hilarious. But I mean hey they're controlling McDonald's about their me I was reading that McDonald's is using different type of meat like you're gonna go fresh yeah so. But then I found out that the woman that was doomed the brains behind Wendy's Twitter she's no longer doing Nam. Wendy so yes she she left the job should somehow I think she's doing some steak house or some. Some steak. Brown how did Wendy's let her go I mean unless this because often are more adult state company prices and offer more money and a lot of over the state company is but it's a brand and I'll find out okay so that if it's a brand that's got deep pockets are gonna make sense to me but if it's if it's a company that doesn't have as did the deep pockets of Daytona. It's a mistakenly yes a company I'll man's fate come. Have you ice devils all the time all state comes on now she's in charge is still low whether it's a lot of conservatives got a lot more entertaining because of that duty do you do you know steak and it was a staple in my house mono passed away and we got a microwave I know the name I never had still all there it's seriously your cheese steak guy I have got of course it's not as good as getting like real sees taken ya. If you caught the recent episode of the Goldberg's it was hysterical it was last night they've they've org. Basically is the kid the more on Q was like there's a better cheese steak and it's not in Philadelphia and the father and grandfather got a few what you're an idiot it's just take a loose. I would love to try stickam again it's been. God has got to be thirty years since I've had state comes on a regular basis it was like a staple in my house is my dad couldn't cook. Yes and as you go over thank what Washington tweet what are we may do to get engagement when we may do to make people pay attention to us. If it is truly hurt is that she she made like a reference at all. You know subdue a state comes in so it seems like it that she's running now statements Twitter page here's a tweet that she put out fifteen hours ago. Beef. And that's it. She's pretty and this woman she relentlessly that. We gonna get her on asked if she wants to on the radio so until she's awesome community. Why not the state comes girl who used to be the Wendy's girl big guest tomorrow we're talking to a woman in charge of the Twitter page for state come. You're at a boy you really are not a girl and had a Wendy whatever and on international women's day we should say hey at a boy yeah. That's who we should do. By the way. Let me just say this you're mistaken shirt how is it did Burger King hasn't changed into burger queen today that would have been a cool thing to go home. What else we do and so Carl's it's Carlos. I'm Karl this is gonna win on demand is also up on a car with a hamburger for one day what sticks try and get it you boys Jane's. Jain is just. I go with the hopefuls are remembered from our childhood that would be sweet Dick and Jane you go with China. Videos might ask Bellini yeah came up to show a mentally up. I think James burgers would bring great Dick and Jane but no you gotta go Dick angina poll that doesn't sound you ready to. I Karzai's. Karma it's what's. And I get a job and is the likes pictured and actually tartar sauce all Jihad who knows maybe why Ron would do. Know I can hope oh yeah I know. News. That Tom craven to gag it's. It's just. Cries when Janet oh yeah that's a that's Missouri Shakespearean. To Fries ones and a yeah that's if okay. I. Can we go on to the next subject either I got here thanks but he ledger here. I have a question do you think did it in your lifetime. You ever see a cure for cancer. Or do you think you'll oversee robots in your lifetime realized robots only work in Korea or you know like you have your own house. Public traveling to Mars about teleport station any of these things you think you'll see. 'cause I I. I firmly believe we'll see all except for the Dick to cure for cancer one I wonder. And you know obviously like many have conspiracies about certain things but. Yeah I just wonder I hope I really do hope I mean I think they'll that this puts you would think we have that February military academy robots and I have artificial intelligence it's. It's a big industry the problem is that the cancer cure in treatment and she is a huge industry it's just like in my brain when you think about going from gas to some other kind of method of powering things. And I what do you tell those people don't have luck you know aren't dying now figure out find any job you I think I'd be okay are being laid off of and you have people are gonna die anymore. Yeah man. And that's that I agree with you the trouble is is that they need to make money. And to cure for cancer would be perhaps one of the most valuable things in the world of capitalism ever created which means you gonna pay big bucks from that. Okay and worth it and if if if if you can't fortitude I can review what I will not be able for the cure comments just to build now get back. You give back just I. Casey Dick calling factually 67%. Of us they did a survey of 141000 people and they asked him about all those scientific breakthroughs I just mentioned. 67% think yeah they think we will see the cure for cancer and how lifetime. The only the only way you'll see that is that there's some other major disease that Rex us. That they can make money off of I'm not just say you know what I'm cynical person I felt I think we'll ever see that I hope so I hope we're wrong I hope that. Dings advanced rather soon sooner we are delusional people because of that awful disease ya you're absolutely right in if it ever comes out that they could have stopped that. You know conspiracy wisely find out you know maybe we read papers that are like fifty years ago yet they had to cure all time but they wanted to make money. All men that'll cost such a bomber. Leslie robots and flying cars people robots at work I think that people do have in some way shape or form some robots that do we saw some stuff at CES where. Grant is still on the ground floor of creation but it's just a matter of time within probably the next decade we're gonna have robots that are fully functioning and having conversations are you CDC that video that I wish they had a CES with the dog and opens the doors like yeah god yeah I saw that that's just another example why were gonna be dead CNET favorite for our bodies apart. Yeah I do that dog they try to stop Sheboygan and door anxious and you know that and the hole the dog sought to do to get through this just like whoa. Yeah robots at work we put a 64% of us think that's true robots in every home. Are we were all for automated we've got to you know the Smart fridge is in the Smartphones in the idea of the Amazon echoes in the Smart speaker. I'm new what well why would we are robots in every home they're they're priming us for that I'm about flying cars Steve. Yeah we keep hearing stories about mover eventually having some kind of flying Lou makes helicopter type car. I I don't think we're very far away from having that happen I obviously some loopholes that to get through but I would imagine while flying cars I think we'll see him before dad mailer you BJ but Seattle earlier this. Pass people agree with you Steve it has to be self driving like he can't beat humans in charge of flying cars because that would be insanity that would be Sosa. You these people can't even drive right now right when they see them airborne that's horrifying new RI SLA big Bob whom we don't need our at all not at all era. Enemy Li Lu Dallas scratching my head like that. Tom about living under the seat. Under those seats yeah that too because you know the movie bit under the sun that scares me living under the sea talking guy document. Well the thing is is that you know I was thinking about living on the moon as well and the thing there's no air I mean yeah it's all manufactured you actually like you don't have time. To be saved if you're way under the sea limit my dad say things go wrong. You know. It's like you know outlook and normal oxygen you know what you know how to worry about that there's always going to be air command I did I'd be way better plain water polo. I think wireless service entry in almost always gonna do mine had no idea as to how did this to stamina. Yeah people actually believe that will be able to actually travel and live on Mars before we do next to control the weather. Nothing about the mood here why don't we go to the moon before Mars. You think that that would be what you'll be hang moral force and you're NTELOS to. Our guys ride didn't see your Shas the moon. People think telepathy is going to happen reading people's minds. I can see some sort of like Aaron slip Internet yet connectivity years and then they may put a chip in your brain eagle Wi-Fi hotspots to other people I don't want to. Maya you don't know do that I think things that you know we get me fired and so the national black Dahlia accent actually don't mind I don't exactly. Yeah off I mean for me detects that that you're a bit Schmidt RD Jakes. I don't need that I schedule this is on the loose you pick a topic you guys to show. 206421. Rock Texas 77999. Whenever you wanna talk about it's fair game. Your calls your checks at 917. On the rocks. And made this morning. Rock and 99.9 KI guess W all the. I'm nine point nine can I ask you the rock of Seattle's listeners on the lose. Brought to my card so ways. Listeners on this where you pick that topic you guys to show a 206 fortune one rock text us at 77999. Whatever you wanna talk about. The show is yours but do remember Steve as one rule. Really simple rule shows a man if you bring it otherwise move. Freely gun and then take your mind. Bold doesn't go to Don in Kirkland Don you do around Iraq. I'll appreciation Anglo. Commanders. Is that bank. I like the top six guys that earlier about you know felt it can happen in the future here can't search city under the. Yep aria like it don't happen in our lifetime that was the question will we see the cure our children living on our. You mentioned return telephone occasion yes that is valid I think get a long way off just to raise the obvious leader. But I do think we will see leaky to a small degree now here's the space station we'll see much larger and larger space stations in the proper trying to get. Colonizing the moon are doing stuff on buildings are on the move on how do you how. Do you think they space station's Obey how like how many people even bigger. You know I if I think they're gonna be the size of small video I mean I had it singling out let alone and that whatever lithium film or other so grandiose but I think older seat. You know don't think ten times besides look they have now like a rabbit like. Eight people on them they're gonna have life and enjoy the harder you know like we figure out thousand. I tell you why admitted man Don that's suicide that's why I love this TV show called the expanse it's on the scifi network and they got a new season coming out of it next month. And they do talk about fight the not too distant future of us living. You don't even space stations that are still Leno between earth and Mars like that and then now what the gravity would be like him and you can never go back to earth as your body couldn't take it anymore. And so you just listen to call them adulterous people that Leno in the on space stations in the ass. Roy belt. Hallmarks I love the building and miss its previous dealings in the space station's new places like that but I hear his new amusement park being built somewhere here in Washington really stocks ended a camera where summer in the south fend off. You mean like though how big would like Ozzy nice looks like wild waves Apollo real path all believe that something that we see more excited about as far as going to Mars whatever I wanna goods roller coaster. So why they're wild waves isn't gonna feel that the travel to anyone when your own place now he had everything besides it's nothing you want he won every. Always going to be if you are not exactly sure where it's going to be outraged ready just the other day that they're working on it so I know wow waves I. I reached out one and every city amusement park well we do we go I'm real hair right. I mean there's Seattle well always is the halfway joint between Seattle Tacoma when you say. It's not every city manager Tom I want you want every city but every city I mean what every city well we got the great we'll. That's not an amusement park day it's one right. Mean we just Seattle center but that was so I was a mess yeah Von Forrester and errors called never ever dangerous now heroin I'm going Arizona's first. My first taste in my wife and we went on the fifth on the Ferris wheel. And as resilient millionaire's the guy doesn't I hope I remember how to work this a couple of I don't know like how how and why are we doing there. Some of that statement that is not what I. Here as I'm sitting on this machine that you're in charge of this is a right maybe Clinton fortunately it seemed like he did figure it out as women we didn't do it because you weren't adventurous like all the video you survived. I know your roller coaster lovers so was attacked kind of amusement park I hope I don't know I just read it did they I haven't seen since maybe dram to. Maybe you did because I and I wonder where in the south and if not you opposite Leila. So maybe also this guy and our fans Jesus I'm very well that makes more sense. TL one only drive near genius I was I was the only thing that is wild way is why I think one of the south Eminem is now behind Italy the casino oh yes seats layout is becoming a mini Vegas some tiny another article from about a year ago that says that Allen is very would have a water park -- -- like an indoor honor our kind of situation even comment I haven't had any more information I was in this article from while against whoever wants texting I got yet is a great woods isn't -- great grace is who'll fly stats the news down south which basically the water park inside of the air hotel that's a brilliant job Tommy I'm gonna make it dries. Let's go to taleo. So do I Campbell I watched a Leila man and you see how cool Vegas is you think they're really doing that because they got the great shopping they got the hotel it's an indoor water park US almighty god knows exactly grab my bathing suit and go right now what has no idea her kitchen just Wear a full lawful bathing suit donuts I don't wanna see. Plus we will talk determining Canada once in Vancouver my body Jen and I we. There was no follow a pool in the hotel that's a big surprise but it was up a water slide. And so we kept going we wasted on oh now you guys we have running up and going on the sly miss too. And they just big to get a 200 foot long tube. And then like we had to keep going in my what these kids so as they ever want all these parents waiting for their kids to come out and do enough footage on again and also needs to drunk guys that are you know one in his thirty's won his forty garner. And oh yeah. I that's just that's a delight for every parent's car so it's. I did. You really are like you I love amusement parks and a few do man I'm glad you do in that that'll be awesome toll of the system. Just another reason to make satellite a destination they're really pulling out all the stops up there somebody's also brought up bottom hate. Yeah it makes did you hear that the Seahawks are bringing Jonathan Stewart into visit with a team that's a former running back for the Panthers. Whose summer around here now I don't know how that's gonna work out it could be another and really see experiment and it I don't know if they're gonna sign and they've got him. But the you know I says pleased I am I wish they could adamant at the prime of his career yeah it's a curse position to a son Jonathan you wanna come back courtesy and her yourself because it seems like that's happens and it's happened already am running asbestos. Paste didn't crazy offseason for the Seahawks it's exciting it really is it's a rebuilt by the way but it's not a rebuild. Yeah I am I it's not a rebuild it's it's a retool and at least we can have confidence in the fact that you know. Between Schneider Pete Carroll it's not like before we view we use do you entrusted. To the brain trust to get rights. So but you know these things have to happen I think a lot of CI offenses have to understand you know the older these guys get you you've got to make the right moves within the Richard Sherman in the Michael Bennett's of the world and also you gotta look at Jimmy Graham though it is that he is he just didn't fit in the way we thought. And you know cut those losses to there are cruises from lacy timber line high school. They look at sale let it if he can fit into the mix. And if he inside a couple other dudes can mix it up and he can be effective in the short amount of time maybe he gets you know a third of the reps I don't know. Not a new offensive line coordinator and the new hot offensive coach as well you never know but I mean it's kind of exciting to steal your policies and figure some stuff out because you guys are Oslo I mean you know seriously making those niners look better. We you know so there's an improbable run continued pitching usually see any you're awful just so I just throws balls it's it's a good time she's Israelis to show she's a great actress and comedian but she's now the new Packers quarterback Jimmy trough for Limbaugh telling jokes and you're absolutely eliminated cardiac freer 49ers to see this is why you need to pick it's not like you need to guide to show. 206 ports one rock Texas it's 77999. More of your calls more to your text and I 33 on the Iraq. And makes it more news on the rock and 99.9 KI SW. And I point nine KI SW Moroccan Seattle's listeners on the loose you can get topic. You guys who showed 206 fortune one rock Texas 77999. At Texas again. Can you replay yesterday's FaceBook drama my wife is doing one of those pyramid schemes that you guys are joking about Carlo authorities here it says she didn't. Stop doing it gas loved yourself. And NNM impairment schemes the key in this one even though woman really. Thought she was just complaining about you know her friends not support your good. And in the drama. It's time for our it's our opportunity to point out the stupidity. That is happening on FaceBook and Vijay once again greenery and that's stupidity it's an actual face look posted drama unfolds because of it and yes we are deep experience. This time around Vijay you'll play the role of Natalee the original post certain movie. I'll play the role might. Read you will be Stacy sweet all right so once again Natalie is the original poster so BJ please. Taken away. I'm so shaken my friends say always being loud and here we go again. What does that mean to you do this every month you complain about how your friends and never dare for you. And. I have to do I could have predicted this of course Stacy signs into geez you're asks why would you say that's. He's my friend pastor and assistance fund and Stacey. You are the only person that has responded tonight and this irony I don't stress time even if this just you and I yeah. Don't you Jerry Stacy it's not really a party it's just you can't make money by scamming her friends. I got the invite once again you're trying to take advantage of your friends when one does pyramid schemes. It needs and Paris and I'm so I hope might extend marriage it's front and. Sigh it was devastating crane slash heroes those vitamins let's not forget about special very Jews that year olds it's always something with you. Her real job so I'm trying to take advantage of your friends at this pyramid schemes. I already told you it's not a and I see you know how my dad you're an entrepreneur horror that is and it's multi level marketing costs chairman scheme costs. You are such a hurt school are you assume we would every day lawyer that you cited senior a couple of years ago stop using your friends Natalie. And what time should be after the Barney signing. I classic. Just a class. You realize take miss UW's about it today does mark I am Cornel don't need before. Yeah I do stymie his 25 years ago today that beavis and butt head first made its big debut changing wow everything 25 years ago. I was I was on a taste of Scientology is saying how. Her favorite episode was. The episode where they were arguing over Steve Goldstein try to sing Hayes led to do from there Ron Cooper I call about that that's so awesome. I'm their guardian and has fewer green I mean biscuits are fine they're great they're funny moments and but I really is more of a fan of when they just sat down and had comments about whatever music video that they are watching. The good bad ones are the best staff winner what is this crap. It's it is amazing if it became a cultural phenomenon. Yeah I didn't change the face of MTV if you ask me and really send down a different direction which it seems to work well for the network we're gonna us. Glor yeah. We'll present back on my parents my it would let me watch Beavis and Butthead or Ren and stimpy that's right demand and stimpy have been asking and still be out they might judge uses all over the place yeah. In its its pretty insane. I doubt I don't think it might judge Kennedy doing friends to know a Miller was John K which is like Chris gesture John crystal Lucy I gather correct Chris thought crystal Lucy that's it some unconscious ya got him. He was a great guy I interviewed him on a radio station because we both work for the same company so I thought this would be great in all he did was trash talk the station he was basically he left the gig and got another voice for ran after awhile. Yeah he did not he did not like his parent company that distributed the Ren and stimpy show when he. I got so much trouble for that I'm like dude I don't know why I was I don't know eatery ripped the company apart I didn't know how to put money air. Crystal Lucy's a great guy and he's just like I hate this government conclusive was a great if you ever and he was fighter. Bloomberg is like an angry more than music video segment provides for the best friend of the show when he came to be missing by an error. An airline shut up. Today it's amazing that all you just mentioned 25 years ago I know Ren and stimpy were so NG and you know don't be on the electric fence Beno and of course a Beavis and Butthead and 25 years ago led they're they're they're people. Who are don't have a clue what we're talking about never watched them never saw Danny knows the name but he's never seen it now I knew I was on of those people that memo until Monday watching the Simpsons. Beavis and butt head South Park but it gives you turn out real well because of that yet. I guess then does it funny to think that the Simpsons. Was a show that parents say you can't watch yeah it's too edgy I mean no one would ever think that today my mom did that because she got Parsons was a bad influence which really kind of think you actually want is that beginning. Well Sally I look at what Family Guy is compared to the Simpsons as far as edginess or whatever it was it. Gave away in order for yeah familiar with the back then I remember wearing a Bart Simpson shirt you'd just tonight. It's ironic how I am sorry my short is that a couple home and and sometimes have gone to school and the teacher that you do not come back court match are crazy yeah. Ice cartoon iso Bart Simpson and all Elena a lot of losses and indeed there. But I have a doll because I mean it was my favorite toy ever I still remember when you do this show was more focused on Bart and then eventually death started transitioning to be more run homer. And I remember having low a lot of conversations with people in my peer group parents that said you let your kids watch the Simpsons. And I said it's a good show it's a quality show I always said I don't my my kids watching edgy material I wanted to watch crap TV. And I know some of the stuff that they sir I let my kids what's this is I don't that is such crap like it's not well done it's not well written it well acted go the Simpsons is our guys that show the LS weddings where they were. Didn't have this test is abuse him but I dropped my wife is still this Tuesday because in our wedding video all you can hear in the background is all my buddies are doing their best impressions of beavis and rock god guys. Know my parents and Watson shares ran ram put my shirt over my head yelling about Koran holy else in the ninety's were amazing. Yeah I hope I caught he'll need to be part of it more convenient. Damn dude that's whenever I was sick I always say this in my lifetime area such acts I have diary X checked out the attack yeah. The purses are indeed keep please do the Spanish museum but then again you had me laughing so hard this morning incited angry and constipated when you spoke Spanish. Thank you. Not just an early items in the let me. Ask you all ten pet. The actors that you used to watch it with your dad when it was translated in Spanish so you watch the Spanish version to be done by them as I was a Carolina with the funny thing in the world. Passing that than never I am Cornel real peaked before I never realized how bad it was for children's book. So inappropriate to thank producers was that you turn Italian as a sentence goes on how I. Mama please tell it's new you know but we usually keep adventure and this is on the important part. But he like it's chilly in weird because he says he want to eat a little yellow piece of paper to clean his little. I love them because if I had from when there what's Michael's son by sound are now remembered him as a tribute video nearly 1000 on nine and he said. Quote a black hole sun is exempt on the all that's going to eat the universe. Our man. I and they you know you wonder like how some of the bands felt about it I mean I think a lot of bands were happy to be mentioned it was positively but positive big men like Rob Zombie always thought pretty highly of them are back in the day because I put White Zombie on the mat gas. And also Rob Zombie intern but I was thinking about late late black hole sun might be not all yeah how they feel about and I think it has to be a badge of honor if stage. Love you or if they eat you. Gassing it and actually doing it I I I never really talked to a lot of musicians there were featured revealed because some people you know if I may be over their head like I remember when you know the Seattle sound came out. And I had some buddies that you know worked in this town that were not a fan of the Seattle sound and and actually made fun of it and of course at the time they had no idea how huge it was going to be. You know so it makes you wonder like we day. DA and your musician are you getting it or you irritated by it. I was love those behind the music Sony did on the hair metal bands because at some point it all ends. And they all have nothing nice to say about marathon not a thousand scenes because that was the music that killed the career of Warren that was the music of the career of rat. And poison and all those and some of them are able to keep going but never to a level that they once were in Iraq. Imagine the war they said they realize when their career was about to go downhill initiative to her record company's offices where he set a giant poster of their bad. As they. At the reception desk you walk in and there is demand there the money makers. And then they sort of again it was a giant poster of Alice in Chains like lol okay well I was a good run. Since some of them hate those stands dead I hate writing it was a genre killer but I saw this like whoa it's their fault they put up great music and yeah it's it's it's not their fault that they create isn't that what it is obviously but decreasing awesome and it's. It's generational happens out. Are his question Torre went to Ryan castle. And a probation officer have in common. Can find out at 952. Author. And they X morning. Rock and 99.9 KI SW. He. Game jarring action. What's your Ryan castle. And a probation officer Simon come on that gets people in jail. They have very responsible for people go to jail too. Yeah you did. Meanwhile this guy completely clean freely and minimum Clinton never smiled up. Her took a few times I am surprised. This -- yes that's right that's what it as a rule in my house growing up don't let me catch you fill in the blanks like I really wasn't don't do what it was a let me catches and a really good at not getting caught. I'm just text they both are the reason nasty feeling exists. So while both have a pair of handcuffs for Steve. And both like to Washington in a tough. I have to say this guy Ryan is told that is what is your exit is through certain cynicism. The difference between a kick in a car and so it was that had failing. Once the last sixty years. How does one tries to pull her probation officer by forging a prescription for medicinal mass because that's a thing for her. Take daily she's from Albuquerque, New Mexico sock in your head she says she also likes Dion so you know she's an idiot. No repeats it is a really bad. Thank you off right so he's got nice and he's got some medicinal Mets have a twelve back. And bigs. Team that's having played against her she looks she doesn't what is it about as she left damaged somewhat fictional show. So she match in my notes for the job that he did and I don't look for help contain some good news does include what seems to be the simplest way to print out something on my god you must ominous sound like an American try and it's like lately Disney taken different actions like that my work now because it makes sense not service. And made some mornings. On the rock 99.9 KI DSW. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now and has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. Here's another question from a listener. I am a mountain of credit card bills and consumers dad and I still keep my house by fell bankruptcy. Yes you're almost always can keep your home. Your house your car even in a bankruptcy. Depending on what type of bankruptcy you file. 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