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Tuesday, April 12th

Ryan Castle catches with Janie Hendrix on Jimi Hendrix Park and all things Hendrix. 


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All right Cheney it's a last time you and I spoke. You're just getting ready for the the groundbreaking at the park I don't know will be set about a year ago lessen your isolation learned yeah. Really program ya and that and that was what summer of last year when he goes broke ground. Term a little later than that band two yes. I guess I first sight shovel and was in the summer congratulations thank you thank you. We are and that's huge venue to be. To go by they I haven't yet now I keep meaning to I need to get out there. I have pictures Ashley falcons it really is coming along there's the law with his signature on man attend the path society laid down. And down so lyrics. That are etched in man dollar in the pathway. The benches are laid down. We had a planting party. Was like what are you know. He was wearing and ran. Of course it was mad. Option at that not to mention what was this there Rainey just winter on record I think ever in the history that's that was the winter you guys are building a park. Okay yeah I have been here like a lot Tibetans and the times that I have been hairy ass they have been drowning in doing. The great thing is it a lot of community support it there's some kids need to add that came out and I helped us day can plan ten. Station's six the fire department. In the center of the storm. So clinical stage. Other fire stations department's fish to skip to pick in America. So they have picked Jimmie. And Jimmy would agree last month and it looks thought that would be an option. They've hit. That they achieved that kind of but anyways we we received a letter requesting that and since its stations fix their kind yet that's experience. And Jimmy from there their cat so a couple of the fire people no it politically correct those and just men and I fire fire fire fire putting out professionals. If she if they came at ten that. And help. Do some plantings well census really nice to see it out. Community assistance. How long have you guys that that sounds offend 44 years this parkas and in the making five years departed on making more and that. Pacino just African American Museum. Open about seven years and then you can and that's about. Win now we approached the governor governor Greg query and she approved. The land for the part because it was approved for a park but it wasn't going to generate. It was it was a park that if I remember correctly it was a park that they put Jimmy's name I but what does it wasn't necessarily take a Jimi Hendrix park it was kind of it was kind of just a blank slate right that you guys that work we're given. Carte Blanche to do whatever you wanted with. Well. Now. That's efficient originally flares it's two and a half acres of land and the ideas. How and what I wanted to in the park was really more like a community part clay he passed and things like that. And then when. Governor required granted to us we did have his name out there but Dallas because you're still trying to develop what that park plans to share so. Lot of work. When you're working in city. And the parks department and apartment neighbor. If got a lot of meetings and there's a lot of putted from so permits and things sort of format flat and not a red tape because my dad would say that you have to kind of go through that they've been very good to us who've got a lot of grants and of course. Can study along win at the hard drive can have been big supporters of the park in south skiing the word out and a lot of and local donors as violence to understand here. I think I read to is building for culture initiative just gave you guys. I'm a pretty sizable chunk of money for 400000 dollars a tent. So that's gonna cover we had a tumor structures to build for the park which would be. Part of phase two. And what we're doing is detailing phase two and face planned because of offenses and that south. We do have enough money now to build that one of the key structures are still raising money for the second structure and then the par could be completely done. And so some T shirts and hopefully we can help with that. Com obviously you have you know professionals out there working on construction but you know she volunteers and there's still opportunities for people to go on volunteer and work in the park oh absolutely. He's done to date. Can go to Jim hicks park foundation or are and China and in that and now when things come up as far as. Events such as so we're gonna have. The grand opening will be August 27. Even if we haven't finished face to work really celebrate the completion of phase two plan so we can. Definitely is help for that event as well. It's great what see what sort of sodium Jimi Hendrix park foundation dot org and still taking donations as well as soon as we look at the same place. Yeah we are about not quite according remain in two rays down by the close to that things change you know taxes and what construction. Costs are we originally got a bed and then that was during the recession and then answer coming out of recession right. All of son not that everybody who does construction has real busy all the sudden aren't they. You are you especially in Seattle only gonna do is look got a window here man if you pour concrete you have work for the next 25 years and it's insane. If if somebody wanted to combine checked out the park though they can do that now I mean there's stuff there's stuff Terry it or is it fenced off. It is sent stocks you can peer over the fence. Shot only advise you not to climb over the fence remove it could call definitely can do you what's happening to. And from the outside thinking man and that's on non Massachusetts avenue correct I just just south of I ninety and yet it was important stuff Massachusetts it's right in front of the northwest African him. American Museum which is the old common elementary school. Cool in the world of Jimi Hendrix you guys have anything coming up I feel like every few years you guys have a treat for us. Now to anything anything you can tell me about. You can tell you gave. So first not tomorrow. We're starting our tour will be gone for about a month going crust. The US he starred in Hollywood Florida. And no we ended costs and that will be in Florida and Texas and oh Wisconsin and Chicago. Ohio. New York. Pennsylvania and it's our Chevy concert tour that we do win that many guys Kenny Wayne shepherd Jonny Lang. Shaq while. On a public that. Out a lot of play. Because that's. So history we've had sex a bunch of stuff over Jerusalem sacked that you say it started as a riot. And I tasting share. First of all Oliver musicians are wonder father on Grammy Award winners in their own right and of course they have their own two hours but when they come on our tour. It's all about Jimmy. And Zach. Is a trooper. He is such a cheaper it's like when the concert is over and everyone's heading to the buses because usually we load up and head out the start going to another city. For the next day concert. Zach will be outside taking pictures signing not a car now. Every single person and tell they've all gotten what they need it now some of the musicians you know it's like they make this time I cannot crafts or twenty years take if you can thanks guys gotta go gotta know right. That's act as any can be pouring down rain freezing cold he. He's just out there he's he's all about the fans. Is greatness of his fans love him so much Tim. We did this thing with him here years ago in this very studio. And then walked on the street to dial cords somewhere he was supposed to do an autograph signing for fans. They signed autographs for about fifteen minutes there's probably 500 kids there. And we had a a ban that was going to play afterwards you have a group of local musicians we're gonna play. Tens accent now feel like signing day you got on stage with the kids are local band started pulling people up out of the crowd to do. You know Led Zeppelin covers and stuff like that and you know probably made there was some of these kids probably the greatest side of their life. Yeah now because it too because they got to sing with sack or whatever and then you know that's just the kind of cool stuff that he does. Well that's and so and spears and Jimmy's hands like. The story goes where he's ten Manning's Manning's music music store. And they've emptied out the store. And they das survey to leave then there's this one young kids they can tell me if Torre himself so he. Was so enthralled with the playing of this guitar that he didn't hear the announcement. And he's in the corner somewhere. And Jimmy comes over there any sympathy guitarist and you know people Manning is there all apologizing we're sorry he had ago you know two they wanted to have so are just for Jimmie. And to this. Okay it's cool like how old are you sixteen at the time and he says. You know I'm recording. MIC realistically its gonna come on by tonight he Kansas teenager. Say OK okay kind of high tech. You stand down all night there was there a card game and he is now and has been DN guitar tech for Bob Graham announced that he is I can't. This really nice saturated fat and really encouraged him than. Play time feeling and as a major impact on the guys signed it's I don't know latitude line at home. Telling us fully or fit but it totally aware that sick. Janie thank you again something and one more time the the it's Jimi Hendrix park foundation dot org. Correct sense if you wanna volunteer if you wanna donates. Com we'll have the new I am experienced T shirt available KI Selena common of course proceeds from that go to the park foundation. Congratulations. Thank you and and thanks for come by again it's always good seeing you can't thinking things can't.