04-22-16 Barrett Martin with Levee Walkers

Friday, April 22nd

Barrett Martin from Screaming Trees, Mad Season and Walking Papers joined us in studio today to debut the newest song from his new group Levee Walkers Featuring Duff Mckagen and Mike McCreedy


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Our question what did you spring into action and or when did you not spring into action. I'm guessing he's old for her drink parliamentary I don't know bares her summer than anybody don't get rid of them would know with a hot dogs and air all the other guys are here yeah. I'm going to get hot dogs and I know delivery guy he's just don't Bruce he's just the dollar broke up. I'm afraid he might just be a hot gorgeous guy that brought dogs to look we we should we be hungry I don't know about my daughter and a son had a good regular life of the votes are competent and like miles tortoise they are gonna and a that's going to be interest and I yeah new wells or make in the drum. Is is good because. We are joined by a very mart who just dropped off products in the market government. I do we know veggie dog got the a record player of fixed will be ready even try that are now maybe we have a record player we just somehow between today and yesterday the wire went from stereo to mono. I see somebody like him an old time director we've got the brand new and from the Levy walkers have Baird has with them as well and we're gonna play that for you on a record as soon as we. Did you struggle over the hot dog those missiles continue to that's no items on the honestly Fries isn't that route if we dig in we allowed again in the bag ready to please alluring Barack I don't see an original Zimmerman. Nobody doing noble of the bag and don't Iowa got two white bags times when he got there and we had a pretty decent enough food here a French Fries now. Okay. Yes and I'll let you listen for a prize went into the press. Motive he got the press who getting them off this for a sure you can read the front a lot of front not a prize all right all right now let's take a cholera accord is doing its money on the line but the big thank you know big oil container like but the catering boxing out Imus finished six dogs and now lights in the hallway when. Everything went fault then what we got chili dogs we got slaw dog no way. Well I hear I thought very hard I thought about it. Speaking of ladies and gentlemen Vera welcome absolutely thank you for the hot does it how aria on to encourage you are you energized. I'm very energized you you just got back from where Brazil. I was I was in I was in Brazil for six weeks producing a record and I went to the Amazon okay I had quite an adventure. How long premiums. I was only an Amazon for a week calls that all was my second time you know that was a real life for wouldn't do we knew that we like. The whole thing because you don't typically do so on and also home. 21 trip to the Amazon and I think it would be but the nothing like what am I doing when I'm there. Well you spent a lot of time in votes Coca because it's kind of the only way to get around. So I just fluent in the mouse switches in of the biggest city in the middle of the Amazon and and we just you know. Hiram votes particularly it was going and what use your Marriott rewards points along the way or another sponsor and a threat I think is now slowly built that stadium for the world companies just likes it man you know it's I think that's where they're gonna have these this Summer Olympics. Soccer games but what is most famous for is the opera house that was still there and in 1998. Out of boulder the rubber money. They're unaudited for the rubber plant right positions where are we don't advance okay how I found dead outside a bar. How does how does Brazil look now in preparation for the Olympics and everything that they're going through we. You know we we will read the stories about obviously the pollution. And the Atlantic as far as the swimming events and all that stuff is that reflective of everything or is that just reflective of. Well Brazil as a country is a really beautiful place and and there is pollution in certain places right now there in total political chaos. I think just couple days ago they impeach the president OK why why you were there. Well there it was beginning while I was there but it but the impeachment just happened two days ago. Does that mean people were doing demonstrations on the streets and all let's go over that huge to mr. hundreds of thousands of people on this what is what is alleged to be you know if you're you're foreign and earn a place and that's going to post an upheaval of people. Glad to their witnesses to come and why you hear about it or face can now. Brazilians love Americans and right all right I love you know having people come visit their country does it relate culturally it's an incredible place but but there have been a lot of economic problems and their big national oil company Petrobras went bankrupt and there is as good corruption thing because there's billions of dollars missing of course and so. But you know Brazilian peep it's in Panama Jack and if you don't have to try to figure Alexander brown that outside at ten offshore accounts for it. Brazilian people are really popular very polite elegant people there at the conflict European almost. And dom incredible music scene I was producing record by an under pace who's the big rock musician he's actually in Seattle right now Hummer mixing his album at Jack and Dino studio grow up and dollar debt while. And so so they they love when Americans come down there to do anything cultural music art and all that stuff and but in other just enough people right now because there's been somewhat problems with corruption donor did you have to get inoculated or anything like that in the Amazon shots serving well how do you prepare for economic I've been inoculated now I've gotten all book I've had malaria and although I've got all the disease has good ideas that they give you a jog up into buffalo went to Africa won't what's the worst of that as far as the diseases you got what storm relentless just does not that once again I've. Jim malaria makes you feel pretty awful. Of course and then Terry doubt throw it comes with this Intel really as I got a both side in order to play a third I think and also I guess in America for tasted just it's like the worst flu you've ever gotten terrible headed did you feel like you're going to die with its how about the wildlife did you see when your on that on Amazon any you know looking kill you well I'll take what I saw that was pretty amazing we we stopped at this indigenous village and this guy. He he's he's said to the translators like I want something to show you redeem went. Behind his house which was floating on the water and pulled out a twelve foot Anaconda cheese holes. But you just caught like the day before an end and it was his sin and you know and tried to hand it to me joy that. And I don't know if I I'll just send over here and I took a photo with my phone. But he also have a tree Slough off site I held that the government's what was after they pretty clearly saw off. No there there they're wholly friendly and they smiled. You probably don't call also do when they look at you based model that's amazing hey everybody we eat. First all plastic bag what everything else specifically got that I was an edit arms holding the tree sloth while he was holding Anaconda sort kind of kept you know yeah on the other side of the there's a little dark where we are standing by at. And I did I did go swimming in the Amazon in an area that they said was safe and there were wild and dolphins like fresh water gulf of its image can read up to. Is that we know saltwater crocodiles is any indicator of anything when dolphins around likened it like it is in the ocean and I think they have they have Ozal caimans you know with the long snout. I never saw anything like that they told me. There are corona but shall we have to worry about that if you're in shallow water where they congregate and so what Pak who is at the one little bite off your testicles yeah that human genes all ice OK I saw one of those that's tells Tony about unrelenting terror or anyone else I was referring to have a careful of the well known British teacher testing so we went to this other villages and they had that they had a couple of those split two or three of those fish in the pan and they do if you stick with a little fish on it have been you've. Hang it over the edge and they just leap out of the water and snatch it off the stick it's totally like a dinosaur or something while and song cold and did you see any at deforestation did you see any that in your entry clearance to you can see that from me out for you well when you fly into an announcer flying over the Brazilian Amazon most of it your flying over the vast majority of it and I I saw this and I was or ten years ago. The slash and burn rather than just literally cut it down and burn eaten and that ash becomes fertilizer. It's mostly for cattle grazing and certain kinds of agriculture but it's really bad and and it's hard to express until you see it from there. And it's it's sold out I was I was really upset when there was a lot more than when you're their last time because the thing they've Amazon is. I mean this based on scientific research it provides about twenty to 25% of the Earth's oxygen Brett it's also filtering all the carbon dioxide that we create. So the more you cut down the less oxygen we all have and the more pollutants that are in the air to dirty air filters out there up. It could be stopped but I mean. But I I don't know I don't do that I mean. I try to you know I don't think there's anything you can do because every fact that you could possibly present to any group of people think if you don't care yep it's a reasonably. I know what else did you possibly tell people. But that's the greatest injustice that'll happen is that like there's still people profiting off the stuff that's Seattle gets a point in the oceans rise they. No reason to profit when the question becomes. Most of our governor is well now. What most of Amazon's and Brazil ruled in Colombia and Peru so most of the Amazon is controlled by three countries but it's affecting the whole world that so what point does the world body intervene and say hey. You are not managing world resources here and it's affecting all of us you know. When what is the biggest difference when when you're out that far. Where people live you know as far as their lifestyle and what you see like our amazing. You know broke through to your guns and you're on a boat for six day east to get to where someone is. Yet takes about a week so what do they have do they have this is don't have like a satellite dish on their house or is there anything weird these collect my guy block you know is there any event well. Is it does take about a week to go anywhere on the Amazon if you wanna go upriver or down work river. And you can you do see a lot of decease floating houses but you'll see just like ballot return how. As Abdullah. But you know without the condos. After and you'll see I saw a bumper sticker brother waited just to do is gonna set my neighborhood has been Ballard dies it's now verbs. Again yeah. I mean they're little obstacle that never would have been resolved before the Africa could cut. I rarely cook reliant. But you'll say yeah you see people wearing you know marriage G10 issues in the middle of the Amazon I mean it's not as solid they don't get. What they need but they just choose the little move a little more remotely and the rest of us are part nanny like. And Alex ceremonies here Jimmy in Iowa Oscar. Having a big game I have I think my. Part of the letter that yes. I'm not not on this trip but when I was in I was an approving an Amazon and 2004. And I was doing my masters degree in. Dustin is ecology with the indigenous should people so he will be enough to a lot of singing. But sing sing sing in Chamonix songs and working with Iowa Oscar in the medicine ceremonies so by the recourse and no drumming there's no drama in its its it's sun melodic. I'm very rhythmic chant to beautiful singing I mean their voices are incredible and they sing in unison and in harmonies and they'd work a lot with firewall skirt and these visionary. And you part took that so how many how many hours there's like a lot of goes all night my feet 910 hours now I begin to drop out of it like him honestly to restore the rest person. You and so are you and don't you can't really leg. You know you can you you just gonna have an experience and it's going to be particularly years syndrome can't not once he. Drink DIY Oscar you through your area and there's no gone back and less like the matrix and I'll tell you on the road I don't flotilla and no front and you're trying to prompt a reality that. But it but it's amazing because. Depending on who does that down and experience that they're looking for kind of what she did I mean it's it it teaches you a lot about yourself and it has all these medicinal properties that we feel amazing the next day we're talking to Miramar from the screaming trees now eleven walkers and walking papers do you do you throw up like paled and some people do I didn't I don't pay at a ceremonies too and found I never got sick with that Boudreau some people it it does it can upset stomach. Even anywhere where you know what it whatever the indigenous people were doing you just couldn't get down with those are like here do this mound of cocaine in Peru Orban is there anything that that is avenue and had to get past them. No because then Peru and I've I did the we're chewed Coca leafs and it and it's it's both exchange sir money. Called. I can't remember all remember written in a minute but you you're actually exchange Coca leaves and you speech chew each of his Coca leaves. So it's it's a way of on its a way of greeting in a way of showing respect. And is that in America I had you casual it's okay if I could tell you on our way to catch a buzz just off the leave does that well rustling a cup of coffee or you're just like drinking a cup coffee what do does is it it's so it's really important to the indigenous people could you give them all the vitamin you get more vitamins and some Coca leaves and you get in multi vitamin tablet and that it opens your lungs she can I get the high altitudes. So I mean I was episode as like as a bronchial dilate yeah exactly I was up between 1011 and 121000 feet and you feel pretty good how. Do you don't think boring. Half half half half. That's an idea about this my last few months of about the latest boring but I don't have anything extraordinary detail. Well I mean that. You know how it is with life you've you have a few experiences like this in their their kind of defining your life but I spent a lot of time you know in. My recording studio and other studios around Seattle and we're we're is working hard you know you don't see it because we're just in the studio writing songs recorded songs and and then they come out a year later two years later how. I'll just say are you hear your busier now probably than any time in your career Alex us. Pretty busy I don't tourist much. Just because I'm not really in a touring band and I go play and show are renowned investor a lot of time producing records. I've just produced record in Wales club event called buffalo summer. Great rock band. And then we did this record in Brazil and I kind of got a bunch of Seattle people to play on and so. Is that I mean edited used to play with Peter Bach cantata Peter Peter Buck played on this result in record and keep people is guitar. Part micro created plays a guitar solo. Jacqui Dino plays on a couple Qatar or herb who plays guitar workable song scared to go horn arrangements. Yeah I used to bark a lot I mean yeah yeah do you go to go to work Timothy McCready are both under both you know known for there. REM and pearl just sort of are both amazing guitar players in the studio did you just get a Sauna mildest and make magic but do people expect the staff on the so you know you're you're producing an album totality for a musician. Fairly satisfying right into it duped taller pardons with us now from radio and I mean. Is on the wall nobody said to have a guy her how to do always mommy see people in the walk him well I usually Toma had its I'd also like I'm gonna. Did appear to play at twelve straight rhythm guitar truck on this because that's what the song needs and that's what he's good that or we need a guitar doesn't know don't mind the mental thing is that the one thing to say hey. We're going to get a guide to voice faltering Dario. Political bridges I mean it Peter Barca man it's that's a different thing your television or my bright green he's gonna do guitar solos that's what needs I have to think these guys get. Very excited when they hear this they do they get excited but you know there's also a thing where leader in the student gotta be cool. Rather I can't find yeah. I I'll be cool right now OK yeah. I'm back going to play all right so the Levy Levy blockers how this band come about. Helena was the idea of how good. Levy walker started about two years ago when my kids and Duff and I decided that we wanted to write some songs together and a three of us have known each other for. 25 years and my you know my conduct went to high school together they went to Roosevelt. So we we decide let's write some songs and we'll see you know who might wanna sing on it so we started sentiment around people. And what was interesting about it is. Yeah I think we have fifteen or sixteen basic ideas and everybody picked different songs nobody picked the same song puff. And we also wanted to do it with people around the world. Because we. And you know maybe this is a bit of a political statement but we wanted to stated that it rock general is universal it's not just limited to the English languages not just limited to. The United States and Europe. Because the three of us have spent a lot of time in South America and rock and roll is huge and other festivals everything else stereo sound bits popular here in place clubs and theaters can play you know in a Reno or football stadium down there and people love rock and roll. And it's true in in Europe and then Mike Australia for example still really love throw you guys are responsible walking papers when you got totally enough real reap replayed all the festivals and did very well at that level. But we wanted to work with some people that sing in Spanish and and in Portuguese from Brazil. So we've I think right now we've got to six different singers that are working on songs that are going to be coming out slow and I guess what jazz Coleman. Jazz Coleman is the first one how did you meet him. I actually slow weird well here's here's the thing that Duff and I. You know us kids a group in the seventies and eighties love's killing joke because they were sort of like punk but also read that still weird yeah we're an experimental new wave but honk and dom and politically conscious you know really you know forward thinking so Duff and I were in London for the classic rock towards a couple of years ago and we were seated at saint tables joust. And here's the thing about jazz he spent a lot of time in the Amazon and hanging out with indigenous people and students ceremonies happiness. Itself yeah changes that your liver team you know he's got a few he's done at all. And we sit and often massive blow. We were doing this project to signal a couple songs and this happened at the dinner table so you just have to be a first want to finishes songs so that's why it's the first single. Any look that methodology not yours done Burress you first I thought man I'm in and they just didn't simple doubt yeah. But like look at what's done since about monster called the appetizers. What's. So shall you also have a record label the and you just signed a guy is like 73 years so with the blue sky yes he billed it assists in his ninety's next month I 9899. Pounds so he saw Robert Johnson play when he was eight years old because his dad. How did you join now and Arkansas and this is a cast up did you put on you reckon that that's on my label that got let's go that well let me walkers is actually on McCready easily. Also via public some nine year old guys cool from obvious reasons not some instance don't like how long the contract these have. And they could hook it is not illegal contracts digital. You don't wanna over Zach my half half but I don't insult a guy. Are talking about the one with the flaming pay him good good purpose. The Robert Hendry added Internet its eternal Contra then senator crossroads and yet. Nobody I've I've done three albums with sue Dell and really we made a documentary film about his life because he he's got this incredible life story of growing up an adult or seen Robert Johnson playing with Robert nighthawk. Did you pops on and said he did freaked him out to its source citadel can freak out if you are I don't know who. You will lose freak you out plan drugs. Freaked me out let me think I mean somebody who's Soledad I'll allowed people with the passing of princess visited some I play guitar like that never seen a showman like that. Have you ever been in a situation where even it was just. House honesty about this earlier like to someone whose plan. Five gallon buckets on the street or somebody and the middle of nowhere a driver have you ever just looked over and got our man Mecca has amazing here that woman has amazing talent. Yeah you know just an incredible customs. I've seen numerous times in my life but mostly when I think when I was in Africa and I saw drummers play in that you I mean I don't know their names and you know nobody would know them except regionally over there and they were just absolutely amazing and all playing with their hands. Where fans and sticks and you know just with with an unbelievable sense of rhythm and a almost at a mystical level which is really where you're trying to get to anyway and talking to Bob Baer barred from the screaming trees blocking pavers and eleven walkers we do have a new single coming up you play with your hands like you won't discuss it has all kinds of stuff. You know tighten up I'd I'd studied and drums and Brazilian percussion and then drum set so and zealots and was always. An interest is being fully Burke also version of the more you learn the more you wanna tour. I think it's one of those things where if you commit your life to that you begin to realize that it's infinite what you're gonna learn junior never gonna know that anything new this though. And the more you learn the less you know and I just I try to learn from everybody that I encounter. So and you're still teaching these still teaching well I was briefly a college professor and and I've been asked to come back we gonna do it part time and and I will fight halftime Kazaa I would I enjoyed doing I mean. The classes I taught I taught at Antioch University here I did it it's not. Like for your teaching how to play an instrument it was more teaching and cultural studies show. That the culture of music and band music as a form of political expression and things like that so. And I like that a lot elect helped people use music to change society. Because. That people are drawn insurance Italy drummer whenever we have drummers in the seem like the most down to earth and the guy and the band play. But to reunite all the time could have regulate you Amy got a please lead guitar and cigar he's lead guitar and really things are right now. Connolly what what what makes drummers got a cool guy you wanna hang. Hum well you know the drummers that I personally know that I greatly admire our guys like Matt Cameron. From sound garden pro am and I am Larry or Dave Grohl and and guys like Dan Peters from mud on the yen and I'm Sean Kelly from Alice in Chains is absolutely the funniest guy ever to you've got a standup comedians do comedy. At a at all those guys you know there is kind of grounded sense of you know we know what our job is and we know. You know what what we have to do for bands and the truth is is every band rises to the level of the drummer. There of the drummer kind of sets the watermark. So you kind of have to be if you're going to be good at all just how fast is there's this there's nobody out agreed to. I'm thing wouldn't have played bears and I agree with you about drums I play today so I have to lock him pointers. There's always a moment at some point where you know if something to a crawl into the guitar player earns too quiet we're regulatory but. The singers have a thing in those plumber musicians always give it took about knowing look like. And I am about them and it's just not about it and I don't mean that listens so well the persona about whatever it is you're worried about like the musicians think term in the well yet. What editors I think would drummers and singers and and actually was taught this when I went to Senegal to study. I hit a solid wall of dropping you know so bar drumming with. Indigenous wall of drummers from solid all around. Both those drummers and the drummers and Ghana both said the same thing drummers create the earth the foundation. And the singers are present the spirit and the two were connected got by this Heather and each needs the other to express themselves. And get into rock and roll you know yeah you have the front man thing. But yeah I mean there has to be guy or borrowed some Ronald to do that you know I sort of huge responsibility. But that's why when you look at the great bands in history rock fans sure there was not a great drummer great singers and upload John Bonham Robert Plant to youth movement. You know absolutely Stewart Copeland stating what that's one thing I. If you were excellent just old videos only Ki moon is firstly back in there and Anderson's friends. The style of playing a smaller in marching band style that they held drums that threaten. And general thoughts about how influential war and clearly they weren't in here but why do you think it is a almost nobody playing of that level. Plays like that let what happen. It does that which is headed jazz style only gently did you feel like school ran an account held a number Hamburg inside out you watch all these guys do it there are even ringel for a while and then I don't I don't know by the some betrayed Jesus in with you you never see that in. Charlie Watts play though and well I learned quite a way because I studied jazz and high school college and that's how you play because you do so much snare work right in those musical forms but then when it. Come to rock and roll your cousin says turner and overhead on the tour and the four so's not as much and their work and their power. But if you studied the New Orleans drummers like Stanton Moore and and people from that part of the country date they'll still play an honor to snare drums big part of that. Tired Miramar from mother screaming trees logging pavers we've got the brand new one from the I'll let you lockers and that is on vinyl sort of take you a quick break about a bear market and the play upward. We're real happy to be joined in studio by bear market from the screaming trees well let me Walker's walking papers thanks for the hot dogs and hampered cursed franchise revenue rise that's got caught on managers showed up to Matt's not don't have a little Jeanne thanks mapped to establish a Ballard back in the day that we go to all the time on the corner where both sales and an -- joining in a -- Rhode Island coach and hotel yeah but we're like matches live not. Neither result they're holding strong and George to have to do a tomato pie. Oh yeah remember them well data on how does that yeah she does that he used to do men are fantastic let's talk a little bit about. Just as far as I guess your musical career I'm curious you've been on the stage with so many different people you've you've played with so many different artists. Stone Temple Pilots I mean the mainstream artists and not so well known artists have you ever been on stage and just were in awe of either someone's ability or who you were actually on stage with sharing the stage. Has there been a moment we're like. Oh man misses this is serious like nervous you know. Well. I backed by can tell you two stories one was just a year ago when we did the math season reunion with the Seattle symphony. And and Chris Cornell sign. And us the first time I've ever played with Chris Cornell. Growth and death and I mean I've known him for years been a short show with them Duff was point basement craters on the tar and we had eighty peace since the Seattle sip which is an M yeah that's crazy one of the best symphonies in the world. I was blown away and Al punitive singer Chris Cornell as. He was in here a few weeks back in the word on the street with Jimenez is he just gets out of his car. Walks on stage and starts saying which you know almost 200 hormone similar instrument or you know you've had the guys that are armed guard salt water and in five minutes acquire north clearly things got going on is that. I would certainly he's the swap is up on stage at. And males. Yeah I mean I don't know if you I've never seen him warm up I mean I just was standing with him in the wings and we walked on stage and and he just nailed it and it was really incredible. But the other person I saw two years ago. Walking papers we're doing festivals in Europe and we opened for sound garden and black south. And so I got to stand on the stage. On Tony I mean side of the stage. And watch blacks out of play. And Ozzie is incredible. He has had a birthday I don't know a horse everybody knows that but I I just never sought that close I was amazed at how good his his singing was. And how he held the audience in the palm of his hand and the other guy that I saw about a week later because replacement shows with Earl Smith is Steven Tyler. And again. You know of that band just plays like there's no backing tracks they play as a five piece rock band with one guy you know doing some keyboards or from. As Steven Tyler's a manes 69 or seven years old and he nails it every night. I do believe the incredible singer but I think Bremen to just seems so natural. Like if we're not the single from brandy be that really knowing due to work with regular Tennessean he be singing and dancing you are but I still wearing make up right that's who can get he would look exactly the same I think he would act exactly the same he would December different job like. He strikes like Mick Jagger Steven Tyler that the few people might think god this is what they do because otherwise they would get under god in the I saw video Steven Tyler walking up to guy and a bottles lighten you know who's playing the bottles and Steven Tyler just got on and knew it insert a plane dancing and like he's pretty common to protect a percussionist well I don't usually draws an original drummer and Aerosmith OK guys you UCL a never played as you always hear that. Used to be the drummer and cover a camera with a drummer named Nauman read an interview recently recently when their record Merrill. They Camille Little double gold Stephen. Because he is a drummer when he you're departed is head and says they may usually this. He can sit down and actually do it runs and anybody else doesn't matter where were you do they can't do that service. The makes criticism a lot more violent but I've never seen him play and whom. Well I've never seen play drums either but I did I know that he played on the earlier Smith demos and in the studio you know had lots of ideas but it kind of goes with that thing I was saying about singers you know they have a certain way they need to present their vocals and the rhythm the drummer house the house to blunt with that. And the drummer propels it at the same time. Let's see how you do on that with your new band of let a lot of us and you can't keep up and everything. Hi this is the brand new single by the way uh huh bury you we haven't you know the bears never play record before the half while dropping the new attitude about the deal this is the first and the we've been here that we played a record or seen a record player in the economic and I've never seen a record player radius and how old are you a 36% of I thought I'd. Is brand new girl talkers series your world debut and it features that jazz Coleman the tune is called the freedom song it's miles until the men's dramatic nine point nine KI itself. Seattle. As brand new from the Levy walker. Featuring jaskol that's installed the freedom song Errol debut from the letter Walker's tough featuring Vera Martan and of course migrated from Pearl Jam along without the Kagan and jazz Coleman. Also won the locals and you said that the Barrett that the obese and other guess locals appearing on the album put us right back to and I wanna ask you about the the SimCity and back to the Mets season performance. And you guys basically did that album in its entirety. And Duff came and you guys played a Chris Cornell came out. What was that like for you because I know that was a brief moment in time sort of it was it was just it was a snapshot in time to see Michael that album came out and then it. You know that you probably never played that anymore maybe a couple times or whatever and then you go back can you played in its entirety what what was that like for you. To go back. And kind of really just go back in time in a weird way your life I 'cause out I have to assume that was what that's like. It was a powerful. Time and I know I'm one of those people like after I've made a record I don't I don't listen to it because I'm moving on to the next record and working with the people but. That record it does have that timeless quality it holds up you know it's now. Twenty years later. And so. Mike and I when we started rehearsing for that you know now we have some emotional moments because here we lost lane and we lost shaker. And and it was also symbolic of a lot of other people that we lost you know Kurt Cobain and Sharon Lhasa the people from the cell music's in the past awaited during those years. And it it was a moment in time they're reminded us how fleeting license but how powerful axis you know you can do a lot. In in a short amount of time and you can really make a statement with music. It's the one thing the last longer than the rest of. It's just been healthier to 2006 and as far as an artist who lost anybody in particular that you. Ran in to talk to the that is passed on news. Government Merle Haggard here a unit you know it. I never I never met Merle Haggard but my dad listened all those records when I was growing up so Willie Merle Haggard Waylon Jennings you almost one country yet he applied for I did was raised on that so I think it kind of have a little bit of that in in my musical influences but. I never saw bode but I loved the boat record all of them stronger also different. And you know I had a chance to see prince when he played here at the show box. But because they're drummer broke the bass drum head. And it was a 26 inch bass drum you're doing got a call I'm really gonna happen and I had a and I I was I was the studio session in LA I could go to the show but you. The attack went and got the bass drum from my house some offense that's what they use for the show but I never got to see prince it was an awesome show that we went out every flag at half I heard that and it was what the all girl band it was and it just slim lead yet and he was backlit just also the entire time. With Levy walker lies. Is there anything that you guys can do know the singles out I mean obviously Pearl Jam has some dates are. They just actually council what do North Carolina made the news the wallets though and then I don't know what they held up McCain's doing these days are he's available the dual band called Guns 'N Roses yeah. Remember in the benefits that can happen so I could I don't know. Doing nothing there or I yet had your shot me. Four and then you've got the lucky neighbors and all this mean do you have any idea what you gonna do next or rather all right Lola we've we've been villager Walker's we've been talking about discipline in October I don't know if they'll be more recording or maybe a live show rehab singles coming out I was gonna tell you about this were we just did two songs with Iran Jones night I says that's amazing. You know local guitarist and singer and I'm producing his. His solo album right guys to be Iran Jones in the way even now as I told him he's lost his wife and I think that's I think it's the way but there's more people that have joined the ways in the middle way. More than one way to do it. And and we're doing two songs with Raquel Scioscia who's a Puerto Rican singer she's got an amazing Boris. And she was a Latin Grammy nominees for best new artist last year so she's doing two songs I think one of them is in Spanish. We're gonna do two songs Fernando it is from Brazil in Portuguese. And god thank coach Jones thank all of those kids ask those awesome and mean and Duff and I've played a bunch shows you know festivals with with his friend and so he he was like an obvious distress so you just did his two songs so all the stuff is gonna come out this year and into next year and bear market thanks so much anytime that for any reason you're always welcome and thank you on the hot dog.