Monday, May 23rd


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Yeah. I'm good I just seen that I like I was. That's riding a motorcycle one of my bikes excuse and then panic and I broke down and I didn't have my own army and a half an hour walked back to my house. So you can walk you walked back in in order to make this interview with me that so yeah I knew I had I had my alarm like I usually do. You know to make sure that I'm Aaron of course are like our our current ten minutes before our Crocker is gonna go around a block. Of course and used to live up in Chicago or opera should act area Norton North Chicago area or side. Is is there any point in my cat is nice to live in the midwest for like six and a half years is there any point in. I don't know like mid January or you go with the in my doing in Chicago who. Can't man I'm actually set to start happening around October and it and been my main. New York all of this really nice out here from like three months and the rest on your home why don't live in more. I think I could live anywhere why am I living here I live I know I lived in Minnesota man I was in the I was in Wisconsin that an ironic Mississippi you know there was a ploy I think in the summer when it's like a 195 degrees where he started out hunger for a long for the weather and then there comes a point where you realize you mere terrible mistake and you should be careful what you wish for. That's right I know and you. You know my my couple people that I know are in our daily and I like Sydney and are not like Ed often except what I've won the year it's a hundred when he did you get. Right right let's Seattle's the same way you know it's them livable here except for in the summertime. Part of it you know it we've mentioned Austin I'm going down our next week any any recommendations of places I should have never got spending quality time and Austin. On the you know did the whole place just sort of have a vibe you know. Everybody goes their Brit like the barbecue but they're written up like that here locally we're. Having barbecue like four times in two days and if you're gonna do it do that right exactly and think yeah I mean and it's and it's kind of a cool I. That's pretty much and you know it's like often as the taxes went cheap cargo is Illinois and had a is the Washington and we sat up and yet it's like you know whereas. When they when the last album cycle starts to wrap up of before you start working on the new problem north court or. Eight indeed it's taking time off for you to stay Ares is constantly working. Com. How really honestly and it's funny that were part of the north corridor conduct that the it's about our arm. You know already in a record when you're stuck inside because as Britain's sucks outside. But armed now me and Pete started right in its record. You know on its cellphone. Last February. So. You know you're tutoring your clean all the time menu right scene and then when he's getting to do that it'd actually. Record to record records written it takes forever and then there's so much stuff to you after you get everything like rush rush rush because now we have a data. A release and so are millions deadline. Yet so. So the reality is. Right now Tom we're doing in weekend shows and things like that until July art medication is actually. After your share of the day after your show. Yeah. Grab a month off arm in the summer at home and which is amazing and that's it. I never get that and down I mean believe me I'm grateful my job I love it. I love what I do for a living and loved every aspect about being able to be yet munition how to beat you know art for a living room. But complicated all the ninth but not have to be anywhere per month and not lion. That oh yeah June 4 by the way catalogs and there's still a few tickets left for that if you wanna get element a SX dot com let me ask you. When you do get time off does does flicked the light saying hey let's go somewhere do you go aren't helping places that's the Alaska and I wanna do I wanna do nothing. So true and and that's exactly what happened. And on our knees like I've been everywhere I just wanna be at our review that I didn't wanna be home and yet but. She we we tried something new which was vacationing. Close to com. So we drove fifteen minutes to this little resort. And tried that where he went like for two days and it's resort picking mentally. Yet that would work. And it works man really is it like really don't work like a water park or something that exactly he is a water park. Actually called your articles. And we went out there it was. Do it nobody there. And you have to be either resort at our everything there and send it really is the state of mind when you get into the vacations paid a minute you don't have to be far away. Don't have to be on a beach in Mexico you can be somewhere near receipt of Wisconsin and at school right exactly even that even though the beach the beach and Eric. Awesome cannot take anything away from that you ever go to like Wisconsin Dells or anything up there. Yeah oddly it's been a couple of years split. We had a bunch our family went there a couple of years ago and we go to. It take like extended family cooked our vacation where all the Brothers and sisters market and will go to bombs can like Michigan and Lake Michigan during the summer for the outskirts. Or cram electric. You know a riot course. I'm a being up a family business I suppose. Election bell is the you know working with family so closely do you think that makes it easier or harder to do what you gotta do. Sometimes. I mean definitely definitely makes it harder. Because. Knowing what he has Sibley and they know that armed. Basically. You know are independent I'll eat. Man I said it to you before a purified spend quality time with my Brothers that you spend with your brother I'd sum would be dead I mean there's no question about it and it would probably be me actually. You know what we've seen I've been together you don't bend. Best friend you know your Brothers you know but you're not always best friends and we've been best friends for so long now and that we even used to seeing the same hotel room and we first started out and then. You can get your own hotel Armenians you're so used to being an that a person that you end up. Stayed with them until yesterday I told our Charlie Peprah Peggy my own room you little bit I'm not that. A new baby hats when asleep in our in hotel room. And not. So we can only and we checked in I did my room and he is is grim egos. Caught there's two rooms he looks over at one of our through gardener here you can have my group but that's. Are you kidding me. I need to space. Record gaming public I guess that's out I have to match another there are no secrets between two view. Here he is using anything sacred there anymore is is that all on the table. It's it's it's selective I think to break. We try to write lever. Our citizens aren't not at her and I can't help but. Yeah there's not much hatred I mean really just trying to at this point just a wanna get on the other people and there are. That's a big part of. I'm I was just it was just looking at you guys it's a tour right Terry here and I saw this Texas mutiny show which looks amazing. On out there and Texas speedway where they can put like a 100000 people I can imagine actually online it says that Texas Motor Speedway. Gigantic stadium with many car races. But I don't look at it. Winning family dinner so looking at the lineup and who do I see on here but the one person I think that would be. Probably the mayor of the Texas Motor Speedway and the guys you have to hook up with the nets Vinnie Paul from Alia. Yeah of course going to be there he's a good do you feel great I do. Is time upon. I'm we've had them do a couple of shows over the years and there's always like a barbecue like we had uproar come through and Fannie would have a barbecue at the end of the night and I can only imagine what hanging out conflict. In the Dallas Fort Worth area in the summer oh yes like you know. We still like these that you try to avoid him and his brother he just. Q your best to avoid him at the end and I don't. Don't get could build they'll take you somewhere you'd never come on back you're gonna you'd like to show us a while Verizon does get back in the day. Yeah I mean not anything like a lot of other people got. I'm a lot were stopped immediately. Where you don't want those guys traveled together and they they would go to you know beta at and they go to shows together and I'm the first time we ever met him we were doing that. We heard the forty. It's. Dirt. And we get our show only came off and they understand them big picture arts. OK so you're kidding he thought a so it was it was pretty cool that the earth I met him that he ran into multiple armed and they come out our heroes or to show that. Somebody else's point and that what they're friendly Iran that go whatever we do. And it ran into each other little clip they're just super sweet guys man and that it totally supportive about our rock music in Britain that is. On the new album North Korea is out on July 8 what is this hitting seventh album seventh studio we'll look at what. Yes well it I haven't you gotten for proper tactic we're counting though and I'm but it are able to get out we had a small record you already have a have a bad record deal before they have a good one but I. Did you guys just that I just re sign with with epic with Sony. Armed and we did not the other way what we did yes we are and what. Before this record it was weird you could you aren't sure what we're gonna do with Emma and so are. So for awhile it was all a put your own record out it's gonna connect and that people love that end and that sort of burned out really pass. Open up putting their own record Aaron realize that doesn't really. Make a difference really when you're gonna hope importance into the the end of the day you just got Croatian media somebody didn't help people aid you've got a record even if people don't quiet they go mentality you whatever. And you know they come to show and that's that's really where you're supported now because nobody's. I mean from what I'm not a O'Neal probably shouldn't and the press nobody. The parent not record sales these days and I don't make any money from any of that sir play you'd do. Make money. Aren't being able to keep clean shows a key to keeping him keep playing music right and you know course we would still be noted that we weren't making any money net. Why we did it for so long in the first place. But arm is certainly nice to have our have a career. You know you're aware that a horse story you know they are at or stories about major labels. We don't have that basement totally supportive. From the very beginning they'd rather do whatever we want and it's like it's actually been a really good relationship and it and it really good experience being intimate live and so few people completed in around. A lot of major labels as you know aren't signing rock bands anymore some tomorrow with some of them are just out of the rock business you know what does that say about that the future of of rock music and our industry and you know these young bands that are coming up. I think that it's. I think it's cyclical if everything comes back around in a people get tired of you know I mean couple years ago it was. I mean the DJs are making you know 200 it's going to be thousand dollars for playing 36 hours this company. And it's only a few guys still doing that you know everyone else is kind of on back in Q. Sort of are more of reasonable rate these days so it is cyclical thing as me and about rap music I ate it. You're never going to be a time. When some kid isn't gonna be sitting in is reaching that you. In the north court or in the midwest and wherever playing guitar and writing that song you know our. Or hearing hearing Led Zeppelin or Nirvana for the very first time and changing. Actually man and that's that music. You don't decide Led Zeppelin they'll change in people's lives in so there are and so are a lot of the new term and you know we just have to you have to wait for that have come around and and because we look at some of the bands I drew a red. Thanks Sam garden for instance and I didn't know that they were so that Matt Cameron and general so incredibly influence. I let it happen and then when you go back and receiver Led Zeppelin not heat. Hear how he played. In and then you can sort of cure it's reminiscent to what will come from. Did you know the band nowadays you know might my nephew is I use. Armed super neighboring. Bringing it right we just played a candidate partly your memorably named but I think. We did play with them and that and I missed that stand out like cool everything and you know it's. It's all there and and it should include Haiti including him in such a different way then. Arm been influenced me right now because this is him hear it so I went back and I like if you like this man. You should go back and listen to you ministry and refused Ahmet where those guys. I guarantee especially being in her eyes and would be super implement other peers. Isn't that how it always happens thing this government and then you have find out everything that came before them and you always get back in the same places like glad that the. That Black Sabbath. And that's what that was great about music and they did it can go so far back and you know I didn't realize it from the I'm 1819 years old and found out who the minutemen were and found out what. I'll be plucked it out and the black flag Dead Kennedys aren't accurate and about the minutemen that are now what part music. Can be and that's happening right now with our kids that are into. Rock music and no rock music is still. Still happening and people are still writing it because. We're here Harper's record came out nine and I'm seventeen years ago amazing and at what happened our audiences 120 I'm. So. They're finding. They're finding our music now. Not from before so that's great but we haven't you people are aren't in her music and I think the data that shows that there's there's definitely Stokley for a music. North corridor is out on on July 8. Should cells in town to show log Soto on June 4 Sam it's always good talk and human. You have an absolutely and things Europe thinks it's important we're looking forward to the show thanks for walking back from your broken down motorcycle without health I'm partly I exodus walked back out there. It's sitting here all alone into older spread our underneath it and now. It you know what and it's beautiful day Jakarta on how many great days a year he did say that right Reynolds that day I'll see you I'll see you next weekend man. Absolutely very much stick around you you.