05-25-16 Nick Symmonds joins us in studio

Wednesday, May 25th

Olympian Nick Symmonds joins in studio before he setsw off to Rio! and he's got a new gum! called Run Gum!

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I led to do that had that is studio Olympic makes them at all. You look bad and you ran here I did he ran out exactly what it would it would mean everything. That dammit. The board disclosed Arnold's often family mildly Seattle and it took four over right there ruined yeah there's not enforce the morning I kind of like that. Right I write about little boy run in my opinion of Leon and gebbie Bloomberg government to say it definitely four. That Nicky you're you get ready for rapper real. Well I've got all my first but he's got a call the so called by the due to read rights every member of the track and field team all -- Olympic trials take place in Eugene or in July 1 through ten which is just like Korea and our own exacts its basically like your attacker could get it well it is and it hurt I don't know if that would that is a that's gonna like your home it's gonna like your home data on Eugene for eight years so it does feel like with that what's at Nike elected and then as good beautiful I mean they were field is is less it's it's Mecca in America Africa and he'll do what you -- part of building that little processor that little capsule actually ran for Nike for seven years my graduate from Milan universe in 2006 my first contract was with Nike we built up what's called or in clubs in the premier. Training groups and in the nation and rent them until 2013 and signed with. Brooks running newspaper and free net robbed this beautiful city. And a and you where have and is just like I'd probably luckier by the lawyers at bat design and I got a story yet and I love dogs act that was taken enemy who do the Turkey trot together so let editor lecture OK so we had Chris Cornell here and in my mind that the one of the great vocalist of our generation that amazing so we asked who like. He ever sneak into like aboard karaoke night in and mean just just a hand on glasses. You were the like sign up for like the you know. Valentine's Day five K and just mr. just be glad it's I just taste of all the serious guys if you don't mean they do run short distances faster enemy of the really jacked up and a line that. I did that voice at a couple of years back Turkey trot normally on call and immunity for these or whatever you. And that's I went and can't be signed up and showed up on morning like what are you doing here like work at an appetite but today and I had a good time and and no one knew I was dominant as actually cool because we were. Times I actually. But them elite stage on the world race and we. Preach to acquire and there is a good life they'll get here in China last week I was I was in Beijing Games. That isn't the world is yours is too small like that that's the only debate thing yeah here and I'm thinking are. You're running and so does anything yourself can you really want to read my experience with running as a subplot is there a woman wearing masks and maybe they locker and it is something you know so would run them you know it's not so bad when your when your race and when you start off in so ruling yet. Did it if it wasn't as bad it's yours in 2000 where back there. On it over the line yeah yeah look obviously throughout the great wall finally Ian and it was beautiful so it was a good trip. One thing I notice its interest in track and field and interview processor afterward you run a race you're tired exhausted. You guys have no problem spit on people. Drinking water along water I don't exactly I was like you on him in the duke throw up a little reason for doing yard and knuckleball. Caromed off a pretty good you know train for like all. It's just like eight as mapped to some really grueling 815. You know the culture of the carrier base and a lot of times select YouTube need to throw up to actually get these grade and sometimes it's put the I'd just talk about the American ninja warrior yes I'll see my Kate pageants at right now. Yeah it brown and you do the amazing thing maybe go to Rio and all of it but American and a lawyer for my money. Like that's the spot man that's the thing you'll incidents and obviously your goods ugly men directly that your in good shape and you go to this. How quick it can accurately how quick. And seconds until it's like I'm like everybody else now my couch watching these people and yeah I think it I don't know I tell everybody we can. If you get a better not let what cannot lightly. I am an Olympic we yeah October saying I. I got my. I was barely able to get past little broad jump on I think the public to the wrong don't let me just bring you put the foot clear over fees between. I would think that would be straight what the second thing. Is that road swing. The line to ropes. And which is fine when your out there it is. I'm happy it's trying to do one wonder and a runner circles and I could. A winner on the ninja or obstacle course you have to be dynamic you have to be. Visualize the art school and telling your muscles to do it right the first time and I got good muscle memory by buddies over and over and I really do believe that could complete all of the obstacles. But I'm not an athlete that can do it the first time soon Jim Nantz wrote a letter yeah I I. I had a great time you know it's one we filmed in Venice Beach at 2 in the morning watching these these really insane athletes and he was really cool for me. That it was certainly humbling experience but it was very it's. That mountain climbers moment. Don't we're talking to Olympian knicks haven't we get to regret that we elect talked about every week we we know for a fact that you have your income that is anomaly. You're home you're going for sponsorship pound guy. We don't merely odd. But I think we don't good that they would get about a comment we gonna talk about you spent some time and parents and we articles read it yet Simmons Sonoma I doubt it got to give a pet rabbit so much to get out at the thought up come up everything's we know that he's everything Larry and it you know that you're. It reminds me again your mind. Olivea Nixon Evans now blown that. Got to Olympian X seventy mile talk about it this tuchman thank you pet rabbit up martyr out of all dog it's. Thank god is divided on its. I would have wrote I don't know. Roddick came for eight years to live in the backyard and we are good friends and one was there he orders and was like you broke up with a girl go home now there's you know well lit it and it was would you eat rabbit. The problem guy I don't nothing in my heart. It's a little breezy it's freed who it. Let's talk about the beer miles. You seemed to take this extreme losers. I do I mean it's it's to my favorite things combined into one. Those of you don't know what your mileage. He drink beer run oil output quarter mile and a four times four Beers four laps equals a mile. And you do it right. You know throw up in disqualified OK I've done it five minutes nineteen seconds which was an American record your fastest hour or miles it is 359 Q Roger Bannister you run four minute mile under for that line. Actually at the stadium record here. Three states that and only a minute in nineteen think it's more you drank four B. That's impressed you drink their Beers while you run to get to stop and the other transitions. And leaders. And it's it's an eternity and a walk and drink and can you chug your pandemic avenue route boy act like this there's an guy or I am pocket honey not pure enough. That's why did you actually hear that it does appear bombing and is that an earthquake and his attitude to shoot down many beyond which we and you can't mess of it right no shot gunning hampering the hand or anything asked the five point oh or higher calling. He got exactly what can we won't dear did you what will what was your group source course. OK okay. But don't you think that is legitimately a weird way can bring tracked to the mainstream pro life I always thought about doing that actually. You know each possibly your 36 mile okay that these things so easily he did and he you know he drank four Beers on top I've waited so when did that when you ran the beard as. Art was that it appeared when you did yours to. Dance I was like why did I did it with an. With I won it all how long that I came back into. You can rally you can Alley it says here on your. Wikipedia page at the 2013 world championships in Athens at a championships in athletics in Moscow. Nick Simmons was a vocal critic of Russia's anti gay laws he dedicated his silver medal to his gay and lesbian veterans and that was the story you told them. Yeah I was right after the it passes anti gay legislation that said you know you're not even allowed to talk about being outlawed fly rainbow flag and land you in jail. And I just thought it was ridiculous it was right ahead of the Sochi Olympic Games whoever was kind of seeing how athletes would test those those laws and I happen to be out there that summer. And I just thought it was ridiculous I spoke out about it and and I guess that could have gotten in trouble and so the media and ran it by its I don't know I was raised from a from. Fiery mom and dad back and what Tom speak out something bothers me but that's gotten in trouble little bit of professional athlete when it's also. I allowed me to to to feel good about making some change. Feel like there's different things of people speak out about a minute's. Anyone can speak out about anything and one thing if someone is bitching about her job which everyone does but I would understand of the umbrella company goes out but it Versailles hey man I think you should. Treat people equally epic no matter who you war. You can't really come down I knew that that unified disagree you're so young but treat everyone equally well yeah they really get that. It's much darker and that's what a horrible that they do out there you preach equality that our leader you're dead from NORTHERN IRELAND and the advertisers and the surgeon. And your mom's teacher so where you account like a failure to the bio came to view the help out yes I want to division three school on its focus on athletics got about chemistry I'm going to be doctor. I would fourth generation doctor. That does this really kind of depressing for the way and you go back the mets' Mike Wallace like your your throwing delightful way you got it. I like to go out and he's like always the best. It could help. And you used your used your degree for you to go exactly so we have a product coach. Ron. And we used to drink energy drink before work for rates would love the way it is feel mentally and physically. But I always throw mama cause who wants it which are rates doing that the aggressive. And so we took every Venus and an energy TP chilling out run available on line to run dot com. And it's heart bypass or stomach you absorb your mouth and if you guys need like halfway through a race and timely if your American economy. Currently on sale job I don't. I'm doing and look fat hello hey maybe around and give us your right and I properties have run. Amok it. And I tell him what if it's you know midnight crew wants to stay out till two at the bars down on them it's that would I ever had no idea I had which is saying but one thing that's that every little green. There are people like to run obviously so miles please run some people here but. The majority of us don't so you could run government so. Wanna hang out after midnight tonight partly I would absolutely by the cup but it does is run like you would never cross my mind. Look at her apron and we knew that launched in the community that's. Right. And the week off that a little bit and Arctic Woody. Austin around Europe their party in your work in my world again. You know get out there for cocaine habit and back. Yeah it's just roam ago you know I mean your next front but does it just to load runner gum that's what she has come by ulcers and bank of I don't waste all that valuable stuff that space and when you could be in bought it straight shots and sheets and stay away I don't. I like you just don't cut it out now all that and I'm getting like. That appeals to me how to how careful do you have to be about to next few organ and if you were where every Lar you know everything I mean to think you have to be incredibly for it on I think every single longer than four years. Now that I'm 32. I don't know if you've heard of this crazy thing out there there's a group of people who run distance whether stone. Not that I wanna countless death until only one man everyone's allowed a lot of them now for ego slow old like this in the zone. And you can ago will be nick Simmons has been called Brad Pitt a track. I had a written on it exactly. Had created Elliott a publicist not that great to Brad Pitt I agree that I know enough to know. That. Did you use that's the Shimmy I I am or we drop that the Clint Howard tracking. A what about the okay we gonna talk about pairs sold to us here off the track. And dictated payers miles expert has made that up on ten entering. The do you approach her is she she America the was costs republic. People that is an area off of and it waited she drinks at the hope. Well yeah. In the Beverly Hills itself a probably lives. You know Alan did you go there. I'll just one day it was all right it was a bit of the atlas publicists and look do so I want to can only come awfully I didn't get. Out. Well I'd do well and she would be into the run. I would assume they. Are a lot Friday anymore I don't abundant and now. Well as custom it's parliament's 42 condoms for every single athlete you've been to two. Separate Olympics is visible or left the condoms in the preakness is an hour. Average amount right I mean it does and that's it I think it's it's not enough for the swimmers those guys are both. And I. Swimmers Vietnam development so easily the swimmers with the gym this comedy show them what I think about it that the Olympics take place three weeks in outfits that are on the right up there and greatest party on course and it's there at the tail on our super annoyed by all those other people is they're trying to prepare the greatest competition you guys that ports and it under and almost always the area. This is going through on it did you are a major on your. He's ever look at or Lejeune as a public Dwight Howard but like anything weird combination elected its citizens and walk on the heels the seventh but basketball players on an. Six. And round and sports and language. Barriers against a matter as far as looking up in the Olympic village on all nasty that would be cool that it. And you wanna you don't want this stuff. And Anders is survived the same London the same is is other places that are are you when you go to the is the compound to compound. Saying everywhere hours yet and it's it's very high security guys metal detectors and security. Checkpoint in that credential. It. It's it's a circus in the first night. Again it's very quiet and it's great. As the as the competitions and in the partying begins for the people who were done that to the village just it's a quarter and progress in the sub pages in my mind them. What are some of the person who was going to be parting swimming coaster early. In your on. The I when I'm putting them and I asked in the starting junk food to let me start parting and other O'Donnell in the village holly -- But now Padilla. And. I played. Play goes on college football team now we are dumb of the ballgame it was just drugs central I mean we I we're doing all this election when people are done uses the week starts Mallon in the villages and all that stuff you can get tested anymore is its exit test and the fact most people have competitions after the games on track and field. Some of our ISO competitions take place in September after the games that included in which to get tested so that you Guinean and you'd you can never think about smoking a joint you walk by ten marijuana stores today you can never even want him I can't that's gonna kill you. I don't I don't like marijuana that much and trust me I went to college I've done my fair share it's every it was never one for me I never elect though well I mean your runner you work on the other you know work on the adrenaline roundup. Let's what's what's the strategy born and raised we we just kind of figured out that you don't just go on one run one race. It's like heat qualify you gotta kinda figure out which are zone is where you need it and how does have them run Smart. Yeah so I think when people see you race a lot of the times they don't understand it seemed he rates the third competition for days so. Any championship meeting whether it's the US Olympic trials of the unit the Olympic Games. All around three rounds over four days in the get progressively harder harder. And so a lot of times past and round on starting line of the biggest risk your life again. I'm exhausted I got to do this for my and that's we're on them certainly comes in handy to have had the thought of McDonald's and a few Beers at the answer in the. What with the Olympics Allen you chewing on the dome over the considered them out at you I'm not talk about. The other do they want all money on the room while one more quick question would you take any sponsorship is there any sponsorship endorsement deal. That she returned it preparation dates and Litman. And stamp above grass in enemy on the wrong guy that pretty much where credit limit without without a draft out of. I have row he didn't air filter well yeah I was there and make quality products and out there to help the world some way and and be you know it's a subject. Our minds are ginger red sticker on your on your on years and I are here are my. Hope our audio on them all product isn't sure how you like here on out here I'm able to would you be staggered up like NASCAR but then that's that that Olympian exhibit thanks so much government and I believe it's great time.