06-08-16 Robert Dugoni

Wednesday, June 8th

New York Times Best Selling Author Robert Dugoni stopped by the studio today to promote his new book "In the Clearing". He caught our interest when he put Mes Room Red into his earlier book "Her Last Breath" so we get down to how he found it and what made him put it into the story. He also gives us a look into how he became a Best Selling author!


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Is a joke and we are very pleased to have in studio's New York Times best selling off. Robert could go over well. You can and correctly that you are popular word about that they are telling them and get away. Boom with wood and a lot of different things but that was that was an important about what's the most common this month's Asian da agony. Doug Doug NA. NC a dumpster that means that I don't. I don't I don't spread out on a threat at. Right early to get into the book and everything later we do appreciate you coming on the are on the show with this and we will find your life very interesting you were you're a lawyer down in San Francisco for a number of users via their thirteen years obviously not a very good. Terrible because you just picked it up and you said the helmet on do in this and have a better he's writing a book. That I don't order. A writing about them. So how do you walk away from a six figure I'm assuming job in San Francisco and commit your family know look really. I'm at Oregon I write all the time you know or I'm on the in the room and run and I'm telling you run well right now. Let's just get all this up let's leave lovely San Francisco will make you know 80900 million dollars or home and we'll move to see now what would have liked how hard was that so easy. My my life from here she's from Tia she was she was round now. And mussina wasn't you know anyone practice watching news and write books and in it she was just really achieves from. This area and so we return kids in acuity at home human. Family it you know her family and kids then I took him off the sex in your square. No windows eight by eight to get distracted by the stabbings rusty and I've been a champion yeah vehicle as I would a lot of ideas for your you know right it was it was my prison cells it is what my wife. Did but it was great I mean for those trees there was no distractions which is simply. Three years ago on what the cheese steak shop golf Mecca beat me grinding it's gonna that's going on the underground tour generally working from Mecca at its. Says some people died. You know I think also to murder mystery in the occurred ambulance. Why man why does when it was at that that has never liked star happy because the murder mystery and I got there at. You but are you technically it's like the weird murder mystery capital of the world anytime you turn on lifetime television. Isn't always invite lovely Victoria British Columbia are Vancouver or the Pacific northwestern doesn't seem like. White people here loved Achilles to eat you know what's interesting about Seattle is they don't get a lot of murders in inking county property is only 20/20 three year. And so that the people that I work with that I consult with they they love helping me because they don't they don't really get the stuff that off. They'll get they'll get that what they called routers you know which which is kind of the easy thing gang bang shoot somebody or some you know and it's easy stuff. So the ones that are are hard to pick hard figure out who did it that those kind of things they don't they don't get that many. Saw coming off cinema got this idea for a book and here's how would you do it. And they love it means that the people that I consult with love it because they think it's kind of sit down and he's all the things that day you know that they learn they know how to do it they don't get the user. Surely Levitt now because you've been on the bestseller lists and and and everybody wants to be a part of that but when you first approached it like I used to be a lawyer the most popular and read books are they a little skeptical now. It's amazing I admit I'm India and one guy term. And he next became a PI. And summit McCall as. It did you know I'm really. Expect that sure but no I've never been turned it cost them it was today. Also recommend do you know yet I'm cop and they love it and it gets the puck but the job. They do and and you know right. Statement that really. We've been great for an open great. Our policy people come creepy. No in fact it's really fine woman that it that it deal quite a bit. She's she's she's got two kids and she threatened to soccer practice and she sees more. Arguably our forensic people. Is that the same as like people that work and link them Morgan. And I knew a guy and it worked for the city in the Morgan him and his friends are creeping into half I thought how could only get away with cuts and I was gonna ask you now if it proper you know what enough I mean if you wanted to do. There is a perfect murdered your had some there situation that there that the problem is not. The person committing crime. The problem is that the people that look into it they'll they know. They know. Years and years ago murder Capitol Hill. And they never solved. Prosecutors killed. Yet is which is being beaten and they never saw Dana alluded. Can improve and so only that but they figure this stuff there's the there's more the. There was there was a rumor Niagara grow our global estrogen because I get tons of are you. Cracked tons of Italians tons of relocated mobsters back in the day would missile relocation plan was big there estrogen times close of DC group was with that. If you wanted to dispose of the body. You have someone swim underneath couple hours the reference is Dick Cheney sees it's just a month with chain by the time they get to Pittsburgh the number of her five or six times like the bodies to scattered throughout you know and an ideal ideal and you know its skull. Well I haven't I have a book in the fourth book in the series coming in February. And it started when it met with my movement of people contact with the exit and you methodical body crap. Com am and do it. Meaning beginning meaning now. Yeah human grading because you know like eat. You know they're never find it in the Puget Sound for well well yeah I mean they get accidentally trolling comptroller to pick him up at and then and looked and that's what. Okay all right now let's talk about right now it looks well let's talk about you you kind of knew we'd gotten a murder a lot alleyway that's. What's an interview with you and I were talking about the fact that you kind of know which one do when you were in seventh grade accounting hit your. Is supposed to do this project and you get up and you have to give a presentation you can use to be won a slave. All slave owner abolitionist evolution or whatever and you picked abolition right so reckon our ranger Mike who is the most famous abolitionist John Brown. Down payment but either way you know what I call me. At that when school active disputes. You know what was the owner or what dude Portland. All of them were you think OK okay you know I've connected to the program and I like about what goes by it. A. That you gotta idea that you're not a got a communication degree from that they went to law school and now. A year authors so basically that long road they'll although stages along awakening helped. Make you the writer that you are now until that knowledge analysts have we know we you. A criminal attorney or we will go now draw up wills and Vietnam I was civil rights of some tweets about the first. But the most are constantly everybody ethical can you had me help me draft this you know I've got different. But if not thousands civil lawyer. You know I practiced on a San Francisco trials and in forty meters civil lawyer what is it everything cinco you know you have a dispute with somebody about something like this court can exact occurrence that was built that kind of stuff. Com and it was great it was important group of young group of guys in this kind of a new law firm like 3040 guys are finally good time. And it was at a great time doing it but it just wasn't him it was when I set out to do as a bullet was when I thought it was going to be doing. And yet you know EU right I mean you know when when I walked away from it was Deanna excellent scary moments. Powerball did you know and and reason I ask how long did you know you didn't want to be award because you don't know dozen by accident. I mean that's a lot of time in school we put a lot of dedication and so like a long real ordered imprisonment is this just is not for me. It was probably about. I go for years and look what happened was I've you know we got placed on them on it if we come back under that Nixie come back to be hung over. And I sit on my desk as long program I'm reading answer to your tours written questions and I just you know like what I'm doing. Literally turn around that they picked up the phone called ECT theaters is Goran on and here you can have classes for four. The public museum doom I'm two pounds of woody out. Mean less wordy that true stories vicinity as we have class from lawyers teach lawyers act. I sit com I don't want us to go on and do court trial August yep I did I like that I didn't know I don't want that I want I want an acting. And I ornaments are doing theater and you know I did theater for about ten years and carted you know pretty choosing. Character and absolutely it. Is about the stories of this is. A little while ago. Wake up go to work hung over through and used what Clinton and the question should stop drink in late. This is a wanna do when I'm hung over good. The rest of my life on one and I appreciate. Talking hangover or it's a crap I do when we're talking to New York Times best selling author Robert ago when you get with. To these and you like a plaque would your that what was about somehow. How does that happen at some are ceremony at the call you'll Robert yeah I knew my times again talked nowadays it's pretty treatment for me it was for. Your first not hurt ourselves. 61 shot one kill exactly accurate measurements there and not not all Honda happened that that well but. Which is an agent and she says it again and that's. I'm with Thomas Emerson here in town that it may actually. In new York and get on the near that they answered that they do send me. Framed copy of my book when when Angela records exactly. Nice girls Collins and a Jewish shrine now if you strike somewhere and absolutely. We are going to be I don't know I mean yeah. We're part of it up and got all my life you know but show finally is it like the record industry in essence though your first not yet about the park tonight a band that. So your follow that means additional pressure. Yeah I mean it. The way I am always look bad days in every books and right because you can't count some having read your prior work hounds all the time in game at all times and I never heard you. Barrett picked at this book going to be you know in the third book in the series that gotten it's gotten clearance from Dario. CK you can't count on somebody having Rangers this stuff so I mean have you gone to an that's what. You know he. Oh sure it does it it it didn't impact in the norm that's OIEE. He writes good stuff but he's not. But he has a lot of people so what happens is it is the amount of books and wrestled in a certain period the week to week to week. So a lot of times the stuff can be manipulated no policy to put out thousands and thousands and thousands of copies in stores right and and they'll they'll pumping up the pollen is just like when you go to see a movie you know a year ago see a movie and and he'll be out and org up two weeks and has gone. And you wanted to schmuck that witness on the Internet to recent doubles back. But they fled the theaters right Brett you know it's a lot of times. You know a lot of exit that the best though it's early yet the books out there really are good. Good example for is Dan Brown wrote the voice in the vote write in the book first came out he did okay with. Not great either okay. But then suddenly people are reading our talking about he's target on the best wireless six months after bone conducting an honor percents and got so so a lot of it doesn't have to do it you know units sold. But it doesn't necessarily mean does NASA and industry and come on the person to okay. From from an art love that you from a dominant so yeah exactly get into how we you're you're new novel there is out now and the name of that oil and is it isn't in the clear that there in the clearing is this the the book that has the men's room original red reference note that one here is her final round with its second so this was a while back in this case. About nine months so it's okay I'm from from neatly in Korea. We wanna find out why one of the Beers in the screen is great name for the first hold up we'll get -- breakers with it looked votes that the commercial break we'll come back and if I don't author Robert gonna run out to the odds on his studio by New York Times for selling author Robert begun Agca more questions for you here. It just from Leah egotistical standpoint you know this is they're on the road decline. The just doesn't seem to be easily Barnes and Noble's there's more of the bigger major boost its slide Hudson news doesn't involve that's what I want to neglect when you when you walk into our -- -- guy who kind of like slightly walks in the Hudson is because you know enemy like it's all sellers ran an article and your library or not that is my book might well they like in the like you. Have yet exactly like our opinions. And BC's the one picking up earlier books elect of the butcher him other shows like there it's effective line. And kids in the it's the product placement and where is our route to stars and my daughter was sixteen. He's in. The you don't on the occasionally offered only have you ever met up. Of the argument that's been the directly. I ever heard a negative review. Like all. I had been on airplanes and I've seen people read and and mark because it. Ecosystem the little book on this evening he's at what they weren't they hate it. Known and you're there or do go up and drop that you've got you're leading everybody on these books they don't know who did it just go up let's see. On the eight out of there like dude it's that Johnny as the killer. You stop read right now Robert going to be under the article they give us two hours of play breath. If you are used. Got it is is that his radio we're not really you know hour radius it's Hilton command problems like. We we do that there are people I'll be in that the kids. You. Can. Yes there. Via the place. Would lose your typical you know your read it to you never know who's listening yeah. And ultimately some new arrangement. Relate to my mind yeah area and they read more books and any any others out there so. So that that's earned them yet we got like a spice it up now to the shades of gray. We got a bunch of emails like only so handsome face and eyes yeah that's great there and constantly doesn't re air it and I think writers after that there. Well you know I am not line the first. That he had to get it at that author that you look up to reach talking. Who like you are stuck to that I don't know. I thought about Steven I think that guy's genius. The green. That's the car ran it. Is hard not to emulate someone else's you appreciate it very hard and worries and don't read. I read any wheels of the race date that didn't expect that. Through what you wanna do original show on it. If you heard another show talking about topic and he Billick on others showed talk to analyze. Overcoming everything and it's just better or human you can actually pick out you know I seen in theaters you can you can actually pick up some. The wind with the rate in people write a lot of times we speak. And the user to pick that that rhythm and pattern and you know that's I can't it's like Columbia aren't as never off area. It habits that you hear people's chains. If I was into Obama enough I'll start. And it doing regular grip on my political goals so right now. You've got these you've got people and they all have an image they have an image of the person who is in peril. They have an image of all these different people and all this stuff is gonna come a point in time where. You know movie companies gonna come to you in select. Based on the stories based on the success of these you know we wanna put decision in on the big screen or maybe is this lifetime comedian sailor equity affectionately mindedness that ever be yeah our goal that I got an offer yesterday. Now you can't tell you I did well. Unbeatable Heyman absolutely the wrong guys yeah I input and output in and it runs right here they're gonna chop his book is art that would not get a part it's. Yeah. You write the screenplay or do you would have I have I have friends got in glee crouch did pines. And and they went to him and say you know you can write one of the twelve episodes and then eat more and more entrenched in it he's. I don't know volunteer at the there are people go to school for years becomes greener in their some really good screeners and it from me to walk in mountain Everest in all car. It's been a lot of years analysts to musicians. Some big star got him to his Washington job and I mean that's that's how this and it would be okay in Japan and in that low I'd love to do it. If it happens you know we'll see what what real winner goes Tammany you know it's that the negotiations that it. Teaching in their pocket they're talking about it doesn't make comments at the beginning of a negotiation that doing the right thing exact and I love to see if FEMA screens hula who would you pictures playing your card that is the Israelis is just crazy Crosslin eateries that are. Hold. There. Add. I would hope he'd opened. Mentally educated at. Utterly that it would you think the thing is is that your of the writers you back we're seeing these people as your writing about the seeing something that's why he's that's why he's there that's what people bitch so much about you know and move would books and I Atlantic empress. Jack reached did you reject Greek users bottom miceli. Who only eight ounces. He swears he has never described apologized but just based on its on you read the book. You know he's he's 65 he's a big guys and they cast horrific. I was Edinburgh the oh. Tom Cruise Manning into an act in any film though yours for a murder mystery like kind of books you've done or what area of influence and TV shows. Debate and it isn't a lot more TV shows spaced out here now ports like anything can happen in these woods wouldn't always you know what is ironic is. When I when it's our right female lead there wasn't it was a lot of female homicide detectives or detectives on TV now you look at TV it's quite a few close there. Knew that if there's quite a few stuff on the line this is cyclical too right and you know you it will it will go back to westerns. You know all us open and everything kind of don't like now they don't have really much reality TV. If few years back it was our reality TV network TV is his current shrinking and that is more more shows put on. And we have more stations. Through so I think hearing that the public. The creativity. When you guys what were you thinking about like yeah. Which you're gonna write down I read a thing he said though they're drain in the late because they want the natural salmon population and so of course when they during these legs and allow the reverse them back through to bust down that damn. You've got. However long hundred years fifty years debris at the bottom of it you thought yourself boom body on bottom of the way right. Always yes because. I don't know where this stuff comes from the guys at my my life sometimes you read might optical. Which he shouldn't preach you gonna to. I I pray for and a few others that. Stuff means I'll read real things in the news and think I know exactly what happened absolutely I mean you know part of them all the take them dams in on them think and part of became the story in minutes. Where they they had these buried in an entire village. You know that did that for progress idea in general and hold towns are other things and then I don't know but it. And and sell it to the things is concert come mean and I just. Went power them honest and upright just let them eighteen calmed me okay. Finally got to ask you what the Bahamas and the beard in the I went to the bar. And you might hear higher and higher score on him square Angela Angela the arms in the bar. I got a brother and doctor down the area and and eateries have room and he loses its. I he's just he's just the way isn't fair enough I go and look and in on looking mania like race beyond men's room beer. And one of them is is loser loser loser. And in its I I took the picture and tries to his apartment. So it was and is a great bar and it was it was great atmosphere and Molly Wood for cool places with scenes. You know Mayo put seen here. But yet we have w.s killer who calls talked jewelry. And work early into the movie with that part but it is a great Barney the great fear means different and in its name differently and in which a lot of fun group people out on an eight. There's Barnum and hearing called tin room and I started hanging out there on the owner in the tea rooms in everything. Oh awesome. Robert to go to New York Times best selling author a Wall Street Journal number one Amazon bestselling author of the book is called on my visibly in the Atlanta clearing in the woods dislike agreeing them I'll orbiter now panels that. What town now below advocate its loss would ultimately emerald involved in green and little four ounces anyway its property go to thank you so much time did we manage grades that.