BJGN07-06-16 - Comic Book Day - Overwatch

Wednesday, July 6th

Spicoli discusses comic books, including Teen Titans, Deathstroke, Greyson, Captain America and Uncanny Inhumans; Rev talks about Overwatch competitive play; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Joined Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24 sevenths whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of size fly a key culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW doc club that's BMW doc plus. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chase each nation. Yeah Al welcome to Vijay CA's geek nation. Under Evernote why go across to me is Vicky Barcelona you know. We've got Chris walker mr. walker like eighth and and NAFTA gives him a little extra goalie joins us live. Then we've got oil not the show's namesake but his son Manny Millar. Drove dryness are a money to buy direct. And they get people can hold the Brazilian check out our web site dollar podcast Seve Jake each nation dot com. A month FaceBook just a dvd safety patient. Do you follow us on Twitter and instant MVP is used to it and that's easy nation. Senate is exiting the boys I've won any dad keeping score at 335 green. Definitely not PG nation at And I'll check better video that YouTube dot com slash BJD mentioned. Yeah we've got a lot of stuff to cover today because well stuff. Fine comic book Wednesday commodore fans following and I. It's Nicole Lee com what have you been reading what can you telly. OK well last week dumb last week with the fifth Wednesday of the month. Which always means a player Wednesday and yet means a light week first for DC always needs annuals. Com which it did in this case it was teen titans death stroke and Greece and the grease an annual was fantastic the last few issues have been written by Jackson when he called Kelly. Hum who great joy ride forbidden studios has also fantastic. And they've just been killing it and so they got this this is their last issue. It's it's for short stories of as a real Harley Quinn. And two other characters who are totally gonna come to me yes where. I thought they are there are all gathered together by Jim Corrigan and he's trying to figure out who ages 37 who we know is Grayson is because yes this he's tears that he has these implants that disguise his identity. And so we get these these little short stories. 01 of them assignment as the new green lantern button. And colossal Constantin. So John considine Simon bass Harley Quinn Tom Constantine don't constitute our own the team that struggled in the Palestinians Simon best Harley Quinn. And as a real all get together and they'll tell story of how they've and then they met decrease in when he was an agent and it's very reminiscent of the Batman the animated series episode almost got a broken in which a bunch of that's my cigarette at a bad time CR I remember I was there and I senator lump. It's so this was very much like that is Grayson laps or so I was like that's with a lot of economic and anybody who knows me knows how much Olympic. So Gray's annual spend time and I hope I see no more allegedly telling. Outside of just joy ride and now let's talk about to Marvel Comics 'cause mobile. He's on the lead on the flight Wednesday and indeed and I miss MM moved. On the front. Just under mullah console like it. And there. Like I lazy easing the most Alec all the comics are fatigued and have had like I just can't have enough so. As a member kept America what can out few weeks ago oh my god hail Leiter RR I didn't mind so they have cancer America number two came out last week. And now we also announced it was all. And what. I don't know I just guessing pretty there was all exposition it was just explaining why he's a hell Hydro and what has happened. In a way that like it felt like soap. There are people say marvel back tracked you they can't do that they plan these things a few months ago. What I saw those tweet read if you were like losing their mind how Marleau back to try to then backtracked people this clearly was planned from the beginning however it from discount to the way it is comical when it didn't have any of the plot carry from the last issue was just Baxter we beat up to the issue enough. I assert. They knew they were gonna have to explain to me you Leigh feels more emphasis was to be the third or fourth issue of the arc and it got bumped up because vessels and it is possible to do a comic surely can't. That it would have been impossible to write draw and publish this comic between when number one came out there was Wednesday that would have been impossible that can't happen. However this one. I don't think it was what's come out yet because it was immediate alike who ought to worry about it here is the story that you're about to read. Which I don't know he makes me not interest in the story now I'm like OK I know what's going on out at all yeah after a mobile see what happens after it so. What happened is there's been this event over the past few months called Pleasant Hill to the southern pleasant Tillman had a few more in the name. And it's about this this prison that shield built using Kobe was a young girl who is a sentence cosmic cube. Why yes but. Yeah I heard that right folks yet I kind of scramble membrane there are a little bit. It's all I probably just waiting because essentially discuss efforts at cost and present danger was subdued version of the danger room just we can't. And I thought I SO anyway that Kobe there is murder hills using Covert too great this prison where they would rewrites. The the histories of fillings. Nor regret the memories or the personalities of villains and make them docile basically Piaf basically like the prison in heroes are born. Okay my half their runs so. That of course goes partly because comics what you can do is necessarily explodes and at the end of Kobe deterrence Captain America who was all old young again. The allowing cats American of one come out a young Steve Rogers in so simulate the whole point it's a that would just make up America and against your army. Is this just American number two begins asking the question you know well know about the scope it girl whenever asked. Put it that cosmic Q belong to we flash back to red skull and cats America fighting and wall were two over cosmic cube. And and Captain America breaks it with a shield. And then these pieces shatter eternity Kobe. And so we see co big story basically. Between then and the beginning of Pleasant Hill where she was. She went to red skull and was like you owned me and we worked together let's work together again and red skulls like ESP county becomes a father figure for the child she she. Oh rewrites or doctor Eric celtics' minds and makes him Hydro he was her handle her creating Pleasant Hill. And so basically what happened was when she made it kept America younger again she implanted those memories of him getting the hydra pamphlet when he was yeah all. Thus making him think he's been high to sign in this is crazy because what you're telling me right now. Is leagues almost word for word was someone posted on on our slash comic books and their urges like. I know what's happening and they just did by the panels of the first issue because the lady in red. Always like everything else is wash when he came to that she was always very promising he's like. Someone's messing with his memories and doing all this and to see all that happen is kind of like wow is telegraphed or I don't know any and Arabic before this I didn't read the Pleasant Hill storyline. Thumb and so now like I feel like you're fighting federal if I had been following this if I had read that moment or Cynthia cosmic cube to hurt and Captain America young and in the next time I saw him he was like I'm also part of hydra. Blake this at this is Everett who who actually do a duet ready set read both those DEC oh yeah just we on the laws go they saw it coming everybody Adonis is like yeah of course as happens but still laugh all you see is the last slot splash page where he says he'll hydra everybody's losing their money as he did -- and it could be at the Saban is like none non nerds you know the people who aren't following it like oh my god this is happening this is such a terrible horrible thing. And what is typically been saying the entire time. It is this shot makes it's an issue wine. That's an half an editor at this and that's really an interest seeing sort of commentary on on on on us as geeks and not just literally in this room it. Are our broader fan base and people that we hope to reach with this is. People win. Bad ass crazy when they thought that they marvel had turned she got America into hydrant but in reality they had been laying in this story for however many issues in this other in this other comic. And do live defends. Who have read all that stuff they knew it they know exactly what's going on and end it. I just the and the outcry is an assortment my. And like the idea of Blake it. And part of that it wasn't healthy it was a certain gift on the freaked out because part of the idea warlike. This symbol of America is now a young was created by right Jewish writers like. The idea of the red skull brain washing Captain America. It isn't even a little bit new. Aren't those Jewish writers they created him they came up with plot lines like that lake that's also why are the last page cliff hanger is what stand lean mean yeah comics isn't super big turnaround I mean there are dozens that was Daley's greatest contribution was was was bigger people come back next month's primary time. And so it's so this is comics just America to you. I wouldn't necessarily expects. Come here and here we updating you on number three. Woolsey how it goes but I don't know Ricky following the story I would actually be. Interested to find out and now they've now that I know that I would be curious to see how numbers three reads. If you read it before you read number two so I might buy all three I think that's good I I don't know wanna read it just see if I'm right I tried was this was this yes you pushed let's let's experiment with that I'm good I'm gonna go out and get all three of them and Roman arena -- well all right due to come out and do I think it'll be in just like three weeks I think there's one of their books that comes out more frequently learn and using your lyrics I'm sorry. Tell what's in three weeks. So hard and you know there. Okay back. Right nevermind happened about a four weeks I. After I had the last wanna talk about his uncanny in humans number eleven knots because all of the humans and I didn't I've read all their issue since 98 but because this one it really heavily factors in the civil war to. Nominee so much to try to keep you up today and all the important plot points civil war too good and so in uncanny in humans we know we glass and look winless on civil war to number two. That Tony Stark kidnapped the human Ulysses that is the linchpin of this whole event. And so that is an act of war you can't do that. But this issue opens up and Medusa the queen of of the in humans saying that they're gonna retreats and so like. Carnac and other humans are like that's BS and Ed and this was this by the way I run all Charles rolls and humans and -- you stand this was his best issue yet plenty I think he's really finally tapping into the themes and the spirit of the royal family and humans and why they're different the X-Men and what the difference in humans was doing Medusa towards a carnac it says please carnac. Not in front of the humans. Okay. Back to battle an implant is what they decide to do is like gonna to restart did this. Nobody who works for Tony Stark did this nobody who lives in America did this so we don't need to go to war when America or stark industries just Tony. Oh ho ho -- also able to shape shifter is a day they transfer all of this personal funds just as private funds to a private account to the Cayman Islands today. Database they have their techno Mansur guy. Break past Tony's AI get all this personal emails and accounts bogey mosques of them. Which which is also really bad for marriage because she's kind of see Tony Stark and Al. Ask us the best wine. His were a lock shot you guys know locker Jodi tell sporting dog of the inhuman Smeal the Google bulldogs did he total imports into Tony Stark's private garage full of nice cars don't know and I'd like these drugs see him and I like this is blockage threat level miner who's just teleport in dog after an idiot opens his mouth at its full grenades at live. How I don't know how it's a way I edit destroy is already on how our god I thought I'm so he's a personal war but I'll. One of the in humans Triton it was like a fish guy. What these are even scaly. It's tough to beat him yeah you never know how you come out there like maybe so she's she. Has the sort of monologue where he realizes agree with but he says he's been disagree whether it is some more and more and he goes to this place where she this restaurant where he meets. And he calls maxim is the mad Max and this is the maker. Which is a very interesting term in the last time we heard the words the maker used in world congress it was a reference to reed Richards of all you have read and maxim is the mad at. Was part of the curve ball at a we haven't seen him since secret wars yeah now do so and that's us and as my favorite marvel film I was super sexy back he's part of civil war. She and trite and then go and blow up stark tower. Below a look at ends with mr. Safire like me with this being like this is good we didn't you know we've we've ruined Tony Stark but. Stark tower stays standing and as she says standing. The yes what. What so exhilarating Iron Man and you pick up the next issue and an end to start tower has been destroyed it's gonna happen and I'm Jenny in humans eleventh. So that's WD be important going forwards it distorts and civil war to. M going to imagine that it wasn't cleared out personnel at that point in time I write I would not expect had no health like wow this has expressed that is back okay. Lots lots economists have there's so thank you very much and asked are going to let's talk a little bit about video games the last time Matta last Wednesday it was just the four of us guys Vicky you're here though so you can chime in if you want to allow video games. If that academic thank you. I've been playing a lot of over watch and having a lot of don't have blizzards news that made a team based FPS it's a lot of fun to get luckily when he gets really frustrating and again to last too long Z don't worry about that should. Now they have job brought competitive play to the PC. It actually came out last week about a what about a little over a week ago I'm consoles are going to have to wait but right now this is if you want a more serious version of the here Obey shooter you can do that. If you don't know. It happens in seasons it looks like that this season is going to start about and about a month and ask him what to go until August 18. But essentially you get rankings if you've played hearth stone or any those sort of things Jabil to me you know get into that. You have to be level 25. In order to play competitive games I am not there yet I am still grinding a more about a level low eleven or so on ramps. Well the question can because my understanding of what over watches Cincinnati played. What what makes it a competitive game. So what they know what you're playing is it's a six vs 61 person shooter game with the objective so you're just going to try to complete whenever objective whereas there it's. Escorting the payload to its destination or capturing a point in holding it for the longest amount of times those sort of things for so that's just a game that you play. At the end you finished the game and you will get range to based on and Tom beating your opponents can. And so at that point you'll get a ranking and I know that with hearth stone age starts are ranked 25 and you go down. To hopefully to rank wind okay. On that at the end of the season and you give bonuses at the end of that for however you and did you get special prizes he give those sort of things and this helps out in this helps create a a competitive all leave it. So people can get into those things for. And it puts a little bit more of a legitimacy to that sort of thing when they're pushing it they're saying no here's where you can train for competitive stuff and I believe it would evil leader until like me to regulate nationals early world. And supplies that Jed oil it's a liberal regular quick player which is just say we're pretty five to ten minute game with random is right people we race. Whatever to competitive play you penalized for leaving it's like maybe twice as long you play it's like having an actual map for her so it's a different game play experience it's a little bit surprised yeah say might baseline rear shooting people and taking points but it's a longer look more finance. There forever you going to pursue that dead downturn in his step by historical imitate the regular pursue this and meet I am tentative over watch Claire. I am going to hopefully get to level 45 in them going to look at the competitive aspect of it. Maybe team up with people stuff like that I and a lot of time in my life to go super hardcore serious. I mean is the same reason why I stopped playing tournament magic. Right it was just because I don't have enough time to prepare and then also spend nine hours. At a place to play the game correctly this is just too much going on and I like playing the game I just don't know how hard core I can be but it definitely wanna test the ranking system. On that aspect to know is our device of Iraqi system to go down owner anchors it's kind of seeing where you get points and end you know if you usually get a couple points if you win you a lot of poise it contributes to a growing up. I George you know for sure I don't know for sure all blizzard games you do a thing where you gain points and lose points none of this down and the public was first person shooters where it's usually just like. You know experience based yes yeah all olds getting matchmaking and also are kicking ass though it's a point where it's pretty balanced and then inevitably all get more points just for play game 500 points as he finished yeah yeah then and then on the play were like my number is higher than I am I'm only thing is people that are better than me. Because the game sinks in better than I am yeah 'cause I own this game long and they don't know how in life subway got hearth stone on for Mike who ranked when he five to two when he you don't lose rank but once you go beyond that is considered all right you're you're getting into the hearts out so you can easily trying to get you down problem yeah. They could have an individual rank which is her overall lateral level which is your arm come I XP you've gained through playing and a new have a competitive rank which is your win loss percentage essentially. Suppose it continues to be awesome almighty yen this January doing good I gotta say for every blame that on the expo rings. I am not I'm playing it on the PC prepare and that he basically for me when he comes down to first person shooters I grew up on counterstrike again and would trying to play a shooter on a console is one of the hardest experiences. For me and so beyond just you know pass in the sticks on a college duty or something like that when you're playing with some friends I don't do that at all. If I wanna play late if it's just easier to deem it easier to have I'd like to twitch reactions. Just so you don't get killed right away or you know I just flailing around going around in circles Tammy whereas this purse and I can't say that source that the manner which we aim is different. I've been a console their whole life and I realize the way that that I gave a first person shooter is. Is that all due to the general area with the right stick but I'm always strafing at least a little bit and that's my fine tuning the ads so the less stick is is is just as much how I ain't where it's -- easy to do that don't fine tuning with the mouse a lot harder to do that fine tuning with the WAS Decourt yet exists now and oh yeah. Gerri you also a lot of buttons like action broadens the usability alternate firings of German horror on the X fox not to mention that I think the game just RB CC NN is kind of interesting because yet you have all they they've made she even they do that with diablo because they Puerto diablo two can consoles and you could see that was doubled three because you like. Well there's like. Eight buttons you have to press maximum. On and Jonas they have to hit all the buttons but with a win over watch because the first time I did played a was on the Xbox. I was hanging out at just local local area networks store froze on C a movie so Warner tried out. And you have to make all of your your hands it is using all the buttons. And it's kind of hard did you used to that or you have to be like why definitely need to be pressing the right bumpers. And less bumpers or reduced gains. And having all of those different buttons can be. Kind of annoying for somebody who is used to use that keyboard and mouse or got to those claw. Yeah where you have you ever Krantz or Danielle is happy I prefer to have your first finger like on the buttons and then your second third fingers on the triggers that -- -- the state yeah yeah it is not ideal note in its it is it's rough going back and forth from them as well because I was having those issues like -- trying to remember where all my buttons were bad on the keyboard. But at the same point once you TSA why would this be there and you realize all yet because my pinky can reach like the talking and I don't know everything hardly -- one of the migrant I talked to the other herds are trying to Nazi youth because I play I always end obscuring evident of people Leahy is one of those funny things that I -- I thought I was in like a group chat with me in my body. So we're just talking about like things you probably shouldn't talk about over a normal like broadcasting with the six other players and everybody is like let's switch sticker chess so we don't they don't have to hear this and I'm like. I thought we were the whole time. Luke and me and then if you oral like. Well hello and receive their lifestyle or keep dying I'm so bad and dale are his guys. Then how we can only do you want them like this. To have an area says you just how bad boys autumn and sort of oops my bad benefit. So let us know I feel about the competitive gaming if you got tips and tricks. Well mostly for me because I'm just gonna I want some of those but let us know I know that might. But theater cares you're still Zaria. Blame blame her. Agent seven you say ex agents sold her soul as a soldier 76 C just think he kinda looks like. Captain America but also he's the Captain America skin yap. -- really has pretty outs not Jack to get dead just so I can show was the last there's a slew total on back kept America fans they'll be really awesome on that and death games awesome it's they don't I mean they're releasing new care pursued still spew snipers dealer I heard rumors about her healer now I don't know we'll sees but it I'm excited. I haven't played I have had played around with a lot of the characters so I don't know a whole lot to go on ways so lately though is like Zaria is my tank. Cons always my sniper. His soldiers 76 is and you know mine mine DPS. Just straight up offensive character to address doesn't heal yeah I don't know that's the other hey hey optimize healing is by doing bubbles. And in so there's only six is little tiny heal every once and a while that's about all I got. I haven't asked you the other Gutierrez there one thing in that shoot people forget you ever Diaz so I might try mercy as some point I just. Sitting back in. I mean you give points for healing people but it's it's a lot less. Contra dealers laid. What yellow let's emerge about what was fulfilling that as well just like following someone in dizzy hitting him with like a golden in the whole time nobody nobody wants to really. I'm not regular competitive gave me some often the medic and Mike it's great look like it if I need a level up all -- capital like I got somebody plays that game but it only goes as always somebody that I am always is a little bit paranoid that might be -- missing there's not doing any day half now all somebody ever all of those small party when I see the number going up going to might this is working this turns. On the hunt on the slip side if there's someone who's playing like mercy and I'm playing like -- I just turn until golden god people can't kill me and I'm just sit around bubbling everyone's shooting people doing stuff I gotta does you about I mean as long and I Butler ever want to rely jag into the wind everything's all across class. That is the best drug competitive mode to causing quick play you join a game you say you know Fred Ramirez right in this for people your with respect assassin assassin assassin assassin feeling like this is a really bad girl. Nobody cares but it got to play people actually pick rolls not car here's who we're gonna do here's the strategy so it's fun. It's okay yet indicated that when you develop a team. In yeah literally get a full on team and that's what you really kinda wanna do on these and I mean you can go in and solo play but it's the same thing is do my so plainly legends it's going to be kind of a crapshoot. Your hope being they you get a bunch of people who are in for the same you know they want to win but there's plenty of people who don't care they just you know maybe they've got different levels of a new creation and yeah they just don't necessarily care about what they're doing and maybe they're just gonna run around circles or laugh at you while you guys. I've dealt with that helps RS it's something somewhat maybe you've been knocked off. I have a damn email this to say we used the flu destiny the other once awhile since your north got you out. I don't. I don't lose my nightmare I not made it may not have been a guy who works thunder who flies that one vote play in just answer it and refresh every time. Thomas so and just I wanna talk a little bit of before we get to the geek she. And everyone knows that there is a punish your series as they've I'd done a standalone Suzanne and ousted Devin Downey had been announced it. On Netflix. Bernard Dahl want ended up talking about how frank Cassell will be different in the standalone series. He was talking to AD TV about it he says. I think when you're talking about characters like these the way they fight what's motivating the fight is very important. Beating someone up to drag him into jail is different than someone who is exercising his Rajon people the frank castle you find in this story is not to punish sure he's reeling from the loss of his family he's driven by raging on singular mission to find these people who took his family from him and to do it as brutally as possible. So you can look at at that and if he's looking out to stop crime he's not going to be exacting these same revenge as he would be. Had you know avenging though you know amending those losses from his family. So it's kind of one of those interesting points on that and people are gonna be like when the first comes at this isn't departed sure that I knew my childhood is ruined and all those other things that we always knows I'm. You will be they'll like a steely eyed at CNET this of course the pull quote from that is. Is frank castle's not the one sure right yeah yeah yeah yeah he means is he's not this is not a general I feel called going to be a vigilante this is a personal mission and that's the story is going to be clay guys I actually think that we are gonna get very much of the punish her but his motivation is gonna be different than it was in the first and ensure credible speaker I would hope so because yet he has or agency now that he knows who's responsible and and and how to you know how to actually get vengeance. But that's I mean it's it's really cool that Joseph berg calls whole time like he first was like LB the publisher. And it really feels like she's he is it is as grasp onto the widest character is important and special to people yeah and he's become a true fan and he really cares now about making sure departure and Victor back. And as I think he gets in I mean when he way Shane on the Walking Dead. Oh app however it diverged. His character diverged from the comic book sell the birth dolls fall it wasn't for adults now have but he embraced the character and might even at the end of may you felt for him. The worst church and the Walking Dead so likable hero I so long yeah hey I read a good birth all he has so you can't blame him on that and now I really I really hope they he takes. You know frank castle law hard in terms upon assure. And I can't imagine that he wouldn't be the most from one of the most memorable characters in the MCU maturity and so I don't trumpet man thanks Donald hand don't talking about how are able let's get to us. She Swiss TV what are GAAP or as sticky. Well we know a delayed a movie Batman movie is coming out here that we deal could tell you what we know about it well aren't as fat man. That's probably the best MM possible I say just about as awesome as it possibly be. Because everything in the off some nets right now I'm. We're pretty sure is a film morning Chris Miller described the Lago bad man movie as being a giant Easter rake in a movie full arm which a reference a lot of iconic bad man moments throughout the decades that makes sense and so the question is does it can include the ban NBC demand some Miller says the says shop full of stuff for bad men aficionados it is just a ninety minute Easter egg. And Laura and I and a heavily honors the comics so it covers all the way through all the way through back Mandy Superman millers and all the way through end to the future well. So it's yesterday because they're gonna debate daughters on that mentally fit if it's gonna be straight are going to touch on the darker it returns which kind of takes care of your BS reference. All the digital color Martha joke. Sure I'll which I hated others and that there is an issue of Spiderman dead pull it cannot last week by Scott our current gas company bank bank oh yeah and it had a very is that there is a team co squadrons of premium over universe and their analog of the deep stuff and DC characters as a there was a poster and added that of nighthawk percent period which is the Batman Superman of this Georgia supreme head I don't know editorialized that you'll believe their mothers Sherron may. I don't have. Half an hour and a half and it and it's firemen made a joke about rebooting over and over and are virtually get it right because that's what's Letterman and Saturday that it FF I. On the have you ever wanted your own home theater system yes yeah I don't plan to their men came and everything I got to watch later abundance. That the like a Batman movie some out there taking like five hours food policy and every frame and half where I still Easter eggs without the typical IMAX actually build your private home movie theaters Hogan's. The fur an insane amount of money at makes an let's get I don't know I'm just so quick that I got legs. Eleven bucks in my wallet hello did you happen and Enola 400000. Now Hainan listening to gore for 2000 dollars items. They'll help you set gilt metal Dieter experiences her need to refer to those notes motion the end of the tournament plenty of friends has actually. I thanks credit Peter division is offering to build it is called the how alliance for those willing to part with roughly 400000 dollars. And you'll get a dual four K to be in treaty projectors check just tired very IMAX sound system an immediate playback system that supports everything you might want to throw at it this is if you want to make it theater on assisting charging please you re every hall of video games iMac tall guy or are those of you playing on home that's how Le pen name or French word time as the French as far as I have leave Asia -- Rose Bowl or no. To conclude. But if that's not enough feeding you could step up to par and numb I'm makes them a feed your landlord. Pitched to stump hard to larger screen and then the specifications have not been revealed by the company and you're Angel WiMax is a big enough. About allied as the platinum package goes directly for one million dollars. Revenue of Arlen they got a. I don't know I would rather than an hour a day does that not happen. That's a look at about a muddied because it would take to start an IMAX theatre this is build a real me clear this is what I paid what they're saying is like we will franchise you and I Max physically like if you don't know you don't have to buy your local theater. Feel that this boy yeah leg seriously like if you don't want like all the latest movies you know really wanna go with that but you wanna have his dear maybe have people come over and watch you know like the corner and there there was humor and over and over again. You can do all of these these in maybe you'll probably need to charge people for this as well Lexus C will have this thing paid off into anything do you have your guess is movies like in IMAX can use popular Blu-ray and there'll be. So that's the question now when it went eight DT's first came out everybody has had its DV HS does her I worked it yet. I've no idea I'm not IMAX. I guess a phenomenon does not jagr now if you had a pleasant idea what I'm having a conversation with that after I got my my 1400000. Awesome rats and to have both read hello that a class that's how I get a nice. When for the summer home value wallet and and others Brooks Jackson really has a crazy theory about mesa wind is that everyone in public love to hear army and that he's not okay because he's still around because he still wants to be in the Star Wars universe as well they did I ever. Episode during I had twittered Ginny had with us fans like last week's NL Jackson brought the fact that he always believed Emmys when you actually survive what appeared to be a fatal fall. In Star Wars episode three revenge of the sent no course and Dell when it came a weekly cup with ten month. Further you know radio show or whatever and he asked the go gas to go Mardy tell and the basis of Jackson's living win make niece when do you believe is that since the manner as it was a very powerful jet I. I'll followed at least twenty stories like the when he took in the movie. Simply would have been enough to kill him since he noted that many jet ice seemed to have been able to fall only without dine as Danny Cain did when he felt in the sky on. In attack of the clones and was able to land just finance some vehicles living through the air. Right now like cats basically the are in complete control of their power would be able to either slow their fall enough true lands safely or be able to pull in nearby object in their path. In order for them to stop themselves from fall. And he's one of the most powerful dead I they've they've they Muehlegg only on the hand and yeah yeah top five of their staff and yet if you can do what he did at the end of attack of the clones right you know win where six of the he was fighting is by throwing himself around with the force right. Then then yeah I totally I didn't describe like fall off all along fault at the least give it your way to tillage that I play I mean not he lost his hand so he's still not going to be any got a white lightning blast it's it was not like he's coming out of this like amazingly hunts gays guards Luke Skywalker is light sabre can just end up in must cannot is. Treasure chest or whatever that as death then this we noticed pop up on my day to abolish the other side of date about something and he. Jackson also noted Nina in TV he thinks the coolest dude of all that you know all the jet eyes this is probably hiding out somewhere living his life in peace he Humana cameras in her hanging out together could happen. And I get a cold blinds through the south dad pat have Ellen yeah that's awesome like that Terry yeah you know I'd like age is is this this standard comic book thing no courts no death Blakey just don't know for sure yeah. That would be a hell of a way to bring him back now like if they're just flags like JJ is just like REI AU goes Mays windy to kick some mass. With the metal iron yeah cool that's definitely send back. Staining. Your inner geek wants to come out and play plug where to. All joined Vernon Wells the Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out playing games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG some video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot clubs.