BJGN07-07-16 - Special Ops - Trump as MODOK

Thursday, July 7th

It's Special Ops with Mark Rahner & Rev! They discuss Mark's prediction of Donald Trump as MODOK; the Batman v Superman extended edition; Noel Neill passing; and Preacher!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Joined Vernon Wells is the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our -- jeez the video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW doc club that's BMW dot. Plus she ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chase each patient. A key nations special ops. Welcome your special ops briefing I'm your host mark kronor this week on special ops we revisit my pre cognitive powers of the month trump mode doc. We discussed the new extended version of that members of Superman and the passing of Lois Lane we catch up on AMC's preacher meanwhile. That chuckle you heard across from me is the reverend en Fuego they don't Ralph URL yourself well I'm OK I. Came to work without my contacts today so driving was like a fun video game dodging shapes. Wow yeah wow let's tell people how they can get in touch if they want to first good of the deal well and their main report you know how to. I had as of that I didn't get older that's 1980. To do for a 3353. He can send us a voice mail or a text message that way. Beating deviation did you know dot com is where you can sit emails find us on FaceBook just search for BJ she's geek nation on is to Graham and Twitter act. BJ geek nation Greek to find all of that and even more at BJ geek nation dot. Bomb. While and don't find me the small talk before we hear. That's a huge not only given up on Twitter well and on nine and you're my interest ebbs and flows and drugs carried arguing with people politics is driving me nuts right now being removable talk about trumpet in a bit. I'm not a Hillary fan at all and and some of my otherwise intelligent rational educated friends have become complete Hillary box. And they've just forgotten about. The is that more or less dangerous than an Austin Powers spam bot. Well it's more annoying to be sure. And this time their collective amnesia do we have a bit damaged that the clintons have done this placing them we can't get into that but I'm stuck in my I'm good. I've been trying to take a little bit of a break cutting down on engaging people online. A good look at that may go get back into an in November. Well slow and picking up a couple threads from last time there has been. A curious. Low number of potential applicants for the position of my sugar mama if he's. It's a bad had happened. Guys I need a place to say because of the construction is going to be going on next to my apartment I don't worry we'll let our eastern yields desperate they're looking for maybe sugar daddy at this point. I may open myself to the two other options as time passes before I don't know when the constructions gonna start by. If I come in some damn him exceptionally cranky crank here and more hateful than usual oh my goodness is gonna know what it is that's going to be a really really dark turn gets my caddie is not just going to be your typical hangover and then somebody somebody alleviate this problem as soon to be problem for me yes so still taking applications will will see if we can go over all the volume. Something else we'd we talked about. The new Nicholas winding wreaths and moving neon demon when our pal Robert Horton the movie critic came in last week yeah. A weird number of my a movie loving friends are defending this movie and saying they like it I've seen a lot of people really really excited to go see this but after you guys talking about it and watching a clips that I had to gather for this show. Why did centrist like magnified. And yet people are loving this I don't understand it I think that it's. Well with the movie people quite important million people like us who have been critics for decades. Mean there's so jaded than anything to do shakes things up and and isn't the same all things don't get excited about the parent. To recap. I thought it was laugh out loud bad. And so awful but I wanted to walk out but I just stuck it out because. And curious about anything this guy does and there's they're commission there was free air conditioning for the Clinton listener. If you go see this movie and you like it. Said the Simone defended because I just cannot fathom what is likable about this movie and and I saw. Ed Brubaker comic greater problem. The suit it was one of the most amazing things he's ever seen. And then I realized how he's working on a screenplay for arrest and of course you can't say I. Hope you. I think I think it's a maniac cop remake. Which of the free world's been crying out for my share and up but GAAP let let me now because this is really baffling to me this. Is like a parody of a bad movie by an out of control ego maniac who. Who's pumping us and I wanna know legitimately what there is to like about it. What else oh. The semiannual criterion sale of Barnes & Noble work all the criterion collection movies Blu-ray and dvd your 50% off. It's on now oh. And I'm struggling hello pat does that swallow it are struggling struggling with impulse control the review don't have this compulsion that I do. No you seem to want to give. Like every single criterion collection possible there are numbered cards but our notice why there aren't and that's OK now we've gotten down to your o.s CD can handle a four. Six they are your bookshelf I got a federal out of five is gonna driven nuts with this computer thing is that these these things it's not just like you get a dvd. It's like a little film school it's the best version of the movie of the year gonna find. It usually has. Commentary. Critical notes. Interviews. They're just they're wonderful archive things to build the library around and it's not just like going in. And pick him up you know a marvel movie that you wanna have on dvd on your shelf they're just wonderful things to have forever and ever and anon in it on your bookshelf there'll uniform and on Torre about that issue or anything like that no mother the packaging is all similar restore its its. So that's pretty creative like they've got a new Dr. Strangelove. Hulu which is designed. Like the emergency kits that that. I'm really cool and I'm just dime here but the I don't need to tell your writers. And podcasters. She and the like are not in the 1%. At our window we do not have as much. Disposable income to say a former presidential candidate who can afford a car elevator. Tell us a hole in the house look at you know the magic underwear Piaf Asher in the Mormon candidate. So this is this is an ongoing struggle 11 final thing here. When Horton was on the show last week we we're talking about our. Runner vs Horton on movies yeah and we're gonna clip let's theme song for a that we couldn't find. Listen I want you to sample this because. I really am in love with this it's from in 1978. Bollywood action film. Should we make this our new theme. Like between. You guys to get into get into it I think yes on this talking about for the regular show. Only if you're gonna come in with like Jerry curl platforms and now find acceptable but this is needed to let go for such. Kind of air did I just grow big sideburns all the who's playing them. Right here. Still pretty good at PUC on that diet. I don't know about a three month that doesn't just. Make your run outside and punch somebody in slide over the hood of a car on your ass can make sure feature el camino. Two certain grants arena. And men and they'll communion and I want your gremlin I feel like you're not with any owners and I need you be with me because I. I don't know my ingenuity and problem that you got to shake things up every now and then yeah. Yeah I SS stroke. Look you don't care all right Max maxed. All right say what you want about me rev but now oil oil I tend to be a little ahead of the curve for a pretty things. I got used to routinely be few weeks ahead of the curve when I was Tara politics on the other show which I think is what got me fired. Because nobody was saying what I was saying what I said it and I sounded like you crank until everybody else started saying. That it. But in this case were to stay with pop culture stuff. And kinda getting into politics. In the beginning of may. I suggested that that trump looked a lot like mode Iraq. And I asked listeners to send us a visualization. Of that. And around the first we command it's still one of our listeners on Twitter sent us a really great power really good leader of mode Iraq. With the Donald Trump face and he thanked her my phone here it's Adam Parker. At Adam W Parker. You have to see this thing it's that. It's like a 3-D rendering of Mon arc the marvel character with a big bloated. Angry at orange trump face. And at worst it was just beautiful I try to spread it around IA guy asked you'll spread it around as a mean some did. And guess what happened this week. This is from comic book dot com if you do a Google search for. Marvel trumpet mode dock you'll find all search or results to headline news. Marvel Comics latest villain is monstrous Donald Trump seed this proves that people are listening to this pod ask yeah maybe it's five people and maybe not giving you any credit on your genius idea isn't it about time. So I'll just reveal little bit of this Donald Trump is the latest villain in the pages of Marvel Comics you can get the presumptive nominee for the Republican Party is the 2016 US presidential. In the in the in between sixteen US presidential election. Appears this week in spider Gwynn an annual number one as a new take on the classic villain mode Iraq. A villain it should be noted known for his Che candy Cranium position and tiny hint that this shiny day TNY. And by now it's common knowledge that Donald Trump has. Some severe thing about people saying that he has small hands and knees relating it to the size of his junk. Which by the way is really really presidential. Or get back to the article in this alternate earth where Gwen Stacy has become spider woman after receiving the spider bite the cut Peter Parker in the regular marvel universe. Donald Trump becomes mode Jack MO DA AK sensitive MO BO OK. The medal organism designed as America's king in the original conception of the character he was mental organism designed only for killing. In the story trump Mo Iraq. Yells at some vaguely brown skinned people to get back on your feet foreign filth. Chi which they replied they're from Waco Texas. It is sounding really familiar Isner. The Captain America of that world smashes him in the face with Hershey old. And act while the agent Steve Rogers of that world narrates. It's a weird nude in the world out there count full of enemies that look and think and act to like the demons in my mirror. The monsters men like me you've never been able to defeat alone the nation's anger and greed and fear. Are still very real tennis article concludes. The issue by Jason mature feature several short stories by multiple artists this particular team up and parity has drawn by Chris visions in collaboration Campbell Campbell. While our rev. And this is down. This is gratifying to me I feel like I I ordered thanks for artists since they're charging people now. A little background on Mo Iraqis been around since 1967. In the pages of tales of suspense number 93. Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. He's peer over four decades of marvel marvel continuity according to Wikipedia. He was also in super villain team up. I just always thought Marat was hilarious and for for years now there's a big deal looks at a big goofy Carl Moore right and take something you would give in and like a teacup and spin are out well. He's a coffee cup to there's been a coffee cup a Marat. It's. I'm wanting to get I just they can they are grown men you know your goddamn moto art coffee cup Britain look up mode dark coffee cup listener. You're gonna want this thing he's also been in and a lot of the cartoons and such and he has a voice let's hear. Yeah had to look. Would you want to be human. He sounds remarkably unpleasant what Altria. I usually come home plunderous. So I can't see. Handle lots of these on the alternative human machine interface. What everything creeps. But I'd concede doubled turn out to dealing. And why I didn't blow let's compare that. They're being high. I'm sorry yes. Xenia. No more Iraq is. The boss of team and I am advance idea mechanics of aim is. We're the organization the bad guy organization that has all the guys in the yellow beekeeper suits that Captain America does beats by the handful all the time Pacific. And it's kind of similar to hydrant right OK out and and so it's not too much of a stretch to imagine mode box saying we're gonna make game great again. Let's compare to the real Donald Trump Almeida men made just yet another great speech this week. Saddam Hussein was a bad guy right here is that there really get to be you know what he did well. And killed terrorists he did that so good. They didn't really the rights. Didn't talk the word terrorist who's over. Today. Iraq is awkward to terrorism you wanna be it terrorists to go to Iraq. It's like Norbert. Let there we go our next president ladies and gentlemen I. Donald. Of all fun. But if you're wondering who all the game henchmen words she's she's all the guys in the yellow beekeeper suits. The date they must be people they must have backgrounds in name's Earl hydra people in the green. Holding their hands out of meg kind of cause I Nazi salute gone hail heidrick. Well. I don't know if you ever listened to. A lot of other talk radio guy trapped him but I I sample a conservative talk radio all the time tough have you ever heard that trumped supporter call saved. The Hannity show war or at any of these other swine them on the right. I know. Good lord it's easy it's easy to make the John always a little many henchmen all the you know he didn't weaken if we can hear all of trumps. Horrific stuff and dismiss him as just a dangerously ignorant. Narcissistic who will probably be the end of the United States as we know it if if he winds up as president. But when these people call up and say. Well liked and Donald Trump because he speaks his mind hurtful. Or against whatever that the bill maybe it's the American equivalent of the bricks at voters who want to leave the European Union. They just feel like things are at work conform and they wanted to give the country are big kick in the ass. And no matter what else is wrong with the sky he's a guy who's gonna shake it these are the aim people. Drums Mo Iraq. And I was actually working on a trump comic for a dynamite. That wound up not happening after I put a whole lot of work in it and we it was a fully plotted. I have to wonder. Think part of the reason for that is because trump threatens to sue or does soup pretty much anybody who gets on his bad side yeah our bands entire publications from a following him impressed yeah yeah Alec legit big time masters or same. Or. Can journalists. He he'd I just listened to an hourlong interview with a journalist who has a new book on him out. Who discussed how troubled ruin a journalist by suing them. His German journalists can't afford to defend themselves in big lawsuits you can sue anybody you don't have to win but the cost of defending yourself we can uplink in a lawsuit is just disastrous yeah yes exactly right. Break do you know. I think trump. Makes an outstanding in the real world superhero. He superhero Kirby super villains thank you on the center of the up because as much as the Republican Party has been doing dog whistle of bleak racist remarks. As part of what what's been called there southern strategy for the last thirty or forty years can be. It's not complete with trump he said outright. Alarm racist the kkk likes him he could duke loves him now you know between his talk about. The Mexicans being rapists. He won't openly repute the repudiate the kkk. This last week he had a he had a star of David on Hillary Clinton attack ad and thought that. Popcorn as far as his just dangerous ignorance. If you were actually listen to what he says. I mean apart from the racism in the bragging not think he says means anything now. Out there and LA is like what is he talking about as its original and its like well there's nothing in it there's no policy Britain now. He's I don't know if it's enough Tacoma misogynist but if you've ever heard the stuff that he set of uphold the women it's not only on statesman like. It's psychopathic then he is a complete second chronic liar chronic liar. If you had to fact check everything he said. You wouldn't get through it. How many did beat you will exhaust a team the fact checkers working around the clock total achievement fraud. Notorious for not paying his workers for trump university which has been judged a complete fraud in the scam. A going bankrupt are those trump steaks are tasty though. But only from him. Exactly. Every business venture he's been into mine knowledge but the qualifier at. Has had to have been a failure that he somehow spin his success. This is the best super villain in the real world that we've seen come along and sometimes he makes Kim Jong-Il. Look pretty benign top. Soap. In fact I think he mixed mode document comics who look like kind of a minor leaguer I he's much more of a megalomaniac is has more art to your knowledge. Ever wanted to be president no Lex Luger asks you what you are almost like a less brainy Lex Luthor in this point. So I think I think we need to get back into the prediction business oh and did just stay tune I still want that mode dark. Coffee mug if the current mixed up. The band members is Superman extended version is out now. An extra thirty minutes from the Zack Snyder. Movie that. We could say that it's been polarizing. But a lot of people just plain out voted just plain hated it yeah yeah like almost everyone ate it and it came preloaded with hate. And that's because it was horrible it's just tough and mean and indeed turned out to be really bad just a horribly dark convoluted. Kind of dull. Nearly three hour. Exhausting. And more detailed they've added more desert scenes do you know that it is Jimmy Olsen who get shot someone did a bad men kill count super cut what. And somebody put together two or three minute video. Counting the number of people in the movie bat man kills I'd cut now let's listen to both get out there Orioles back up for a second. We're all pissed off fed Zack Snyder's lousy Superman movie because Superman kill somebody and it. Patents not supposed to kill people either know. Well it's I it's accommodate wedded superhero he's. He's darker than Superman. But he's not a murderer even if it's. Add guys that that's the whole basis of they character is that he won't. Kill and it's like you like between the dam between him and the Joker is the Joker wants him to do the one thing you'll never do look. And he's well it's kind of what makes good guys good guys. We don't kill people on earth are certain week so no I'm not counting his weird desert shooting every one nightmare Kirk excuse me. They kill count for that man in their members of Superman's. X 21 people. That's that's a lot that would give Ted Bundy around for his money. How I guess a lot of it comes from like that one I mean there's a big fight scene of the very end when women get independent doomsday mode you know for that well and when he's in the bat mobile he plows through a couple carloads of bad guys are yeah with the sharks are and now now they. And so bad man doesn't mind bloodshed at all. As for the extended cut of itself. No wait I watch that's. Are you can kid OK okay ever wind gets up all I know hey I already sacrificed at least three good hours of my life and then double lives because I wanna be your chance. Huge watched it I snuck in after I went to another movie oh my goodness I'm and it's even worse the second time around him makes even less sense when you know I'm worried about the monetary is just a whole time like he spent that much I am well look again. It yet you have to admit that when you're at a screening especially from Louisville you anticipated for a long time your little excited and and you have to wait your head to clear. And I wanted to get another shot but oh it's even worse the second time around while and so while I had seem quite remember people defending the movie and and saying well. Maybe Zack Snyder's not such hack after all because this extra thirty minutes does improve the movie. You can all go to hell I. I just think that's that's a level. Of involvement that that the movie and Zack Snyder has not earned and I I haven't. Sunk into the kind of psychosis that makes me think any do in during that whole thing again another thirty minutes of footage. Of something it's that it's it's like field David Letterman joke where if you have. A bad meal at a restaurant and they offer to give you an extra helping of attack and four I just don't how about a coupon to bring you back. Nobody needs that I don't know that may review now in related Superman news this is an actual. Important serious thing that got my attention made me sad not unexpected but still set. Lois Lane from the Superman TV show passed away this week at the age of 95 her name was Noel meal. And rib you have a clip from your original show. They think. You then mr. cantor meaningful I've been around. Around eight and I suppose you could explain why you and Superman have both been missing for approximately the same length of time. My dad misled them to realize the logical explanation for everything I thought all right start getting a logical. Well let's just say the Superman at certain things to do and I had certain things to do such us. Well Superman had a aren't going to be exposed himself to the full fury of electrical storm it might neutralize the radiation as it absorbed. Well it worked until today and I suppose a Superman isn't radioactive anymore you want either mean bring US can I should say enough seat. This is a Geiger counter are radioactive has yet to be kicking away like man. And what are you doing with a Geiger counter cold Superman ask him to check this playing pretty traces of contamination. Obviously is perfectly all right say no clicks and you're just trying to confuse me. But Superman and you know it's nice to formed in London it's no wonder you wonder you're pretty wonderful girl. The issue was she'll always be a lot of people's minds the true original Lois Lane we got Amy Adams in the arm Zack Snyder films. I like her she's good actress but she's not Lois to me at all yet in it's one of those where everyone loves her and a lot of different things islander and American council on some other stuff but as Lois she just she doesn't. I guess doesn't capture the character now now there is nothing about her that screams lows from the comics to me had was a Kate Bosworth and in that. Brandon Routh as Superman movie I'd forgot about it. Ted is remember her bread route was an end Kevin Spacey was terrible elects them on DM me I'm Matt again not Lois. The kind of like do blows from Christopher Reeve movies. Oh Margot Kidder yup yup it's life. Teri Hatcher and then the new adventures almost as you remand. Didn't do it for me but. You know week we formative years from him reasonable people can can disagree well yeah Michael Foreman and yet my forehead and ears were not in the fifties if an innocent and it's it's a really good show and George Reeves is a great Superman he's. He's tentative. Well this is before you could. Actors have personal trainers and every Hollywood actor you know looked like a bodybuilder yet again Tarzan movie. And our cardiac. Alexander scars guard. This was kind of a Bill Weir Superman but he was great and the shows are great in the stories who were just a lot of fun and well written and each to know O'Neal was just. I think the best Lois Lane to date so she'll be missed Gail Simone the comic book greater. Had kind of touching remembrance. I don't know on the don't. Gail was. I guess to comic con and have a big line. And this elderly woman had been waiting in line to get up to the front to get an autograph. And I guess it was a time when gale was writing. Superintendent. Program which would make sense and this older woman gets up to the front of the line instance I X wanted to see it good for you. Or words to that effect a woman finally writing Superman. And the woman shakes hands walks away. And it wasn't until after the woman was gone as somebody tells Gayle who that was. And all my good man what what a great story Tom and if she'd known of course she probably would have just been in tears Seattle luster mine. But I hear you know you hear a lot of stories that the celebrities. Are kind of jerks can ego maniacs can induce banks. Even if it's. Former celebrities. You'll you'll. We got blown off Lance Henrikson. But I've never heard anything but just good heart warming nice things about her and it's just it's a sad it's a sad farewell. But couldn't get on YouTube to look up. Old Superman she was just great gathers a lot of them out there all right final course for them. I'm kind of like a mad. Kill grave show line and see where were killed grave guy who can make everybody do what he wants goes to Texas and dresses up like a preacher. Your hotel like I felt so it's oh so you're not TU I didn't nod to a team with the show based off of preacher preacher 000 oaks are yet. Preacher and seized. Creature to cut cut cut and well we caught up with it I caught up within the I'm still an episode behind by garden speak had as you will go six episode six of ten. Aired I think last night. This week let's say this week. It dumped in open with just don't wild fight with the preacher Jesse Custer. And the two angels who want what's in him what's in him to this forced that he's absorbing gives him. His power they wanna back. And up powerful female Serafin who. Wants to just I don't know what she wants except to kill so the fights just wild. Each time. The angels or the Sarah from our killed. There's a flash and their re generated. And despite takes place in a hotel room and and who say what you want about the show they've had some really really good action. Then the action scenes have been amazing and get right into it I even at the pilot if you haven't seen the movies or the show it's just like with that Cassidy. When he's fighting on the airplane I was like all right this is where this is gonna go. Excellent. The first time you meet two lip when she's creating a bazooka out of coffee cans and that children's toys well even more that easy she is a fight we. Car this plowing through a cornfield that to Vietnam. So reaction on the show's amazing but. I'm not here and people buzz about this is not must watch TV. It's not. Indeed it it doesn't get the game is thrown its treatment like the next day everybody is posting about it and talking about what happens and chewing each other out for postings oiler etc. That said though it just our renewed for another season and it's going to be thirteen episodes for the new season. And not ten. Now if you give any clips from the show I do not OK moving ahead. Yeah. I think hypothetical question that. Here's what I think is the problem. With calm. With preacher in this initial season. Seth Rogen is one of the but one of the people behind it. And they're doing. One Guy Ritchie did with the man from uncle movie I was so excited finally have a man from uncle feature film because. It's as were my all time favorite shows. And what he gave this was a man from uncle prequel Babbitt didn't have any of the cool uncle stuff. That made people love the show there was no local headquarters. There wasn't much in the way of gadgets. Napoleon and Helio were friends like they were in the show was a prequel where they're kind of read each other's throats and uncle doesn't really exist yet. And he was a prequel nobody asked for or wanted people wanted to see the man from uncle. I think what we're getting is a preacher prequel. That doesn't really it's it's all back story that we didn't need. And that is that's an interesting point because I read an article that was it was talking about this and they admitted straight ahead. That you don't get to see in the comics Jesse Custer being a preacher. It's immediately going on the adventures with the three of them. And so they wanted to kind of I guess explore that. Any kind of slow lead give people acclimated to this really strange world therein. But I I personally think that it's going a bit too slow for my own tastes well you guys. Completely agree and I don't think that we need to see all the back story you that is hinted at. In a movie or TV show or book this is what put me off of the Bates motel. We just don't need to see the whole back story of Norman and his mom because it's so creepy with just what we know. In the Psycho film totally and if you wanna do prequel you're doing origin story before you before. You get to the stuff that everybody knows and loves. Don't whine. If you wind up not again to the good stuff because you dipped over the fans there in and it's completely true how many show. O's have been cut off early because they couldn't get I had a steam in someone's like well well we could have done all of this and that Matt and I know I remember BJ lamenting the fact I don't know if you remember above flash forward. Had was going to be one of those lost type shows where you find out all these little tidbits and information and and after one season. Nothing was solved and then they cancel it. Yeah. And it also makes me wonder why make a show out of comic if you're gonna go off in such. A different direction get to the good stuff directed the good stuff you can have flashbacks later on if you really wanna go down this road but. I I can understand why preacher fans aren't completely into the show because it might feel like a little bit of a betrayal to look I don't see. Jesse Custer experiment. With his new powers on Cassidy. While he's figured out how they work ethic and the powers it's the word of god means he can. He can make his voice a little bit more resonant an echo we tell somebody what to do and they'll do it and when it happens in the comics. It's always a good moment that has impact because it's not. Overused. And now it's it's being used a lot right now now it's being used to just almost a comedic degree and I. Feel like they're playing this show for laughs we would eat too much and it's ruining the vibe ha I don't wanna see to look hookup with Cassidy. Well overall I think I mean I believe it does happen in the comics but the way it happens in the show. It. It just it doesn't it doesn't work for me it doesn't work and I don't want a seat. Jesse. Used the word of god all the time. And lessen the impact of it do you had a pretty good at training a new cat or something now. Well I suppose so or ordering at a drive truer or our whatever hat but it trivializes it trivializes it it lessens the impact. I don't wanna see the whole story take place in and built Texas were the church's the comic is erode comic. Jesse's on the road with tulip and Cassidy he wants to go confront god for something horrible had happened and I I think. Clearly especially as of this episode number six it's leading up to the horrible thing that happened that you never see in the comics. Yeah and this is I mean like you're saying it's a total prequel to set up for that that's what this first season ends. NM at least a relieved that they're giving it a second season. But is this going to be our rating to death now is it gonna have no rest for the second season because it's a little too weird. And the fans of the comic books aren't going to be sticking with it because it's like well this isn't the show that I wanted. You could be right com. Apparently understand. Joseph Gil can as the guy who plays Cassidy can be the vampire yeah. And I think he's the best part of the show right now if you've ever seen if you've never seen miss hits he's Rudy from misfits and I think he starts a Mike season for he's an amazing actor he's already weasel areas and you kind of need to subtitles on the. You're on your TV yeah what do we are still I've lived overseas and then I've guide Irish friends that I think I can kind of pick up on that a little more than a lot of people. You still he's just outside the center of the at all. And something else I noticed especially on the latest episode. Eugene the character in the comics who's known as our space shouldn't this cannot look a little like Conan O'Brien the while. Wow that was unnecessary don't know about visual. UP and here's here's where we get to where we could do and our space and Conan O'Brien no way a guy should happen visualize this. But end up in two months it's going to be everywhere it just like trump Mo Iraq while. The show also. Kind of violates the spirit of the comic to my mind in the to becomes increasingly about Jesse the preachers. Hubris would his powers he starts he cocky within. He gets to be a little bit of a rock star in the in the town of handle. And he holds court. With people who are now really impressed within whereas before he was just kind of useless drunken jerk. Yeah and each is that this is seen that just shows there's hope for you mark I plan to live out the remainder of my days as useless strong true. All right then but you just you don't see you in the coming and like I said we're building up to his to his fall where book where will see that. The cynical driven Jesse from the comics but. It's it's not I I think that in the big picture. Ten years from now when. When I reach the age forty something we can just write off this first season. It may happen I just I think these guys are on the Guy Ritchie route. Or they just don't get it they don't get the comic. So that's it that's my area condos are my thoughts on preacher thus far we we may have returned to it that we got to the stuff coming up assume we've got mister robot which we haven't spent a whole lot of time on. Which is one of the great shows that people are still discovering yeah. But down he didn't send the send us your thoughts on preacher listener because. Kind of losing patience with a well you only got you know four more hours or realize you Killen appeared did have a Batman or Superman come on man on. Well that's it for this week listener from the rail I think it's time we go spoon I want you to hold me back next week. I'm mark from her special ops. Your inner geek wants to come out and play. But where to. Joined Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our Pete jeez the video games or are just a major fan of size flying deep culture Vernon Wells says something for every one let your geek flag fly I've heard in whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot clubs.