BGJN07-14-16 - Special Ops - Ghostbusters

Thursday, July 14th

It's Special Ops with Mark Rahner & Rev! They're joined by Brandon Jerwa as they review the newest Ghostbusters film, while discussing the first movies!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Joined Vernon Wells is the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our -- jeez the video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW doc club that's BMW dot. Plus. This Pluto from the hills have eyes. Or what's special ops these days and it got her all girl rock group. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chase each patient. He nation special ops. This is Vijay Shays. Has always blades it's really good to see yeah yeah I had just another week here to show America where premiered at the it's it's as if the last couple years it just felt like a dream in the weird part of the dream. You were here. And I actually had to come up with. Contents because they couldn't just walk in the studio and make funny you for being an under prepared shift closer boo hoo. And sounds terrible I don't know where this thing. It is on the show the whole time he Brandon and zero was correct about one thing it's a special day here especially weak on specialized. Or as some people. Overly familiar league college. Sponsors yeah let's say a white special I got street parking. Connect and Jolie action never happens Brandon how can people get in touch with a series if they want to I paid sixteen John billion dollars to be here. I think you guys get us on the phone in 1980. You to Portland 35 period. On the email BJ geek nation And of course you can find us on FaceBook and quarter all that crap. On also the website beating each nation dot com. Did he skip anything wrap now I mean lesbians to grant meant he had YouTube and all those other things have been around awhile apparently the dream was happening that's right listener the voice your hearing is the flaming reverend tank and on this week should cut a hole. We will be talking. About ghost busters. But first. A few odds and ends. Wherever a couple weeks ago I talked about one of my cats jango he developed a really disturbing habit. Of putting his paws up on the counter standing up on his hind legs as far as he could and head butt me on the DL yeah I was trying to give us an idea. Thought I had and I am not just a love tap either like or serious the head but as rearing back my government WWF. Style or WWF EA VWE now okay get serious they had but on the deal long trend is his food dished up. And day we got a response from Melissa. Yet this came from Tristan who said just catching up on some geek nation and thought I'd offer mark Simmons vice assuming he's still having trouble with his cat head butting him in the crotch. I'm not the biggest fan of cats but I have lived with a lot of them they're hard to train because there are a holes. They love messing with you even if the attention they get is negative so the key to training cat is to not give a math and always win every time. Cats hate water for me to spray bottle bill with water and shoot the bastard in the face every time he missed the case it. Has to be every time for the training to take. Failing that where cup or maybe get a dog lady real man. Cheers OK two things first of all I'm not gonna own a dog in Seattle because not least little dogs run loose. And go PPM Cooper he how many people I see downtown following their dogs around on downtown sidewalks. With a bag and their hand picking up there the dog's poop in their hand with the bank my rule is as follows. If I would not do that for my grandmother I want my duke for dog moving on. Hold on I'm. So I have a dog and and then following it around and picking up its excrement is really not that different then not doing the show with you. It's so good to have you back. Commissioner how much longer do we have to well as long as you want to be no god no mean part. And this could go long is the the squirt gun water bottle here's what I did. I ate some asparagus don't know. And then carry the score let me let me ask you not to work guys don't have a hole big enough to really make this a tidy process. But it turns out cats can move faster than you think and they also have other ways they're registering their disapproval but thank you for the email. Got one other piece of a feedback today that it's kind of funny. Somebody's Adam Parker. Tweeting me apparently there are. I presidential. Candidate trading cards latest decision. Decision 2060 trade encourage Owens go. It's the moment a second I have marks phone in my hand down don't know who don't don't take the picture only you look at them and photo but apparently you can have trading cards Hillary Clinton oh yeah. Not sure what it Ted Cruz is gone for these huge improvement new group trump rubio and Sanders. And it looks like they're a dollar and 99 cents the piece which kind of adds insult to injury it's a I'm not sure who would only stinks the 1% just get a for the dusty gum and. Well welcome I'm. Obama comes got to have some stink to it moving I'm. What a couple other items before we get on to leave the main Brandon Roger what course here. It is my understanding as a long time professional film critic in the Seattle area and there will be no screening no advance screening. Of the new Star Trek beyond film. How far no spoilers I I assume only tell you something let's take a little peek behind the curtains here momentarily. Do you know why. They usually don't have a screening for movie he had out it's because that movie has distinctive death upon Haiti because they know. That the movies no good and they know they're showing it to critics ahead of time is just gonna get them. What's that thing which are narrow the dogs. Cats we have got to go out. Ours I I'm not sure because I'm a little out of the loop but wasn't there another. Recent science fiction blockbuster that did not have any advance screenings which one are you thinking of how it might be a fourth of July movie. I didn't and you know I didn't really insurgent someone's good all right. I didn't see that because the very first Independence Day was one of the dumbest movies that every scene they hack into the alien spaceship with a laptop. And Will Smith punches the alien in the hashish. It's. Got a lot dumber than that so. I don't want open the big can of worms. About the JJ abrams' Star Trek franchise that BJ our patron saint and I have argued about literally three years if you'd just miserably terrifically. I just think it's awful I think it. It's awful because these guys don't get or like or respect the original Star Trek and there is ripping on it. I've seen the trailer to star Tribune on if you have to ask me I thought Jesus Christ it looks. So. Good good move not shown the critics that they do this with some horror movies too because those assert critic proof in that they're low budget man always make money. But that is not the case with starts NPR I'm I don't think it's low budget. And it just what's going on with with Kirk's chair in this core Chris pines here or there is only a dirt bike. There's a dirt bike on an alien planet. Let me tell you if Star Trek is known for one thing it's entered by Corey. The turnpike all right let's get to the what's happening that was a transition I. Well I think I just made a transition as well I say you know here's your question what's happening how long has it been since you left the weekly show not. Not long enough Hilliard it's no no no not couple of oil and might have been a year year year and a half hour here now from Japan and he's someday someday you will find a quiet Alley and talk about the on ceremonial send off you gave me. That was the fifty shades of gray episode is anybody is not keeping track at home was there when we had I guess tend to have him he had had nosy I like it got hot now until the listener what you've been doing since then. Well I have been writing these Britney Spears American dream mobile game. You're not joking about you know I'm absolutely not to show the game is out it's it's doing very well I am. The primary writer of the game I was just like Pokemon go what do you do yes you catch Brittany spears I had experienced here on the street no younger than I've been seeing bad news items about people going and holocaust museums are also a video of the real players is just not got I don't know policy Britney Spears and holocaust museum. OK moving on tomorrow maybe I do know you don't so no this is lake that is very similar to the Kim Kardashian game which my company also makes and is. I believe in no hyperbole here the most successful mobile game of all time what stuff you do and Kim courage that she and video games EU EU you follow through your aspirations to become. Any any media. Figure out a celebrity if you will and in the Britney Spears game. You are pursuing your dream to be a pop star you grow in the current dashing game you can become a celebrity while having no discernible talent correct. If your game for every one. Anyone can play and it's okay yeah clearly and and again the it's it's a gigantic massive success and then money maker so. You know whatever you're showing us about the about the subject matter are you can't dispute the success of it all right I also enjoy paying my bills. That doesn't mean I didn't hide the injury paying miners as well. Let's send sitting down to the Brittany chambers you remind me attainable for dinner last night and what's what he's doing the exact named Britney in Britney Spears American dream and so I sit down to do this for the first time in and how how is the game play well Roy do well the game is free and it's what's called premiums or you can you can download for free. You can play and buried the lead there used to it doesn't cost money you can play it and finish without ever spending a dime but there are things that you combine like. Clothing in and more energy and things like that in and basically what is as you are an aspiring pop star male or female you can choose. Customize your avatar all that. Now with mail for the time being tried out that may change so you. You get to start your pop career basically you want to become a pop singer. And two you are seen by Britney Spears who happened she happens to hear you saying. And she's sort of becomes your Germany cricket fans. She makes you work for everything you achieve it isn't just. Britney Spears shows up waves her magic wand that's something I didn't wanna put my game is there a boss fight with Kevin Federline now holy sweet now we. Bet and you want arrival but it's it's it's your rival it's apparent than at any point in the game. Do you do you shake your head. Nope okay well don't get all defensive and clam up on me like I'm trying to find out what the game is like and then you're you're weird don't make it weird okay. What the Dominican. What happens. You I'm letting you promote your your your record songs. You don't actually record song Williamson into the game mechanic. And then you get out promote her songs you make videos. You can now you can chat with people you can have. He can have romantic relationships. You can envoy in the embody miscue is way make no role in the code if you can date people you continue pick up a case of the herbs on this video game. Thank you thank you rounds no of course not. So you can you can promote your songs you can make these videos you can also. You know have relationships and then there are guilds. The conjoined you can have record labels and did you know it's a fun game it's good to fund from time it's it's very casual game. Now it is their actual music involved and again oh sure sure there's. There is of course Britney Spears music but there's also. A regional music and that the one thing people don't know I'm I'm also the music coordinator for the game. Now I don't make the music but I I made sort of give direction to the people who do and they're. Really axle of their jobs and brand injure or what is your personal favorite Britney Spears saw. Probably talks that are nice what's it can you I don't know I want another go he's come a little bit and not come finally you're you're acts or else they'll give you this. You're not a bad singer Lenny we've gone karaoke and number times in and you usually bring the house down things like track when we duel number but just do a tiny bit of toxic if I don't know the so you want me to sing a deal would I like I have assertive and it's and replicate the main graph if you can't. I'm happy just a little bit minimal. In the ceremonial man. Not months. And yeah. And as fast. That is oh god okay I just happened that it's set I was a toxic instrumental all right rev transition to a mob pillow and hit it. Now the real reason and you bran and germ oil are here with us today. Isn't because of the free air conditioning or via free soft drinks doesn't hurt it's because the brand new ghost busters Ripa. Okay. I love this. Don't you. Yeah he's a good team sound. You have low relative volume. That's why they're not been proved them wrong show some respect is so loud it's so very loud and oh we presume. You know a lot of people who. Realize Hollywood there was an animated film. Well of many many years ago this is from 1975. It was a live action ghostbusters TV show with Forrest Tucker and Larry Storch. Which to me is just as good as his theory the the 1984 ghost buster your but the reason that you larger. Is because the 1984 ghostbusters here's a theme to that. That's it that's all right it's an instrumental. Let's just let it play blow us as we talk can easily led some as an author who sponsors thing and it's close enough. The original ghostbusters and that is your all time favorite movie. It is correct it is day came out on my eleventh birthday June 8 1984. And I saw it on my birthday and they are just I fell madly in love I don't think it's the best movie ever made. That it's my favorite movie and. Like I needed you here Chris because the female reboot here's a big deal was kind of controversial and so I don't even think they've seen the movie since it came out I like well let's highlight did. Like Bill Murray in the and the cast and it. But it didn't I just I was an enjoyable fun movie and I let it go that I'm not obsessed with the lake you are. Okay I I will admittedly have television but I don't. Are you being serious when you say that you don't think the you've seen that since 1980 gotten where you winding me up because I. Here's the thing like if I don't want to like ten times a year I feel we have now I watched it twice in the same day before hey you're not exaggerating ten times a year do you have a movie like up. Captain Kronos vampire honored 2001 a space Odyssey. We nobody can watch 2001 twice and one day. I don't know I I have enough heroin in the world though there's no movie that I watched that often because there's too much other stuff to get to charm. And yards everybody's got their short list of comfort films and and books and and things like that but no I'd I'd there's no movie to me that I would watch or have watched ten times in a year. Compliment. That they'll learn. Reminds me or what ever happened to ray Parker junior. I just sorry Parker junior's cadaver. Walking around two on a show called greatest hits. On ABC. Which is this weird summer series 'cause ABC's all of the light entertainment this summer like they're gonna match game reboot with Alec Baldwin don't go idea which is the mom and not as bad as you might think. I don't want you to sidetrack but I do fairly often you a couple of cocktails and me and watch episodes of the old match game on YouTube. And just really it's funny it's really funny because these people. Big they shouldn't maybe five episodes so all in one day the weeks we're the shows in one day and you can see them getting progressively Drucker each up. So believe it or not some huge fan of that as well gene Rayburn please Gelman yes one of the greatest host Iraq's facing your enthusiasm is no charisma whatsoever he'll come on now known -- go back and look at those shows he knows what he's doing so we know he actually knows what he's he is an old school host in the funniest thing about that show. Is when he sort of breaks the fourth wall and has is this is my show moment yeah yeah sometimes shall gain the camera around and and you get a look behind the behind I think that's true but. Alec Baldwin does a fine gene Rayburn and it's the same deal you they have a lot of the same panelist and they're drinking. And it is surprisingly. Filthy for being on ABC at 10 PM on on a Friday or Saturday or Sunday night it's on Sunday night it's okay so how is this really to report her junior we also so I ABC's good avoiding payment and they've been doing this. And this I greatest hits show where they have a live audience. Watching performers like Rick Springfield ray Parker junior and me are the ghost of Falco. Perform their songs from the eighties and Rick Parker junior comes on those ghostbusters. And I recommend watching the show because it is the most god awful show you've ever seen your you stuff so wearing two. CU cut scolded the first they came that moment I mean the only day you beyond that how come that attack. I ask and it is an audience that is half made up of of people who clearly have never heard the song better trying to be on TV and the other half have been. Blake coached within an inch of their lives now every appear in doozy esta okay more foreign so everybody involved in the original ghostbusters the movie I would 32 years old. They're all leader elderly or dead. Drew her agreement is gone now yes nice little dedication program of some in the film appropriately how did you feel of the sequel. I don't love ghostbusters two I I will watch it if it's gone I have never. At any point in the last ten years probably. May be willing decision to. Watch ghostbusters two it's not great. It's not even really that good. And while I love ghostbusters it doesn't give me anything that I enjoy so I would rather stick to the end the the classic movie. And maybe some episodes of the animated series tell me about the animated series say it's got the real ghostbusters are real goes well why is that and not just ghostbusters. I think that there was a licensing thing and I mean I really do believe that that's when it comes down to and it's not all the same characters are no it is it is the same characters it's it's radeon Winston and Peter and slammer. And you mean. And it's basically just an animated version they they weirdly each goes poster it's a different colored costume. Is pretty much. That's awesome out okay well if that clarifies anything Emmitt there were times and it was legitimately. Pretty pretty uninteresting stuff and can not always a winner but it's not bad leader became slammer and the real ghostbusters so the tail really started wagging the dog out really well early and were action figures and all kinds do you have any of them know. There have no no never did. I'm not sure I believe that what may the original ghost busters works for me. And was Bill Murray and and just his swagger and charisma the and it was also in 1984. We hadn't really seen a movie exactly like that before it was a lot of fun. And we're gonna get to the new movie. Now deep when it was first announced that there was going to be an all female reboot. This may shock you guys but not everybody was completely thrilled about it and martyred on this star system called. But worldwide web content we'll actually normal than people actually got on there and said some fairly unkind things now what's brand and just run through a couple these. Here's one. A tweet in fact. They just better call it a lady ghost busters so people know what they're walking into would want irate ticket buyers asking for refunds. All all female ghostbusters maybe they'll be able to get rid of the paranormal sudden headaches in bed and I. About women like having sex art and put up. I think they sure got their number this is what I've heard. I'm still gonna called the male old hash tag ghostbusters star sorry. Also and the girls or text them kind of were the primary guys hear her 00 this one from pat PC badger you know in the ought to be insightful I hear the new ghostbusters movie won't have proton packs the women will just bitch of the ghosts until they off. Our again you don't have to believe that because that's a news quote from. Here's another one well my gauges guy ruined. Hash tag ghost busters all female cast burns me out a gender mixed team with a female lead wouldn't bug me but this. Emphasis mine. Oh my god here we go this this straight here he is is the most informed tweet you'll ever ever read in your life. I'm reading it to you but you know and I mean. And outcome of the feminist praising of their being an all female ghost busters cast. Not like it hasn't been done before hash tag. Charlie's change oh it's military understand we live in a rare you know there initially a mailed surely you don't remember the all male Charlie thing where they'll ship from dale solving crimes yeah. I know shirts but both times. Yeah oh we'll Sylvia I thrusting her tweet ghostbusters is now a chick flick cool WTF. We've gone. It's become more like ooh I like the English on this one yeah been to all female casting her I guess I read a little sexist. The movie's going name BO law anyway mother Scottish and gone a Hornaday got a walk away so many old T toll a little less than I do miss you this comment. Boom boom and coordinates they may all female ghost busters where's my all male steel magnolia. I thought that's a. I'm I'm waiting feeling you know beats audio magnolia as will not get the adaptation it deserves when they do it all male it will be the all female. Sequel to Pacific rim. I think you get the idea. So I don't know this one starts with no I'm not sexist at all Maricopa play and then that is a sure indication that he sexist. I had completely omit him. I'm not sexist at all but all females ghostbusters is just up up. Sorry it's not me that's right it's this guy don't blame the messenger don't blame the media and if you if you get online you can find. As many of these as you have the stomach for. I didn't care I didn't care one bit what was your reaction when you heard the news well my first reaction was the skepticism because. I anybody who has followed the saga of the ghostbusters reboot of the ghostbusters sequel though that we've had so many false starts that this was just another thing on the list now when they set all female ghostbusters I when I'm sure it's as likely as anything else that's ever been mentioned. And then it really started fast tracking I bothered by it at all I have never been bothered by the notion. I did know immediately. Oh marks got the flu Delfino or your release having in the studio are determined over your okay well it's did you only had bumper crops please proceed senator. So help. I had never it never bothered me in and I knew that there was going to be an absolute you know. Hell fire over it and gosh I predict a back correctly. It is you who cares well yeah first I thought cares I thought. Boy exactly what we need another remake of something that everybody knows. It could. What a rare occurrence Kelly the other thing was in the all right they're do this but we're still gonna have the original one. And that's not good they're not deleting the original one and replacing it would just a radical one. So do whatever go do your own thing and you know if you if you wanna make the argument. And that this is a thing for little girls to have their role models now. Have that night I couldn't possibly care less so what we have we met Kristen wig and Kate MacKinnon Melissa McCarthy. And Leslie Joan Leslie Leslie chuck what is she from SNL. And the interesting thing about Leslie Jones because another thing people might know about me they listen to the shows that I've. Hold on to SNL with the most tenuous. Figure took grasp. In even the worst seasons because I I am a huge fan of of the very concept of personnel. And the fact that the you know they still put on a show pretty much every week for an entire season. That live in and you know bug that is amazing and that is something that does not get done and you have to respect that even if you don't like what they're producing on a week to week basis and feel but coming and how good would your average would be just you know. Well I guess we know. Yes it's not had a better. Here is you have yikes Moody's doesn't go ahead so I Leslie Jones was a stand up and and she was. One of the featured players on arsenal originally and then if your featured player what happens is that they will occasionally use you and your sort of testing you out. They did the best thing they possibly could they use the Adam Sandler method and by the way when everything when Adam Sandler this method works and if you want just know you know the exact minute he became a star. They had him on update. And he sang a song and Leslie Jones case they they came on and they just let her do her stand up but they framed it as nothing here are half and she. Practically burst out of the TV screen play Joost owned it and not I don't know that was Lee Jones has a massive range that we've seen yet. Has her curved. You know sort of stock in trade seems to be. Loud funny. Black woman. But she's really good at it and I like what she does whether it okay and she's in this case she's being herself so it's not a huge debt great. And a she was actually win one of the things that I don't like to most in this movie I think she and Kate McCann and really kind of owned it and no kidney. Cannon who's also on SNL yeah. And is packed in she known for doing having Hillary Clinton's yes yes and she's agreed Hillary Clinton's she seemed to have gotten the biggest reaction from the crowd in the screening you when I ran hands down. And I I like her the directors Paul Fieger is it fighting Henrik FE AIG he now needed bridesmaids which I haven't seen I wonder why. The heat which. I don't think I saw that either but he did a movie with Melissa McCarthy called spy which I did see and was actually pretty good and you just watch that yourself. I did and I should say I've seen bridesmaids a couple of times I saw in the theater but then I also saw its recently back to my girlfriend hadn't seen it before we even plan to do this. And I think bridesmaids is extremely funny I think it's extremely well made and constructive it has a sort of eighty's comedy structure to it I don't know how to describe that few other than if you watch it you you get it. I Christa we is very very funny Mya Rudolph who I think is hysterical. Is is great man movie and Melissa McCarthy. I really broke out because of bridesmaids as well I just watched by. Look I knew every joke OK then nothing in that was new territory to me but it made me laugh. Then it made me laugh too I don't have any desire whatsoever to see bridesmaids or for the heat. But everybody's talking about ghostbusters. And revenue we have some audio from a yeah. Disney event. The eyes. So my domain. Wearing these guys coming from your opinion is really going back to homeland hello it's. Howard is up ahead. In here okay airing here. Don't feel like finally have a pretty untested he's clearly served you have the longest time. There's a handy thing you don't die immediately. And you have done this before right break. Hey. I am. I'll. Now we should set this up a little bit right sure. Its the premise isn't exactly the same as the original. It starts up with Kristen Wiig she is a professor. Of physics I think you'll and she's trying to get tenure remand of the person the faculty member of that department head in charge of the tenure. Is the mean dad from game a throne Charles just since your love what FA I have I had and would like him to be an every movie he's great. But she had. In her past co written a book on the turn normal with her friend Melissa McCarthy. And she knows that that's gonna interfere with her getting tenured college she doesn't want Charles Dance to find out. She goes to ask her friends to pull the book. And that's where Rasheed Kristen Wiig character gets pulled into. Going to investigating ghost sighting. The I'm Melissa McCarthy is working. With Kate MacKinnon now and there's obviously a little bit of the bad blood between most McCarthy and Kristen way. And it's. It very quickly that it's. Dismissed and and they and they move on and then there's an agreement to bury the book. But this other matter has to be dealt with first and. Along the way they needlessly Jones character who is some kind of a subway ticket taker or something who knows a lot about the history of New York right that's that's her ankle. And they have. An ad for a secretary and short slice for PX. And you know it gave Chris Hemsworth is who is like almost literally the mascot of the movie. But. And he's pretty funny guy really have to give him credit he stated the he's funny he. Apparently for a big good looking model guy has no vanity what's so occur this piece. Think he does some pretty silly stuff. And it and they are they really drag it out to the credit sequence at the end as well also so Chris Hemsworth plays just are just. A ridiculously. Stupid. Error headed pretty guy who Kristen wigs. Awkward character. Has a crush on and it's the same Kristen Wiig character you've seen in half the things she's done which is sort of awkward. Stammering shy girl yeah. And that's one. Place where it just didn't click with me. I said before that bill Murray's. Just think charismatic. Brash performance in the original that carried the movie for me this doesn't work for me so well armed men. You're listening or boomer is that he is. A Smart guy and he's a charming guy in the. It in in Peter bank when but he is also. Completely and utterly willing to punch above his weight at every turn and he's kind of a con man to be a little bit yeah. Thought my world that he. Knotts not so much with the Kristen Wiig character I suppose we did our names matter airing Gilbert made it doesn't make any difference because people aren't gonna remember this movie. And so let's just get straight to what we think a little yeah. Here's my one sentence review. Of the ghost busters reboot are you ready PI Harold Ramos got off easy. A. He can now OK okay what cat now we have not talked about this we know we are we got out of the movie. And it was kind of an awkward day we decided let's is not saying anything until until tomorrow. Which you think of it. I buy dinner and we see a movie and it's an awkward date yeah Jesus Jack how could have been worse yeah. Tastefully inert. We mean it it did not bother me and it did not excite me in any way shape perform. IA did not dislike it I didn't love it. On May think that it's fine the audience was going grape nuts rate lake. These these non critical portion of the audience and I say that believing it to be mathematically and statistically accurate. They lost their minds they well we'll know that's. You're overstating it. May think oh there was some reaction they didn't flat line but still picking announced there were some cheers throughout the guy next future like that. At least he kept his hands off me a postal concerned about that I think we knew were kind of on the same page with this I didn't think it was awful. But it also didn't do anything for me at all nights I saw no reason for it to exist it didn't you didn't have the energy in the feeling of the original. And a lot of the movie seemed to me like they're kind of going through the routine of setting up familiar. Images. And beats. And then sort of wrote lead delivering them. And not bring us anything new I mean we've. We've lived any universe where this movie exists for 32 years and I'm not sure what they brought to the table except for recasting this same story. Right an M one thing I I really wanna stress. Is that. Before you accuse anybody who has the same reaction as mark and I not liking it because it has a female cast. It is an extremely gender neutral script. That the the fact of them being women had little to nothing to do with the proceedings which is. The correct way to do that and they editors of the line in the movie. Word they briefly addressed the all female thank a yeah and that's funny and I got that got a laugh out of the crowd. Endless did it seems you like and loose shots of them. Locking in Loden and then imposing will yet they're ghost GeMS endless and ended it seemed like. Fan fiction costly after a certain point because of that here at the audience seemed to enjoy that my large. Which is which is mentioning but I I for mean the other part. The big difference is that in the original ghostbusters. There are two. Times when there. The story is handled in a semi serious fashion. In that when they're dealing with the ghosts and they're doing their research and and you know with with Dana and XUL and all of that it handled. With a relatively straight face and some occasional mugging this movie felt like. Joke joke joke joke joke joke joke joke joke joke joke no rest. Everything was again and everything and that's not what made ghost busters works and I realized this is a reboot. And that's fine I I have no expectation that this should be the same movie. As the previous thing I would have said it all the things I'm saying if this had been a sequel. Featuring the original characters or had been hand off movie that that was discussed. For so long in in which you know it they take the franchise connected to your original and then and then pass it off. I wouldn't. Have enjoyed this in any. Format. It did tastefully and hurt ya now do. Didn't move we should also add that a lot of people involved in the original ghost buster show up in one form or another. In this one indicating that if anybody had a problem whether they were cool with that. Well in the big hole out Bill Murray Fatah obviously and oh by the way this will be where do you and what's still not spoil that I saw an ad last night that spoiled his cameo. Did you. Well he's not seeing where we hear pale. Boy would be again go Marie makes an appearance and soda is pretty much everybody else. Except Terrell agreement. That's not true but OK don't don't I want I want I must've missed some extra blitzer you're the villain who is the villain in the original. Well there was. There was it was who there was there was always the demon Kosher but there is the little guy doing retaining grain. No let's the second one the second Peter mechanical Peter mechanical yeah and I don't preparatory talks for the villain in this. When I as such and non entity. As comic book writers you and I know really well that heroes are only as interesting as their villains the villain in this one. Is that janitor Fred downtown New York building who's trying to unleash. Ghosts to wreak Havoc in New York. And we don't really know anything about him except just that he's a weird janitor. Yeah yeah I absolutely and in fact that part of the movie is handled. So awkwardly and and the ghostbusters learn so much so quickly a blow like they've put a lot together very quickly that at one point I found myself in. Unable to remember how they knew that yeah and it's because they didn't really it they just sort of figured out very quickly. They knew that because screenwriting. And leisure screenwriter. I just I found out. Neurotic characters in this. Really engaging and all the Kate MacKinnon character who's. Who's assertive the eccentric inventor of every single thing they used to add to that extent that she's just coming out with stuff. At a ridiculous pace every every governor seems she's got you know here's this this in this that I just made a she was kind of funny. But I couldn't connect with the any the other characters. All we're we're right you are not really I I every ready had a moment that I liked you know Kate MacKinnon was definitely my favorite. But it they just worked extremely well defined and I did feel you know you mentioned this before about Christmas break. I felt like everybody was just sort of plane. The thing that we've seen them play the model. Sticking out and here's something that I would've liked and that is. If it had taken place in the universe of the original ghostbusters and this was just a new team. And they acknowledged the existence of containment and the other guy is making some photos on the wall we're just. Going to visit the elderly ex ghostbusters something but this is a complete reboot. You know why they didn't do that wind because they didn't want these characters to be walking around. Essentially been resting on the laurels of people would come before they wanted them to the invent this technology for themselves. Come up with a solution the problem being for me is that I didn't really. Feel anything compelling about them inventing these things like Holtzman just sort of make stuff like you say like an adjective guy just comes up with. Stuff I made this up well great. That's neat what is it and there is more action and it meant there was but again it just seems like. Fans service. What that comes up a little M Peters there's more wind and people around with the ghost can blast so guns sure I'm holding them but. But it but it it lessens the impact when it finally does happen because there's too much of it. Ya know I I would agree with that too and again I didn't dislike this movie and have somebody set I thought this was really funny won't. Also I'm. Trio also get you where middle aged tremendously maybe this isn't for us right. Maybe this isn't for a careful careful if you say this is a forest that has got broad well maybe doesn't force in the same way as the new female. Iron Man isn't for us either and we have our thing and it's the 19841. But I guess my you've reaction to that is. Make new characters don't don't. Substitute female characters for a new generation of young women. Could they had may old. Originals make original female character so that that's their thing and it's not always a reference to something that was. A male prime character to begin with it's always gonna be first in your mind here's the crawl. Woman again this goes back comic book so I know you know listen it's it's a big trap and I'm not saying that's right new characters don't. They don't hit. Great what they must have at some point went out for you know sixty years ago. When it comes to comics say it's tough because you know you look at Harley Clinton look military Carly quite a character made for Batman the animated series. Who should not be as popular issues now because of her origins in in that regard. It took a long time dead pool took a long time doubles been around for a long time now. So new characters can't just come out. And and get the bills paid in the way that Hollywood wants so if they've made a movie that was like ghostbusters with a all female cast. We wouldn't be having this conversation because nobody would proceed yet more sound grip. I partied well how do you want sound I'm not not not. Not from the interior we want from your ice is you have you want old ghostbusters are new ghost busters are a little bit of the yield is a Pallet cleanser. Funny just bought out like this killed by a hundred put a marshmallow man. We've been going about this all wrong was mr. Steve but he's OK he's a sailor he's in New York. We get this guy laid we won't have any trouble. I radical idea. The door swings both ways you can reverse the part of it's okay I'll. Across the street excuse me god music crossing a stream it was bad for us this dream. You're gonna endanger it endanger our client. The nice lady who haters in advance before she became a dog. Not necessarily there's definitely a very slim chance we'll survive. Now let's from the second one ranked. Nolan or the first one what the hell's wrong with you it's been a while also I don't. He. Terrible all. You know and I want you to go watch the reboot again just he just for insulting me with your lack of love. Burgos poster might god mark Knight they're told they're elected. And even listen one I think 1984. Even listening to that clip with the original actors act grade Maria and didn't. Oh my god willing your terrible he herald program agreements. And what about the other one mark what about the other one her who was the other one Ernie Hudson mark. Not just I don't know fourth cosponsor got to that. Ernie I see what you're trying to do here he had it cannot stray I have tried shared dozens facelift with Ernie before we were we were gonna cryptic con. And he was at the next table over I can tell you. That is a man who. Canon does eat salads all day long he'd told that her birthday so you know by the way that's that's the one thing my ghostbusters randomness is considerable I've never actually met anybody from ghostbusters. Well Ernie went on to a promising career. And the Oz prison series on a trio they'll use the warden. And the aforementioned salads so overall reactions to move the new all female ghost busters again. I see make up new characters so you don't have to refer to it is the female ghost busters the female for the female Iron Man. But they went and did it anyway because Hollywood is a cynical. Money grubbing creatively bankrupt industry. My my reaction is and it's not gonna kill you but it says it's nothing special liner EI I would have to agree. And I I'm pretty much locked in the see it again with the family. I've been the strictly verboten to speak about my feelings under come home in the poker face. Go ahead. My final. Nothing my final pro tip here is that we saw the movie in 3-D. And don't don't do that there's nothing there is nothing. Live 3-D adds to the movie except cost to your ticket even the big. Slamming the money shot the very first time realized lining in the movie yes. The slime is supposed to be coming straight up the screen action. I've only done if I want to. I thought if if I want that there's places around Seattle and go OK well and you know it clean I'm surprised he reacts. This I know you like a movie with a lot of slimy and none you one thing I I noticed tonight I don't see a lot of movies and treaty in fact only put pressure it's. There there were a lot of some sort of breaking the border. Of the seemed like with the with the proton streams and and the slime like they had they had set pared their sort of letter boxing in in place. Too it's not actual letter boxing you know what I mean and it would break the border that I have I guess I hadn't seen that much. She did you enjoy that the that in hand so I'm sorry if they're gonna look stupid. Also you get to where those plastic geeky glasses on you're paying for the entire movie. Very well we'll wrap it up there but Brandon thanks for coming back combined meal lunch after the show today rev. Let's goes boom pow wow we still get to do that on nullifying you launch we'll see you next week there I'm Mark Roberts special ops. Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Join Vernon Wells is the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG's video games or are just a major fan of size flying key culture Vernon Wells says something for every one let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW doc club that's BMW dot plus.