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Wednesday, July 27th

JV Johnson and Jason Hawes from Beyond Reality Radio on the Mens Room.


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I coming up on the program we've got this job today also the return of who's sucks less first we beam are satellites to talk to the one and only. I'd Jason Hawes from beyond reality radio and from ghost buster urge go senators I Jason thanks for joining us on the show man. Absolutely meant. I you guys are doing a brand new show called beyond reality radio we know you from ghost hunters use to be on the south side hunters and I was gonna cost while I keeps you men's singles how they're all good idea ghost hunters and now on the tenth season. You're still on it on the side right now and the Desi guy has been taped an app for awhile against the last years. We finished up the this season of enumerated here we finished and a few months back and met all that he's an eleven XR and ensure that you know phenomenal orders and under and third thirty countries and you know others that it how blossom my time's man I'm Mike analyzing and I you guys don't know already a thing to beyond reality radio. Yup me and my record close strategy view also on the line we do beyond reality radio we cover all different topic everything from paranormal goes on in humans through conspiracy theories. You apology for the zoology you name it. Is there are limits are limited. What you believe so you do the ghost hunting of armistice people talk about you opposed to someone says our big foot of me what are you more skeptical about than the others might have all the things in my column. Well he's usually use you realize that I believe over 80% of all claims can be so absolutely and yeah you're a buzz kill that man and I'll. Aboriginal and anybody can say something on it but where's the proof that the work quite well and just saying something's odd that irked that the Icrc appealed the don't know. Sure okay so most of the timely weather so that other 20%. That that has to be the laundry go OK we've tried this this in this in this survey this doesn't seem right like. Are there situations there where you get and you like OK there's the seems like it's going to be the real deal. And so. And we do a lot of cases are forward confidentiality agreements were churches were re just send and read a preliminary report allow me. I did you get a lot of incredible pieces that. Activity is truly going on that you're having hard time to explain. But the paranormal and are haunting. All under two different things the haunting old into the realm of paranormal. If you think about the board paranormal just means so era above so above the normal or use. An object moving on its own is paranormal but there's scientific proof to show that hard magnetic fields and and that's enough to move all object so it doesn't mean there's a ghost Metallica. Jason message is this like it do you believe that there is a creature like big filtered bigfoot for example. You think there's a big put out there walking the earth. I would love to believe that I think there's a lot of things out there we haven't discovered yet but here's the thing in this day and age we're 2016. Where were walking route thermal imaging cameras and all this technology how can we not have owned a big com. So it's it's tough for me to believe I would love to believe that there is some sort of a task watch out there. It's just. There is updated well I'll tell you think that would kind of take away some of the executive and head of the ballot assess lightweight we've had a conversation I'm sure of the forest have been an end. It would probably get swayed way of life sold North American forest guerrilla and then it doesn't seem magic anymore. What that'll loan if there was something out there like that the first thing the government would do is try to dissect it understand. And do their own testing. I would love to that'd be something out there and I'm sure there are lots of things out there that we have not come across yet. But yeah an 89 foot eight man walking through with the Oklahoma or out of Washington. I have a hard time believing I would love to see when and people called in and say that they've had you experience they know they know where some are they over into our shelf. I believe we have Harry well if I get a clean picture right now and while you can you take me there and it's all these as well I'm not sure I can do that the private or would you mind. Oh crap right exacted too many blocks away. We're talking to Jason Hawes and Davey Johnson the show is ghost hunters and you can listen to the cast W dot com the show is beyond reality radio gas and go senators you can download that a KSW dot com. A starting on Monday what about as far as just areas of the country there seems to be more. Areas of the country that tend to have more legal stories like I grew up the West Virginia that was always a bunch of the weather was Baltimore horror story yeah I just like the new paranormal not elect a marked man and things like that but even when you go with north in the Pennsylvania in the Gettysburg and offshore areas. It just seemed like there were certain hotspots where of these sightings or paranormal activity was. Is there anything like that it or is it just a crapshoot. Well in West Virginia you guys have tread trans Allegheny lunatic which is extremely on the Dow. Is Earl Woods it is best not creep into a well what do you say something wasn't lunatic asylum and outs abandoned it just seems a decree factors and no matter. But where you are right now your own Seattle and and Jim there's of their high school out there and Leo the west penalize schools. Really. A hot spot in 1924 rows Kagan Bob some I don't know if you guys know about rose an ocean on herself tonight school the scenario sounds like carrier something you thought there. And and acclaimed throughout the high school are that people see an operation a blow up a lady walking around all the hear noises they hear footsteps when no one else is in the building and you know that's right there in Seattle and you guys got the Seattle underground out their II investigated that on the show back about sixty which. It was incredible we had some wild activity and there's always these weird claims. On and also Pike Place Market which I had checked out was down there as well that's built on an Indian burial. They're still zombies walking down their right now buying flowers and there absolutely are. I let the market is creepy in night when attempting to walk through there how do you get a sense of this activity is there a meter is that justice is a six cents like how it. How do you get he's reading studied these feelings then use that has started a Jason for you when you're when you're younger. Yet a girlfriend I guess it kind of got you into it and and you you can have this just ability to know something's there or not is it is it a gut instinct. Well it's and it's not even really inability if they give it this way well first off and we get in most cases as the white caps web site last year alone received over 92 million. I know too little good job. And we receive over thousand emails a day yankees' request. But now if if I took you 2000 so called on the location and out of those thousand haunted locations. A hundred of them are haunted. You would tend to remember how you felt who it is then from their rights are seeking you know more locations. You tend to remember how you felt when there was typical a certain types of energy around. If you remember that so you're going to remember how you Obama under haunted location now they're gonna make you sensitive. Know with this but it's gonna make you a little more observance than the next individual that you're investigating where the the more and more you go to these locations of course the stronger. Your your feelings can become on feeling if something does seem to be present and. Even how about it even and a home and I don't even know like in a fictional way. Now the house was for sale for silence of the lambs right OK but that house they said had been hunted on the farm for a long time anyway. And they use this they can't sell the house so I'm just curious layoffs salads I like did you find a lot of these places I it is it tough is it. Is it good for the homeowner or and is a really like let's get the hell out of here economy in my there's a ghost let's leave or are they stay in Indio. That all the time homeowner we've we've had homeowners who. Are looking looking have their house ought that are are hoping that her out on that because they want knowledge of it we've also got homeowners were looking for. Please explain what's going on here I don't want to be a ghost and when you don't win you're able to figure Ralph. It's an electrical problem itself plumbing problem itself overactive imagination that over religious it's over medicated under medicated self medicated individual. And you help you help them through that a lot of times search. Relieve relieve and that's what they're looking for and most there are those out there that are looking for the the value of having on the house. For most of them are just. Truly looking for the real explanation the health and get back they're they're normal life and help settle the family. Are but what about the house where they don't want it to be prompted it is is how does that conversation go. Well to be on the for the crap out of luck because. Those things where it's offensive it's an intelligent on that you could sit around the table of the family you just sit there and say you know what we don't want you anymore this is our house. We want to move on and hopefully it will respect them enough to move on. You need to also figure out what's drawing if there is it because one of the children that children are more prone to see things an adult because to a child anything's possible. How big fact I don't damage in the recruitment of big money for the basket. So they're more open to all these all this energy is not too weak condition them and tell them this is a real mess are real that we start shutting them off from. From the possibility of anything being possible. So on a lot of times things to come and go home with a child because they know the child be able to see it. Now if again it's an intelligent on that Iran could tell these things to move on you don't want it there. Hopefully they'll respect that move on but if it's a rigid and residual type on more than the energy is trapped within an object in that building. You need to find out what object that is to get rid of it a lot of times people get residuals right on after they go to. We markets are antique shop and and get a piece of furniture and things I think I'm kinda. And then then you've got your poltergeist which really isn't like the movie usually the child manifest the activity themselves and that he seems to be your high limestone depositary. And it by about fifteen years ago I did the whole report on that and it was about. Who wants after my research came out the scientific journal of America actually came out you start talking about all the guys thought about the child that is your highlighted so blog there's a weird they're. The stuff made exactly as stalled front page and Ozzie Davey Johnson hosting a brand new show called beyond reality radio you can download a Monday on KI SW dot com adjacent from a ghost hunters also plumber. Now have you ever gone into old Victorian or any kind of old brownstone. And you're just there for a job obviously but you kind of get a sense of something else like maybe there's just you know you're in a crawl space. Good news bad it is until I got here but I got diagonal weird feeling about this place. Well yeah I haven't gone I've been sent to the locations. And or altered mansion out here or violent and somebody art I've. Robbins and went in to you plumbing. And I'll be on its said to be one of the most haunted locations around here and law it was in the basement. I was dealing with being channels running back and forth I called one of my other plumbers and get me handy because of course it's one of those things you're always looking over your shoulders. And he was there for about an hour another rotor guy he's like yeah I I just can't do that goes I didn't sign onto this kind of work. So they're out there. If you do get that Buell to get the people when I when I shook somebody's house and like oh my god you're Jason often goes Connors. And they wanna talk me for three hours about haunting and haven't read it fix what's going on yourself but it didn't get it over. Or the other way every of their four potential halting in a life lesson did you gotta quit your damn toilet under the Clinton Era Qaeda. You need this whole thing to rebuild Madigan deal ball system and here we introduce mark. Where you have no idea how many houses I've gone through and before. Or so called on these have been able to figure it out because it is whether it's air in the line you getting knocking on the wall weather at the leaky doled out all of our I'm a toilet. Well here here's one case I did and Jimmy actually was on this case in the as in this case this lady was talking about. How her dad uncle had passed away and you're the plumber and he's communicating because it like 2 in the morning every ninety flushes the toilet. And here and what what it was what the plot may issue go to bed about eleven sheet in new news about them flush the toilet. And a flapper valve was leaking so little that about two hours later all the sudden that the F Bill Belichick back on C get the sound like posting flushed. But nothing do with their dad uncle inferred through don't report. That are under all that on foot but from rattling in the balls to the right guy and I mean this makes more sensitive or goes and we don't know these are good Lehman eliminate that right away you know means that that's not even realistic option. Well we have one person who is talking about having all the sound coming from their wall and we've decided we were going to access the panel was just she rocked back there. And when we did there was a family chipmunk that we're. You know I I don't says chip monks are nice little furry animals when you and here where they live they are some vicious little creek absolutely us. Beyond reality red. L stars Monday at KI SW dot com Jim javy and adjacent that you got so much for coming on the program check amounts on Monday you can downloaded to KI SW dot com beyond reality radio that's from the guys who do ghost busters on the golf I dart guns tires slightly below that at. Yeah right after I got the ladies in my head. Yeah it's a pig I got it John today is coming up we'll take a break to go back to the return of those socks last night.