08-12-16 William Duvall of Alice in Chains

Friday, August 12th

William Duvall of Alice in Chains stopped in to have a beer with us on the program before he went up on stage to open up for GNR This weekend! 


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William Duvall all of Allison Jane I was drama we are joined by William Devoe from Alice in Chains will empower him Obama right and welcome to Seattle welcome back to see you to be fair. We're talking about the salute the resiliency of als jeans low. Orchestra tried to Congo formerly of no walls formerly of neon Christ formerly oh. Asked formerly code comes with the fall. Wow give me enough. You you've hung in Germany Italy and there you've you've done this a long time. It's been a long strange trip of it has been and it is the last the last ten years has to bin is that in the craziest part or is have been the most normal part. Arm. In some ways it's definitely been craziest. You know and in other ways it kind of just feels like. OK you know my right arm and it's not like I have been training for this you know. Sure it's him to four and a there are. But a closer to port deal and yeah Christ and I have missed them this 2% as the grizzlies. Economic needed to leave Atlanta. The group of what supports. Opened gun range and where house or place you played in future face for target practice. You do about that person is at these errors. Was you know. The edge in the during the upon thing in the punk scene early art course in the early eighties. I think. You know there was and national response team it's underground. Thing with shore and you know. There was a certain faction of supremacists and they wanted to infiltrate the cookies for recruiting uses disenchanted it's effective use right and that's. That's. They tried to recruit you. No they were trying to do they were just infiltrating our scene because you know crisis that time with the band and we were. We were outwardly political move we soda sought cells like the MC five black flag and Coca. So. You know the stuff was real forward. You know it's kind of go get them kinda thing and it was ruin your face and and you know some people in like that I was right all songs I mean it was just. It was a it was a it was a perfect storm. And I think certain people maybe in the white aryan resistance or whatever and names worry that there's groups. Felt like hey we gotta get to Atlanta they parties were in San Cisco Linksys or that. Yet so. Passenger ferries for toward me it was limited facilities. And it's somebody told me I mean it was that there was a lot going on it was a it was a it was a very beat him and so that was just one of many things that kind of came down you know I do agree on Greek wherever and in the hearings that well okay you know like is real is mainly due to yourself could you know and I mean what they noticed that are right across the street from. The main club at that time the Metroplex that they had there little hangout right across the way. And so you know there are a lot of the a lot of sedan dark things that. That we're going on on around that time and naturally. Festivals are you a us. So what did you do just Dick van and come out here that don't wreck. It's just out out there we gotta get out until it got it got it got really. It got kind of it got dangerous when they. There were Cutler attempted murders on people. And so that god knows. It's. It's in his heavy for awhile let's get to the point where it's just. In my band sort of we are response to that kind of pressure at that age girl X sixteens and you're he would just you know you get into this being rock on express yourself and get those attempted murder you know like. And in people's cars and people going to jail on people jumped bail and get you it was just like OK this is just. Straight out of its way to its fortunes systems bananas and so IA. Concurrent with a all of this I'd I'd written a letter to blast. And they wrote me back in in in and have been like you know like we we need that sort of pop what was XP there. Yes Santa Cruz and they were just what's like what's with the transfer from Atlantis crew was culture shock and it was definitely got it right it's an epidural and airline aunt uncle and out of it. I. It was it was a little bit of a culture shock but it was cool and in the you know that the sound was right to me at the time and then you know odds. This they were just all about camping out rocking so was from that standpoint it wasn't. Quite the happiness and nose in terms of like the time was in his. But at the same time that shows on the West Coast were always just. Bananas so. Coming from a relatively small but growing. To where you're playing the Olympic auditorium in in LA. With like slayer. And DRI and then there's site. 3000 people at a punk show or punk metal show in that case. That was interesting and you know I've heard about it read about it now home living and you know. Was that I thought maybe make of all of us are old and I'll always remember that CN. Actually you wrote about it you birdie note by going to go out there and meet your expectations. And being. In terms of the energy in the amount of people. I mean it was wild this is it now here and that also means that word. I think at that time of only happen in California and especially so now poignantly one time last played house show. I say how show with it was in somebody's backyard. And they lived and I'd wanna say you know there is some some utility thing. And like I guess it was it's it cool like. Kids wanna throw down the movies so they call wasted youth. And you know who is of indefinite time Mina and they and they call blast. And we showed up and there was a stage. Erected in the yard. And for some reason waist you went out first. And we were gonna play after we get to play because cops Oda. To scatter it turned into this melee. In the middle of this. Beautiful neighborhood. And I mean literally people running. Like it was like though that scenes in the in the old movies where it's set in like New York like Brooklyn in the twenties and kids are across rooftops and or we like running across people's beautifully manicured plan. Terrorist and just you know. We out today how it got so crazy that. I ended. Just going into house with this with this world with photography and on this Atlanta exactly this growth this girl this photographer I'm Alisyn names mouse mouse if you look at some hope on and back pitches hard me and we just in hide out in this complete stranger's house that they aware that your house you know they were cut because. It was a sliding door and we had to get away from the Rampage it was coming through you know he was yards this that we just we just like ducked it was like a movie it was really. What exactly other times like that I was like OK I'm definitely living in LA punk experience. Zero waved off my house chains is is that feelings I mean you still acute do you feel a lot of that stuff yeah. That's at least in my house is definitely him through. Let me put. Up you know like I asked that it. I mean that's why I think I have some records just because of Aaron. Music stuff in in you know with with a new. Teacher. Aaliyah. You know and yeah and along with a lot of the things you pick a blown away but it sure that's always at the root of effort for sure and it's great because it's. Now in in GT au. Draft orchestra. Not not a stick breaks enough that you guys know from you ain't seen nothing yet. A lot of highway all the tickets left. With class. With them it's like with with you know it's like you know you got the aberrant irons from mass. You got you know. And one in from Dillinger escape on either side. And you know deal enter they are kind of like the the logical extension of the day. We started like way way back you know in the early eighties took. It's something he said we got there at least it was poetic. The government I think it's like so so it's really cool because it's almost like a full circle thing waited too to collaborate with somebody who comes from. That scene. And you know and then have all these other master musicians all so involved experts and yet he can really bring me into. And you know peak on base couples altogether but it. But it's it's so that is actually a very. Easy. Formed transferred. And channel a lot of stuff that goes way back. A lot of that seem and it's it's it's the people involved others like it it's the fans news in your your closest with the fans crock senior two feet away three feet away from your favorite band. And now Europe on stage in front of you know tens of thousands of people hundreds of dollars they were standing farther away and through it but it but in a weird way are you can't go you know and and and you place a small Lebanese Steffi are you looking forward to going back and be in that close and describe you and me with a different bands smaller venues kind of getting back to that original sound that original kind of field. And plane the plane and completely new music. You know like it it does have this this this wonderful energy to. And I'm sure that even our debut it's gonna be pretty pleased at this month. Well the offense that's in it yet. We are likely that we are gonna do some smaller shows later in the year and I think it's going to be very much like say it's going to be. Well now you know a lot of a lot of energy packed into a very very small place or relatively small Dutch government in. This is I'm an. They the coral is that is not a relatively active. A lot of them but you never know what would analogies you can hear again what garrisons in the made you never know how would. What's it like in a turn for all those people on there and then the craziness of the store with Guns 'N Roses there's. It's you know arena's. It's huge I mean you know people people love you guys gross they're going nuts is that crazy look out there and a sea of people like and just realize like I'm up here. They're listening to me this is my job. You know like cricket I've got her and I think I've got to take a dump and amenities here session of the I have an oral. As sort of as this is like you do hear of their you gotta go like your of inferno like 40000. How is that like. I got such a shrimp a coach. And I. I'm honestly like a lot of just preempt by just don't eat before. Tony before pregame Tony before have you ever not an atlas of government. When I was you know it's funny because when I was when I was younger much younger. Right after blast. I had a group called final offering news mean Mike teams CSC and degree. In view of the departing great Summers who's like Keaton. Jones. And we litigate at 41 Athens Georgia. And I don't know I'd I'd I'd NCAA maybe it's bad whatever I don't know but. We had the club that we are playing. The stage right by the door and so. I was actually able to do is rock. Rocking and I feel it coming on were right off the stage at a long table on my guitar at stage right out the front door. Ralph all of the sidewalk never missed an note came back and got back on stage camp rock and we never stopped and so obviously you don't get atop that letter. It enough if it. It's that's that's that's right. And and maybe you're aware that the court. Decree to. Man. While. Reading. Man please Angeles. Oh. Yeah. And what's it like maturity. And like you has been so let's. To Tom yet the I understand. That. They guessed at an. App that. Before it went out that's. You're talking about a man to man of destiny in the android as an app. I have a suspicion of forms yet and likes it makes it. We've provided and and and RG inking this this this this men's room gold beer which actually is very citrus cities so yes and I'll I'll. Some strange marketing here. And I got talking a good leader. There and the buffets. You guys can continue to supposed to tour after the opening Africans roses we saw I don't Paramount great ago help I religion you set list for tomorrow that would altering brain up a little bit said he was very critical some things are occasional balance right also do the whole thing but in reverse that's great now running but with Theresa is LC breaking his studio what's the word were we're. C gonna start up again touring in September and do another run around states and you know it's in place we didn't hit during the summer and then I guess we will probably take some time some some. At some point after that after the dust settles we'll take some time kind of assess where you are and you know maybe it together. Does slow because it was all the problems with the just seems to me is six he. Essentially all you that's a home. That parliament until recently is live. You have lots of like an elbow area point of me like you're all about them. It definitely let me get my mob back whatever. Area. That I that don't have elements that. A lot of air miles of the hotel points either hotel rooms it's it's it's kind of it's kind of hectic with so what's with the schools police and travels. Well guys while still exactly you're like man this is crazy. You know it you know I I still love. America. In terms of that's the right rises today but you know I'm saying like the surprises because. You know things. Can go down. You know he can have kind of a rocky history with with. With. You know your country. Like that and inhumane and and you know in the new world to some small town like especially on college towns. Like this is cool you know and I pupils. Yeah. Exactly I don't know and make him get dark black ass up to about how did it again dot sun going down. I don't even feel like they've Nadal. Yeah. I think. That act. Is now honestly because like you'd small them sometimes whether that error like Nazis items right. But as you'll like it little problem as it all right here. July make it science theater talent with a lion's club and everything else I mean. Oh man it's cool book rule public Boise Idaho like Lawrence Kansas. I was traveling corona and Jerry seems like he's spiritual guy I think that when the time to talk to my Q words you're. Well it seems kind of calm but Mike and Mike and you. Mike seems like he's just shenanigans you know he's in the he's in for a you know aggregates and in the jury's call. Ali you're jobless. You want. Is Jerry call. Ten answers you know you'll meet we'll I mean that we Hogan's crazy well we all are. Our our. And with us and I'm sure they say about year. What do you don't always tell my view no idea I know its own. I brought up to. I think I'm really glad you're our dog and McGregor and so it hasn't happened. I mean you know we just. We owe. What's great about this is this is a lot of mutual respect as lot of people space and all in that way. It's like cool. You know back to more. Exactly now the exact. I got apps music is just like where they. Dislike Axl Rose has he does does he just kind of appear yours and it's just. There's acts. Eating. Issues is it. Like. He. Certain certain. It's cool them. The first shows we did with them on stage. Axle Axl we haven't and like. You and then finally. Last show in Chicago. He adult gathering and he. Chose grade and. Like music and I hope you have a good idea. I only and I grant totals we've got a chance to actually be we have Eminem is planning on doing. A let me brands yeah theoretically. It's I don't and we don't know. He's he he talks like the guys that made you turn up yet but we're not out a couple of. You're going to have only back to the old corrosion conformity as revenue shenanigans acts anymore it's or laptops and video games and people on the phone and. Medicare I mean we've we've seen some men to like look at Bagram but I am but I also. As a state three from patients. Fifty years or act he's so. That it would have what you recommend that they need it when your health man does for him. You know these days it's really. You have to pay more attention it. Everything and yes it would overtakes mean. But it but it Alice and its partners. I. Hello guys. You say you're at I think you would have hung in there pretty well off. Of current earned it does happen. You know but not Cooley and he sees you where you get do you as a lot more. Pre show stuff pre show teens you know it's got the wrong and and you do that's do it every day wanna keep quality control that that that's just where it's at now we wanna be. Crushing every night as hard as possible. You know that you'd out well I Paramount at all. And you know at this stage you know a little bit you feel more well look you're our trustees. Be here to do so you know take it acuity and it's. This is true I thought. It. To me this is true now. Political element of anger that thank you. September September 23. Broken lines GTO and that meant pre sales been going great. Photographers for a couple weeks it's been awesome and so you can go to. First. Up. The president. Six. Now it is it's going great and get a lot of really cool special like you know. Exclusive items. In GT music dot com that's the site goes there. There's talk stuff from exclusive T Easter. Two exclusive posters along with now and final clear line at all possibly all of us that we got all that stuff and you know you you know. Have you know bundle that is all cool rivals there and you can get stuff like ours is. It's. Gotta be here. We haven't you don't have them here yet so you know if you like giraffe tongue if you thought I was gonna say if you're willing to share your Maria you're recipe for the gold here. I'm as it's not make it happen you know but not mean Ali and Ali and right out of the exe for whatever you want often broke out sign that. It's it's great. It. Way involvement thanks so much and hopefully we gonna be with you more time.