Metal Shop's Backstage Pass: Episode 101 - Glorious Grey Beards And Balding Buttheads

Sunday, September 18th

Welcome back to the backstage ! This week on the podcast Kevin talks about going to see Sabbath and Rotting Christ, we shout out local band Funeral Age, Ryan the Beard checks out Prophets of Rage live and sits in for a trippy recording session with Fungal Abyss. Ian is always moving and his cat Milton is a jerk. The new Metallica album has been finished and is awaiting being mastered, there's an awesome new Ghost covers EP out now, Heaven Shall Burn has a rad new full length out, Bolt Thrower broke up, Fenriz from Darkthrone was elected to public office against his will, Megadeth and Body Count announce a co headlining tour and we end this week with a short but sickening Brutal poetry: Too Hot 4 Radio. 


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Are listening who shops backstage press. Lou welcome back to the podcast. Yeah I mean. Get away. Amy there will be new blocks episode one of one of metal shops backstage passes middle 101 with Natal shat. And yeah we're in a whole new century now. Yeah and then we're gonna it's just all uphill from here at the uphill battle until we get to episode 200. I hope I'm still alive at that point I hope we all are still. I could you that'll be after the next election that's true so it's going to be weird times man it could be it could also be anyway. My appears to be a great understanding ahead of minority is getting grant is given looker the Korean restaurants at the all Graye on B Brian gray you'll be sent. That's right in the beard. We got in here what up in my name is given years how was black seven table cast and crew. So it was fit and in task Dick blacks have it was on Tuesday. It's their final towards of the end which he was hitting me me and is actually can Ridgefield. Penis so lights. Supply into theater. Down by Vancouver Washington. And it was it was awesome man I spent about half a paycheck on that third row see you guys are so close knows he was in crazy like reach out intention we saw Tony Naomi stake fingertips. Police the widened to aussies guys black seventy they sounded incredible. It it was just an awesome experience which he stayed you know Vancouver that night and. We got to food you don't at the next day of course against the maple bar. We just so shocked and missed the second an avenue records in Sean spent way too much money on some records and then we came home not surprised at all. But I yen that was also domicile riding Chrysler that is studio seven in there were a hell of a lot of people there at the show. Was sold out was awesome it was not sold out but a funeral H got to play they got to open inserted in equinox you know what's funny about that on my face with memories. From four and a half four years ago when funeral AG was up here yes it was a singular function interest. It'll serve domain yen and they actually only got to play three songs but because their songs are really in long yet. But that's why we have a hard time planned because it's like. And we don't pick a song in half to act that we will. Ryan would you do this week man. Let's see a couple of fun things I was gone last week obviously yeah. Go check out the profits are re show you meet America region can do it. It was good time and a lot of fun the most impressive thing holes which I thought it was cool on other than Tom Morello playing guitar solo. By unplugging his guitar and a slight tingling with the input Jack which was wicked cool Iwuh. A sub B real. From Cypress Hill reached with the audience credit Jay from samba. Mid verse. Rick did. While still rant raping a he's a brown yet some do and every year I am ever raised was watching it hold it just like with. Went to get a get a chance to actually do that. I'm a robot yet on the we'd grow up. So a lot of fun it was a really really good time who that you go. And I would see that she's terrific yeah eight people panel ended up countless yeah you guys called her arrest us on the show last whose fund yup. That show harassment. Alum called me by. You're night count was on one count was really good time. It was just that Lucy is profits to raise half. Rarely. And failed nation that. Letterman is nugget. Really fun thing that I did this weekend children relaxes yet watched Jeff McNulty. Record the new fungal this album which is due to be multiple albums I'm assuming because they recorded about six hours worth material. Where don't killer in studios. So if you're super weird treaty psychedelic jams year how much of forty minute chance let's word today on one that recording that they were. They were on multiple thing there's they only do that and when their highest. That's their like it skiing there alternate mushrooms and it's just the Trippi. And we we want to appear on mass. A school so easily six hour water no six hours and here they were art yeah definitely. That's cruel mean. And what about you Ian what even a two I'm getting ready to move a game and you're always move have been moving for the last like five. Six in weeks so ruby in the movement movement he's move in move and I thought I was gonna have a couple of weeks to chilled by it. My landlord hit me up and apparently the house is ready early. And I just needed to get it back in my own and and is what I needed him. And then restart his loosely villas mom yikes I mean as you are not as moms aren't assignment. Sorry let's get some. I was you cat adjusting to well obviously he's and pay SE second at my parents the and he'll like he'll be walking up the stairs he's like. No. This is your problem. Hilton is never trailed he's got no jail he's just. Edge cat you like some people and most people I'm not one of them he's like knees just like. Now. But he's you know can a I gotta go through the whole thing all over again when I get him into a new house how's he gonna get along when Josh has he met him yet. I don't think so you'll be fine I think they'll probably leave each other go on for the most part. He's not a very Connolly deeds though human his own business I hope or just Josh up and it'll be crazy funny to watch. Author videotaping and come up with some idiotic hash tag for it. He'll be all men look at my arms. From built in. DM dude that's brutal Osaka my dad and I we were just kind of around and I was like dude I think my cat. Is the devil like I think my cats the double its Lebanon you luck. He's been follow me around in his lap and that mean to your cats like the kid from the sixth sense he just sees we're all the time and can't express it he's off. Upn and yep definitely a he's definitely I don't even think he's real is that like Calvin and Hobbs you've seen him have you there was actually a real entity. I've I've seen and I can't confirm I'm a discouragement has and then hit. Ryan would you describe how I'm I'm laying her when there is comfortable I've ever Bender in the I bus noticed Kevin boatload vicious Kevin is Burt Reynolds seeing across to you shares I'm laying their futures this is what you were doing well as a week toward the end of the show I have four or chains are now what you Bailey avenue risque. There months. Hey before we get into the news can I just do a quick shout out tour engineer. Lol. Yeah. I just remembered this Ryan and I were talking about this earlier about a year ago I came in here during the day. And I saw little walking down the street. With one of those little lob pocket amplifiers hooked up to his pain and share Wear headphones on just walking down the street planned riffs on his guitar in his sweatpants. And as a fetus that's awesome and I like. This guy. Is it do you clearly hasn't figured out manned rocket he knows what he wants (%expletive) zero. Why he's he's been awesome bull and nice guy. I'm trying to talk seriously think that's cool so there are rules package he Ryan doing the things I would do that I got caught it and I do with delight now. Why he hasn't mustaches doom heat that was a mustache said I know some. Why isn't that all old guys named Dwight no had a decent. Like my guns and its name is Dwight and he's like this old redneck you guys I confess to anything man first time I had a station go off air. While I was working here called the white. It's like 3334. In the morning answers the phone with ethnic. New England accent. Maybe and like why did it this is what's going on this resting on the screen just all that's all right and well I. It down there is like it's okay but. Here's how you fix that okay got a rocket right he earned his retirement for sure but he was the only one who used to clean up all the. That we use so when they were gonna come here it's going to be caked in feces from the morning show our. Some in Arlington according to who they are proof wingers are proof here I hear what I hear. But I don't America the that's gonna make it's gonna make some very very disgusting cleanups. It's let's keep those down to a minimum drinking ahead and as soon K guys so he's finished in person magma. It's big to be. All right let's talk about some of the things that have been going on in the world of metal for the last few weeks. Well profits of raids premiered new video where he talked about. That Ryan already went to the show. It's called doing stuff but where in the hell Zach Taylor wrote yeah he's making his own rap raps on the LP. Man who always is doing some something so you know he he's done that before any kind of went under the radar any any took it off line but. He actually is promoting a pretty heady because he put up is on FaceBook page. And he's trying to put the promotion into it so maybe we can get his act bill Roca full length. And he pretty can dope about the project that he did with the drummers are with the drummer from the Mars Volta a year so it was really good. Slipped by me he's been doing something has called IP was the golden day. Old lions some like that one day as a lion that's the 11 day as a lying in as many good when we get an inside out reunion. Hell yeah. To Karl opinion. One man that was it that was a pretty busy this summer was Metallica they have their new record hard wild hard wired to hold and I tried. Excuse me we've only heard a couple. Songs from the record so far and it's going to be a double album apparently they I have all finished. Mum Dave finish mixing it it is going to be mastered so we can expect that. Two on the the exact date that should be coming out so we get the ones on schedule where the guy replaced the tones. With the old school sounds man that was so cool I'm glad that happened let's get that mastered you know compound to hear it regardless of you know whatever. People think about Metallica I'm I'm still be here. I mean we've been saying for years the expectations there is an opinion did did you see the picture of Kirk in the studio. With his line up 51 puddles. But a stand each other get at their perfect watch on man you guys see the video of the kids that we're doing the cover of black and just the young kids that pickets on the and someone I think Kevin might have put it on the metal front page. Someone did and birdie until I was the thing supposedly did that nine year old drummers better than Mars again. It's it's not quite insulated that's the future man with little kids are still do and who ghost as a new EP come. Now gas called Pope star actually came out this Friday OK so Soriano yeah and there are real they're video square hammer. He is so cool it is quite theatrical I mean we could try to describe it now but it's very. I don't know man it's just it's really cool. I've played for American peers. And there's no boy and playing it because you know what are we gonna Dooley described the visuals and usually the guys doing now so square hammers the only original song on the on the EP but the also cover. Echo in the bunny man. Simian mobile mobile Disco era mixed in imperious so they're definitely going deeper into their. In to various strange and eclectic tastes. I love me some anyway and X so it's dreary cool. That IOC's goat is still really out there. And do what they want it would amount heaven shall burn put out a pretty red record a couple years ago called Vito and would like to have another one coming out. Called wander there from John many. And they have a new song called passage of the crane on century media records and I just came out this week. Let's get a little listen. Listen to this earlier I was like that inflames. This season settling in and play and thought I thought I spent parts. That would keep making their way. Here right W. Is valued at himself very. I have no. Legendary band ball thrower. Unfortunately his broken up this week two they posted kind of a cryptic message they posted the and they addressed their drummer Martin Kearns passing away in September of last year. And there was. A lot of speculation surrounding Apple Store possibly breaking up. And this is what bolt thrower had to say you know all they had a long message but I'm. Here's what part of what they had to say in and keep in mind that they did not ever mention that there are actually breaking up in the message. But as for the rest of Osborne author has been our way of life for thirty years never driven by money fame or ego. But by our own personal principles and values that have guided us through life. In which bonded us as friends long before Apple Store was even formed this statement from bull or it says nothing about breaking up allow wire has reported that the confirmed that the band is done so they must spoken with someone. They've been working on a new band to go all so so they're going to continue on I think almost all of the rest of them are gonna keep gallon. The thing like. And loved both or because there are great based band and they don't do a lot of like the flower like you know I respect it's solos and but I like supple terra because it's looking riff oriented. And they are just like what was that lesbians that I work at the rear factory yeah. Bolt thrower is up and re fat and crowbar. Exactly and so they're up there in that top three so. Are people there are more here than you stuff too we'll see what happens we'll see what happens. This is a pretty funny store where I knew how to handle this one. Yeah man so this is this is weird but really hilarious. So terrorism dart thrown column was elected to public office against his will. And as democracy Gloria so bear with me because because these are a little bit blogger but it's it's worth it. And so on. You set the question was you got voted in voluntarily could you just decline the position and he said no if you get voted in. You have to stay in that position for four years and then you can pull out. But I'm used to the sort of long term commitments. Basically they called Massa Taiwan to be on the list of back peppered representatives and I said yeah at thinking I'd be like ET Tomlinson who would really have to do anything. They just need only blessed to be able to do things and he's it was kind of hard to talk politics in another language but. Essentially he put together campaign. That was just. A picture of him holding his cat saying please don't vote please don't go up up up up and people just went nuts in elected. Especially politicians seed that's the real strategy man so interesting factoid that I found on another website. His catching is a. Yeah. Rules for so many reasons that ahead you're the dude the funny you're the cat name. At least he has kind of a sense of humor about it he's laughing any saying hey I'm a pillar of my community and act as. So that's that's pretty pretty sweet elf Henry is is someone who. Our way it is a bad ass because he does music his only super passionate about music but he's also he's a postal delivery guys. He works in a Pope postal office bomb for his day job. He doesn't mean he makes money off dart thrown but he also has a day job and at some I've always respected that summed about Peter Steele I always respected is that. The fact that he was he worked for New York City. Like grounds keepers. And yet like boy Ron dark he's also postal carriers team in Spokane people metal heads that have day jobs and are are. Frank and open about it enough Andrews has to date occurred a day job and an evening job he might have been a guy like friend or is unlike the City Council he's a mailman a politician and one of the forefathers of in Norwegian black eye I picture them proposing some ridiculous you know him being the one guy in the back just. Is fraught with. Check how many vein carcass is going to be on tour with gets hidden in inter Armitage very interesting torque. And fortunately. It's not Clancy and I come and Bob are not I decide it was newsworthy because death has in his has certainly made names for themselves in the underground enough to be touring with legendary carcass. And that you enter our record is is thinking rat as well. I don't have the article and for me right now that I read it. Where Jeff walker were saying carcass is doing better now is abandoning ever have before and makes sense and Sharon more tickets than making more money they're playing more shows and doing more tumors. Dad never. It's nice that they're able to seat like dumb of them a bit of the fruits of their labor for so long detour and it wins. You know unity that was before the billions had a global reach with the Internet in now. In others it's so easy to by march Afghan this'll be easy you just give your money straight to the bands so. Right on man I'm in still warm yourself up my memory is. I can't remember if it was this year or last year that I saw the scorpions show where senator intent as. It was it was there it was right on the it was a winter of last year I can't remember if it was January or with clean strike I never being Super Bowl hurt that I forgot about that show and in -- I bought tickets to that Russia I would've bought tickets and Russia but we've been talking a little bit you know since motor head obviously has you disbanded after the death of landing Mickey Mickey. The sickest and drummers have ever seen in my life. Is going to be joining the scorpions permanently. He'd been doing some feel and work but they finally like they tapped in failure the dude he's your new job you did know. That was the fiftieth anniversary tour of the scorpions and outside. And they were still jumping around and they were and Brit that's so while they're in better shape than any of the three SPN's late. To hand written in the cheap compared to these gangs I feel like that when I'm 73. Literally hand man and a body virus. A mammoth and Rick factory OK I work hard I don't rift share okay. I wanna be a fly on the wall with the conversation with ice tea. Indeed miss being because I don't know how this happened how yet but negative is going to be touring with body count. Yes may get if in body count. Any world tour in 2017. World tour and this is why it's an excerpt from the interview. I'm here so indexer with the interview with Ice-T said we're talking about a very large toward next summer we'll five bands on its gonna be more Mort. I'm a guest appearance and direct support kind of thing. So do you think that Christine is kind of trying to do like hedge against or without a title. Mainly like what they're doing with that the suicidal LaMont mark metal church negative thing. Maybe they're just trying to trying to put together like duck who was too were the summer they're gonna do it again next year with five beans could be so who ST think it's going to be. Overkill when those teams are killing me it at the beasts vote but overkill is doing an aisle to her. Coming up in winter so they am probably won't be doing that and who would be. In Backstreet Boys Weezer Foster the people set sail wall nation. Yeah I have no idea man if it's going to be five band and it's already negative body count. It's up in huge. Question mark orgasm. Nobody the world mean never. You have a mean that kind of puts a wrench in it like what do you think I don't know probably butcher babies. It probably is actually your impact apart probably put money on. Are brutal poetry too hot for radio. Here on shots backstage pass. Gonna keep it short and sweet this week as Ryan stumbled across. Managing. I've been called bird flash from their record the farmers wrath from 2008. Here's a passage of the flying penis Rhine. You shouldn't have cheated on your wife. Because she she Columbus with a knife. Content off carted off carted off and tie it to balloon. Every one could see your. Flying over the country. The story of Lorena Bobbitt who couldn't. That's. Up front of them heard flash if he could get this. Thanks for listening to backstage pass this week I think we're gonna add that kill switching gauge thing a little bit later is click the next one and you'll hear what my. Yes and any final words of for the out of here this week special. Burdens. But he said. I. Yeah you've weird man all right see you guys later love ya it's middle stopped the action a huge price. Just as good shots backstage pass.