10-03-16 PodDammit is late

Monday, October 3rd

Today on Poddammit. We move quick because we forgot to do it


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Hair world. We do over this deal miles. True scheduled. Affect our record and yet trying to figure out whether as a bull of looks to be. Cinnamon toast crunch low milk. And then there 00 and our coffee. For some reason there's a salt shaker I hear somebody was feasting and here so by the bid by just that that meant couple alone. Are you know I guess it's. President this evening as Steve Nash they iPod has at least once today any death no longer part of our guests and they do I know nothing about anyone and anything we do. Ever. Well I don't know do three of mom grew each year and they have one on Monday and I think one on Wednesday is likely in the magic podcast. Clint I was I was and Andrea I don't strangely. Obviously and we forgot to do this and I don't know this is a statement. You can't tell any thing about Rebecca Carr's spades in the renewed his audience of staged. Joker Joker Joker. I may you out of clay. Joker Joker joke garner. Area. Come on big regarding. You know so frozen juice for those of you that are just listening miles is going through a decade currents here and separating you know look portraits trying to find amend just there's and I here's what don't exactly what he's looking for here but what he's got the king's own violence got the queen's own filed a Jackson the basis thank him. Have completed those suits. Area they've already lost cartoonist social miles what exactly are you trying to how many they lose cards already in this day and I was counting cards. As for here now there's there's going injecting some. We share. The Jack. Hurt or areas appears to watch others yes he's missing say say I don't know are performing magic trick on a podcast do miles yet this is going to blow the minds of people of the so you're not causing them early on another and another San blow the minds of the listeners. And I blisters I can only hear the celestial the cars listen listen to what's happening. He's actually smashing his ass that's a bad sound is the oh Gloria. Uh oh actually sort of an end. I'm not really organized I'm just just just kind of like wait you thought my god damn series has organized and I'm just from the aids days that he created aids and its OK so here's the deck a cards right yet. And I take that your cars this is my magic trick. Kind enough to Ramallah. Now. I take the cards and I cut the cards that take a cart and cut the cars that take the cards. America to cards that I take it army times and a coach Carr's. I cut the cars and now come on this is exciting as a radio and I take the car's gonna cut the cards. Communities occurs when a coach to coach. My take a coroner's jury I don't I didn't want to imitate the cars and attempt to procure for the something right OK here ago. He the the the the the. The the the in the the the the. I'll. Tonight. Our joint. Conduct for those of you that didn't actually witnessed the card trick miles separated all four piles into it rejects grinds kings and aces at shuffle will help. Like crazy and then dulled the mound in order a skating queen Jack unbelievable force sounds unbelievable like Ben Affleck. The magic miles Montgomery when Ben Affleck. How impressed I am more cars particularly don't get the feeling that anybody who are doing. You're 01 always cement right if you could do magic connection I got tons of metallurgical okay magistrate got a few. Yeah the only have one I don't have a single guy named regarding our I'd like ninety decks of cards I don't know. Those trysts is Stephen Ted's just not only is go for a oh event tomorrow. Long going to shuffle. Enough to do so through has picked a card and now miles has shuffled the deck. And miles putting in the middle OK. Now I. I shuffled the court. I don't know how that triggers them but I would not Alamo blue car. Yeah it is either at the top nutter you didn't saluted a group none are you did as smoothly as spirit. Now my hand overlooks the superintendent who have both of us were wrong to screen there. Elements that adds a better solo. Apple didn't. Man. See you soon bitch. Miles this group of you who think that. Academic decision into that happy. But the real authorities it is cargo through. Is it queen is done queen a diamonds no so for those of you that are cameramen and others to close. Out the oracle. Aaron has a good athlete and act are above. Sorry so miles one car insurers can't keep mr. flawless guy you don't you don't car drinks. Lot of pressure I guess we're gonna do the show on a grown as Jones there. And do. And ten minutes and amounts. Has been a final half minute podcast parent. Yeah we don't forget to do podcast is an artist in meetings there and and have meetings and we are relevant to now okay. A man wouldn't talk about. So attention Diggnation your cinnamon toast crunch and your coffee is still here what are you hide your cinnamon toast crunch because I will Edith if I find. I can't why did not know if not the thing to do. But I'm nodding and pretend like I can resist a phone find your drugs your cinnamon toast crunch and make the mine. DS bullet triggered a home where you had a good serial Imam Abbas is of all the bad cereal and I was gonna grab yeah yeah and grassland and children to be the one and keep in order for my kids almost son recently discovered it and do all here's a some ingenuity on his as far as and his ability to climb I'm highly copy filters the worst part I would automatically means is gonna go home a piece there and I. I'm all like a whole package sliced hormel pepperoni yep brand new member of the damn thing. So I rolled pizza out get the cheese on there I'm making a pepperoni pizza. I go to look at the African meat or in my kid. Had eaten an entire package should go whole thing you know there were two strips and that little there are millions that keeps the the flavors the flavors everything little packet. I got two pieces of pepperoni I got a pizza this African bag I got nothing else to put on us I just stuck like two pieces of Peprah and this is an analyst at. You know look like two boxes competent. When the asthma and I was happy they have a pepperoni pizza. The what the hell man did you drum on the same slice really sell off put Mike right a put a like in the early look like it's my grandmother say slice it that way at least we did the does license is true reward not I have to reward them. Yakima and there's but empire guess widgets are other good short notes on this. You know the magistrates. Who don't start.