10-10-16 PodDammit likes the burgers

Monday, October 10th

This week on Poddammit. Burgers...it's all about the burgers


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And rural and tomorrow I relied on Monday Roland Roland Roland Logan but then it. Where we go after the weekend. Crazy exciting weekend. What's good we just super excited me and I went salt Titus Friday night at the Neptune bar packed house. Yeah yeah it was actually they were just. Yet or barely room to move around actually I was gonna say if it wasn't sold out it had to be pretty close to it. I think go upstairs to concede that balcony split the main floor and everything was packed them. We set a kind of backed by the bar. So we have a beer during the show share. Hit the bar was actually pretty accessible at night and oh yeah. Wasn't wasn't our Paramount college inept inept incidents venue that really is cooler veterans cool and then we went to that at. That kind of fancy hotel across the street and Jeddah dec right there that bar in the basement public district or something. Thousand Michael get some some appetizers and drinks supporters pork belly. There was 4000 tasty baking distrust him in big big time I think you'll like get a life. That lets say look man we gotta order French Fries and a couple guys actually listen to the show like people they were on Twitter so they met up close. That's right tries ravens and the that's Fries or had an excellent Fries and a bit they are then pressure rose. I was a dude it's worth it if you're in the U district gathering it from there and just right I thought. Tonight I ahead they're savages selling their regular manuscript too good too but the Fries were point. Well so we have we had skewers. But it spicy chicken secured yes some might have literally get to man yeah the food there was actually yeah I directly. You know maybe I should go to that place more than just before show fidelity got to get noticed how good is this an easy district has a pretty good little restaurants that if there really do there you know. Miller whose have faced the people who sent us the fish sandwich. Mrs. is a mrs. loser misses so mr. lose mr. lose their place as a great fish sandwich. And a great amber has anybody been like Cali style Marie Kelly burger yet I'm not Ivan the great states. Downtown and that was pre you know how to bring ST great state is in the Amazon building ticket change. That is close to Canada and and number sorry for the Fries are better. We're stroke honey no I don't either I you know amateur I now know as Jane we had some until we tried and that was one of the best murders in general Maryland and I was like does the good burger. They do you get hammered. Two I think where the minister have had us. Jackson's murder the met has again if you go to a steakhouse so always view it. They always give you good murder of the promise you never walk into a stake cussing and you'll get a hamburger north you know steak houses like I'm gonna stay records of birth day is a dirty you know means he never discount randomly go others in the bar. Man hammers fantastic in those places. Little what he's as good hamburger. How I select treadmills hamburger get a little Woody's pretty schedule in Fremont has an excellent so who mommy Hamburg the end of that kind of things like fish some house. Send. Zip these in Georgetown has a great burger they have a great record and there I know you are German living have remained as a camera. There's a W leases and want him home the go places and I mean the mass of Hamburg who could actually I think the big differences. That feeling nowadays in most restaurants have gotten away from the for a pre frozen. Patty you people actually make their burgers announced yet. So writes on with their alma alma thrown out on like you you're actually you got the ground beef and house in your form of the bird like and make news and murder for if you got to go anyways. But I haven't places where it's like the spurs signed but I can tell the guy Lulu pull up the value of brutally drill I don't I saw last very bad burn Europe and and definitely a preformed paddy it was ground shock. But I got and I've. I was ten match up from the ground amount to make his Bernard has. Even ground chuck is not that menacing was. Swore it would disarm those place Alison jailhouse kitchen and somber he had never had that murder for whoever they gonna tell us euros two bills by your place I'm never there or else. To an imprecise. That's a no I've never been to has Huber. So poorly as eight issue to its name a place in. Ballard I think it's called eight pound burger. Eight down eight ounce 88 pound burger Jesus had a big bird pig sounds trigger very proud burger. Hello I still like Iran and of the runners emerge from an audio will be done in a while to make doesn't murder you know as many times I want in there I don't think every food that. They got some good for mental I wonder what's the other fights over the weekend and yell and every item and they've. They they have an small menu but is a good menu. When it whatever they may be make it really well Leo they get the the problem with that there remain burger they called the buzzer birther and it is huge it is massive. You can barely wrap your mouth around it. For the children I mean I be remiss close talker burst bar for everybody mentioned but at least the they are telling you juicy Lucy which they the birther stuff please ease its pretty good enough and she's a better butter cheese cheese comp I'll cut. I effort of juicy Lucy where they take. They take like 24 pound patties. And then they put us. Like I elect and I guess the tables in the modern between men smashed together. In this matter butter burger that's about her murder right juicy Lucy specifically it's a mighty Minnesota broke should be American cheese and and I think it I think the butter burger might be from Wisconsin. For one of those areas up there and I'm so sorry and then when you buy into it it's just like the blotter just explodes in Krakow you don't have him by hot juicy blotter. Ground is pretty yeah that's something imminent death until synergy Suze he was tough deep with this deal appeared. As the Jesus manager and salad after your sample authority uses are not to look looking guy name embarrassing slob when you needed eating ice it's really easy to eat as your last sounds as an oral command same thing. Found it's called the the Burma announcer at some of the best seat through nine Nokia nor owns barbecue shrimp. My the end of the mailman compo what the shrimp relational intently out of my beer man. It was really gross it was really really hurt and you know what I think care I still say the worst uneasy sushi. So once in awhile like one little drip of -- able to get in my beard and I guess you can feel it gets feeling you can smell it but it's hard to think find it and get an athletic. Even like when I go come always without shaving sometimes all. Even if I bend over to Tom issues for some reason sometimes I rest my chin on my jeans. And then I'll look down there's this huge wet spot thank you realize how hard it is just too too dry out the because I wouldn't really flat and I never focus on my drive not. He knows two weeks where the facial or assignment half an inch long and I'm still just like I'm soaker wet my face. Most every day like the last thing I do gently shower and change but right. Generally when I'm walking north I don't feel a little bit of moisture is to win every year. Serena beards and mustaches we do you have most number coming up in three weeks we do have team which is to the men's room KI SW on November. I've got ORG if you would like to help with the testicular in the prostate cancer awareness. You've drawn a you know shave the goatee industry mustache like. I don't know man I and I really considered I might actually do it. You don't look like a cop yeah right you are gonna look like you're kind FF FF FF a copper and managers maybe an offensive line coach. You look like you know offensive line couldn't go to the giants what is an American do. Yes he's all those dudes just. Got a seventies Erica understood cheesy looking mustache the site got to get a job as a really embrace. November as much as the NHL they don't need to Canada where they gave golden Everest coaches already their man their breast cancer they got knocked him happy Thanksgiving Canadians and Chad. Exactly or if it's true. Younger not yeah oh yeah no I I I've done and every year we've done a penny on reason that I do it is because it's not because. I really care about the charities they don't it's really more about the fact that I know if I don't grow a mustache I will be the Loma testicular prostate cancer. Now as such are obviously I know I've never had I never had any family members affected by. Prostate or testicular cancer. But I have a feeling of it's going to be anybody's going to be me. So I tell my doctor to check reviewed down their post feels good. I used to do it every year then once I got a beard or say I'm out I'll still donate to it. Agenda on him that takes a while a girl has veered back and it takes me all want to grow a mustache and a still looks like a terrible dirt to Washington petition to most well mustangs. Coming off the halfway point and I should really start to sing in October. He's just to give me a fair start that's that's really what I'm afraid MM year mammoon is it takes me awhile to actually grow the security out and it's is closing garbage after a month and it is non it's non patent that after his thirty day was seriously if you wanted to Duma member and you actually grossed casually dressed as whether she needed team it's the men's room Castel we don't move memory. Get to air August and donation girls are talking them on the air stuff. So there. The other questions on there. Most of it's just people kind of post what they're Trevor Berger is a lot of burger master honor and an earlier press loves burger last week I you know I'm in the at a much as when a bomb no Aurora. Donald asked if you were dead has miles. Because a dead end then had like you're from them and I'll take Edison myself to do it and the smoke more pot than any dead and alive. But guaranteed path that's the thing that I have a similar questions death treadmills children's murder. I mean I still predicts a man who do you think you'll like in and out and kind of fast and just give valley two men here to go Imus Hubert tournament at two and finally get tear section. Mike of burger joints there's access to which includes Lee Dixon and now ranked share but that's only got as the burden that's why there. Compliment tier I would thank. What sense. Is that did they specialize in murdered their burger joints they're not these restaurants and might actually make it from her no but I think Kenny when you're a kid belly or read email. What do you go and an orderly that's the next level for a higher price and then you go to like a sit down restaurant you know the at all no you're right doesn't it tears like I love it Dixon locks. But he put it Dick stalks upping its a burger from Lincoln met her Jackson obviously I'm only does this. I think you know about price going alone to second I think institute dollar murders do armor that can be McDonald's could totally my classes of cars Jeff I don't know there's a flat dollar murderers that red millers I can valid and get a twelve dollar burger ten dollar burger which is the restaurant steak house that's the that's the burger burger flipping burgers like mono. He's been right in the middle you probably do your best value yeah did you murder cause you like six to nine bucks probably embryo spot on board are responsible on. There have been good but I think you're gonna under value it because it calls you so much. I went when you're a spectator when you drop fifty bucks on a murder you respect his murder amazingly did to provide oral sex for you or summit it's not going to be you Baghdad. That's all there is placed on Comas my broadest birders from those kind of like a Dixon was the that was awesome DelHomme going to on the camera with a name and hapless and will draft your place. But I hate sideshows and I went through on Mon Friday the fifty best burgers an American just every State's best burger. The house kitchen was. Washington. But I and I still have to pay site chosen what are normally I don't know tenacious. Because they're all different you mean like the ones on the mass cheeses like some of those areas they have white bread. You mean to go there every murders of postage and I'm sure has a great burger brits think that's a carbon expensive restaurant that you're going to go to regular put on anybody toy out there who took fifteen I recommend old Trout. Paid want to know Ted went what your tips to have an epic beard and looked decent. How the biggest thing you got to grow it out so looks terrible right and you can trim it and and then go to an actual barber and get that thing trim once in the months and half like. Get at least twice a month to sit in the chair and get it trimmed. To begin to happen. We'll make its. And you know my feuds. If it. To date and trust us because a lot of skill yeah I'll fly in Washington you know make sure Washington sometime soon. Some yeah you don't have to wash your beard all the time but he he'd never walk shoot out was. Like shampoo in particular condition are you get. People give you money on the street think yeah I need it and then I'll just give each year growth humorous and I was Frisco frees them to come miles yes it was Frisco freeze. That's Google thank you know that's a river were wrapped up placed MI you Mike was a Molly's. Oh well he's trying to narrow aren't over but that's across the river Ted so it's not really down by me. How I as commonplace and you know and meanwhile when Seattle. Is it and I'm not and it's always came in the national chain that there much talk so little what are burger or what what's the one that in the water birders good dozen years ago about what is another one that came from someplace and it's a chain the people who think it's the best senator and no white castle. Never know I can ask. Sad that your nobody thinks that's the messages since the spot investment you want. Yeah that's pretty much it yeah it's the thing I'll say in a slight him but you get love Taco Bell but you're not gonna make the argument that's the best Mexican food but you don't there. I. Then she hit the same with white castle. I did is we had a meeting with Erica has Sarah took time Lou.