10-17-16 PodDammit springs a leak

Monday, October 17th

This week on Poddammit. Thrill tells the gruesome story about what happened with his cyst ovr the weekend. And we have a question for all you!


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And we care Rowland now we're hot Enron and lives while. We're gonna pod and a vigil as hello hello cola they weren't policy here when we hit four. This week and trying to think we have anything we have Kelyn taco fest going on Saturday. Then all that should be good times can you guys there of that bunch tequila and a bunch tacos. That's there's VIP. Premium experience to get some believe. For the morning session. And then there is a general session later on in the evening slash afternoon and so. Either way when he wished me the fun part yeah yeah well if you don't go to that in a can always come down can't teach forever McKee that's right that's your diet could go to Wikipedia. The mavs probably got it. Well let's see here. As far as the weekend is concerned rainy no big storm. It was like after every every hour Switzerland was pushed back an hour the engineer and an all defensive about now there's a thing like look you're whether people. You don't create whether you predict whether we understand so I guess what time does it. The president make him is like what we're oversold storm whatever but here's thing but basing it on the models that they see them fourteen mil right sorry. The come on they're kind of apologetic personally did that again we are don't think you patrol while not to apologize about whatever. So there and went on to explain and I thought this is very solidly so like maybe you're responsible laws to not. Tell you what we've predicted basin are models we've had this thing hit and we didn't write about it you know be more viable bubble bubble and go find. There's all the beginning of the news that sort of look at school and become. Then I go to the weather there are still being defensive about it. In effect not normal monitor the weather seven and it's complete BS. But I what happened yesterday engaged you don't know or might it matters or whatever they're still defending. And a woman Sean might secede distant tomorrow also is mostly guys that's water under the bridge and nobody cares anymore. As an at the end of a newscaster on our sort of weapon to kill two minutes and knows we inspect tomorrow. So the main anchor and I won't say which one of the locals that was but it just got to the point where it's like look. Yeah major statement if you truly believe your viewing audience is so stupid I don't know the restraining prediction and mother nature but don't worry about but. Gonna be amber knew exactly gets real serious what's the you know while the woman's easily. I just wanna thank you one more time. Looking out for mark almighty god guys Jesus Christ you whipped. You know what. Trees and smashed through houses that are and I'll let you think it's not bad. Apologize if you missed it man and a white diseases current. But the whole newscast that every time they came back from commercial break. They were go back to explain. While they made to predict some like my dislikes and that it Promos we're sorry she. I don't do we look out our window we're tonight door and we look to the west tonight eleven we're sorry that we can 80% accuracy under the weather guys are good about 85%. Well I was in here sided now hike this all the models Aysu underlings and happen and then yesterday when I was checking in the airport. Sorry don't collect social media and it just all these means of Alley briefly nothing capitals like a low levels don't completely discount and all the things like look if your gonna apologize about it apologized for wasting our time going weather in the first got there wanna say and do the models. By the second debris some things as what we think tomorrow and about 80% and we can all roughly guess what happened. After that percentage wise the chances of you being right go down XP densely swiftly. You'll things crafted and not being right. Don't worry about thank you were right again it's it's okay. Like a boxer. Because he has now apologize to his opponent out of me and hit you in the face the site where you did because that's your job we understand what it entails. Fabio pathetic about my god. Good news though other people we're for liberal time good news Steve's giant zit on his back exploded over the weekend. That is what role in boost au over a period of like six hours. I might have met last madam like I want urgent care tomorrow that will be today I mean my ass is killing me. Fall asleep kinda reach back and feel like I've wet the bed but it's bled impose. Oh yes do it. All nights at Omaha with the whole couple dude I mean that's also been a much front pocket you know someone art openings there area. Her too much to do at a rose just to slow moves so. Drew about 2 o'clock this morning about a files Lieberman maybe seven when I got up this morning that my side of the batters is dried blog posts there. Three pairs of underwear. I'm like washing my ass the early in the shower I have already wiped who's out of my ass three times today. It's a very. Yeah there's like a little cocoon kind of like I see Kanye did that come out. And that's the last thing became an hour or so is that came out and I mean your good yes it is are usually do but don't throw Hillary sales leads for. So I could feel that was and it didn't feel it is kind of still Fastenal weird ways sometimes it is ma'am MM her and I'm trying to move this along but I cannot explain to you. How much blood and cause came up with peanuts from peanut in Michelle. That's like the shape of lone Democrat Brian has this thing just moves. It was pain free into a government underwear stuck Tia yeah I would never know when you touch is back there anymore. It's still stings a little bit but a sudden like a pain before its values and remote I'm at that means it's gone either I was so happy. So it was more diluted common stock that are you know there's no farther to stop right there man just stop right there that dad dad. So is gonna do urgent care and that. The same actually don't feel popular site. My blood feels sticky when all my dad. Lisa's blood impose its from your blood doesn't make it even worse you know. There was Syria prepared underworld and trench my I could wash duties but they look beyond repair Israel. Dream. And I forwarded this is actually happened to me in real life before so I cannot almost subliminal awhile but I housing issues like all of guard uses. Do oh. And I realized there was in fact I have part of it and and it will be other styles of synagogue and use the bathroom and could go back to that off one part. Mean but I dreamed of for a half but normally on corporate the real life into the dream too much. That's got to Wear at the news. The strange thing Kurt and they mayor Ted and I mean I opera let's say her news about the but I I would practice yeah. Farms too much at a great steak last night though probably contributed to it in a statement while always fortunately we're fighting through gasoline sure. And I nurses that result like I'm playing man's. Demise. At that at that that's fair fighting its way through blood impostor ma'am I am a disgusting human being and yeah and could not have been happier. Had a really good cheeseburger earlier. That's nice it was to get into the Connecticut where they put an end to questions. And request no they're all pretty much stunned by Elvis this is talk Lansing talk and how we can lancet did it bruised arm its own man there's a couple of people that are a little bit disturbed because they're eating lunch during this whom Muslim. Article that outrun watch American horror story told a little leakage. Are harder are probably turn out all went to bed I'm telling you man it is. It didn't hurt it was a very slow saying it took a total of maybe five hours but it was. It was a gooey mess and it does but new yet mental but knew what had no idea who it is meant to love a decision pod and a. When jump back delegate pool today your guess is as good as mine ran question question on this we come profile this tickets to candle box. All we have one more thing wanna ask you guys. We had a guy in from snow it's probably only a few years ago three years ago. Yeah his name's Dave and say he's he's the guy that started the web site and a brighter. And and is one of the main editors if you don't know they must notes notes the bunks of someone says like you know or just tourists. Choked on a gallon of seamen and whatever the deal was this and now Rod Stewart never did this or yes in fact he did so they they go through these rumors and figure out there's entry tumor and whatever but. David is a great guy he is just one of the most bland boring guys you've ever heard speech researcher there as a researcher. Any actual prison thing it's it's no suck com were excited. This got started it he receives it were like man he's gonna great stories we're not saying it doesn't have great stories but we discovered you wanna share them with the tour. So he emailed today when you back in Seattle Marleau fight on the show. Some again. Well Maine and then you know like in the midst of this conversation like Joseph Perry interview it's brought every bad interview we've ever done it turns out Joseph Perry do show everywhere we got confirmation of that but but if you want us to do this I just just in the Sonoma fury and then again we're trying to be nice to the guy he's a nice guy he is a very nice cash. He's one of the worst interviews and released Joseph pair you go hey. Jumpers and there's like your mediocre guitar player alleged Burnett can graduation general orders men's jail he's reduce bad when he's always been. But this guy like two is not the roam the guy he just. Don't talk but as snow some and we feel like only gonna do because it allows I mean. Everything I mean and and it's filtered to your website if there's any question about it. Total worsened Beazer patent so we just don't know what we kinda wanna vote and we didn't look to make sure her cry like given us you say no they're like yeah yeah. I'd hourly vessel that email the Internet at its eyes there's about damages again and it's over.