10-24-16 PodDammit is still hungover

Monday, October 24th

This week on Poddammit, we recall a little TNT2016 and then talk about the terrible sprots from the weekend


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As gallon and world and to add gamut Dan gimmick but an iPod that and here we go. The odd that they're next. Let's see what do got going on here. Voted G two coming up December the sixteenth and seventeenth hands on a learning experience. If you wanna get into the virtual reality were older. Pitcher buddy in the head with a dodge ball or as a laser tag LA's attack what shall drone racing take up the latest in. In front Tanzania video game world and all. For sure I was so it's crazy until it ended it once and grant them as a couple years ago they've advanced it. But I literally almost peaked yet and that's gonna skirts version off. Yeah I get this thing is now KI SW dot com what else we are going on any questions on our FaceBook. Feed there now the comments are pretty well few and far between and hour from now we have 49 viewers in the nobody said a word yet. Tonight good time it's Q and talk so fast we saw you there are no chance to say and I do all it tells a cool event and comes to Cuba. Tons tacos Steve you found a new. But Q based tequila. Two Q amaze vodka tequila has always called. Read Tara and I don't normally get excited about a would be able to boost not the way I do the best. There's a smooth it's good whatever they know they're known to ridicule or is it a vodka I believe it's a vodka but somehow they distill it very similar to a -- process and may not so madame Aso. There's a problem isolated to me but I was happened to bag so I don't. Retain any thing but Sar ran their club and our sales Mandarin so look man go drink disguised as give discard figure a way. Rory is something to do with them and of course the game with a look you'd expect him to give me and they both were like this is this is off point so I said they should re name it. The tall red terror Coleman drew red terror. I had so ourselves first considered. You're asking me to go to a client we don't have to ask them to change and I'm a product with some. Yeah that's exactly what I'm asking you know who figured out how it goes I'm just an idea guy. Just and I dig that but he had to suffer if you find it check it out communities it is good we should be behind that absolutely. Formalizes Oreo turbans one. He'd miss her and say -- slug B now can stay big deal. Yeah Michigan state of course we sucks this year you dumbo one was who won. Dirt and I'm going this weekend to the U dub game game days gonna be there continue to have yet in Utah and ergo. They're like number ten or eleven in the country so you mainly and thanks yet and clearly you're gonna open in a way mental armies around the West Virginia Labatt. Just listen it's well. That brings together 10% to Ericsson would they be this weekend. TCU. Ranked ninth in the Sanders got a big go win yesterday big win yesterday do you guys go no playoffs on the Thursday. Then. Thursday realtors say if Kansas and a game yeah let's say I'm nearly one because of the the sound of charge right credit card. It's good for the playoff tickets that I did not buy in Amara today I got some words of a playoff game because I just bought one impact. And can't fit adequate. And then the Seahawks and and the cardinals last night on Sunday night put it who they were University of Phoenix area weren't now what did you learn how. From there there was a boring next. Kick it and it was a long boring game because I was in almost turned it off when Arizona flow a bit an overtime home eyebrow. To let up since Seattle built for this a battle tested for those watching this the hogs like college basketball when you really only need to see the last two minutes of the game. There you know bring about the that's gonna team -- come march shirt open taken over time when we're Drupal gruesome Arizona maybe they screw the pooch on the field goal and when it. There comes Seattle and an old man you missed it do things counter than say on days like for what reason I ask you can't kick there. And I never really think too much about I was I don't know are zoom right on its Selig won't lead chip shots man hours and almost 49 homes 44 yard. And any kicker worth the wait in sesame seed ruled herd is gonna male veterans and I know errors arms Qaeda blows but. House goes like god damn man. Well it doesn't get credit for any of the talk turned into the game and a dog vendors and government Z auction owner. About just you know were June 3 when it's time and it is a local man. Is that win or lose I would like enough time when we figure this out and I love that statement like it's just silly how would rather lose in time we knew we want a time. The shuttle was dead when you've made a fifteen Mormon thing is it's not hockey and soccer where you're still gonna get a point. Bring your towns like a point total like this endlessly loyal to reassure balls struck. And if you don't play to decide he would probably by the second over team over time its first score wins and not both teams get the ball. Subtle investment and uneven and that settled at Saddam says if you go down ensor field goal relegate it ends the game. NFL's taken enough from the college game already. As far as look how the offense is run now it's now or never go on the pros two point conversion all these other things and make logical sense. Hell I'm not so sure they shouldn't adopt the flagrant foul rule as well. Just just down just take amount I mean you don't have to. If if a guy who's the guy from the Bengals perfect. It was his name Bob says he had Vontae you know whenever a guy. Infante is just like look if he's if he's gonna pick somebody yourself on whatever just like governor picked a new book is out. He's out and play you know to more so imperfect. Man oh Mota threw his cost estimates are remember about the birth births Williamsburg proprietor but if you can't have that as a market any questions on their four you're out there. A lot of talk about the end of the year and there's. Target tequila. It's noon and ten was a platform for Tony Tony. Tough Thursdays is when I release platform information Thursday as I can't think if it. Trevor assisted deserves chairman Mao A you may notice that he actually doesn't ensure there is prefer that in to stand his standard. Think you are competitive and that they didn't expect what's everyone's favorite liquor and Brandon. I'm new favorite is red terror tersely ma'am I cannot explain that stuff that is delicious I go whose songs or does not know these days. Whatever your butt and well do okay out and it edit it and I'm not I'm not will not turned out shot a fireball the sound of home. Following and let's let I let us I don't know terrible the next thing you know the Walking Dead anybody know logging that manner. Nevada hello drew tens you're out there then. So apparently some massive happened last night. With Ryan's torn up about it. I did. I don't watch the shows in season three of them wanna pay him back out a relic and released and are gonna give you a spoiler for anyone can see everything that's one thing you want to do what my world. Jesus. That was my principal that's. Faces sec amount on the last and Iowa G it's. And there's these as the gunman now my cousins almost any game could easily watch that game show like all right all right wanted to. They get to the first four I'm feeling a Monday night games gonna blow here's one. It is dinner on her somewhere and Houston's Houston. Maybe early they're gonna make a big no quarterback from your peers Karnal he claimed there were a couple of games one season it's really not a big deal. Then go ravens. She chainsaw massacre suck asses. You suck gas suck gases they could give alliance they they're trying you're just there collecting a check. By the accident you could've won at least two of those last four games that is a concerted effort to lose a guy would you deserve. Game over there is no room for. Ridiculous what Sony is what Paul Lawrie about a million line of people and opera star. Well we tried it didn't. But you got there and then try mother Alberta and guy named Vladimir bits. You went out of fear an error though comes too easy to collect the check gets back out there assembled you can't why we are visual evidence called the gang human. We saw yet in drag your goddamn liar. Whole team but I doubt they lives and money stealing Grumman. Did the F probably got them low -- my god damn city you punk bitches he draws so much Rick didn't disgrace you as a much money Vegas made when the jets announced they're gonna start you know Smith. Everybody in her brother put money on the ravens because you know some typically throws interceptions and even got there does not real syringe you forgot my heck area yeah bay Carolina and please quarterback coming does chose to assigning a sudden vaunted defense. Kiss my ass you're not trying to an old saying god they lied to the contrary as part of it is is me off if you wanna go and sucked sucked but why about it. Guy named candy has bridges yeah yeah isn't Smart did you pod now podcast. Good. Mary just I hate Democrats putra.