10-31-16 PodDammit forgets Halloween

Monday, October 31st

This week on Poddammit, Ted gives us the inside story on his trip to Salt Lake City Utah to see the Huskies play!


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And rural rural unloaded a pod them and everybody hello hello hello. If you wanna people who actually it does singer early some people listen to today we have a special announcement concerning into original red Gillen at 430. So that's very exciting and a programming goes far is a little parties concerned c.'s first week in ghost and you were down and you talk. Tell us was down there for the Utah. Washington Huskies gained a great game. How's the house you know here in the morning on her own. Fine I believe any airport at 5:55 AM sucks. Yeah I was not losing Izzy was image there I got through security at. I'm now 5 AM. I've and then this week just as we were getting through you could see the line was packed side say if you have like a 630 or 7 AM flight earlier they're probably sucks that you know we like kind of just missed the rush brain. Hello say one downside ahead here we're better early late. Know most is not that it was a 6 AM it also not servant no okay. So and then now what do you plan a salt lake city Florida Salt Lake City. I don't like you know you shouldn't complain too much to the jig was paid for every wearied him. The background oak okay do our middle C okay I think that. Their loyalty could lean back and bathrooms are now I was a little ball beyond that Salt Lake City but Lynn in Salt Lake City trash traitor to the stadium college game days there. But we walk up as they're making their picks. And Lee Corso puts on the husky head everybody booed him. And then and then we walked over to a lot not a fan of the men drew which really Connor him and his brother Andy they were like come our tailgate came violence. Also. Ton of people whether to have U dub fans Somalia's neighbor hosting like EU dump. Tailgate while yeah they lessons I even saw a picture from New Orleans. The summit between an out and look like they're more Seahawks fans of New Orleans in the were saints' fans I will say this there was a decent man husky fans but only in one section using a C a rent. But it also dude it was seventy degrees and sunny like I've forgotten is through kind of rainy here. Blake this is what it feels like check Vivian normal place yeah. I'm not a normal play mostly rip off my sweat shared we like sweat smells like John yeah it's only filling our tumor still met this morning Els they got a guy around and we're gonna have there's a flood. And how he doesn't stunt that exactly yeah because we know enough amendment no stinking in my pants wet. Now yeah Gaza. You know we left you saw shorts and T shirts and we landed us at all anybody that it could happen now. It was a real nice people and you're taller super nice. Good student. Yet we whats is the best like Mexican restaurant the red iguana pot and it was. I felt so elegant evil villain I am UK what is up with the leaving us with Lewis was there you just like guiding reptiles and yeah then I would just like there is say is slate killer Mexican food and anxiously. Sorry. And Jeff and I just threw it toward customers back. Greg you would do is our nightlife on Saturday and I was having went on YouTube there is split we went to a brewery but honestly about 915 after being up since like thirty. 315 or Manfred is still ahead yeah we have a two Beers and as a guy but then that's. That's a lie because I went back to the hotel. One innocence rice's hotel rooms or been in rank. And it had a giant to than there cougars are playing inside drew a bath and Max Shaw not what's Washington State come back on our relax and I am. You you know what you guys are liked was there was a sign in the lobby that says. After party. For this convention as it starts at 1030 right so it's like 101015. Am I coming downstairs look gift shop buy some beer. Girls like me you know crashes after party after but it was four we recall people that studied dinosaurs paleontologists. Don't matter. No it battered its linkage he is after party have ever seen in my life editors. Students walked by me in the one guy and I slim they were kind of buzz in the window which is but he does complicate the talks that professor he knew so much help guide the right absolutely I I'm I'm a good take a bat. They two chicks in there. There I mean that. You're seem like a girl it's like I have now. Maybe like high school or something and she's going home coming to Canada and nerdy girl and you told the first I'm sure address yeah that was all the chicks at the same. How good. My daughter went on going this weekend Ellsbury but I'm I'm not going to undergo an oncoming week before. There envoy praising. Him and her homecoming was different than mine like I. I guess homecoming was I never went to homecoming Google's during football season. So you could really got to go to the defense. Maybe it did go to the dance to my approach I go to dance yeah I always remember Hong Kong be like a Friday night then they would do their thing and then. Yemeni it was a during a football games and really pay attention. Specter who wanted to aren't you're angles always at halftime journal locker room I never saw if that stuff but it's. I can remember my buddy won he was the senator and he use a homecoming king. So we're trying to figure out at this one point under her game where we had some issues. And I he was on the field you've is a homecoming king. So we can go over exactly who couldn't during the offensive strategies senator she should he did a good friend that we can really like I don't know are there I wanted to make about July and adjustments you know we're pulling team and get a bunch of different you know plays like that now kind of affected them so. We've we're fine but the dismember him like standard uniform called dirty look like crap this hot. Check next on. It's just did ours at the dance. My daughter her her new thing is. What they did was her in like ten or. Eleven never friends they got to party bus like did you go drinking after well and then basically did like hater can stuff in downtown Seattle district to bust into cannot hear an eight someplace they went the Space Needle there on time around on the water don't know they can drill we only did the wheel law itself yeah exactly. So I don't remember getting limos for homecoming I think we'll which is true we have enough limos for problem. Yeah I think maybe hall maybe it was prom who's the big one as far as I can go to dinner yeah you have like crab legs or some credibility and he went. We are is amongst car however we went to this restaurant in College Park called sir Walter Reilly's right and it's like it's taken it one of the nicest restaurants in that area. And it was like I won't go there before I think is my junior before prompt. And then as some old dude leaned over to me he's a payment from an LP out. And I was thinking you have like a cute time because he eats they're so often flakes evidently not seven Blake 50% off your entire bill motel right so as like an eighteen year old I haven't a hundred dollars burn in my pocket us that yes now I have like half a little left. Yeah. Bob cheerleader most. He hit exactly. And that's we did I've ever my prom we specifically peed extra money for this one limo driver is you knew you could drink you need be cool about it. Now that would be worth the money is younger and Iowa you know around when you bought underage in Baltimore the place I'm in I'll call friendly liquors. I'm north avenue. Like any liquor storming a man in a big big hand written signs on the prices were ready thing and you're going and ended by an order cheap six Packard case. And he was kind of look at you because you don't know fifteen. Apparently wearing an adult jacket and sunglasses you believe you everyone just assumed her current war on this guy wants to Minnesota Nevada a case of beer for seven under and is our guys say 99 you don't sign right there and boy do the says seven under let anybody yet ID. But now think they mind you are doing so basically the dollar surcharge tax cut but everybody ignore that Amanda did it matter which high school you went to like. Everyone misunderstood and this guy probably made just training and additional bucks and I just how many different kids going man like. Perfect no one ever read and zest out it originally we like to step. Low tomorrow begins November from doing this year for sure I gonna share tonight and I'm probably not have a mustache again by the end of the month but it's if you wanna join the team is mold Limbaugh. US in the team name is the manager cast W got like fifteen members so far so. Guess people signed migration I Demi jokes. I don't know final ma'am I'm back and forth on I don't think a well announced. Gupta tonight Mandy and I haven't I think and I haven't would be clean shaven as the rule by the first. Some on your own black this crap off. But it was enjoyable I had honks can't cold you don't mean this guy doesn't like Sergio so you Kelly a real beard going on our. Nice don't worry you could start right after November and an event for Christmas. Maybe I don't know Jameer didn't folk are missing you so much greater it's easier to seek god. Might I mean you know I can't relax later on this reaching a guy like I'm a guy like paints that I ain't honest pace he doesn't look like he's 93 years as we did exactly the kind of look like Jerome Bettis looks again got a million conscience your -- treatment that he can play someone like to. On spray painted of him yet to be in the chair an awful lot to the quick tremendously OK I mean there's so that I met my hero precision and yet I mean he's he would. I'd say every other day if not every yeah. Good to see the ravens I'll lose this weekend that was nice Virginia combined therapy can because I always really aren't Baghdad now a man iron out any NFL let's keep these ties go and now there. Hey man you stood in London the brother though just a regular old thing I course and ends at a time let's lay there are no I just like those that like American fans are always like yes soccer sucks as an end in ties then when you see you in the NFL it's like actually. You're the stupid one. Did you just gotta tie. You know soccer is a point based systems Elise and you tie you sir drawl you still get a point right. But only to see boxer the Redskins of the dangles there is that nobody's gonna get anything positive out of that now not any liberal was because they've played the game in London there's no home field advantage so if you did have a point system wouldn't matter if you played in the neutral territory. So reflection on any like in I could get a point for winning at home or not gonna get a little you both get a point for drugs. On neutral ground though on anywhere token you get a draw you get a point. Poker night that's right to me it makes a little more sense you can have ties though Jane said the change the rules after these two games. Yeah that'll be well the first thing that finally make sure that we can. I should say a tiger could you tell fans are so nice and I am I ready Kyle my personal attorney from the and it gets to a swift. He's wearing a purple it's a guy just walked by him on the way out and went hey man. It's good game today at your Huskies. I think the nice is Tim Graham think he stopped them not to talk trashed say good game. While I'm no good to meet you catch them on West Virginia got them. How much it's that run central content gets on their season they cite. The Noah. That's that's Seahawks play what the patriots this weekend coming up. We got the bills and in a football all of bill's money no you're all of that are you I am very well could yes nice nice that's cool I just go. Might not go now go. I'm glad you know he's I don't know I don't know that is if I have 53530. Kick off you have to get out your man yeah men for you have to do figure Elliott and doing those headlines. Who meant to him for senior day held out he's nothing you know you think is to figure out that Yemen. Why did you fire them all questions anything on their thing and Odierno parent I have does he went care. I wanna they questions and I think my question did you feel like yours and they came early alliger the headlines just so when somebody ask about on your I don't know. The Serena and I I in fact I. I Chris says instead of up those dogs there is a great win man. The San misunderstood -- as us ninth hole has because there are at home I was G as he read not so I don't know lot of red around and they don't know yet oh yeah house or round red rose fantastic idea due to homer in the a one thing ten experiences is that campfire Sus for the first time. It was great we also got the genuine tower then some boneless buffalo chip got chicken wing Eric. I hate column though Moskovciak chicken you know little chicken yeah now he's got as it is very rich or homeless and Nike now the nuggets nuggets it is. No logos I guess but it's Michael Wayne what do bowlers put the ball is what makes it chicken wings and essentially doing meet its it's just a nugget. This is bullet has always had to buffalo nugget that we had to literally that is absolutely what a load now I don't know I guess it. The main thing is we both had a 32 outs cores like oh yeah yeah that's a real man there might think. But I had I was also have to two sweet potato Fries in the campfire sought by Robinson that's. Nine excellent I could have an edit that move like Amanda yeah and I did have the idea won't evercore amber I think I would traditional. The royal red. Knowing of chicken sandwich and now holes or so ago actually I think nobody Jodi eight. Yeah I did is that what she did some dramatic because I can't zero point 66 I wish they are and I talked about order and something different and I just got December I was due. Yeah tell works I don't know I don't know goes our news different is you know a mass thus Sandra running and a hamburger and then I got the chicken sandwich ago. When I got home obviously have have a chicken salad for Mexico actually fit well and got out of that tied did you find out. Is that we don't.