11-07-16 PodDammit makes the kick

Monday, November 7th

Today on Poddammit, the guys recall their weekend and talk a little football!


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Aged person. I also fell I think the greatest packer bar. In the area. Children of our yet over and rent machine Andrea. Packer lore oh my amendment that. How's it drew is Glen golf course on Saturday and pouring down rain storm hum they had men's room gold stolen them. Nice and men's room rent on tap in they had three individual signs up for the Fisher house and minter red. And those nice man and he looked about thank you drew a Glen golf course we appreciate it wears and it. Sound near Issaquah somewhere it's and I guess more how god near Covington maybe is a maple valley area. No maple valley is annihilation my hood I don't know if I would note that. Nibble valley yeah cinema he's right Mabel ease easy right out there right coincidences that's like make a valid. Or maybe O'Malley Aurelio problem I met there's pine Hurst. There maple long you live near close to mount lake terrace and through my only terrorist lake city. Pine Hurst and. Move remember. Beacon you know now we're down south may pull some the man. Yet there is Ike I'm would you tell him people some adjusting some people back on the Jersey I'm saying they did rally and 2000 name moment. Is announced they belong to move but it's maple lawn. I crap I don't know god they haven't played golf in pouring down rain on Saturday. And then now. All over the black men played Michigan there was a stellar so Mike at the chairman of the pharmacy was fifty or sixty some of three. Jesus yet by and you struggle to get that three test I don't know real struggles that was our core yeah. Nobody. Christ who knows legislate navy. You pay attention would maybe give him beat Notre Dame and yeah alerted him I. I was an earlier today but still it's a neighbor maybe be what a ranked team earlier in the season my identity usually don't show I have below notre I told I don't tell us to to Ted. I don't know for the week or two ago about navy football when when I moved to Annapolis living down there. The other station house on had and Apple's football games the broadcast 1411410. An AV WNAV. So we get free tickets but nobody will go the navy games you have a lot of people who would command who would who were visitors and stuff like Abbott. You could go watch Notre Dame or USC. In that was like 25000 people in the stands if you wanna walk down to the front you know like and this is Notre Dame yeah it was just you know what there's only so many cadets. There's only so many people who live in town there's only so many students who go there in the stadium can hold 40000 people 45000 peoples are typically. It's not that full but it was always just so coax you mean you were right down on top of the action to compete here or two ago and high school game to watch and wanted to college students when I was in knots. Did I miss a member of browser and in the navy football network. That was a lean years before Paul Johnson got a plan say employees just worsening yeah and they would just leave us like UConn adjusts. Got stepped up to division one and came home be a much like thirty year boom surge be like rain and the guy in the producer down mayors like Ted it's visible earlier today. Think there's nobody did this to be here nobody wants to be here to fit into your years of certain that it is totally new book is all real quick shout out one quick thing normal member team. Is it 2250. Dollars which is good I think we're like a 180 some national. We have 54 members to a jump on there it is the men's room KI SW 487 nationally 2002 or fifty bucks after seven days. And yesterday. Castle. But you know one thing I forgot about November mum which is really cool they were there are shown like where the money goes for the donations everything they're doing. Basically they change mold member to just men's health. So they expanded from prostate and testicular cancer now into. Suicide prevention. PT SD. And opiates nice so as far as mentality is there concern to get a heart and they and that and that was one of the things they give a lot of money for PT EST. People who have mental health issues that don't wanna talk about it or whatever and then. How those other those schools so there there to put their money in a lot of good places so yeah I had the at this the opposite of via opiate. Addiction thing the sworn foes. Per gallon to bathroom fortuyn speech. How how how how how how could if you had a via get a good Davey and oh yeah has some wings the days when I did to me it was I cooked a bunch of our us sausage mention sausage. In a crock pot with a can of beer and then just peppers and onions out of those solutions there was that the roof my mouth is still birthday now. But got to put it in the role for the peppers and onions and I didn't you know as a sure David Cook and in beer for three hours not going to be alive Beaulieu and finally I could go for us right here standing up just thinking about how AG. Two class that's pretty good thing go to for a third. Yet tonight. Tonight is limited ditched the roles just chop them up for the peppers and onions leaves brown rice through the weekend out there. What tiller got an area and they about watching Larry questions. Wouldn't have a couple questions first question that I sigh I was kind of funny it the come from Jesse's wants to know when there's we'd week coming back. Well nothing illegal in a missile image. Right but it's always an April and around the traditional holiday of marijuana with more than 24 drawing room. Now you just have to guess what the numbers don't general's threat that is one of streams snow but of people saying hi a as someone mentioned it whereas in that area Chris says that T know TV in the studio we be watching Monday Night Football at all. Iowa. You when you leave there alive albeit again commander riker you don't leave early even do the news time back and forth on an ominous baggage the fact that it's a typical. I'm not an organ and and headlines anyway right. Headline you're not working. Tell you what. Solid team practice yesterday are predicting a Seahawks victory it's nice I did not see the team practiced for deploying to bills I predict the Seahawks victory. Was he drags him like day before shorts and T shirts. Yeah man shorts and T shirts Dhahran helmets and yes. Not even helmets and it's literally just a walk there token and then it's got a funny like they usually be duke few special teams yeah I mean you have a still no walks there is obviously are doing anything besides loosening you up housing and as some do you think it doesn't trip. Well I mean we already know those plays they go over the red zone style for ninety but like when they go over the kicks and everything like John Ryan doesn't even count it won't they it is kind of fake it was returned to ruler. Yeah my name producers Lawrence but I remember him like basketball and everything like every sport you do it and I still think it's just a way to like just get out there do some stretching my. How many amazing how different the game has just in general as far as being Smart intelligent if we screwed up for so littered and play well on Friday uniter had. More penalties or suppose even blue on the game you and our goal lose we're doing more. Running on Mondale if you get in there and they just beat the living crap on you for no I mean your still heard from Friday night and they just they they do know. Just get right back in the or knock yourself in the head because of the way they do it. Martyrs who wants to know one now men's room underwear is coming. How ma'am and mister ornament. Well known that he wouldn't be born as enthusiastic about as we were. Which is not the first time things have worked out through right now we think we have got to iodine gas Reynolds and over are gonna have Randy Hanson on the station. Randy Hanson. Yeah Iranians and lost it plays guitar and we've every Indian before. Morrissey and ends of the month was guitar from the Xena Hanson Brothers moving company. No Iranians are pretty sure is a local guy he's a white do you reason to spitting image for Jimi Hendrix. I think that's the same Randy Hanson rank and as good as Leon. Well he's by far better he did you see you got to play Qatar it is amazing just your arm Elian redshirt for just once and how long until black and back up things that's Thursday. Third ministers did Israel kill other parties Thursday we and generally available retail Friday we just gotta come cases and our office. Nice well lawyers explain to us it's a security guard at the front desk downstairs right was down there miles and I go outside to smoke. Guy comes over to unleash tag ounces look dude I got 25 cases of beer supposed to drop him off from prime source office sorely Dei able figured out most of the so. You got 23 chases a bit betrayed don't wanna sit at the and he's like dead no worries well we end up now we have over a six cases and how nice six yeah I mean these cases. Yeah. Place that I haven't O'Brien should be cool like did are error. God damn cool Miami Neal says who's hung over. Incoming. And Michaels is about the Minnesota Vikings how about that and ask how are the lions good god man. The game around drilled a last second field little I was at the Detroit kicker trader. Prater I mean he came out two seconds to go line that once I got on such an 820 degrees that lower your fuel and that. Don't they won in overtime with a touchdown from Tate all that's right maybe those Yemeni orders under the nose and another and 23 seconds and a downfield Stafford took a non official. Prater drops like 50000. For us 3003. Okay say if you had to make double what not a situation wannabe MF are gonna go to overtime. Detroit wins is tall so you're unfairly over the touchdown and of course Golden Tate who's like a little mini Anquan Boldin anyway. Catch the ball goes and wins came over here in Minnesota. Way to defend your house asked Chris. But the ravens. And let them ravens drove and a botched Steelers onside kick. That god knows the latter of baffling torn in a loser I'm a resident and that is a well you do don't want some college might do you think that's pretty told top one. I'm the dude who listen and coach. I did this once it got footage on this before regretted. Thomas is Arnold port. You're using you and there's like three things you need to practice. Field goal I set that it had gone all the sets up an onside kick does that really there's three things right did you fancy there's just demands. Just right just just stop stick to the basics as well. I thought it was fantastic I was like you've got to give no we were loud and I was laughing my ass a little like Wellesley gigabytes he kicks in the goddamn Bulgaria Italy it. It should have been I've driven straight to them all boats have been on sports more when he kicked in again and Mike you kick the ball that's not a question obviously you after doubling kicked it again. Tegra two unsportsmanlike and a whose too funny to fly in Italy I drizzle like after the tell it to the referees are out now although I viewed it as Jeff Gordon Jeff in San Fran. How much are thank you wanna pass on to purchase something but the official does not agree. Does not flag kemba does not flag I want flak for Saddam Hussein for a moment ago and cannery same that you keep him Joseph background. He's still welcome back to the huddle says something but his last thing he said no this is fun thing for a turnaround. Was offensive so now the reference official pulls on flag. He doesn't realizing it turns around realizes flight from pulled out for recess. People's mentality is but we'll discuss his Skype equipment forum that's the route you know how hard to write you still can't hear everything you say and and Lindy Ruff walks up. People don't slow I don't know and an old guy from rural employment. The Jacksonville loans. The NS was in Kansas City were planned actually everywhere I guess who's got Casey so everyone injectable so he's disclosing that vote. So does the rest of the world as well. And I got I don't all of a man. Let's check it out of you can't Travis Travis Kelsey that his name. Was I knew the guys who a little finger oil barons of it was a little bit are due date yet you got to watch it reduces its hostile loud about the scroll to Green Bay game man. That was funny when they do willow appointment game show deal would it was throughout the entire game coming down a say in the second quarter towards the end. The ended Packers drama the twenty trim for go line drive in the squirrel runs right down the ends up. There are days started it's it's hard not to like squirrels. His ceiling just bounce along and everybody could not its mouth or whatever is doing its thing and sometimes you'll see the two that are chastened cells around the tree. You know like two dogs economy is just like to adjust your remarks are not it's hard not to like these are not select the world. FO miles had a bushy tail would like him. Yeah just a different man yet so UBQ like ugly animals orders about cute animals maybe if you got a fluffy tail money I had a straw throw peanuts he's he likes. Trump peanuts off of that man he's always out there looking around for that day on just toss of peanut that's why I am a man with Marcus Freeman broke. At present yeah Gordon only got a video of Famer lessons we've done that we're gonna pack of cars out there are gonna be back in ten minutes.