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Tuesday, November 22nd

Mens Room Question: What were you lucky enough to see live?


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Unfortunately. When you are about two years he's really. And it's completely locked. The members of the radio program are simply not that bright. Or what some people would call extra McCain did they are merely stupid the they're not trying to offend anyone on purpose and all have played doctors on TV. You have been warned and are cordially invited to join the party. This. He's the men's grill. Load get a match again would then go down and shame this square. Some say okay this trip first. The grasshoppers. It's life. All gathered in secrecy and flying high. This is the men's room where miles and thrill. You know what they say. Shake your radio more than three times hey okay and win game. Is seeing this new domains were. Both Dell logo right Tuesday November 22 2016. It. And it's November 2000. I've hundred. Hello was Steve the draw hill. We're glad. And Mike Cox. Aren't meant you know. Just ride down for the nuggets guard Justin is it. Today ten songs do sound better with the man show. The man known as part plus what you don't need to know goes to the drinking well profile visit your tickets in the red hot chili and acts. Plus headlines events and down today on Lowe's or email here everyone's favorite TV time what's it like black. Hey there I'm here yo good news guys news survey says the more manly you are. The more depressed you will be numbered for us Kanye West closes by Indian descent handcuffed for all to see. Hey thunderstorm Phil and asthma in Australia at least 898 the green. The story about a con artists in 92 year old man will make you see and after a nine year break V and also MLS playoff action picks up again tonight. How does the Pentagon today very special episode on the men's room. All my and they do. Hey good day do you endorse today it did not know. Isn't my day here KI MW work every single thing you hear. Well it's alive and well that's why we came over the cleverness so why is a big deal well like he needs to live events. There's opportunity for many many things to go wrong in this business what makes live event for what. We talked about the on yesterday's show that we've run up Kanye West and the fact that he had a meltdown on stage after playing only. Three songs keep in mind he played one of the song choice. Anyway when I get ten minutes Brad Pitt and walked off stage and it can't hold. The rest of the entire tour now if I had this begun yet. That's the joke and the number one she's like a horrible man you should have been there Tommy got all kind game but he got so Gagne could argue good evened things got it. Some low if I had to sit door biggest magic show what sounded a horrible thing. The only show I would want him to attend the mobile Roy horn of Siegfried Roy was mauled by a tiger does not that I have any ill will toward the guy. But a virus that must live event. I won a seat on the like and I at tiger attack somebody that's the beauty of live events are not what's different and will be today Jimmie Johnson. So here is today's white man it's not necessarily a concert. They can be a fist fight if you shoot out whatever might be we want to know. What were you lucky enough to witness lied and what made it memorable joint project euros export to Iraq Iran to. Or at 999 KI SW and that men's room live hash tag fly day I think 7799 dive into those emails to the men's or amendments or live dot com. Rockaholic since Caron yeah. Today is so how long would already infinity and today and everything leading up to it I also disclosed on my very first half. Aren't you scared the hell out of me I didn't go to your rat. Here's the problem money it looks like adding Chris Smith and yes and this girl is ordering employees could look at all the stuff she's not even. I'm also looking at him jewelry it was not down to me that I'll never ever Wear an unlikely candidate my friend Shelby you're going to get it evaluated. Not even access my. I was just a huge I mean just a few weeks ago that my mom and daughter downsizing. So I want to have a bunch of silver and other stuff to get a praised his staff is really great they're G I have credit experts and you have three no obligation to valuation. They're even offering the highest cancer round. You could you want to know an extra cash in your pocket and go to WR Clinton W. West Seattle win what is the clock and online adult humor points dot com. So the first GTU gears of war exhibition placements tournament happens tonight and lesion breweries public housing Campanella 7 PM. This turn that all are winners points and put them in the running for free and during the G two live events of December 17 and eighteenth. To compete in the gears of war. GT it was a northwest newest. GE TU dad lives. The lesion brewing is a proud sponsor GTU. Go to GE T you don't live more information about this upcoming two day event and the gears of war exhibition placement tournament starting. Tonight as. That's me dream a reality fantasy GE T dad lives. What does that did you Boise and Ted Smith that I'm here once again with my personal attorney cow from the app gets with a cup. Now how my body of the new car he only had it for six months any dips into a crash. The other driver was at fault to his car got fixed the problem is now the car feels different any once the salad but it's worth a lot less because of the act. Studies absolutely not gonna get as much many corners in what has had enough and an accident. What he has actually cost what he actually has called a diminished by claim giddy as a once in newer cars in an accident. It's on the vehicle history reports no one is going to be able Susan and always going to be willing dazzling to pay as much money for us anymore. And other drivers insurance company is responsible to take constant compensation black. Unfortunately this is one of those types of damages insurance companies refuse to pay most of the time he's better off hiring an attorney Alvin what's. Trust him attorneys for the Abbott gets the consultation is free. They should at least two agency if you at least had a case just checks card is 77999. That's card a 77999. Messaging data rates may apply. Please don't text and drive. Ly a day continues on the rock call it is lie believe may cool. Presented by G do you get your tickets now it GE two double lives. Today everything you here is being performed live. The music to sound effects commercials. All of vets completely lives empowered by Telemar do and lunch box and laboratory. Now we are back to the men's room on 99.9. KI ES WR day here we go oh man. Airlines what a show we have Gloria today in the right calf of the drug charges Kevin Anderson spent as not normal and try educating your mouth. So round it probably doesn't want to tunnel or like him who we get to right it has his hits and songs that do sound better with banjo songs that you know but we got the band hardwood joining us and they're gonna turn all the good songs and a little bit of the mentally right. Richard hopes miles and are gonna love him I know amendment or a strong gets elected outlet now are yeah the Red Hat. What you don't need to know tie goes to the drinking well for some unfortunate drinking friends that you may have hopefully you'll vote let them go over the years but he the web is probably best friend. Are you know what a lot of literally ordained I read some of laughed out loud and thought I'd like for all the laden that guy before as well had the worst I've had recently and I did not know the guy and instead we are told about his performance under the bar. That's a nice enough or having fairly normal conversation and then something happened Regis he's down the joint title right so. Now we've bitch about his ex wife which of course equates to all women and then that equates to policy of baba baba let me make this comment you know man guys like us. Once he made that statement normally chat room. Guys I guess ranks was not a slam broke. Yet all pull me in your world and you suck all under own profile visit getting histories against the red hot chili devers will do the game Foreman knows like what makes your due at 50 wait right after the shot of the day all right I think we need to Steve we've got to tailor online along with Ben from the pretty reckless can you guys here it's okay. Weekend how are all nice there we go do you guys always making units into that creepy. I'm kinda back at a slightly different designing and and yes we can. How are you guys doing. We're doing well he I think we're doing well houses where you and Iowa. Yes randomly and is it snowing there. It is not that it is Iranian called crappy OK all right you guys got to show they're tonight. You're going to be in Seattle on December the second plane shoebox auto a look at Ford having you guys endowment. Thanks for being a part alive day this is there's a big deal a deal here at the radio station everything we're doing today is alive and it really is an honor to have you guys join us in in place in tunes for us how the tour been going so far. And I also am I mean aside from everyone getting sick in the middle profit. Which was a bummer but I would I would side who's there. Outside of the monarch did the who started illegals who are several below are now. So I could carry it ever airline doesn't. Does this affect your miles to the one thing we and we want to this football resisted some time. You're onstage you're doing if they belong map out policy written when you got poop you gotta put. And sometimes like when your sick and have the blue plate you need to poop has anyone had the spurs being on stage thinking oh my god we need finesse the songs and I. I either of us live that might have been two other men members that are not here. My phone. OK so there's never been one instance in your tire courier Torrey where someone has gone in there and and sat down and and and on number nine and ten years well I that is a strong streak. We try to do that I like a weekend camping trip to some people violently around an hour. Are also Taylor now you you were on the Gossip Girl and an all this kind of stuff but here's the thing. That I wanted to ask as far as acting goes we saw you in a shake and bake commercial okay. So not now but just follow my logic on this and I thought when when you're not on TV acting. And you don't make that kind of money you're probably eating chicken day I don't want collect. If they pay to negotiate and make commercial did you ever actually each taken beta that's for broke folks back. I'm I've had shaken make him mentally yeah okay. So early in my lifetime and I like a cannon minute snags another commercial for sigma. One. And not getting good now. Now the Taylor I know that you you you sit before the that for the closing July 2 we're up on stage what are your favorite places to shop is hustler Hollywood is that correct. Well it was doing half I've I think I've grown up a little bit so I know you're not gonna what you're wearing forty restaurant Hillary red river muscle you know. Wouldn't when you're not a teenager anymore. Yeah true. Clear that I know about Islam I outfit choices in life and didn't somewhere quite questionable do you. Not all of them were questionable ID back that some of them does that more question after you feel like do you feel better I just doing what you're doing now and I know that acting was not your first choice or something that you were really that interest in telling your kind of placed into. But now you get to go out there when that happened I thought out of his house GG I would have to assume that you know out of in the bears would have some kind of handed members are now you to do which you do it. And how much is great yet and. We've been there for almost ten years now and and that's all we do we just we made music and we play music and that's our whole life and it's fantastic. And even untoward that it with a ton of great bands are no one point I mean guys opened up for Guns 'N Roses even out. On various festivals Lollapalooza what's the craziest what's crazy thing that you guys have seen live. When you've been up on stage and you just took something out this is our audience this is you know this is a crazy experience have they had any of those. Grissom and for locating in the front rare ones yeah. Nobody that's abuse glorious and why exactly lose someone airmen take that I don't know if someone does get us three times when do you stop and pointed out to each other do you suddenly go like hey look in seven B right here yet yeah okay you do get. Yeah also got a hard to nest. It was a different songs each timers like everytime we play the song people who are FA. Yeah random random movement and someone anyone try to stop them more regular homeowners say OK it was blood and how did you let him go to Iraq general you didn't plan and go like nice work there if they think that throw a guy microphone. Yeah. Harley. That's a pit that is out there that aren't so you have to applicable to enforce ODS what does gonna open up with. We're gonna play are you single take me down and Jack we've heard of that. Are you ladies and gentlemen the pretty reckless alive day. Reckless Zahn live day live from the ball in Iowa guys thank you meant it was that is awesome why they go on hash tag live day if you go to FaceBook and you like KSW on FaceBook. You could actually see. Ben and Taylor as they are in the morning getting ready for show tonight picking mind to come to Seattle on December the second that is it shoebox auto what yes. You know we just got a nice email here Taylor and announced he says who isn't turned on and read it to have sex in the plot row with a voice like hers. So that's that's her listeners yeah let's not only our our uninteresting show and I guess work except a like these that show here on the side there. That's a crazy thought machine there's no fog machine if that's that is straight up sixty mode of friends and your sorrows. We're here with the effort Iraq goes on live day what else what else he does it do for us. Organisms on them off our old record actually directly in Iowa moved in going hell for him. Well I don't I don't version of the Iowa I got there in the morning. I'm already be flat Nicole yeah it nice nice and groom me. Go off that. I received NIC it's our values yeah it has its. Are you ready yeah it whenever you are pretty radical Islam lie down the rock that you guys man that is is awesome I'm ready to go to the launch. It's kind of Seattle hello all I have a coach you guys are working away restaurant. React. Okay would have been ulcers and said he has been one of those places before Regis thought yourself thank god we do not live here. Like I'm totally there now yes I mean everybody's under the seriously have you been one of those places that we're like man a man who no one of these guys so excited and I haven't seen anything before the it's ever. Yes yeah. Yeah outside of the country. And he actually impoverished places are there you feel that way and now let's not absolutely it. Hot pretty reckless in town December 2 thank you guys so much for being part alive day we really appreciate him and the fans love it the comments cumin and an outstanding so. Thank you got a lot voice saying these are the facts just don't do that absolutely it was in December 2 at a shoebox on other pretty reckless on live Aaron there ego. Our question today what you're lucky enough to witness live and what made it memorable. Oddly enough even in spite of them being the man they get to witness people having sex apparently fairly routinely at their so yeah. That's let's talk bad you wanna be mentally a look at what portal the times over the like look all we have to do is play everybody here get Megan and have sites I've never been any place or people that sex. Urbana concerts and the men have sex never ever you. Press a wet hair. I don't wanna think that's that XY I don't know I don't go to whatever that literally mile get up and get high school there I went to a late there's this style music to DC and I go go and the dancing it's pretty athletic pretty central yeah sunny one duty we just like right there clearly having sex he was just holiness. You know good for them like go like etched. But that's way yeah I mean kind of g.s are arrogant okay rabbits that identity and yet he's on what her body as a dozen death. The eyes okay it is what it is Brown's funeral and a good old days you could. There are yeah. How were you when you into the show like seventeen got to be mandala. It was. Our government and you are I was really happy or be loud metal why do people have sex. I mean I'll watch pornography before her death but I've never seen two people have sex on astronomy now that I did not that's not that I knew how to win. And shooting galleries Google rolled her own don't always want someone out there and it's our pleasure I thought it was or so it stands now enjoys getting worse not exactly why would you stop shooting gallery sect both of them result but we see in a woman very happy. The dog what does she do. If you will bend it like she's just moving Michigan does. After that but you'd otherwise provide comments pulled over Tampa rules nearly. But ailment and the and the dollar and of the day but I don't know that but I appeal against an adult men and the general rule when you improve the single most important thing is to wipe your. You have a duty you don't mean like you don't get all the toilet a million people off its stock have you learned but I can't. I can be walking around the dirty book and watching even someone take approve it is not something that you normally do have you ever had a situation we just got really I don't believe in the bathroom man and you see like there's a crash there right and in the divider OK just peek through when you can would you see that as one I. I look at you in a tear I his idea and I got. He saw my eye I saw his keynote but nobody knows it's still Margaret thing when two men to talk to make act as one of the mistook it. I've got a body that never shut the door and we would do a row house when you came up once what this day he's just right there he is just straight there are doing and not even got a lot. He was a monster a man and he was he was a machine. It's not about you being ashamed that as we all agreed that nobody wants this is a little it was more about him Cheney knew could you hello there I feel like god Jesus were you scared of it. I just how desperate the think it did I do why are used to tell daddy could you're the one opened with a local authorities yelled yeah yeah yeah they shave you let go were you nervous like parallel. With the at all just put away. Our question today online they were you lucky enough to witness lives and what made it memorable. Hello nick welcome to the men's room. I'm old enough I asked. It and but our. Hold on to nothing you know. Don't live day ahead what are you gonna back at July to call it could go out I got out already and I can't go field. Well Russell many are early on now how long those. Believe they're out there for 34 TI remember wrestle mania 27. Absolutely noble is the what was that those highlights of of that event. Highlight how are what really caught on highlight what it was that her bail I ever saw live at all they're good performer. Losing the highlight at the time. It was the highlight appetite yet because it was directly after. The US senate kinda get the Operation Iraqi Freedom twenty. They've made it he that perform or. Under Decker came out on his motorcycle with a riot act you're like I'm back in June. And a player right now at standard you need goosebumps watching I got rolled out at stage in the middle of I. I mean you're I think they're better at 57000. People that are here are the first non baseball's bad pass scapegoat it was the greatest staying in at the time. I think I was. Maybe maybe not hurt and. Is when I don't know for whatever committee entrants like that like on a motorcycle or would just fall into fell on her face like that ever have. I feel bad that I do Colorado. You know Colorado they come or not Colorado Oklahoma they come out with the boomer sooner went I did wag that lagging the battery out of the Purina dog food where that fellow over. Are going to be indicated they were running and how it felt Lugar added seed guy. And then the debate was circus of power and there are decent band out of the lead singer dude had really 65 Billick brick this house an opening for Faith No More years and years and years ago. And plays hammered Jack's back bowl oh yay yay yay me you know million we're going to graduate ninety and 88 the war home and you're good man and one do you he's got a super model and circus of power sort of par golf I guess tell it like he can see where he's in gripe here skin then maybe that's gullet flow and you figure Anthony toppled Bryant and he's amazing still Burke and opened the show man and much of the bill comes out first and they're comma. But I did just jamming right and then a single walks out the crowd cheers and I don't remember much about this guy but he is being. Big Mo flow and he's one of those guys he's got the I might stand you told sideways both in the whole lives and in the middle somebody looks like a bad ass right he's got a stared on the ground he's got like a slow motion. Axl Rose counseling to. And it was very very cool but because dude stern at us and not or is that. Walked right off he's gone I mean just gone crashes to the ground kind of like I Kelsey Grammer did when he would go whatever you don't talk statement. He lost the crowd meant what you couldn't stop laughing that doesn't. Even want to life. It was don't god damn hilarious relate to and you're so buyers will notre terrorist and nothing you can do because right now when you look at the crowd you think you're telling jokes with everyone's mind. Ashtanga live day what were you lucky enough to witness live and what made a memorable added we also watch him take that hazard it would let but he looks so tough he looked so cool walking now Manny did nothing but five seconds him. Dornan a slow thing and at the last second to realize like I don't think he knows resentment and misstated Iraq. And his ass just collapse of the ground we lost her as the but the America about former records of not real. Hello Tyler welcome to the men's room. Oh or not hot they are very far it appears there's a question Rick thank god and you're right on time. Aren't so crude briefly up the fight against the chargers go to blood. No water and got up below. The bird we're talking little mock period. Bingo hall yeah although we're all recruits. All over our. So what are the sort of very good art group you open it up right 08. You know why did I. Because he can write these lit up at earlier one giant joint. We're here. I would do I would be a joint collector thousand musicians anything that you and I and actually ask for. If you're a musician. And you plan to stage. Whatever you want you can get to the lip. And what it'll be yours if they do it promotes aged men and when her bleed people cheered they Davidson I mean you ask for drug people given to him and they have sex out there. Yeah there's old videos like dime bag. Oh yeah man like he'll be on stage and say something it's like it's like it's raining and people are just. She our young boot got a better and enjoy this romance because he was brilliant with how we named. Amid Bernardo and cocaine is becoming quite the but the drug is actually got some love cocaine Steve yeah he never goes to bed I'll Maryland Connie he won't eat anything he'll just come over he'll be cool yeah. Yeah I don't know the mistake for cocaine Steve you'll need to critically think OK this is my opinion is that you can really do that. And clean I think very few walk the dog he won't need a damn thing Italy. About 330 Marco Haynes the cocaine Steve Florio unlucky enough to witness lives and what made a memorable. He'll be real confident when we all math. If it doesn't really quick yeah I really quite like all the bass player and has twice the disaster a lot of the top there hello Scott welcome isn't I don't know if it's hot. Maybe you guys. It's. Or. All I was Abbie what defines new years ago. What my daughter and my brother and his GA to end what to a my kids and we were in a walrus exhibit down below where you can see the glass and she threw a this war kept circling around and around and around any would rub his belly on the the last. So what does it mean walrus O'Hare and ledger are. And I'm not I don't know I don't know how I found out that it was a male walrus you guys are matters that until he leaves wolf and then. And then eventually. It was. The kids are all wondering what was that. I don't know how much more can. There are not a manager Sam are you completed the yes so old walrus at the zoo was figured out. That Barbara my penis unspeakable acts. I can't I can make myself feel it doesn't there's a reason I am the walrus I mean I am the Juarez and. I do not match. Yeah. C news. Well listen you guys should only one in the radio and look maybe doesn't think either I got bombers heard the song Saddam dominant role in allegedly pumped. You know what man as and it's I'm glad you resolve the courtroom in a ballroom smash today I. Because we're we got a lot of witness food and now apparently you like it was. There's. Shy of the crowd and on down. I know people should come all that look at our new. People just stared at ultimately divided TV news that he master means a lot what is given the libretto that I'll argues it is advertising pitch I don't like you can come zero masturbating walrus. Yeah yeah yeah. You can give away everything here where her. It using a lot of things about the way the masturbating in public switched shot is not one of Mike Holmgren will be their broad grasp what's the what masturbating while. Well I hope or. Expect your players up there yet so biologists always say and and I swore they were wrong reasons I was child seems idiotic as a human beings. The only animals have sex for pleasure a real animal dozens and some we've appropriate. You think they'll always. Not gonna give birth to a baby window pretty stupid now you think that monkey the grabbed the fraud and essentially had aid. Broad service him about fraud and wanna do it but the mug you figured it sticky told bowl against Greg delusional he lets us. Well every now legal able to have sex at a good it feels good about it. My god had a stag live day won't where you are lucky enough to witness live and what made it memorable. No doubt about his his story though. The question is what re you. Lucky enough I think this dude come masturbating more how many jobs well have you had an oil output seen wild M well met animals just you know do this thing and even home. Only courses. You have seen. Or snaps a BC viewers got to go to me and my mom is like average DGX for wild horses. Then over on quite a title to have Jeff on Chincoteague island. Everything over there there's two hours there's a wild horses right now they. They have a roundup where they swim them across this little part of the bay right and in the air. Yeah and the Slevin. And then in there they would pump every time bomb we cellphone right and it seemed odd to Ben. Like they swam him back across an outlet just in the preserve where their outlaw Russia. We stop we pull out the binoculars and then boom a horse mounted another voting. If you look at how Bol to you after. The all the Italian you're an audio from Chincoteague island and unbelievable. The Virginia insensitive yeah exactly a great unbelievable look all around the world. Blue logo clothing off on wall Guatemala who Foreman rallying from Russia alone coma barred Enron and if if it if Obama logo also because almost holed a I have I have ran into little more us top homeland one a black hole when it could get there. The best literally first got there one mounts the other one of my mom goes up he's trying to get out. The head of the good guys trying to get a antibiotics he's got to get out anyway. It's a whole host of local hello Andy welcome to the bedroom. Fast Eddie I had caught up. Well not only be done good idea are you mad or you love you know live. Our own niche I got to go see my first show it studio seven intruders. Might concert. Don't you Octavia and they they were free cannot and my body was also in narrowed the evolution easily seen here in England in the dream aired. And as a first concert you've ever seen. Yeah I lose any thought. How does it did you body feel pressure Renault like look I go see your band but this is also my personal don't ruin the experience for. I did you all you have a number one seed Amanda dig it delayed. And not looking good Andy yeah I you know right and I and you may have to carry. Some cases for next we didn't immediately if you know someone yes you can augment actual rose we'll have so few people don't know that's not why and everybody I don't I don't doubt you tell me who you like and I'll tell you I'm not good as well. I can do to somebody says they like the Seahawks have to check on Mike Luke Wilson is a close personal friend of M and it's a fast. Works every time is cut. Our question what real lucky enough to an us live and what made it memorable 206421 rock grounds footer at 999 KI SW elements in my. Think 77999. To those emails to the men's or Edmonds or live dot com we will take a quick break come back with more of live day next. 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Everything you hear is being performed live the music the sound effects commercials. All of it to people getting it on in front of you life. Or something like that completely lives been powered by car star auto body. And Rainier beer now back to the men's room on 99.9. KI DSW hash tag line day welcome back do I live day as we are doing a live coming up on the program Ryan castle the drug in charge of beans and spend ten songs that do sound better with little banjo on hardwood will be in here not only that level barbershop. Quartet. We got a huge element sing in some since it's on tours that that's also on the way our question today what real lucky enough to witness live and what made it memorable out outside it would have been lucky enough to witness live today Malcolm about a mile round envoys got. Guys and they're either there's some luck but I variously as Malcolm my so this is that god doesn't force you see the man. Once your Malcolm I don't know what it is but today yeah some hats in the closure wearing the gear you look like the do that rings a doorbell and more movie to tell you that your houses is is constructed on top of an Indian burial ground rule that could be true your bag back. The guys who melted at raiders' below Jerry OK I want most to what are trying to say is you're looking good thanks for coming out from a lovely San Diego hi how are things you happy about the legal we now I mean it's got to be anarchy GM and it's really good just smoke and yeah you know I'm trying to herd the animals down as the new world for you guys all man and yet the animals the CB DG name it is that I don't you are really down. Oils they rioters California gala charity only buy anything and take a back up there yeah Africa. And how boxes are we had a brownie and there are your name on it. He'll appreciate that not all the way from some Diego and has scored eleven Barca you're in the market us. It's. You guys are fun man I don't think they can get away in radio like this is sandy O'Donnell and angle making we go to Tijuana can we really get on a train and a couple weeks in Tijuana yeah we got donkey show is all kinds of I don't know I. Learned. Well I they're gonna these guys are you getting you all sit Wii gets it yeah. Outer. Erica and back everybody here's the thing we're talking about balls and we can play I think I. OK okay. I'll I had. Come from this I think if it's zero you think we're getting will be there are certain. Our question what were you lucky enough to witness live and what made a memorable hello Brian welcome to the men's room. Hey guys I would go on top. So a few years ago when I was in the air force but I had to go on a temporary trip over to Amsterdam and that hands out. There and while we're walking through the red light district you're getting I have to go and to be sex shows and news. They're come up with a base could offer you drank it and saying it about our show and our hero of all to you you can leave me a free drink and wants amounts are sort of live on suck my resolve this is meant though they've debuted a new or try to beat your quoted your three free drink this what would your report so we refer decided on a place there we go and and you know after that the show or restart from. They opened up and there's a bad on this stage in a couple on M they're undergoing Matta well. Well a little wanted to show they start they asked and we have a volunteer from the audience to do what both. My authority to do want to get out. So well we we were all drinking and so we point to our friend what you don't do what he'll do it every corner my friend so the guy is okay. We grabbed our friend and here we go on stage so. They're a woman that they are held it and chief LA LA people learn the ground. I'm 3040 bit uneasy watching one double have sex they pull your butt load but it would it was different like that the first couple completed bear the manner of another. Could person came out I mean every other sort of show I'm like yeah. The there with a woman she had coming out she was fired for Alfred she had Torre. With her on the stage I'd and that's what they had asked for the arm felt so much and don't be a lot of police played well. I think it'll hit rock bottom robots so little family friendly Kirk well I do try to keep it clean but. So our friend or an up or fade in and she heard of the way down on the bed. As she goes into the bag and she pulled out there eight. A a a sexual toy for a woman. What had ban. How oh I don't I've CD's yet so it's old mining things. Yeah well yeah you know again the lights and I saw a dark I want it to my cottage and he put there aren't they should put that on his head. And I've been laid out on the bed. She get down on all fours and proceed to back herself up on to deploy their Carol and I decided that I didn't look like a unicorn. I'm so happy I didn't know that that he tells him to start with a notepad up and down like you know he's relying on the back flipping it had up and down while the toy was. The address I normally we understand how. We really really funny thing I've ever dream about a lot that's how how long is she is doing business. Five or ten minutes and was living on any thing. Now we gonna we're nowhere drink and we couldn't do any you know drug in the in the the American military bulkhead against her drink you're in and we were you know and it was it was hysterically funny little thing like there. Yeah yeah. I just Ellison in all. It's fine I just. I was got a one with a smile like for him we just considering all that is that that might not have been. As pleasant for him as were picturing me would you go back there if you weren't in the military aid do you think that you would have the same camera better time what are really even matter. Would you go out there to your back there's fun OK so I can tell your world you would go back and inject Amsterdam on again. Oh definitely important to blast would you volunteer for the head man. You have the difference in Canada looked at iso at a bachelor party wants and it. I think for the accurate quarterback close to the Czech. But watching your friend with that thing on his head is a memory that I'll never lose and Betty and autism now it's great I've never been about the party before with well. Yeah I'm no less is it like is it like a suction cup that just on a four out while it's got to cash strapped. Aren't you put that bat Boyle I. I mean look wouldn't let me tell you man it was a luxurious party candidate beard six foot slowed at that and do what are beautiful words okay I think that that's the fight for that umbrella of my own. It really get into like a serious conversation there's always that he really does agree both make out well remember we saw you unicorn you're right if that's. His view. Are you lucky enough to witness live and what's made it memorable we are live on live they hash tag live day hello Patrick welcome to the men's room. All the. Well hey that's my story. All at about six years ago all the evidence you really are. So ghetto apartments and almost. And oh brought him back yard. And you're just like lending that it you know what a person voted for got wounded animal guys that are wounded rabbit. I warned them all the time I'll see when I hit the ball well I just hear scream. When it won't Paramount did you guys nobody's agreement. It quite forward and say oh good but very comforting. All I go back and all that come back all our minutes later. You can earn my vote on the quarter and they're. Well and it's going to be a ball is on the big gray squirrel. And I have to mold squirrel. Well wolf what you gotta bend down and ended at hand and from our hope hope she he's already. Hammer and a quick payoff in the air at eight. Won't play period dress given it wouldn't quote got it bought them yet or it can really holds true assault. Yeah then we were at fault you'll be in the third floor it's true very very rare for that in the face off it goes so here's what I tell what I. That is what brought back to just wants offense all I couldn't walk anymore or organ also. These are set and you're so comparisons this other school girl basically. Is having non consensual sex with a talk to the point that you furcal back and watching the patriot minister how they do it. I don't know that maybe it is so into what would you just don't know how well that is a weird. I don't know what they're uncomfortable they went off the boy. But no this Gloria you know every all the law already in little people little bit here you know again had to be there at the greater. Europe's second and it was horrible. Are people listening to the part of the question reuse a lucky enough lucky enough yes what are you lucky enough to witness exactly it's all a sexual assaults were all oral oral ever sought to deploy thousands start I am lucky that and try to stop and actually. Think about it should try to stop to squirrels acting because he felt uncomfortable to watch that's not an area. There are lookout yeah I mean what it would. What does he did stop it and you found out later just to freaky squirrels maybe are married David thank you don't freak you that's leaded and another for twenty years and some elements I have a safe week I act like I don't know him Vijay is me she's overdue for a very clear tragically animals I've seen half section of the month. Now they know a lot of chasing. And somebody winds normally there's good closing the kind of like growling want to lionized. And he's Jason down Jason down and I mean. You know like. We gonna miss the target sometimes amiss in front of forty miles an hour. Right does this get to stop taking care so to speak the but then he's lying on top over growing pattern like biting her head when broached come over till this point you know it yeah it got to the good part you don't have to be a. Are chasing involves red lobster. One where you are lucky enough to witness live and what made a memorable hello Jeff welcome to the men's room. Or topic joy I thought wow. I saw without looking up actually he was my dad says we are to a concert at the CDR during their recycler to work. And the opening group was deputy bear. We want you. Yes OK you sit down with the guitar on his lap and everything. Don't let out a slide also protecting the bit about him like Aetna are ready to sit downplayed or why guys who lead the guitar flat on those on the left. I mean maybe it's just me and I don't love the best person but every once and I would have it so that is banks to the audience billion up now. Even know what I'm going to be funny to me saving Stevie Wonder Olympian will be facing sideways like he doesn't know it doesn't matter. Do that for the music you can see. Tom no doubt that we get filed my first concert. Like mid late eighties. It was it was a neat experience I've already enjoying DVR. By Jack Healy and the learned that he was why it was is a really impressed they bring although it like it's the end especially before you die fast they. Yeah I was gonna say he passed away than it did did you view today did. How did yeah I did not I'm not sure. As I Grassley 510 years ago. Yeah I'm not sure either but very very impressive. What to do so you Natalie and guitars did you I'd never it never seen did you receive Jeanty Lee's house. Never did yeah either did he have. Karzai Darren always gone I'd like I'm sorry coming Jeff Healey jokes got that in their Ronnie Millsap when the goes that way. Does that enable people live forever. If they die you beat me when you glad you crackled select Stevie Wonder does the boy yeah. Nobody dies you're not there he can see. Who's been one of these Poland effigies I think his lines of one of the race Charles and it's always the same as the Atlantic hasn't been dubbed it matches everything it. And the bottom onstage in a move does it. My man are you sure about that cause a lead he wonders crabs that microphone. It's all color and always just call me on yeah he grabs it you're like a heated seat. Management nominees the whole time while you were lucky enough to witness live and what made a memorable to be ironic if he was a fortune teller. We Stevie Wonder yeah. Why wouldn't be good now I can see diffuse it I can't the rat out but I think you'll use this app that let. The ball hard down the you don't get a good music and try to act on the did you see in my crystal ball I love the LP about the hello Mario welcome to the men's room. What a gentleman all guy. There are meant so much you have my most memorable. Moment. I X seemingly 9798. Element first concert scene that the loonie started out I want it tore. And Alex did he do that I knew is crazy. Crazy the loonie eased. Yeah. He says if she knows song and I got our bond mix Hamas. And of motherhood. You know that's all they are. And get back like the whole every it was a months or so I ask you think I have bone. Which isn't. That myth that it's about it it's just about via G bad weeds we say look I don't I'm on oh well. Are they really don't Dynegy bag we don't have. That that would this man who know each other to the continuity Ali just our or lose their ages are meant. I'm like opening performer. At the end of the senate passed only sell one of the woman that rapper comes out. It is a big black garbage bag. Indo. He's talking and talking and he opened up the bag. Reach it and then pulled gonna cancel the joint this entire garbage bag muscle joint and star who won't amount into the crowd of loose hurry that's what as. Goes needs for his next set based only goes he goes to eat pizza to throw our giants. And so we got their make held up as ghost yeah and basically he's a ghost. I doubt any. He went one man band yeah this is phenomenal. The global. Where are current with what I'm at just ghosts well I thought there were jokes that are delighted reigniting gonna look oh god David Ramirez right on the marquee as as goes that's neat yes that's Yahoo!'s site OK Lori you're lucky enough to windows live and what made a memorable one day when he's famous will be able to tell everyone we saw as goes to the small club and doesn't do a lot of corporate to sit back eclectic. She's cheered the Microsoft meeting and has ghost Estonian details just occurred in the music via. That's a song with the buzz toxin but all surfers well they all agreed. Welcome to the Baptist retreat as though that's a I keep a body surged Yankee going to be there has banned hazardous area that I go slow. Hello Chris welcome to the men's room. Yeah it's. Okay you're sort of a well when I know about the oh yeah I've got back working you know what somebody you met Eric. As LA county jail and you know we are glued in preparing disarm our cadre of like you know bird did everything wander and those who come I. Yeah I mean I don't know we're right sort of remember the name when you have good call yeah yeah. I know we're under. An external debt based I'll mind. My yeah I know. Torres expect. And I don't. That door but yet they going to do now and I'm well how are you know golf. I don't know much about total sites until well for whatever reason we got introduced on the program but it. From the sounds of things to girls enjoy sex much more of the most animals right I mean just by listening to a why are they exactly why our armoire. Now. Now how long they have insights on how long did you stay in their. It. Are. Your editor Gerald. I would think so yeah I don't looting quickly now yeah. Georgia school. Everything's holes most don't is that you've done three seconds but those mood news is we'll go to Q and our walk this terrible wanted. Done it doesn't come O'Donnell's questions and know where you are lucky enough to witness live and one memorable. I live day it's Miles College are married nine point nine KI SW Seattle.