11-22-16 5pm Mens Room wraps up Live Day

Tuesday, November 22nd

Shot of the Day, profile This, TV Time with Ted has clips from Seth meyers and Monday night Football! Plus Headlines and Taryn puts a rap on Live Day


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So muddy out there there's there's debater I didn't is plastic. And the men's room knows just who. So you -- day. Bottom observes. Say Larry. Years that toasted shouted. The day he's very that is there's usually head to the very best conceivable we'll find out nortel's he had been dean. Today's shot is brought to buy the bonds folks it's Obama or new Irish twins game. That's that's been obvious that move and act as average rhythm tonight I don't know what day did you bring that hey. I've run and yes I know you got a guy that who reportedly had there were adamant about those three directly other models on the above it. I'm not above it how do it. He's a quiet man I'm not put me that's great yeah I don't Carl Edwards and isn't as Dirk got a group of Stewart and differ materially from Ireland I. I had an idea from chronic edgy latest most and it had to indict you brought us until more do. And it's helped Florida to help my. Front end zone how long did take you to look to get here you erode a boat to a rowboat early out of his famous and erosion okay yeah. The big Irish community and I bill I don't know what more do you still one of the the only Irish whiskey that still distilled and. Ireland from Great Britain there's a lot more leg coming up in days foot and it's still come and Sony and its own and there at the moment it's and it covers it's about an 1829. From the Tenet also more. I and its intent yuppies of annually definitely where that is just a finger in the middle violent offender. The guy did apparently if I don't think you'll know when they're kind of violence nice well thank you mantra come in my meant regular diet of our lives davis' this has been awesome so far. It has been an out pouring into the actual us out of day we got an update on. And our our I just our marriage proposal error from pole are at the seven Jan one of us. As. Molly if she would merit which is a ridiculous goddamn idea and I I predicted Molly Wood single. It turns out she says she hates me she said it was cheesy but you also said yes I. I. Are got a I call it lets you draw I can present your stuff yes indeed are today we totals 32 year old more game some such a court house organ. An unidentified couple they go to the movies and when their return to the car complete stranger that would be more than he's sitting and passengers. But instead of confronting them let gold believes that it will. You guys deal from family come showed up they immediately understood why the couple won them to resolve the situation. Morgan was not only cities are in the drivers seat yeah no clothes on bills ahead is beat up on the dashboard and scored vigorously striptease its. Again there's a naked man in the yard drive received his feet on the dashboard does goals and I write wrong camera you understand how to master but I know. I know you do. Don't act that I know you know I you can do intimately observed fire trying to. I'd western growth in the wintertime adversity. That. Yeah well I don't. Other Morgan was charged with unlawful entry into a motor vehicle public indecency criminal mischief and surprised to know one possession of methamphetamine I'll you don't. Because he had methamphetamine. Which might explain why he was sitting in the car make it mass mailing bills that his cars like the entire dashboard has been armor all's you could cut back. How could no one like yeah I'll be damned. Taught English Italian and here they said it whacked that car man those tires are good. Perhaps you can have a back up three Eagles are you Arabs and that the but it does that smell I don't three know they play it like what does that. I'm finished with duke the duke I imagine if he just reached over to looking for Lola. I don't know how open design job motor oil there are. Arab League member. That's my choice of Jews Matt's been the most Babylon. I this is what's very dirty important. Report it's only two weeks that would bore the booze and we're very does booze because when they go yeah yeah. Wrote to party in our Tommy's. Okay. Absolutely. Ought. Stuart thank you rose Sony always say about Tyler he asked scrapped. Well beyond just the I didn't own online right now duels export to Iraq we've got profile that's coming up. Yet history went to get to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers profile this is on the way in minutes as live day continues thank you Stuart until more do. It's violent elements are not a point nine KI SW Seattle. No muddy KI SW NK IS WHD one C at all. Okay you have. 99.9. KI NSW. When. I soon. Live today continues on the rock present in my G to get your tickets at GE two dot life. Today everything you hear is being performed live the music the sound effects commercials. Every little bit of this. Completely lies. Now back to the men's room on 99.9. KI SW not good video library off another lovely San Diego and get a chance of me you you're doing well the ladies are there right now things you can live down there have been better. I don't know well lately that I am a good long look at that face the death. Now I'm coming got a lot of good okay and southern gal you can walk down the street and people above the two months and they don't recognize your celebrity and I'll let dad died keep a low pro go to programs in Southern California this such a high percentage of hot chicks. That everybody gets the gene pool is pretty cool you can huh. He's got the I used to go the hardly yet got a Harley illness then you're gonna take us down the Tijuana we companion and allure. Have you been do you want yeah but not recently we go with a song. Beck yeah I have a passport all right let's. That was not yet yeah I was not you know I had tried the ligament Uga you ask your nominees that. I think yeah I did is all my day hash tag alive day you can watch everything going on alive. They right now KI SW dot com also KI SW FaceBook page obviously if you wanna watch all the live performances from the bands or recommend heading to KI SW dot com that you can you can see those. As well right there. I was clear Mattel is Arkin doesn't today Elvis wig on profile this plan for tickets to see Red Hot Chili Peppers at the Key Arena on March the seventeenth Dennis courtesy of live nation. Visit KI SW dot com for complete details. The game whose own. Now the men's room Brazilians. While the case and Stephen Drew hill could you please everyone how profile this is placed I certainly can amount to loosen up you know I think you'll enjoy this day okay John W some in the race was meant. About like well and I just look at any given where it hurts. Continuous I'm not hinder races I thought they got the potential to be okay. That's all of my full potential bad. Paul really met the remake radio Reagan and here's you're gonna go but I'll. Hey there good. The tumble game or whichever you're real life stories something that happened right here on planet earth earth there. And it due to the story based on the stereotype you only individual people. The decisions that people make he will ask you what did you think is responsible for making the story a story. Hello Kevin welcome to the men's room. Yeah and drug tag all guy I cabinet and other games played. I do you channeling your inner racist. I am I'm channeling. It was not an eyebrow word ominously these exact. It's just full blown oh yeah yeah let me channel and channels and is thereby swastika tattoo on my jazz hold on. I hear your story. An internal investigation is underway into whether deputies violated. Any policies to which a woman in a wheelchair. Was shot. For the taste. Now the woman has consistently use a wheelchair ever since the lower back injury about two years ago the last Wednesday. She confronted deputies from the Harris county sheriff's office this outside Houston Texas. During her daughter's arrest. And gases that confrontation was captured on surveillance camera. And it shows the 36 year old woman being sharks twice with a taser once when she was on the ground and already handcuffed. These abortion was well proceed to violate these verbal back and forth on both sides. But sooner deputy Thomas Jillian he confirmed that an internal affairs investigation belonged saying quote. When the investigation is complete if any policies and procedures were violated the disciplinary action hour. Anyway it won't spent three days in jail charged with resisting arrest and trespass. She says quote our ability officers used a log to abuse disabled person who can't fight back. I think they used to be punished way to make that come out and you shoot low clothes bedding and Abbott's out of the question we are you Kevin do you believe this woman. Who was raised ball on the ground and handcuffed but started in a wheelchair is black and white Mexico or June. I was lay up. Given everything that's going on in the news right now. I grab some black book that they don't have to go black. Exactly did they take she's a wheelchair athletes JR. There to star yeah right yeah. I think is an angle known for a lot longer than these days but the good news is that there's some video on people that they can take now and I don't know. Much if she still has been three a I think I got I mean I don't think there's another option. All right miles Jose how black are they just exactly like Dan Garcia and rather middle all Phil black you finally get. Why aren't certain what black guys we're gonna find out if she was black white meg C or Jewish next. Woo. Move. It's. Yeah. And now he's got a very good. The community. Tell me amber revenues. In the whole ball. It has now to him down as you ground. Okay. Yeah. I didn't do it are gonna have a guitar I 'cause. Holds. Series. Okay. Do you love. So standing. Business and the news. Those those you ought to live our daughter. Cocaine to me. You have targeted. Yeah these days I'll tell you thought yeah and I. Hold talks as saying. Yeah. You know guys. Huge news to lose money. I see don't I. Go. Okay. So I swear to take a break and come back with a profile as I'd add to the. I never tell us from Illinois you know not the morning to you on the grass the cynicism is a Daniel Lee Williams the pioneer of troubled land Irish whiskey. Me work like you don't need the money love like you've never been hurt that's like nobody's watching and I'm dreaming of true irishman. Daily drink at the tires do crazy but every alongside Tom what do. Men's room original reds have her true character with gene Jan third at deserve and by. Unleash us we must flavors of stolen what do you Irish whiskey was sit side by side that's enjoyed amongst the friends and conversation and each com and combination of beer Angela Moore do you give it needs labor union free saver. Treat time is still had tree at times has made toward you Irish whiskey on his seventy universe today glasses up to responsible drinking. Where was John Copeland from cars are on a body supporters of gay and silly in the most trusted not a body abandoned due December and he's out there just. The pair who won they've never fit back sorry one thing they've ever so it seems is surprise us. There's a number of customers that drop off their car with the radio said the cares W. Although we had a sweet grandmother in her eighties but hey yeah she's right there Pontiac trans alien for some auto body work. And we were shocked when we started her car and cares W came on that full blast playing Metallica's enter sandman a nice night attacks our nation and state we hire the best loan money technicians and I can confidently say. JSW. Fans are some of the best text we've ever higher. We're always looking for qualified technicians so please reach out if you're looking for work and I want us an abortion I'm. I just want you guys all drive safe this holiday season Paccar star we see a massive increase in accidents this time of year. If you do wind up in the collision please tell your insurance company your car star auto body. Where the number one choice among cares W listeners please give us a call when 800 cars start. I saw real relaxed looked shaky film yeah. ITunes. And yeah. So well right I thought indeed glad day as a glass and if there's any need to get to delay the resort casino this Saturday and watch Frank Caliendo. 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Presented by G to get your tickets now Lloyd GE two dot alive. Today. Everything you years being recorded live the music the sound effects commercials. Politics. Completely live. Empowered by the advocates and lunch box laboratory. Now back to the men's room on 99.9. KI ESW thing about tonight today I know profiled as we have the story avail woman who was in a wheelchair and a correct obviously had some some back problems voter in that wheelchair other than that I guess she tried new look and a helper daughter out an alert all right getting for a I don't know why her daughter was getting rest of the study gas stations and she confronted as they say via the deputies there. So got a brutal exchange but at the end of it he gets teased twice. But one of the again it's all on the surveillance footage there but. The ones on the details there. She's already on the ground pickup. So I don't know which drips lady get a couple days you would no longer a threat but I like to hear that you'll momma joke but Kevin. We ask you did you believe this woman is black and white makes you Jerome. You're like well. This recent spike in and racial tension that you recently picked up on he's a man blatt and got to be like yeah beat. Are correct. The feeling among. I constantly details tonight. Other woman and wheelchairs just days. Parceled out one time she's tank up and she's in she's already down on the ground. She doesn't know but her story. Contributed to that celebratory sat on the fragility that lady you're in jail after it is Dell got tape and we did celebrate and feel good about it are wondering with a joke which he said. That's from Sam and I don't. Like dates Ager at once again it would ignite you or are on the ground handcuffed like that you started in wheelchairs or your threat level to me like. Even talking might be Smart robbed with his ass and a fight right I think we can all agree on the so the point do you good shot again like I don't know what you do says. What can you write downs I wanna use an on somebody later half Nokia are faring well MLS cup. Playoff action on tonight and bring everything else it is now time for all TV time went dead. People. This. TB tablets. And now Mel yeah Hugh spin countless hours in front of a talking box. A men's room presents. TV time we're dead now. I'm sorry I'm glad. How we got its fifth line we're okay. It's not the question which glass and quite yet another one is within our lack. To sign the left I'm Aaron Bartlett street. What are we got here murmuring to start. And I might I don't know do I need to revisit this thing that's just I guess I'm not sure. But I nobody has kind of nobody takes the battle. Well that's what plus and it's like. We do not fitness and I think that contract with TB tablets that then. A rough to back city TV more or is it more entertainment and women screen for the latest episodes your favorite shows and city demand. Anytime anywhere. Nobody had benefited equally and productivity growth. Horses got an endorsement. What it was. So last night Monday Night Football was in my Sunday night from Bob Wright and neighbor down in Mexico City. Tim Mexico before we know the ball and I can come back I setup correctly yesterday gonna screw up now. The steady though the stack. Okay and depressed and that one a lot that's that's means as texting now what is NASDAQ me. The tribe of Indians. Should. If you if I didn't follow her feet yeah. Yes that's that's a youth is still dark and it. Pool nets and glad doing that bad that's not a bad news in pockets. Foley artists the great melts it. Yeah they'll do that to me now you stay right over there are just all the Jews who that we honestly never brown are both of the vote. That backpack I'm not an assistant isn't it his mourned our own that nobody had a pretty good player you definitely don't then you knew did you let us but a pretty good analysis and we've all we've all good Joseph equality and a you evangelist. Taken on citizens think you're away my operating. I don't think you so we knocked on your team is just above but did you get this thing you can do the ball fought Islamabad with Ron be down run affectionate if so Chris Berman. Get a little long in the tooth a little. Eating habits just out of whack but it probably gave Chris Berman your lever for great things is that our backpack I like my backpack and I'm nodding our market. Yeah it actually Alomar lending anyway his Sunday night in ESPN show with permanent her members in that. Here's he had ever been in this Ohio last I don't know how good goalies they show highlight early on your original guys right yeah definitely the a lot of sports announcing as we know is because of crisper. But like most dudes just reached a point that term and environmental and frequently you know in any environment environment and coming to dinner. Well plus new lineup they have a match so is lake rainy ma no it is Randy Moss and money. Basically each younger dudes and they have a cool commercials and in Burma and guess it just looks so I breadth. I had five months left on this contract. Sonoma get out Dick my opinions about thirty years. Did you see him someplace on vacation ma'am I mean he was just I was in merrily right so he. But if you've never been O'Malley that there's like 45 bigger hotels have heard of right next seats on but but the beat it's kind of one continuous thing so. If your agenda to be to kind of walked on the boardwalk do you he was and was in the pool of boulders hotel so he's a no holds up next door. Our members are small amounts prominent you know born to mark and I glanced to my right. With shuttle oral about the story is what made me notes system. Was he sitting there surely gonna look good to god and be ready babysitting their shirtless and out of room thinking muscle. There's a really disgusting looking human being kind of you know. Awful Cora then a look at internally that's Chris Berman and then I come on the walkabout for a autograph but say hey bro seriously but shirt on. Put ruptured Dudley Chris Berman it know it matters I don't know if it matters envision that story to that easy this year. Needing certain assure a solid B each a couple of big bowl series on the Emmanuel borrowers sure to him I'm pretty it's not a topples beach and showing abreast. That is permit I'm sure crystal chicks talk until there's an hour and it's just you know that the word to install it and while Tanya Johnson probably can't do you big. But a lot of heat of those millennia. You wanna go back back back back back back to my license. We good god I hope all our whole blanket. So last night coma ever Khost city. Chris Berman and attracts the Spanish as they go back to a member it's five days I can't play the actual audio sound just like you Chris Berman sound it couldn't. As we gets inside for a Monday Night Football on your day is no pitch. To football he can. It's basically would sit at the biggest screw up it's supposed to be here noticed noted a football like you know Monday Night Football to. But when you hear him say he just it's like he gets bit and it. And but I really am talking about how tired he was like that's a normal shift but so cities at different times that now well now. New grooves are about Ireland he's a good reason that Brett that's all this. Yes it might be time to put him out I have veto. Latin. And now say pillow and let him. Hash you wanted to go to the farm everything that the foreign means death memorable doggone took him the farm Michelle let go. Well he go to a community the can prolong located on the program and double double your stomach and I'm outta this. Footing and I had. That's a retirement home. But a retirement community until two or tell people that I told my mom until the event. You gotta go where your peers are writes I live downtown because if you're single adult working go live go on death are still hurt like you're a prime. Target rich environment of a lot of widows and divorced days. Until then aren't as good as your did your mother gets indeed not only that door to get a drink and proud. There's quite a little today you realize right you with a bread winner you've raised two children. Oh I thought did it from happening on exactly. If I hate the they would NB ATV time segment though of course if we didn't have a little Seth Meyers. OK who's gonna taste at Meyer's you don't have on the doorstep but who would do so while these are my buddies at my answer I. I was going to be Seth Meyers now miles a world fair warning. Is now did you OK it's not always perfect for at. That's a New York University is launching a new program that houses college students with senior citizens to cut down on expenses. Sign me up. Said Joseph Biden. You're just joining us on our show he said that to a natural water yeah I think I have powerlessness I think I'm a look at what you're not. The only surprise if you had half a effects. That what if the crazy one. It's a day shift now we saw him back in the news. And I needed showed up on Saturday Night Live last week pilot just showed up yeah. What I mean he's got a are brought up I remember you borrow from Minnesota Michael. Let's Padilla Dave Chappelle actually talks like. Could have so used to doing his voices and characters. Not much different Rhoden now mainly aborted talks never mounted lines where I'm wondering away from me blatant it's our between DC and Ohio. And as it is. Plus he uses heat for market taste. Like when he yells a key you know experts and they're so good and then it when he says the N word. If I mean it is lethal both well placed once there it is just let me just don't get get rich you know the president can't give everything away the yeah. Right at the a and Brandhuber. So obviously he. With Chappelle back in the mix you knew something was coming along so basically here's the deal he's putting up. At three standup specials on net on Netflix point 117. I slash daddy had a steel eyed Dave Chappelle recently. I think it's cool he he's funnyman. Dave Chappelle for is make a lot of as stupid as a lot of characters are and stuff that he's actually pretty deep cute and as he looked. Also is making a point of those cared and that's kind of the beauty of them and I also think frankly technologies that the and lost the little that I did I delete. He's on let let you our parliament crazy about it. No but not good health but mental and upon. I lost my mind go that allows Bob mullah aframax that I it was crazy out seemed crazy because I was crazy. It's I'm not voluntarily live in Ohio. After making millions of out what's not crazy about outside of Cincinnati. And as crazy guy that voluntarily and cat and great. He would alleged to I don't deficit and out of our progress that's house I can afford it's it's an addict. I rapped out an apple started this and I like the idea. You don't mind that this critic of the mix of guys. Cincinnati is gonna Cincinnati enjoy our Chile. This thing goes yeah he's like I'm assuming that's going to be I really don't know whether you knew men with enlarged my heart shoot guerrilla. Yeah. That's all I got to Colorado that it was in Cincinnati how wrong it. From symptomatic. Which again. Was the worst thing that happened to that Lisa are the best lineup won't ground in bomb memories that man is up around him zoo. The confidence that hey man we're in all the heat from pew forum at the toughest decisions we've ever had to make it Lisa do an investor group. But militants anatomy grizzly rose yeah. I don't really don't think about it rose future. Or even the growth lights are broke and Daria. Spectacle that if you admit I was about until the baby. Well enlighten you go battle. All you would have returned about this I did back and pass it did and I don't realize if you had any question about whether or not shooting that gorilla was the right call. Let's reverse back a week and a half to beat him like oh my god it's the cure this video it's a polar bear let dobbs. Two days later what happened dog it's the right food did not know that when you guys first so the video settings massaging his meat it's like tender rising meet breathing normally play any going to look at the dog the dog legs you just got this democratic that's obvious so why do his thing and horrible. This is not you. The pullback of the storm a Kabul bank where we had a walk over there really Q off Mike inaudible true. Should sue you learn a workable where people scream the dale the fired on the institution but I guarantee. I guarantee out of three of us that we saw a poll where none of us to become an elected Disco Sheryl today makes sound like I think people having sex. That'll work is that he can't be Beckett said she what do they stand up specials is being produced exclusively for Netflix the other two were purposely un really shows that are quote. Directly from Chappelle's personal comedy bolt who do you think yes there's a ball. And it came about that and another comedy and finally got Judy there's midnight shows and do extent of three hours of the deal yet. He's making sixty million for us which. That album yeah yeah what are I got backdrop and the tax break well it's I don't care what he thinks the map Mickey last night. I'm gonna make 6001000 don't wanna do yeah about it. This man Kenneth I haven't gotten I am testing and guess sixty million dollars you worry about law now. Well it does duplicate what they know these people him you. The bridge cards of 25 your memory is bad so I'm Wesley Snipes. Make you feel Wesley study a little bit on our guy UN that regularly Portland O'Donnell's claim formula. They always hated his movies now probably density blade and bright future endeavors to heat your original Major League with a brother in jail demolition man. I have gone. They are the fourth brother to run on him without him I don't know that nothing really thank governor but I tell you love me and that's my new favorite hairstyle. When the OW ER platitudes with with the blonde hair. There's a dude that shot on my house and he's got an odd that you the school kids they American repairs and ordered him puke. They must not nearly as I did not expect that looks like a mushroom over dubbed the musher I don't the browser better have gone down there as you. I don't know why did that it Stewart produced law. It's. It's not our fault don't lumpy his joke number emblem black book but pianist but Bob Lehman toaster Google blocks until Monday miles it was a stretch with somebody got to take us there. And thank you. Obviously the big thing going on down and ended down the ninth. Beantown tonight is your Sanders FC first regular Western Conference final are thousand season but the. It's been obvious statement out of time I'm Ina but the big game obviously you know day US courts appointed home you wanna get some goals. That breaks socks taken two weeks off because they were wrong so much went. I still in their role along I think there's a couple key players listen for Colorado so it should be a fun night and yeah. But I love hearing that the village is missing some key players. Have you all of this is my even guys if they're better right right I would never don't know I never know our member Clint Dempsey he's done. And you seem to be doing very well. To the Hollywood they're saying yeah I don't thank god he's down you know now now. You bring up a good point but also with the sound there's this year. If you watch sports it's not unheard of that the best player leaves her deterred or something and and some have a club finds that unity becomes that team and you know. So he's out is that C. That thing says it started seven amateur the kicking that off at 7% fifteen but either way check that out fox sports one and then yeah dose outs and Jack. Don rule headline action. Fair and balanced. Budget triple means scale hold may have but good news you can panic trust. Yes now it's time they did today it. In this here's my god. I drum CNN biggest ever US oil jail this summer driving Texas that's right. No reason now to build a new pipeline when you have the biggest oilfield armor in North America. Found the right we've been digging for oil for the past 200 years they estimate about twenty billion barrels of oil at one point this huge barrels a billion barrels of natural gas is what they're sank. It's I the shoe brand turns footwear into. Art. It's his company called bucket feet. Bucket seat he paints just regular news came over budget the bucket seat yes OK good luck do you expect issues discussed anywhere from reported a sixty dollars let's go like bug week you don't mean the foot closer to Buckley these shoes out rotated videotape two feet. But not puts. From CNN burger king's many reviewed by nutritionist. Why why are. Exactly what what are you looking for nutrition it's as exactly what you think it's gonna say man it's got the Burger King guy like get. What is everyone still gets on about fast ethernet healthy right it's called fast food they never lied to say so why the shocking to people exactly. From Fox News drop all pursuit charges against Clinton. That would mountain. Now it was never gonna do turnaround on. Well northern about the Clinton the reputation habits and listening abruptly you can say wouldn't you want you know we whacked mother I think everybody just kind of wanted to go away at this point oh. Like way we were lucky enough where it's over to us that gives Obama actively cool bush talking both. The fact that I know I pod today attorneys are twice as big as in 1929. Sore the people eating that steroids. I'm or settle their cards during the delay we have people to Arafat hasn't. It is every year now but you guys remember which number president Ben Franklin. That's right he wasn't some turkeys Egypt its effect and an excellent idea actually but we think about that for a fact. Am I don't I well I should've thought about opening of the hundreds president please go to build up the house who know Hussein were put our faith in Turkey's next. Now final headline from Fox News drop every girl goes awry after suspect finds bank close did you guys hear about the story. This guy in Austria he'd I don't know how he got into the bank because it didn't say that he broke in he just kind of walked in the bank. And he had egg in a gas gun on him and he was armed and ready to tell and nobody was there because he showed at fifteen minutes before the place opened up. So he's kind of hides the gun in his jacket he's pacing around nervously waiting for somebody economy and at sonic public up to the residence. I've never I've never knocked over bank modified did I would think got a little planning and even of the most basic thing I did was find out. What's on the goddamn bank opens up at like that's what I would store tweets from knows or doesn't that had been up a lot of drugs and screw it to do he's the ticket on an. From news or drugs being mailed empty New Zealand vacation homes Alvin knock on those out of Omaha zoo and I'll tell who's picking him. My guess would be the drug he's Ted. He's the fifth I think that that people who wanna my do bundles on the that I you know look at a judge there in there what's called brilliant is gonna be argued their math. All other drug is already got had I know drug habit drop I met up with the club might clue. Arquette met has just misunderstood toothless people what's behind Kanye West hospitalization. These crazy pretty much yeah cancel a whole bunch it's yours and had a psych evaluation and now he's but it of this turmoil in handcuffs what that we have to do that he finally got to cycle by well after the first and if he ever gave him lagged a bit and he went and possibly some alleged finish. I'm currently having the best breakdown after the holiday. And I think that it's all these rain is that he's going on things that we found in Pullman like that he was gone but does he ever not granted now he's always very. Again to be like this week we need to go Donald Trump sort of like what did he do that you think you need to know late may both his legacy that trumpet to me is or Gagne. Gagne is black for a they're just two lunatics. That's what it does they would never knew coming oh yeah well but it was gonna say it opens you like the number of Branson has been doing. Feel but it's gone up in the past week he thinks apple gets gone up a man Bret Bret tell. And then now he's ranting against lake Alice stuffy stood for. Or what beyoncé. All that Ollie doesn't matter if it's so weird easily turned an okay got a crush honor and I think at some point is he's like listen dog could. Jaycee and calling in wars you know why are they could have done that you like wildfire yeah. Too bad comedy anymore. Do you think want to talk to you don't match. And the final headline I got here it's from new user has survey says this is the best public restroom in America this made the news. Well probably is just a nice places a down ticket to Minneapolis Saint Paul airport we're on our way no good come out I'll yes on Minneapolis Saint Paul airport it's God's. Automatic doors and it it has cup holders. Next to the urinal puck this is the number I don't want us to hold my co combatant layover in negative that and the other's boards a game to watch tonight I'm gonna recommend you go to college basketball on. The Huskies are going to be staying on the metal closets state and I think it is sort of guys that sort of Matt's gonna student since I met the guy got out of says delta other senators. That'll be on fox sports limit on night at every headline tonight is that my pockets out. Thank you might refer Syria take him regularly turn Daley joins us right after these online day. Then. OK it's only been around 45 years. The net sales Greeley in comparison to Rainier beer and started an eighteen Cindy Lou it's eleven years before Washington became a stay. Here's a little bit of history lesson Rainier here is once the largest brewery in place to miss it yeah. And ninety pitches for the Kandahar was raised atop the hurry here in Seattle cementing Rainier beer as the regional power house. Now it's only. Not only for the great tasting beer. Come rain near here has produced some of the most memorable and quirky commercials so listen these toll guys behind me. Rainier beer more than just hear them. Three years cancer treatment program really more than 45000 trees and planted since Tony fourteenth Rainier beer didn't stuff there now. Introducing Rainier appeal mountain it's the first nuclear nearly twenty years it's a seasonable American style LLC easy local. And cascade hops. Here can simply couldn't be happier hammering your gears up part of my name's Tony 62. Iconic brands doing great things together. Rainier mountain fresh appearance since the 1878. Malcolm have you thought about what he gets your wife for the holidays well Jolene I mean we do need a new Matt bloom. I'm kidding. Malcolm is still lovers they already know what she wants and they're given them away for free school. But it was illegal means not approved bloom. Malcolm. Mister Black Friday weekend at levels they're having their huge free panties friends yeah. It will unaware of any. I prefer boxers. In fact I got three or four doors in my bedroom dedicated to my doors. David I got to him I met some boxes where soccer balls on exports Jolene. Malcolm Malcolm we're talking about the penalty for Lindsay or even earlier Watson's sounds interesting. Whoever is given away a free pair of pants and this weekend to remind just for coming hand and select pairs are six. For eighteen dollars so. I don't know win there. And I get a free yeah. I hope they hadn't in my sat. Do you. I'm thinking you can get them to you can. C sales associate for details slugger says eighteen western Washington location. This silver stars that come from more information. And I'm here once again in my personal attorney cal from the Amish kids. Let's say one of our listeners gets clipped by a car that you're commercials on Kasten you they text carded 77999. For their frequent consultation. How what's gonna happen after that. Looks at if we can take their case and make sure they're getting the treatment they need to get better once they're done treating him ready sir negotiating will gather up all the records and bills. In any other documentation damaged it damages they have him present them. To get a driver's insurance company hopefully from there will be able to negotiating a case settled otherwise we'll start talking about whether or not file a lawsuit on their behalf. To add one other thing insurance companies do you before attorneys get involved as they try to settle claims are small amounts of money. Before saying yes to something like that it's always worth getting the free consultation from an attorney. Expand and remember the consultation is free to talk with the added kids they're here to help. Text carted 77999. That's card a 77999. Message and data rates may apply please don't Texans. Blind date continues on the rock. Hey where's my here's my fifties and baseline and in. Go to shorting. Presented by G to get your tickets now at GE -- out alive. Today everything you hear is being performed live the music the sound effects commercials all of it. Completely and I've been powered by Tom Moore do. Now back to the men's room Monday 99.9. KI DS still. We'll see how good you ready for doing the bill Barnett or yes I. Appreciate you coming up here once again for relied they would agree diddle with their daily. It's been unbelievable I just walked in and there's of a volatile market isn't and I had an exciting as a name and I don't do it do. We had such a great Larry it was we know it was a lot of work from everybody who has been in here for this is not growing is not us this is not just other than that that it took a weaker a couple days whenever I mean the hair club and and a veggie dog affectionately known as the Jason build on our production director here along with has in just and I knew you were involved in these meetings running councils involved in these meetings. Brian for involved in the meetings as well just all of the work that it took from an engineering standpoint for all the things to get this day done. You have no idea how much was done. We knew any other. But I mean we watched it happen and we thought oh my god this is going to be insane and watch it did being built in India part of it is is a really and Jason was here until about the time pileup after he got just slightly before me and that hadn't been asleep for two hours and come back in so I didn't ever want us in front of him I'm tired because. Well as a fair share. If I tell thank you sear I think you know the pretty reclusive very Ozzie tributes late September dogs. Hardwood for coming on our show doing since been there. Of course window pane Ross Fletcher funny as hell off a little raft guide Jolene. In here today as well as our men's room barbershop quartets. And I would actually known as the Malcolm. I think they have good visuals and and original bar which I've got an actual list here and I'll just read where I got hired experts say it allied to Iraq Alex many thanks to all our lives they partners Rainier beer haired is distilling company Telemar do you Irish whiskey the advocates. And car star auto body. Prizes still possible acoustic bully artists and the original barbershop quartets. Thank you Jolene Marsha Davis rods while ross' Fletcher flooding as far your voices. Props to legendary don't know slug box laboratory and primo pizza delicious scrub a seriously does about a 150 people appear today. It was huge big thank you to all of you. And at the hailstorm the pretty reckless American music renal Allegra drums and our local Pacific northwest musicians and bands Glenn cannon window pane Kyle court. So perfect outside clover Jane. Jar of flies alive she cried men after sons of Mercury a very Ozzie tribute to late September dogs almost human and hard work. They got five to keep the media for the live video stream but my entire promotion scheme everyone here for making us look good because as we said. This I'll say it was yours. Or do not doubt and who would be sure to visit KI SW dot com for pictures and videos and rock and Seattle 99.9 KI SW hash tag live Digg and more FaceBook page go to KI SW dot com. Catch up on everything it was today yeah. Find out and then there's apparently is that is in a house goes sound as we are out there we'll talk to you he doesn't need it. True tablet. Is and Malcolm. You're the goddamn man who didn't give her morals on a Nagano I guess on the dogs I am California power outages we are out event could you got to this decision though does it one of our favorite got into the year mostly because we don't have the planet we just didn't do it and did you did note today for house show number 2500. That own the mother and management of Powell's my. Five or six day batting practice to make this happen a month that is how we rule Yvenson. Then we are out food you can't please do what you do best and 40 lead for the sake. Beautiful. I love me some men's room thank you for having me appear today people. The men's room is intake before a live studio audience. Wardrobe and makeup provided by the fantastic limited. This has been a presentation of the men's room radio network no Lawler says or guerrillas have been harmed during the taping of the show today are. A double flush production.