Migs Cast 01/24/17 "Ayron Jones"

Tuesday, January 24th

This week we welcome Ayron Jones on the show.  Ayron is playing at the Crocodile Cafe on February 11th.  Get tix at www.TheCrocodile.com . Get info on Ayron: www.AJandTheWay.com . Steve also shares show heavy stuff going on in his world (#BellLetsTalk), and the guys start working out a new description for the podcast.


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The next guest my name is Steve may stimulate the reverend employee I know while trying to catch him on windows came not moments we've got a very special guest joining hanging out what does this morning or afternoon whenever you're listening to this. Harm an Iran's own labs. Odd convince forever since you guys do that many and Stevie Mac is going to be back specific things are kind of vibe going okay year old right now be am and as for myself as being huge launch of love whatever it's gonna be it you know that's not half. Samsung well I get out there we've had here on the forum serves no it was seen the videos and I am we're gonna have them perform as well but I February 11 at the Crocker and I got a big show on a Saturday night that's going to be awesome. Yeah man you know I got a lot of stuff that I outs and actually as of today a major route you know record stuff in and labels and and what not and agencies and much magic Cummings talk commandeer the minute I really don't problem scenario now one. Or it may release I think says it has is still being called audio gets caught audio paint job you know like Iron Man. And now I gotta tell this other causes a great column I've heard some of the record the end and in the most when you're the way I've never experienced a listening party like the Tony I don't know if you caught a listening party and and when I explain when I'm about to explain imagine me trying to do what Iran did. And you'd like to Obey the weirdest creepiest thing but Iran's got the charisma and the person out to pull this off. Among FaceBook I'm getting ready do something and all the some A-Rod got to live video and Michael OC was going how. I'm a fan base cook lives. And he's previewing his brand new record or songs off of this upcoming record. While he shaving his head in his bathroom yemenite status of those about a fifth I'm. Skating instead like just doing it again now and I respect your craving again can I do the same thing just yeah shaving until they come done. While listening to the record talking to the fans on FaceBook live and I'm like watching a summit is just weird as soon as I think is this weird that I'm watching another man shave his breath yeah. What makes icu on here the. Police say three. Denny mix his head the out there who are now Monica Merkel calling us and wondered poses a Marco Collins watch and it Sunnis arm are watching you do this long long nose like a because it's FaceBook. I want to hit. And who do you I wasn't for good twenty Matt yeah I know did I guy I was surprising Alan Alan media isn't really normally a revenue. Try to similar release but we're both sitting on throne reading a book with stuff go on and not many people want to watch that yeah I was yeah. I thought I had I was I had. Read all Jersey all I think you need replied immediately he wasn't what you need to know that he's even asking I don't know I even thought I think the head shaving things probably would Gelman. Yes we go to the next window and you're accurate you're listening party as are getting a Brazilian cook cook enough alcohol how hot wax. Good waxing my meal the waxy and down we did not know I can hit that note. That was really fun and you meet your great and you don't know weird way of listening to the suns in the background from a boom box that's now going through FaceBook live on your cellphone camera that turns sounded great this out of. Also yeah I can't well I'll probably after this it's going to be up probably say you over the the trackerless I had all set up tossing it's it's easy to take a listen to audio I would love to hear again and it sidestepping a lot of outlets some people around industries some big names and things here and and that it's it's it's got assassin bolts of it and nightly you know I. What I had to do is create a I'm a poppy your version of what I was doing some that was going to be able to be you know cash into the mainstream without forsaking my sound you know assault. I thought bear market and help with that jacket Nino was amazing. Yeah Hamas had aren't from screaming tree and it resident walking papers while you're one of the best drummers a powerhouse beyond McKay absolutely and I mean I'm talking you know after him and I've talked to people like Mike McCready talked KE NN I you know we've he's my album with those two acts that I just drops. So don't let me walker logs on the so. But I've got to talk to a lot of people in and really trust some some guidance we will move. Rooted in there and done it meant science and also continue to bet of those guys you name who's given the best guidance in what was it. I think very honest he's giving me the best guidance but I'd I'd say they bought me equally to both have something really amazing to offer NC TUV you know and gender perspectives from their their respective places and their bands you know so. I can't say one or a personally gave me better advice but you know I've I've taken pieces a look at each of them ascendant apply to myself only he knows because. Under Saddam's kid maybe. The kid eons ago I what do you guys know it's nobody's these guys are terrible hands good and why are some hurdles before. Walking a mile an air on Jews don't want you must use our son that got. Thank you. That's why didn't his your family is there a magic family elect us we'll give you could die machinist has a commanding them. Can you play the bucks and there's still aren't you know you feel good all right now but I'll ask you does cease to exist and I aren't. Question now from from. Off the record Tom. Will boys in the Puget Sound beyond this it was OK to sue them because I mean I'm re release that song and it was. To standalone ten to this day I mean ally our blog today about so my favorite local men had a good top of one of my buddies and East Coast and he. Understandably had no idea that there's still an amazing scene that's happening in the northwest yeah and so he's it will tell me who are the bands I should check out and it's fun because in demand and I just. Copy and I got lazy in my comes got a copy paste right basically told him. And put it in my blogs into case that we dot com and I. Of course let's not the boys a window pane putting on a phenomenal record in our our body white only in Wyoming the wreckage ten miles wide and also here on Jones and a way to make these are thank him a couple of links to some video coming check these guys out and then come back to me and say hey these are Seattle music scene going on it's just a different world it's a different time. And in yet we had a great time with god and that the ninety's quantum group grunge robot right now man. I'm really pumped about what's what's been coming out of luck amazing stuff going on right in his you know and it's not like all this is my favorite local really some I got the voice like this is my favorite I absolutely in my out in my arm my job apple music. At and site just let him on the airplane that I'm given legacy mostly window pane here on Jones it's. Ten miles wide is like. All and then also Metallica thread it's OK so like that's not like mine that I can't lighted I think it states is picking up what I'm listening and I think that's what but that's so much passion for this local scene. And I think the landscape has changed so much that you know if you think about one on late eighties early ninety's it was a different world and so I think if you were fast order right now these are artists that would be signed in distributed receive these bushes. But the marketplace is changed so dramatically. But you know people that aren't from Seattle aren't aware of these artists and I'm gonna go ahead and say yet because I'm the C Blake in the past 345 years and some really spectacularly. Just really exciting stuff. Pop on out man and bands maybe I knew this guy and that got to dig them all of this or that man I'd be here with her doing Mike made it. You know another keep up a backhand and. I just cite it. Seattle music is I'm not talk about this quite a bit uses is different tiers of the music you know and and I'm born and raised here maybe a product of of the music scene here just from as a as a baby even as a kid you know and so. I've prisons or was it different tiers of the music industry in Seattle and what I've notices like. The it's the difference between now in the nineties is that the artist now have to understand the business it's in the nineties he didn't he didn't turn much you know. Now does it you have to know you have to know exactly what what what you want. You know exactly who can get therefore you can get a good team around that and make sure you know you know yeah dock your eyes cross UT's incurred to keep these men got executive director David. And I never curled my series or why you hey get a lot of irate and pure chicken scratch this slowed me down. Yeah I received the memo from the Little League he had a heart failure will it was pinning him. I just recycle that aren't totally out of. It's is on the back in my mind has nothing to do what we're talking about right now and I apologize to come mysterious off a little bit of the beaten path but I feel like god were in a room with people like I I feel like this could be talked about. There's nothing to do a music. I've still weird couple days for me. I mean I don't even wanna get into it's not really necessarily fun thing but I think it's something that I want to out there because some. You know depression and and lifestyle piece of the and I think all of us have battled almost continue to battle. And one of my friends are my oldest friends here in the northwest is up. A friend Matt name's Aaron that I've known she plays hockey with me and goalie I've known her since three remove doubt you're she invited me to go play roller hockey. Try to take her life. And it was one of those moments on Saturday night that just devastated me I was the bidding of wanna talk about it but I. It's in the back I'm minus Judd and I don't get it out this whole podcast I'm not going to be paying attention and I just feel like I just wanted to dedicate this to her cousin though at times but times have you listened sort of podcast. And as volatile lover and I'm open a visitor today harbor view. And and just. I tomorrow on the early candidate called bells let's talk it's it's a move meant to really get the word out about mental mental illness and depression and and you know what not everybody. People look like they're happy people on the outside but maybe they're not on the inside and again I apologize for kind of derailing what what's going on right now but I really wanted to just get that out during dedicate this episode to her. I know I don't know I love her with all my heart and there's so many people and on her FaceBook page she's. She's the glue of the hockey community in this town like everybody knows or everybody laws or she's a phenomenal galway but it does mean. We're all weird as always but this has nothing to do with the goalie partisan and everything you do it does as a human being. It. I was like at first I was like listen I'm watching all these things coming on the house is gonna take that cause it's like almost like. People are sharing septa almost to the eulogy and she's alive and she's gonna be okay. I just went to a tough paction I don't know what that tough patches and how did you come to find out about it here's the crazy part FaceBook. Of all things. You know how often you see people put those big post up there and I'll buy you guys more often than not I'm just like. What are you looking for attention. She put up something at 1:30 in the morning and Saturday night. And I NCA until Sunday and had an insult the thread that happened and fortunate she also Tex and a few friends to see how she loves them. And then come one of our friends and mutual friend Lindsay. Noticed something was weird about that post and had nothing to do it never said I'm taking my life on Audi you're just said something to the extent of them. When you reach out for somebody that you care about and you don't get back to. You're hearing here you'll pinch right and I think and then all of a sudden it was hey are you OK and no response. So. And again like I would just have assumed. Aren't most is having a rough night but because of her friends that knew better and saw that day started freaking out. Somebody call her. She's not answering somebody find out what is her address and the police. Seems extreme but had the police not shown up she had a good she was on assisted breathing for. A good part of Sunday because of what she did you know what she did I don't know pony gets super additional details to what I understood if alcohol was involved arm and it was a rough night I would imagine com and so it was weird because Tug on my body is a mutual friend and more just devastated we're talking about this on the squad that asked. This is insane night. She's always happy she's a great person everyone loves her she's just part of our community emotionally troubled people tend to be that person that's the Robin Williams since then remember. You know the shining lights that scary everyone else. That does tend to be the people man and so. And he probably plays make economic I don't know people should be really like. Keep posting on our FaceBook page and I'm afraid that hey this is this could trigger something anything to do. Had it not been for the posting on the FaceBook page she probably wouldn't be with us citizens like you might explode and I mean like. So I I don't want to derail things are just one and and I know we're gonna play some great sounds as though you're loves it all she loves music and I know should love whatever you're gonna do and I'd just like to dedicate. The music that you play our on our podcast today and the spirit of what our podcasts is to her. A nominal and go get this here either today or tomorrow windy here back on what really goes and informed them Ottawa obviously wanna know but she's she's one of the good. Did catch a good guys you do not wanna see leave this planet we need more heart disease. Any measurement you mentioned you mentioned that did the mental illness thing and it's like my most overlooked things in this country in senator robbery and cut that lead the funding to mental illness and the programs like and the eighties. And since then we wouldn't we've seen they think went to a tremendous amount of like devastation through mental illness and don't. And and fame and you know this to fame is as it tracks mentally ill people I can't I can't the only time I've talked to people who dislike just T. And exciting as someone you go this person's obvious siesta thing going on. It's like they seem really normal on the outside no car problem at all but like it's it's the conversations you have read it. That's a little bit often a little deal weird you know I think this is really important that we you know you yeah yeah highlight that mental illness is a real thing it's a real struggle for people and something actually be done about it. But it is not just like giving someone pillows a minute that's at that point we have to start giving some there was a symptom right issuing a sentiment and it's already too late it's already it's already gone too far talking like from that they're childhood. Something needs to happen something needs to change in order to create a new frequency. For this person's mental capacity and through their mind you know. On site that's it's really interesting email sent a really been thinking a lot about that how come into and it's plays a huge role. And and now in our society right anomalies mash it is indeed dichotomy cousins mental illness that that would break you know. And so I'm in also. I wish the best for your friend now only she can she can recover from the have been like this if there's anybody out there listening to this right now meant to site. Keep that in mind that he you know it's all there really takes the second just to say hey what's up are you okay. It's weird because I mean woven sale later on doing nominate your emails and we are other stuff from. I'm notice this is a weird time this month I mean it is like you hear about it like that in January late January is the most depressing time of the year and and you almost like our studies but then you start seeing on a firsthand account you're like wow yeah this is just a really rough go and you know I mean and in it yeah I just like like you said an Asus and it's a scary situation and I just I know there's a lot of people listen to this podcast that. Look at our podcast is a way to find out positively because they realize that are not alone. We talk about all out at length venue yet she made a fascinating point which is I mean I've talked openly him out it honest podcast. Being a position where I really think I need help and I simply cannot afford it and and even has an immediate individual health care. I have health insurance and I can't afford to get the help that I believe in my heart I need you to write. And so what you said was really poignant but the only thing I conceded that is you know. Dan what you have your friends and family sit and is a loan and you feel. Armed man you're not there somebody who are so mean everything they were on sands are right on point but being a reach out or even what she did she put some up on FaceBook and even that's sending up a flair and thank god she did. I can't I can't even imagine a form embodies even put that on there you'd like he just went a long post and it was a sight everything that I think all of us are feeling like the what it could. What would have happened had. Nobody showed up what would have happened if nobody thought the call the cops and it's just like. I mean a world devastated as it is because we love her so much and she brings so much joy to our community to think that. We don't have we wouldn't have that opportunity again ducks. And all im my hope is that this moment will serve in gate post in her life yeah because if you hit rock bottom and survived the you know apparently the only way. From rock bottom is up so my hope is that this'll serves again host and her life and she can can begin to address the things that. But she needs to address so the chicken. You know. Be happy yes and leave me here. It is and you hit that point where you really. Contemplate the fact he'd just rather not. Be here anymore that's pretty heavy duty super Saddam the amount of definitely been through that my life and luckily I'm always slanted that it's better to be here. Yeah but. Not an enemy of the first him I think see what you'll see when she comes through to be able Alexio on her page. I mean people changing their their job their their profile actually I'm not these silly things maybe on the surface but when you really look into it deeply. You realize what kind of an impact somebody has nothing we often say that Warren like a funeral or whatever you like. I hope that this person looking down conceive what I'm sure all of us thank. And not an unfortunate unfortunate and fortunately she is now able to calm. And I know a little struggles as post well yeah I think you know it's yeah I. Now that she survived this sang god and hopefully address whatever it is that was turner park and and move on and how wonderful life you know you're surrounded by people that are more than happy adolescents are happy to pick up the mess in the court system absolutely gigantic managed servers gigantic while amoled plus year men not just. I mean I'm seeing now from and just America can an obvious because hockey you know we we know a lot of comedians but. Hong Kong which is played hockey tournament too crazy that's incredibly just yeah access and am so glad that we're all coming together for somebody that is still with us you know today is dedicated terror I don't wanna completely dodged derailed things but I was open that. There let's jump right into a song if you don't mind having earlier this Ara you ought to do sweet love ya and this this whole podcast is for you. On the return to something. What is unusual form live. Mean are we just saw from he would just like your friends there and several missing in this room. This time though it's hard. Thank you move then into. It's. Can spend some time and then. And for style clothes from my home content. Can follow me. I I know you. To get. Ammonium. She don't know when I'm playing shows and so this. It is your time. And I know this odd. Bogey in you know advanced. But give me your god yeah. You don't. DL. That's your problem. Hey. Then come in you know rose. Then we'll take any help. Yeah. Can can yeah. It's. No. I. Total. I. It's. Seeing happen from. Oh. It's. Too is probably a time. I can't. Arnold thank you thank you. Go to amazed that you thank you thank you jealous he beat the crap on the strings. I don't see how your leaders and in turn I think MI it's. Great. Simpson never did get out on the right hand Leann you so much just straight down through dumpster dumpster downstream gas and a much unless you're us know what you slipping on the ultimate. Right if he can out of your right hand yeah okay like mental wow look at how he goes after that I don't you. Not in the other hand you right inside my my right hand is that a lot of practice time I left I. My students how to lots and lots of problems. That was an AM it's our political masters that was great that was completely controlled rooms got fantastic mouse took my estimates of two and then I got high. Not good enough and prayer right now it's good stuff such as loans those who do nothing. That's the hidden tricks just don't believe he's Arlen Specter had I don't feel weird and really any party. I thought I did a good songs are good on it and I. So what's good looks I mean it makes me. Right now just having a major label that want to be involved with view into an and I mean has. You head on straight. While all this is going up because for the longest time I'm rooming edge unless I'm just grinding it out just neo do what you can playing as many shoes Buchanan now. Here's that moment where people are paying attention is that tricky out. It doesn't actually it's as funny as you yep you know that you get that figure to make it thing going on and on and you take a teammate in what is our mechanized and inaction relaxing. And you Healy do it's really interesting to me yeah at first she like. He you know we're getting there you know you're getting there may or if you get do you have to maintain its belief that you're going to be there. Cease taking its just us seeking neck out like Tony decent majority there and it's like almost like Carter work to try to be there and they want to circuits are happening you kind of step back and you ducks. While. Where we are in and you just get to work in the and you peacock to want that and that you say and I just cruise you know what it takes its that climate Nagin takes a minute to get things like working out enough. We start working out like it's like it's hard at first it's hard at first he over that likely one month pomp and you start getting this kind of groove Regis. And flew to weigh in on top seed or an hour things come lineup. A kind of flown within I'm still it's still learn as you go because you don't I don't want to do and obviously I don't do have a leg on the artists I must OC no on the business something of the people around me know it's an Arab site. Following your heart and making the right moves and can she get there you know and and and do in the way that that resonates for you you know aside I feel more. I guess into my role now like more civil in the Marron out I rap you know so officials really good right now. And I mean since the last time army come off a whole new line up I mean Iran's in the ways a whole different way it is known the man you have. And so she hits but it's it's on this is the best I've had the best combination of people I've had that's saying a lot could you rather be a phenomenal rhythm section before. And from mother did I mention see you with a new version both from I watched the videos in the live videos and it just sounds killer you got to come out July assuming it's a very loving man and a crocodile I notice right it's a solid it's a different. So Manningham. You know I think before hats are really a combination of deep pool but they really didn't know Russian I mean no question comes from but they couldn't they couldn't really bring out the music hours which I go for an. My music is a much different things it wants so I didn't I don't wanna just Iraq and then and then didn't lose and I'll say it's like it's all the sub one time getting corporate hip hop a sometimes or metal. And sometimes you know you're you're just classic blues and sometimes you like classic rock sometimes in the united indie pop and sometimes like all these things which you got a mile transit all at once. So are not a sonic premium drum disease a Berkeley graduate so each in noses like exactly on time I come from. Blew a cat named Bob Lovelace who is eighty Seattle veterans on the base man he's been around for long time he teaches music. And he knows how Diana added just quickly down than anybody I know on the big transitional moment which is awesome you know so. I got a great combination cassette dumber when right now and more than anything it's like it's really important they're ready tres U in the direction you're going to subtly got a really good crew together or not. That's awesome and they get against Saturday February 11 over at the crocodile and I decry about dot com you get information raging in the way dot com audio paint job do you have an idea of when you're gonna put it out a. Edging second minister release all yes I guess we are and that's an announcement today June 2 is is the release of LaMont excel Mario paint job and not be released a Sundiata records. I MM pocket for you might enjoy you mean do you would you be up for play one more fishermen this this one off the Al okay what's called taught Emily. Nice. 200 days so all of this thing ever coming back. You're a wide net while. You ozone man. Seriously how well you'll golf. Just made it. Zain. Eyes at me. Oh yeah. Never told me. Emma I mean. Yeah why don't I don't know there's only pitches yeah I'll. Absolutely. But once again there are Jones era Jones in the way. Saturday February 11 that the crocodile also I get tickets at the crack about dot com more information AJ and the way dot com and be on the lookout for audio paint jobs Camille in June June 2 class Mac congratulations indeed all the success you have. You thank you well deserved I have also my outlook for some usher was there again odd later on today they okay cool awesome so my first regular release comes out this Friday. On a song in town love easy answer you can take an emphasis is kind of reflection in these times everything really belongs radio station but. If you are person right now if that was like we we need a little more love and and and that this time period in my dishonor and just you that's available right now I teams in particular for pre sale do I dare put you on the spot and your city so that's hard you and I got probably two and the that's about I don't know not now. It really is huh hello how are you guys and I guess I mean that you don't presented this argument taste. We're seeing is that feeling and I can't get enough food not just took me. All when doctors pulls would do we have. Since you. Honeymoon in the news this day and it's human we can't stop. Mac team. I'm serious. It's okay. Really a lot of pain. Sooner they're spawn game. There is some day. I say yeah. Okay. Okay. Example example how. How do you guys always came off really well. It's not gonna is gonna work you know and Morgan really. Right it's operated download at all it's out and it's it's going to be it's not it's up for pre sell right now. This is homicides and an eight you know I I kind of realizing this happened a while ago -- corps in the album due. I was just coming up mushroom trip sorry mom to show him. But it was a it was good take you how does he take much and you guys out is eating machine you know it's like you can decide. He. Mean god or want to pet dry up network download our program the right. So go up this chip and and it's like in now but I know what was going on is that I think it was. I wanna I don't remember which case it was his own these these these cases were the cops to rear its shots and some black cat you know on the East Coast of south or something like that yeah. I forget which one it was it's been so many of them but I remember there's march corn down the street in I'm come up much and lay out the window I know. Man this is crazy and called bear and a pair I think I have a chance you know because my music I'm I'm obviously black to not play Iraq you know. And I place a sound music doesn't just have a color to it or I. As armor demographic to look I can appeal to everyone views that sank a tremendous power in wick that you confuse that with words. Arm of the can bring people together maybe we stink a little bit harder about what what our existence is opposed look at ourselves and missed a standpoint his skin color or individual out and look we say we are the children of the earth through the molecule was in the atoms of the particles the company currently costs the earth comes the sun the sun comes from the university. So quite frankly was generous contemplates itself right. Who served in almost turns and we start to realize that that everything is just a different degree of energy. And we don't need to be fighting H at all over just fighting ourselves Botox adult I'm like think about that if you are just the meat of the universe is Seve conscious mind is is is a product of the universe itself. You of the universe are content place itself or whatever you putting out you give that great. And beyond the listeners right now they have to trust your senses to hear what I'm saying to them. That means and they're sensitive just electronic signals are being sent to their brain while this is is a thought it's a figure in their imagination that they had to create for themselves here inside and you're exactly you're hitting it I'm sirens just support Shia other adverse Letterman to a slim Jim. You're right hale and Bob Bob love my my when especially with diet although the crap that we see men and like you brought up and it's like. I just don't know. I've never hated somebody beat. Without knowing now that's really hate anybody that I know like I dislike something you like them but I never had that Indian and thank Tom my parents brought me up right in an end and I never had to have that experience of being taught a certain way to dislike solemn because of whatever their religion is. Whatever whatever their color is that it it to this day he still makes my brain hurt that. There are people that just completely dismiss somebody. Because of what they look like damn or what they believe an economic I can't talk to somebody first prime make up an opinion right I mean that's crazy well. And even then regardless of what your beliefs are what is you pursue mocha. Yeah I had I laughed and as Dana and that's it kill you hate everything ASEAN for cooling and can help change a tire life right. They were suppose that's how we should be down what America's about to go relax a low hum. Honestly never been so proud every American should tune to recently because you know adoption being present when not being godless on China on CNN don't average Massoud against him he may have his own views and seven he just has been most powerful position. In the world. You've got its due those views on an I can understand a lot of them that the nervousness in the kind of feel that goes on I really understand I can empathize with I can do is be hopeful that's a sign saying we only can do is be hopeful but nobody hit it takes one to cinema into millions due to negative same a year EY gets millions now we have to do. All we have to do is just say like it's not us. So does this country is is I take pride this country or country immigrants. No one I don't own this land even I mean who took a look at the native Americans even say they go disarm before was your land or what did you take away after a dog don't slip isn't really matter. Particularly analyzed admitted to being alienated them I don't know I don't know I was record at an elegant I asserted I'm areas and in their right is a what is it what is land in and it was a little surge is born into the situation we're born into and it's all this other stuff there's this crap in his long ago as he leads keep us fighting at at an analogy each other. We're not gonna we're not gonna really together and do we had to do just mission that we keep we'll force this country's that is amazing Contra bell over the that this country that I've met people that have very very conservative on and straight up racist views before which you know there's always a common ground that you can find to speak on. His speech on an and that the fact that that common ground exists and enemies is that there's something inside policy connects us our man. Now we gonna do vision is just not not react we don't get a stop reacting normally can't stop reacting in his. Social media trigger so much all pure action is known Saluki generally not hates me I talked about this on this Cassel more than once which is basically just. For me America is my neighbor for me America is my willingness to take a bullet for the stranger down on this exact three time. Com and that's that's what's was to be all about and that's what I'm proud of and that's what I'm trying to defend as far as our politicians and our governments and there's so much money and influence involved. Are you know how to tackle Matt. But Tom votes well yeah and I did. And I did and I can only do they can do but I will stand up for the person on the street and most importantly. That person. I don't agree with me that's the most important time to you to stand absolutely and you know they'll comes back to the message love man which is really. And NASA that I think we can all be proud of if we can find that is a culture. And you know yeah we're all immigrants man were. All alternatives and then cardinal calm and not missiles and its people we're all capable of being able to know I'm not capable of playing the guitar right but I can't get ballclub and a right and I think that's I'm not OK okay content streets on Lamar you. I mean we're all capable of being able to show people loving compassion and you've had a one word and always thinks of me is his empathy yeah I think that's all if we can be empathetic towards everybody's crap that they're dealing with. This I mean I know them early we're only a few people in this room by. Everything starts small man can ma I don't think that our culture was ready for what social media unleashed you know everyone has an opinion and everyone here's an opinion. But no one has sense enough not to lease a reactionary regarded as you can. Or maybe disagree Billick hey I disagree in the person's possession of the came in that your right you want to get lunch. Let's look at. I can just about a I noticed eight. The only good. Yeah is that. And you know I don't know what these time prince UB but I my hope I don't think we were ready as a culture for what social media and reached on a switch is everyone's opinions in the repercussion right. You have to look genuinely on her own right. I'm but I'm hoping that. In time. Because of all we can really hear each other now maybe this will eventually reach understanding. And watch said this uniform and the guy I think I mean a lot of your free and are now is what's gonna happen I think Gresham joins us in the best times ever experienced and in our lifetimes on C immunity. It's like this man if if I personal pride myself on being honest I'm obviously Todd lion. And some kind of goes into that's a liar telling. In my reaction is that I'm not I don't freak out tiger has any sense right I mean I don't wanna be a liar I'm not trying to be I'm trying to hold myself to be honest person so I should be more open to listening to you an undercover and I think that wind and realize you know so and our society that we we obvious CC was gone somehow I think a lot of people see what's going on especially B would have voted for sure now there oh. The hook up. Oh what are we what are what order we hopeful we don't we know it's even going on known known that was happening and and it seems to be pretty it's it's nerve and he sees a little that are happening. They they are obviously nerve wracking you know but in order for us to two it to move wanna be that it has decided that we want to beat. Which decided that is that is tolerant of you the difference is that is a opened to allow people to be who they are no matter what and have a love for each other no matter what and up because there are different backgrounds and everything like that we have to uncover the BS. That is under the rock men and right now we're uncovered in the last minute BS it's over the rockets the last bit. I don't know what a lot of people refused to even acknowledge the rock all I know so I. I think it's on sale with time frames I think it's in it's gonna become a generation gap thing give. Whereas these generations come and grow several generations on the road along these feelings that are. Expired feelings man the F obsolete feelings and opinions that have been carried on by those who maybe you're now in power those who have the money enough to be influential. As those people Fave the generations or replace some. I'm hoping that journey believed. 'cause you know your group of peers Eli Estrada by and then even those 102015. You know years below on yeah. Completely different belief system completely different social. Concepts. And if nothing else my hope is that time will make an assist. Are reaching I'm always vote in December and when good people hit their breaking point that's from some incredible crash tests are saying and obviously I would that's like that's kind of what my bed and exactly like what I yes I think it's like it's obviously it's like and what's funny you talk to anybody everyone knows what's going on. Can we as a time when a shadow government or ever and we look at and we all they're desperate they're our faces in the self government is money man is just a corp release that are Chara stuff you know I sake. The only when you look at that EE EC that ego ego that's not what I wanna be I don't want them myself and author of my tune and I want that my neighbor okay. When you push people too far they push back but they push back hard and and their week you know I I come from England generation this edition ration of walked the planet. You push us too far we're going to push back as a boy we know who we remember we're gonna push back knowing that we are also Smart generation who walked Atlantic still because of the Internet we are more informed than his regular generation more contested more connected so we we care about each other more than any other generation so. I eat you can deficit fear that's going on the fears is that out there on capitol right now they're afraid. That up my generation right now it's coming together and we don't we don't can I don't care what you look like. Okay which you sound and Kerry come from cool men your conservative Christian docket do more more power in the extremism. More power team and you you're you're not gonna say your hair on fire because you're Europe tech supporter I just on the new wrinkle I don't know I don't know. All the peace process we just had a look at all the gathering of women. And peaceful protest meant all of all time we're all good and look at the numbers are my mother my sister and my niece marched down in DC and I mean. You look at the numbers and it's everything you're saying is reflected in what you're seeing when you look out your window or turn your television it's like oh here's. It's you know 70000. People got together to make sure their voice was heard and you know hopefully those will be the tides of change man now known to man I hope people start to realize that the media. Isn't like that there's a conspiracy going that's conspiracy theory going on. The media is trying to feed us just caught garbage and crap to make us think a certain way while all these things aren't necessarily untrue. You can't just go around the conspiracy conspiracy conspiracy theories are just true because conspiracy theories there's no into them. There's no proof the zone channel for an ever will be it's gonna keep going on and on and on. I think what's going doesn't meet is actually doing our job and reporting exactly what they're supposed to be doing because we're being told that we should not listen to them because they're full. Liars and crooks all that stuff would be swayed away from that the media is doing their job or another saying look this is what's happening. Actually happening right now on your backyard and see what's going on we're not tried T this is to make a story out of it we're telling you all us on you know or yeah. I'm sure you're right I don't know such a well noted directs that approach me yeah those are many of the voices are black while that's not just not choose a subject that security failures of the her dad out and I'm not a current fact notre fact jump shot across all that what you said so. Thing really sharp which was what you put out into the universe is what you get back from it so if you believe the media is feeding you lies then you need to just turn your head of that which is speedy new. The truth. Well depending on your media source right what I'm saying is it's up to you empower yourself to create what it is you want your life to be bright and what you want your country to be yeah I mean you said that in as many words on even ten minutes are right on point man. Received a blood donors those men and honest honestly that you did as an and one thing I've done recently made a point do is educate myself on what the government actually does is okay because a lot of people and it and because our country is so much money were such a free country debut we could speak your whole -- not even researching a single thing to be just fine you know it's important to know what you did. It doesn't matter but I thought it was a new vision I had it's an avenue into auto. I had discovers injuries were said look you know I am and what they want to I am the apple some would say is such a unique and bizarre we can go for two hours that word. There but. I got two point my lifer when all. Most of the people that tried to affect change sacrifice our own lives for that changing. And I wanna know right record music I wanna be with my wife won't be with my friends I'm gonna keep my head down I'm gonna keep my mouth shut and am trying get my little piece before I check out against you that's element. I promise you that's common yes so but I am exactly. Why it moves in in power that one just shut up. Take your taxes so I don't know Amy and to shut up and paying me. I'm one of a right communal and I I don't I could be other thumping Manchester speaking publicly but the I don't wanna sacrifice my like Saddam exactly what they want and after what I want right and they do care about my neighbor and I care about my friend and I don't help the total stranger and often do because I'm a good person but as far as trying to affect. Real serious cultural change needs to occur in this country. I'm not going to be the first 11 do you because I. I want when I want. Cnet's I you know I and that's a problem output and owning it I'm only ice and that's what police don't want is you put your head down and in effecting change and possibly for your hat man because it's larger on their radar they know they know what's keep control of UC operate our secure can change in the little piece of check out my neighbor help of friends I go the extra mile for a little strange angles a long way to resolving that means a lot more than -- industry and how do you say that I designers especially in these times are part of it's like man. I'm shrewd. Stand up and I don't won an open across as everybody for everyone if Hernandez but you do so to say it just takes a little peace and does right by everybody else and that's that's affecting huge amount of change and without without involving himself in and that the politics of it on the media and all that stuff because like. That's that's a wash and in no way nosing true information anymore because so many so much crap out there are an end this is the whole point of even that the solemn releasing on Friday. It's all you really have to do is take your peace and do the best you can within your peace everyone takes. If if polo pony Billy that he was eight early and ruin the worst nightmare today out eight million people in the world. Just take their little piece. And they and they put out good in that little piece dude that's how you affect change. That's how you affect change right there it's not it's not a silly standing at the pinnacle or sang at the top and out of sync follow rewrite or revolutionizing as these people revolution starts at home there was such we just three people mostly people affect these two peoples can go to affect other people while connect cautiously welcomed spiritual connected physically on takes. Is this a second just it just to do something nice for your neighbor. That's it that's affecting change because as long as we fight and as long before we remain weak. We get to come together we stay strong and want to do anything to us Mets killer mentioning. Your conclusion beautiful and those are next time we have UN will be you know a campsite and with a stoop on too much very much it's a tough battle plan. It's the world almost godsend just to the lunch you guys got these great revelations and then sold to be like how we can get Glenn oh that's not right. Why am I dancing in the fire ravaged burning a little bit up there three hours stalling on match. Man at all and even now they girls been thrown stuff at that point. Apparently got to get through it before the new record does early back again for sure what the preview some of the songs off the record is not a right challenge in the way Saturday February 11 at the crock about the crack about dot com get tickets and audio paint job will be coming out in June also be on the look out this Friday for the new song. I also remain conscious just mention that I've teamed up with we're an organization called one America and have teamed up with the nine we've king counting. To make this into a a fund raiser someone wanna may know that these two or news is that I think really represents killer and when I'm when I'm trying to bring about what America. As an organization which is formally hate free America and their organization that is brings about change to legislation and in community. And so I wonder but it you know that that I'm I'm working with these companies are now if your purse not there that believes. That that the politics is a little piece like where I just talked about is to give that little piece of yourself and to did you write comedy show you know the proceeds from the show will go to help put told about these organizations. To continue to affect change locally and and around our state so I want to buy you know that. But I still remember I don't get a good on you and I'm still very much Dora the crocodile aren't will thank you thank itemized earlier I think used to voicemails emails or text messages. All right Betty I don't have any Iran knows a lot of thought well yeah man yeah oh absolutely phenomenal I don't sorry they got another idea that song and it is in Brazil this kind of like oh my god in love with the song already put out a download it right now. That was great I'm definitely Rio lot of emails and voicemails and text messages or when should try to power the summer we still got to go over. The description the description changer what did you Brennan. I doubt it I still had a good offering yet again was carried enormous -- you started out talking about your friend yeah that is Iran was talking about all the things he was talking about it glittery Eckerd in my hand and in the background. If you look it up it's like stupid mud flap morons and alike listen do you talk to listen to round knockout and I like Nanette I hope we did that in order candidate. Well look I'll number. You're you're not resolute about it heartfelt moment we're just a bunch ignorant idiots yeah happened which is what makes him funny right home and I noticed that that makes us funny sort of are not even funny sometimes you just do our hearts on our sleep. That's my doesn't talk about ridiculous stuff put that synergy and right. Absolutely I islands on I was excited about listen to it at that I have not but I have not looked at these are just slowing. I don't and I looked at him just enough to know that it was a descriptions are put them aside from the other emails that we've gotten a text messages so. I guess people send us messages that the makes guess at gmail.com don't jump right into it we're gonna find. The new. Description for the makes gas mud flaps can modify the look flat cast and I got this from Jason in Arlington he says. Some long and I we did say hey. Due to recent movement has apparently down yet we find we Matt Pickens use our favorite part so if there's certain Garcia like let's just kind of put it aside QBs do that makes gases ellipsis analysts' earnings can put. Now. Wolf all bulls fans should be. It makes gas is a wrestling podcast that is the vice dean may is going to happen to him and derivative way else however as slim little unsure pro wrestling in as much more to do with life wrestling. Moon. Who. Who I was kind of cool wrestling with our lives. The crew has Candice takes on topical and cultural issues that surround us every day while sharing personal. And comical stories along the way like that bit Barack all right some remarked that part it's OK it's since it if you. If you were to put the highlight show and Aaron. There are and we got easier to highlight it and uncle had an orange in the paint all we go do some real pleased I mean it's like Genentech and I would sharply when its use. Go for the pain to coordinate always look at the members to accept that and think wow. Let's get to say like the first sentence. Is a wrestling podcast know this hour starts at Hulu not really you know one of the things we talked about which school but. And we announced the initial thing that's kinda the joke is that a resume I was coming up with the idea during the Mason doesn't like all of do it as like a wrestling podcast might do. Everyone on the podcast with a rap like old school wrestler dad had nobody else like wrestling so much what this is going to be really weird I haven't thought wrestling may 2000. Seriously talking about I like I usually I don't know right away. Alice the little kilo launched a little bit like I I remember snuck and the hoax or you're just die down and bad heard I don't know we're doing that to go off. Contact your breath wrestling. If it passes away here's the weird thing. Joyce Littel up until the moment he died has been. Allegedly. He was not in any kind of mental state to stand trial which is why I never got. Determine whoa he was up for murder charges because he allegedly murdered his. Traveling. Girlfriend he's married but you know on some of these guys have. She got to play in Atlanta and didn't get off the New York yeah yeah Roland played here's the story at least if it's true. It's okay. He he apparently murdered her. They're did this case may not forever eventually got they determined out okay we don't enough evidence wherever so we got thrown away and then life went on right. He wrote a book. Anyhow book he. So then do interviews. Somehow got back to the police that he's been talking about it. They went checked the book and I might be scoring some of the details but this is pretty much that's all right I heard as Greg just whereas so so they're like wait a minute he's talking about this and as it does not. It does not fall in line with what he told us they re open the case what he's at that times old. And they said that he had dementia kicked into he didn't know where he is who we is. And say discount like all we don't know what to do he's not fit to stand trial are and he just died right well. Super weird yes and now it's as we're conundrum for wrestling fans and for the WWE because when he passed wave I typically when someone dies in the world wrestling. They start the show in memory of him and for somebody I was like you know had him a major impact they do like this nice montage peace. Pain to really well he might be a murderer goes they can't really do they've been burned in the past with this message did a whole tribute to Chris Benoit when he thought that he was murdered it turns out it was a murder suicide he was a guy who did all that stuff who so I was like we did we get a two hour retrospective I read our is actually did that retrospectively came out that he was not a good person. And some mental stuff because of wrestling concussions allegedly and so now they did the piece like a three minute piece about snooker because he technically has not been found guilty and he never welcome he's dead but there's. People that are like I don't feel comfortable about this imagine the hole totals are we hope this is cool drum roll you have to be surprised look at your kid's gotta like people talking like all we'll do they do it because to keep his campuses he yelled wrestling Stanley especially like in the world like that though that the Hawaiian Samoan. It's an adore the super all related in social. So there hasn't Tyson the rock of course the video went to keep the rock happy to rockets devastated about this of some people believed I had something to do with the tribute is deep. So there's a lot of weird things that an arm torn as a fan because an analog didn't like our our listeners and people know me like. Do bomber about smoke and I'm like I am not writing rest in peace because if I don't do it. From what I'm it sounds like imam no no no lawyer no judge no police officer but it sounds like the the guy was guilty and I and that's just my opinion. I don't feel comfortable memorializing a guy that. Kill somebody again doesn't fit it doesn't my apologies to the family of so and so right and that's. You sound to us burqa Brit I don't not gonna rest in peace now if you're a piece of crap and you kill some I don't want you to rest in peace or you live horrible white Seattle. That's just my opinion. But added there's no way to articulate that would outside like kind of crass and all I've been saying it is a ten foot pole man exactly yeah you are your thoughts well of one of the and all I say is the real bomber first family feel terrible first family. And that's like that's natural that's not a that's natural looks obvious that he goes odd attitude as contagious as a priest a series same stay positive Matra. Are like that and I can apparently keep that in the mix as well. Violet and pink that's for extinct. And now you guys I know I love getting more than those pesky reassurance we really appreciate thank you didn't have a wonderful weekend stay positive PS what the after the deal being mean 98 to those Green Day tickets at. A little nap after days of order Notre Dame crush her I was still try to beat you I have ever. Keep the integrity of the game finex a guy named. I add. Adam and he says it makes guess is your weekly audio tour of the latest and greatest stories in hijinks and the lives of three Seattle dudes jumbled lives on and off the air. Host Steve megs of reverend employee on window pane frontman Glenn cannon touch upon current events reminisce some moments from the past and provide amusement and entertainment for the masses. While always keeping a flavor of the music industry mind. My guest appearing on a target range from worldwide rock musicians to WWE superstars to Internet cam girls and strippers he asked. I am kind of like you all listen and it sits down along that. I've given the whole thing you had to get that airlines had yet to click Seymour who I'm cool with that dinner and come Timor the league's chances. Cebu on continues these guys want you to enjoy like to the next level and always remind you there live by their motto of staying positive thing. Thank you are so keep that note I think and not familiar figure returns aren't there isn't your lot by Glenn. When we finish is make give DCU since I mean you are edit together yet a semi. If you're solid guy that brought it up that's what did ask how are you up and you can fix I think that maybe you do a better job and here I use so give me a little tricky pin Kylie papers Holman and do what you will again and make you mad to thirtieth the wall figured out exactly our distance from a hose I. Jose says a podcast for Titanic do she's by Titanic deuces posted by three divides the infamous Steve makes the infamous is negative I don't like that. Well as we've been called hoosiers twice this is almost back to where you started out flat they were on talking about peace love and understanding your talking about mental illness and here's some huge managed to talk about she. It's funny guys not on our hot as an eye on this Chris. I always stay away from I love that they we've jokingly refer to ourselves as Titanic deuce is good news and in so that we embrace I love that mentality of hey take crap that's thrown at you and and spin it say they can't have it anymore. But I don't think that should be arm are off when a stranger finds this on Google I'm not sure Titanic knew she is the best way to putt over some border okay yeah we don't know that I. And campaign via but that and thank you we also says government by EST may German employee on a rock star Glenn cannon not thanks men helping everybody it's time horizon thanks man a music you shut down my concept rock star we love you Jose if Bardem. Our body out Tyler had recently was even some voicemail numbers yeah I think god is due to succumb to year next always. He said is a fun one but it it it's more like a promo for the podcasts it's like. Make it say if he basically scripted out like a testimonial infomercial for the podcast might be what is the newscast to the average guy it's just a bunch of ignorant idiots. But if you can put it back you can clearly see different Titanic deuces Petra. Thought if you're grown adult who still laps at the word Dong this I guess they lock. That's actually why there are you dealing with personal issues and want advice on how to improve your life this podcast is for you here's a real life testimonial and they'll be. Riddle I go for personal reflection and inspiring life lessons my family they wouldn't understand friends they wouldn't take me seriously I choose to go to 340 year old man who have never met. That podcast every Tuesday ham 37 thank you they really good citizens portage isn't it a good yeah better than ever read it doesn't meet Steve the energetic enthusiastic coast that was selfish enough to name the podcast after himself. This like just like literally an informer you can get out DUN like Cypriot black hugest city should Danny Steve and I did you hear the voice of like on I almost wanna have sold produce like we have has produced this article is a borderline offensive jokes will make you cringe with laughter Steve audio. Eagle eye and he's the lead singer rock bad. Other rock band of progress this competitive play deposits there won't cut you any coin from the proceeds of that deep silly just it not the media panel of Minnesota doing cool lead singer stuff he chooses but this Tuesday is in a room with these dishes at. Yeah a lot of follow our read the rabbit he's got a bunch of like a plot against god gimmick but is Brad setup. I've got bad news you can set the cat out of the they've also have access to exclusive interviews here's Steve tuck in a Mike McCready a Pearl Jam. It's is played I think an interview I think it was more like three Connecticut and what that Norwood have been literally here's Steve talking about it. Ever wonder what the life of a stripper is like here's somebody over regular guest read a lot of believe resupplied did you ask. So put down your neon want to make sure to listen to the may step and every Tuesday. Stereo Basra particular and saw that it I hope Larry assets greater debt it will resume that's a commercial right well I'll I'll get which has a want to get like Malcolm Barr voice kind nor do I think Demi pretty funny. There aren't that good though there was no I was Tyler Tyler your amazing thank you rock. And data and talk give you the the ones that we got okay and if you wanna turn something magical and Imation is nothing else. On the texts. No tech sir have nothing to do with that okay tanks when we do voice mail okay while we're having some problem here don't have very different now. Basically go ahead and read of I my first. Oh god this is that's done there you go and and risk of this my first time on in the year you're lying here diehard fan. Don't act since he took a just message for Glenn. Well I didn't ask. Listening here album let it cool and I orca bawdy show that drew an army Omnia the radio and siding. We we put it on IRA DOD need to have a talk with them because sometimes the plate song that they taker related and right after us. After a couple of years gone. They decide to put on. Arms wide open by creed who sit there. That's hey a little bit like not heard what can the other day my daughter's gonna Huntington Q are not quite offended that little burning wreck and that's just one of the it's not a cure you back on what you think about IR radio and possibly. It's big radio in raw read a little bit because they're treated probably one of my least favorite band antenna back oh there's my rant. Thank you Matt's brother in front of the guys while he moved to learn. I think I'm working on this holiday and I heart radio. Who's not old career. If I mom and drilled loans. All. I get a load because. In a completely static world creed is big radio rock and no pain is big radio rocks so. And I really got really dislike creed I think Scott Stapp kind of got two point arouse or. Bro he's all gonna I don't. Bridge why here and is there a way around now it's working yeah it's funny I remember seeing I went to receive fuel on the sunburned Torrington and bomb minutes on it he was in glimmer Schumer was me and I know it was a collection the summer records are really cool you're pretty bad ass man I like Jack and non. This may have been known to really heard of credence opening for them at the more and that's all lines as he has rock yeah. Not long after that my own prisons are getting sooner play the up. And it was funny to me because the next time fuel came back to town immediately the word. Next time creed came back to town completely usually sold out and I are good while I thought I ask you. Literally doesn't get guys yeah are just Aussie was all open for fuel late may through Donna was. Open and they know they always our bush got Joseph the kids did Jerry Cantrell okay oh really aren't because if I cinemas. I'm forcing many times I'm separate brands like I saw gotta love it I heard the second best opening molester that follows a prelude analysts saw the mobile's without local H opening they gave other tools that. Who elect little edges will have to see local agents forever none locally sort of. The institute he's dead and age bracket. Did that being where victims cal like nickel back like it was a winner would like to stand and then the men got bigger and bigger and bigger and there was a nuclear really disband them again event got bigger and bigger and bigger and you've got to darling I'm so sick of this band. I think the band got bigger and bigger and bigger than it was. I hate. Everything about this when it wasn't their fault that it's pretty well and the crap but it shot and. Rovers lyrics are a little hard to take seriously. This type remind me yes okay so what do you mind rip that everybody doesn't know what that's all he ripped the formula starting your lose. All of you and on the finally grow really. Yeah come on man really mattered and you don't want to right here earlier to McRae on my yeah. How much smiling not. I've done this all just like electoral these albums sound I love the riffs I love the tunes his lyrics which so literally can't stand rush because I can't stand getting these voice. Check drovers lyrics I could not listen in nickel back. Crew and Scott's ex lyrics aren't that Angel posted their Christian men look I think you can lay that implication at their feet. But I don't think any of these songs are overworked relief knowing my injuries are shared. More vigilant and well you and I met his arms wide open and he's dead he's dead you're very true my. Dude I've ever want one run atop the sun never forget creed I we have a soft park my car cameras like you know district Rachel everywhere into the creek Joey finally got to make gal. Why decrease shell which saw how behalf I don't remember that much. We wasn't arms and open and it's probably one lives below the mom. And Smart old Mohamed went all those garden told me. Us you only ask this gold pants drew a girl who still love playing the whoa man out. It's. A little grown. Ha oh that's one of my favorite things about greed that I could take up Pavlov dog reaction I got that I have right now I'm sorry I don't know about I don't know half a Mike ID when I forgot I should've remembered maybe next week trying to track it down even known to exist on the Internet anymore Obama now we're done if I had to claim to fame. That I was a part of the interview they got the basis from creek fires. Always when you like openly ripped on Pearl Jam packed storm really until then my mission was to bail was like hey we're not only really sorry he ran his mouth like that but we fired. Yeah it was Ali like there he was already kind of like you know bands arming you you've evolved into a red do not permitted to damage you know I was also a man wants so he revs. Kind of their accounts couldn't play the drums of data might teach me. Got the and her daughter is very often it is the benefit the well I mean thank. This guy would I guess already like on the verge of being booted out of the basis of the Donald is now the basis of all the brits like about a video like bands sometimes you just disagree kind of butt heads and maybe at a breaking point well he was. Lake fishing like somewhere in the ocean like random place and I've record labels like we need you do some interviews and fix or whatever and so he doesn't remember the Diem and Andy savage show. And we're talking all we ask them hey you know what do you think about the comparisons between Eddie better and Scott stacked nearly singer. And egos on this tandem tangent and a rant about how any better can't hold a candle to those Scott stabs voice boom right. So soon after that. MTV news picks up on this story I remember it was a big news doesn't mean that went out and do scientists. From looters who do do do good on evidence that they emit the mega ST cells right. And soon after that he gets kicked out of the band the and now fast forward to a few months ago I went I had lunch from my new moon my old friends they sort rip at the end not Kim and Roh who's actually now on the other station not the rock station crichton. And we're hanging our have a launch which is BS thing about sentencing you remember that time my. Yeah of course our remember that time goes a lot of reap it's like a high school reunion gold back on some of our favorite memories chick I've talked to him since. Chris she's as I mentioned it's a did you guys get blown way out of proportion and her know it's funny. So like she's like even like hey did you talk to appear in the press about the seismic covering it up she's like no he has a good. He's got a he's a good guy he's got a good sense of humor about it. And she brings up to only gets many years ago any cheap and he's like camp. I didn't know I was being interviewed in Seattle. Behind the whole whole whole club scene bulldoze the whole convict if I knew that I was talking to a Seattle raised media station at that moment. I would I'm not that stupid color and never said that he's at I just I was talking to some random stationed somewhere else and I was finally had a bad mesic. It was wrong of me to say yeah but I'll let my breaking point because I was trying to stick up for my brother you and it was I just finally hit a point where I was talking with it. And he's a putt. A lot of people draw those comparisons. Oh back down here and oh yeah. Does there was little Scott while on your company man I'm like I remember I for a lot I don't know I don't score and I own ten in the men so. Nothing. Like nobody's making the Eddie better face when he sings in the plush video unlike. Well I don't think. Eddie would probably not agree with that other guy singing and he's holding a certain vowel which make sure mouthpiece certain shape and they're both baritone tenors as it beyond that. Jenna Ellis India was about Scott selling our rip off but you better I'm like why because he's a baritone tanner are his long hair to my arms so it was so sweet ass you know old Geoff Tate ripping off the singer Iron Maiden Napolitano got off course and don't concede so I just figure you're. It already better to right now. Now they're honest he didn't a big fan of the guy and don't get the right path SI. Yeah he's like MEI a lot of Benji could even go back to like the door is why these artists might have been in influenced and inspired by Jim Morrison because he had a similar bingo insisted. And I never got that whole thing like he sort of rip off this thing now. Maybe that's just seemed getting fed up but I mean it's one of those that is one of those things and I've run across it in small ways where. You never know who's listening you never know or something's gonna end up yup she should always sort of try to govern what you say to a degree yeah. Arm and my response to that would be aim and they're both baritone tenor psalm I think Geddes a great singer and I think Scott's a phenomenal singer actually creating if you want to go right right you take action if you're asking me. I think Scott's a better singer the precious my opinion and I am in a band the guys IBM biased so said the same thing. And taken all the venom out of it but he's fed up apparently was on vacation and he's come to jump to any sort right there are only have to answer that question sixty times. I just four hours of interviews. And everybody brought up the Eddie better Americas is at the height of the antimatter comparisons to creek if they were just blowing up big time yeah point. You're right it's funny admirably lobbyists NAFTA the it's caddie could you know they can I gotta find that interview Clinton I don't you know that exists and I thought he was more fired for that. Yeah that was though they literally wrote the EU the final Pearl Jam in Seattle. You're out I was the final straw and they decisive and I ties to disguise how man so I. Have the claim to fame of being defense. I did Eddie sitting there so we're really. While I really want to I don't care to settle that we selling like it now the sport I lost his job man I'm just gonna go have a drink. Yeah forehead right it chatted quietly read a book and there's all this turmoil over here on his left the guys you know poor guy we are. The funny survey guys talking to a budget commune. People who knew him you gotta party with Eddie and ask easy and I've got to ask you and I these at the height of like Adam Sandler doing any veteran person nations. I mean after the fact but like he's a look either Heyman what do you ever think about the people who did and he better impression it's like how does that make you feel. And Eddie I guess just look him signing those. Yeah I mean sometimes not even the comedians that are doing Stan impersonation of me during the but I can't wait. The a lot of people do really good impressions of me and other that's funny like he's obviously other. At this point in his career has a good sense of humor about the fact that doing those people I would constantly say always ripping off Eddie van. I remember hearing an idea of a friend of mine that that works with that camping knows those guys in the they're all I've been the ones are mineral shall we sweetener and I'm just really nice sweet humble cool people but they hired good people bond Joseph movie and put out that. Video camera with a song was called it was bad but in the end of the video they were eighteen all these different people and remember in the Bon Jovi video they had a Diana corduroy jacket with a stared onerous face to shaking violently and it was in their video. And I think the intended for to be funny right but the story that was relayed to me is that somewhere at some point in time Bon Jovi had approached ad and said hey man I'm Jon Bon Jovi and and he was like. Did you really funny video on. I'm not real interested in being your friend you know nice to reach Yahoo! and that was kinda how that. He was whipped now this is the spurs' lead to me I'm not you know I mean this is the story I was told by solar trust raising so much trust. But an Ed wasn't impolite about it just came and nice to meet you bottle blonde basically try and man you know. Let's star French appear in an ad was like. Paint and you make fun of me in a music video on the really interested in being your friend and what I thought was. Killed early new IC so not telling like love I love us all what she did didn't think it was funny and nice the manager I'll. Let's not go looking UN BI right now he's only yeah the dues long cool down and that's I don't really hard to do to review just think about that that's something I'll detection ever did I say I did video parity of yeah I don't Cyrus did little hotel was very cool well and now I'm. You know you include music video I'm not really innocent in your furniture that are that from bonds ever responded by going it's smog lie don't she sits oh yeah that's yeah I don't nobody could be. You might lead that's like. The last Bon Jovi it was that. There remember. Then they were all these different cut aways of various things are more level was pretty much. They were making fun of that stroke being classic shot that ends the Germans don't ask and Alan Garcia and really broke off. You know that's not cool let's songs pretty potent in the video was even more potent out the heavy videos jazz or our heart and soul man. And home I think your beard you picked the wrong fight year's hairspray guys have to hack I guess now I'll see you were glittery pants being flown out above an audience you know me. Oracle the sound like something for the pain sometimes for the pain okay. Find I haven't found it I just I guy who literally just who it looked up Bon Jovi mocks any better in video on Google oh there it is it brings. Like an approach in community there you know they're talking about I mean this is back in 2009 so it was a while back. The series the song sounds like yet in person know any better Snoop Dogg doctor Drake Korda yeah. On that island Leo yeah yeah yeah they remain in front of everybody. I want out of your eye on the videos have song but I'm just curious you would get it took potshots at a bunch of. Randy only. Are struggling country. Smart he's doing well really who they hand them out. That's retarded. Generalize this a classic songs are love that are under generalize. I see I don't. One million people really Blair just lover okay I can not take that BA and she's. All highly likely to decide like are you vote ask. Half the song photograph was cool other first two records and there's another one that's cool most of which settled again a lot of it's a lyrical. Contents that's funny you aren't all ages is so. Don't bring it to me. Will solid field suddenly I just can't get past those lyrics in this is the same guy that wrote the lyrics to pour some sugar on me I mean more Mac to be cutting myself forget I just can't take a look pretty gave us a song for strippers and it's. Well well on the road can they convince other appeals to our Internet I'm Allison of the song watch in the girl but like the song photograph I think it's really cool and it's another woman's car rocks in the slows down there's only two Jeff Roberts on the second. He can wow. On the rest of it I know we don't CIA eat it's funny I just can't like hysteria nick comes on the radio and only nope gonna hit the button and I'm immediately idealistic young Eagles know. I do and here's another one that people went mentally at the hotel California are amazing. Every other song the Eagles are now hotel California I will go to California but everything else on the planet of the gates of binary ash I gotta get our yeah. Eject eject every hand like every finger what is going for all the preset eldest is that it don't carry out and I did it wind and go somewhere else to care urban and that does that to me and I heard these guys act. And all I heard he's kind of a tricky ask all of finance. I can't listen to your music that's another driving a lot of the but I hit the button even Abra fabricated data negative term negative time zone sniping incident. I can't take into it and then you know what's gonna. Take the money and run that's one that makes me wanna beat. I liked this story well early on that you won't go on I just can't I know what songs that tell stories. So I kinda like how that one goes by a just my three year old body that was that Billy sue. Let's sir should log on yourself oh my sheer glass rubber in the track it would you like John Cougar. Jiaka it sounds very good thank you also kinda well they're ally like Jack and Diane dad Jack and Diane. And see action can get behind that I love that aren't really schools are all love and man that the chorus lyrics incredible likeness of the news lyrically it's not. Pure camp. It's pretty cool and it's funny Jon Gruden John Cougar Mellencamp not pure camp how hawk. Funny even loaned. What the walls come tumbling down it's pretty happening to them yeah all of us have a problem with with John Mellencamp men are trying to find them. There's a great song by Ben Folds I won't aggressively scream in my vehicle and changed the station and what a jet and comes only a nice yes you know. Ought to find other time a Ben Folds of the great song is a historian I do read your stories throughout history about one of like his buddies but did a bunch of acid. And just the fact that Adam at a party for cash as it I something someone's party and I can't remember the name of the song that's. Miller's but it is a jungle love elect the music of Donald at whistling starts that I can stand listening to the music come the lyrics to me any sense that. And who's on his island music guy the Margarita and I always benefit but all she each Steven Harris I cared more aggressive Jimmy Buffett if that's possible looks like the point is generally not it's definitely more possibly impossible to be more aggressive and didn't expect I got back definitely come back. And Cheeseburger in Paradise. I mean really man ever you narrowly on down I can't hang with that. You know I just mean I don't career a lot of mom would. A symptom maybe you're grown man singing about a sandwich what does is still significant. We. Now it's always rooted out because always heard about the concerts where they like Jimmy Buffett fans just bring their own bucket. Did do number two and it just hang out an end just flags they stole the concert and a bucket while watching Jimmy. Say like I loses flip flop as a helicopter may not like a no bucket rule it has concerts yet you have like a bucket full car roller some know that hello there and others and put a former Aurora around the bucket so that they can comfortably put in the bucket yeah I didn't want to miss. Anything more that's. Crowd I'll an attraction scrap a real man doesn't know what I know Larry dinner grant grabber route 100 no is fractured middle and oops it's on toss. Scott not to say it's. All about who's the general staff. I was told a band called several and not just this. Women no malice into the towards the man that you know it was one of those I could have photos Ben Folds Five and eventful seven. How many of several 103 now grown to mourn that he knew that twelve now he. I don't know. It's okay. Joseph did you ask. Is what I'm getting. Now. Every other global unfold except act and a lyrically it's a little ahead hey maybe don't try this yeah. Methamphetamine. You where he's got a Mac exactly at the seen here who are not because of fears and until and you've got balls this arson that. You're not seeing it all she was you'll goal. I think you lost your team. Had to put this beautiful not. Do so would that. There's not this game after that. At the you know a lot of unemployed now good. Well that's how you got a good year the most confident. That our election can be sure and ensure the Chinese. The transition early elections aren't the only thing I know these guys you know that they actually are we learning here. Sooner and you under its current. Actually I actually. Ever. Hot and drunk or really upset I can't quite tell. I can't tell if Jews. At first I was like man sexy voice often drunk and then as it went on Mosley don't normal world oil you act you know honestly like it goes back to our same thing there's a weird month many of your Alter Hollywood I hope you're you know you are on it. You'll please call us back in pleasant things are cool. Chris I mean your voice sounds very sexy yet started Alex we've gotten drunk and then by the end I was concerned I hope you are I don't. Xeon does not does stand. And I hope you're okay embedded please. Touch precipitous let us now please call Collison McEnroe listen you did ballot and then you're right friends and family are really important and a remark. You know party hard with them or reach out to me if your loan. And and and always. For friends up there like that. Be aware sometimes of and how I mean it was a wake up call for me with my friend and interest. You know doesn't hurt its own posts of than you think all is that to evade book you know like you we don't goof about. Now this decade you cool. At they're trying to find my would you ask them all right good I've had that bat before where I want some big looking dammit the move that that should be our eyes stop crying wolf but you know hey it doesn't hurt. Everything's cool no harm no foul but in some weird going on at least you're that friend that reached out and could have made this. Shooter in the kind of person that doesn't usually post that sort of thing yeah editing a text is it's so open to interpretation night. This was a while back but I am I was washing your original order is 1963 Batman movie. And make it is sad that it's the it was. Punishing to watch I mean just more and Adam West and oh yeah someone is say shark repellent right that's correct and I made it past scene that you mentioned. And so on and on FaceBook and put this thing it was like you know. Our mom washing your original 1963 bat man film and I'm realizing this might actually be a cry for help me because I am intentionally hurting myself right now. Bio and I thought it was whole Larry it's the verbiage I use basically meted out as if to say no I'm abusing myself in knob. The heaviest way possible by watching this film I think this is a cry for help gas. And I got I gotta talk. Hahn of all all my god dude no doubt pay shark repellent gap but I got how many phone call three private messages and one tax payment or you can. I need to talk and I was a clue and no one deleted it and I was like dude that was meant to be funny you know like cool I get it yet it was I just you know just making sure. There's no I'm sure they're grown. That's good it's on Netflix. EA did and I. Considered water no right into words going on back challenged you so I was Italian effort gentlemen. And a couple times she's in the attacks in which one are again I don't know and if she was little left okay the first one ever. But I was hanging in there for her junior march that it was worth it you know but there wasn't. Worth it worth it it was like getting all your teeth knocked out to make sure you have one didn't have a candidate. I think what I had to turn its. A multi media maybe thirty to thirty Simons and it was just. Brutal it was cycle it was a it was psychological war so I've got us I got a warm place in my heart because my step nose piece of crap but he gave me a lot of interesting movies to watch and that was one of them. Also was to get Smart movies I seen Paul it's a good. The original yeah like yeah what are you on yeah yet it's. It's in get Smart just longer buy it like in I was young I mean if I look back at it now Lewis probably a gallon or TV show announcer dad is newest thing is that you should watch this and I washed and loved it when Al celeb the campy sixties bat man so. I can go back in May he said it was on Netflix I'm toy fair and I just slowly I am very close the mood like stone put my nose all over love this and I was a kid. And I tried on well try to me bro I did the same I bought the entire first season of the greatest American hero and or would you give that full well done but I went and watched the first sound like on assistance it couldn't hang whether or not as awesome as I thought it was. When I was a kid. Like I mean I still wants you so much to my mom and I saw a lot of money on the thing. There was there was no one no one detective guy there was a detector there was the sexy Brunette partner. And then there was our man from the fantastic film house yes I can't remember his name draw how the sound and house is a fine from home. Could I didn't the router that's another part to how serious not a personal house is all about how often that you lose. Movie is like Scott Stapp and had any measurement. To. And yeah. You wanna see how she Warner tests analysis interviews did you see Steve Carell version of get Smart yes and I hated him are we would not us a threat that was I want I did not laugh at. All I don't need or wait in the movie ice my role change. Ice during that film and they were the CS all the trailer went this looks funny and the same two things the trail the Mimi small loans into things I mean he's out and watch the throne. I really like they're Smart you'll get Smart yeah so ID when you put those comparisons in there and you have that nostalgia from your childhood sort of thing where you're like oh this thing was so amazing I loved it I remember all these different parts than you go watched. A remake. Yeah and let I don't know if I can go back and much to get Smart movie right now might be even a worst piece of crap and don't make me appreciate this new line. But you have those though that those memories and a stalls in that you know those member bears. Remember when you get Smart with great time outline of the numb brutal attack the Mac cross saga always on Netflix. And then the first war was always my favorite sits on Netflix and Mike. Watch that. And you gotta remember the time when it was out on television analysts think eleven and I thought it was rad because I had never seen the cartoon normally lush transformers they should each other all day long nobody ever turns jugular when tanks machine guns helicopters nobody ever gives her and Andrew the PSA about. Yeah onscreen you. Actually exactly and I was so nice so I turn on the show little rowboat sick and the entire cities are getting vaporized in the show the little people in the windows getting reduced to ash and as a little kid ugly this is my show yes. Everybody is I. Anime stuff all we have to say open I will watch it it's it's TDMA. It's literally had eighteen people gonna check out blood that's in boot up drive. Senator just recently saw as I was reading some this study is done recently about the difference in PG thirteen rated movies and PG thirteen rated movies. Actually are more violent than. Yeah yeah he was wearing new digital weariness that's an end and sex sex is a big issue between art and PG thirteen sessions so I cut up the chain saw but I don't you are showing little girl and then. Look what's up bond like network television now lay all the CSI and CIO initial autopsy is what the guts just hang on now. DOS some I love got them on fox. And you throw nipple tweak it now played it's got to get up every airman Julio is bloody idea that let's go we're seeing minimal that I why we're kind of weird world and America especially does that. We're more worried about nudity and sexual ovation then we are about violent solution it's a huge issue I was over Britain EU for a summer and has a young power while I'll call the Yankee bullet hit his daddy day is here. You talk suddenly so do you read much or not but. Every either Sunday euphemism for somebody should don't hope she's an accident thing it. The Sunday paper you can page through page while I was Lu page three or the page on yeah every Sunday paper had a beautiful topples woman already knew these guys are young American I assume we're there yet. Couldn't but that's the thing is there will again and this is a woman's body it's beautiful we're at Austin over here it's like OK so we can show the night in his eyes gouged out non and then his arms getting chopped off before that shot in the head and that's episode seven Sons of Anarchy. Blog now all we have terribly if Maggie Cisco mature but then we can and well. This guy as well last week many Mondays on beautiful. I just the body in a different and pieces. Rodriguez showed us the whole OK okay crazy yeah Nancy and have always turns out to see a person Ted did to cap yeah that's really tired and really weird man. As in other words now. I am or not. You're winners. Robert. And shot him a memo. And I'm an amazing how we go from one this is not my Oscar under the fifth FF FF or. Winners. Profit. It. As an amateur golf different and yet there's another person who are awesome figured. I would Murdoch or written or low ball so well. I Arab. Ice isn't so you know for awhile there's a guy obviously was in his real voices. But you have this old man gray area that is designed go Ricky and here's the authorities joke of the week and the joke pretty much could not be heard by our audience because in we. Usually you all I mean just offensively bad. Violence so it was really entertaining to us but. For the audience who's fun because did you turn our reaction thank you and your leg of the of the setup be in the last punch line typically could not be there's a you know the grass is on the field play ball type of mentality captain. But we've lost track of Montgomery general if you still listens and he just RV just rented jokes are so I guess this has been doing express version of uncle Ricky. So the better part of our head and paired. Oh they're. I didn't understand having sex with yes I missed all of that because I'm a fan. Don't. So like he's strong he's almost like pretend that Osama. All manner Tran. Iran think train and trend Buffon downdraft. Generally I don't know how. What are you got our post Joseph the discussion a lot of us are laughing and that all really confused as well because what we heard was risen earlier round of certain and I made up the word sex. And I heard the word reach. We all heard a different part and we were able to put it together we've degraded puzzles yeah. Yeah I can only be consulted and that is and I got to believe about all of our segments to how good luck TL yeah one. I don't bowl Karzai while Morton. Per do you did carnac the analysts say you know Hala Hala. It would go and talk to allow the lovely dog. Well monarchy. Group. To solicit and sometimes carmakers drunk so you just me don't know where we're going this is OK gotcha I gotcha keeps going sometimes you sober very perspective and sometimes he's trucking goes down your throats. Other news. You know or you're clearly. Fear of a downturn reach out well Xperia. Glad you're off some of Columbia. Broke. You rock. When he's drunk you be Lejeune banks of the river room. Do you got a lot are regarding. Good show. Good movie you're walker yeah and I can't come a little troubling suggestion yeah. I'm ready rod Steve I've got a movie is its judgment to pick up. And they are your car series thank you for keeping BJ checked. Not be such overlooked CR Ali doubts that I don't care system and so then I. Keep in check this so I appreciate your car. C.'s mad love after all we you're we were too quick to the punch and things aren't so great for united tonight and which is a foreigner and I loved goofing on the for a nice because it's as the rivalry by. Yes it did BJ goes on a road of this players such. That guy is just as much of reduced as how we viewed the opposing teams fighters also. And it recently an argument about Michael Bennett caught a big fan and I love Michael Bennett I think he's Bassett he's funny. He's one of the NFL Kanye but when he went off farm bill week siege during an interview unless you've heard it big in the long story short. Bill we see one and it's ultimately the Seahawks lost he asked the question that can be interpreted as almost like. Did you do your job Foley as a member of the Seattle Seahawks defense. And Betty goes off MF for this MF for that it ends with an the honesty at that point I'm still not eating arm Michael Bennet for that become like you know what. It's it's it's a very emotional moment you just do season's done. But then he goes that we see us you know you don't know anything about adversity so get get at me about Bob bought. Now till blew up in many knob Michael Bennett's face because till we see is a cancer survivor and a half mile week. Not a move our way more diversity on what I know he would know. Right it's still all my flights that's why you gotta be careful not to see these kind of issues and now I don't know. You don't always offering well I've I've found my mother and taller they both hung themselves bros so if you have any like you know we lead Q item you really don't know people usually. There aren't through try to use your head man. Libya it was kind of like still trying to defend my book. Josh and that I'm on the biggest Michael benefit and I mean I'm still trying gonna buy his Jersey one day when I haven't affection just random candidates on a blow up why my about it but it. That was a jackass thing that he did it's not that he's a jackass he'd that was exactly what is now and I hope that when he found out that bill which he had cancer there was a moment of clarity in his head like oh and if you are in the said that I should think. A little bit wiser referring and I Genesis of that so bad that I'm never gonna be a homer and just apologize for players because he's my favorite team I ever. Are you shouldn't mouse and and does mam I dislike him because it's not. They were all just people but you put your foot your self rule would have been for me would have would have been really beautiful secure around since. Yeah I've put just put my foot and off topic I was speaking at the moment. Places anger and I really wasn't thinking in May and you know. Congratulations on your struggle and what every USA but Jimmie if you are a top shelf a situation like that not only. Oh damn man I really screwed up and it's not room Poland joins you you see people do that like there were apologized and I offended you yeah. Jose what are your dog and I don't we you don't know anything about adversity anxious survived cancer. OK I misspoke and I got a call I thought this football game. I. Doubt that all of got six foot plot may have color so lay I think about shoot real Obama saying that this is that. It's usually less than good karma or almost a friend to the. You're. Not drinking or so off you know no matter classic error credit and try your little merger will continue. So I'd be more are you don't register gluten in your drinking every ought to look forward next hour ST precast. Scratch our new I have. And look at her neck in the past challenge you gotta do something and epic Ellen doesn't want you order order. I England club some pretty awesome or gears so you'd like yeah we're really is always love you all. Are there it's the first I don't know it unfortunately that will be our next meet this challenge by a red shows up with the neon wildlife straight up because I was talking to read about the style she put in my hair boy that's on suggestive. Remember she listed one side of my hair with this product oh yeah. The latest. The hole I had my hair pulling a punch it was and go back to work after last year and I am all of my hair down and was silence on the about all that she's like EE. The left side of your hair is visibly longer and more relaxed you should find out what that is so then this tremendous dialogue with the red. And soloists email your back and forth Tony was a by the way Allison makes cast. You cannot letters that your idea I know you you're gonna be weighed into it especially she's going to be dress like that I know that's really gonna turn you on so your for me. So now like I don't they read I was talking a mile I've been pat bell out is that my unit you know as we have discussed the pakistanis and miserably waited too by the way what was the name of that hair stuff yeah random access to act. Great sushi and she's okay if I have no do you zapping maybe have her life and she can that be that so. Am having this call conference issue regarding an army are out if you did turn right at the Lieberman just let it edited it and they have a product called it's at ten by the way and there's couple variations on that and reds not love does that my penis and professions Tony's a Cuban wouldn't tune into it. Well all. Yeah well it's kind of environmental have two friends watching mocking you laughing see that's the problem in because you're gonna like it ending you're going to need as in the room all the time and they'll miss. And I'm not sure what that. And you send you they were gonna watch and laugh my nose and joy to the original owner. This is my sex or do Mercer called sold to big Mike Hsu booms all the truce do you group. Yeah to perform anymore listen there are bonding it's really no words can keep fantasizing that further I have you don't ever have gone too far Massachusetts what's gonna challenge we did get an email from our way out why only a and in the end to subject his challenge for the makes cast of by the area is this gentleman I was inspired by the previous podcast and now I have a challenge for the three of you can even text me says Heyman. I sent you an email and I'm sorry to advance and stuff. I have no idea what this is about ninety generally don't really just turn out. I will probably go to hell for putting Glenn through this still if you can't make it to the entire song out by all the review lunch. Boy if you can make it the entire song oh by all preview lunch at Dick's lunches on unmanned good luck and let the games begin when we got to live he sent me a video I haven't listened to I had no idea what were about to be ready to censor. All right. So apparent to sit through this whole thing in order for us to get lunch at Dixon is finally make you come down with the sickness one you're an argument to make for good. I I don't know are you good for though why only challenge for the makes guest here. So Africa for me to sit through this uncle. Tom on the pilot of the tobacco rude so frustrated and different things. Look at. It's about the bad environment and our all to enjoy this job to rewrite lyrics to. It's. A really bad it's. Always gets Horace. I don't know I knew I had no idea and it's time usually the person that many. She is only human. This is a former news. It's the best why you see its iron. The move. We dug up Peter Steele and hadn't seen it's I believe you have a smooth sang on time right yeah. And they're a little earlier I. Now. It's really bad these wins this thing. This every line juice and. He moved. Everybody is paying now we'll look real good regular gasoline yeah. Britain like. Way. Warriors. Okay. In my case. Over. It's. Sleep yeah. For an episode. This probably listening to him header. Wow hole. I'm sorry what did he was using pro tools you use detractors recordings who's hearing the Orlando and so we singing in the last. When you play Atlanta here it's he's singing along to a karaoke version yeah so. Given that much credit that he performed the song right it's a clean room. Singing the lyrics anyway he adds he's going to Kilimanjaro. In the room do not even halfway there it's nice to. Hey I want to dance. They have come in dead good why should look. I'm glad fine. Oh really well my hello. What if this season. I'm not picturing all the members of the wreckage and why is there any online. Trying not to laugh as they track. They're okay. We have passed the halfway mark. Half way it's all I can use a musical interlude it's all the key it's all of scheduled harmonies are wrong and that everything. Day earlier. Notice that we karaoke guy and this is like that we got the digital and so Little Rock. It's horrible cardinal Mahinmi minutes and I kind of re there yeah we do have a conversation. Not good news. You're very young. Yeah yeah I Diana and is doing really is synonymous to lose. I want hamburgers or OK I don't I want an 80 wanted to live. Well it's. My how my three. The game changes the line OJ JJ. Did you did you Wear about a minute now we're counting the ultra. During the same at all allow Alonso here. It's like watching lemmings jump on clay because she's only long. Long long long. I wanted a log through honest and mariners and I. Travelers saying. We're trying to get I think it's. A karaoke. Again our 71 can pull down curious you burdens the lots of songs and straight up and make an album just don't want to give all my plan. Of all alone you know you're coming down with the sickness Debbie and I'm got a great one for toxicity which is all about sandwich truck yeah. It's like god I know all this great enjoyed all my kind of guy. Winds karaoke jail wanna do it got really I just got pulled all the songs contracted but it's. An earlier this winter. Are completely opposite direction. Having all the married at all on the Larry I'll now partners don't wanna read. That is why the Lama and she's. Sky oblong land which is not. Sure he's told my old Joseph I know in the. Like all things about a challenge truck come and bomb that's. Not as good as of now the sickness or the whole song I wrote about Ryan getting drunk and murdering a prostitute while it was done to the disturbed cover of subsite. When I am I guess I don't covers have you heard this story do you know they're highly suspect. Really into the Stanley they got a new right guy that I played I played a song for Auburn that. No there rom Derek does dudes. OK I have to ask is like a very confused by everything you just sit and I don't know there's a dude in the been highly suspect that this song I've played for our red moment where off the or other can't get a stripper jam for you. Insists on. How would you Urich as deadliest coal mining machine and I just love this follows a little bit of taste I wanna play cover that they did on their new record. And see you guys think that it. For the personality mr. young for Katrina. Coming up the coming days. So science car. Her hand. No way Marlins. Ali and right got a cool like five to how he approaches the lyrics. I like the editor's note. I'm not apple did exist. Rock with a hint of the. Right that would be funny. Really even. Your. Cindy Angel oh yes you allowed back then you do yeah. I know I know your man getting married filers. My whole. Really down take us in the very tight. You can. Nigel agreed. Okay. Five and ten. I gotta get cool mood to really dig that I sort of have always known to a couple more emails and immoral wrap things don't consume around. Wanna do this year that's tarmac it is not you know. I think about. How they don't podcasts out there a source shall love the don't leave any. We do. Most archer archer just talking today nobody's. Some things about how this started out so far worked well actually no. I've really visited description of our podcast and and what was finally on an area. That the well is very cellular now only baby Hitler's hate cast Clinton. Let me know what you don't plug jazz like humanity that adequately. Jim each other crap that chalk out future revert to all. Ya know I look mortal and family members you know the object that person up like a mosh pit. No usually trampled. We don't want bad loans any Arabs are kept it. Seriously thought so. You know I take it hole altogether. Oh the things the shootings. Kids are so yeah we had hoped. That DJ lo the medal or if you wish you easy chips. Stayed strong. People are just. I think she like most major danger app that podcast shocked so why aren't they you know hearing your podcasts. So. Dick outlive it. What happened are correct yeah. Just. We can't put some stupid general don't know stupid judge no we don't know randomly tomorrow's edition today and oh course the next era. May you tell us. Party so yeah but we are into that period and a corporate. Come past. Where is your sweetheart got a jet schedule would do little photographed her yeah yeah yeah well. We're. I guess and party and go to that I imagine it's a total move fast which always combat a much as sexy women all the assets. Poison Tanzim. And then the Philly negative like we played these boys smells as if like an innovative herbal we've already talked about but he's also going where's uncle Ricky. Any bringing up Def leopard we already talked about the weird man she. The most rare medicine when easily see you as podcasts that are really man really get my voicemail earlier kids into a clever man I can happen. Act act. Apple checked out or get us on the its full foot dry out ball well and I think both those altered so yeah com. I'm really all of the arrangements of the whole auditor killer. But everything else is so far. All the other side of the big rock candy mound didn't G us chain and pure Little Rock of ages of Cooley school which. Now you know it's not how you Leary's new iTunes yeah. It lyrically it's like I'll pandered lowest common denominator possible I'm gonna eat I don't know I'm sorry this problem all these Def Leppard fans are lining numbers outside ax handles assortment however we had I don't know if a front man of step up and on to make some elements guy amazing NASA I feel bad debt we should be bullish two of his songs that I think are killer the range it's killer the writing secure the lyrics are killer every nailed baby crap the did lose the union. Is hate all things evil you even get the hotel California I don't know I would not. So I don't feel bad about it except at at and push out of the hotel California is dope I can't really take anything else hail Mary until I Don had only called the may sketch I got no love America. Oddly just scores like click done handling manly boys of summer. Dope song now I dirty laundry dope summaries of all people I'll kiss cinema to get reproduce what I did know that was has taken that he would take it easy stand out and police that since part with a distorted guitar. And you'll go. Oh this kicks. Sadness you keep this until I was a bad dog and a really nice. People are like if you listen listen to the tune if you strip away a moment. Because it's a lot of people are just that since. You wouldn't. Normally put them they just distorted guitar and also you bananas that you really don't bombed socialism can take Don Henley. But I can't teach Eagles Augusta I love Joseph Walsh guys. Glenn fry is you know armor he did that smug liberal who's and he played a bit part on Miami Vice. Provide dating myself now all right as they yeah it was good but you know more about the yields improbably it you'll see prefer I'm a fan of music I do. And the stuff they don't like I. Read for example did not all straight up sometimes just sometimes radio hit what I call bad streak three got six precinct stations and every single station is playing something that you consider unlistenable art or so are at virginal at that moment between let's say Madonna's like a prayer is on. I'm always listen to see how it's arranged a master rated today video huh. Really you know yeah a little while she was still a little old black thing that was all a rebel to prevent vogue. Now wasn't that low lying in a prank on movie's writer then become movies only days was the one where she was in this little black thing dancing like about photo Booth I just love that equipment for a who might volunteer for the boy you which is weird. Nearly bomb exploded for a little America. Licensed. I haven't gone to that model and I thought that was Cyndi Lauper knowing that. I thought it was Michael Jackson Chris. Yeah. They send us a text that I do primary season went 478 senate has had a rough day yesterday at childhood friend passed away from an apparent overdose on and Jetta prescription drug prominent and stupid small town doctors just kept prescribing men's team from earlier Jews 37 just like me and Dan it's making me think. I would shooters said some things to many years since we've seen each other but I would have been there it's also her son's birthday off the move again now so sorry miss our sorry state really sorry to hear that absolutely. There is a thing that that comes. Doctors are so quick to prescribe opiates and then what happens is when these people get hooked on them because they're literally like oxy. He's basically just heroin repackage yeah FDA approved. And what happens is people that can no longer access oxy or go buy heroin on the cheap. It's literally like what what happens and happens all the time and people were used to oxy for pain or oxy for anxiety and and they can't get their prescription refilled converted into six refills or early case may be Indian people turn to street drugs because they can't get. It's a challenging thing now I'm not a big fan of a lot of the way western medicine approaches things 'cause they treat the they treat the symptoms not the cost recorder back her torture to keys. Well I'm numb you out. But they're not fixing your pitches and mandate the and they were they treating its its more profitable to treat the symptom. How did you hook Don no opiates because of her try you know never. Maybe you should go see it chiropractic. It's. Or maybe yoga I mean is there's proof from retired dime now is page and out and then I'm walking example ice and serious by Matt serious but. Mark moderately serious to me on the day back issues in my doing all that yoga it's really helped ourselves up and never had a bother going to do anything and Matt and it's like you never. Try not saying hello against prescription drugs and know that meets our arrogance or students drugs and I knew also I understand yet description Eagles. Out. And I felt we are cover man prescription Eagles committed yes. Students who don't click on to a more voice no one more email and and I couldn't notice the time I thought. 'cause from Andrews is Amy's gas been listening for years my first email last week's podcast really at a court for me it wasn't honest from December sorry I'm. I save all the emails is you're always kept everything's okay pro so we may not know what you're talking about the please is it a few months back going to a bad break up with a grow I've thought for sure my soul mate and left a hole my heart and I'm still searching the phils are brother last week you guys talked about great things can come from really horrible circumstances that does seem to be a team and our podcasts and by now be big and Adobe has silver lining for me I haven't found yet. But I am hopeful on staying positive you guys rule bring a lot of laughter to my world which means a lot thanks to stay positive and suck it. And you please don't choose an email you some you know things are getting better for you and I would imagine that maybe not yet but at some point you will see that. Things are way better than what they once were yeah you'll. That girl might have done you a favor in two things I would tell you man is all women. All men are attracted to confidence. So if you can find a way to shake off that shattered heart vibe that you may not even realize you're putting out you know would he be cognizant of your behavior. To make sure that you don't have that wounded puppy dog fingers all in all and in love confidence. And the other thing too is. You find it when you're not looking for it's if you're really looking for a woman to step in and be part of your life to fill out a whole pure. If you wanted if you're really looking for it you'll never find you you're gonna stumble across it my accident and realized somebody here who. I'll do my wife and I both of us are quote unquote rebound relationship and I we both were terrible those rebounds a solo and a married him and for those like I just. I mean moments before meanest wore off my arms got up. Meal with Q can do whatever I want never get bogged down my relationship and apparently she had the same anti I want to deal with dudes. And that was one not an I write both both of us had come off the backs out of some then pretty harsh that's a very person and I you know. And that's how it given the world always wanted to know when it's done Cornel. But. Yeah capital and they called me how long have a lump the little blond hair and out of school is no. But I know and yes it is an Irish so take me serious you know that a single. I don't have to look at George. John and I were both wounded. And we spent some time together and inadvertently you know as policy to eventually tell the same thing works like hum well I think. Because they don't want us to be exclusive knows how genetics Rubin dating to. Yes I'm an attorney and though all I discuss on the immune to bullets maybe not let that hold us back and you know god. My biggest advice for free as well is do not. Whoever you do hang out with don't blame them for the actions of the person that broke your heart thank you I mean like oh yeah and then now we know we were you guys right there yeah I. I know it's hard it's hard to have a reset but I do not. All of she's doing this reminds me in my except for you for doing that and I will that maybe is nothing to do with that but doesn't that they don't deserve to be treated poorly or treated with Tom. Job you know a lot of scrutiny jealousy whatever may be because of what someone once did to you it's not their fault that that person did it to you see it it's almost a yet have a reset it's almost at a who going to with a blank slate and just kind of ball that person. Even outside relationships men like really. What Steve CDs don't project that. Asked pains on the current situations and it's not coronary which is hard I mean it's hard hard because it's a learned behavior and alert and response and it's not just relationships it's everything in life but if you find a way to not project past pain in past anger under current situation or circumstance. You be allowed better off Steve nailed it that's that's. Well important seek sometimes they got good stuff that's really effective blitzer I don't know what more voicemail and then we will call it a podcast. It's just look at a million students to another two. Yeah yeah. And I say this mom I. It's true ability can you. Oh and yeah. At ten to praise him. Put it can't sit on that aid to. Yeah I wouldn't let me do I thank you I thank my sons are dead in me that it's a little head she saying now. Oh right. There really bad. I had three weekends and now I've been margin that I have access on TV. And that's so common so right now I'm watching. Spring skiing. Very current plan and many year old hall yeah you know I wish I would have seen him they are in my eyes this. My mouth I'm not a lot in my mind. You can't match my weekends are bad PS. I doubt very weak and still get a good night I of the carpet this Sunday night to look like she's seen. If you look at the end I love you guy. And as I love how tomato you know and yeah I. I don't see why he didn't they did you can't do it and I wish I learn. It's day that I am now some of its members I love you did not right. But I thought Hillary awesome cool. They were today and they remember I recommend you mama I mean axis is a great channels all of them. But also find the MTV live channel used to be a lady I think is a channel 685. If you have Comcast. If you have if you have beastie stuff. It's all concerts all the time like almost all the time I don't have TV is corrupted it since they took it over by and we could and I watched so many great content that I'd like we're going through tough random current concerts like mall loses or. Whatever it may be but there's there's always something going on in that town so if you got the live music station don't just wait for the weekend it's all right. Let's get out your life. I finally got a show coming up on February 3 February 3 island and blues club. And dog cans W dot com premiered the video for underfoot and this morning you know. Honor to check it out so check out it's awesome it's really nice guys we've been sit on that for a minute. Yeah I'm glad it finally out there in the world those who have been listening to lose my schedule back story that's drive to grasp that that's really. I clinic KI SW dot com. So let's check out the brand new music video for underfoot which is also the song that I came out to. When I made my professional wrestling we're in Iraq and what you're saying oh we get put into that to see you naturally I love to an odd also and six. Concerts coming up February 11 A-Rod Jones. It's going to be over at the crop come out go to the crocodile dot com for that information or just AJ in the way dot com you'll dig it it's a great live show. Yeah you'll love it makes thanks to Iran for coming in and thanks. For indulging me talk about my friend Sarah. Oh yeah absolutely and that got me that's on so much more powerful yes I had to console them vulnerable children is really cool. Heartsick positive thanks for listening.