Metal Shop's Backstage Pass - Episode 111: Seven Years Later

Saturday, March 25th

Metal Shop’s Backstage Pass: Episode 111 – Seven Years Later

This week Kevin sees Social Distortion, Ian remains an old ass man, and Ryan the Beard finally got his new custom nine string guitar (NERD)! We review both KONG and Power Rangers, and brainstorm ways to exact revenge on loud movie talkers. Excitement is in the air for all the shows this week, and BEARDO hands out some beard advice. Body Count has a sick new song, a new Rammstein live DVD is on the way, and Mike Williams returns to front EYEHATEGOD, while Metal Church loses their drummer Jeff Plate. We end, as usual, with a trip to the Brutal Poetry “Too Hot For Radio” Lounge, and leave you a special treat with the second half of a teaser for an upcoming Obituary documentary. LISTEN NOW!


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You are listening to. Middle shops backstage press. The metal shop backstage pass episode number 10 lead in. Barely hear my name is Ian that's Kevin beard I EU and mr. right in the beard CEO. We had wonder if some this week gentlemen. Today we that we talked about that last week two and indeed he stayed home and play the games. I was in my basement actually OK so it even more assimilated I've got artificial sunlight in essence it's fine it's fine. So yeah welcome back to the podcast we're back again mother is CIA. What he does fit up to this week. I want thing I wouldn't solve social distortion for the first time ever. It was pretty good. I made a joke I said it was like you're attending have increased cost play event. Yeah because everybody was wearing the the rule book tight jeans. Leather jacket that leather jacket that I'll have like. Lucky strike cigarettes and they had in. Paul the doors open there's a lot of get haircuts and a lot of good here there's a lot of Betty page look and the women want to are now leopard print in everything but the music wise about the senate Grail of social distortion. I mean no they get a lot of hate people theocratic easier boring I mean. They're not the most exciting band always but I think that they have good songwriting good storytelling that's been around since like 1982. Or something right fresher I mean there were. One of the firstly. Punk bands really tortoises. It's to do it DIY tortoises documentary. Has called. Social distortion. Anyways is documentary about social distortion in the youth brigade. And today shows them touring the US implicated in any and a bus school bus and breaks down all over the US. The they actually you have to stay in the minor threat discord house. And it's critical documentary. I'll have to think about what it's called. Managements it's gonna prone to see the. In my girlfriend went to the first night that Anna her friend some guy had given her friend tickets to it. So they ended up going and has some kind of some kind of freak show thing that they went to. And basically they just got to go into the venue a half hour early they emerge back with a teacher and I let mr. Found out the tickets were worth a 150 bucks applies to any sale you sold around fifty of so before the for the pre show thing yet and it wasn't even meet greet or anything like that so that began. Made around 7000 dollars before the show even started he's just on the. Did anybody else play with a hammer budget country groups I didn't check him out but that's kind of like rockabilly country stuff. Maybe got a bunch but like two or three the the documentary is called another state of mind and on dvd you can check it out into one of the most embarrassing parts about Mike nest though in this. He sees east pretty stupid in some of the like he's. It's so funny like. He was talking about like he's dealing routines it. A wake up in the morning you know laws Rockford finals. Much in any like names like ten shows and things like. And then I get out my couch and go get Andrea drowned with the boys and maybe get little punk rock showed dignify them a do over again. And the next apart worries that it putting eyeliner on in the and the bathroom and the documentarian that we need to go for the will sometimes it kind of makes girls feel sympathetic for lake police how old I was the in this latest graphic in ET I need a good thing is it's like two Marines. Well that's what happens when your around. Exactly it's cooler and INS and the Power Rangers movie today and that we talked last week about how the relocation part was in the air it was it was tastefully done. And I thought it was actually worked into the film pretty well can you tell us how was without ruining ruining anything sure yet there's a character in there she's kind of like gay. She's like the new girl and she becomes a power ranger but she's kind of like. I don't know though with the weird wanna gastric outcast in cheese. On top she it's outside in the woods and she's listened to it in her headphones and lasting relocation cool but I yet the movie's awesome I mean. Going to lay. Expecting it cheesy inspiring Hispanic kids based movie and it's fun. It's it hit some really it's like con nostalgic points for me I love the Power Rangers back in the day but it wasn't you know. Cheesy Power Rangers movies like back in the day on those that are those greener ones so cheesy but I David had a ten. I mean it. Greek film but as peer like popcorn entertainment seven or eight. At the core I enjoyed a lot I mean it's not at. Yeah Ian doesn't like Logan by love Logan I think lie low and would be like nine Mike's my expectations were too that's panel. I admire and issues and yeah I actually read an article this week like fifteen unresolved plot lines that Logan didn't address. And I was like man now I don't like this movie or a I didn't think I come this week though a house that was. It was not have nearly guessing I've been in it is awesome really yes it's really cool and I went to the admiral theatre in west Seattle for the first culture. What was the name of that old theater in the U district there that was like an old beat up and I don't know. Right on the cameras were talking about that the field. But it was like that it was like small yeah I want to one of those in Ballard again you know in my favor or loses is the one Wallingford the beacon 45 that's almost a yes. That's what I had in mind but that's anyway and when what was I in documentary that came out. That it was O American hard core member when that yes we came out and so up until like thirty seconds before the movie started I was in the theater by myself. Site Merrill I was gonna like Monty stage dives on the Judea and like thirty people walked in like ten seconds before. That's hilarious that we did that my buddy Greg and I went to gussy Kong and there was a couple making out in the theater. And we walked in and I audibly heard the Geico com and it. Sorry man didn't mean to ruin your fun when we Wayne sop powering just today it was in the Auburn theater deep because they have recliner and you can also. You can also secure your seats do you buy I am in advance and you know we Eunice it's so listeners shell out there. Early and so there is cease. Kenya mouth breeders next to us that brought in Wendy's and they were just chomping down on my sleeper loud. But they were talking like full volume the whole movie it was a packed theater popcorn docile like me and Sean just looked over at him in was really awkward and his ego. Show up I'm like loud and these like shut property or shut up. And the kids in there and their dislike. There's going to be a fight just. Didn't talk the president and I was great the two of you should reform into Omega is award yes seriously and kicked the out of you can't beat of somebody if you read a repulse like opening up their cheese burger wrapper like. Super slow me and my favorite thing to do when somebody's on the phone to me theater because heat the bright screen means drowsy at the law. I usually doesn't grab my phone Asia have. They usually have a little light attachment keys it's all just put my hand brakes had just turn the O line on such as for their peripheral vision dislikes she is or eight I'll. I'm passive aggressive methods. Put your air horn next to the ear. I I have a megaphone and here. Airborne. Low. I don't know where we're going with the spike. Movies yeah but yet anyways that's what I did SI a couple movies once also shall be looking forward to all the shows that are coming up this week either so many Tuesday we got. In obituary creator unite. Wednesday we got nails talks holocaust geek reaper. There's dangers that showed how and with the US thirteen from Sweden and into open blossom and there's also the despite icon of Fallujah show. Wendy and her birthday on Thursday on Thursday. And then. That despised the ship John buys the and then on Friday its power trip at the realize really yes. Name and I'm gonna you know sleet gonna have to pick and choose man I'm getting old. Getting old I drew from thirty to 31 I'm pretty sure agent like ten years what are we are for your birthday. I don't know I got to figure it out I kind of wanted to virtual sports laser tag olive stealing gas in fact immigrant myself enough right now. Reminder that he is not I have a birthday it public Obama everything go. I'm simply meant more when I'm still undefeated. Still undefeated run up is to him. Eons heard it hit you birthday. But the thing is like it's cool because the make yourself a smoothie Thursday and Friday that the price goes up by 25%. For. Let's go in there and and Merck some nine year old. Okay after that what is gonna power trip though it's definitely make your Sartre at a popular guy that we got to bring judgment. Was his work in obscurity to gain my BA but. Whatever that what apple tell little cousin thirty how we twit. What do you ran this week we got your guitar back messiah did get my guitar BBC as well is this why is this. There behind the one of the big asking is well let me looks even lucky gun case and that's going to be plenty of fun that's it's it's it's obviously not great to be showing things off podcast but what he described. What their guitars and why you're system to have. Swamp ash book admiral top nine streaked in for a pretty excited about when did you order and Helen Helen to take for you get a year and a half ago your particular year and a half it's a year. Tapper for the whole process to be finished on designed to cabal is the first time you've had wrecked. Designed to me about a week or so of research and another week gone back and forth with we feared that talk about what I wanted an instrument. And that and the and the reason why the process takes a long it is I selected all the woods. Myself so or how they had to cut the body and yet yet the would have to go to lose here be treated. Yes and correctly and be cut down from a an endangered rain forests yet pretty much and crazy I see this process but I see it obviously for the listeners and in harps. Right I know you're talking about yea SO and it takes a long time and I'm I'm very content with that I'm very happy with that it cost you more or less than. Three grant. It cost me a lot of money and I will be paying option posture. Senna that if he busted and out of the case and he like let me hold it and I felt like it was. I cared more about that that I would like holding a newborn child and his close the case I'm gonna breathe on it wrong and and snap a trust rob for some. United or are you ain't gonna pay my basement. Cool yeah. Insight exciting just last week you talk about your new favorite stores Home Depot now you thought about. Painting or. And baseman Adam bold and the tour de all of you it's got to get done you play Madden. You pain in peace means you're going Home Depot you know Indiana had you'd be you'd eaten lots of Jersey Mike's. So Ryan when you wake up in the morning is your beard all like going fifty in different directions I need your advice now as is is. Just flat on one side whenever Simon and a client counseling discount comb and a little bit because I don't mean yeah I was gonna say sometimes. If I don't take a powerful like a day or two because I'm lazy I look straight homeless. Like and homeless boy I told him up again and it ruined my cup of coffee because he thought those homeless rate no. I was looking really haggard after party on the back when I was slowed in the salon. Now as we're in PJ pants Houston beat Opel teacher your homeowners. As hung over us. And I wanted to do this copy and I ordered egg sandwich and a standing outside drinking my coffee and trying to clear my head. I was looking off to the side and some guy I heard like he. In my rank I looked down and I looked up in some guy who dropped change in my car huh. Hysteria and Leslie did you use. He changed my carbon copy in the guys just like. Generosity the whole C a look at how does stared at me and could you point me and took that note. Now give me your wallet he he's got a stare at me weird and he realized. His mistake and you know that kind of red in the face and apologize Haloti buying more and more do you buy another copy and a cup cup and announced please you you're 25 cents a. In bump when a dig. All right let's get in some news. One of the more controversial. Record for the years coming out in a little bit as mothers. Ice mow the anti body count. Let's see it's coming out march 31 on Friday. You century media records. He says that Assange called black kitty it's obviously it's a political statement he says this type of thing happens every day and nobody marches are never makes the news. The video speaks for itself so what's planetary Marmara input I end of a lot let's just play a little piece of it chair and then. What he'd gone. There's a free cell for the new rob Stein DVD coming out of Colorado signed Paris via releases may nineteenth fined it's a film. It's it. It was filmed in March 2012 in now of them made in Germany tour join us lose that he shot you acclaimed Rumsfeld concerts. Eight up Harrison for a 171000. Spectators I mean. He'd never seen Ramstein I don't know if you like the music necessarily but honestly I'm not a huge fan of their music but they're awesome to watch live who we go to tour yeah with that he's. He's Tacoma general Ricardo. And I would some two years in a row in the air in so insane lives I mean. They got crazy huge writing guild those that they on the entire crowd. They have the entire band is like. Hasn't so many explosion gains in just like there's such a crazy lie bend it like right now onstage. The gifts yes a ghostly and if you get the chance someday but there's got to Nissan haven't you EP coming coming out called the walls will fall. April 20 on pure noise records. And record labels has terror hadn't really seen here bridge nine. Iran they trust hill for a second earn trust kill they were on net. Dated century media century media. There and victory in thereon. Reaper record to put some BP's general reaper records and now their own pure noise so six we. Let's play piece of this kill them off terror. Style it's called bill for gore and it's the new album is called. Totaling ritual around these guys like to have sex backstage. And one minute I'm just getting and who doesn't like to have so expect the agency insights or we won't talk. Just know that it's great but I anyways September 15 nuclear blast so it's a ways out. But they have video drum recording bit of video. You'd check it out I don't really think we need to play it necessarily right now but I do know that bill for gore. There are horny men that are coming out the new record. So obituary creators on Tuesday right that. Let's see here urged obituary and this got a new record coming out on relapse. Maybe we can play with at the end of the podcast but it's the second installation of the documentary on the record sure I mean it's eight minutes so yeah let's put at the end of play at the end. Oh man this is crazy week so we mentioned last week that it was teased. Kind of. They there was a bit of a leak with the within the warped or camp of between seventeen lineup and as official Seattle is going to have a hell of the show. It with the billions more towards kind of like war torn meet mayhem festival seems like because this year. It's going to be at first off it's gonna be at the century link. Events center parking lot which switches rad because it's I mean to take a bus there. It's in Seattle. Seattle in doubt we're gonna see unfortunately I hate greed. Fortune came here and forcing sick of it all when not playing Seattle date but we still get some awesome bands some of the bands that are maybe. Interest to the metal sharp crowd to be like after the burial in ill storm anti flag. We got bear tooth I guess anti fighting hailstorm and Clancy yeah cart effect CKY. Counterparts. We got fined for teen gold finger guar. Hundred municipal waste Hawthorne heights stick to your guns the acacia strain valiant the war in recent strong that was gonna play yet. Is that not on this list but I really not I don't honestly this was a story on their two I think they I think this list dismissing makeup it is he had knocked loose in us strung out numb. There's quite a few other ones so. Wounded giant has premiered the title track of their new upcoming album called vive thickness of the there has been an awesome view these desert the home east yet though the local deeds Shana Alex and Bobby in Dillon hand. Yeah the risks are nice heavy debate in his great and I'm really moving forward here in the hole out to ten minute camera ST US goods April 1. Let's play a little chunk are not good chunk. Does a band mates with the a year you're the cobra trickled to see northwest bans on a New Jersey label here it is. Incendiary has a new song I. They're from New York I know how Long Island it yet another East Coast this song is. Fed V they played green fence that couple years back again or hang out with them and our old house with that as the ball but deeds. Super nice guys. They have a new record may fifth on closed casket activities. Thousand miles there's the record here's a little bit of the song the product is you. French tech that the masters score on how you're bigger and your favorite and indeed. How premiered a new song called being a jerk off the upcoming EP kissed the freak. They found out that they had been chosen to go on Tora much thrashed answer they figure hey we should probably right some trash songs so that's pretty cool in two months they broad recorded hopeful new EP and do a better job than. Writing thrashed them all bottom fodder for beat on the networks. That's for add that means that shows like they're true talent of like writing music the united. It really sounds a lot like their some stuff off the first and second records which makes me really really happy this is. Gore odd for the gore fans are getting convince them to come back to town sometimes I really really wanna make that happen here's a little bit of gore odd. Being. Sort. So here on Beck's each fast we kind of have really chronicled the the problems that Mike Mikey nine Williams has had on he had to have had liver transplant he was in bad health. And I they had some benefit shows down in New Orleans for him and he was able to have a liver transplant so he is actually going to be making his triumphant return to the stage. Next month following a successful liver transplant. In December just that you've got to stop doing all the drugs deed he hasn't performed in a year. India he's gonna be played April 14 at this year's deserter fest in Pontiac Michigan. Then he's going to be playing in Philly at the first unitarian church. And Brooklyn bizarre and replaying to you imagine seeing eye he got in a church. Before that first unitarian church is one of the like. Was crucial places in Philly to see hardcore and metal shows because they have. They book so many good things there but still. I got in a church that's hilarious and what are what it's like the book shows there I don't like the church even Czechs who likes playing here when ring worm and punishment played at the Mars hill church. Yes. Well I mean the paradox was pots and Rihanna so whenever the article that I think that's cool but it's good to see him back and seriously kind of joking about the stop doing all the drugs thing but. Fiercely doesn't drugs is the only time that kind of pisses me off I'm not one to judge in any way but if you got lucky enough to get a new organ. And there are so many people like on the transplant list you don't ever even get one. You kind of need not blow it. You're done. The second time around party days are over I'm sure he knows that I'm sure almost dying will change your perspective on a lot of air says a new record coming out on April 21 if you don't mind lien chief you out if you don't know heiress I mean we've had him on the podcast a couple times now we actually had an in depth interview with John. A pay bony vocalist of himself vocalist of undertow over vocalist of nine or spit fire. It protector drunk SNL core zone. He's been head of security there so let's play a little bit of that airstrip now are it was due up. So meadowbrook church was going to be doing this pig tour with Alter Bridge in in flames. But it impairs their drummer Shipp played has announced the split with the metal church. He said it on FaceBook. Post hello everyone he's with a heavy heart I am announcing my departure from middle church. Again this conclusion two weeks ago and agreed to hold off in the announcement until mattered for mental effort to make some decisions what they're going to do. The non it is easy decision. After many conversations with myself my wife my family my management anchor vendor for the start of entering a foot and Mike how I know I'm doing the right thing for my future. He's like one of the OG members rate the original I wonder what that's like the thought process of being like after thirty something years behind. And out is guy you know he's taken his family and his his wife and his wife first so we'll. Who wouldn't want it to with Alter Bridge c'mon man. I mean from what that they are you bring in Indiana and inflames TNT huge huge tour. Might not be your style music author ridges in huge and metal church is what size I don't know I'm sure they'll find huge I mean they did that entire mega death tore up with him on a mark in suicidal tendencies which is. Crazy at least he got to really go off. You know up at the top of the game I mean they put up that killer record my cows back in the band together on the way back out he kind of got to CD. You know the re ignition of that flame of you know metal church. There were things for awhile aren't among pro life the kind of drop off for a little while in the sense that like of the radar you know they're still putting out records but. Now they're back at Dayton and kill it and mr. Obama goodies ending there but at least tee like I said he's ending on you know I'll win it is going to go home and make love to his wife it's true. All the love April 23 at numerous wind hand returns. With a band called cough. Yeah never heard tough they are so is he ran awesome dude they're heaviest balls we've played cough on the dubbed sect. And that's why can't remember the deer there awesome when he in is amazing and I believe it's on a Sunday in April 23 this is the son Nolan a bomb on Sunday he three days after fort corny so we better all the we will be gone by then exactly. So Ryan the beard right take this one man two favorite band brings us. Saturn got so rings of Saturn was denied entry into Canada they had to miss Toronto Ottawa and Quebec city it's Kim dec. Kent Beck give it to bake. Just don't American I don't sitcom the band commented unfortunately do we have had trouble crossing the border in Canada for the first time ever on torque. Will not be able to play the Canadian shows we apologize for not being able to be out there however we would be crossing during the leader Canadian dates on the for the web and what's it. So they just go I got a hundred miles excuse me a hundred miles down in Wayne and they get in as just sounds so wasn't just that one checkpoint that they had problems with the. Maybe some was beat up in Dick here like there are two crossing the border crossings in Washington one of them is you know by Vancouver and then the other 1 is in eastern Washington. And it's literally a would engage. With a in lift that the deal has to walk out there. And lift up the only time in my life going back and forth to Canada with vanguard that they pulled all of our out of the man made us open up all our guitar cases every thing seen him. And now we're like a man it'll be a safe that'll be nice and quick. Now he was just born in one and have something to do so turner sometimes not always a legal thing. Sometimes someone's a Dick or some time somebody on there and being a date but they could've gone farther away from your mind today. Either way they will be playing Seattle this coming Thursday its studio seven alongside current effects. I despise Icahn and Fallujah so catch them on tour while there in the here in the states. Briefly go to hours recording any record. They started in October and it's going to be called vengeful ascension and that's always so there's this a new kind of us super group is death metal member's. Featuring members of entombed unleashed nectar phobic and it's being called fire spy on. They have a new song called death by in pay ailment and they have the album coming out called the re probate and it's coming out April 28 as deluxe LP he a century media it's actually a follow to shadow realms and it's awesome so its place. Let's check it out its fire respond. I'm a huge fan a tool. I love this band but I gotta say. I was not able to get told tickets because they've been sold out in two minutes. A French on he hit the via the cash he had the money on his credit card he was ready to go he refreshes computer gone and sold out. Couldn't get tool tickets. He's a diehard tool for any spin effect and it's cool since I first met him in high school you know he's been. In listening to have been forever. Can't go see tool. You think as one of those things like we're talking scalpers when Iron Maiden like made it impossible I don't know because I a lot of my friends on FaceBook said that they they were able to get tickets so what people were but. It's sold out about two to three minutes ago. I think box and I am pretty early probably I think it was a month situation I mean what the tickets are like a 150 bucks each you know yeah and again turn around and flip them for like two or three times the price so we'll see I good I requested some tickets on the station that does can be hard to come by. I was such an analyst so. Are serious and media and in their real quick well I came here than I did they found out this show is happening you know and of course Brian is number one. I'm number two. But either way tool is going is also in talks to make its catalog available on streaming services for the longest time. Maynard was so anti having their music on you know it's Spotify on. You know. Apple music and all that but they are taught in talks right now we got to get the right price well you know tools can get that money because a lot of people wanna was not until I tried to listen to tool some times where I've been Mike. Man like I don't have latter Ellis some IR my Padre. And Mike homelessness and latter Alice record is my favorite record by that band. No up it's not on Spotify no. What. Go buy it yell yell like Boston. Like mosque is not the band that wrote. Sold like 500000. Million copies of the records like they sold seriously so many god damn copies of the real peace and he gets in line for Asia Boston playing with earth wind and fire now the amazing thing sickest show in the history that I think both bands play all the songs by each others like easier yes. Excellent it's like thirty people on that stage I need that in my life where EC. So YouTube. In and it should be up to. John Thomas sit hash he indicted the age of 67 sounds like you had a heart attack no witness says CPR was performed an idea review later was used by time they can revive themselves. Rest in peace Sid hashish in from Boston. The him a few weeks back to aid the stain he kind of was was teasing that they were gonna be able to place and shows. And open for a a band that they've never been able to play with before and luckily it's been announced this week. Is scorpions and make it dance for the crazy world North American tour. Negative in scorpions together on one at the Tacoma dome September 30. My new in fact Yani write that down I'm trying to go to that mother can show only. Scorpions in May be dead man that is going to be one hell of a throwback concerts can be bad ass is of those September 30. Just to three days after my birthday. Saturday. Your fiftieth. Magma dirty thirty is sixtieth birthday. To now now don't you are. But you did Santa Claus welcome to the old main realm on how I work every that you want the sunny and there. 'cause I'm better than you Ryan. Haley's you and Darren Hatcher wait never ha ha now that was Meade did I he isn't any heat I'm projecting bro. So hard. You realize how hard to project a project in my direction I project like a mother her cry and a ball does. Not doubt broad projected. Blocking is gonna put out a documentary they've been around for a long time so they're going to be I debuting this at a film festival all of its gonna be called medal ahead bangers journey. I don't know that it's hot dogs that Canadian international documentary festival and it's going to be going April 28 to may first I would definitely watch that. Season six battle vests season sick these. You guessing our own needs yes the picture of the guy we're in the Hawaiian shirt with a two inch touch on the back and it goes on vacation who super big. Well as we near the end of this. Amazing podcast we're not gonna let you go without entering the brutal poetry too hot for radio realm where we'd just get as ignorant as we possibly incan. This weekend's found another jam from their 2012 record post mortal cordial fixation here's Cranium with compulsive. Mutilation the sort of take. Nipple pierced with a rusty nails. And sliced off with a scalpel. Erected. Penetrated with needles. Only hands cut in half like an apple. Malls sacks split wide open and testicles used as anal beads. Climax drawing near as your roam around I was mean exceeds. Climax drawing near. Or around smacks us. Complete Paulson mutilation disorder. Primal need for self inflicted pain. Sexual pleasure. It's what you really cool. Your rectum is secured with a drill. Auto erotic self inflicted. Mutilation. Least she'll urge comes over you. Amputating your own team shaft a ball as your knee is mixed with your blood. Realizing this deed will be your last this time you went too far. Now you're bleeding profusely. Everywhere. At least your life is ending. In green Ecstasy. Good point actually. Cranium composed of mutilation disorder we're gonna leave you with the obituary documentary part to end we'll see as next week. There's no. Loans and death. Morning bitch rear view part of the originators. And holders aren't death they basically took over where Celtic frost left off on me here on. And attitude. I'm do you warriors braves game grants local style. To get to all love. She didn't. And then leave that you are you one of the most important that opens. You know it makes the greatest hits and a whole history. I'd say you have this where is probably room for the most influential. Death metal bands in history and definitely. Cold place and before we find that my. Efforts and cover them while their team at all. And that is definitely decrees neighbors that point in my life I think it was the first step. I listen to small yellow metal hit. We chase it there you nicknamed. Mad at that jumps out job ties buckles. Element. To site saying it but it's natural that it just seems like someone is literally pulling his guts out. The balls are just over the top in the groups that are so have you you know great doctors who have little film article there. I don't know bustle around ninety. Located record score. Only death my whole life or death watch replay board and I hear slowly rot. Hey we'll kill my well this let's. And swap songs. Have you ever super slow G evil dark and. That is in my late teens or went through records or. And I was browsing through. CDs and final of a funnel always view album by being called obituary. And it was slow we we brought on by. Band's logo which. C has not changed. In years. Stood out tree could that mean sort of the call for our work. I immediately bought it sight. Unseen just because we all over it was puzzled and surprised. When I first created to discover. That obituary. Where they have these. And I have heard my. We'll never forget hearing you know that. Suitors job we'll move remove all came and I mean we've just. We couldn't believe we are here. We ourselves are Robert currently. I I go on the war. Laughter how have you way it went how could beat this. Haven't you you want them coming here. Let's hear victory outreach cause of death. To classic death. It may turn some heads but I think that world demise this there was one of their best jobs. And it took its simplicity in the groove. To the next level. Very atrium. That stately course. It's just. It's pretty definite ripple. Remember a friend of mine if you'd go through time well. So bristled that I hurt us rednecks don't. I was just load the way but it grew. Few. Not the that I explored all over shelves and no. I heard. That don't care single from a lot of my friends and cassette cassette single. And and I just thought it was immense happiness always huge. Jobs parties the locals were. Just stinks to see the very least blood curdling. Just unlike anything else I've ever heard you know just completely aliens. If somebody would ask me. Gil does when it's Florida's death no I've listen to track one half to death. Where that is what we're. Sound like much swaps on he's got. This six. Either somebody group that choice it was a great thing about a situation isn't you know just like a bill like the Ramones or motor head. You always know what you're gonna get and I'm loving every minute just one. It's one ahead and you aren't just feel those low and crushing. Riveted to their first tour it was sticker right in this. The primary that I self portraits are right across from sugar so recently. True. Where the heavier burden obituary. That question obituary was playing in you know. Heard about it couple weeks later we were Sue Bird devastated. And affiliates in the next year on the cause of death war. With several current status and you know they do the best so. And there forever awarded. Best line. He'll see chemistry. Complain together for twenty plus years since unbeatable. This solved and so. You. This will really go. Anybody views of consistency through word if you play festival there years. Definitely still. I prize everyone watched its spin obituary. Spin the old stuff spin everything over there and this. Legacy and check wallow in it that you which were you know what it's obituary. Yeah album they'll ban. What are the greatest. Stuff well grants. It's their world. Rich areas and then we have a long history with me McDyess I think in the east. Me. You. Content and music seminar in New York or in the name not social orbit. We've been friends ever since we played with them. Several festivals in Europe. We even went I think we once. Went to lose them party's course. Two barbecue. That was also in the nineties when we were recording on renewal in Tampa Florida. We've been friends ever since then I'm really looking forward to going to war with the victory it's gonna be a lot. Thank you all very true rules over. Roll this year. Knows how good shots backstage press.