MigsCast 03/31/17 "Wrestlemania 33 Spectacular!"

Friday, March 31st

This weeks MigsCast is a special edition from Orlando!  Steve and his bud, former Seahawk (and current Redskin) AJ Francis were down at the WWE’s Radio Row for Wrestlemania 33…which is this Sunday on the WWE Network!  The fellas talked to Corey Graves, Samoa Joe, DIY (Tommaso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano), Renee Young, Nikki Bella, Charlotte Flair, Carmella, and The Miz and Maryse.


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There's a special edition of the makes guess we are live in Orlando for breast. Maybe a 33 and I hear my buddy. BJ Francis former C off Washington Redskins what's. It's clearly. It's totally. Meanest thing you got an idea that it's safe. I have zero. Zero re back I landed last night I thought I would get your houses around like I don't know 11 o'clock at night you know what was it like 12:30 in the morning here. How's a mayor buyer again you know elicited little. Airborne. Card that takes a minute burn. A lot of people that these. Brutal cars come. Regardless of and that's what is now this mean he reviewed a drill I was watching as those walk into the the rental car criticize I'd I don't see a lot of my boss smooth sailing and they're really all the miners beat. Behind this giant Hillary's fifteen people deep and Mike Thompson a skirt espresso skirt. But it was do who's up all night record no. Salmonella and yup which is up right now you're checking out job me out of my teams and not sound cloud everywhere and that was crazy was I don't episode we do our expert mania yeah. And it was a glorified next in our new release and we had to be here at six and I mostly idol live. Any of course no recap here. I knew I was like okay it's 3 in the morning and had a couple they don't know rev up Detroit went to bed NIC you know it's like to reach 45 allied out and Mike. There's no way in hell I'm gonna wake up if I go to bed now do so I said you don't want all nighter I'm doing this dog I was in bed. And now alarm went off and for about two minutes I laid there like. You. Many eggs he's lucky I love him. Nobody else drug everybody else did a middle all know. Like did anybody does that hour and a half I got to sleep that would have been in Nevada had to say you know works OK it's over another's and plus we're having. Haven't a couple of Beers and oh yeah like nothing nothing that. No we did was Smart. Now this whole plan was ill conceived yes but he's gonna make we're Greece so. So flood things get weird drug does podcasts it's because a lack of sleep yet and we're looking around we've got a read. We're talking to a bunch of WABC percent this gallows and Anderson over your great why it's here Bobby through. Corey grieves me Carmelo you know Tennessee hit after hit after hit Samoa Joseph go Buckeyes had a talk and everyone but us. A we're not special sneak the best alas that's what it is a warmup. And we're here to finish off. They know they've debuted a way to and we do our 100 guests at the fact that we like you guys have a mind. Workings before you speak to us and it's gonna be awesome odds this entire me status is going to be about us talk to a bunch WB superstars and some crazy it is. Right we are here we've Samoa Joseph smut Joseph last year I was out that maybe it's estimated at Dallas we talk. You have and that was your you first just freaky way into the world event Eckstein now here we are us I don't know what's gonna have an arrest made one related out of Matt. How's that big rebound when you're later what's the experience been like what's been so that you walk away feel like I was expecting. It's still not it's it's it's all sorts Russian media weeks menace. As players say it obvious to slash its its grand pilgrimage of all of the all of Demi to be phantom kind of converge on one area and celebrating what we do so. Yemen it's it's it's it's ever more visceral not a the first year when I'm doing with this until a little rough because you're kind of getting your bearings up this year among doubly enjoyable. More what I wanna know is are you. That's gonna give people what they want okay are we going to give it H Tripoli each faction which you Kevin knows this is what we the people want and because that's what the people want I think desperate for all the people of the world where there. She's spokesperson yeah it's time the it like they're like. Like it like a certain group of people. Oh yeah beat it to be really. Yeah yeah like you have some idea that I listen. Left handers really really well this diet to go out all. The Gloria it is Friday would Boston tests everybody's. Got. So it'll mean to me it's replacement have a working toward. If you don't I've been assessing Kevin somewhat in is issues blood. You know I I think wrong. The of the of the week archer mania has always a very interesting role. Off blocks. You know who knows what's gonna have a yeah. Exciting zone. And I assume you're talking about how age is being duke it out about them to live interview and chat. It could be a lot of guys DJ please get yourself and you saw how it's cool that went ninety takes about meeting someone that he's a Santa they find out that they're setting is as well and and review has there been an instance where. You know ot it's only guilty this big fan of yours like all crap medalist Jennie yours too. Calm way too so diluted ten. Lugo an excuse me if you guys don't pump it's not out of my dear Gail I think it. Some other nuclear lied to you about that that is itself is has he. Well below below tell you any different now. And I you know I just think when we come up like you know you see a lot of like wrestles with a past that show up that they're really honors and it's it's really cool man you know like you. Lays cinema talk on the and Tom like you know like some registry boldly. Last his yeah its cool to see your browser knows soccer by you know stable savaged in and how to match still dale wants us. Incredible actually you know we issue a separate performers and so that's that's always. Those kind of Oklahoma billion. We I would like you're all right you know I've seen any crazy radio personalities that there. I. Like day of you know what slow and just today. Your next college student from Seattle it's tubby could rock it's yeah. My eyes. Get a picture if it. When I was pleased with the dolphins and I was on team Paul Soliai possibly was over so good and Isaac Sopoaga and Avant La. Learn to my travels that some more people are now only. Some of the best people it's applied to the most generous vehicle that's it's zero. If you're on the and yeah yeah life. Likes more than very very clearly you. The tree Nadia you are way yeah. Outweigh the Al yep. LA. You know you can you know like he knows that long last more than a slow it and I think it's I think it's hard. To go through. It's played football in general that we have a couples warmly as it exactly right like your little world I don't. Starting Arkansas he does or wherever but at some point if you're ready we successfully in the end it. In football you don't play it was won't yes absolutely and we're all saying let you daylight is glad it serve you know. But that's they draw the team here on the team for good yet reviewed on the team. Social pressure is all ahead. Chances and that's. Absolutely some of the baddest dudes I've ever built which of course I was gonna ask his where was 'cause I never converted into us. Starts talking at all when was the last time if ever you had counseled. Let's while. Actually it's funny how just bring this up took a gusher that they are they're talking about a slush are Kabul is actually. Who's the chairman of that you know. Shatter every event but we had some some so more than older relatives there's the other they do the traditional comma but it's. There are recommended medicis agree it's a great relaxing and I. Like that to organize cheap but little stronger you're gonna. Brad I I don't know much about what I've read some innocent if you mix Kabul with caffeine that's a recipe for disaster yes it don't I don't know I don't DLL. Value like this or that I might love would you do that. And all of this got a kid Mobley. That was just that was just not be long levers all right let you know I hit it people like him makes everything it's I don't just add caffeine to any data that some like new ways of the I mean you got to mix it with we would always looks it would Skittles and I was over possibly oust just you know it does tastes like dirt but it best dirty leverage your guy. I've just relaxing kind of the like you say that's a real. Realistic it's hard to describe as a loser. Boxing and let com is a very calming effect the best way to put it slow you know let your yes it is not a. Slam winner to come out here. It's an ambulance story actually you know Bill Belichick when I was on the patriots Bill Belichick. During column in the locker room would mean. Isaac Sopoaga and what's other guys and it was like on the crazies experiences ever present and expect them. To beat it caught and locked and trust Lisa and bill comes in on my. Oh yeah yeah. I'll sit around his circle of my youngest bite it bad liberals and you can't look. Okay. It's a little bit like that it's been about Donald let me just raise it still during a the president does is tell. Wilson Ruble practice we ever like got tools that are around actual results after. It was evident to extract it back beat up on the table of love and life it's a ghostly ball that was yeah. It's too harshly against its. Which I'm which mojito and out that the team effort wrestle mania is the ultimate thrill ride and we've been asking everybody out what is the most thrilling thing you've ever done outside for a. Outside arrest yet. So like I used to work out well at California late Paul Thomas who dual spear fish and and like eggs yolks or clubs up and say this not some locals stuff and our member a little bit late leader in the the promises of an elderly and kind of went down and a member. I got a fish in those coming up the bigger help us carrier bishop. Came. It took my office. And the sharks are really messed just let it is no longer regularly. No yeah. Wrote people wish the way. It to the target emitted light and even some weight classes like I looked to me what that is about those at the end. And I was right yeah. Ouster that you guys got a kick the hell like you can't swim in like panic in contrast to actually you know its audience looks like target and you have to like Sally took the children there. I have fun yeah I. Really well yeah. All the travel over here are start it's. Please birders good spirit and how good elect's vacant at the service. Arm like crazy guys don't give him. But there was some history Newsom and Aaron you know where it is I think it's in the south witty that we did illegal fishing is people like up tight. Over their army put their arm in the water and we took the position I'm quite there arm and once it buys thereon detonate the that's where the selflessness and why it's clear. I think sets a good idea I don't know the same dude ever seen those who so when they. Stick their hand. And grant captives aren't just gators down there a little girl led it's turtles to those girls of these. The good of all you talk. At W you sort of about we have a bad over on the rest immediately treated podcast and AJ does upgrade pockets of topping out in the no loser tested jumping he has I house right by a pond only cellular and Florida right. Applying the Atlanta Seattle I I don't know water. We're gonna jump in the water where. Loses at the night of rest against jump in the water and together some gators there's definitely do absolutely come but they are the best of buddies scare over death sentence on the till we get tumbled on the the leg draw on do you see this super bug out that we he's like no it's just one only has a little Gator so. What are you see retreat this. Maybe just maybe except for IC one in the big lake don't want we not opening and that's the reason we not to root as he went in there that was no less than now. That's that's my big problems with that sacrifice some then must listen I think we'll have skaters like I forgot Iceland's. Troubled ensemble what was I hear it live in California member like my first week put him upon his big Gator record. You know five children Gator or. Oh late son while not a witch whenever my. Don't let the you don't California he's like you raccoon they call animal services. Event. Get back there is that how big is it a the gators who cares a big you know small lot of bad guys and you know do evoke such as ohrnberger look like I. At first our mama donors and then the tutored a bad there was like to rescue dogs like you get to come yeah they're like garden though. Oh does not at least AC yeah it's a Cleland of government actually called for gear rule over Australia but how big is it. Yeah cause when he grows the I was totally crazy to get a few minutes and you get a ride in a good odds. That's Alexio wrestle me here we hope we I'd I would not expect that we're gonna see you recorded AJ you better show. Open. Around that got era but thank you routier's idiots that keep our cry. This was a great year. I feel like. I I think you have to like this could easily did the night at like 9 AM oh yeah. Thirty wake up call and unlike. I just have skirted that go to bed that's gonna you know I flew to Seattle allfirst while we're here with Carmelo yeah. Hi Jessica McClintock. This is great out it's a fabulous but I know it screwed up because I'm not working with any sleep right now you know just kind of Jameel. Off because I'm so used stone to establish threat as we. Hello. Okay husband to you so proud VCR up super early but I don't know what time when you. Arrived to Orlando but I would imagine it's been a whirlwind for you and I mean big things are common wrestle mania that's got to be. It's going to be a real it's totally surges especially being here access. This is the last years than Eckstein. To be here from my first time knowing I had the match at wrestle mania and yeah. Where is Mandela and his championship but he taught without the site lash I would have to apology or not just so it's just it's pretty surreal to be here. I just wanna make sure because he got here last night from Seattle. And we recorded my podcast starting out. And we even look sort of jutting out we've had on the show multiple times is James elsewhere. I want an hour. Will you'll make sure that James does everything in his power to make sure that you meets with the winners at exit because I think that's what the people. Of course they got people can't have a clue as I mean I don't even think I have to tell him he goes he knows like yes you do. Respect he yet say he knows that the deal is seeing past due whatever it takes for me. To walk out that out I'm undefeated so far this year 2017 win the help of Jim tells wears at you you. You know on Tuesday with his help so I mean he knows what's you know the deal you know we meet debt and. Unless you got obviously got he'd had a background the world of football and AJ currently plays for the Washington Redskins. I've got to be kind of funny as do you from prospective. First it pops yet crazy see you remember seeing happens whether young. I beat the stadium what wherever it may be a taillight cyclicals such as for the New England Patriots. Never Seattle guise of boot yeah. My best friends doesn't seek out. Oh run and on the one man yeah. Cots that really isn't this is happening at the ball to the big guy in a vacuum and install or just. The first army got pretty fortunate enough. But says freezing in the letter and it never have a slight game of particular in business nearly went. Undefeated eight men out and look minus as a provider. And I don't us all proud. I'm not gonna talk about got. It's an ever Imus thanks noble status and it is so that bit is yelling out of the snow. Freaking cold and people are starting to us now miles of the cheerleaders skis and does this like I drinking at an incident like our coach that took us inside and like the people are actually now yes got kicked out which is great. Where they at least like the other team stands up to like I don't know. I. Thought let's play hammered I don't up from the other. The game so I'm there if there's snow on the ground in Europe it's a bargain you'd definitely had a fugitive skipped that yeah because you're not going out there's over in the anyway listen. Iraq debate total for several hours. Actually mean warming up which alcohol. We you win you pick about the fact it's gonna be in a match at wrestle mania. Have to shooter started the set in because almost ran the business had demoralized. And yes please football if I ever got to the point where I was gonna have a match of this mania I know I would be book so I. How is it suits me. It cereal like I. He wouldn't that moment I got and then next year that's what you're working for your working towards getting on raw and smackdown. And then the granite sit Ramallah just wrestling isn't the biggest show of the year and I better super odd man on the silent noticeable but this is just it's like. It doesn't feel real you know it's and had a hit man I don't think I really don't think it will actually walk into that stadium on. Sunday and I just. I mean it started a little bit being here and seeing like Lambert I've merchandise. I wanna buy it might teach XY. Last year I won nothing more than a formalities are out of your. When it's only talent and he's so Oslo I went and exceed Nash and Dallas and you know having emerged at that time economic just pitch my body makes T shirts my bro. I sent a picture you add value which is very simple black shirt that can coalesce attack yet I had a media shirt all eyes. This war that that exceed everybody's and which get lesser men and like I. Sean I got to connect I should. So I'm right I don't from the first round definitely one of the early. Bootleg Carmelo is right I I just not all out media Allah loves it was me so my goal is to get the Carmela hat. I can tell you all of last I think a two hour whereas Elliot for all of our wherever I may. We ask you some people go out. I don't know if you know but it doesn't it must mean he's got the ultimate thrill ride. Right cores so I asked Torre this integrated answer I'm wondering at this values of title Carmela I'm wondering for you what is the most thrilling thing that you've ever done it has to do to do anything with. Price who oh gosh okay so what I cheered for the New England Patriots have not betray that Afghanistan. Yeah you know visit the troops and that was an experience that I rule. Never wanna dig and identities of the right. That car I'm a regular black clocks. They just drop right. It Liz in saint and experience it out of that people won't even believe me when I tell them the things happened up border missed the block clock I was invited DRX. So how that to me is a good mix and it's held true so I. Really look at that now let me look at this is what happened at that time I didn't feel like there's. Credible Carter how that might not be quite thrilling in the such great weight let's talk about. Well yeah if you look at ever say that about how to out of yeah business or yeah. You know pretty crazy is very it's what was it like when you found out that you. We're gonna have to split and be casts. On shoves indeed on your own way to end zone cast and really to drive or your own which we have done that was had a scary it's like thoughts for you at the terror and how do you do about it now. Totally so. A year ago what life was found out that night that take over last year he told to wait till it ends are attached that there Gardner odd it pulled me aside and told me that I was gone with them I. And match like my heart sank to you know I would I didn't know. What was gonna happen for saw my boyfriend is I have that is spend all my time it is leaving me but at that a day it's that this is his. Dream and I was so happy tramps so but for me at the time I didn't know what that meant and I decide okay you'll. Obviously to which sees something in me to not just be you know I can't Dietrich has none though that I actually have something to offer and I just lit flame under myself and I just Obama's on the network as far as that cut for the next three months and tonight debuted that's out awesome. And the other later bolted you have your own match and not so cool audio as we walking away with the gold well. I love being amazingly nice to see rocket that the women's championship no gas and -- to grind but like he's taken a few minutes every day pot and we're looking forward to watching you rests on Sunday on the WB network progress immediate 33 AT guys so let us what's going on. I'm so we are here with Corey graves Corey I'm. I'm pumped to get to talk to you recently we've we're having not Bancorp on tops my job. Is yet and I just eked out about music highly suspect got awesome dude then it's sort of easy and it. Does that even work extra and it shouldn't but it does slick I saw him. Recommended in a Michael catalysts to recognize headless to a twice before starting my day at work and I worked really don't like common equity. Yeah by the six cents us but I guess like who's got a new bond which. What among them there to be superstars go to shows with basic core brace definitely Centre court. A little my best friends in the world like every more than did most of the world he realizes week. We'll keep a secret were were super super close friends but I'm back. I'll lots of that deal mountains and it's tough times and I think the role of the not so happy for all the success he's having. I still make sure you know every time he gets excited about like haven't used it to be superstar that's. Datsyuk you know I have I always said if I ever got a chance interview I would say one thing. I love your tattoos lull there's so many people out there and how. I have tetanus. And there's if you bought there with bad work and you are not one line that's that's testament to my friends that I know. They do have two cents us or actually worked it out to jump for a long time OK those years I. I start to learn the tattoo and turns out I lacked the artistic ability required. And rather than screw somebody outputs and terrible scratch on the I was like you know what I'll stick poking holes does those close eventually. Your grabbed it pierce any kind of stayed alive cards everything on the human anatomy I. I just I doubt if it can be pierced if you could put a needle through and I've put a new I want to attends I would think about that's I think yeah I've read about it I Rebecca audit covered. Love everything that you could do with a debit and you have treatment right so much energy and had to sell a refreshing change entirely different I've. Up watching and an XT and I mean I don't wanna compare bwic you know we always to pair with the band would be this and now Mike touched Corey Scott. If you're not Jesse Ventura we you've got that vibe of a Jesse Ventura where you've beaten soundly everything you're saying it's coming just right from view and use your ex dividend it is above ally appreciate that and and and a lot of us to us it's meet growing up as a fan that between Bobby Heaton Jesse venture they were like that that in their right euros before I ever did any sort of commentary I just always thought they were magic and Bobby into one of the funniest most energy people everyday I would doubt on the earth let you know in this business. And Jessica answer man I mean he he was awesome as much as so so day to be spoken in the same breath of that. Actually it's an overwhelming to me acted freaked out I don't know and I don't know Dorgan Democrat yeah. But I mean it's good to have goals to do is fire to those two were definitely not and and it is it's me it's me it sounds cliche we all say it gives you with the volume turned up. A solar radio terrible. I am a sarcastic. Witty jerk Edgar. That's what I do arrive at my best friends I think. I'll say anything nice to go out there that's why we're friends are glad you had given I can take it day gotta have Byron. There that I can bust on the whole time yeah the same for dealing with it I. A perfect straighten it I'll fire at the basket and he does get nearly enough credit I. He I don't need it does he does and bought it bothered by any easier to troop throws a close friend of mine you know I loved to death it bothers me like well recovery Twitter that people were like really. The negatives. That beats it to the next level and I'm gone I do it this its brand and it's time. Except I have literally. Malice in my heart by exactly right is a saint but out so it but the guys without him I would be able to beat me how you need it straight Mayweather be Tom bill. Next year or not have Byron Eaton colds once while as the protagonist that's that is it was important I need oil otherwise I just got left field start rambling on. So I guess I was gonna ask head east of the mindset to be Gregory's television but it sounds like you're saying it's just you. Now I've and I've generally. When I'm not on television I'm still Corey graves with some of far more profane OK okay. Hardest part as well you have to have to make it because he admitted stuff saved a certain four letter words that's sort of headphones from its gold yeah. Out that psychologically tells me I gotta talk like a talked to a grandma. I had an otherwise the registrar dropped an F bombs beyond that though I mean I've always loved this business I'd still surrounded by everything WWB all the time that I don't have. Have to prepare a lot because this is what I know you don't mean like I have. A workaholic I worked as much as I possibly can I don't know my wife always tells me she is after like two days you need relief because I don't wanna deal with you anymore. Whereas you know slut you come over those two days they're great depth review. You need to be working that's right I function best so. Massa became a working do you. Are currently working on what I think Jews deep best new. So on the de W network which is bring you to tape up thank you van and back. I don't know how do you interpret that show because it's completely different from any others or that department puts that. I've prepared for basically the same way as I prepare surveil which is not at all. You better start catch. It's a little bit different that it it's. It weird way it's more information old show yeah just let every. When know what's going on is sort of one stop shop for what's hot there via TV and if we can be a little controversial. My favorite thing about that is in orbit maybe I'll tell you. John is honestly did last year or so become one of my closer friends and one of my favorite people to be around JBL is a riot all the time he makes me laugh harder than. By anybody in the world. World. So to get to where it was he's Smart he's at least stories and he's been rounded travel. Under speaker and all this you know all your activity when you first met him two John yeah I just slightly I was it. I'm old school guy in the where I. It may take him a little while to warm up to you need. John indeed ironically also Booker T was the same way when it first or work with Booker. Always always friendly and cordial never room. Or you know but he could just tell you work. You weren't his his body yet yeah and then just I it's workbook are on the robbery shall for a year and I swear to god as a good thing I miss most about pre shows could spend my days of a black. He is right upsetting ducky quack quack and I think I. You don't BJ BL have been my guy and Booker sees much ever people what yeah at but it's just it's reps chemistry didn't know these guys yeah well. They realize that you're not just some. Didn't try to get famous that the expensive yeah it didn't work right you know I may understand it you know over every respect for the business and I've I've been in the ring Alice often. Those I learned so much from those guys it's invaluable. I can't say enough about those two. Wouldn't win last night literally we have I was courted my podcast Europe's 2:30 in the morning recordings your great man and I sat down early yeah. I know I'm excited to meet up with these guys cities houses up there like midnight that hikes while podcasts like yeah I guess Marissa. Guys aren't but I guess there were totaled between who has run like ninety minutes the butch and Seattle ninety yeah I got all. All right because it is but one thing I wanted to know who's mobile Retief do you ever bring up the fact that he was once Jabrel because we saw that. Last night we're watching him integrated circuit bash 2000 it'd be cute guys GI bro easy to. I'm sure he wishes we wouldn't. Pay news hook it ever has got something in an entire. Not so with that I reality and that guy is now holidays like it's maybe at a ridiculous characters that you put a lot of zeros in his bank all of or else I paid off so I still laugh slabs good idea that I. I have all the respect rules remain the heat and take itself too seriously believe. As one of the best storytellers I know I. I can't say enough about what exit and we tell occur agrees I I wanna ask you about your W he's going estimated the ultimate thrill ride and now we're doing and as I had to know that I had to. Got shocked that I heard it why are some tentative what's the most thrilling thing that you've done out. At a press. In life yeah oh my god that's impossible to answer is I've lived quite a life. First when the pops in here at. I jumped off the hotel Las Vegas watch that I've actually within the confines donated eggs on the show culture shock yeah. They canceled and we need to get back yes but I got really there's a really really tall hotel in that in Vegas and dead this it's not a bungee it's just like free fall where they you get strapped in to this. I don't know hardest thing and you jump off like a 900 foot hotels so I did that. I was thrilled like I. In the I was here picks that you got some weird swearing in yeah. Yeah definitely it saved up let. I'm. Kind of a simple guy when it comes of things really excite me like I have but I I it's me a lot of like rock roll heroes of mine accident which is. Really weird because you know I've been around this business for so long Allison jaded I still get excited to meet the legends give Clavet. The wrestling world to me was always that Europe's or the road to musical role was that was never really into like it. Right I was a fan out but I never got to be on the other side of the curtain and it's to know some of the friends and I've made in the in the rock and roll business now just suspend that are. Are you don't have to be mutual fans there. We August got a vehicle moment when I realize that the person that you're a fan of it's also take your sales wood eight AJ he placed at a Washington Redskins there's a lot of times where he meets certain people he is a a big settlement and they find out need to get a sound like oh my gosh I'm sure. Just like that moment and I am literally all of these interviews have been saying boy now but I did try to you guys I don't. Strategy. Here's an exotic give it to about how. When you have about literally disappear like every single parents my walks while we sat down I was I yelled as Oscars from our money our artists says about you want to Barbara it's it's a barber exit they want I think that you are deep best on air. On commentator since they are personally I think that you are eager Cheney won't find me disagree I. I would think you are entertaining to a level that no one else has mastered in a very long time and I. I especially comes from the fact that I remember watching ESPN's special seen new transition from. Restaurants and a commentator and being so open to it. And I in the back tomorrow mine I'm like yeah why you know I really hope this works out slump because I think this could be really good and sugar. As sugar yeah. What are. Credible thank you very much I appreciate galvanized site delights that got a comfortable do you complement. Such as villain and harder. Could have done man but guys guys it was it's weird you know I I'm not one to believe in the in the locker straighter or anything like that but having gone through what I went through and didn't shut down kind of had to have my dream taken from me. Have high hopes I'd ever died below him be treated commentary I went. It's way it is we got a page or email. Another couple years and right figure out what's next from my family you know amused moralists double that was my mindset like me finish this out and that you try your call and and yet here Rio little. Little bit I know that I was more valuable behind. The microphone in front of the camera with some cool. I feel great yeah. Now the webmaster is I don't have to worry about my diet I'm not about working now I could lose I would. Route law like to Wear a suit you know it's got its perks and have been a time where you because obviously you guys are doing my television in new. They're gonna tell GSE septa may be there's not taken well I'd be very got in trouble for something that you set behind the scene I wouldn't say no not trouble I've been though. And things like they can prove it they were the worst anywhere. Should they get that incorrect you are courting correction like of identity fraud and Cole album math but it's always like to know what happened on this date way to see it. What Mikey is correct yeah a nice about it do you realize how much stuff was going out of my brain at any given moment that I forgot like you know I've I call three hours wrestling a week at a guy. What happened thirteen years ago I sucked. We're gonna talk you have good you know. I haven't gotten really studies or if any sort reprimands or anything but a test the waters from time to time well we don't ask me get away with things and sometimes somebody's just obscure enough that no one really knows what I'm talking about unless you go to really I have. About side stick with that but that physical well right now we appreciate you right joining us and I'm looking forward to here you cost match is well thank you guys for having me good luck tonight we'll see you maybe next year that is not the Florida and cool. Had a clean with SS right Charlotte is with us and ourselves listeners are hearing. Well we need to stir things up this much credit take place with the Washington Redskins and it just it out with no morning you know I I've got to get over his house so umps they are. I less I was impressed by the Sox he's ranked just NWO sock somebody out yeah this is not a great. Ray British divorce sucks yeah who all those are so cool. How easy that he went there on. It's you've got okay I didn't. That's our men Martin I saw the bulls starters at the yanks up at in Vegas and I repeating these ones because I had the penguins look like they're great heart. When I bought all OK a bullet with these ones are you know the those. They're awesome yeah. They. Just Anthony's improvements. School I learned a lot easier not missing ones yeah. We should did you pop's gonna be doing something with an odd foot locker. They announce that I heard on. I would not say that opt out she Pete I heard a tab that. I would doctor Ross I'm not a I guess you find out what I got to care about always ordering like is that we have no way she is. What she did. Awkward though it's actually. Wait more Ross is the eighties but the bright color. I would Wear shoes in my own face on a sign that it's weird to not get. I mean I think it's I think it's much we're here that I went out of bed or having as much room there are. More in his father's face my soccer snobs I will let me that's like in this situation when you're across the table to me that's weird for you did you learn which your dad I'm. It was rocket. Most yet CME to turn those but I did they make too much stars this size you shooting. You know it's not my concern especially making him maybe which cut a hole and candles on just how much goes out. Well so sick yeah a couple of I can do column all of actually let out the back and make it like yeah that would also work it just live my students paying off the backward it's flipped it exactly. And Alex are you for arrest me lashes you guys stole the show. Asks how how what's gonna happen we don't know but I would imagine that it's going to be another epic match for you at rest media I I think. Nervous because. Last year but so well I was amazed mom and so bad so like how we atop last year and that's like the only thing that's going through my mind to but I. Very excited and I am happy it you know not happy in terms of their B hearted when my title back but the dynamics of were way on. Really cool. I'm so excited to see where you conquered every big match always come out with themselves and I'm. I'm excited to see where's the cubs rope this day I don't. You've probably got some big story it is good to be crazy it always is I'm so excited to see which you do that because you only bring it down. I'm on the big matches in every time you do it just adds to. Pun intended to slayer of the match after. Every it's just it separates. How you perform. Well like you always you who quit paper you really are like when you go out that you put these matches are a good review EQ day end up being. I mean how many matches with suspects last year you think could have been matched the year are only got three quick math or. And I mean all talk that does all of the data. Now I was so I didn't didn't Torrealba tripled to match it mania I mean that you have a much like you're. I mean I hate to say this would just like your father you have a history of making great matchup degree bachelor degree at bats and that's what separates you from a lot of other wouldn't in the division and it makes you stand out even though. All there's a large I don't know they are but. I think that to me personally I think that you were in a class above everyone knows my personal opinion. Lot. I mean you're only as good as your opponent Daschle on. So. A lot of that credit goes to my socks veterinary raised yet but none. For me it's just a matter of I never. On that pedestal to get complacent like I feel I have to get better every time I'm on TVQ and a that's like. I don't look. You ever read the music like what I need to you know this can be better this could be better. Heiress is it. Constant obsession for perfection yes. That is my name. Like I don't know I just I never think that I've reached that it has got to keep getting better. Do you think that. I got sent this party's Belmont park castles or emblem other guys and I hear a suitable for my money to the press here you've been the best deal would have to be male or should not turn out and I won't say that anyone do you see that like you do take on that rule until I. I wanna be the most hated person. In duo building how do you get in that space but how because they're not that person right now and. And Israeli hard I actually came from. A lot of pressure nation it was more her. I had debuted. And I was like this has got what I extras could be. Of these young and Eckstein. You know they. They started a light meat because you know they grew to they annexed he saw me grow from. My first match took my match that he so Juan. You know. Being able to. Stick to that character like I wanted to stick to beat back I needed to come out and wanted people hate me and that's a matter of just staying consistent you know and it's separate entity just playing character just because they the other set yelling certain things are only. It's not you it's being able to shut that off and realize you know the more you can get them to EU. That Saturday expert if it and most people and restoring revenue. I ask you wait your opponent and I've been so. Obviously my a lot of times when they're the most hated person in the building nobody wins more new opponent like this bill that everyone wants them to impeach yes and it's just works for. Well we got to let you ram because obviously familiar bigs don't serve one last quick question and I. Listen to your pop cyanide to process I guess he mentioned to devalue that that was pretty funny let's hope that but it a year. Loan said that he's like my daughter is financially responsible unlike her pops. Was there ever a moment where you like dad what are you spending money on like where you're like wow what why did you spend it throws the heat on the kids know I just. Yeah I'm very conservative. Group of it's choir robes and I'm like all big investment that I'm. FF FF I got Silva you absolutely juniors and made way more and smooch Reno at the. My dad lives everyday like it's his last and you can't say that. Eaton maybe people like that I that's I admire about him yes but I've always like this stress on my dad's like she's. A work out. Of its armed. I wish I could be like a way but we received heat and humidity down. Did you already see what happens addressed immediately he so let's like Tia thanks guys. On the ballot. It's. All right we are here at the ballot but Lowe's has low what's are. Well yes I like that that is right now I don't know if we can have. Had this interview happened because I knew you were Eagles fan right die hard. Are Eagles being mean you've got an arch rival right here because of my friend AJ please for the Washington Redskins turn song. And I ask me in the. The pre season. Last year I was on Tampa Bay and I actually was the person that hurt Carson which rips so I'd still bet your sense that. This yeah I feel like you need to walk a way they don't want. I seen this Loy L yeah it blows I'm so sorry he does not doing this wrestle mania but I love you back. Have a great night shirt given the shot I love coach treat tips though. Here he's Greek fuming Zachary got what I meant of intense cities. He's absolutely great yeah. Todd has been gone for you so far it's got to be a whirlwind of just press and I'll just short Tora I don't go yes. It later release I got here yesterday and it's just been insane in the all time but that's I love about arrests immediately clicked. Even though we're always on no sleep and by the time you get to sundae you're like and I gotta go do the biggest knocks my eye. But it's just like everyone worldwide realizes how important it is an ever own comes here from all over the world and they just want to soak it ends I love it. Thank you guys have a match that I mean I know that's the match I'm so excited yeah. Does the build up I guess build of any wrestling match period Paula think you guys yap Hewitt. I learned so much to weakness and you know when they told me a few months ago like this is we are doing in Epperson is like a John I'm sorry you okay Blake and you get a video game does not like Philip it was seeking a way median. He so pumped. But I realizes we took something and that baby boomer like all whatever and we made people on best at and we knew we had to get real depth and it got Rihanna. Real yeah real fact what he also autistic guy and and went straight I had ever receives the ropes I was like hello yeah. For we talked about it last night almost like on my part guess it was armed missed which I've now Ryan wheat which are about the fact that the whole. The streak episodes total bellows yeah it was great that they were doing they were 00 yeah and articles for you but now. Viewers got that there was it was great to watch it is it was amazing and yeah. While I. The final episode up like Leo how low would join in the you're gonna say carbon out after that split this could be rough it's odd without had a home. Home it probably is not deep best deadly one of deep best Promos he's ever done and Debra. The best succeed was with a rock and caused a rock about breaking news I got out. That light except likes extent it was great staff and I can't believes that it's got to distort from a few that a lot of people I. I always thought that he was gonna be great yeah. I'm strictly because it's John Sina it's great news UN Brees both great workers well policy so there's there's so many people in the feud that our actual great performers that there was no way it would be great but the fact that you guys had this bill. To this point how does that feel you've. Aha it still incredible like I agents. And I have been on cloud denying them but it's made me even more excited for like everything and I just I still so grateful and fortunate lake. I mean. You don't. At the end of daylight I know accused of the world because I get a goats that grandest stage tomorrow with my may have yeah save that like I get to be next to love my hundred. Ms. Elizabeth that's yeah exactly. No. Doubt that the requirement what you gonna helicopter drop like we're yeah. All under its walking I. Our mam. And like 70000. Yeah I exact ball well yeah. You're like oh I'm Johns I have something silly to ask you in his late what I am like so batter and turns I was thinking and his likes to call. We'll just keep it's not like general IC maybe we can do this or give out like I. I had Ali's crazy. Yeah and I just wanted to say I we were sung by those austere hum. I have so much respect for you as a performer strictly because you. Came in not as. As a wrestler you can't read as a model yeah and there's a lot of women that come at Ramos and the sport there's a lot of women and has been theirs to bottlers a commitment just write offs that. Laurel as well and you came as a moral and you came in and learned the business and behead. Makes fantastic in the ring performer. And that doesn't always happen and I gotta give you your props that because that doesn't happen as often as it should. Gotta give props today. He's so much that means so much to late fillet. Users at beating Gil for so long there's such perception of me in my sister and we we love this business I love to wrestle. A dimming daylight you can take away all the glamour I love wrestling death but because of the perception in the kind of grows it like a lake there's always been such a perception of my sister and I and not that I need to get the credit because I get it from the people that I need a newer behind the scenes are you glad you want you. I broke my neck that day hammering. Asks what do we recognize that. It's got to feel good to see people coming out in my agents like herself who. And when you're in the ring and when you're on television fast forwarding and I know what's gonna be an entertaining match came out and tell great stories in the ring and he's been. Everything just all right because that due to summer slam which Stephanie wasn't. Rental yeah. Question I didn't know. That was like so insane yeah. Lake's. Andy yeah it's any. Blake's intimidating being in there with your boss and have to yeah I didn't green I mean she had a search came Ramos Stephanie and Tripoli yeah. And that's it that's okay here. Here and and it was later learned story about yeah. And I do vomit on the line brown like oh boy I went too far I am a little tired after the hour. I'm Kelly go to their heads like a wolf may be recent dirt facials too much because there Beck oh taken advantage that been like that wanna be that yeah. I like you're out here it was his idea but that was so sad. That. I've. Is in love in the that the built for this match he says it's got real what moment where is it where you felt like okay Bieber were. We're going a little too far whether recently that you guys centers have been that visited him a reset unless he you know. I think you went too far right from the beginning and I know you right here when I gave them like they just went right and they had and it was those efforts talking smack him right after it was just. Saying well zebra. The top and need you know I think I mean there's parity bit that tension with Greece nights are so many years and you got to see a little bit our total divas that. It it was like glitter like here's the playground go ahead kids like it SA which Juan and so I felt like you guys extreme liberal that first night. First night the series started. And it was it was funny to me is distracted. When you guys keep bringing it up like. The best thing about the feud is the fact that. Even though when Mears and Reese is something at its core and it might be funny or it might be Syria but it's a real moments and then you. And so on can both look at him do like like when they brought up while. Don't like Crist kept me out of here well you're here now so it's like yeah yeah. About what you're used to you're you're exactly is still us it is realistically if you really did what you hear like yeah did you hear music so. I've had blocked it when I was unemployed at a map contacted their committed no I was with John the and now I have how many seasons or David Letterman about executive producer at total divas and total balanced and I do with this man living with center site years and now you can be back to. I thought is that why that would not okay. You have boilerplate aren't haven't thought about Millard at the Jews yeah Tuesday so I got. I got a big for total total TV almost lights that made my wife's. Like wrestling yeah I totally shares. It was like you she'll always tolerated it and yeah I that the one of the greatest vote I do and America right well which you didn't say the best there is that there was a auto. Like I guess I'm picking up on this as we are always so. Watching total dollars and divas she's just like I love this show that's so at some point to watch it for us and it's you know it's turned to court for her wish is like it too is watching you guys wrestled yeah. So it's cool I think it. Possible I'll I hear that a lot from that and that's a mixed me so happy because you know we first started like we're in the talks and doing in their reality show. It was because we like green I talked to this we want people to see like how hard the women work to get beat a B we liked. It was always about the men and we like to win just as hard as these guys and we wanted people to appreciate it as as female wrestlers not just like whatever else we're doing in our life yes and that's been the cool part is it's been when was tiny he goes right you guys idea was so when green I had left as. When we left those eleven months to hear over two minute matches like when our contracts are they want us resigning is like the two minute match race. Like in the net we ask some like whoa where the light what it what are your ideas stressed there was an inning and like at that point it would never let green and I do anything except for. It was always win so that's why they never let a stress because of us is the taxi matches yeah or whenever. But and we had spoke TE about a reality show and so. And when we spoke to them we didn't hear anything back for awhile and then it was to. There is people at WB data topsy about a show on their like will table we wanna do that with the ballots. It's like we want makes their part of that night without a straight out don't we're tears so they had every justice lake. Well he loved. We know this we want you guys back in so we you know we had a like discuss and talk about it they got us talk that happened while. I received by the real it to run but thank you so much looking guy is like that would not just saying this because you're sitting president we tuchman last night ad nauseam. And now wait for the match on Sunday yes I'm so much it's gonna lead massive I'd Iconia. You guessed there might be blood that's price. Better yet thank you didn't. Are we are here hanging out with the boys and DIY Tomas attempt finals of Johnny your gun don't. Oh we just talked to be three guys got over here we were reminiscing our own personal connection which you guys' souls. It's crazy because you're gonna get rest maybe eight of an XT and last year. I sell you wrestle after wrestle mania. We signed ten missile ray in and two we Bryant of sort of a couple hundred people it's got to be a trip to go from you know. Wrestling at like 1 in the morning it's about being a part of a big match at an XT is pretty. Lyle I know last year. It was our first had a taste of NXD wrestle mania weekend we did access we did the TV taping NXD I myself personally head. And indeed show that afternoon yet and ran over to NXD taping did that and they had another Indy show after that. So I was trying to kind of hectic that is waiting to take everything again but now I'm here and am looking around. I'm like this is this amazing because this is Disneyland for wrestling fans absolutely it's actually not a war against notre. It's different I know Lisa last year I wrestled at midnight are like 1230 yeah after Iraq. So mania. That's it just nights you know I mean I'm like I told my wife usually you're insane you're gonna go from wrestle mania and the kids come on over to my real little and I like it was a great time. It's like rep as a wrestler is real we're like is anyone could actually come. He had like this arrest radio which is the biggest show not just of the weekend but. Wrestling it either gonna go let's get more shows but I think that just shows you the passion that drives. Of wrestling fans as a special weekend it's wants a lifetime sort of thing when you're here rest many weekend it's to have fun and it's rumored here have fun. You know it's crazy because then I also have a connection you. Because I used to when I was in college I played at University of Maryland and I you succumb to do burns arena. Where at least once a month to watch Russell terrain of our. And beat we have. In the house of truth and being. Five years later at verse maniacs is can they interviewed. Before. What could possibly be one of the biggest moments of your career. To this point how did that transition and do for you. It was. The transition from ring of honor to WB NX he admitted that in just a generals are getting here was more just like. Kind of like a gamble gamble bet on yourself you know I as I say that a lot of guys when they asked me for advice or anything and restless legs in this. This sport you just passed the house. Asserted on a continents where we live via risk taker and that's what a lot of the journey is to get to this point it's. Understanding who yours person and just taken a chance and hoping for the best and you know I asked you joining the dusty classic as a tag team to exercise that. On this stage without XT where the best competition in the world is it was a gamble and it's paid off pretty well for us you know and now here we are a day away from. Our opportunity to come to diamond next tag team champions. At take over that perhaps 151000 people and it's been a while Brad. And I. We will absolutely be there where that got. Etiquette or marginal wrestling yes that's also been clearly out. Clearly I try to halt yeah. There are quite nice ever since I do birds are greeted knows exactly how to be a real rest attributes are literally indoor soccer Arenas and deuce ran and they are really good set up that's cage matches and there was crazy but it's so funny walking in because the Baltimore blast which is. Minor league indoor hockey team plays in there and I've seen them play in the air and then when you go there and watch wrestling it's like the same building but like at. Absolutely completely different build. That app is here is completely out. Reality of the matter venues we talk about a lot like the difference being here and stuff that like. You can only appreciate if you did did grind and it asks don't you like to have a car service having eight earnings are having showers and I had a lot of real liability don't even now lake. We just a lot of suspect just appreciate it special taped words overseas it's not like we went to Australia Japan and all that it's just it's amazing to have so many people looking out for you and helping you absolutely year itinerary in getting around us I've made it really takes a lot of pressure stress off so it's like and lets you perform yeah. Let's just focus on the most important are exactly. I think that's for you guys in have you noticed it yet mentally to get to prepare differently for jumping into world again next you know were. World WW he was there are a big transition now or like or was just you know OK this is just continued to do our. I mean we've been doing this for a very long time at this point yeah we knew this agent for twelve years. Because that we we were singles guys we got here. I think mentally it's kind of different to be in a tag team didn't you kinda have to prepare a little differently that way. But other. Had I feel it's business as usual on. From B I know that this is always dream of mine it must of this is always the treatment is yet so when you're here. It's kind of like okay. The work has started like the work haven't started yet. It's just I'm Scott Gary you're clearly are now it's about showing the world what you can do and I think it and a T take over Orlando. We're excited to show the world we could do. How long after you guys as you mentioned you guys got to get it does classic how long after that did you guys realize you know. We might call lightning in the bottle this really might be scripted that is always propel us to another level which you immediately did it didn't feel that. That way for awhile I don't that was the first time I think. We had a match was would. Alpha yeah on that exceed television was just first time I I remember coming up awesome but Nash and attack teams adding I am going all right. I'm just I'm starting to get this a little bit because there's like there's a cadence and paste it's being assembled dressed well there's this comfort. Is it cheap it's you and your opponent and you. You control everything that happens that ash from the most arson there's a difference tied to rest of that alphabet shell feeling the energy at stealing the pace in the cadence I was like OK I think there might be something there not produced as a Brooklyn. Take over Brooklyn debt deal. Brooklyn now that was passed that was like coming out party I think and I. Daschle we viewed it as soon we will and we wanted so badly wanted to got to take a sense coming Tennessee recent we just want one takeover opportunity it will never be left salsa novel to up we did Brooklyn yeah. And that we deter. Out of San Antonio. Don't know where you're. No and at last year we were just part of access and is on the wrong with that access is amazing India is its own right but it. When we did it at that time that was the goal I wanted to act and I treated right after it a photo from us in the ring that I and I said. She doesn't succeed access to doesn't have to take over 2008 to wrestle mania and I guess what I've got. How does that go to what's next what's the next goal and your guys' mind. I personally. I want I want us. It's a main event a takeover if you don't want had a revolution ended the taxi rental. We should just going on right now but it's. It just hasn't quite hit that peak where it main events I want that I want us to main event I mean we're so back to not get a negative. Us and revival. From Toronto to other evolves was voted the match of the year yes right police are. We have a certain levels chemistry with the revival. Of will be a part guru. Steve match this. This Saturday and I don't know some of. Let's it I think we're destined to do this forever feels like. I do look forward to a chance of possibly going up against each other again. Look for doing it now it's hot out. I'd like I looked forward to you become in two diabetics tag team champions and it's it's we don't let me we don't like the revival we definitely respect their. Yeah I respect what they do I mean for what they've done for an exe I mean make you can't take that we're. They're they either that they say they're the MVP the medics the and that's to be debated. But I mean they definitely are I think for my money was best tech world. And without a shadow of the doubt they're incredibly good at what they do and I mean I I don't know about excited about getting in the ring with a again but. I think your question was actually getting entering numbers you other guys other. It's like I don't look and close recipe humorous. Better for my class it will now. It was one of those moments like I was watch the match and I watched the entire crews were classic in. Were my money of all the things Debbie Debbie has done on the WB network nothing is better beginnings and then the clues were classic that. In and of itself revolutionized how I viewed at this network hallelujah. It was like a vision. Code of honor NN and green in mystery dole and of a slight. Spot on and it's Europe purist and chorus. What you want trust me it really was like yeah. I watched a lot I watched it and wrestling but I don't watch all in the congress axle testing that I love most about. Our home. The crews were class it was good to see you guys that I had never seen and the sport like grimaced at least I had never seen him before was there anyone that you guys met. There it is an address book with before and salt while disguised excuse me. His body can be pretty much knew almost everybody in the grew to a classic Al locker room would you physically you want us. They think they breast firstly like we say that we do this like twelve years. A lot of guys have to do this just one of us and like they've they haven't had their breaks yet there's great classic was the break for a lot of guys. Yeah I mean a guy like Tony geese that guy you have that Saber June actor Alan heard Jack Jack yeah. So many guys took that opportunity and just randomly that and I that's awesome today. I mean that's that's awesome for us see our friends go out and they'll achieve their dreams and it's super cool that so many guys are being brought in now in the in different ways different. Polls. You know that you wouldn't. See you see a guy like that you that I don't know if you really fits that mold I mean we don't fit that mold we don't fit the mold mold we we we try. Six and also to Mota being attacked. That is yeah catch lightning in the bottle here. A fast I doubt that I mean it's it's it's 2017. And it's such a great time not just beat a a professional wrestler in this business it's a great time your wrestling fan because there's so many doors that are open now and so many. Different possibilities and things that you never thought would be possible forum unexpectedly. Amazing yes it's only like I can't believe this actually happened and I'm at WW yep that's next. Well look forward to seeing you guys wrestle I tomorrow night it's gonna be on the WB network and streaming over Amanda yeah. I can't wait for the two tours I'm expecting you guys still was snow on the economics I'm. I'm really expect him to act in the night to you be talking about you know that shouldn't read match was being Randall. That's a broad use you wanna steal the show you almost overly generous man did Augusta everybody wants is easily get the air I mean. They got to do it I'd say it's time now right Allan thank you guys thank you guys guys you know pleasure that next. I'm very excited that we every day out without a doubt we are very stirred up by. Did you know about some popped right up top hat asks you a fan of that that the sounds of Seattle public guiding you kidding me that's like that's kind of my. I am really yeah I love that stuff. I dig that was like. Between I grew up a lot like us to act more like for pops up first thing it's like oasis Radiohead. Every Travis all my guy yeah like they should like I was really into it and you know obviously getting into that Yvonne admiral delegating it to those sounds. I've I've always loved that kinda it grunt she. Kinda deal so that that whole Seattle situation is definitely right up my Alley CNN. My job and over with I did you Brian and every at some point yeah. Some shows like an hour right all of I would see also my (%expletive) out we have contemplated buying a cabin up there at some point I really like a love mortality in type thing or a little less noise terror. Pretty sure I had them put that much stock into yep but every time were Intel I'd change my flight to stay longer just I wanna come like hang out there is much as I possibly can't CIA it's. It's so great team like that awesome hiking and even this really dirty I guess is important to meet at the airport there's awesome. It's gotten a lot better yet but it's Austin at a sub pop store I always I don't. A lot of money there that I that I did so I went in there I thought they get necklace I bought DN AT shirt I got a sticker that's not my laptops to have I've got a bunch of stuff that's a pops trying to cut it is little booklets about one that was on. Young young harvest man ever they like Greg and all of the eriksson's not a really really cool and a lot of great seats at spots there which is right I. Now these items easy yeah so that's as you just have at least some eye catching crab sushi it's like a. It's awesome not too bad Todd but I. Nevada right yeah yeah I. I saw early in the airport and I'll be laying out the German self I'd just like to we had opportunities in the past talked relied in his luxury TS machine out there Corbett to monitor before. We talked beastie Democrats like high. Highly suspect and and it. And he said that he doesn't you know accord grace because each are simply asked do you have like a music trot your buddy your idea or even a baby like dean as it does he have similar tastes is you or. We don't we don't have similar tastes in music like really. Not own but. Did you I have a much better civilization he adds. And exciting he's learning to Jack Taylor Swift tires I'm. I'm nerd out GA he talks at any like new school country he made set to be like he likes Chris Stapleton a lot. He's really into like old school country like Atlanta. My house and and it Hank like he's really that's where I'm more. I bet you Leon was kind of join up on that one a lot I got pretty unfamiliar out. Really yeah that's awesome act. And yeah I I kind of found yet at him like begins every unit of like White Stripes and for the love Jennie Lew west. She's really great but did not go to some cool constitutes a much you see some cool bands he got to see. You see that cricket cultures that don't let. It was. Just an -- Tony don't the first contest we saw together idealist unreal they nobody on apparel. Carlyle and by all touch it was on I got to see them crooked vultures as well it isn't drawn out and seeing it just seeing them kind of do their thing was unreal I've ever they'll see Dave Grohl with two fighters have to see him just they're drumming at least was really awesome power reactors as he did back and I have a satellite was just seen him before. I want to go see Bob Dylan it feels like it's old manager Bob Dylan acoustic. I missed it I got stuck in traffic I've never I. Later that down and never lived it down the high over the map with music I am all over the place I think I just how like good music when I was a lot of showed up your mind. But you're. I was saying I. Obviously grants. And White Stripes White Stripes will always you wanted to just also Green Day lives there. Is unreal so they're actually playing in Vegas next beach we're going on vacation and we never want the keys or like getting had a town I like to yeah he's never seen read everything lives because they just put on such as they try to clinic manner so that I've seen in my ten times and I'll never dot there was no related site like all okay it may do a lot of the same thing to do every joked pointed out but it stuns the world does about it. And she allegedly tied teams seem that outlasts how White Stripes and was able to see I've I've seen moisture it's it's in Iraq contours and it seemed dead latter yet but we'll see White Stripes in their element gist is Jack and Meg White and and I slightly BC Elvis like I will never forget actually helps captivating and he was like IG couldn't take your eyes off him he's he's just this like he's got like that or that they've people without prince all the time you got this star power or think about him be at all. People I've never been able to see that I have always want to seize Radiohead other Vatican really lucky I've been able to see all like my favorites. Re I saw Radiohead watches and I. The setup by those who had summoned to court and a if you ever have a chance in the summer and you're in the northwest it's a little bit of a drive about. Five hours but it's on par I'd never been a red rocks but some. Her out to a theater yes I'll back towels beautiful Mountain View all your little. It's like you know you need to like the band that's playing gas so we went so Radiohead is puzzled a younger a little bit dumber and I. Be awesome and as a solo made about a pot cookies are. Amanda let's go hide what you're guitar Selena what's happening. So I think. And I did and I like it before it nowadays everything I know how much she shares of at that time and I got hurt bright yeah allegedly. So I think it I'll watch the show and of course your mind blowing you know Mike and I remember I was with a a girl at the time doesn't really interest today does that this could be an awesome night her tonight and then I passed out. What I remember. I saw like three or four songs and the next thing I remember is word dudes carrying me. You're the first aid tent while she is crying I thought I'd die down the aisle. All of this is not. At that we elected a campsite and it was a big windstorm in our potential ways of every community and its intent and it was just like it was never. Are you ready or not met any of the universe Tonya apart without my radio had experience I've got to see a couple songs yet. I never ever like Coachella this year I've never got to go to XM don't really like festivals that that was huge load much is definitely a little much I thought about going justice he Radiohead but. I just enough I'd even like to see that environment might not be what I wanna see that gap gap but it isn't that sort. Oh you are just you're checking off your list to be able to see somebody that tactic at my table my dad concert promoter so I grew up very lucky that it I like drew up its economy. How many cuts cheesy. All I could you tell you yeah. Could eat Italian now I like my time so on my dad was backstage at concerts. Physically mommy meets and like I've never been to a concert and I can get thirty such. He's right I stack it like I you know. You can go I definitely have a mediocre stretch is it concerts in. And you're the go somewhere and like she's and you really love like I've failed to see await this is just all Gallagher doing all acoustic besides him. Unreal like that staff makes you like that. That's what fuels going to concerts as being all have those sounds like I had a moment. All these people this like Roman like that's the cool part about it and now as you re arm wrestle mania is just a couple NSA the ultimate rock show a wrestling every. It just an data loud music and all about its ultimate or saudis like it just might at a concert promoter but this is first I'm coming down to I production only get back there don't seem that to everything because it is its biggest. Think he could really be a part of any between between us and I guess like the super ball yes it's like we put on such a giant shell in there so many different moving parts in it and you see everybody behind the scenes that are able but that's up to get its most talented people it's got to be over. I listen Mike you know I Atlantis set Robertson Peter Rosenberg they talked very solidly a view being a major part like it was it had a great opportunity to be apart at WW regards. Toss him and they all just glowingly talked about how you made them feel more at all. Something that because when you first started it like it was just so overwhelming that you know what's going on in there. It's. Why you don't know what they're doing is a thing of the day don't they didn't need need a holder hander need anything like that I know I just know what it's like when you're coming to a new place you sang this pressure and I don't like being put under pressure at her apartment I want somebody just feel like. We're all just hanging out it's going to be fine if there's any way that I can. Kinda create that energy for everybody I just think it's better for everyone all of round to just feel natural and in good in the stock that's you kind of shined them it's been. In everything you do it is is either wrestling fan I love talking smack in the free shoes I had to sanction brings its awesome vibe to. Everything that the WB puts out. I'd appreciate it and I what match he was excited to CB stretching up and it got out tired all our whole team our back court are wise on I'd Carlo that it. I got an AM thank you so much any and. Yes thanks we are here remains a Marreese hi guys do and I'm. I'm doing great man I mean wrestle mania has season is here. We have a whole week in Orlando I mean today is access all the same tomorrow. You guide. You know that an extra take over and then Sunday at wrestle mania 33 I's gonna be huge I. I cannot wait to see you guys do in the enemy with the to build up for wrestle maybe it was ideal. We can see it either because I have no idea what's gonna have. That's going to be insane. Play Q&A reality show you want drama. You gotta be there's going to be a huge just. No idea what's gonna happen. I mean you guys just it just completely just dominating on television everything that you guys have been doing this has been super powerful it's been very eat yet. Yeah we just island that's. Maru while back room it was summer slam it would every Iran. I've ever had a chance to speak with you out that it would be off. Awesome it's it's a Reese to be with two out Daryn and you had a big smile and it is the gap how great does feel that finally this is happening in. And it's just gone to a whole another level and. Right yes we can't get less sleep last year came back at the same time but I'm rob Russell. That's when ye. Eric I'll steam ship that was a big night and Yates thought of us. This isn't this year. It's completely phenomenal because of her husband and why you get to stand together in their rain or tagging together. Think about it Adam wrestle mania in my husband. It you get. Half then that's not doesn't have it's like it's a dream come true like over the past year it feel like my career soared. And it's all because they get to have her by my side she is a whole new confidence and now being enabled it to share the ring. With the woman I love the most it's gonna be incredible and it's just fun and it's like something that lake will be able to tell our kids about now that's that's just statistic that doesn't happen. Happened apparently I went out why my wife went on a helicopter mimic this is so awesome we are just reliving it out and death and I thought that was in the right idea that people I don't walk down a ramp the front and thousand people millions and millions watching right. I had them put on what ever. Everybody out I am so pumped for the match today notes is going to be straight fire can't imagine what matches are you really are excited about yours and I Kevin no it's not a terror yeah yeah I think that's gonna be great balance and I I just love how well it's funny that you're you're really sort of a mixed tag team match that's not the norm is they'll don't. On paper before. Of how you guys have built it up leading up and on about. I you know I get it but. The way he has built up executed that were on testing we invested everything you know we we went all or nothing and it's been great and and it's gonna be a match admits that he has something to be remembered I don't. I don't remember a military overestimated match better than this well thank you and make it in May be the last ambiguity and Serena I mean I just had such a I'm a huge its standards thank you and yours is losses you guys together to see what you do best media tablets or Sunday that fairway either it's. It means something to remember in Korea on. And it's gonna keep getting the that's that's the weird part about it like we knew he would you blur the lines of reality. And there's a real kind of been in the deep seeds of view yes there's there's something there that's just more. Anything else wanted to hurry it's gonna last that's why Sunday's going to be interest and our guys I take you very much having its I'll. I didn't have a great rest rainy week. Are backing whose arm wrestle mania radio row experience AJ during Q and so I don't let me just over abuses against Mohamed is on the table as you tomorrow we're here yeah SE like every random shoe story hundreds and only generally. Have increased originality hollering pretty small army hormel history government at all other constitutional. -- do when he sings I'll see. See you underside and below and ladies and watching that Wimbledon is supposed to act as we lose and it wasn't sure. And I'll never get good to have you drink on Google. And I want to bring the battle is it's by it's hot it's their taxes on you. This really on the corners. And I would like to one like besides joining me this question is elected I Lugar and I like we weren't getting your hands and perhaps I'd move was fired. I knew I was at all it is previous current TV I'm looking closer to dad's around here hard. 789 years in Logan are going to be one that gives the torrent of this this close and loses a yeah. Yeah you're the example you yeah innocent he's got that Omar really is an example would you tolerate this AJ and good luck to yeah we're we're gonna ordinary or different yeah didn't you didn't did you yeah yeah has been awesome man I don't began Sunday W he's wrestle meteor watching on the network 0999 the three and out for the first months as a little dot org and and make sure you watch next year while CI TI why are Teradyne. I'm hoping that they're actually going I'm unpredictable Democrats close you'll still in the hospital. It's so surreal and we're looking out here in addition to the reason we're doing we seem like the foreign press are Siemens. It's all I want hoping impeachment. It's sort of I don't know when and this it's. All I see 64 as high as either fighter and he's currently studying OK you know I didn't win and and we generally like water color so you you probably could balloons or it's yeah. I should have regardless. I out of your mortgage idea are absolutely as agents this. Is this. Wrong and also drew Gordon's album coming out isn't iron so is doing great and I'm hearing is not a warm and not a lot of bills and there are some guitars and and it obviously you know Zack Rosenberg SARS our personal lives on the Broncos and when you get incentives it will play on these gas error list will blow it up on this new Seattle is zooming. I'm in hand and when we don't win this we're going back to your house and they cannot. Don't resort game and hold on let go over that because. You guys in here and now we have parties to be able there's been a great time I think AJ and I thank you guys are listening I can find us. Op on Twitter needs casting novel feature a bunch of pictures are not going to be a group of student digs guest. Olive pops up there or not I hope you get producing an action in the bill's New Orleans. I don't know what you are hurting I was there to learn art and soul of an Iberia is I think Norman and united mine goes some guitars on that he obviously knows tiger as a guitarist our personal lives on the Broncos and when you get incentives we will play a big desk error list will blow it up on this new Seattle. It's. All been and what we doubled this would go back to your house and taken out the plot. Oh it is OK okay. Yeah if you get stuck in the united we have authority to do it really great time I think you AJ and I think you guys are listening hiding behind us. On Twitter at the knicks cavs did not feature with a bunch of pictures enough good people responsible for the bigs can't. John Thompson picked up there or not I hope to get juicy in here and there. Those in New Orleans. I'm a little bit harder to hold that didn't lose me here at all coastal. It's the worst fears doesn't. Do ball they hit it was just it was a win for convertibles there's broad street is that unlike the other. Please can I caught the guy barbers and it's. Yeah its its its it was odd ball. World golf hall there. Did you get something here yeah holes and she's known mom okay. Our idea that you guys who is mentally stay positive.