Loud and Local - March 19th, 2017

Sunday, March 19th

Welcome back ! This week on the show I featured songs by Superfekta, Ten Miles Wide, Lesbian, Undertow, Rest,Repose + I debuted a brand new song by Devils Hunt Me Down. Plus so much more !


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Yeah. Amanda is actually from being surrounding him media metropolitan area got. I was noticing great northwest good evening rockaholics. Thanks for joining us this season. Featuring music born right here in the great Pacific northwest 99 point hey I guess W. Are you head to his bad side for a loud and local added 10 PM here. I'm day march 19. When he said he the year of our lord my name's Kevin beard and it is time for two hours of northwest music. And I just like every weekend it was eighty very packed. Weekend for northwest rock music yet to perfect place a four hours ago with the Conway spoke last night. And of course ten miles wide open for the reunion show a second coming at studio seven. And so like I say jam packed weekend I wanna celebrate that by playing the front Fijians here. First I'm replacing perspective caffeine and nicotine's. And at ten miles wide the mother ship got a request. 206 before she was robbed or 77999. The number. He was actually right now as well mobile for the next few hours all northwest music. The. Yeah. Yeah. And yeah. So now the. It's. Yeah. Zero we will. His. Love and he. Loud and local content. It's 99.9. KI ESW. Loud and local we are proud to dig few music. A lot of frontier. We a plane in the jams of the local bands that are put in hour break new records we have live new we have right as it comes out it. Here. Tonight we have something before it comes out several weeks before comes out actually being called doubles let me down. They opened up for second coming last night in the error there. Friends of lot of local big frenzy that's that's funny you say that that I'm just stoked. Four for the debut right now they have a new EP coming out in media reds is what it's called. They're actually going to be real released in three separate force on EPs. In the you can go to Q. Band sorry doubles let me down dubbed the Indian dot com and on April 28. You will kids see a EE. Download of all four of these songs any new giddy CDS shirt and sticker with all these different. For orders is pretty cool seeking duty of pre order package right now in the all week after we play this song. After allowed local we are going to be premiering this song so you can stream at any time you want KI SW dot com. The new song by doubles let me down off that immediate threat is key piece called I am that I him. And it is debuting right now it's doubles let me down local music about local. Straight man. You Jim yeah. It's. And tears were. AI SW. Second coming. Yeah loud loud and local on 99.9 KIS doubled into the rock and Seattle. After eight. They had a triumphant return of second coming with the last night at those said that he would act itself. They'll have played alongside ten miles wide. In doubles he. Couple those fans all three of those games that we've heard already tonight and very proud to seeded second coming. But here last week if you wanna hear the full interview good BI at W dot com click on the loud and vocal pod cast my name is Kevin here. I would continue on with the show. And bring you all the northwest music. But I got to mention. Special shout out to a venue called real art last night and had a hell of a showdown at Tacoma. So whether he'd been Tacoma new real. Excuse me. You do try to keep in Tacoma all ages music alive. With the band called Helms holy sold out show was held belief as well as host boredom. Awesome awesome lineup in died just killed him to call myself very cool place to go real art. You and cool things would be all ages seen in Tacoma right now before it's held easily a record still aside if he could boat. Allow mobile. Loud and local continue. So 99.9. KI ES. On Thursday April 13 that the final nail in the top game for one of the northwest have you heaviest beans. Unfortunately. Pretty much right after they released there. Amazing. UOP led BA and. Will be playing their final film alongside he'd use Sox have scored. And pound in day over at new lows again Thursday April 13 you're gonna wanna buy your tickets now. The FaceBook page is updated. For the show with the event page you can buy your tickets a game is at new modes and can get a ticket. To get fly for a ticket that you guys that we get a sellout to make sure you get on this one. Like I said their newest record is so good. So good it's a bummer about you know what they're going to be ending on idea behind you know. And I can be trickling out or anything but that's crap record their foot down and being mean and he did and album. Selling their openness to our place song from man did called pure middle extinction is a month. That's along. Here it is lesbian. RIP. Rumble former rock. Well. She can now. Okay. Yeah. Any idea. She. Aaron. And tears were. KI SW. Yeah. Okay. Okay. It's. Killers kill or northwest metal band that movie giant the road for the big game. Don't have this you off for the of that song text me at 7799. Guys that phony of them will be Johnny. Do you believe this is. Not bizarre bizarre my dad is easy AR. This prevented their fans from Tacoma bit of rain record Al you can go to car. Doubt they can't dot com I believe it is simple truth never eaten piece is that song. What they've given his lab mobile fitting that a failure was sitting in for a bit about the Brokeback show. This is going to be awesome party like it's 1987. Again the Pacific northwest premiere at. Tribute band of thank you AD featuring former record if he's playing all the Yankees games can be playing alongside coffin break into bed pulled ground. Saturday. April 1 big jazz both in Tacoma a gimmick he's eighteen with a thin you're about to hear often break. Here's one from their 1991 record it's wide here. Allow multiple after that from undertow which party like the old school. Loud and local continue. Here's 99.9. KI ESW. Even if you're fit into the bin rest he pose that you saw them last summer. At red vest well good doing it because they are back together they're working on the way record. And hopefully going to be out this year let's cross our fingers then the rest repose. An amazing local bands. Is the sum up their debut EP it's bigger. On my mobile. On game. I. Gangs and it's. It's. It. It. Yeah yeah. It. Yeah. It's. It's just. I it's. Yeah. It's. Yeah. We. It's. A do. And. She needs. KI ESW. It's. And. And. And and yeah yeah. You. Here. Yeah. You know. We intend. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Loud and local content. New Year's 99.9. KI SW. I. Love that song love that man chastity belt would joke. Yeah allowing local mining scam and fears about twenty minutes left the show. A before Jessie felt eager to banned from up north called wood shed amongst the wicked and a compass and knife from Tacoma a season of loss a nice little playlist there. Before that of course restaurant pose as I mentioned going to be coming out with a fall into this year you know they are working on new songs as he speaks his past week. I'm sorry this past Friday. Iran Jones in the way lady killer show it totally he's an Everett that the overnight sensation he he was able to go up there I would not unfortunately. But he said he was awesome. And I he's gonna be on coming up at midnight so direct over quest to match. 77999. As the number. T dial right there are some A-Rod Jones and the way a little bit of ASU and Japan when well I'll learn. Some great stuff young loud and local. Okay. Yeah. And often. It's. And on the list. And other. Ask. In the. Now and noon. When you. It's. It's. And all that. Yeah. Now it's. It. This. Well. Wind when I was it's. Due to. Am I yeah. I don't know. We wound. It's an. Yeah. Yeah yeah. This news. It's. This is loud and local. He's on the run from ninety point nine KI DSL. Thanks so much we're listening to loud and local within go to gay guys W dot com as soon as the show is over Iowa with. Lucid dreaming yeah. Berlin music by the couple's country. Song from their new album new EP it's available for pre orders. Right now I'm going to go to a few more songs some heavy stuff. A band that broke up unfortunately had a lot of field this past Wednesday muffler chrome so our right he mother grown after that. The center of gravity in the heavy ones allowed more points and okay good damn thing.